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18-03-2012, 08:18 PM
(NaturalNews) These hard economic times bring along with them record stress levels as people cope with a variety of anxiety-inducing issues. Instead of resorting to prescription drugs, many people have begun to seek natural alternatives for controlling stress and anxiety.

Relaxing therapies like massage, yoga and reiki have enjoyed an increased popularity over these past few years as people struggle to cope with a range of burdens. Massage therapy, which used to primarily be used by women, has experienced a huge surge in male patronage. Massage has a variety of benefits that extend beyond the relaxation of the session itself.

Regular massage can improve your circulation, reduce chronic anxiety, promote natural bodily healing processes, relieve muscle tension, and lower blood pressure. Regular massage is usually characterized as once or twice per month. Reasonable packages can now be found in several massage service chains, as well as locally owned businesses.

Yoga is another excellent stress relieving practice that can also tone the body and provide excellent fitness benefits. Yoga is particularly helpful in managing stress even after your regular sessions because it helps you to master deep breathing. It helps you to control your respiration during stressful times, which eases the impact of anxiety on the heart and other body functions.

Yoga has also been associated with lower blood pressure, improved mood, better immunity and improved gastrointestinal health. Often times stress is associated with digestive and gastrointestinal discomfort, high blood pressure and poor immune function. For many people, yoga really helps with curbing stress and a lot of its related physical manifestations.

Exercise, in general, is an excellent antidote to anxiety. Multiple studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise reduces the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, circulating in the blood stream. Exercise also elevates our levels of feel good hormones such as serotonin. Serotonin, one of the main neurochemicals responsible for elevated mood, can be greatly reduced by periods of anxiety.

Increasing the circulation of these natural chemicals in the body greatly increases our ability to deal with distressing or frustrating situations. The simple act of intense aerobic activity also can help you vent your frustrations and distract you from ruminating about a particular problem.

Reiki is another practice that has gained in popularity the past few years. Reiki originated in Japan. It is a healing and relaxing therapy; whereby, the practitioner transfers his or her healing power to the patient via light touch on affected body parts. It is primarily used to help heal physical ailments, but also has been used as a relaxation and meditation therapy.

If you are looking for a natural supplement that can help reduce anxiety, there are a few that seem to be helpful for a majority of people that take them. The first is St. John's Wort, which is used as both a natural antidepressant and anxiety remedy.

Passion flower is used for relaxation and easing of tension associated with chronic stress. Kava is another herbal remedy that is used to help combat anxiety and calm nerves. Kava is also very useful as a natural sleep aid.

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18-03-2012, 08:54 PM
(NaturalNews) Before, to be diagnosed with the big C seemed to be an implied death sentence. Patients even go through a stage of self-denial. Who can blame them? Conventional medicine paints a rather bleak future for cancer patients and the remedy it offers does nothing to improve their quality of life, nausea and falling hair not to mention.

However, the recent breakthroughs in science have allowed a peek into the true nature of cancer, allowing researchers to consider the concept of nutritional care. They are now faced with the idea that preventing and maybe even reversing cancer may not necessarily involve the development of expensive drugs but something already available in nature: food and sunshine! (http://www.naturalnews.com/034286_cancer_prevention_nutrition.html)

Just the facts
If something so powerful is actually available for everyone, why wouldn't someone take advantage of it?

The recent discovery that the body, with the help of vitamin D, possesses the capacity to fight many chronic illnesses has spurred the interest of many researchers - especially on the possibilities the sunshine vitamin can offer with regard to the prevention and reversal of diseases like cancer. A brief rundown of some facts, revealed by recent studies, can give us a perspective on how vitamin D can help.

1. Vitamin D slashes cancer risk by 77 percent.

A study was conducted involving 1, 179 healthy Nebraskan women who were divided into a control group and a placebo group. In the four years the study was conducted, the group who was receiving vitamin D and calcium supplements revealed a 60 percent decrease in cancers as compared to the placebo group. (http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.html)

2. Vitamin D can prevent cancer.

According to the National Cancer Institute, 80 percent of cancer cases can be prevented. Having a healthy and balanced diet can prevent cancer. An example would be a diet that is low in refined sugar and processed meat and high in fruits, leafy vegetables and vitamin D from dietary sources or the sun. Studies have shown that a diet high in animal products and dairy that contain hormones and saturated fat cause breast cancer. (http://www.naturalnews.com/027334_cancer_diet_breast.html)

3. Sunshine offers powerful healing.

In a study conducted by the French in 2011 on 60,000 post menopausal women, it was discovered that women with increased levels of vitamin D obtained through diet and supplement reduced their risk of breast cancer. These vitamin D levels received a great boost when these women were exposed to actual sunshine. (http://www.naturalnews.com/034286_cancer_prevention_nutrition.html)

Which leads us to suspect that...

4. There are private interests involved.

The medical establishment's dismissive take on vitamin D and its effects on cancer cannot seriously be taken in the light of new research supporting the effect of vitamin D on cancer. One cannot help but be suspicious of this rather cold shoulder treatment, especially when non-profit organizations that supposedly support the active search for a cure have financial ties with pharmaceutical companies, mammography equipment companies and other organizations that profit from cancer. Moreover, research on vitamin D is a threat to the cancer industry because it shows a way of dealing with cancer for free. (http://www.naturalnews.com/021892.html)

5. Chemotherapy does not work.

One of the current remedies offered by conventional medicine when dealing with cancer is chemotherapy. Let it be said once and for all: chemotherapy does not have any positive effect on cancer. There is no scientific evidence that supports such fact. It shrinks tumors, but it doesn't initiate the healing that needs to take place to reverse cancer and to stay cancer free. What's more, its side effects are well documented - effects that worsen the patient's condition instead of improving it. (http://www.naturalnews.com/024536_cancer_women_breast.html)

6. The recommended daily allowance of vitamin D does not provide cancer prevention benefits.

The revised recommended daily intake provided for vitamin D (600 IU for children and adults until 70 years old and 800 IU for adults above 70) has been criticized as below the required levels that provide anti-cancer effects. According to Dr. Cedric Garland, recent studies have shown that daily intakes of vitamin D by adults along the range of 4,000 - 8,000 IU is necessary to maintain the vitamin D blood levels needed to reduce the risk of several diseases including cancer. (http://www.naturalnews.com/031577_vitamin_D_scientific_research.html)

7. Exposure to the sun does not necessarily cause skin cancer.

A study conducted by researchers from Leeds University in 2009 found that increased levels of vitamin D were linked to improved skin cancer survival odds. Since most people are vitamin D deficient, it has left them vulnerable to a host of other diseases including cancer. The advantages of getting enough sun exposure far outweigh the disadvantages that are now being questioned by breakthrough science. (http://www.naturalnews.com/032533_sun_exposure_skin_cancer.html)

8. Cancer can be inherited.

The idea that cancer runs in families is a popular theme in the medical establishment. However, tons of research has now shown that cancer can be avoided through the maintenance of increased vitamin D levels in the blood. If a direct ancestor had cancer, chances are they were exposed to cancer causing agents like cigarette smoke, skin care products or chemical solvents. By identifying and avoiding these agents, you have lowered your chances of getting cancer. (http://www.naturalnews.com/024536_cancer_women_breast.html)

9. Watch what you eat.

Our nutrition actually determines our health. Recent findings have shown that the prevention and treatment of cancer may not necessarily be solved by an expensive drug but something that has always been available to us - good food. According to a new study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public health, men who eat fish five times a week run a 40 percent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer, , and fish is an excellent source of vitamin D. (http://www.naturalnews.com/021136_fish_protein_colorectal_cancer.html)

We are now at a point in time when we can choose our healing process. Having the courage to avail of other methods than what is offered by conventional medicine may spell the difference between a better quality of life and a difficult and questionable recovery. Cancer prevention is now a matter of choice. We can avoid it or we can invite it. It's all up to us.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035063_vitamin_D_cancer_facts.html#ixzz1pVIpvM4V

30-03-2012, 01:52 AM
(NaturalNews) Another shocking case of tyrannical, overzealous social workers and hospital staff has unfolded in Pennsylvania, where a mom who just gave birth in an ambulance to a healthy baby girl was threatened by a government social worker and accused of not allowing her child to receive "medical treatment." (A claim which is factually false.) In reality, the new mom, exhausting from giving birth in an ambulance, was merely asking questions and trying to determine how her newborn daughter was being treated by hospital staff.

A social worker named Angelica Lopez-Heagy continued to threaten the mom, who persisted in asking polite questions to try to determine what she was being accused of. In response, the social worker demanded, "Since you're not going to cooperate, I'll just go and call the police and we can take custody of the baby."

The social worker then demanded that the mom and dad sign a "safety plan" that would contractually bind them to whatever medical procedures the hospital tries to push on all newborns, including multiple vaccines. The term "safety plan" is really just a linguistic mind trick for the agenda of damaging newborns with vaccines so that they become repeat customers of the medical industry. Vaccines, as NaturalNews readers well know, routinely cause kidney damage, neurological damage and gastrointestinal damage, all of which produce huge long-term profits for hospitals, doctors and drug companies.

When the mom said she wanted her attorney to look over the document before she signed it, the nanny state social worker invoked her previous threat and called the police. The police then took custody (kidnapped) the daughter while hospital workers claimed the newborn was suffering from "illness or injury." (Completely fabricated to justify their kidnapping.) Then they forcibly vaccinated the baby without her mother's consent! This was all "approved" by the social worker, Lopez-Heagy.

Note that even though the hospital stole her baby away, if the baby ends up being vaccine damaged, the entire burden of long-term health care costs for that damage will fall squarely on the mother! In fact, the mom might even be accused of "child abuse" if the vaccine damage side effects in any way resemble physical abuse (which often happens, as vaccines can cause bruising, swelling and brain damage).

Hospital workers then proceeded to kidnap her daughter and kick the mom out of the hospital, taking "possession" of the newborn child and forcing the mom and husband to sleep in the Wal-Mart parking lot, only allowing her to re-enter the hospital every three hours to breastfeed (and I'm shocked they even allow breastfeeding. Isn't that illegal RAW milk?).

This is how parents are treated in America today: Like criminal dogs whose only function is to give birth to a new "litter" of victims for the state.

Read the full account of all the details of this incident at:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035398_hospital_social_workers_medical_freedom.htm l#ixzz1qYaSF6tw

30-03-2012, 01:55 AM
(NaturalNews) A state health agency in Texas is investigating dozens of healthcare providers who gave out prescriptions for large amounts of powerful psychiatric drugs, some of them to children, after red flags were raised about the medications by a U.S. senator.

According to the Dallas Star-Telegram, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has already referred three of the providers to the state attorney general for possible prosecution, according to health commissioner Thomas Suehs.

The commissioner, in a February letter to Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, also said Texas has referred an additional provider to the state's private Medicaid claims processor for "further recoupment" following an investigation by Grassley's office in 2010 regarding the use of addictive mental health drugs subject to fraud and abuse.

Suehs said some of the providers in question have been forbidden to participate in the Texas Medicaid program, "including one convicted in a criminal case and another accused of inappropriate billing and coding of hours related to patient services," the paper said.

State review underway

Two providers have been referred to licensing boards for further action, and all of them were sent what the HHSC called educational letters. None of the providers were identified by the state, however.

The actions were taken in response to initial inquiries from Grassley's office. In response, Texas health officials listed the top 10 prescribers of eight psychotropic and pain meds, though a department spokeswoman, Stephanie Goodman, told the paper the state had already begun a review of psychotropic medications.

In his letter to Grassley, Suehs detailed what the department has done to uncover, but not necessarily combat, overprescribing. That's because "the presence of this high rate may not necessarily be indicative of fraud or abuse on its own," he wrote, though high prescription rates could indicate a problem.

That said, Suehs explained that investigations are not opened based simply on the overall number or volume of prescriptions. Rather, they "arise from the receipt of a specific allegation of fraud, provider self reports and computer data matches."

Over-prescribers identified

In its own investigation of the issue in December 2010, the Star-Telegram said it used prescription numbers to identify the physicians and to sort and count their prescription totals by drug type.

"The newspaper's analysis also looked at other mental-health drugs that have cost taxpayers about $1.3 billion over five years," said the report. "The analysis found that in two years, the 72 Medicaid providers identified by the state for writing the most prescriptions handed out 186,992, averaging 2,597 each."

One physician identified by the paper - G.K. Ravichandran of the Shamrock Psychiatric Clinic in Houston - wrote 27,000 prescriptions for Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug that http://www.drugs.com, Drugs.com said.

Anti-depressants - known collectively as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs - are themselves dangerous, even when they're not being over-prescribed. Studies have linked them to thickening of the arteries, which can lead to heart problems and stroke.

Paxil, Prozac blamed for deaths, bizarre behavior

In December, a Canadian judge http://www.infowars.com, especially among children, could even have fatal consequences.

The judge made his ruling in a case involving whether a 15-year-old boy who killed a friend by stabbing him with a nine-inch kitchen knife could stand trial as an adult. In his decision, Justice Robert Heinrichs of the Manitoba Justice Department, said the youth "had become irritable, restless, agitated, aggressive and unclear in his thinking," while taking the antidepressant Prozac.

"It was while in that state he overreacted in an impulsive, explosive and violent way," Heinrichs said. "Now that his body and mind are free and clear of any effects of Prozac, he is simply not the same youth in behavior or character."

That ruling followed a similar one in 2001 by a Wyoming jury that decided the antidepressant drug Paxil had caused a man to murder his wife, daughter, and granddaughter, after which he killed himself.

Sources for this article include:





Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035392_psychiatric_medications_investigation_Texas .html#ixzz1qYbOsO35

31-03-2012, 08:30 PM
(NaturalNews) Dandelion is the bane of immaculate lawn enthusiasts, but holds healing secrets that few people realize. Dandelion is a delicious super-food to add to salads and soups. It contains substantial vitamins and a host of plant-based minerals, especially potassium. The herb stimulates the flow of bile from the liver into the gall bladder, making dandelion a key ingredient in liver cleanse formulas. It helps to break down liver fats and is an effective diuretic. The scientific community has been frenetically studying dandelion recently, due to encouraging evidence that dandelion suppresses the growth and invasive behavior in several types of cancer.

Scientists "approve" dandelion extract as an effective oxidative stress inhibitor
Scientists at the University of Annunzio Chieti-Pasaca in Italy compared extracts of tumeric, dandelion, rosemary, and artichoke in a study released in 2010. The researchers acknowledged the positive effect that these herbs have on the liver and gallbladder, and wanted to compare their anti-proliferation (spreading), antioxidant (combating free radical activity), and protective effects. While tumeric had the greatest antioxidant effects, dandelion also had these qualities. The scientists confirmed that these herbs are useful healing aids in modern phytomedicine.

The oxidative stress-reducing effects of dandelion extract was tested on rats with liver damage from carbon tetrachloride (CCl4), a chemical used in fire extinguishers and refrigerants which is highly toxic to the liver. Water-based dandelion extract, or dandelion tea, was observed to significantly reduce the amount of oxidative stress and inflammation present in the livers of rats.

Medical researchers are enthusiastic about the effects of dandelion on various cancers
Medical science is finally beginning to accept the positive results from natural dietary supplements in healing cancer. Just in the past few years, clinical research has been published stating the benefits of herbal supplements such as dandelion for cancer. Here are a few studies:

The International Journal of Oncology published a 2008 clinical study showing the positive effects of dandelion leaf tea. Dandelion leaf tea decreased breast cancer cells, but dandelion root tea did not. Researchers went on to test prostate cancer cells and found similar results. The scientists concluded that dandelion extract may be considered a "novel" anti-cancer agent.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a study in January 2011 which tested the effects of dandelion root tea on leukemia cells. The study showed that dandelion root tea killed leukemia cells through a process called apoptosis. It is believed that dandelion root tea signals a "kill switch" on leukemia cell receptors. Researchers found it "interesting" that dandelion root tea did not transmit the same "kill switch" signal to healthy cells. These scientists also believed that dandelion should be considered a "novel" non-toxic anti-cancer agent.

The International Journal of Oncology published a 2011 report that a dietary supplement containing dandelion as one ingredient suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells.

In yet another 2011 study performed with dandelion, dandelion root extract was clinically proven to induce apoptosis in human drug-resistant melanoma cells without poisoning or damaging healthy cells. Once again, tests proved that dandelion root extract should be considered a "novel" and non-toxic therapy for even drug-resistant forms of cancer.

Sources for this article include:

Medline.gov. "Antiproliferative, protective and antioxidant effects of artichoke, dandelion, tumeric, and rosemary extracts and their formulation," L. Menghini, et al. International Journal of Immunopathology and Pharmacology April-June 2010; 23(2): 601-10. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20646355

Wiley Online Library.com. "Amelioration of oxidative stress by dandelion extract through CYP2E1 suppression against acute liver injury induced by carbon tetrachloride in Sprague-Dawley rats," Chung My Park, et al. Phytotherapy Research, September 2010; 24(9): 1347-1353. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ptr.3121/abstract

Spandidos Publications.com. "Suppression of growth and invasive behavior of human prostate cancer cells by ProstaCaidTM: Mechanism of activity," J. Jang, et al. International Journal of Oncology. June 2011; 38(6): 1675-82. http://www.spandidos-publications.com/ijo/38/6/1675

Pubmed.gov. "Evaluation of aqueous extracts of Taraxacum officinale [dandelion] on growth and invasion of breast and prostate cancer cells," S.C. Sigstedt, et al. International Journal of Oncology, May 2008; 32(5): 1085-90. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18425335

Pubmed.gov. "Selective induction of apoptosis through activation of caspase-8 in human leukemia cells (Jurkat) by dandelion root extract," P. Ovadie, et al. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology. January 2011; 133(1): 86-91. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20849941

Pubmed.gov. "The efficacy of dandelion root extract in inducing apoptosis in drug-resistant human melanoma cells," S.J. Chatterjee, et al. Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2011; 2011: 129045. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21234313

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This article is provided courtesy of Donna Earnest Pravel, owner and senior editor of Heart of Texas Copywriting Solutions.com. Get free biweekly tips on natural healing and herbs by visiting her blog, Bluebonnet Natural Healing Therapy.

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31-03-2012, 08:32 PM
(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is abuzz with new reports that claim taking an aspirin a day will supposedly help keep cancer away (http://www.naturalnews.com). But just a few years ago, mainstream science was declaring the exact opposite, as a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute back in 2004 found that daily aspirin intake is linked to a significantly increased risk of developing cancer.

Dr. Eva S. Schernhammer, M.D., Dr.P.H., from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, and her colleagues conducted an extensive investigation into the long-term effects of taking aspirin. They found that prolonged use can trigger cancer development in humans, and that there is no evidence that taking aspirin in any way helps prevent cancer.

Based on data gathered as part of the comprehensive Nurses' Health Study, which began in 1980, the team found that, compared to women who consumed fewer than two aspirin tablets per week, regular users taking two or more aspirin tablets a week were a whopping 58 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer -- and those taking more than 14 aspirin a week were found to be 86 percent more likely to develop pancreatic cancer.

"Our findings do not support a protective effect of analgesic use (of aspirin) on the risk of pancreatic cancer," wrote Dr. Schernhammer at that time, which was also a rebuttal to other studies that had claimed taking aspirin helps prevent cancer. "Rather, aspirin appears to increase the risk of pancreatic cancer after extended periods of use."

So which is it? Does aspirin cause cancer or prevent it? Based on the aforementioned evidence, aspirin appears to be a promoter of cancer rather than a preventer of it. And yet the mainstream medical-industrial complex is currently going hog-wild claiming that individuals can avoid getting cancer if they simply pop a few aspirin every day -- do not be fooled by this terrible advice.

Regular use of aspirin linked to heart attack, stroke, intestinal bleeding, organ damage, and death
Acetylsalicylic acid, the more technical name for aspirin, is actually a synthetic derivative of natural willow bark, which has pain-relieving and blood-thinning properties. But since this non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) was first developed, it has been observed to cause severe health problems and even death, especially when taken regularly.

In 2010, a group of researchers, medical experts, and public health officials came forward denouncing recommendations that people take an aspirin a day to protect their hearts. It turns out that aspirin actually destroys the protective lining in the intestines, which can lead to severe bleeding, colitis, or even intestinal perforations, which can cause systemic infections and other very serious health problems and death (http://online.wsj.com).

"It is important to remember that all NSAIDs, including over the counter aspirin, have the potential to damage the tissue of the gastrointestinal tract," wrote Dr. Neena S. Abraham, a gastroenterologist at the Michael E. DeBakey V.A. Medical Center, in a 2010 New York Times piece. "Damage can occur anywhere, from mouth to anus ... Aspirin is not a nutritional supplement -- it is a medication with real risks and side-effects" (http://consults.blogs.nytimes.com).

Aspirin can also exacerbate heart conditions rather than mitigate them, as is popularly believed, because the drug is actually an "anti-nutrient" that depletes your body of vital minerals and nutrients. And as far as your bodily organs are concerned, this effect can be disastrous in the long term.

