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25-03-2012, 07:10 PM
Osho on What is Truth


Question - Beloved Osho, Sometimes while just sitting, the question comes up in the mind: What is Truth? But by the time I come here I realize that I am not capable to ask. But may I ask what happens in those moments when the question arises so strongly that had you been nearby I would have asked it. Or if you had not replied, I would have caught hold of your beard or collar and asked, "What is truth, Osho?"

Osho - That is the most important question that can arise in anybody's mind, but there is no answer for it. The most important question, the ultimate question, cannot have any answer; that's why it is ultimate.

When Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, "What is truth?" Jesus remained silent. Not only that, the story says that when Pontius Pilate asked the question, "What is truth?" he did not wait to listen for the answer. He left the room and went away. This is very strange. Pontius Pilate also thinks that there cannot be an answer for it, so he didn't wait for the answer. Jesus remained silent because he also knows it cannot be answered.

Osho on Truth

But these two understandings are not the same, because these two persons are diametrically opposite. Pontius Pilate thinks that it cannot be answered because there is no truth; how can you answer it? That is the logical mind, the Roman mind. Jesus remains silent not because there is no truth, but because the truth is so vast, it is not definable. The truth is so huge, enormous, it cannot be confined in a word, it cannot be reduced to language. It is there. One can be it, but one cannot say it.

For two different reasons they behaved almost in the same way: Pontius didn't wait to hear the answer, he knew already that there is no truth. Jesus remains silent because he knows truth, and knows that it could not be said.

Chidvilas has asked this question. The question is absolutely significant. There is no question higher than that, because there is no religion higher than truth. It has to be understood; the question has to be analyzed. Analyzing the question, trying to understand the question itself, you may have an insight into what truth is. I will not answer it, I cannot answer it; nobody can answer it. But we can go deep into the question. Going deep into the question, the question will start disappearing. When the question has disappeared you will find the answer there at the very core of your heart -- you are truth, so how can you miss it? Maybe you have forgotten about it, maybe you have lost track of it, maybe you have forgotten how to enter into your own being, into your own truth.

Truth is not an hypothesis, truth is not a dogma. Truth is neither Hindu nor Christian nor Mohammedan. Truth is neither mine nor yours. Truth belongs to nobody, but everybody belongs to truth. Truth means that which is: that is exactly the meaning of the word. It comes from a Latin root, verus. Verus means: that which is. In English there are a few words which are derivations of the Latin root verus: was, were -- they come from verus. In German, war -- that comes from verus. Verus means that which is, uninterpreted. Once the interpretation comes in, then what you know is reality, not truth. That is the difference between truth and reality. Reality is truth interpreted.

So the moment you answer the question, "What is truth?" it becomes reality; it is no longer truth. Interpretation has entered into it, the mind has colored it. And realities are as many as there are minds; there are multi-realities. Truth is one because truth is known only when the mind is not there. It is mind that keeps you separate from me, separate from others, separate from existence. If you look through the mind, then the mind will give you a picture of truth. That will be only a picture, a photograph of that which is. And of course, the photograph depends on the camera, on the film used, on the chemicals, on how it has been developed, how it has been printed, who has done it. A thousand and one other things enter in; it becomes reality.

The word reality is also beautiful to be understood. It comes from the root, res; it means thing or things. Truth is not a thing. Once interpreted, once the mind has grabbed it, defined it, demarked it, it becomes a thing.

When you fall in love with a woman there is some truth -- if you have fallen absolutely unaware, if you have not 'done' it in any way, if you have not acted, managed, if you have not even thought about it. Suddenly you see a woman, you look into her eyes, she looks into your eyes, and something clicks. You are not the doer of it, you are simply possessed by it, you simply fall into it. It has nothing to do with you. Your ego is not involved, at least not in the very, very beginning, when love is virgin. In that moment there is truth, but there is no interpretation. That's why love remains indefinable.

Soon the mind comes in, starts managing things, takes possession of you. You start thinking about the girl as your girlfriend, you start thinking of how to get married, you start thinking about the woman as your wife. Now these are things; the girlfriend, the wife -- these are things. The truth is no longer there, it has receded back. Now things are becoming more important. The definable is more secure, the indefinable is insecure. You have started killing, poisoning the truth. Sooner or later there will be a wife and a husband, two things. But the beauty is gone, the joy has disappeared, the honeymoon is over.

