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24-01-2008, 06:48 AM
I've found some research from four years ago which (in my mind) indicates that Satanic Ritual abuse might have more to do with mind controll than occult lizards.

MKULTRA files look like they were working on it forty years ago.

People in NMR scans show agitation of the Anterior Cingulate Cortex during Hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestion. (that's the 'new' research.)

The ACC is like a bridge between the frontal lobes and the motor functions.

It corrects errors, and it's job is to make sure that only direct messages go to the motor brain etc.

It's also involved with rewards and expectations, and can get involved with strong emotions.

It's job is to filter out "conflict" as in contradictions, paradoxes and violation of expectation.

In Ericsonian hypnosis, (which Bandler is probably the leading exponent of) it gets overloaded by ambiguous and contradictory subliminals such as the hypnotic script.

It would also get agitated by spirals revolving in other directions, etc. etc.

As it gets tied in knots, the hypnotists influence gains more access directly to the motor brain, and they take on a "this is the way" aproach whilst the ACC is kept busy.

Before NMR, psychology experiments tended to involve the stroop task where someone would respond by pressing buttons as quickly as they could in response to things like arrows or numbers etc.

Someone might respond to RED (written in red) faster than they might respond to GREEN (written in purple) for example, because the safety filter also deals with contradictions.

The MKULTRA files have clear evidence of research into the effects of fatigue in the response speeds measured in the stroop task.

The relevance of this in hypnosis was discovered four years ago with brain scans.

MKULTRA probably discovered it secretly with electrodes (causing the side effect of temporal lobe epilepsy)

Here are three implications from this.

1) The strangeness of surviver accounts and Satanic Ritual Abuse memories are all explainable as methods of overloading the ACC through trauma rather than through relaxed misleading and concentration on growing amounts of contradicting words or themes.

Time paradoxes, murder at chrismas time, torture by big fluffy animals etc. all look like attempts at overloading the ACC,
and the SRA etc. accounts came out many years before the public knew about the ACC's role in hypnotic induction.

The snigger factor and sinister clown effect might not just be a discrediting screen memory, it might come more directly from methods of overloading the ACC.

Safe amounts of this kind of contradiction are naturaly dealt with by laughter. People seek it out and it's safely explored in commedy.

2) hypnotic induction of this kind would cause a decrease in reaction time. Survivers probably do not have real deltas, because it would not be suitable for military special ops, etc.

The Delta theme might (sometimes) be explained as disinformation intended to make survivers self isolate.

3) Bandlers methods draw heavily on overloading the ACC, and he's kind of pushing the theme of treating people by frightening them. This might be due to his CIA connection.

I hope this turns out helpful for survivers, I've only done shallow research into it so far.