Sources for this article include:

(If this link does not work, do a Google search for "Prolonged Regular Aspirin Use May Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk")

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035417_aspirin_cancer_prevention.html#ixzz1qizPO83 H

31-03-2012, 08:35 PM
(NaturalNews) Millions of people lie in bed at night, their minds churning on the events of the day. They brood over the past. They plan the future. Lying there, the last thing they are capable of is restful, rejuvenating sleep.

Common sleep remedies and supplements feel weak compared to the inner commotion that rocks them every night. Prescription sleep aids may work temporarily, but are addictive, not to mention the side effects. Are there secrets to choosing natural remedies for insomnia?

Find a reliable source
"You have to go to a source that is reliable, that tests these substances, that knows what they are doing," says Reginald Cherry, MD, an integrative medical doctor. "Harvesting and processing herbs is a science unto itself. You can't just start pouring stuff into capsules and selling it. You have to do lab testing, screen for toxins, and you have to know how and when to harvest the herbs for maximum potency. Otherwise, you get a supplement that looks like a quality supplement. It may have a pretty label, but it will be ineffective at best and toxic at worst."

"A high-end supplement that works is a family of complexes," Dr. Cherry continued. "That is really a key. We try to tell people that if you are taking a vitamin and it is not getting absorbed properly, you might as well throw it out. It isn't going to do anything at all. A good supplement will have an absorption complex in it. There are a few out there that do that. They do that because they know that as people get older they produce less hydrochloric acid in their stomach and their absorption ability is less. So, they put certain ingredients in the supplements to help people absorb these nutrients and antioxidants better."

How long to quality sleep supplements take to produce results?
"We recommend that people give it three months," said Dr. Cherry. "Usually it takes a lot less than that. People usually see results in six weeks."

For impatient seekers of sleep, this seems like a tall order. Living with insomnia is no easy task. However, doing nothing about insomnia is not wise and taking pharmaceuticals is risky at best. The key here is, don't stop taking high quality supplements before they have a chance to work! In six to 12 weeks, even those with severe insomnia can be consistently sleeping like a baby with a highly potent, all-natural supplement taken an hour or so before bedtime every night. Impatience is perhaps the biggest downfall of any seeker of alternative remedies.

Is it the L-theanine?
Readers should research L-theanine combined with melatonin. The combination of those two ingredients are known to encourage sleep, quiet the mind, and bring on sufficient relaxation to invite sleep.

Sources for this article include:

Reginald Cherry, MD at Pathway to Healing.



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31-03-2012, 08:37 PM
(NaturalNews) Many of us already know that eating fruits and vegetables makes us healthy and energetic. We also know from experience that food and beauty are related. Now we have further evidence from research from University of St. Andrews in the UK that fruit and vegetable intake is also associated with healthy glowing skin.

Carotenoids make your skin glow
According to the research published recently in the American Journal of Public Health, carotenoids in the fruits are responsible for the healthy skin glow. Carotenoids are the red, yellow and orange pigments found in fruits and vegetables.

Lycopene, which is a carotenoid in tomatoes and red peppers, provides the red pigment. Beta carotene, which is a carotenoid in carrot and green leafy vegetables, provides the yellow pigment. These carotenoids deposit under the skin and provide several health benefits.

Beauty is linked to fruit and vegetable consumption
In this study, the scientists followed the dietary patterns of 35 students over a period of six weeks. The group did not use any make-up. They also did not get any significant UV ray exposure from the sun or self-tanning machines recently.

These students filled out food frequency questionnaires which provided scientists data around fruit and vegetable consumption. Potatoes were not counted as vegetables in this study.

They recorded the change in skin color and compared perceived attractiveness among these students.

At the end of the study, they found that students who ate more fruits and vegetables had a healthy golden skin. On the contrary, students who reduced the amount looked less attractive by the end of the study.

Skin tone becomes attractive with as little as three additional portions a day
You do not have to gorge yourself with lots of fruits and vegetables for a long period of time. Adding just two extra portions had a noticeable effect on attractiveness within a period of six weeks.

To be precise, eating additional 2.91 portions per day would make you look healthy. Eating additional 3.3 portions of fruits and vegetables would make you look attractive.

On average, one portion of fruit or vegetable is equivalent to 80g. For example, one apple, banana or orange will count as one portion.

Although this study focused on the link between the change in skin tone from carotenoids and attractiveness, previous studies showed that fruits and vegetables have several vitamins and minerals which improve skin health and slow down the aging process.

This study has some limitations because all of the volunteers in the study were Caucasian. So the scientists suggested that another study may be needed to determine if the effect is the same for non-Caucasians as well.

Sources for this article include:





About the author:
Satish Lohani is an economist who is interested in natural health and preventive medicine. He also writes for Health on a Budget, which provides tips about living healthy and reducing health care costs.

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31-03-2012, 08:41 PM
(NaturalNews) Why do we take supplements?

For the answer to this question we have to go back in time. We are generally raised in a family that was raised in a family that lacked sufficient information to eat properly.

Upon growing up, in my formative years in the 40s and 50s, not knowing squat about the proper way to eat, the diet I was faced with was bacon and eggs or Cheerio's for breakfast and two squares a day of meat and potatoes, except for Fridays, which we usually ate dairy products. I'm sure there are many of you that have a similar history.

Because of this and because of my parents being indoctrinated with the belief that vaccinations were "the cure for all", all kinds of adverse health problems plagued me most of my life.

There is ample research out there proving that nutrient deficiencies through over-consumption of refined foods, anything that had a face and a mother and the lack of health building nutrients affects virtually every age group.

Because of our nutrient deficient diets we suffer from allergies, asthma, autism, birth defects, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, type II diabetes, eye problems, kidney damage, nerve problems, obesity, hypoglycemia, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and neurological problems, just for openers.

So what do we do? We go to the local health food store and we stock up on antioxidants, B. vitamins, vitamin C, medicinal mushrooms, chlorella, Omega 3's, chromium, magnesium, flaxseed oil, fish oil (loaded with mercury and PCBs), and all kinds of other stuff thrust upon us by people in the "health and well-being" industry. And before long we are spending anywhere from $200-$500 a month to stay healthy.

What's truly bizarre is that when manure was used for fertilizer, no one got sick. The reason for this was that the manure was rich in sulfur.

In the 1930s, "the powers to be" decided, in a humanitarian way, that they wanted to help benefit the farmer. So, as benevolent as they were, they switched to the petro-chemical fertilizers under the guise that it would enable the farmer to spend more time planting seeds than shoveling doo-doo. The harsh reality was that the petro-chemicals created a cash "crop" for the petro-chemical industry and made everyone else that ate food, sick.

Coupling the petro-chemical fertilizers with the obscene over-processing of our food supply, which served only to increase shelf life and profits, it made our food supply completely devoid of the nutrient that was originally in the soil, which the manure provided - sulfur. Yet we wonder why we are a nation of overweight, undernourished, disease-ridden sickos hooked on pharmaceutical drugs.

This missing nutrient, organic sulfur, is used to repair all the cells of the body and promotes the growth of healthy new cells by allowing the cells to transport oxygen more effectively. The other effect it has is making the cell walls more permeable, allowing nutrients in and waste materials out.

This missing nutrient also detoxifies the cells, allowing the body to remove toxins, heavy metals and radiation that have accumulated therein. It increases enzyme production increasing overall resistance to illness and increases blood circulation. It reduces muscle inflammation, speeds up athletic recovery time and increases sexual activity by increasing blood flow south of the border. It eliminates free radicals and allergies and promotes healthy and increased growth of hair and fingernails.

Because cancers have a hard time living in oxygen, cancer cells cannot exist in this oxygenated environment. Studies have shown the reversal of osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, asthma and autism.

Because the sulfur is one of the main ingredients in moisturizing creams, it aids in healthy skin production and the reduction of "wrinkles". It helps the body properly regulate insulin production, reducing or eliminating the need for insulin injections and will help alleviate emphysema, decrease "hangover" time, eliminate migraines, reduce or eliminate hypoglycemia, reduce or eliminate PMS symptoms, promote better kidney function, reverse astigmatism, and enable the body to create all the essential amino acids, omega 3's and vitamin B 12.

There is another essential fact to understand. Whether your diet is flesh based or plant based everyone has parasites in their intestines. The sulfur crystals form a slippery coating on the inner walls of the intestines making it impossible for the parasites or their eggs to cling to and are flushed out.

So, due to the removal of the parasites, heavy metals, toxins and radiation the body may experience a brief detoxification process. When this passes, anywhere from two to ten days, your body will feel rejuvenated and full of energy.

So, if you are frustrated with what you are spending for nutritional supplements, know that there is an alternative available at a fraction of the cost. Above all, you must remember two important facts: you've spent most of your life breaking down your body by eating crap so you cannot expect a reversal overnight. It will take time, patience, dedication and perseverance. And, by the way, there has never been one complaint from 100,000 plus people in 33 countries.


About the author:
I have been doing a weekly radio show in Honolulu since 1981 called "Health Talk". In 2007 I was "forced" to get a Masters degree in Nutrition because of all the doctors that would call in asking for my credentials. They do not call in anymore. Going to www.healthtalkhawaii.com enables you, among other things, to listen to the shows. I am an activist. In addition to espousing an organic vegan diet for optimum health, I am strongly opposed to GMOs, vaccines, processed foods, MSG, aspartame, fluoridation and everything else that the pimps (Big Pharma, Monsanto and the large food companies) and the hookers (the doctors, the government agencies, the public health officials, and the mainstream media) thrust upon us, the tricks.
After being vaccinated with the DTP vaccine as a child I developed asthma. After taking the organic sulfur crystals (they are harvested from the pine trees in Louisiana) in November of 2008 for 10 days my asthma reversed and has not come back over 3 years later, 18 cases, so far, of autism have been reversed, as has cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, osteoarthritis, joint pain, gum disease, increased sexual activity, heavy metal and radiation elimination, parasite elimination, free radicals elimination, faster athletic recovery time, increased blood circulation, reduced inflammation, resistance to getting the flu, reduction of wrinkles, allergy reduction, reduced PMS and monthly period pain, nausea, migraines and so much more. And it's only possible because of the oxygen it releases that floods the cells of the body. You can find out more about this incredible nutrient also on my website - www.healthtalkhawaii.com - Products and Services. There is also an organic, 70%, cold processed dark chocolate out there that contains zeolite, which removes radiation and heavy metals. You can find out more by reading the article "A Dark Chocolate To Die For" on my website under Articles, or by going to www.mywaiora.com/701848.
I am 73. I have been a vegetarian since 1975 years and a vegan since 1990. I have no illnesses and take no meds. I play basketball 2 hours a week, am in 2 softball leagues, racewalk, body surf, do stand-up paddling, do weight workouts and teach women's self defense classes based upon 25 years of Wing Chun training.
My firm belief - if it had a face and a mother or if man made it, don't eat it.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035412_nutrition_supplements_health.html#ixzz1qj0q DYJa

31-03-2012, 08:42 PM
(NaturalNews) For being a multinational corporate food and beverage giant, Starbucks has actually been among the most proactive in ridding its offerings of toxic additives and artificial colors, and switching to natural alternatives. But the company's recent decision to change its Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino blended beverage formula has the vegan community in an uproar, as ground-up beetles now constitute part of the drink's natural coloring components.

According to reports, Starbucks switched its formula back in January, replacing a formerly-vegan coloring agent with the beetle-derived agent. And a vegan Starbucks barista reportedly captured a photo of the beverage's ingredients list recently, which is not posted on the Starbucks corporate website, and sent it to ThisDishIsVegetarian.com, a vegan news blog devoted to animal rights issues.

You can view a picture of the Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino ingredients list at: http://www.thisdishisvegetarian.com

The ingredient in question is cochineal extract, which is made from the ground-up bodies of cochineal beetles. This primarily South American and Mexican insect naturally produces a substance known as carminic acid that can be extracted, mixed with either aluminum or calcium salts, and turned into carmine dye.

Even though carmine extract is technically considered to be natural, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled that the additive must be properly labeled on foods, a mandate that went into effect in early 2011. Prior to that ruling, cochineal extract and other bug-derived additives had to be labeled as either "artificial colors" or "color added," according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Vegans have long enjoyed Strawberries & Creme Frappuccinos precisely because they have always contained only vegan ingredients, which is why there is currently a groundswell of customer backlash. Starbucks says it made the switch as part of ongoing efforts to make its food and beverages healthier, but in the process, it failed to properly disclose this information to the public.

Daelyn Fortney, co-founder of ThisDishIsVegetarian.com, is now pushing for Starbucks to revert back to vegan natural colorings like red beet, black carrots, or purple sweet potatoes, which are commonly used to create red colors in natural foods. Going one step further than this, Michael Jacobson, Executive Director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), says Starbucks should just use strawberries to color its strawberry beverages.

Sources for this article include:



Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035408_Starbucks_cochineal_extract_food_color.html #ixzz1qj22SFzr

31-03-2012, 08:44 PM
(NaturalNews) Most American women who find out they have cancer are confronted by their doctors with three choices for treatment, which include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, all of which greatly increase the chance they will never again be able to procreate. Yet, rarely does any doctor offer those women the fourth choice of treatment, which does not endanger their fertility whatsoever, and does not even require taking medication.

The latest study finds that very few women with cancer take steps to preserve their fertility while undergoing dangerous and toxic cancer therapy, and what's worse, many women are discriminated against as doctors don't even suggest they review the steps that can be taken to possibly preserve their fertility and prevent ovarian failure. (http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2012-03/w-fyw032112.php)

Cancer, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society (one of the biggest scam organizations further endangering women's lives), revealed research after interviewing over 100,000 U.S. women, under the age of 50, who were diagnosed with cancer. The only fertility advice/choices given to a "select" few of these women was regarding egg or embryo freezing as a (slim) chance for future conception.

To find out which women received this limited advice and were not discriminated against for age, race or social status, Mitchell Rosen, MD of University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), led a team that surveyed over 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 40 years who were diagnosed with either leukemia, Hodgkin's, breast cancer or gastrointestinal cancer. The women were randomly sampled from 1993 until 2007. Over 900 of them were treated with therapies that could make them infertile forever, including chemo, pelvic radiation, pelvic surgery, or bone marrow transplants. Only 60 percent received counseling about infertility, and less than 10 percent pursued preservation.

The study revealed that women who are Caucasian and graduated from college are more likely to be counseled about the risks of infertility and the choices for preservation. One "reason" for the bias was that "socio-demographic health disparities likely affect access to fertility preservation services."

The fourth, rarely mentioned choice
Of course, since the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the CDC (Center for Disease Control), the AMA (American Medical Association), and the ACS (American Cancer Society) are in the business of making a fortune off of women with cancer, Allopathic doctors under this "chronic care" umbrella are not educated about nor instructed to give advice to women regarding natural remedies for cancer.

The fourth, rarely mentioned choice for women who are fighting cancer and who would like to keep their reproductive ability in tact includes a combination of medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordiceps, maitaki and shiitake), juicing raw organic vegetables, taking vitamins, mineral supplements, antioxidants, amino acids, probiotics and superfoods. (http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/)

None of these powerful sources for cancer prevention and cure are even mentioned as a choice, and none of them have side effects or endanger fertility capabilities. Mostly because these choices are inexpensive and non-patentable, Western Medicine writes them off as alternative medicine and keeps the general public in the dark. Women who cut chemicals out of their diet are also more likely to recover from cancer, including avoiding all artificial sweeteners, fluoridated water, processed foods and especially non-organic meat and dairy products. (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/02/110222092652.htm)

Sources for this article include:





Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035407_cancer_treatments_women_sterilization.html# ixzz1qj2Uhm69

31-03-2012, 08:47 PM
(NaturalNews) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that 68 percent of adults over the age of 20 are overweight, half of whom are considered obese. Of course obesity is also strongly linked to many other health problems including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. The economic costs are enormous. A 2011 article in the The Lancet estimates the annual medical costs of these diseases will increase by as much as $60 billion by 2030. While there is no magic solution to weight loss, research supports a number of health benefits of dark chocolate for this purpose including reduced insulin sensitivity, increased feelings of fullness and reduced stress and cortisol levels.

1. Reduce insulin resistance with dark chocolate
Insulin, which is released by the pancreas when blood sugar rises, has the job of escorting blood glucose into the cells. Repeated release of insulin due to too much sugary food causes the cells to develop resistance to insulin preventing it from doing its job and depriving the cells of needed nutrition. Now the body fears starvation, calls for more food and signals a need to store fat to protect against starvation. The result? Weight gain.

Substituting dark chocolate for some of the sugary foods may help reduce insulin resistance. A 2005 study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported on research in which 15 healthy individuals ate either white or dark chocolate for 15 days. At the end of this time those who ate the dark chocolate experienced significantly higher insulin sensitivity and significantly lower insulin resistance compared to the white chocolate group. As a nice bonus, the dark chocolate group also experienced lower blood pressure.

This is not an isolated study. Research published in 2012 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and based on a meta-analysis of 42 studies of chocolate and cocoa, supported the connection between dark chocolate consumption and significant reductions in serum insulin which caused resistance to insulin to decrease. They also found chocolate associated with consistent reductions in blood pressure.

2. Chocolate helps stop food cravings
Reductions in food cravings between meals can help prevent overeating and this means foods that promote feelings of fullness can be important for weight loss. Once again healthy dark chocolate may be part of the answer. A study from Denmark reviewed in a 2008 edition of Science Daily found that dark chocolate, compared to milk chocolate, was more filling and also lessened cravings for unhealthy foods.

Sixteen lucky study subjects ate either dark or milk chocolate and then gave feedback on how hungry they felt over the next several hours. At the two and a half hour mark they were given as much pizza as they could eat. Researchers recorded calorie intake for each individual and found that it was 15 percent less for those who had previously eaten dark chocolate. The same group also noted lower cravings for snack foods (sweet, salty or fatty) compared to the milk chocolate group.

3. Chocolate reduces stress and cortisol levels
Stress triggers release of cortisol which causes the body to secrete more insulin leading to overeating. In a 2009 study published in the Journal of Proteome Research, 30 subjects who suffered from anxiety consumed 1.4 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks. Urinalysis showed a resulting reduction in the excretion of cortisol prompting the scientists to conclude chocolate can alter human metabolism.

Sources for this article include:







About the author:
Celeste Smucker is a freelance writer who writes about health and health care, real estate, and sales and marketing. Visit Writing 4 All Reasons.

She blogs about holistic solutions for health and health care at:

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31-03-2012, 08:50 PM
(NaturalNews) Day in and day out the inhabitants of lonely planet earth kill, maim, conspire, steal, abuse, violate, destroy, poison, fight and, well, hurt each other's feelings. It is a wonder that we - a socially constrained pack of wild animals - survive. We may not survive in the long run. Some cold-minded scientists suggest the earth's population will be extinct in 1000 years and claim to have evidence to support it. All this is due to what my wife recently called the cycle of stupid.

This most vicious of all cycles actually has deep philosophical roots and causes most of the angst on the earth today. It happens when intelligent, sentient beings (people) act like they couldn't be denser if someone hit them over the head with a stupid stick.

How the cycle of stupid works
Caught in the throes of the cycle, people willingly invite into their lives things they hate, then proceed to get offended. All the while, these otherwise intelligent people have perfect proof of their own innocence and can easily justify wrongdoing to others, who are the obvious problem. It's maddening! It would be even more maddening if I never participated (I fit into the "basic cycle of stupid" below).

I have conveniently identified three levels of the cycle. The more advanced your level, the stupider you become, until at last there is no hope for you other than the hope that you will be destroyed by people less stupid than you.

The basic cycle of stupid (for couples, parents, families, co-workers and normal people who get hit with regular fits of stupidity)
• Screaming children are scolded by screaming parents. The screaming children react to the screaming parents by screaming some more, which inspires the screaming parents to scream louder, which inspires the children to scream, cry and hit each other.

• A spouse catches her spouse cheating, which motivates her to begin cheating.

• A mid-level manager catches poop from his boss because his boss caught poop from his boss, so the mid-level manager throws poop on his employees who go home and throw poop on their families, who then kick the family dog, who proceeds to poop on the rug.

Break for analysis: Each of the above individuals (except the dog) could have stopped the cycle of stupid at any time, in theory, by pausing for a moment and asking some questions. What is going on here, really? Do I really want to participate in this stupid cycle? What is the right thing to do, as a person? Are these people upon whom I am about to poop really less than I am? Would I want to be pooped on like I am about to poop on others? Does my being pooped on really justify what I am about to do? How must this other person be feeling? How must this other person see me right now? And so on.

Rarely do we do this, however, thus the power of the stupid stick. It is so much easier to blame others and mistreat them, using their bad behavior as justification. In return, we are blamed and soon everything but the kitchen sink is thrown into the cycle. Even though your life would much easier; even though you'd have more inner peace; even though you would enjoy astounding personal maturity and remain above the fray, you don't make that effort very often. Why not? Alas, as we will see in a moment, this is what the best minds on earth have been trying to figure out for thousands of years!

Let's move on to the advanced levels, where stupidity begins to get scary.

The advanced cycle of stupid (for corporate and political leaders whose stupidity advances into conspiracy)
• A politician obviously lies to voters, telling them all that he will do for them, the money and entitlements that will flow their way if they only vote for him. He wins and promptly does nothing he promised. Voters, blinded by their own greed for someone to pass on entitlements to them, chose to believe the lie and hold out hope that they will get something for nothing.