The honeymoon is over at that exact moment when truth becomes reality, when love becomes a relationship. The honeymoon is very short, unfortunately -- I'm not talking about the honeymoon that you go for. The honeymoon is very short. Maybe for a single moment it was there, but the purity of it, the crystal purity of it, the divinity of it, the beyondness of it -- it is from eternity, it is not of time. It is not part of this mundane world, it is like a ray coming into a dark hole. It comes from the transcendental. It is absolutely appropriate to call love God, because love is truth. The closest that you come to truth in ordinary life is love.

Osho on Truth

Chidvilas asks: "What is truth?"

Asking has to disappear; only then do you know. If you ask, "What is truth?" what are you asking? If I say A is truth, B is truth, C is truth, will that be the answer? If I say A is truth, then certainly A cannot be the truth: it is something else that I am using as synonymous with truth. If it is absolutely synonymous, then it will be a tautology. Then I can say, "Truth is truth," but that is silly, meaningless. Nothing is solved by it. If it is exactly the same, if A is truth, then it will mean truth is truth. If A is different, is not exactly truth, then I am falsifying. Then to say A is truth will be only approximate. And remember, there cannot be anything approximate. Either truth is or it is not. So I cannot say A is truth.

I cannot even say, "God is truth," because if God is truth then it is a tautology -- "Truth is truth." Then I'm not saying anything. If God is different from truth, then I am saying something, but then I am saying something wrong. Then God is different, then how can he be truth? If I say it is approximate, linguistically it looks alright, but it is not right. 'Approximately' means some lie is there, something false is there. Otherwise, why is it not a hundred percent truth? If it is ninety-nine percent truth then something is there which is not true. And truth and untruth cannot exist together, just as darkness and light cannot exist together -- because darkness is nothing but absence. Absence and presence cannot exist together, truth and untruth cannot exist together. Untruth is nothing but the absence of truth.

So no answer is possible, hence Jesus remained silent. But if you look at it with deep sympathy, if you look into the silence of Jesus, you will have an answer. Silence is the answer. Jesus is saying, "Be silent, as I am silent, and you will know" -- not saying it in words. It is a gesture, it is very, very Zen-like. In that moment when Jesus remained silent, he comes very close to the Zen approach, to the Buddhist approach. He is a Buddha in that moment. Buddha never answered these questions. He had eleven questions listed: wherever he would move his disciples would go around and declare to people, "Never ask these eleven questions of Buddha" -- questions which are fundamental, questions which are really significant. You could ask anything else, and Buddha was always ready to answer. But don't ask the fundamental, because the fundamental can only be experienced. And truth is the most fundamental; the very substance of existence is what truth is.

Go into the question. The question is significant, it is arising in your heart: "What is truth?" -- a desire to know that which is, is arising. Don't push it aside, go into it. Chidvilas, whenever it happens again, close your eyes, go into the question. Let the question become very, very focussed -- "What... is... truth?" Let there arise a great concentration. Forget everything, as if your whole life depends on this simple question, "What is truth?" Let it become a matter of life and death. And don't try to answer it, because you don't know the answer.

Answers may be coming -- the mind always tries to supply answers -- but see the fact that you don't know, that's why you are asking. So how can your mind supply you an answer? The mind knows not, so tell the mind, "Keep quiet." If you know, then there is no need for the question. You don't know, hence the question.

So don't be befooled by the mind's toys. It supplies toys: it says, "Look, it is written in the Bible. Look, it is written in the Upanishads. This is the answer. Look, this is written by Lao Tzu, this is the answer." The mind can throw all kinds of scriptures at you: the mind can quote, the mind can supply from the memory. You have heard many things, you have read many things; the mind carries all those memories. It can repeat in a mechanical way. But look into this phenomenon: that the mind knows not, and all that mind is repeating is borrowed. And the borrowed cannot help.

It happened at a railway crossing. The gates were closed, some train was to pass, and a man was sitting in his car, waiting for the train to pass, reading a book. A drunkard who was just sitting by the side of the gate came close, knocked on the air-conditioned car's window. The man opened the window and said, "What can I do for you? Do you need any help?"

And the bum said, "Yes, for two days I have not eaten anything at all. Can you give me two rupees? That will be enough for me, just two rupees."
The man laughed and said, "Never borrow and never lend money," and showed the book to the bum and said, "Shakespeare -- Shakespeare says so. Look."
The bum pulled out of his pocket a very dirty paperback and said to the man, "You sonofabitch -- D. H. Lawrence."