• A food conglomerate conspires with congress and the FDA, uses pseudoscience and knowingly introduces into the food supply a friendly sounding and convenient yet poisonous food that destroys the health of consumers and makes the conglomerate billions of dollars. Millions of not-totally-ignorant consumers willingly ingest this toxin because they are too lazy, cheap and self-indulgent to give up an ounce of convenience or go out of their way to find safer food to eat.

Break for analysis: At the advanced level, the cycle begins to tilt, with the majority of the wrongdoing perpetrated by those in power. These are they who, for their own gain, depend on the malaise of the masses to pull off their shenanigans. However, these folks could be stopped if only the masses were willing to wake up! The masses, however, are more comfortable living in the stupid shadow of stupid leaders than breaking free and figuring things out for themselves.

The sinister cycle of stupid (for world dominators whose stupidity metastasizes into unbridled evil)
• A treacherous government leader uses lies, propaganda, murder and genocide to obtain power so that he can fulfill his god-complex, while the unsuspecting masses sleep. By the time the masses wake up, so much power is taken, so much damage done, that only open war will put an end to bloodshed.

• Conglomerates of powerful families, banks, governments and behemoth corporations conspire to introduce measures that will thin populations, cause disease, collapse economies, initiate war and terror and wreak havoc among the population of the planet to gratify their own perverse sense of power and pleasure.

Break for analysis: These problems are so clandestine and terrifying that the sleeping masses have no idea they are happening. Among the few who do know, most do not have the cajones to take a stand.

What is the cycle of stupid?
In academic circles, the cycle of stupid is known as self-deception. Self-deception is such a tricky issue that philosophers since the time of ancient Greece have been trying to figure it out. There have been many bold attempts, but the problem with figuring out self-deception is that the one doing the figuring may be actively deceiving himself. In other words, the stupid stick is so powerful that even the smartest people in the world get clubbed into moronic oblivion. Who can figure out stupid while immersed in stupid?

Then, along came a humble Jewish philosopher named Martin Buber (1878-1965) who showed up the Greeks by suggesting that the cycle of stupid is not a matter of intelligence, but a matter of morals. Ah...now we can understand why smart people are capable of doing the stupidest things to ruin themselves and others. We can also explain why being smart doesn't necessarily mean that you are good.

Buber said something amazing. We all stand in relation to each other as I-Thou or I-It. In other words, we are capable of seeing each other in respectful ways, honoring other people (I-Thou). Or, we may see each other in disrespectful ways, as objects (I-It). This one distinction opened the door to understanding, at last, the cycle of stupid.

The way out
Even if you are on the "winning" side of the cycle of stupid, you are still stupid. If you are invested in seeing your fellow humans as less than - as objects for your gratification one way or another - you are stupid. Why? Because you are missing the obvious truth, that the people you abuse are people just like you and deserve your respect if for no other reason than their personhood (at the level of the basic cycle of stupid. Beyond that, all bets are off, in my book).

To exit this destructive cycle and begin acting like you have a brain in your head and feelings in your body, you and I need to begin to see others and ourselves differently. You (and I) need to take others' point of view - as people - into consideration. This doesn't come so easily when the other person is acting stupidly, granted. Nevertheless, it is necessary to stop the cycle.

If I am not willing to stop the cycle in my family, who am I to blame? My wife? (Yes, honey, I am allowed to be stupid, but you must be ever-smart and good in spite of me.) If you are not willing to stop the cycle among the people in your life, who then?

Unfortunately, because stupid behavior so thoroughly encourages more stupid behavior, the cycle is incredibly difficult to stop. Yet, stop it we must. The obvious way to stop the cycle is also the most difficult, which is to recognize it. We tend to get so caught up in it that we no longer see the truth of what we are doing (self-deception). In fact, we often think the stupidest of behavior is the smartest, or at least the only option available.

A challenge to you: Notice how often you get caught in the cycle of stupid in the next few days. When you notice yourself arguing, criticizing, blaming or otherwise acting stupidly, pause for a moment and ask yourself if you really want to be doing so. There is your chance to say no to stupid! I'll be joining you.

About the author:
Get the free mini-course taken by more than 10,000 people Three Soul Stirring Questions That Reveal your Deepest Goals by visiting the iNLP Center.

Mike Bundrant is the founder of the iNLP Center, which offers training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and personal development coaching. Learn more about Mike's down-to-earth, skill-based coaching that comes with a lifetime membership to the iNLP Center's online school and receive a free personal development consult.

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31-03-2012, 09:00 PM
(NaturalNews) An important new study in the realm of astrophysics has revealed that up to 40 percent of red dwarfs (a type of star or "sun") may harbor a large Earth-like planet orbiting at just the right distance to support life as we know it. The study was led by Dr Xavier Bonfils of the Grenoble University in France.

Why is this a big deal? Because the number of stars in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is believed to contain from 200 to 400 billion stars. Each of those stars is a "sun" to its local solar system, and an estimated 70% to 90% of those stars are red dwarfs. (See sources below.)

Let's do the math on this, using the most conservative numbers: 200 billion stars in the Milky Way, 70% of them are red dwarfs, and 40% of those contain an Earth-like planet orbiting within the habitable zone. That number comes to 56 billion planets that may harbor life in our own galaxy alone! (Not to even mention all the other billions of galaxies which are much farther away.)

Some of those potentially life-harboring planets are practically next-door neighbors in a galactic sense: As many as 100 such planets may exist within just 30 light years of Earth.

Again, why does this matter? Because the Milky Way is 13.2 billion years old (or so, according to estimates). While the rise of human civilization and modern technology has occurred in just the last few thousand years, that same epoch of scientific advancement could have taken place on other planets millions of years ago.

This could mean that other living beings in our own Milky Way are quite literally millions of years ahead of us in technology, consciousness, philosophy and other areas of knowledge and understanding.

We Earthlings are but ignorant infants compared to something like that. Here we are on Earth, still shooting lead bullets at each other over fossil oil reserves and mined metals. More advanced civilizations have undoubtedly unlocked secrets of free energy, elemental transmutation, faster-than-light travel, bioenergy, mind-matter interactions, the nature of consciousness and much more. They must be laughing at us right now, it would seem.

There is almost certainly other intelligent life in our galaxy
What's important to realize here is that the chance that far more advanced civilizations exist in our Milky Way is as close to 100 percent as humanly imaginable. Conversely, the idea that Earth is the only civilization in the entire Milky Way where intelligent life exists is flat-out absurd and nonsensical.

We already know, for example, that the seeds of life -- DNA -- quite easily survive rides on meteorites which are dispersed around the galaxy on a regular basis. The very first seeds of DNA might have arrived on Earth from precisely such an intragalactic "seeding" event.

As this is leading into a discussion about the origins of life, Creation, intelligent design and Darwinism, I have placed such a discussion at the end of this article. The upshot of that discussion is that it is my belief our entire universe (starting from the Big Bang itself) only exists because of an intelligence -- a Creator -- which seeded not just our own universe, but the entire multiverse. See the bottom of this article for that discussion and a short recommended reading list.

Getting back to the question of intelligent life beyond Earth, given that an estimated 56 billion life-supporting planets may exist in our own galaxy, it's a slam dunk to acknowledge that there must be a very, very large number of civilizations that have been around far longer than our own. As in millions of years longer. That's a lot of time to acquire knowledge, develop technology, expand consciousness and even develop faster-than-light travel so that visitation of other worlds becomes as easy as you or I driving down to the corner grocery store.

Again, why does any of this matter? Because it means our own planet is almost certainly being routinely monitored by non-Earth societies. If they have the technology to travel faster than light, it seems, they would easily have the technology to avoid being easily spotted by us.

In fact, it seems logical to realize there may be hundreds, thousands or even millions of such advanced societies that are keeping an eye on Earth right now.

Why are we not already widely aware of non-Earth civilizations and beings?
If that's true, then it raises this question: Why haven't they intervened with Earth in a substantial way? Or have they already? There is convincing evidence of ancient civilizations across our planet, some of which may have been visited by advanced races of beings and shown some breakthrough technology. How were the Pyramids built, for example? There are even more convincing artifacts in Bolivia and throughout South America. Early human history, including Biblical history, is absolutely full of accounts of encounters with non-Earth beings. "Ancient astronauts" is a term worth Googling.

So what are intelligent beings in the galaxy doing with Earth, anyway? Here are some of my own thoughts and theories on what might be happening:

Seven theories behind the lack of present-day "contact"
• Theory #1 - Earth has been declared a "non-intervention" zone and all non-Earth civilizations have agreed to stay "hands off" while simply observing our planet and our species. This would, of course, imply some sort of galactic governing body, which is a fascinating subject all by itself.

• Theory #2 - There are no advanced aliens in the galaxy. We are the only intelligent life in the universe. God help us if this turns out to be true, as there will be nothing to stop human-led corporations from pillaging and destroying entire worlds if inexpensive space travel technology can be developed. Imagine Jupiter renamed "Planet Microsoft, Inc." Technology without ethics is extremely dangerous.

• Theory #3 - There are aliens, but they just haven't noticed us yet. Maybe they only get around to checking each life-supporting planet every 50,000 years or so, and since our entire civilization is only about 10,000 years old (or so), we haven't yet showed up on their radar. Our use of nuclear weapons -- a series of events easily visible from space -- has only taken place in the last 75 years or so. The light from such events has only begun to reach many advanced civilizations that might be gearing up to take action against Earth as a result.

• Theory #4 - Our own present-day human species was created by non-Earth beings genetically seeding or altering native primates in order to create a more intelligent race for some purpose that we don't yet know about. (A slave race of obedient workers, perhaps? That trait seems to have been made quite prominent among present-day humans...)

• Theory # 5 - Extraterrestrials know all about us, but they're waiting to see if we will destroy ourselves first. If we somehow get through the next couple of hundred years without decimating our own planet, then perhaps they will make contact. This is a question of species maturity -- are human beings mature enough to even bother being contacted? Or are we still just fair-skinned apes who beat each other over the heads with sticks and rocks while poisoning our own planet and destroying life? Earth's "advanced weapons" are a joke in a galactic sense, and our focus on weapons and war only proves how stupid we are when it comes to wisdom and maturity.

• Theory #6 - Extraterrestrials are already here, and they're already taking over with some sort of nefarious infiltration agenda. Remember the "V" television series? Yeah, lizard people and all that... The "David Icke theory."

• Theory #7 - Earth has already been claimed as "property" by one of the non-Earth races, and they will soon come to the planet to claim its resources. If you think about it, if earthlings had the technology of faster-than-light space travel, wouldn't we run around the Milky Way staking claim to all the valuable planets we could find? And the most valuable planets of all, it seems, would be water planets, as water is really the "gold" of life (as we know it) in the galaxy. A big blue planet like Earth would look like a valuable gem floating in a sea of mostly inhabitable rocks. Every advanced civilization in the universe would want to "own" Earth if, indeed, ownership was still one of their functioning tendencies.

Humans are an infant species that lacks wisdom and is steeped in the destruction of life
Of all these theories, I personally believe #5 is the most likely to be real. Sadly, human beings remain an infant species -- steeped in selfish motivations and the destruction of our own planet. An advanced non-Earth species must look upon all our GMOs, pesticides, nuclear weapons testing, HAARP, fluoride poisoning and other bizarre "scientific" agendas with total disgust. "Wow," the aliens might say. "These Earthlings are really, really destructive. Let's make sure they don't discover space travel anytime soon."

"Yeah," says another alien. "And I'm taking bets with 2-to-1 odds on whether they just destroy their own civilization within the next 100 sun orbits."

It is amusing, of course, to hear arrogant scientists on Earth talk of themselves as geniuses. They're still stuck in the physical reality model of the universe, for one thing, and haven't even yet acknowledged the existence of biofields or even consciousness. It was physicist Stephen Hawking, again, who openly stated in his recent book, "The Grand Design" that humans are nothing more than biological robots who have no consciousness and no free will:

"It is hard to imagine how free will can operate if our behavior is determined by physical law, so it seems that we are no more than biological machines and that free will is just an illusion," he says.

Similarly, DNA discoverer Francis Crick also believes humans are little more than biochemical machines, utterly lacking consciousness or free will:

"You, your joys and sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules,", Crick said in his book The Astonishing Hypothesis."

These are signs of an infant, ignorant species. On a galactic scale, Earthlings are little more than clever apes who have somehow scraped themselves out of the dirt and figured out a few things about combustion engines and the electromagnetic spectrum. Yeah, we've built nuclear weapons -- which are no doubt easily viewable from distant worlds, as their testing has gone on far longer than required for light to reach other advanced civilizations in our Milky Way -- but then we've used those weapons to do nothing useful other than threaten our own brothers and sisters with destruction. Self-genocide. From the point of view of extraterrestrials, it just looks like runaway idiocy.

Again, these are signs of an ignorant, infantile species that has barely learned how to stand up and walk, much less actually contribute something to the universe at large. In fact, the only material thing Earth has contributed to the galaxy is flinging space junk around our own planet, essentially using space as a convenient dumping ground. That's not exactly the kind of behavior that gets you invited to the neighbor's dinner party, you know what I mean?

Are humans close to becoming an "invasive species?"
All this sort of puts our own earthly problems into perspective, doesn't it? The problem of vote fraud, or Big Pharma's quack science, or even vaccine-damaged babies seems ridiculously tiny when put in the perspective of humans clinging to fragile life as an infantile species on a small water planet in a galaxy that's absolutely filled with life. A far more logical problem to be concerned with is making sure that we don't give advanced extraterrestrial races some sort of justification for snuffing out human life on our planet and just starting over.

After all, if these observers start to see earthlings develop efficient space travel and then start pillaging, contaminating or nuking other planets, they may very well decide that Earthlings are an invasive species and wipe us out with no more thought than we give to eradicating a mound of fire ants.

The self-evident warning, then, is that Earth needs to get its s#!t together before we get placed on the galactic "do not resuscitate" list.

A brief discussion of Creation, Intelligent Design and Darwinism
Creationists often say: Life in the universe was created by God, not by evolution. But it's actually both:

The entire universe, starting with the Big Bang, was almost certainly created by an intelligence. Many scientists actually believe, as I do, that our entire universe is really a kind of simulation or experiment created by a vastly more advanced intelligent Creator. To us, that Creator is omniscient and omnipresent. We may justifiably call that intelligence "God." Intelligent Design is almost certainly the correct answer to the question: "Why does all this exist?" There clearly must be a primal cause behind it all.

But within this simulation called our universe, the laws of natural selection, genetic mutation, intragalactic seeding and fundamental physics still apply. The Creator does not have to tweak every little detail and map out every single species of insect or bacteria that lives across the billions of habitable planets in our galaxy alone -- no, the drive to survive takes care of that. Plants and animals do indeed, across many generations, shift their survival traits in order to adapt to their environments. That is self-evident to anyone who carefully observes nature, even in your own back yard. While Darwinism can't explain the ORIGINS of life in our universe (only a Creator can explain that), his theories clearly help explain the ADAPTATION of life across many worlds. (Natural Selection takes place every second across our planet, in other words, from bacteria to primates...)

Darwin had a sliver of truth, in other words, but offers nothing to explain the origins of life -- or the origins of our entire universe, for that matter. For that, there must be a Creator -- an intelligence with a desire to bring into existence that which we call our universe. Famed physicist Stephen Hawking echoes one of the most laughably ill-conceived viewpoints on this subject when he says, essentially, "The universe came into existence because it could." An effect without a cause, in other words. Galactic magic!

It is far more rational and realistic to believe the universe came into existence because an intelligent Creator created it.

The real kicker, of course, is that our Creator probably created an unlimited number of similar universes, tossing Big Bang seeds around in the same way we might throw carrot seeds on garden soil. Our entire universe, it turns out, may be just one tiny sliver of the far greater multiverse, each with slightly different physical laws that might seem alien to our present-day understanding.

Sources include:
Milky Way - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Recommended reading:
In Search of the Multiverse: Parallel Worlds, Hidden Dimensions, and the Ultimate Quest for the Frontiers of Reality by John Gribbin.

The Fabric of Reality: The Science of Parallel Universes--and Its Implications by David Deutsch

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035420_human_beings_invasive_species_intelligent_l ife.html#ixzz1qj62L9jg

31-03-2012, 09:09 PM
(NaturalNews) As the U.S. Supreme Court decides the constitutionality of President Obama's signature healthcare "reform" law, the American public, for the most part, has already decided it isn't.

Granted, this online survey on the Washington Post website isn't very scientific, but it does provide at least some measure of the law's continuing unpopularity among the masses.

"The court should strike down the law. It is about personal accountability. The system has major flaws that need to be addressed. I think everyone can agree on that," said one respondent, starlifter1271.

"Congress's power to regulate markets cannot possibly mean the power to force any American, let alone every American, into any market, to become against their will a customer of some private concern as a condition of citizenship," wrote PrairieCalm.

And so on.

Many questions from the court usually means bad news

Apparently, even a majority of Supreme Court justices agree. According to the Los Angeles Times this week, some of the comments made by many of them "bode ill" for the law.

"How well can Supreme Court votes be predicted by what justices say in oral arguments? The statistics hold up pretty well, and offer gloomy tidings for the Obama administration and its healthcare law," the paper reported.

Simply adding up the number of comments justices make during oral arguments is a pretty good predictor of the outcome. For example, the paper said, researchers have found that the more often justices interrupt lawyers for one side of an argument or the other indicates trouble for that side.

A number of studies have examined the theory, including a study by USC (University of Southern California) law professor Lee Epstein, William M. Landes of the University of Chicago and Judge Richard A. Posner of the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Their examination was based on statistical analysis of Supreme Court oral arguments from 2004 through 2007. They found this: "The number of questions and the total words in question [...] provide a reasonable predictor of most Justices' votes," with the notable exception of Justice Clarence Thomas, who rarely speaks during oral arguments.

Justices, in their own words, seem to support overturning the law

Also, comments by the justices themselves seem to indicate a repeal is likely. Justice Anthony Kennedy, generally considered the high court's swing vote, appeared to favor repeal based on his comments during arguments earlier this week. In particular, Kennedy seemed troubled by the mandate in the law that requires you to purchase health insurance, or face a penalty. He said the requirement "changes the relationship of the federal government to the individual in a very fundamental way," adding that the mandate was "concerning" and suggesting it might even be "unprecedented."

Said the L.A. Times, in characterizing the verbiage and reaction of most of the justices, "Kennedy and (Chief Justice John) Roberts, along with fellow conservative Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel A. Alito Jr., repeatedly questioned where the limit on federal power would be if the mandate was upheld. Justice Clarence Thomas was silent, as is his habit, but is expected to vote to strike down the mandate."

"If the government can do this, what else can it [...] do?" asked Alito at one point, hinting that Congress could eventually require Americans to buy other things, like cars and broccoli.

Roberts suggested Congress may want to require Americans to purchase cell phones so they could be contacted in times of emergency.

Kennedy's vote is being watched the most, and - based on his comments - it doesn't look good for the administration.

"Kennedy, who is often the court's swing vote, seemed to suggest that a mandate directed at individuals could be upheld only if the government offered an extremely powerful justification. And his comments from the bench raised considerable doubt about whether he thought the administration had met that test," the L.A. Times said.

Sources for this article include:




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035419_Obamacare_survey_popularity.html#ixzz1qj8M9 0ZY

31-03-2012, 09:11 PM
NaturalNews) Despite being labeled as conspiracy nuts, the prediction from a few voices in the wilderness that Google was planning to use the ambient background noise of a person's environment to direct targeted advertising to them through technology has come to pass.

According to Infowars.com, which warned readers about this very development some six years ago, the search engine and ad giant has filed a patent petition for "Advertising based on environmental conditions."

News of the patent application was also reported by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, which, in its headline, rhetorically asked, "Is nothing off limits? Now Google plans to spy on background noise in your phone calls to bombard you with tailored adverts."

According to the patent application, "A web browser or search engine located at the user's site may obtain information on the environment (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, sound, air composition) from sensors.

"Advertisers may specify that the ads are shown to users whose environmental conditions meet certain criteria," it said.

Mining for your data

The implications of the technology are far-reaching and scary.

"For example," the patent application said, "advertisements for air conditioners can be sent to users located at regions having temperatures above a first threshold, while advertisements for winter overcoats can be sent to users located at regions having temperatures below a second threshold."

Such mining for PII - personally identifiable information - led a former Google executive, James Whittaker, to criticize his onetime employer. In a missive that ran more than 1,300 words, he accused the search giant of transforming itself into an ad giant, saying "the Google I was passionate about was a technology company - the Google I left was an advertising company."

As expected, Google officials were elusive and coy when asked about the patent by the Daily Mail.

"We file patent applications on a variety of ideas that our employees come up with. Some of those ideas later mature into real products or services, some don't," one Google official, who was not named, said. "Prospective product announcements should not necessarily be inferred from our patent applications."

No more privacy - seriously

The paper said some folks didn't seem to care much about the technology, but maybe it's because they really don't understand the privacy implications of it. This technology will enable a private search and advertising engine to spy on virtually everything you do - your private conversations, what you watch on television, how cold or warm you keep your house, what you listen to on the radio "and whatever else is happening in your immediate environment, in order to build a psychological profile of your entire life," Infowars.com said.

The current patent relates to smart phones, but think about it: You can turn on your lights, monitor your kids, raise or lower your home's temperature and any number of other things already using a smartphone app. The Google technology will simply glom onto these network-supported apps and appliances, just to be able to send you an advertisement based on what sort of ambient "noise" you're emitting.

How's that for a Fourth Amendment privacy violation? But, according to Infowars.com, it's been a long time in the making.

As early as 2006 the Web site was warning readers that "private industry and eventually government is planning to use microphones in the computers of an estimated 150 million-plus Internet active Americans to spy on their lifestyle choices and build psychological profiles which will be used for surveillance and minority report style invasive advertising and data mining."

Still think we're crazy?

It probably sounded a little kooky back then, but look at the track technology has taken since.

Besides expressing concern about two-way systems like the OnStar satellite-fed vehicle warning system, the site also warned about our friends at the world's largest search engine.

"[...] Google [has] gone a step further by announcing that they will use in-built microphones to listen in on user's background noise, be it television, music or radio - and then direct advertising at them based on their preferences."

That was 2006.

Scared yet? You should be. And while you're at it, maybe you should pick a different search engine to use. Remember this one?

Sources for this article include:




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035416_Google_spy_technology_ambient_noise.html#ix zz1qj93jpuq

06-04-2012, 03:48 PM
The latest scietifically verifiable data show radiation levels in parts of Los Angeles reaching 540% of 'normal' background, which were already set too high from a safety perspective anyway because that was what industry wanted!

Everything we know about the Fukushima disaster is pointing in the same direction so this information is consistent with the latest data on the radiation sea water plum reaching toward North America and the latest readings from other parts of the United States and Europe.

While most "Prepper" Geiger Counters are showing some increases across the country, it is the high-end radiation detectors that are actually needed to understand the nature of this radiation assault.

These devices tell us that heavy radioactive metal particles (the transuranium elements, which are ONLY produced inside nuclear

reactors), which the commercial counters don't record, are an increasing reality. If that were not bad enough news, General Bert and I were told by a highly place energy industry insider just last month that Fukushima-like explosions and meltdowns are absolutely "inevitable" in the USA. Sooner, rather than later.

Please review my Radiation Protection page: ********************/radprotect

. Radiation contamination will be an important focus of the new www.HealMeDrRima.com web site that will go live in the next couple weeks. It's about Health, YOUR Health! Micro Health Consults, Webinars, Lectures, eBooks and much more.

Fukushima is also the one of the top reasons WILL want to join the Friendly Food Coop, www.FriendlyFoodCoop.org, to protect your family and yourself. We will be bringing in clean, non-radioactive food from the Southern Hemisphere where the contamination is far, far lower than anywhere in the Northern Hemisphere and things are only going to get worse.

Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima

06-04-2012, 06:32 PM
General Bert and I were told by a highly place energy industry insider just last month that Fukushima-like explosions and meltdowns are absolutely "inevitable" in the USA. Sooner, rather than later.

This is off topic post, but I don't know where to post it.

According to Illuminati agenda, there must be 17 big disasters in nuclear powerplants, to discourage every government to have them in function. Because Illuminati want nuclear power only for themselves.

There was three major disasters at nuclear powerplants. 1. Three Mile Island, 2. Chernobyl disaster, 3. Fukushima disaster.

But there is one fact which has been confusing me. If Fukushima disaster was really planned, what connects this disaster with Israel and Israeli security firm "Magna BSP" which guarded that facility.

Allegedly one of destroyed reactor was adapted to produce plutonium, and if Israelis were been using plutonium from that facility; this disaster was huge abatment for them

09-04-2012, 02:34 PM
This is off topic post, but I don't know where to post it.

According to Illuminati agenda, there must be 17 big disasters in nuclear powerplants, to discourage every government to have them in function. Because Illuminati want nuclear power only for themselves.

There was three major disasters at nuclear powerplants. 1. Three Mile Island, 2. Chernobyl disaster, 3. Fukushima disaster.

But there is one fact which has been confusing me. If Fukushima disaster was really planned, what connects this disaster with Israel and Israeli security firm "Magna BSP" which guarded that facility.

Allegedly one of destroyed reactor was adapted to produce plutonium, and if Israelis were been using plutonium from that facility; this disaster was huge abatment for them
This is somthing to think about, I cannot answer your question mmm
Maybe there is more to come???

09-04-2012, 03:59 PM
Confesiones de una Representante de la Industria Farmacéutica - YouTube

English speaking with subtitles

09-04-2012, 11:27 PM
I wonder how much heart disease/cancer/diabetes is diet/environment related compared to genetic. I have a feeling people use family history as an excuse rather than a reason in some circumstances.

10-04-2012, 12:03 AM
I wonder how much heart disease/cancer/diabetes is diet/environment related compared to genetic. I have a feeling people use family history as an excuse rather than a reason in some circumstances.

I do feel there is not a genetic link so to speak but diet and enviroment esp the western diet which is all of our downfall.
Also the new emerging epidemics that are being completly ignored and have been going on now for 30 years and these parasitic epidemics are linked to disease/cancers/diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Not to mention the reliance on big pharma. I think the only family link is not genetics but how the whole family eats and what they eat and their enviroment etc.

Yep mother nature does throw in some curve balls into the genetic pool from time to time but i am sure not as much as we are lead to believe.

10-04-2012, 11:46 AM
I do feel there is not a genetic link so to speak but diet and enviroment esp the western diet which is all of our downfall.
Also the new emerging epidemics that are being completly ignored and have been going on now for 30 years and these parasitic epidemics are linked to disease/cancers/diabetes and autoimmune diseases. Not to mention the reliance on big pharma. I think the only family link is not genetics but how the whole family eats and what they eat and their enviroment etc.

Yep mother nature does throw in some curve balls into the genetic pool from time to time but i am sure not as much as we are lead to believe.

Well said. You are quite right.


17-04-2012, 10:45 PM
(NaturalNews) Fruit, bread, cereals and pasta are popular sources of glucose. Also known as blood sugar, glucose is a vital source of energy for the body. It is constantly required by our muscles and brain. For optimum performance, our brain must have a regular supply on hand because it is incapable of keeping a store for future use. Our muscles, on the other hand, need it for energy when we engage in physical activity.

Carbohydrates are the main source of glucose but the body can also source it from proteins and fats as well. Upon breakdown, these foods are converted and absorbed into the blood. The hormone insulin acts as the key that insures proper absorption of sugar into the cell. In persons suffering from diabetes, there is either insufficient insulin or the body does not produce insulin at all, resulting in increased sugar levels in the blood. Under normal conditions, sugar levels in the blood rise and fall accordingly as glucose is absorbed into the cell producing energy.

Normal blood sugar is essential for optimum performance
Maintaining normal blood sugar levels is necessary for the body's overall health. An erratic blood sugar level can affect the body's performance and can even lead to complications if left unchecked.

Low blood sugar levels or hypoglycemia is a condition where glucose in the body is way below normal and is indicative of a more pressing health problem. People suffering from this condition experience shaking, confusion, crankiness, unusual behavior and sometimes loss of consciousness. This condition is commonly linked to diabetes. However, irregular eating habits or simply going on a fast can make blood sugar levels dip. Having some form of sugar or fruit juice on hand can immediately deal with this problem. However, this is merely a quick fix and is no substitute for regular, healthy and nutritious meals.

Increased sugar levels, otherwise known as hyperglycemia, may not immediately cause any damage to the body's organs, but they can produce weakness, thirst, a need to always urinate and susceptibility to infections among others. Viewed long term, this condition can develop into diabetes, kidney disease and even nerve degeneration that commonly leads to amputations. In fact, the complications of diabetes that is not properly managed can further cause heart disease and issues with blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

Herbs and spices can lower blood sugar
Culturally and traditionally, herbs and spices have a long history of use in food and its effect to health. In a study by the University of Georgia, it was revealed that many herbs and spices, being rich in the antioxidant phenol, can prevent damage and inflammation to tissues caused by high levels of blood sugar.

According to Associate Professor James Hargrove of the UGA College of Family and Consumer Services, protein glycation happens when blood sugars are high. Protein glycation is a process where protein molecules bond with a sugar- producing advanced glycation end product, otherwise known as AGE products. AGE products cause inflammation and damage to tissue connected with diabetes and aging.

The University of Georgia study further discovered that there was a direct connection between the phenol content in herbs and spices and their capacity to retard the production of AGE compounds.

Below are some herbs and spices you can consider including in your diet:

1. Cinammon - This herb has been found to have 18 percent phenol content in dry weight. For type-2 diabetics or those who suffer from insulin resistance, studies have shown that improved insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control can be had for as little as ? teaspoon per day. Improved insulin resistance helps in weight control and lessens the risk of heart disease.

2. Cloves - This herb contains 30 percent levels of the antioxidant phenol in dry weight. It also contains the antioxidants anthocyanins and quercetin. This herb has antiseptic as well as germicidal properties. It also offers anti-inflammatory, analgesic and digestive health benefits. Clove oil can be used to for something as uncomplicated as toothaches, headaches, cough and even indigestion.

3. Oregano - This herb is popularly found in Spanish and Mediterranean cooking and is sometimes known as marjoram. It adds depth and flavor to any dish and goes well with tomatoes, eggplant and meat. It has been thought to treat bacteria and parasitic infection and its oil has been used to treat head lice. In a recent study, oregano was found to treat giardia - an infection of the intestines brought about by microscopic parasites - effectively. Herbalists even recommend it as a treatment for E-coli.

4. Sage - This herb contains phytosterols reputed to have a cooling action. Herbal medicine practitioners use it to treat uterine bleeding and cramps. A German study on this herb shows that diabetics who drank infusions of sage on an empty stomach reduced their blood sugar levels. It is popularly used to flavor meat and soup dishes and can even be drunk as tea.

5. Garlic - Garlic contains sulfur compounds - specifically hydrogen sulfide gas - which dilate blood vessels. It is this effect that reduces blood pressure. This same compounds help in the metabolism of iron and protect against oxidative damage and even high cholesterol. Garlic can be found in different types of vegetable and meat recipes and adds a characteristic flavor in soups and sauces.

Accordingly, stocking up on herbs and spices to season food could highly affect the medicinal value of a meal without ever increasing caloric content. For those who are conscious of their calorie intake, this is excellent news. Plus, herbs can easily be found in any store, making them an inexpensive and convenient way to manage blood sugar levels. Compared to prescription drugs, herbs and spices have been consumed for years and have been historically proven safe with no risk of side effects.

Sources for this article:


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035590_blood_sugar_herbs_spices.html#ixzz1sKvHqc74

05-05-2012, 08:59 PM
(NaturalNews) The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed group Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is on a mission to forcibly vaccinate every single child on the planet against every single known "preventable disease." And the group's CEO, Seth Berkley, believes he can actually make this happen with enough cash, political force, and distribution systems in place.

Cloaked in a veil of humanitarianism, GAVI's vaccination agenda has been spreading across the globe like a virus, as hundreds of millions of children around the world have already been vaccinated, and many more are on the way. But the group's vaccination push will not stop until every child in the world is vaccinated, even if it means having to use force.

This is what happened, after all, in Malawi back in 2011, where Malawian children were vaccinated at gunpoint. Reports at the time indicated that parents of unvaccinated children that had tried to escape a local vaccination mandate were tracked down and apprehended, and their children forced to receive the jabs as part of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals (http://www.naturalnews.com/033119_vaccinations_gunpoint.html).

None of this would have been possible, however, had GAVI been allowed to crumble back in 2010 when it was suffering severe financial problems. But former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates came in and saved the day, according to Reuters, by working together with GAVI and the British government to coerce much needed funding, to the tune of $4.3 billion, out of donors.

And this is hardly a surprise, since Bill Gates himself has been on a personal mission to vaccinate the entire world as well. At a 2011 GAVI conference, Gates explained to attendees how the world needs "vaccine equity," which he later defined as vaccinating everybody on earth (http://www.naturalnews.com/032900_Bill_Gates_vaccinations.html).

"It's now that we're gonna start to get the last two vaccines that rich kids take for granted, the pneumococcal and rotavirus, and over these next five years, get them out to every child everywhere," said Gates at that time. "That means for the first time ever that we have equity in vaccines."

So there you have it, folks. One of the world's richest men, in partnership with a multi-billion dollar public-private partnership and several powerful world governments, is actively working towards a 100 percent vaccination rate among the world's children. Are you prepared to stand up to this jackbooted medical mafia when they come for your children?

Sources for this article include:


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035777_GAVI_immunization_children.html#ixzz1u1kPyA Iz

05-05-2012, 09:02 PM
(NaturalNews) Providing more evidence to the motif 'you are what you eat', scientists have found that eating a fast food diet increases the risk for depression by more than fifty percent. The food we eat today will provide the structural network for the cellular matrix that we need to support basic metabolism, cellular regeneration and repair. This is especially pronounced in brain neurons, as grey matter is largely composed of the omega-3 fats, DHA and EPA. When we don't provide these basic building blocks, especially in the early formative years, the body is forced to use inferior fats such as those provided by hydrogenation, most frequently found in fast and processed foods.

Scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the University of Granada, publishing in the Public Health Nutrition journal have determined that eating commercially baked goods (cakes, croissants, and doughnuts) and fast food (hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza) is linked to a 51 percent increase in the incidence of depression, compared to those who eat little or none of these foods.

Consumption of fast foods and baked goods doubles risk of depression
Researchers conducting the study found that risk of depression could be predicted in a dose-dependent manner. Lead study author, Dr. Almudena Sanchez-Villegas commented "the more fast food you consume, the greater the risk of depression." The study found that those participants eating the largest amount of fast food and commercially baked goods are more likely to be single, physically inactive and generally exhibit poor dietary habits. Typically these individuals consumed less fruit, nuts, fish, vegetables, and olive oil, and were more likely to smoke or work more than 45 hours per week.

High consumption of commercially baked goods or fried foods subjected to the oil degradation process known as hydrogenation results in trans-fats that have been shown to dramatically increase heart disease risk in past studies. This current research demonstrates that these misshapen and synthetically processed trans-fats interfere with the proper function of chemical neurotransmitters in the brain and alter normal electrical activity necessary for intercellular signaling.

Depression among children and adults is expanding at an alarming rate, with 121 million people diagnosed worldwide. Antidepressants prescribed to manage depression are largely ineffective and only work to mask the underlying cause of the illness. A wealth of scientific evidence now points to proper nutrition as an effective tool to halt and even reverse depressive episodes. The study team advised against a diet including baked or fried foods, and emphasized the need for whole, natural foods containing plenty of B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and fresh pressed virgin olive oil to significantly lower risk of depression.

Sources for this article include:


About the author:
John Phillip is a Health Researcher and Author who writes regularly on the cutting edge use of diet, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation to enhance and improve the quality and length of life. John is the author of 'Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan', a comprehensive EBook explaining how to use Diet, Exercise, Mind and Targeted Supplementation to achieve your weight loss goal. Visit My Optimal Health Resource to continue reading the latest health news updates, and to download your Free 48 page copy of 'Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan'.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035772_fast_food_depression_nutrition.html#ixzz1u1 l0ztTg

05-05-2012, 09:05 PM
NaturalNews) Even I was surprised at the results of a recent Ipsos Global Public Affairs poll of over 16,000 people around the world. The poll, underwritten by Reuters, sought to determine the percentage of people who believe the world is coming to an end in their own lifetime. Astonishingly, the two countries with the highest percentage of people who believe in such a thing were Turkey and the USA.

The nations with the lowest number of people believing the world is coming to an end (in their lifetimes) include Belgium and Great Britain.

Globally, about one in seven people believe the world is coming to an end, and about one in ten believe it will happen in 2012.

Of course, the meaning in all this is difficult to nail down, given that everybody's definition of "the world coming to an end" is different. For some people, the shopping mall being closed is the end of their world. For many of today's teens, the "end of the world" means losing their texting device.

In my mind, the "world coming to an end" means TEOTWAWKI, or a total grid-down situation with economic collapse, mass starvation and a massive collapse of human population. But even I don't think that's going to happen in 2012.

Don't get suckered into believe the Mayan prophecies
This is a good time to remind well-informed NaturalNews readers not to get suckered into the December 2012 Mayan prophecies. Those popular predictions are based on wild misinterpretations of the Mayan calendar... combined with fantastic exaggerations of Central and South American lore.

Come December 22, 2012, we will all still be here, stuck in the same mess of a world increasingly being run by police state criminals and the global corporate elite. In some ways, the 2012 Mayan prophecies are a strategy to dis-empower the People by making them not care what happens in 2012 because "the world is coming to an end anyway."

That's pure foolishness. Smart people are getting well prepared for 2012 and beyond. They know there isn't some magical universal stargate that's going to open up and free them from all the burdens of being a human being on planet Earth. Those who are spouting the Mayan doomsday prophecies are sadly leading people in precisely the wrong direction.

The world as we know it will certainly undergo radical change
Of course, in some sense, TEOTWAWKI is coming true from the mere fact that much of what goes on in our modern world is wildly unsustainable. The fiat currency system and global debt; the cancerous growth of government; the rampant destruction of the world's natural ecosystems... these are all unsustainable things that will -- and MUST -- come to an end.

So the world we know today is, indeed, existing with an expiration date, and it's not yet clear what's going to replace it. I'm quite certain, for one thing, that the next age of human civilization will see a greatly reduced population from its current levels, meaning that at some point a mass die-off is probably in the works. (That's the aim of the global elite, actually, including Bill Gates who is actively working to reduce human population in order to "save the planet." Bring in the vaccines!)

So it's not really a question of whether the world as we know it will come to an end, but how it will happen. Bill Gates is working on a "soft kill" approach, using vaccines to cause widespread infertility. Interestingly, this may be among the least cruel approaches offered by the globalists, who are also considering things like global thermonuclear war, detonation of EMP weapons to cause a "grid down" situation, and the release of a new global pandemic with a 90% kill rate.

There could also be natural events that lead to various "end of the world" scenarios, including solar flares and the eruption of the massive Yellowstone cauldron -- an event that would thrust Earth into a two-year nuclear winter that would collapse the global food supply and lead to mass starvation.

But the time scale on such events is significantly larger than a human lifetime. Yellowstone Park may not blow for another fifty thousand years. A massive grid-disruption solar flare might happen every few hundred years, which IS something to consider on the scale of a human lifetime.

The far bigger threat we all face right now, by the way, is the failure of Fukushima reactor No. 4. According to UN Ambassador Murata, "the fate of the world" depends on reactor No. 4. (http://blog.alexanderhiggins.com/2012/05/02/ambassador-exaggeration-f...)

The failure of this reactor has the potential to "destroy civilization as we know it," he says.

So it's not irrational to think that the world (as we know it) might end in our lifetimes. In fact, given the status of reactor No. 4 -- as well as the possibility of an EMP weapon causing a national grid failure (http://www.naturalnews.com/033564_solar_flares_nuclear_power_plants.h...) -- it's surprising that only 1 in 5 Americans recognize these legitimate threats to our modern, fragile civilization.

Learn how to stay safe in almost any scenario: www.HealthRangerLIVE.com

Sources include:

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035767_apocalypse_2012_end_of_the_world.html#ixzz1 u1lj82uC

05-05-2012, 09:10 PM
NaturalNews) When it comes to medicine and doctors, most people in America believe that if it's not expensive, it won't work. This theory may hold water when purchasing a new car or an i-phone, but the big profits in America come from invasive surgery and toxic prescriptions, which treat only symptoms, thus waiting for conditions to get extreme and often critical. Alternative medicine, like homeopathy, is becoming main stream, and people are figuring out that the quacks in America are actually the doctors who frivolously write prescriptions without even considering organic solutions that directly address the causes of illness.

In the USA, the Government makes money off of the masses being sick, instead of the other way around, like in Canada or the United Kingdom, where there is national healthcare, and the doctors get paid bonuses for healing patients. Homeopathy is a 200 year young system of medicine which has a proven clinical record and is used by tens of millions worldwide. It is becoming the core method of treatment for the public health care systems in Europe, Asia, and South America.

Why is homeopathy becoming so popular, so quickly?
No time in the history of mankind have people been so sick as they are right now, and conventional medicine is NOT helping. The population is much sicker than 60 years ago, when "Big Pharma" really took over the mainstream health industry, and that's mainly because Conventional medicine does not treat the cause of the problem. The homeopathic practitioner treats the cause of the illness or disease in order to heal the effect (http://www.extraordinarymedicine.org/).

Vastly safer than conventional medicine, homeopathy is a treatment modality which uses very minute substances found in nature, like minerals and herbs, to trigger healing responses in the body using an organic method which teaches the body to heal itself. Unlike pharmaceutical medications, when the patient comes off of the medication, the body retains the healing benefits. In other words, the body is not dependent on certain molecules remaining in the body to continue the healing process, as it would be with synthetic drugs, like most heart medications.