Beware of the mind. The mind goes on quoting, the mind knows all without knowing at all. The mind is a pretender. See into this phenomenon: this I call insight. It is not a question of thinking. If you think about it, it is again the mind. You have to see through and through. You have to look deeply into the very phenomenon, the functioning of the mind, how the mind functions. It borrows from here and there, it goes on borrowing and accumulating. It is a hoarder, a hoarder of knowledge. Mind becomes very knowledgeable, and then whenever you ask a question which is really important the mind gives a very unimportant answer to it -- futile, superficial, rubbish.

A man bought a parrot from a pet shop. The shop-owner assured him the bird would learn to say hello within half an hour. Back home he spent an hour 'helloing' to the parrot, but not a word from the bird. As he was turning away in sheer despair, the bird said, "Number engaged."

A parrot is a parrot. He must have heard it in the pet shop. And this man was going on and on, "Hello, hello, hello," and the bird was listening, and waiting for him to stop. Then he could say, "Number engaged!"

You can go on asking the mind, "What is truth, what is truth, what is truth?" And the moment you stop, the mind will immediately say, "Number engaged" or something. The mind will give you an answer. Beware of the mind.

The mind is the devil, there is no other devil. And it is your mind. This insight has to be developed -- of looking through and through. Cut the mind in two with a sharp blow of the sword. That sword is awareness. Cut the mind in two and go through it, go beyond it! And if you can go beyond the mind, through the mind, and a moment of no-mind arises in you, there is the answer -- not a verbal answer, not a scripture quoted, not in quotation marks, but authentically yours, an experience. Truth is an existential experience.

The question is immensely significant, but you will have to be very respectful towards the question. Don't be in a hurry to find any answer, otherwise some rubbish will kill the answer. Don't allow your mind to kill the question. And the way of the mind to kill the question is to supply answers, unlived, unexperienced.

You are truth! But it can happen only in utter silence, when not a single thought moves, when the mind has nothing to say, when not a single ripple is in your consciousness. When there is no ripple in your consciousness, your consciousness remains undistorted. When there is a ripple, there is a distortion.

Just go to a lake. Standing on the bank, look down at your reflection. If there are waves, ripples on the lake, and wind is blowing, your reflection is shaky. You cannot figure out what is what -- where is your nose and where are your eyes -- you can only guess. But when the lake is silent and the wind is not blowing and there is not a single ripple on the surface, suddenly you are there. In absolute perfection, the reflection is there. The lake becomes a mirror.

Whenever there is a thought moving in your consciousness it distorts. And there are many thoughts, millions of thoughts, continuously rushing, and it is always rush-hour. Twenty-four hours a day it is rush-hour, and the traffic goes on and on and on, and each thought is associated with thousands of other thoughts. They are all holding hands and linked together and interlinked, and the whole crowd is rushing around you. How can you know what truth is? Get out of this crowd.

That's what meditation is, that's what meditation is all about: a consciousness without mind, a consciousness without thoughts, a consciousness without any wavering -- an unwavering consciousness. Then it is there in all its beauty and benediction. Then truth is there -- call it God, call it nirvana, or whatsoever you like to call it. It is there, and it is there as an experience. You are in it and it is in you.

Use this question. Make it more penetrating. Make it so penetrating; put everything at stake so that the mind cannot befool you by its superficial answers. Once the mind disappears, once the mind is no longer playing its old tricks, you will know what truth is. You will know it in silence. You will know it in thoughtless awareness.

Source - Osho Book "The Heart Sutra"

25-03-2012, 07:50 PM
Osho on Philosophy of Physical Immortality and Christian Science


Question - Beloved Master, Is there any truth in the philosophy of physical immortality which says that it is only our belief in the inevitability of death which produces old age, disease and death? To what extent do our thoughts manifest results?

Osho - John Fisant, man is afraid of death; hence he goes on creating all kinds of stupid ideas. Physical immortality is sheer nonsense because anything that begins is bound to end. Physical immortality is possible only if you are not born through parents but manufactured in a factory. If you are made out of plastic, if you are not a real man, then there is a possibility. Plastic seems to be the only immortal thing.

So if you don't have skin but plastic instead, if you don't have real blood but synthetic blood which you can change any time -- you can go to the petrol pump -- and all that you have in your body -- your bones, your joints, everything -- is replaceable so whenever there is some problem, things can be replaced; you just have to change a few parts and parts will be available.... You may have to go to the garage for a time; a few things may have to be unscrewed and screwed again. Then you can be physically immortal -- but then you will not be a man, you will be a machine.