Dispelling the myth of the placebo
Have you ever heard of a stimulant controlling hyperactivity, or local honey preventing pollen allergies? Much like the saying, "The hair of the dog that bit you," homeopathy treats like with like, so for example, hayfever is treated with a 'potentiated' solution of pollen. Rumors and misconceptions often spread quickly about natural remedies, especially ones that fly in the face of science.

Millions of people attest to the fact that massage therapy works, and many of those benefits come from the therapist understanding Shiatsu and the body's "total" energy. Similarly, homeopathy works by helping balance your body's energy or "chi" in traditional Chinese medicine. This energy is circulated along specific meridians, and when this circulation gets disrupted, like from toxins in food and pharmaceuticals, illness is often the result (http://altmedicine.about.com/od/massage/a/shiatsu.htm).

Homeopathic solutions themselves are not simply water or placebos, but contain miniscule doses of plants, minerals, animal products or other compounds that trigger symptoms similar to what you are already experiencing, and that's why many patients think they are getting worse at the beginning of treatment, when in reality, it's the beginning of the ingenious homeopathy healing process.

Many famous people have used homeopathy successfully, including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Tina Turner, Charles Dickens, David Beckham, and W.B. Yeats. Homeopathy is not only the second largest system of medicine in the world, but is the fastest growing!

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(NaturalNews) Obesity in America is more than just an epidemic, it's the normal state of affairs. Today, 34 percent of Americans are obese (BMI of 30+), triple the 1960 percentage. The ranks of the 'morbidly obese,' or those with a BMI of 40 or more, has swelled to 6 percent, six times the 1960 rate. Another 34 percent are 'merely' overweight. That means a whopping three out of four, or 75 percent of Americans are either overweight, obese, or morbidly obese. What a sad and completely preventable statistic!

The cost of obesity is staggering. From lost productivity and absenteeism on the job to the rising health-insurance premium costs, even the non-obese have to pay obesity's hefty price tag.

Many believe government should play more of a role in this public health crisis. Governmental policy initiatives such as the 2010 US healthcare reform law's provision to allow companies to charge the obese 30-50% more for health insurance (if they do not participate in a qualified wellness program) are met with opposition from various advocacy groups formed to 'end size discrimination.' Governmental efforts to regulate salt and other foods are met with even more resistance by those who rightly fear government overreach.

A profitable problem?
The medical / pharmaceutical industry's commitment to end the obesity epidemic could be called into question when the fact is realized that obese men spend $1,152 and obese women spend $3,613 more per year on medical care than everyone else. In total, because of obesity alone the medical industry earns an extra $190 billion per year, or 20.6 percent of all US healthcare expenditures. And instead of dying younger, as some researchers predicted would happen, the obese are kept alive for longer durations by drugs and treatments, further increasing medical industry revenue.

There can be no doubt that, to certain sectors of our economy, obesity is a profitable epidemic indeed. So why should it be a surprise when the solutions offered never get to the real crux of the problem? The system has everyone running like hamsters in a cage, chasing the carrot that is the 'American dream' even as it becomes increasingly out of reach. Where it once took one income to support a typical family, today it takes two, and lots of overtime to boot. The average American family barely has time to use the microwave oven to prepare a frozen meal, much less cook from scratch- or at least that's how many people feel. Fast food is an easy fix, a way to get through the day and on to the next. No wonder so many Americans are overweight!

So what's the solution?
Government isn't the answer. Hospitals and drugs aren't the answer, only a profitable way to treat the symptoms. The ultimate answer to the obesity epidemic is a massive public awakening, one that is already beginning. NaturalNews.com and other sites play a crucial role in educating the public - at the grassroots level - that we CAN break away from the system and take back control over what we put into our bodies, and it's not nearly as expensive and time-consuming as people might think.

The proper planning, knowledge and skills can make cooking from scratch very manageable, even for the most time-starved household. Permaculture techniques can make gardening easier and less time-consuming. Sure, buying organic might cost more on average than conventional grocery products, but the lesson here (one that applies across the board when it comes to health) is a lesson that everyone should truly grasp: Pay now or you will certainly pay later.

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About the author:
Scott is a blogger, writer, and researcher, primarily focused on how to raise healthy kids despite a system and status quo that makes it as difficult as possible. He and his wife, Kim, live in the hills of east Tennessee with their four small children. He holds an MBA from East Tennessee State University. Scott and Kim blog about parenting, marriage, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and homesteading at www.amorefieldlife.com.

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(NaturalNews) On Wednesday, April 25th, the hearing was held to label GMOs on Oahu. I had the rare privilege to be the first testifier. My points were simple and to the point.

1. The Monsanto people will blatantly lie about no testing ever being done or any reports showing adverse health effects of GMOs being sprayed with Monsanto's Roundup.

2. That we are a government of, for and by the people. Not the Corporation.

3. That all the members of the County Council had in their possession the 52 page, 356 referenced report compiled by Antoniou et al, in 2011, indicating that Monsanto's herbicide Roundup, with glyphosate as its active ingredient, caused birth defects, embryonic deaths, lung, kidney, heart and skeletal malformations, endocrine disruptions, human cell death, DNA damage, cancer, and Parkinson-related brain damage.

4. That the council members were elected by the people and had a fiduciary responsibility to serve and protect the people at all costs.

5. That since we elected them we can also de-elect them.

6. That we have 65 Legislators that were genetically modified, having taking campaign funds from Monsanto, and that did not count our Governor, our state Dept. of Agriculture employees, the Attorney General employees, and members of the Council.

Six Monsanto employees that did exactly what I said they would do immediately followed me. Not only did they lie about any testing being done that proved adverse health effects due to Roundup glyphosate spraying, but said that GMOs were no different from any other food and as such did not have to be labeled.

I stood up and shouted that they were lying. I had the report in my hand and told them that each council member had a copy of the report. The Council Chairman freaked out and told me if I had another outburst I would be physically removed from the hearing.

All in all there were at least 40 people that testified in favor of the labeling bill with only six against - the Monsanto employees.

When it came time for the vote it was four for and four against. The bill got killed.

The next day I emailed the four that voted against the bill and explained to that they were an insult to the people that elected them and a few more scathing words. One of the four, Nestor Garcia, has never voted in favor of the people. In fact, he was one of two that voted to fluoridate our water supply.

The four that voted against the people and voted in favor of the pimp were:

It may or may not have an effect but if they could be buried with negative emails indicating how disgraceful their behavior was to the people that elected them it could have a positive future effect. In any case, it will let them know that their actions did not go unnoticed. Those that are arrogant need to be humbled. So, I humbly ask you to bury them with chastising comments.

What I learned from all of this is that the politicians in Hawaii have sold their souls to the devil, Monsanto. I guess it's hard for people to bite the hand that feeds them.

For us, the fight is not over. We have to become more organized, attract more people from a grassroots level, become more outspoken and strong, and not give up.

The fight will go on!


P.S. Martin and Anderson took money from Monsanto and Garcia, as head of the Monsanto area Chamber of Commerce having many GMO companies on its membership list gets paid $60,000.

Let them know that we know.

About the author:
I have been doing a weekly radio show in Honolulu since 1981 called "Health Talk". In 2007 I was "forced" to get a Masters degree in Nutrition because of all the doctors that would call in asking for my credentials. They do not call in anymore. Going to www.healthtalkhawaii.com enables you, among other things, to listen to the shows. I am an activist. In addition to espousing an organic vegan diet for optimum health, I am strongly opposed to GMOs, vaccines, processed foods, MSG, aspartame, fluoridation and everything else that the pimps (Big Pharma, Monsanto and the large food companies) and the hookers (the doctors, the government agencies, the public health officials, and the mainstream media) thrust upon us, the tricks.
After being vaccinated with the DTP vaccine as a child I developed asthma. After taking the organic sulfur crystals (they are harvested from the pine trees in Louisiana) in November of 2008 for 10 days my asthma reversed and has not come back over 3 years later, 18 cases, so far, of autism have been reversed, as has cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, osteoarthritis, joint pain, gum disease, increased sexual activity, heavy metal and radiation elimination, parasite elimination, free radicals elimination, faster athletic recovery time, increased blood circulation, reduced inflammation, resistance to getting the flu, reduction of wrinkles, allergy reduction, reduced PMS and monthly period pain, nausea, migraines and so much more. And it's only possible because of the oxygen it releases that floods the cells of the body. You can find out more about this incredible nutrient also on my website - www.healthtalkhawaii.com - Products and Services. There is also an organic, 70%, cold processed dark chocolate out there that contains zeolite, which removes radiation and heavy metals. You can find out more by reading the article "A Dark Chocolate To Die For" on my website under Articles, or by going to www.mywaiora.com/701848.
I am 73. I have been a vegetarian since 1975 years and a vegan since 1990. I have no illnesses and take no meds. I play basketball 2 hours a week, am in 2 softball leagues, racewalk, body surf, do stand-up paddling, do weight workouts and teach women's self defense classes based upon 25 years of Wing Chun training.
My firm belief - if it had a face and a mother or if man made it, don't eat it!

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035775_Monsanto_lies_Hawaii.html#ixzz1u1pLyY9v

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(NaturalNews) Since the beginning of creation there has been a flow of energy between our bodies and Mother Earth that works to support the various systems in our body and scavenge up free radicals that promote inflammation. More specifically, there is a flow of electrons through direct skin contact with the earth's surface. Our planet has a negative electrical potential that is generated by solar winds, our ionosphere and lightning storms. When our skin is in direct contact with the earth we maintain the same electrical potential as our planet. This phenomenon has been occurring mostly without interference up until the last several generations.

What has happened to interfere with this natural process? For many of us, we spend the majority of our days with shoes on that are made of a rubber, insulating sole which blocks this natural flow of electrons, and when we are barefoot, we're typically indoors, which again blocks this natural flow of electrons. Many people in industrialized countries and societies rarely make direct skin contact with the earth. So what's the big deal if we're not spending regular time in touch with our planet?

Healthy electron flow
Over the last decade, research has been under way to demonstrate that this separation or insulation could be a significant factor in fueling inflammation and physiologic dysfunction in our bodies. We also know that inflammation is behind the majority of diseases and illnesses in our society. This concept is referred to as Earthing (or grounding) and has started to accumulate some convincing research about the detriment of being insulated from the earth's flow of electrons and the benefits of reconnecting. These studies have demonstrated improvements in various biomarkers after Earthing which include improved cortisol cycles, reduced pain, better sleep, improved balance in the autonomic nervous system and a blood-thinning effect.

How it works
To better understand why such a simple process can have such a profound effect on our health and wellness, we must look at the role of these electrons in our bodies. It is the electron that neutralizes the damaging free radicals that are produced by our immune and inflammatory responses. By neutralizing these free radicals, chronic and acute inflammation are reduced. This is what actually determines the strength of any antioxidant - the amount of free electrons it can donate. This begs to question whether many people with chronic conditions are suffering from an "electron deficiency."

Join the "who's who" of Earthing
Dr. Jeff Spencer, chiropractor to many elite athletes and performers, utilized this technology in the last four of eight victories of the US Cycle Team led by Lance Armstrong at the Tour de France. He observed more rapid recovery rates, reduction of injury repair time and enhanced performance compared to the prior years where this technology was not utilized.

Earthing is as simple as spending 20-30 minutes barefoot in the lawn (walking or sitting) or taking a walk along the beach sans sandals. If this is not an option for you based on where you live or other limitations, there are indoor devices such as bed pads, mattresses and grounding electrodes that can be used.

Even though research in this area is relatively new, we may soon discover that Earthing is an essential requirement for long-term optimal health and wellness.

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About the author:
Kelly Pepper, D.C., is a mother of five with a home birth on the way. An avid reader, eclectic cook, home manager, and untiring sleuth to natural living, she gathers her experience to share with children of all ages. She is currently working on a wellness book series for children ages 4-7. She and her husband own Affinity Health Professionals www.affinityhealthprofessionals.com.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035773_earthing_inflammation_pain.html#ixzz1u1y6MA xs

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By Dr. Mercola

As most of you know, the conventional medical system tends to equate "health" with the absence of symptoms of disease. The entire industry is built around treating symptoms with expensive patented drugs, many of which are profoundly toxic and dangerous.

Pharmaceutical companies now rule the entire healthcare system, and they go to great lengths to protect their profits, even if it means sacrificing patients' health in the long run.

A recent story from the United Kingdom illustrates how far drug companies will go to make sure their expensive drugs are used when cheaper ones are available, and how medical facilities completely ignore more obvious cost-saving and safe solutions.

In London, in a legal maneuver intended to eliminate their competition, drug maker Novartis is now trying to force state-run hospitals to use their eye drug, which costs nearly 12 times as much as a cheaper drug the hospitals are currently using.

Novartis' drug, Lucentis, is the only one recommended for treatment of macular degeneration in Great Britain. But in an effort to save money, hospitals have been using the cancer drug Avastin instead, even though it's an off-label use that its manufacturer, Roche, says it hasn't even studied. (Avastin was recently recalled by the U.S. FDA because of its dangerous side effects, which include heart attacks.)

Novartis is now demanding a judicial review, to make the hospitals comply with the standard recommendation to use their drug and stop using Avastin off-label to treat this eye disease. Needless to say, using a dangerous cancer drug off-label to treat macular degeneration is far from an ideal solution, even though it's 12 times cheaper than the other drug alternative...

If they really wanted to save money and spare people's eyesight, they'd start paying closer attention to the research into astaxanthin. Studies have shown this safe and natural supplement is therapeutic for macular degeneration, and it's a product anyone can take without running the risk of potentially devastating side effects. Astaxanthin may in fact be one of the most powerful nutrients ever discovered for eye health, and it costs pennies on the dollar compared to either Lucentis or Avastin.

Research Supports Astaxanthin for Macular Degeneration

While the off-label use of Avastin for macular degeneration is said to be based on a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine last year, which showed Avastin worked just as well as Lucentis for treating macular degeneration, numerous studies exist demonstrating the treatment potential of astaxanthin for this eye disorder. For example, one 2008 study, published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, concluded thati:

"Astaxanthin treatment, together with inflammatory processes including NF-kB activation, subsequent upregulation of inflammatory molecules, and macrophage infiltration, led to significant suppression of choroidal neovascularization (CNV) development. The present study suggests the possibility of astaxanthin supplementation as a therapeutic strategy to suppress CNV associated with age-related macular degeneration (AMD)."

For more information, please see this previous article that describes how astaxanthin can help protect your eyesight.

Hospitals Seeing More Babies Born Addicted to Prescription Drugs

Conventional medicine is more than a little fond of using costly, toxic drugs. Unfortunately, this "health" strategy exacts a tremendously high price, both in terms of dollars and cents and in actual health status. I've written a lot about the many side effects of most drug categories on the market, but one aspect that doesn't get much publicity is the generational impact of pharmaceutical drug use.

In one of the most startling news reports yet on the overuse of opioid drugs like Oxycontin in America, a new study found that newborns suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to their mothers' use of prescription painkillers tripled between 2000 and 2009.

An estimated 13,500 babies are now born with opioid withdrawal symptoms each year. Over the same time period the number of women using these drugs quintupled. Health-care costs to treat these drug addicted babies rose from $190 million to a whopping $720 million.

"This serves as a reminder that this is really a public health emergency," lead author Dr. Stephen Patrick of the University of Michigan told JAMA Reportii.

The study also found that the withdrawal problems appear to affect poor children disproportionately: 78 percent of the drug-addicted babies were born to mothers on Medicaid (an indication of poverty level), compared to 46 percent born to mothers receiving no public aid.

According to Time Magazineiii:

"Prescription drug misuse has risen in tandem with a sharp increase in legitimate prescriptions for pain medication, owing to a better recognition of the high prevalence of severe chronic pain. Both trends are likely to have affected painkiller use by pregnant women, but it is difficult to say exactly how many women use the drugs legitimately and how many do so without a prescription."

Either way, it's interesting to note that while there was great outcry over the horrors of "crack babies" being born to mothers abusing crack-cocaine, the response to legal drug addiction in newborn babies is far more muted. Take the comment of Carl Hart, associate professor of psychology at Columbia University, for example, who is quoted in the featured Time articles as saying:

"[The research] failed to take into account that there are many women who are prescribed opioids for medical reasons and these women are following their physicians' orders and behaving in the way that society wants them to behave. There's no distinction made between these women and those who are using opioids illicitly."

My question is: Does it really make a difference? Whether you're following doctor's "orders" and "behaving the way society wants you to behave" by dutifully taking your drugs or not, the harm inflicted is real—and it's caused by overuse of prescription drugs.

The Rise of Polypharmacy

Another factor of our current drug use trend that is frequently ignored is the impact of polypharmacy, i.e. the use of multiple drugs. For example, people with chronic pain or depression will oftentimes take more than one drug to ease their daily suffering. This exponentially increases your risk of side effects, but many still ignore this obvious fact. This holds true for ALL drugs, of course, not just pain medications and antidepressants.

There's no doubt that the U.S. has been purposely manipulated into becoming a "polypharmacy nation." In just one decade, from 1992 to 2002, the number of prescriptions written increased by a whopping 61 percent, and the number of opiate prescriptions increased by almost 400 percent in that same timeframe.

It doesn't have to be this way. My 83 year old father and 77 year old mother do not take ANY drugs. Whenever they have to go for a conventional medical visit, their providers are always shocked at this fact, as it's in stark contrast to the vast majority of the rest of the population.

According to statistics from the Kaiser Health Foundationiv, the average American adult, aged 19 to 64, now takes more than 11 prescription drugs. So while polypharmacy used to be primarily a concern for seniors—who, on average fill more than 31 prescriptions per year—polypharmacy now applies to virtually everyone, including children and toddlers, whose drug use now averages out to four or more drugs per child!

This is a very significant problem that is not getting much attention. I've also heard many stories of concerned patients bringing it up with their doctors, only to be rebuffed. Still, it's essential to understand that when you mix two or more drugs together, you exponentially increase your chances of suffering serious side effects. But just how did we get to the point where the average American is taking nearly a dozen pharmaceutical drugs daily?

Big Pharma Wants You Hooked on Drugs for Life

A major factor is the fact that the U.S. allows direct-to-consumer advertising for drugs. Most other nations do not allow pharmaceutical advertising, and their population consequently also does not consume nearly as many drugs. Advertising works—that's a fact! There are two effective marketing strategies employed by drug companies on a regular basis, and they include:
1.Convincing you that drugs you used to take only when you needed them are now everyday "prevention" necessities in the form of a prescription; and
2.Selling you the idea that just being at risk for a chronic disease makes you someone who should be taking a drug for the disease.

The supreme success of these two strategies arises from the fact that YOU are the one who then demands it from your doctor. Furthermore, the treatment goal of most of the drugs advertised is to keep taking them for life. After all, if you're at risk for a chronic disease, that risk never goes away, so you have to keep taking the drug until you die, or cannot afford it any longer.

In a recent article, Martha Rosenbergv lists six types of drugs that are "marketed for perpetuity," meaning they're intended to be taken for life. This type of marketing has also been profoundly effective. According to statistics, 46 percent of all Americans take five or more prescriptions chronically (as opposed to "as needed").

Sadly most of these drugs come with potential side effects that can be far worse than your original symptom, and few of them have been definitively proven to actually provide any significant health benefits. In fact, some of these drugs have been found to worsen the very condition they're meant to treat (such as antidepressants, statins, proton pump inhibitors, and asthma-control meds), and/or cause other serious diseases. For more information, please follow the hyperlinks provided:
The Incredible Cost of Polypharmacy and Perpetual Drug Use

Four years ago, an analysis of federal data by the nonprofit Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) discovered that in the first quarter of 2008, fatalities from adverse drug reactions accounted for 23 percent of all adverse reaction reports!vi

It's quite likely that this could be due to the exponential increase in polypharmacy. And it should serve as a wakeup call for everyone. We're not talking about headaches and nausea anymore—we're talking about death being reported as the side effect in nearly one out of every four cases...

Excessive drug use is also extremely expensive. First, drugs cost the US health care system nearly one trillion dollars a year. But that's not all. We also spend tens of billions of dollars to treat the side effects of those drugs! And despite all these "magic pills," the United States ranks 49th in the world for both male and female life expectancy, down from 24th in 1999.

From my point of view, the idea that "more and better drugs" is the answer to our nation's failing health is clearly misguided. This is also part and parcel of the point I wanted to make in the beginning of this article, which is: Why focus on trying to determine which toxic and expensive drug to use when there are safer, in many cases completely natural, alternatives available? No one has died yet from too many whole food supplements, but drugs taken as prescribed kill at least 106,000 people annually and more than two million people suffer serious side effects.

Isn't it time for another approach? Like Taking Control of Your Health without drugs.

i Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science April 2008
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17-05-2012, 03:15 PM
By Dr. Mercola

What would you say if you knew someone had killed 60,000 people? Would you call it a felony of the worst kind, times 60,000? If you totaled up the value of all those lives in criminal court, what would you say they're worth?

Billions? Trillions?

Or—how about a measly $321 million in exchange for a guilty plea to a misdemeanor? When you consider that this involves the second-largest drug maker in the U.S.—Merck—and its deadly drug Vioxx, then you'll probably agree that a misdemeanor and a $321 million fine amounts to nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

Business analysts were estimating a $25 billion judgment when the drug was taken off the market, but even when combined with the $4.85 billion in payouts to patients who suffered heart attacks and strokesi, the final bill is nowhere close to original estimates of the damage.

Yet that's the plea agreement Merck recently made with a federal court in Boston on April 19ii, after being charged with illegal promotion of Vioxx for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, before it was approved for that use.

The sad tale brings up memories of what I tried to warn readers about in 1999, when I showed that people taking this drug were at a massively increased risk of dying from heart disease and stroke. It's tragic that Vioxx was removed only AFTER 60,000 people died.

It's even more tragic that a court would consider Merck's illegal promotion of the drug a misdemeanor rather than a felony, since this tactic clearly exposed far more people to the dangerous drug than it would have otherwise. And, adding insult to injury, instead of the billions that Merck anticipated paying out, it got away with such a paltry sum.

Hired Writers Responsible for Some of Merck's Vioxx Studies?

Particularly galling is the fact that these deaths could have been so easily avoided, were it not for the deceptive maneuvering of parties who stood to profit handsomely from the success of the drug.

Ghostwriting has become an increasingly troublesome problem in the medical science community, and the Vioxx debacle is a perfect example of why ghostwriting medical research is a devious practice that needs to be rooted out.

Merck has previously acknowledged that it has been known to hire professional writers to develop research-related documents that eventually get published under the name of reputable leaders in the medical community. Critics rightfully doubt the validity of such research, and question the actual involvement of the scientists listed as authors of these ghostwritten papers.

Back in 2008, Dr. Joseph S. Ross of New York's Mount Sinai School of Medicine came across ghostwritten research studies for Vioxx while reviewing documents related to lawsuits filed against Merck.

According to an April 16, 2008 article on MedHeadlinesiii:

"In about 96 journal publications, Ross and his colleagues discovered internal Merck documents and e-mail messages pertaining to clinical study reports and review articles, some of which were developed by the company's marketing department, not its scientific department. In others, there is little evidence that the authors recruited for the report made substantial contribution to the research itself. ... Some of the authors listed in the Merck study reports of concern... question the true nature of ghostwriting. One neurologist originally listed as "External author?" and then listed as Dr. Leon J. Thal, of the University of California, San Diego in the final draft, died a year ago in an airplane crash."

An editorial published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)iv that year by Drs. Psaty and Kronmal also questioned whether Merck might have deliberately manipulated dozens of academic documents published in the medical literature, in order to promote Vioxx under false pretenses.

Blockbuster Drugs Tend to Be More Unnecessary than Others

Vioxx was a so-called blockbuster drug—a designation given to extremely popular drugs that generate a minimum of $1 billion in annual sales. Vioxx was marketed in more than 80 countries, and pulled in $2.5 billion in worldwide sales in 2003 alone (the year before it was pulled from the market due to its heart risks). So despite paying out fines in various lawsuits over the drug, Merck certainly made enough from it to cover all such expenses and still make obscene profits while patients were dying in droves.

An important strategy for creating a true blockbuster drug—at least in the United States—is the use of direct to consumer advertising.

A little over 20 years ago direct-to-consumer advertising for drugs was not allowed in the US. Drug advertising is still illegal in most countries around the world, except for the US. If Big Pharma wanted to sell a product, they had to do it through the person prescribing it—your doctor. If a physician didn't have time to listen to sales reps or attend conferences where new drugs were pushed, well then, sometimes they just didn't get pushed on you.

But ever since drug advertising became legal in the U.S., Big Pharma has been making big bucks selling you pills that not only are expensive, but intended to keep you hooked on them for life. As with most advertised consumer products, drugs with blockbuster potential are not necessarily important life-saving drugs. No, rather than curing actual disease, these drugs tend to be focused on the treatment of symptoms—symptoms that many people tend to experience, and which may or may not be caused by a particular disease...

Oftentimes, symptom complexes will be given official-sounding designations, to make it appear more like an actual disease. Either way, since these types of drugs cannot cure anything, they must be taken indefinitely—until you die or cannot afford them anymore. According to Melody Petersen, author of Our Daily Medsv:

"Most blockbusters are pills for conditions such as anxiety, high cholesterol or constipation that must be taken daily, often for months or years. They are designed for rich Americans who can afford to buy them."

6 Kinds of Pills Big Pharma Tries to Get You Hooked on for Life

There are two effective marketing strategies employed by drug companies on a regular basis, and they include:
1.Convincing you that drugs you used to take only when you needed them are now everyday "prevention" necessities in the form of a prescription; and
2.Selling you the idea that just being at risk for a chronic disease makes you someone who should be taking a drug for the disease.

What makes these two strategies so successful is that by seeing the advertisement, YOU are the one who sells it to your doctor, by suggesting that you need a certain drug, or outright asking for it. According to a recent article by Martha Rosenbergvi:

"Since direct-to-consumer drug advertising debuted in the late 1990s, the number of people on prescription drugs -- especially prescription drugs for life -- has ballooned. Between 2001 to 2007 the percentage of adults and children on one or more prescriptions for chronic conditions rose by more than 12 million, reports the Associated Press and 25 percent of US children now take a medication for a chronic conditionvii. Seven percent of kids take two or more daily drugs.

Who says advertising doesn't work? Of the top-selling drugs in 2011viii, led by Lipitor, Nexium, Plavix, Advair Diskus, Abilify, Seroquel, Singulair and Crestor, none is taken occasionally, or "as needed" and the treatment goal is never to get off the drug, like an antibiotic."

She lists six types of drugs that are "marketed for perpetuity," meaning they're intended to be taken for life. Sadly most of these drugs come with potential side effects that can be far worse than your original symptom, and few of them have been definitively proven to actually provide any significant health benefits. In fact, some of these drugs have been found to worsen the very condition they're meant to treat (such as antidepressants
Bribery, Fraud, and Deception Hurts YOU in More Ways than One...

Unfortunately, all of this medical deception (and at times outright fraud) is part and parcel of a much larger problem: the near unchecked system of corporate bribery that drives our political processes.

The pharmaceutical industry is the BIGGEST political lobby in the U.S.. There should be no doubt about the power the drug industry wields in shaping the U.S. health care system and all the laws relating to the industry. Political lobbying is one of the primary reasons why the drug companies control nearly the entire health industry, and why alternative medicine is under such constant legislative attack. For greater insight into this problem, please review this previous article, featuring a 60-Minutes segment with Jack Abramoff, a former lobbyist.

In recent news, we get further indications of how pervasive lobbying fraud and illegalities are.

In a submission to the Internal Revenue Service under the Tax Whistleblower Act, a nonpartisan advocacy organization, Common Causeix, has exposed what amounts to a tax scam run by a legislative group known as ALEC, for some of American's largest companies. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, which describes as a public-private partnership between member legislators and business leaders.

According to legal papers filed with the IRS, Common Cause believes that ALEC's lobbying efforts for "model" legislation are tailored to boost the profits of its corporate members—a violation of its tax-exempt status. While ALEC claims it doesn't do lobbying, the Huffington Post reports that at least one state, South Carolina, has written a special exemption for ALEC so it can engage in a type of lobbying. The whistleblower letter to the IRS reads in part:

"... This matter concerns the massive underreporting of lobbying by the American Legislative Exchange Council ("ALEC"). While ostensibly a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, ALEC's primary purpose is to provide a vehicle for its corporate members to lobby state legislators and to deduct the costs of such efforts as charitable contributions. ALEC drafts "model" legislation provided by its corporate and legislative members, and lobbies for the adoption of that legislation. These goals are fundamentally inconsistent with ALEC's claimed tax-exempt status as a charitable organization under 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3), because (i) "no substantial part" of a charity's activity can be "attempting to influence legislation," and (ii) ALEC's activities do not qualify under any of the enumerated purposes of Section 501(c)(3).

This scheme causes harm to taxpayers in two distinct ways. First, ALEC's activities constitute an abuse of its 501(c)(3) tax exemption, which is reserved for organizations "operated exclusively " for a limited number of purposes, such as "religious, charitable, scientific ... or educational purposes ...." 26 U.S.C. § 501(c)(3).

Second, ALEC's corporate members improperly deduct from their taxable income the dues and other contributions made to ALEC; such expenditures are non-deductible lobbying expenses under Section 162(e). In fact, because ALEC solicits very few contributions from individuals, its false claims of tax-exempt status appear driven by the desire of ALEC corporate members to deduct lobbying expenses as charitable contributions..."

Why are Soldiers Dying in Their Sleep?

While lobbying may have its place—when done in a transparent and legal way to inform legislators, and not to simply buy their votes by any means necessary—the practice has deteriorated to the point that it is endangering the health and welfare of people everywhere. Dangerous drugs are brought to market and used in lieu of harmless alternatives, and polypharmacy, the taking of too many drugs, is becoming ever more dangerous.

A case in point is the growing problem of U.S. soldiers literally dying in their sleep...

They survived the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But instead of bombs and guns, a growing number of U.S. veterans of these wars, whether they're still deployed or back at home, are being downed by something else. They die in different ways but they all have one thing in common—at the time of their deaths they're on a cocktail of drugs prescribed for them by military doctors.
Such deaths have been occurring for years, but they were recently brought to light by a West Virginia couple who shared the story of their son, Andrew White, with ABC News. Andrew died in 2008 of fatal drug intoxication. The Whites blame the prescriptions their son was on for his death. According to a report by ABC11x:

""We call it the lethal cocktail. It's antidepressants, antipsychotics and analgesics. It's just overloading, and your body can't take it," Stan [White] explained. The Whites said Andrew was taking Seroquel, Klonopin, and Paxil. They still have the pills prescribed by Veteran's Administration doctors to treat Andrew's post-traumatic stress disorder... "He made that choice to trust the VA and that trust cost him his life," [Mrs. White] continued."

The twist to the story is that within weeks of Andrew's death, three other war veterans—all of whom were taking the same drugs Andrew was on—also died in their sleep. It seemed like too much of a coincidence to San Diego neurologist Dr. Fred Baughman, so he combed newspaper articles and obituaries and created a list of 300 military deaths linked to sudden cardiac arrest. Surprisingly, they were all men in their 20's, many of whom died quietly in their beds. According to Dr. Baughman, these deaths appear to be caused by the antipsychotics and antidepressants these young men were all taking.

Just weeks before White died, U.S. Surgeon General Eric B. Schoomaker had also publicly acknowledged that the military was experiencing a series of deaths that "often (were) a consequence of the use of multiple prescription and nonprescription medicines and alcohol." Antipsychotics and antidepressants have been linked to many of the deaths. Another family who has stepped forward with their story is John and Mary Nahas, who nearly lost their son Michael after he returned from Iraq. ABC11 reports:

"Look at all the drugs they had him on," Mary said, showing ABC11 cameras a list that includes Oxycodone, Xanax, Percocet, Klonopin, Celexa, Lunesta, and Ambien.

"I ran the list of medications by my niece - who was a psychologist in a psychiatric hospital - and she said: 'Oh Mary, that's a cocktail of death, they're trying to kill him,'" said Mary. "When they returned our son to us, he looked like a concentration camp victim. He was thin. He was gray in color," she continued. The Nahas say the medication prescribed for their son's PTSD made him attempt suicide."We noticed a decline in his personality from the drugs. They change cognition and behavior. We noticed anger, just couldn't think straight," said Mary. "The drugs had messed him up so badly."

The Veterans Administration investigated Andrew White's death and ruled that his doctors had done nothing wrong, as they met "the community standards of care." Sadly, just as with conventional cancer treatment, the "standard of care" is oftentimes just as deadly as the disease... Still, the White's are pushing for a Congressional investigation into the overmedication of military service personnel. They want VA doctors to reduce their reliance on toxic drugs, and focus on other therapies such as counseling and outdoor activities.

I couldn't agree more.

There's a mountain of evidence supporting the use of such alternatives, and there's very strong evidence that some alternative treatments, such as exercise, are FAR more effective than any of the drugs currently in use. For more information about this, please listen to my interview with Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America, and Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America.

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(NaturalNews) Biotechnology has made its way to "the happiest place on earth," with an exhibit at Walt Disney World's EPCOT (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) theme park now featuring genetically-modified (GM) fruits and vegetables, some of which are shaped like Mickey Mouse's head. According to several different reports, the agricultural exhibit, called Living with the Land, takes parents and their children on a tour through "living laboratories" that highlight "the wondrous ways scientists are helping farmers prepare for the food needs of our world's nations."

With over 2.5 million square feet of greenhouse space, Living with the Land is a behemoth display of agricultural technology, including a giant gravity-defying tomato "tree" with thousands of tomato fruits, and various displays of unique growing techniques like hydroponics. But according to Jill Fehrenbacher from Inhabitat, a tour guide explained to her that most of the food grown in these greenhouses, which is also fed to park guests in restaurants and cafeterias throughout the parks, has been genetically-altered in some way.

This makes sense, since part of the tour includes a visit to the exhibit's "Biotechnology Lab," a "sterile research environment" sponsored by pro-GMO food giant Nestle USA, where scientists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture can be seen working on various "crop improvement" techniques. After the tour, park guests can even purchase "Mickey's Mini Gardens," which are small glass bottles of plant starters made from cloned plant cells rather than from natural seeds, that were produced in Biotechnology Lab.

You can view some of Fehrenbacher's photos taken at the exhibit here:

Disney has been pushing GMOs on children since at least 1996
Genetic manipulation of plants and crops has apparently been taking place at Disney's Living with the Land exhibit for almost two decades now. Back in 1996, the USDA published an article in one of its publications explaining that the main purpose of the Biotechnology Lab at EPCOT has always been about "showcasing various tools -- such as biotechnology" as part of its "sustainable agriculture" initiatives.

Even back then, John Cordts from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service (ARS) admitted that he and others were working on various GMO projects in the lab, which at the time included exploring new ways to genetically-alter peaches to ripen longer on trees, yet stay firm enough to be shipped. And before that, then-manager of the Biotechnology Lab Lexie McKently had been working on developing GM peanuts (http://www.ars.usda.gov/is/ar/archive/jul96/disney0796.htm).

And yet the millions of young children that have passed through this exhibit over the years have no idea that what those scientists are working on behind the glass has been shown to cause human sterilization, organ damage, and death. Because the entire presentation is dressed up with cute Disney characters and fun animations, it all just looks like some type of agricultural utopia.

Interestingly, the veneer of Disney's supposed sustainable and pollution-less approach to agricultural runs thin in others areas as well, as Fehrenbacher's tour revealed the use of materials like non-biodegradable styrofoam to house plants, for instance. When asked by several guests why the exhibit featured styrofoam and other environmentally-unfriendly materials, the tour guide allegedly explained that these materials are inexpensive and easily disposable.

So as is the case with most things Disney, the Living with the Land exhibit appears to be nothing more than a thinly-veiled veneer of propaganda aimed directly at young children. And in this case, the Disney empire has "greenwashed" biotechnology as an environmentally-friendly and sustainable agricultural system of the future in order to convince the next generation that it provides great benefits to humanity.

Using iconic cartoon characters to indoctrinate children into supporting toxic GMOs is the epitome of evil
It is no secret that millions of families from around the world make the trek to Orlando, Fla., every year to visit Walt Disney World theme parks specifically because they believe it is a safe and fun environment for children. Little do many of them know, however, that part of Disney's apparent agenda is to indoctrinate society's youngest and most innocent members into the phony dogma of biotechnology.

Deliberately shaping a genetically-modified pumpkin into the shape of Mickey Mouse ears, for example, would probably not sway most NaturalNews readers into thinking that the technology is safe. But to a child, this explicit form of manipulation appears fun and exciting, which subconsciously instills in him or her the idea that genetically-tampering with nature in this way is a good thing.

Because they cannot present a legitimate and scientific argument for why GMOs are safe or necessary in the first place, purveyors of biotechnology are now resorting to such blatant brainwashing campaigns aimed directly at young children. This is why parents everywhere need to take the time to explain to their children the truth about GMOs, and teach them how to deflect all the crafty propaganda that is increasingly being embedded in popular cultural icons like Disney.

Sources for this article include:



Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035861_Disney_World_GMO_agriculture.html#ixzz1v8Wq dBxc

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(NaturalNews) Hundreds of Alaska Airlines flight attendants have filed a formal complaint about uniforms they suspect might be causing their skin to rash and develop lesions, and their hair to fall out. But based on the timing of the symptoms and their relation to similar symptoms in local marine life and polar bear populations, it appears as though radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster may also be a potential culprit.

KING 5 News in Seattle, Wash., first broke the news about the "mystery illness" that has reportedly affected at least 280 flight attendants thus far. According to accounts, those afflicted by the condition say they have developed persistently itchy skin, skin lesions, and hair loss, all of which they suspect may have to do with newer flight uniforms that allegedly contain tributyl phosphate, a toxic organophosphorus compound linked to skin problems (http://www.rightdiagnosis.com).

But not everyone is convinced that the uniforms are to blame, including Alexander Higgins who recently connected the dots to discover a potential link to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. After comparing the flight attendants' symptoms to those reported on polar bears and marine life from the northwest U.S. throughout the past year, the timing and correlation of the two is highly suspect.

Are Alaska Airlines flight attendants suffering the effects of nuclear radiation fallout?
Back in April, AlaskaPublic.org reported that an alarming number of polar bears living in the Beaufort Sea, which is located just north of Alaska and Canada's Yukon and Northwest Territories, were turning up with skin lesions and Alopecia, which is another name for hair loss. And before the polar bears, it was apparently ice seals and walruses living in the arctic that were suffering similar symptoms (http://www.alaskapublic.org).

Upon these discoveries, it seemed as though scientists and biologists tried every which way to avoid tagging nuclear radiation as the cause, blaming viruses, bacteria, and other factors as potential causes. But all of these hypotheses have failed, under further scrutiny, to prove true, which leaves one major elephant in the room that is not being discussed: nuclear fallout from the Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

Based on the timing of when these creatures began to suffer their horrible symptoms, as well as the nature of their symptoms, it appears as though radiation from Fukushima may at least be one of the causes of this mystery disease. And the striking similarity of the animals' symptoms to those of the Alaska Airlines flight attendants points even more heavily towards a nuclear radiation link in the latter case as well.

In any case, there is little or no chance that the mainstream media, the Association of Flight Attendants, or any other prominent group will dare question radiation of Fukushima as a cause. After all, the public has been deliberately left in the dark the whole time about the true severity of Fukushima radiation, which we recently reported has been far worse than what we have all been told in the official story (http://www.naturalnews.com/035847_plume-gate_Fukushima_radiation.html).

Sources for this article include:


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035884_flight_attendants_radiation_poisoning.html# ixzz1v8YXpMur

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(NaturalNews) There is only one kind of immunity and that is natural immunity which is achieved by battling the infectious diseases itself. Vaccination is merely the artificial triggering of temporary responses to manmade pathogens. Vaccines are both harmful and dangerous and are leading to generations of humans with no natural defenses to disease.

Vaccines do not provide long-term immunity; only temporary at best. In vaccines, an antigen is injected into the body to produce a reaction and the immune system responds in the form of antibodies, but antibody presence does not confer immunity. People still catch the diseases that they are vaccinated against. Vaccines actually skip the normal immune responses to activate killer cells which can trigger an overproduction of cytokines in response to the toxic vaccine adjuvants and can damage tissues and organs and even stop the heart and block air pathways.

Vaccines should never be called immunizations because that is a misnomer. Immunity and vaccinations are two different subjects altogether. In fact, breast milk is so potent with immune energizing effects in the infant that researchers at the CDC recommend women withhold breastfeeding their children in order to boost the "effectiveness" of childhood vaccines. The paper claims that women should stop breastfeeding long enough for the man-made poison to work on artificial/temporary "immunity."

There is no such thing as a "side effect"
After-effects of vaccines are only followed for a very short time. Effects that are not seen for 30 years will not even be associated with the vaccine. Immunizations are contributing to the lowering of immunity along with the spread of auto-immune diseases such as arthritis and even AIDS throughout the world. Research clearly shows that aluminum mixed into vaccines carries a risk for autoimmunity, long-term brain inflammation, and subsequent neurological complications and may have profound and widespread adverse health complications. Many vaccines contain both aluminum and trace amounts of mercury. When you mix these 2 metals together it causes Extreme Synergistic Toxicity.

The facts:
As vaccinated disease rates go down (but not necessarily as a result of toxic vaccinations), the rate of chronic disease goes up in lock-step. Vaccines, as they are commonly given, destroy the natural immunity process and accelerate the auto-immune disease process.

Deaths from measles in 1900 were 13 per 100,000 people. In 1948: less than one. Measles vaccines introduced in 1963 but took full credit for what they never did - eliminate measles. Japanese health authorities realized that early inoculations were causing crib deaths so they postponed them until the 24th month and SIDS virtually disappeared along with whooping cough (pertussis) during the first two years of babies' lives. Instead of preventing whooping cough the DPT promotes it as well as SIDS. Reuters recently reports that according to the CDC, the number of pertussis cases is growing - in the fully vaccinated population!