If you are born you are bound to die. Yes, it is possible your life can be prolonged -- life HAS been prolonged. As medicine has evolved, as scientific technology has come to help human beings, as we have become more and more aware of the secrets of life, life has been prolonged. It may be prolonged from seventy years to seven hundred years, but then too you will not be physically immortal.

And I don't think many people would like to live seven hundred years; even seventy years is too much! People start thinking after a time, "Now it will be better to die." Death is a relief, a relaxation. Everything wants rest; death is going into rest. Your body also gets tired, matter also gets tired. It wants to go back to its original source: water into water and air into air and earth into earth and fire into fire. Everything wants to go back to its source to rest, to rejuvenate itself, and come back again. But man has always cherished these ideas -- physical immortality. And not ordinary people, even people who are thought to be extraordinary, they also go on having such stupid ideas.

Sri Aurobindo and the mother of Sri Aurobindo both believed in physical immortality -- and both died! When Sri Aurobindo died nobody believed it, because all the disciples who had gathered there had gathered for the simple reason that he knows the secret of physical immortality and by being his disciples THEY are going to become physically immortal. How can they believe that he had died?

For three days it was kept a secret that he had died. They waited: he may be in deep samadhi, he may come back. But after three days when they saw no sign of his coming back and his body started stinking, then they had to bury it. Then they hoped that the mother would be immortal. She lived a long life, but a long life does not mean physical immortality. When she died, again they were shocked. Their whole philosophy was confused by these two persons' deaths.

But one thing is good about death: now you cannot ask Sri Aurobindo, "Why have you been telling your whole life that physical immortality is possible, that you know the secret, that you have been able to bring God into the physical world?"

But fools gathered. Fools become attracted always to strange things. Just deep down the fear is there -- nobody wants to die. Why? Why in the first place are you afraid of death? Death is not the enemy. To a man who has really lived, death is the friend. It is like sleep. Nobody wants to remain wakeful twenty-four hours a day.

There are a few people who think that sleep is also just an old habit and they try to reduce it. For centuries they have tried. Yes, it can be reduced, it can be reduced to two hours because two hours is the essential sleep; you also sleep only two hours in a deep way. Somewhere between two and four or three and five you sleep for two hours very deeply; those are the refreshing moments. All dreaming disappears, you are almost dead. Hence the ancients used to say sleep is a small death. But people have been trying to avoid sleep also.

The logic is: if you can avoid sleep then you can one day avoid death too. If sleep is a small death and you have conquered sleep, you will be able to conquer the big sleep, death, too. But why? What is wrong in dying? The people who are afraid of death are the people who have not really lived their lives. They are not afraid of death, they are simply afraid that they have not lived yet and death has come.

Rather than thinking of physical immortality, think of living your life totally. While you are here, live your life in a multidimensional richness. And then when death comes you will feel it as a crescendo, as a peak, as an ultimate -- life reaching to the highest -- and you will enjoy death as much as you have enjoyed life. You will be utterly satisfied with death because it will give you rest, relaxation; it will renew you. It will take away the old garments and it will give you new garments. But people go on philosophizing. They have created things like Christian Science, mind over matter. They think that if you believe that you are not going to die then you will not die.

I heard about a man who was a Christian Scientist. One day he met a young man. He asked the young man, "Any news about your father?"
The young man said, "He is very ill."
The Christian Scientist said, "All nonsense! Tell him, 'Mind over matter.' He believes he is ill, that's all; it is his belief that is creating illness. Don't believe in illness and you will be healthy."
After a few days again the young man came across this Christian Scientist, and the Christian Scientist asked, "How are things now with your old man? How is he?"
And the young man said, "Now he believes that he is dead."

It is not a question of belief: illness has a reality, and death too has a reality. Yes, by believing also you can create a few illnesses -- which are false, bogus -- and by disbelieving in them you can destroy them. But you cannot destroy a real illness; the illness has to be false in the first place. If you BELIEVE in it and create it, then by disbelieving in it, it can be dropped.

But death is not your belief; otherwise why do animals die? They don't believe, they don't believe that they are going to die. Why do trees die? They don't believe that they are going to die, they don't have any belief system. Why do stars and suns and moons die? Why do earths die? They don't believe; death is a universal phenomenon, it happens everywhere. It is part of life; it is the other side of the coin. I am not in any support of Christian Science. It is neither science nor Christian -- it is simply nonsense.