The recent Bachmair vaccine study reveals that the allergy rate in vaccinated children is more than double the rate in unvaccinated ones. Vaccinated children are also nearly eight times more prone to develop asthma or chronic bronchitis than unvaccinated. Furthermore, vaccinated kiddos suffer from more neurodermatitis, herpes, otitis media, hay fever, hyperactivity, scoliosis, epilepsy and seizures, migraine headaches, thyroid disease, and SIDS than unvaccinated children. Vaccinated kids historically also have more measles than unvaccinated kids

Doctor after doctor will tell you that vaccinations have reduced the incidence of many infectious diseases but they have no real proof. In fact, all the epidemical evidence shows that disease rates rise after vaccines - in the vaccinated population. Should we trust them just on their word? Make an informed decision about you and your child's health.

Sources for this article include:

Tomljenovic L and Shaw CA. Aluminum vaccine adjuvants: Are they Safe? Current Medicinal Chemistry. 2011; 18: 2630-2637.

About the author:
Craig Stellpflug is a Cancer Nutrition Specialist, Lifestyle Coach and Neuro Development Consultant at Healing Pathways Medical Clinic, Scottsdale, AZ. With 17 years of clinical experience working with both brain disorders and cancer, Craig has seen first-hand the devastating effects of vaccines and pharmaceuticals on the human body and has come to the conclusion that a natural lifestyle and natural remedies are the true answers to health and vibrant living. You can find his daily health blog at www.blog.realhealthtalk.com and his articles and radio show archives at www.realhealthtalk.com

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035871_vaccination_immunization_myths.html#ixzz1v8 ZBgKA4

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(NaturalNews) The day is coming when the host of antibiotics doctors currently use to fight off bacterial infections won't work anymore, leaving the world's population vulnerable to everything from scratches on your knee to disease, according to the United Nation's (UN) World Health Organization (WHO).

That's because bacteria are becoming so resistant to common antibiotics that the phenomenon will bring about the "end of modern medicine as we know it," warns Margaret Chan, the director-general of WHO.

What that will mean for mankind, she says, is that - if current trends persist - today's antibiotics will essentially become useless, and so much so that even routine operations won't be possible. A cut could be fatal.

More than that, however, breakthrough drugs to treat long-standing diseases like tuberculosis, malaria and HIV/AIDS would suddenly become ineffective.

Speaking to a conference of infectious disease experts in Copenhagen, Denmark, recently, Chan said it's possible the world could be moving towards a "post-antibiotic era."

"Things as common as strep throat or a child's scratched knee could once again kill," she said. "Antimicrobial resistance is on the rise in Europe and elsewhere in the world. We are losing our first-line antimicrobials."

An 'evolving threat'
She said replacement medications for antibiotics would most likely take longer to heal and, naturally, would be more expensive.

"Replacement treatments are more costly, more toxic, need much longer durations of treatment, and may require treatment in intensive care units," Chan noted.

"For patients infected with some drug-resistant pathogens, mortality has been shown to increase by around 50 per cent. A post-antibiotic era means, in effect, an end to modern medicine as we know it."

Chan's statement comes on the heels of a book published by the WHO detailing the potential crisis called The Evolving Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance which provides details on the coming "global crisis."

"Bacteria which cause disease react to the antibiotics used as treatment by becoming resistant to them, sooner or later," says an excerpt from the book. "A crisis has been building up over the decades, so that today many common and life-threatening infections are becoming difficult or even impossible to treat, sometimes turning a common infection into a life-threatening one."

No boundaries
The biggest problem, WHO notes, is that antibiotics have been over-prescribed and used too long for years, and the result has been that bacteria are adapting to resist them.

The book says an "inexorable increase in antimicrobial-resistant infections, a dearth of new antibiotics in the pipeline and little incentive for industry to invest in research and development had led to a need for innovation."

The development and widespread prescribing of antibiotics in the early 1930s was a boon to modern medicine. Before they were invented, simple cuts and scrapes that became infected often led to serious illness and death. Since then, however - and especially within the past decade - doctors have regularly over-prescribed them, and often for the wrong reasons, say researchers. That has led to the current crisis.

The phenomenon has led to the development, over time, of so-called "super bugs" - bacteria that cannot be beat down, even with the most powerful antibiotics.

"It is a worldwide issue - there are no boundaries," said Prof. Peter Hawkey, a clinical microbiologist and chair of the British government's antibiotic-resistance working group. "We have very good policies on the use of antibiotics in man and in animals in the UK. But we are not alone. We have to think globally."

While the threat of known bacteria becoming resistant to current antibiotics, there is also a threat from bacteria that was previously unknown.

Just last month, scientists found "ancient" bacteria in the Lechuguilla Cave in Carlsbad Cavern National Park in New Mexico, which has been cut off from any input from the surface for four million to seven million years.

How to fix the problem?

Dr. John Turnidge, Chairman of the Australian Expert Committee which examined animal and human antimicrobial resistance, says human antibiotic usage can be halved, drug companies can stop trying to refine antibiotics used for animals to make them suitable for humans, and human and animal drug use can be kept separate.

Other experts say more aggressive development of new antibiotics is also necessary.

But the bottom line appears to be this: The medical system needs to stop over-prescribing these drugs, lest they force bacteria - which has survived on earth for millions of years - to continue to mutate in ways that become resistant to our ability to kill them.

Sources for this article include:




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035890_antibiotics_resistance_WHO.html#ixzz1v8ZzuA 8Q

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Twenty years ago today, former Monsanto lawyer and present FDA deputy commissioner Michael Taylor declared genetically engineered foods "substantially equivalent" and declared they would not need to be labeled for consumers.

Today is also the last day of the Money Bomb Against Monsanto Campaign, which launched on May 1. Earlier this month, volunteers and staff from the California Right to Know Campaign submitted nearly 1 million signed petitions from registered voters across the state of California to county officials, to place Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act on the Ballot for November 6.

This Act will require food manufacturers to identify genetically engineered ingredients on the labels of foods sold in California.

When California voters pass this ballot initiative, the Label Genetically Engineered Food Act will also not allow the common practice of mislabeling genetically engineered foods as "natural" or "all natural." But the biotech industry is not about to let this pass without a fight.

Industry Propaganda Aimed at Confusing and Misleading Consumers

The Council for Biotechnology and the Grocery Manufacturers Association have filed as formal opposition to this initiative. Not surprisingly, Monsanto is a member of both groups.

Big Biotech and major processed food manufacturers are pooling tens of millions of dollars together to spread their propaganda in an effort to defeat the California Ballot Initiative. In a recent Organic Consumers Association article, Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq., Political Director of the Organic Consumers Fund writesi:

"Kathy Fairbanks, spokeswoman with the Coalition Against the Costly Food Labeling Proposition, says requiring labels on genetically engineered food would increase food prices.

What she doesn't say is that she's being paid by the trade association that represents both the biotech behemoths like Monsanto that engineer the GMO crops and the food industry giants like PepsiCo that use ingredients made from these crops in their products. PepsiCo., Kraft, Kellogg's and other top food processors market so-called "natural" protects at a premium that rivals what consumers pay for non-GMO and organic foods - even though these so-called "natural" foods contain unlabeled GMOs. The money these companies swindle from us as they trick us into paying top-dollar for GMO foods disguised as "natural" dwarfs the miniscule 0.01% of food costs attributable to GMO labels...

Maryann Marino, Southern California regional director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse says GMO labels will make family farmers and small businesses vulnerable to lawsuits.

Her organization is a state chapter of the American Tort Reform Association (funded by Monsanto) which thinks it's okay for Monsanto to sue farmers in 143 different patent infringement lawsuits when their crops are unintentionally contaminated with Monsanto's GMOs, but it isn't okay for farmers to get together and bring one lawsuit against Monsanto to stop the harassment. Think they really care about family farmers or small businesses? Their only interests are protecting Monsanto's market share and helping companies sneak Monsanto's ingredients into their products without letting consumers know."

Why Labeling Genetically Engineered Foods Will Not Significantly Raise Prices

Baden-Mayer also explains why you shouldn't fall for such fear-mongering, as these scenarios have little if any bearing in factual truth. She writes:

"A 2002 Oregon State University study reviewed the true costs of actual laws requiring labels on genetically engineered food in other countries. According to the study, a law in the UK, like the one proposed for CA, increased food spending by only 0.01%. The most any GMO labeling proposal was projected to cost was 1.8%. (This was from a Canadian study where, the authors note, the costs of segregating crops, changing processing procedures and changing the label were exaggerated and came only from expectations expressed by industry spokespersons.)

The 0.01% to 1.8% increase in the cost of labeling GMO foods must be put in perspective by looking at what companies already spend and consumers currently pay to avoid genetically engineered ingredients. A 2005 University of Delaware study showed that consumers would pay 20-30% more for non-GMO or organicii.

The so-called "natural" food industry has taken full advantage of consumer interest in avoiding GMOs and consumer ignorance in where those GMOs may be lurking. A review by the Cornucopia Institute of "natural," non-GMO and organic cereals showed that so-called "natural" cereals that contained unlabeled GMOs were sometimes more expensive than real non-GMO and organic cerealsiii.

Once GMOs are labeled, consumers will easily be able to substitute products that contain non-GMO cane sugar for products made with GMO sugar beet sugar or high-fructose corn syrup and change from vegetable oils made from GMO canola to non-GMO sunflower or olive oil. They'll be able to eat more non-GMO wheat and rice and less GMO corn and soy. They can choose non-GMO fruits and vegetables and avoid the few that are GMO. Eating non-GMO won't involve paying a premium, just making a choice between the foods that are genetically engineered and the ones that aren't. Foods that are GMO won't be able to be falsely labeled as "natural."

Why GE Labeling Will Not Open Up Farmers and Small Businesses to Lawsuits

The claim that farmers and grocers may become more vulnerable to lawsuits as a result of the Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is also false and nothing but a scare tactic.


First of all, farmers and grocery stores are not responsible for listing ingredients on food labels. The only way a grocer could get into trouble would be if they knowingly mislabel their own store-brand product. They cannot be held liable if a food processor or food packer fails to comply with the labeling law.

The language in the Act is also very clear—it only requires labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients. Each new genetically engineered crop must be deregulated by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), which makes them easy to track. Once deregulated, farmers clearly know whether their crop is genetically engineered or not since they are required to purchase expensive patented seeds that are clearly branded and marketed as genetically engineered by the seed companies. So when they sell their crops to a food manufacturer, there's no question whether they're dealing with a GE ingredient or not.

Furthermore, under the proposed law, foods containing genetically engineered ingredients cannot be labeled as "natural." Food packers and processors are given 18 months to comply with the new labeling requirements—which is the typical timeframe within which labels are routinely updated anyway—so complying with the new regulations should not be a major problem. Baden-Mayer also points out that:

"Food packers and processors may decide to seek non-GMO sources to avoid the law's labeling requirements, and that may increase markets for farmers who grow non-GMO crops, but that is a different issue than simply complying with a new labeling requirement." And, "If PepsiCo continues to sell unlabeled genetically engineered food in CA once this law is passed, we'll definitely sue them (we'd rather see them comply), but this law creates no incentive to go after small businesses."

The Future of Your Food is at Stake

Although The Future of Food is five years old, this excellent film is more relevant now than ever. If you haven't watched it, please set aside some time to see it. It's required viewing for anyone who wants to understand what they're putting into their belly. If it's been awhile since you saw it, you may want to refresh your memory.

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If your child were diagnosed with a very serious, very rare form of brain cancer, what would you do?

Where would you turn?

This is the situation that Rick Schiff, a police sergeant with the San Francisco Police Department, and his family were faced with back in 1994.

His 4 year old daughter, an identical twin, had a brain tumor growing in the left ventricle of her brain which was causing sudden neurological side effects.

The prognosis of this particular tumor was that it would spread rapidly and kill her within weeks.

So they did what most people would consider the logical next step – they consulted with an oncologist and proceeded with the recommended treatment, which, as is often the case, included a toxic combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, not so much as a cure but rather to extend her life for as long as possible.

In the video interview above, Rick explains the rest of his heart-breaking story, which unfortunately has a tragic ending, and what might have been prevented if natural cancer treatments were more widely available and recognized in the United States.

First, Conventional Cancer Treatment Poisons Child

Like most well-meaning parents, Rick and his wife decided to follow through with the oncologists' recommended treatment protocol. First came surgery, which had an initial positive outcome but because of the severity of the cancer, its spread was imminent. As Rick said:

" … literally in a matter of weeks we would be right back to where we were. In the end, [doctors] convinced us that what we would do is an aggressive regimen of chemotherapy and radiation simultaneously … We progressed through their treatment. She started the treatment on her fourth birthday. After six months, we had finished all the chemo and radiation that you could possibly have given her."

She ended up living longer than the few weeks first expected, but the cancer came back within six months. Rick continued:

"Her hair was burnt so badly that it never grew back. She literally, for want of a better description, looked like Golum in The Hobbit. She was a fried wretched little child, emaciated, unable to process nutrients, had shingles, had suffered immeasurably. We had rubber gloves to change her diaper because her urine was so toxic from the chemotherapy. The problem is I get six months through this and then I stop and I said, "Okay, what do we do now?" They said, "She dies.""

It was at that point that Rick realized he had made "a terrible mistake."

"I was now exactly where I was six months ago, my daughter was suffering. She had now suffered immeasurably at the hands of not only the doctors but myself and for what?" he said.

Then, Rick came across another option he hadn't been aware of before. In a book given to him by friends months earlier, a chapter about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who employs novel gene-targeted therapies in the treatment of cancer, picqued his interest. He spoke to Dr. Burzynski directly, and then to several of his patients.

"Oddly enough, each of them said Dr. Burzynski was great. The treatment is working fantastically. This is in stark contrast to what our own oncologist had told us. They all told us not to go but we went anyway."

Cancer Disappears Using Dr. Burzynski's "Forbidden" Treatment

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski is known for developing a gene-specific treatment using a combination of cancer-fighting peptides he developed called antineoplastons to target specific cancers, conventional cancer drugs, and natural complementary strategies, including customized diets and exercise.

I interviewed Dr. Burzynski about his cancer treatment and also reviewed his recently released documentary, Burzynski, The Movie. It's an absolute jaw-dropper, as not only did the U.S. federal government spend 14 years actively suppressing a cancer treatment that had a FAR greater success rate than any other treatment available, they also spent well over $60 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars trying to put Dr. Burzynski in jail in order to steal his patents and either suppress or cash in on his discovery.

The treatment has surpassed all other conventional cancer treatments on the market, but you can't just walk in and receive it. Due to regulatory red tape, you're only "allowed" to see Dr. Burzynski if you've already had chemotherapy and radiation and failed to recover. Even then it is often a struggle

In a similar case involving Thomas, the son of Jim Navarro, who was also diagnosed with a form of brain cancer (and ended up dying from respiratory failure due to chronic toxicity of chemotherapy), it took 18 months of legal wrangling with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to get Thomas approved for treatment by Dr. Burzynski. By then he had already received his second brain surgery, had already been forced to undergo chemotherapy, and had already suffered recurring tumors—likely induced by the chemotherapy itself. After all that, he finally fulfilled all the requirements to be allowed to try Dr. Burzynski's treatment, which resulted in a 33 percent reduction in tumors. As Navarro said:

"A father's hope is, had he not been polluted and poisoned with chemotherapy, had we not been stopped, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he would be alive today."

Unfortunately, the case involving Rick's daughter, Chrissie, had a similar outcome.

Chrissie Died, Cancer-Free, From the Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation

Like Jim's son, Chrissie showed remarkable improvement following Dr. Burzynski's treatment:

"Within a number of months, the enhancement in the actual tumor had dissipated … My daughter got better and better and better … The tumor slowly drifted away. As it drifted away over the period of the next year though, her other side effects became more and more prominent. Those were from the chemo and radiation. Even the doctors admitted that she began to have vision problems, hearing problems. Again, was malnourished based on her inability to process food.

At the same time, as she progressed and got better, the neurosurgeons who followed the surgery and so forth, they seemed very curious and optimistic but the oncologist got further and more distant from us and more inexplicably just plain rude, just unpleasant. At one point, the oncologist refused to see us although there was no real explanation for that. The head of pediatrics had to send in a general physician to take over for their practice because the oncologists were unwilling to deal with us and again, inexplicably. You would think that my daughter's progression towards a cure was miracle."

Chrissie had gone nearly a year cancer-free, but her body was too weakened from the conventional cancer treatments to survive and she passed away.

" … we brought Chrissie back and they did an autopsy. The autopsy showed that she died absolutely cancer-free with no sign of cancer and both the oncologist and the radio oncologist were there. We were looking through optics, slides of my daughter's brain. They all confirmed that the damage that they saw was a result of the chemotherapy and radiation. So we know that she died cancer free. The only child of that diagnosis that's ever been cancer free and we know what killed her."

Do Oncologists Really Know How to Treat Cancer?

Most conventional cancer treatments tend to add insult to injury by doing more harm than good -- a fact that has been largely swept under the rug by the medical industry. The real culprits—the underlying causes—are completely ignored, and that is, I believe, the root of the problem. The cancer industry has become a massive for-profit business that is doing everything in its power to maintain the status quo. It is, quite simply, not interested in truly reducing cancer rates; it's interested in treating cancer.

From that perspective, the more cancer cases the better... Even many oncologists, whom most regard as the go-to specialist upon receiving a cancer diagnosis, may be better described as chemotherapy specialists than cancer specialists.

As Rick continues:

"One of the great fallacies of modern medicine is that an oncologist knows anything about cancer because that's not what they are. An oncologist is generally speaking a hematologist. But what an oncologist is is a toxic chemotherapist. They understand toxic chemotherapy. Do they understand cancer? … What do they understand about the causes of cancer?

I went to UCSF under the belief that I was going to talk to a cancer specialist and that's not what I got. What I got was a specialist in surgery who did a magnificent job at what he was supposed to do – a specialist in oncology who did only what they knew, not what was in the best interest of my child, and a radio oncologist who not only lied to us and did nothing to benefit my daughter but ultimately specifically killed my daughter.

He gave my daughter a lethal dosage of radiation. There was no child that was going to survive 6000 rads of whole brain radiation particularly in simultaneous conjunction with chemotherapy. From his perspective, the child was going to die and I would never know the long term effects.

So you're going to go look at this [alternative treatment] website and you're going to see this treatment and you're going to come back and you're going to talk to somebody who knows absolutely nothing about it but who has a financial vested interest in your receiving their treatments. I think the combination of those two really keeps the number of patients that go to Dr. Burzynski down or the number of patients that enroll in any clinical trial that aren't advocated for by these oncologists."

What Can You do to Help Protect Your Freedom of Choice in Health Treatments?

Dr. Burzynski is just one of the alternative cancer specialists out there. There are many others as well, such as the Gerson Therapy and Dr. Nick Gonzalez's nutritional approach – or even medical marijuana. Unfortunately, the system, as currently configured, is stacked against you receiving these potentially life-saving therapies (and others like them).

Rick states:

"I think what's most frustrating about being me is that my daughter died in 1996 at the age of 6-1/2 with an identical twin sister who will never be the same, who is traumatically affected; with brothers and sisters, mother and father who will never be the same, with people who worked very hard to try and save her, whose lives were affected and for what?

Using Dr. Burzynski again as an example, it's now … 2012 and what have I accomplished? There are still parents who have children who should be going to, as an example, Dr. Burzynski. That should be the very first modality, the non-toxic, most effective treatment. He has FDA clinical trials for brainstem glioma that are greater, have shown better results than all clinical studies for brainstem glioma put together anywhere in the world. And yet, a parent can't just pick up the phone or fly on an airplane to Houston and get the treatment.

They have to cross hurdles and as they cross those hurdles, they get more and more dissuaded from going forward and eventually as you pointed out in many cases, they just got simply told no. I'm sorry. The government won't allow you to have this curative agent."

Deaths like that of Rick's daughter are shocking in that they aren't necessary. If the FDA and the oncologists had simply given them the opportunity to exercise freedom of choice to seek whatever therapy they thought appropriate, she may still be alive.

So, what can you do to address this kind of medical injustice and stop it from happening to you or someone you love? First off, Rick suggests if you're looking to receive an unapproved treatment, contact your local politicians:

"First of, my experience started when I chose to go to Dr. Burzynski's there was no lawful method for which I could get the treatment for my daughter in the State of California. So I went to my congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and I went to my senator Dianne Feinstein and the two of them pulled together and got me what was called a compassionate IND (Investigational New Drug) use permit, which allowed me to be the only lawful person bringing this into the State of California at the time."

Knowledge is always one of the highest forms of power, so I also recommend you share this information with your friends and loved ones. The film, Cut Poison Burn, which documents the Navarro's story, is an easy and powerful way to do so, and is being sold on a 'value-priced' basis to help the Navarro's pay off Thomas' medical bills, meaning you can download a copy of the film for $1.99 and up, depending on how much you're willing to pay. You can also purchase a DVD copy for $9.99.