Two middle-aged men were walking off the tennis court after only a few minutes of play. The older, somewhat corpulent fellow was puffing heavily.
"I guess I am in pretty poor shape," he confessed ruefully.
"How long have you been playing, Herbie?" asked the young man.
"About two weeks."
"Then let me give you a little practical advice. Try the Christian Science way -- mind over matter."
"I already have," admitted the fat one. "When my opponent serves the ball to me, my Christian Science mind says, 'Now, Herbie, you just race right up to the net, slam a blistering drive to the far corner of the court and then jump back into position.' That's exactly what my Christian Science mind tells me....
"But my Jewish body says, 'Herbie, to make a schlemiel out of yourself you don't need!'"

In fact, body and mind are not two things: the body is the outer side of the mind, the mind is the inner side of the body. To use the phrase 'body AND mind' is not right; you are bodymind, not even a hyphen in between. We should use it as a single word 'bodymind', 'psychosomatic'. So of course, your inner affects your outer, your outer affects your inner -- you are bodymind -- but you are not finished with the bodymind. There is a witness also.

John Fisant, rather than bothering about physical immortality, get in touch with your witnessing soul which watches the body and mind both. It watches life, it watches death; hence it transcends life and death both. Only this witness is immortal because it is never born and it never dies.

The Zen people call it the original face. This witnessing is your original face. And meditation is nothing but an art to discover your original face. You are immortal, but not physically; just in your awareness, in your consciousness you ARE immortal, you are universal.

Source - Osho Book "The Dhammapada, Vol 10"

26-03-2012, 12:01 AM
Tera Incognita _6 - YouTube

26-03-2012, 02:52 AM
Beloved Master, What is the definition of a Pessimist?


Osho - Shivananda, a pessimist is an optimist who has become frustrated with his optimism. He hoped too much and failed, he dreamed too much and could not achieve anything substantial. The pessimist is an optimist standing on his head; they are not different fellows -- that's what I want to make clear to you. Unless you have been an optimist you can never be a pessimist. First you have to become an optimist.

And each child is brought up with great optimism. All parents think that they have great children. Ask any mother: she thinks she has the unique child; the most superior, rare, incomparable. Each mother brags about the child. Parents bring up children with great optimism that they are going to be Alexander the Greats or Jesus Christs or Gautam Buddhas.

But slowly slowly life proves just the contrary. Slowly slowly, the child becomes aware of his ordinariness. He becomes aware that these great dreams, that these great ambitions, cannot be fulfilled. And by the time one is coming closer to forty, forty-two, pessimism starts settling -- gloom, darkness....

Now medical science is aware that most heart attacks happen nearabout forty to forty-four, between those four years. Most people go mad between those four years, forty to forty-four. Psychologists, psychoanalysts, are aware that that is the most dangerous time. If you can remain sane beyond forty-four, that means you will remain sane. But many people fall flat.

And don't think that if you are sane even beyond forty-four... that does not mean that you are very intelligent. It may only be that you are very dull and it takes a long time for you to understand. It may only be that you are very insensitive. It may only be that you are foolhardy, that you don't listen to life, what life is saying, that you go on hoping.
But sooner or later, a person starts feeling that life has gone down the drain. Optimism turns sour and becomes pessimism. Optimism, that hopefulness, turns upside-down; a hopelessness settles in. Then everything looks dark and dismal.

First you used to count the roses, now you start counting the thorns. First you used to say, "How beautiful this roseflower and what a miracle! It grows amongst thousands of thorns." You were poetic, you had some aesthetic sense; you still believed that life is going to be a fulfillment.

But soon the day comes when the roses start fading away and you start counting the thorns, and you cannot believe in the roses anymore. You start saying, "It is impossible! The rose must be a dream, the rose must be MAYA, illusion, hallucination. How is it possible amongst thousands of thorns, how is a rose possible?" It looks contradictory, it looks illogical, it cannot happen in the nature of things. You start counting nights; before, you used to count days.

The optimist says, "There are two days, and between two days just a small night to rest." And the pessimist counts the nights; he says, "There are two long nights -- nightmares, ugly dreams, tortures -- and just a small day sandwiched between the two." Life is the same: you can count the days or you can count the nights. If you count the days you are an optimist, if you count the nights you are a pessimist, but there is really no difference.

The optimist can become a pessimist, the pessimist can become an optimist. They are not contraries; they are two points on the same spectrum. One has to go beyond both, Shivananda. A sannyasin has to go beyond both -- neither hope nor hopelessness. No need to count days, no need to count nights. Be a watcher! No need to count thorns, no need to count roses. Be a watcher....

I don't teach you optimism. In the West it is very fashionable nowadays; it is called "positive thinking." That is a new name for optimism; the old name has become a little too out of fashion, out-of-date. The new name is positive thinking. I don't teach you positive thinking, because positive thinking carries the negative in its wake.

I teach you transcendence -- neither positive nor negative. Be a watcher: witness both. When there is day, witness the day, and when there is night, witness the night -- and don't get identified with either. You are neither the day nor the night; you are the transcendental consciousness. Become more and more centered there in that transcendence. True religion is not positive, nor is it negative. It is neither via negativa nor via positiva; it is via transcendence.

One September morning after Labor Day, Levin and Ostrow met for lunch. They had not seen each other for several months. "I have just lived through a summer I never thought I would see," said Levin. "June was a disaster -- never have I seen a June like that. When July came, I realized that June was terrific, because with July I went right into the cellar. July was so bad...."

"For heaven's sake!" interrupted Ostrow. "Why are you coming to me with these piddling matters? You wanna hear real trouble? I got it. Yesterday my only son came home, told me he is gonna marry another fella. My boy is a homosexual! What could be worse than that?"
"I will tell you," said Levin, "August!"

Just wait! There are people who are continuously looking for the negative -- and if you look for the negative you will find it, because the negative is there in the same proportion as the positive. If you look for the positive, you will find the positive. But by finding the positive you cannot destroy the negative; the negative is there, side by side. They are always together like negative and positive poles of electricity. You can't have electricity with one pole, you will need both.

Life needs both: thorns and roses, days and nights, happiness/unhappiness, birth/death.
Be a witness to it all and you will know something that is beyond birth, beyond death; something that is beyond darkness and beyond light; something that is beyond happiness, beyond unhappiness. Buddha has called it peace, nirvana.

Source - Osho Book "The Dhammapada, Vol4"

26-03-2012, 04:42 AM

:D Found this ,don't know if it is photoshoped, but its funny anyway.

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Osho Resort

my hero
26-03-2012, 02:32 PM

The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Glimpses into the life of the controversial 'guru'
Times of India/December 21, 2003

From black slippers, an ordinary watch and an unstitched white cloth to Rolls Royces, diamond-studded Swiss watches, rich flowing gowns and Gucci goggles. This is the story of Osho, who first came into the limelight as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

For the first time ever, the Osho Commune International here has organised a public screening of rare film and video footage providing extraordinary glimpses into the public and private life of the late controversial mystic (1931-1990). The commune will be screening a series of 14 films on Osho, ranging in duration from 25 minutes to an hour, during the Osho Film Festival from January 3-18.

The films capture the gradual transformation of Rajneesh over the 30 years of his public life (1960-1990) from Acharya to Bhagwan and then Osho, his earliest lectures in Mumbai and the birth of the Rajneesh "Ashram" in Pune. The films also depict the time when Rajneesh began embracing the comforts of life after staying briefly at the residence of a rich disciple at Woodlands Apartment, Peddar Road (Mumbai), and after the trickling in of his foreign disciples.

The shifting of the commune from Pune to Oregon , USA , in 1981, his expulsion from America that was followed by a 21-nation tour in his private jet and his eventual return to Pune in 1987 are among the events chronicled in the documentaries. While The Rising Moon documentary is based on archival material from 1968 to 1975, showing the arrival of his foreign disciples, Death - the Greatest Fiction is devoted to his philosophy on death.

This film, as with some others, carries footage of the celebration that followed his death in Pune on January 19, 1990 . "This is the first time ever that we are showing these films. A lot of people are curious and we expect large crowds at the festival," Amrit Sadhana, a member of the commune's "management team", said while speaking to TNN. The main feature of the festival is rarely seen footage of Osho, said Lolita, an American follower, who organised the festival after going through 5,000 videos in the Osho archive.

Osho's death in 1990, in Pune, was closely guarded by his followers. He left behind vast wealth, which is now controlled by a number of trusts headed by his followers. With a penchant for attracting controversies, Osho was dubbed as a "sex guru" by the media even as he gave captivating discourses, invented meditation techniques and spoke openly against traditional religions.