A percentage of the proceeds from the film will go to cancer organizations that donate 100 percent of their proceeds to families fighting cancer—not the American Cancer Society. I'm also making the DVD available on my site. Of these proceeds, 80 percent will go to the producers and Jim Navarro's family. I'm giving the remaining 20 percent to the Grassroots Health's Breast Cancer Prevention Project. All monies donated to them from the sale of Cut Poison Burn will be used to enroll women 60 and over in a project aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness of vitamin D in breast cancer prevention. More information about this project can be found at here.

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(NaturalNews) Another extremely sad revelation following a decade of war - new Pentagon statistics are showing that the military is losing an average of one soldier per day not to combat in Afghanistan, but to suicide.

As of this writing, according to an Associated Press investigation, there have been 154 suicides for active-duty troops in 2012 - nearly one per day of the year so far.

Besides a surging suicide rate, the military is also experiencing higher incidences of sexual assault, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse and other forms of misbehavior.

Analysts say these figures are reflective of an over-burdened military that is reeling from multiple deployments over the past 10 years, mostly to Iraq and Afghanistan. It should be noted that these wartime deployments come in addition to peacetime obligations such as year-long, recurring commitments to places like Qatar, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Kosovo and parts of Africa - assignments that are often handled by National Guard units from around the country because they are in excess of the staffing and manning capabilities of active duty components.

Needless to say, the American military is busy -- some say too busy. Still, military suicide rates had been leveling off; they fell in 2010 and 2011. So the increase now was not only unexpected but difficult to explain.

Or is it?

Multiple wars, multiple deployments = higher rates of suicide

Some believe the spike is simply the result of the military's sustained, hectic optempo (operations tempo). At the peak of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, many active duty forces - especially the Army and Marine Corps - were pulling new deployments every year or so. By 2009, some long-term servicemembers on active duty had been deployed as many as four times.

The optempo hasn't been much better for Guard and Reserve units, of which many members have been deployed nearly as often as their active duty counterparts (though that is not the norm; National Guard units typically spend at least 4-5 years back home in their respective states between deployments).

Such a high deployment rate, then, leads to other conclusions: too much combat exposure and an increase in post-traumatic stress, which has then led to "misuse of prescription medications and personal financial problems," the AP reported.

"Army data suggest soldiers with multiple combat tours are at greater risk of committing suicide, although a substantial proportion of Army suicides are committed by soldiers who never deployed," said the report.

Whatever the reason or combination of reasons, clearly Pentagon leaders have a problem on their hands. According to Defense Department's own figures, the 154 suicides this year compare to 130 over the same period last year, an increase of 18 percent. Additionally, that is more than the average of about 136 suicides the Pentagon had earlier projected for the current period based on trends from 2001-2011.

"This year's January-May total is up 25 percent from two years ago, and it is 16 percent ahead of the pace for 2009, which ended with the highest yearly total thus far," AP reported.

Part of the problem is cultural. Military members - especially those in combat arms units - often ignore warning signs and eschew profession help because they believe it's a sign of weakness and an impediment to rank advancement.

And yet, ignoring the signs and turning down help has very real consequences. Few know that better than Kim Ruocco, widow of Marine Maj. John Ruocco, a helicopter pilot who hanged himself in 2005 between Iraq deployments. He said he couldn't bring himself to go for help.

Stigma of weakness is killing our troops

"He was so afraid of how people would view him once he went for help," she told the AP at her home in suburban Boston. "He thought that people would think he was weak, that people would think he was just trying to get out of redeploying or trying to get out of service, or that he just couldn't hack it - when, in reality, he was sick. He had suffered injury in combat and he had also suffered from depression and let it go untreated for years. And because of that, he's dead today."

As a result of her husband's horribly untimely death, Ruocco joined TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Programs - a military support organization. She is currently its director of suicide prevention programs; she organized the group's first program focusing on providing support for families of suicide victims.

The military is aware it has a problem and, for its part, is responding. The Marines have implemented a number of programs and the service has probably been the most successful in lowering suicide rates. But more needs to be done, especially to eliminate the stigma associated with asking for help.

"What is known is that all Army populations ... are under increased stress after a decade of war," said an Army report earlier this year, adding that if not for prevention efforts the Army's suicide totals could be perhaps four times higher than they are already.

And here's another perspective. Some think war is the country's new economic policy. (http://www.marketwatch.com) Sad if true.

Sources for this article include:




Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036127_soldiers_suicide_combat.html#ixzz1xQB4uDRD

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(NaturalNews) Pressure on chemical companies from legislators is mounting on the issue of toxic chemicals in hundreds of consumer products. Senator Frank Lautenberg has introduced the Safer Chemicals Act, a bill that would require chemical makers to prove their substances are safe before they are approved for use. Although one might expect this requirement to be the current standard, this is not the case.

HBCD - The newest player in toxic chemicals

In a recent study of best-selling grocery store products, researchers discovered that almost 50 percent of the sampled peanut butter and deli meats, as well as turkey, fish, beef and other fatty foods, contained hints of a flame retardant normally utilized in the foam insulation of building walls.

You're probably wondering how a chemical used in building insulation makes its way onto our grocery shelves. Experts propose that HBCDs (hexabromocyclododecane) make their way into the food chain through the air, water and soil.

Arlene Blum, executive director of the Green Science Policy Institute, suggested "They could migrate out of products into dust and end up in sewage sludge. The chemical may then end up in the marine food supply, or the sewage sludge could get put on fields, where it will inevitably contaminate crops and livestock." Essentially, these chemicals cannot be used in any circumstance without the risk of contaminating food sources.

The specific flame retardant, HBCD, is just the newest in a series of synthetic chemicals that investigators are detecting in popular foods. The EPA reported that the flame retardant is "highly toxic" to marine life and can interfere with the role of human hormones and reproduction. Once in the human body, these fat bonding chemicals will bind to human fat, where they can exist for years.

History repeats itself

Frequency of particular childhood cancers, learning disabilities and reproductive issues are emerging at frightful rates. These flame retardants are very similar to banned PCBs, which have been connected to diseases and health risks including cancer, asthma, lower IQ and diabetes, among others. Studies demonstrate as much as 5 percent of childhood cancers, 10 percent of neurobehavioral conditions and 30 percent of childhood asthma cases are related to unsafe chemicals. It's only commonsense to anticipate certain flame retardants such as HBCDs to have similar health risks. It seems that everything we have learned about PCBs has been neglected and now the same mistakes are being made with flame retardants.

Aggressive industry lobbyists

The companies that produce these dangerous chemicals are determined to keep cashing in on them, while lying about their health impacts and exaggerating their effectiveness. They go as far as setting up bogus "citizen groups" to promote their agenda. They even hired a prominent Seattle physical, Dr. David Heimbach, who traveled from state to state persuading legislators with a made up story about a baby who died because of a lack of flame retardants in her crib.

One of the so called citizen groups, Citizens for Fire Safety, is pushing for laws requiring fire retardants in furniture. The group describes itself as "a coalition of fire professionals, educators, community activists, burn centers, doctors, fire departments and industry leaders." However, a closer look at the Citizens for Fire Safety reveals only three members, which also happen to be the three leading companies that manufacture flame retardants: Albemarle Corporation, ICL Industrial Products and Chemtura Corporation.

Misplaced trust and lack of oversight

Outdated law has required the EPA to verify a mere 200 of the 80,000 chemicals in its inventory. Experts have been trying for years, without success, to get congress to change the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act, which currently awaits a Senate vote. State laws are starting to making a make changes on this issue, but federal reform is desperately needed.

Most Americans trust that what they buy in grocery stores has gone through some sort of testing or approval process, verifying its safety for commercial use. It's that misplaced trust that chemical manufacturers rely on. Americans need to take action by telling their senators to support the Safer Chemicals Act and other similar bills that will permanently remove these highly toxic chemicals from our society.

Sources for this article include:






About the author:
John Mckiernan is a health and fitness writer. He is the owner of Supplement Helper where he writes about supplements, health, fitness and more. He also manages CNA Info, a small blog that is aimed at answering questions for those interested in becoming nursing assistants. All articles are contributed by Fallon C Clark, California registered CNA.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036126_flame_retardants_groceries_foods.html#ixzz1 xQBYFPM1

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(NaturalNews) The United States Department of Health and Human Services is reporting that Cesareans are on the rise up 53 percent since 1996. The C-Section rate was listed as 21 percent in 1996 and a climbed to 32.8 percent in 2010. According to the World Health Organization the suggested rate of C-section should not exceed 15 percent. Cesareans can be beneficial in situations where complications arise. However, the problem is that these procedures are often used inappropriately on healthy women with little or no complications.

C-sections can result in problems in the mother such as infections, loss of blood, placenta problems, complications in future pregnancies, ongoing pelvic pain, uterine rupture and bowel blockage. Babies can experience breathing problems, difficulty breastfeeding, childhood onset diabetes and asthma.

So with more and more information exposing how cesareans do more harm than good, why is this labor surgery continuing to skyrocket with 1 in 3 women in the US delivering by cesarean? Many people believe that the rise in C-section rates is due to complications in pregnancy and labor that make this surgery necessary. This article will expose the real reasons of the increased cesarean rates and how to prevent this procedure.

The Real Causes
One of the main reasons for the upsurge is the casual attitude toward the idea of unnecessary interventions and surgery. Our culture has become increasingly tolerant of clinical procedures, even when they are not medically necessary. Many common interventions such as Pitocin and Epidurals can cause side effects that prevent the mother from finding comfort. This causes the body to progress too slowly, which can result in fetal distress and increase the likelihood of a cesarean. Instead physicians should be informing more women on the complications and long-term problems that can occur, using interventions and procedures only when necessary.

Over the years there has become less and less of a focus on enhancing women's confidence in the ability of the body during labor. Simply spending more time educating women on how to handle the birthing process, as well as fostering an environment to help make the mother as comfortable as possible, are healthier and less expensive alternatives to the operation.

It should come to no surprise that monetary and personal incentives also have a role in the sharp ascent in the surgical procedure. Payment schedules compensate more for a C-section as opposed to a vaginal birth. In addition to the higher monetary payout, the personal perks can be just as inviting. A C-section can be less time consuming and even better, a scheduled C-section can allow the practitioner to organize their work and personal life more efficiently without having to support a longer vaginal birth, while at the same time, earning more profit.

Women need to try to and avoid having a cesarean by focusing on proper health, nutrition and exercise throughout pregnancy. Practicing mind-body techniques such as yoga and meditation help to build body awareness and increase confidence in the ability of your body and your baby. These techniques can decrease the chances of requiring a cesarean and facilitate a successful, natural birth.

Sources for this article include

Althabe F, Belizan JF. Caesarean section: The paradox. The Lancet 2006;368:1472-3.



U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Maternal, infant, and child health. Healthy People 2020. Washington, DC: 2010.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036124_cesareans_childbirth_health_trends.html#ixz z1xQC4Cq9F

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NaturalNews) If you've been following our site and the news in general recently, you're aware of an outbreak of MRSA - methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus - cases involving antibiotic-resistant, flesh-eating bacteria.

Three cases of necrotizing fasciitis, as it is called, stand out in particular:

Lana Kuykendall, a 36-year-old mother of twins, was admitted to Greenville Memorial Hospital in South Carolina May 11, just days after giving birth, complaining of a sore spot on one of her legs. Soon after, she was diagnosed with the flesh-eating condition.

Another involves 24-year-old Georgia student Aimee Copeland, who has also had several operations and remains in critical condition herself in Doctors Hospital of Augusta. Doctors believe she may have contracted the fasciitis after sustaining a very large cut in her leg in a zip-line accident and falling into the Little Tallapoosa River in Georgia on May 1. They say her infection was likely caused by Aeromonos hydrophila bacteria, which are found in fresh or brackish water, and could have entered her body through the wound

The third case also involves a Georgia resident. Bobby Vaughn, 32, has been reported as being in good condition, though his initial infection "went from the size of a little peanut to a grapefruit fast," he told a local TV station. He's had at least five surgeries.

What's the enemy's strength?
As the cases pile up, scores of Americans are asking a couple of important questions, such as, why are these cases cropping up now, and - perhaps more vitally - what can be done to prevent a flesh-eating, antibiotic-resistant bacteria from invading their bodies?

For starters, it's important to know what we're up against.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, there are about 10,000 to 15,000 necrotizing fasciitis infections each year in the U.S., with 2,000 to 3,000 deaths. And often, doctors say, it's initially difficult to diagnose, which raises the mortality rate.

While MRSA is very common in many U.S. hospitals, researchers and scientists say it can also be spread in the public, such as on buses and trains. "Though people can avoid direct contact with a sneeze or cough, Professor Thomas from the University of York highlights the possibility of becoming infected from touching surfaces. In this way, every day settings and public surfaces act as viable means to contract an infection," said a report in the online journal MRSA Topic.

Stop the exposure and spread
The most problematic aspect of necrotizing fasciitis is that it has become increasingly resistant to traditional antibiotic therapy.

So how do we prevent its spread? What can be done to keep the public safe, especially anyone who has to be admitted to a hospital?

For one, some states are now mandating that all patients who are admitted to hospitals be screened immediately for MRSA and, if they are found to be carriers, then they are decontaminated and isolated. "The bulk of scientific evidence says that screening, combined with some form of intervention to reduce subsequent transmission, does have the effect of reducing MRSA infection rate in hospitals," writes Cale Street for MRSA Topic.

The spread of the MRSA superbug, which is essentially a staph infection, can also be accomplished by preventing exposure and practicing some basic hygiene. According to multiple sources, washing your hands, especially with an alcohol-based solution, is effective; making sure all wounds are covered with proper bandages will reduce exposure; and refraining from touching other peoples' bandages and wounds (without gloves for sure) will all help reduce exposure to, and the spread of, this potentially deadly disease.

Other practical things such as never sharing personal care items like a razor, drying towels in a dryer rather than letting them air-dry, wiping down gym equipment you may use with an antibacterial wipe or spray and the like will help reduce the likelihood of you coming in contact with the disease or spreading it if you happen to be carrying it.

The goal is to take the steps necessary to decolonize the bacteria. Otherwise, it will thrive and spread, say experts.

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Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036117_flesh-eating_bacteria_defense_MRSA.html#ixzz1xQCmNr2c

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(NaturalNews) The size of the average human skull is gradually increasing over time, say researchers, and nobody really knows why. Researchers from the University of Tennessee (UT) in Knoxville recently released a new study showing that over the past roughly 150-or-so years, the average size of the human skull in both males and females has become progressively larger, taller and narrower.

Based on an examination of 1,500 different human skulls dating from the mid-1800s to the mid-1980s, Lee Jantz, coordinator of UT's Forensic Anthropology Center, and his colleagues found that the average male skull has increased in height by roughly eight millimeters, or 0.3 inches, over the past century. Overall skull size in men has also increased in volume by about 200 cubic centimeters, or roughly a space the size of a tennis ball.

Women's skulls have also been increasing in size, with average height having grown by about seven millimeters, or 0.28 inches. And overall skull size in women has also expanded by about 180 cubic centimeters, just slightly lower than the overall rate for men. Both growth rates appear to be limited to men and women of Caucasian descent, at least as far as this particular study was concerned.

"The varieties of changes that have swept American life make determining an exact cause an endlessly complicated proposition," said Jantz in a university-prepared statement. "It likely results from modified growth patterns because of better nutrition, lower infant and maternal mortality, less physical work and a breakdown of former ethnic barriers to marriage. Which of these is paramount we do not know."

Another hypothesis for the skull size increase is that Americans today are eating more calories than ever before, and are not exercising or engaging in various physical activities nearly as much their ancestors did. This excess calorie consumption can contribute to larger skull and brain size, say researchers, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

"As we continue to have excess calories then I am guessing that the brain can continue to increase in size," added Richard Jantz, husband of Lee Jantz and coauthor of the new study. "There obviously has to be some upper limit."

The team also noted that Americans are maturing physical much faster than their ancestors. At one time, young girls had their first period around the age of 16 or 17, while today girls 12 or 13 years of age, or even younger, are reaching puberty. This rapid maturity is likely being caused by various food and environmental chemicals, as well as growth hormones added to processed foods (http://www.naturalnews.com/030141_hormones_puberty.html).

Sources for this article include:



Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/036118_human_race_skulls_anthropology.html#ixzz1xQ F43UVf

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I never thought I would reach this milestone in my life but I have done it Yes I have reached a full year of treating with MMS!
I knew it was not going to be easy I knew it was going to be a hard slog probably one of the hardest things I would ever have to do in my life ok i didn't know exactly how hard and boy was it hard!
I started this blog to keep a record of my progress and I also started this blog to see if i could actually do it.
I also started this blog to inform others as Lyme is so political and there is a cover up going on with regards to Late Lyme and treating Lyme. i wanted to help others and give as much information as possiable and also I took the leap off the cliff and decided to treat myself with MMS and I thought well if this works for me it should help others.
Low and behold yes MMS does work there is no doubt about that and it's cheaper and safer.
Why should late Lyme and Lyme patients be denied good health? Why should others have to spend a fortune on medication at a time when they cannot because well lets face it illness and disability costs money it costs a fortune.
As there is such a issue with MMS and such a fear of it I thought if I put my experiences down with MMS and the fact that I am on the road to recovery i could not in all conscious not tell others. I am not that cold hear-ted.
I also could see the writing on the wall with the Benefits in this country and sure enough the Government are slowly but surely taking away all financial help for the sick and disabled in the United Kingdom and it is time to fight the austerity (which they have said will go on for 10 years) it was time for me to take responsibility for my own health as much as I could.Low and behold as I have said before I was shown MMS after I prayed to the higher. i do believe there is a bigger picture and for whatever reason the higher has chosen to show me the path to wellness.

Ok I am not 16 anymore and I have 2 children to look after but I wanted to get to a point in my life when I would be able to financially support myself and if the government are going to take away their support I was hopeing it would not matter.

I do not sell MMS I have nothing to do with Jim Humble But I do highly recommend anyone with an autoimmune disease or Autism or Aids, Cancer anything to take MMS everyone deserves good health everyone nobody should suffer and as I have found out theses illnesses can be cured it is not impossible you just need determination, to persevere to keep the end result in your mind and good health is there within your grasp.
My father very nearly died from an autoimmune disease yep they gave him 24 hours to live.
my brother was diagnosed with M.S which is Lyme i have lost many loved ones from newborn babies to the young to this disease and my marriage ended because of this illness I could not keep quiet about the fact that there is a cure and there is no need for humans to lose everything because of this illness. I lost my sight I have been in a wheelchair and lost all mobility in the past Lyme stole 30 years of my life. and many others have had the same enough is enough!
Big pharma has controlled for far too long.
So if you choose to take antibiotics or use a rife machine or MMS that is great because you are on the right track.
I am not saying do not take antibiotics no do whatever you feel happy with antibiotics do work as does MMS it's just that MMS is cheaper and easier to get your hands on seeing as one is only given antibiotics for a short amount of time it is a bit of Russian roulette that one actually kills all the parasites or bacteria.

How am I doing now i have reached 1 year?

I awoke this morning I did not feel like I usually do I had no pain no stiffness no brain fog I drove to the shops as I needed some fruit smoothie for my dose of MMS and as I sat at the red traffic light My clutch foot was not is pain!
I walked around the shop (large shop) No pain!
Usally when I get back to my car I am exhausted and in pain but this time no tiredness no pain!
I came home No tiredness no pain!
took my MMS (8 activated drops) I sat down and wrote on this blog!
Have I reached the pivitol moment in my life? I have now really weakened the Lyme to a point that it is now finally leaving my body is it now all dead? I know i will have to carry on taking MMS for a while longer just to make sure it is all gone well you know how theses critters hide anywhere in the body and can lie dormant for years and I aint giving them an inch! they will not steal anymore of my LIfe No I am claiming it back!

How are my children doing now they have reached their 1 year and MMS treatment?

Well they are doing brilliantly! I as a mother could not of asked for more I am so proud of them they are changed they are finally better!
They can run just like children of their age ahould be able to and they do not get tierd and have to sleep because of physical exertion.
Their handwriting does not look like a sick persons hand writing it is clear and neat.
Their cognetive function is in top form.
They do not have insomnia or chronic fatigue my children are now normal healthy young people and I am so happy for them!

Early days

I know it is early days yet and we cannot run before we can walk we must take each day as it comes keep on with the MMS but I am hoping and praying this wellness will just get better and better that we will go from strength to strength!

I shall keep the update of my progress and my children to inform others and obviously keep a log of our progress and MMS.


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09-09-2012, 01:45 PM
I have diarhea even if I drink raw milk, not to say pasturized.

There are many claims adults can't eat raw milk because they lack enzymes needed to digest it, as opposed young primate who have this enzymes. That phenomen is called lactose intolerance.

I have no problem with yoghurt, soar cream and cheese.

So i am confused with claim in raw milk sites.

Don't you mean pasteurised?

Live Raw milk contains bacteria that produce lactase.

Store bought yogurt probably has quite a lot of lactose in it, it's not cultured long enough to remove it all.
Whatever is going on, I think it's unlikely to be lactose related, at least directly.
Casein is the next most potentially problematic aspect of dairy and I think it's present in all those too. :confused:

I can't tolerate dairy either, even homemade yogurt cultured for 24hrs.