As is seen through the films, the earliest followers of this exprofessor of philosophy at Sagar University , Jabalpur , were Indians who stood by him when he delivered his first controversial discourse, "From Sex to Superconsciousness" at Gowalia Tank, Mumbai, in the 1960s.

Rajneesh's earliest discourses while sitting on a simple wooden platform at the Palm Beach high school, Mumbai, in 1968 show the firm following that he had in those initial years - a number of Gujarati, Maharashtrian and north Indian men and women. Bald, with deep piercing eyes and a black, flowing beard, images of Rajneesh conducting his earliest "Dynamic" and "Kundalini" meditation camps are fascinating in The Rising Moon documentary.

The documentaries show his shifting from Mumbai to Pune as he travelled on the Mumbai-Pune highway in a flower-bedecked Impala car in 1974. His new address was 17, Koregaon Park. As the number of his foreign disciples increased steadily, Osho began using a Rolls Royce instead of a Fiat or an Impala. He also replaced his white garb of an Acharya and "Bhagwan" with rich, flowing robes and a cap, a diamond-studded watch and designer goggles.

26-03-2012, 04:42 PM

Rick Ross and the Rick Ross Institute PDF

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Mental Instability

Ross has an extensive history of mental instability and dangerous conduct dating back to childhood, which psychiatrists concluded stems from his anti-social, manipulative behavior and his sexual problems.

A report on Rick Ross dated March 29, 1967, by Dr. Harold McNeely, a clinical psychologist, describes Ross’ mental and emotional problems as a child.

A September 10, 1975, report from Dr. Jerome J. Kaye, stated that Rick Ross had been under his care from 1957 through September 1971. In 1965, at age 10, Ross was put on the psychiatric drugs “Deaner” and “Librium” which he took daily in an attempt to suppress his anti-social behavior.

A November 26, 1975, report by Dr. Thomas O’Brien states that Ross is “an opportunist” and that during Ross’ second jailing, he showed “many signs of serious psychological decompensation”. Apparently during his second jailing (for the jewelry theft) Ross made a serious suicide attempt.

The January 14, 1976, “Presentence Investigation” of Rick Ross for the jewelry store embezzlement describes the July 23,1975, incident and states that he has spent six weeks in jail since being arrested. Ross stated that he was seeking help from the Fillmore Mental Clinic.

This report recommended Ross serve a maximum term in the state prison. A March 25, 1976, Arizona State Hospital report on Rick Ross by Dr. Domiclano E. Santos states that Ross sought help at the Fillmore Mental Health Services because of “anxiety, depression and sexual problems.”

Dr. Domiclano reports that he saw Ross as:

“an arrogant, self-centered individual with some hostile tendencies” and as “an individual who has sociopathic inclinations”

He further stated that:

“Ricky has a personality disturbance which started even as a child. & He does not seem to profit from his past experiences and cannot realize that he has a responsibility to society to control his behavior & [H]e does not seem to identify himself with society and its laws, and believes that punishments are an injustice.”

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Rick Ross Psychiatric record of mental instability,Suicide Attempts, Criminal records, Jail time, and all documents of court, police, lawyers, judges and their observations on Mr. Ross.

Although Rick Ross promotes himself as a professional “cult expert”, a review of
his educational background shows that quite apart from being anti-Christian (he refers
to Christians as Bible bangers) has no religious educational credentials whatsoever. To
the contrary, his only formal education is a high school diploma. Self-aggrandizement
and personal financial reward seem to be Ross’ primary motive for his attacks on
Christians and members of other faiths.

As documented herein, an unbiased review of Ross’ activities overwhelmingly
supports the conclusion that Ross systematically engages in anti-social and often illegal
activity and disguises this in the name of “help.” “Deprogramming,” which appears to
be his main source of income, is such an activity.

Ross specializes in garnering media attention to create fear and suspicion in the
family members of individuals in minority religious groups. He then exploits this fear to
get them to pay him thousands of dollars in fees to coerce people out of their chosen
religious affiliation. Close scrutiny of Ross’ “successful” deprogrammings very often
finds broken families and dehumanized individuals who were coerced, lied to,
brainwashed and degraded by deprogrammers into renouncing their religious beliefs.

Public records reveal that Ross has been the subject of at least three arrests,
including an attempted burglary, embezzlement of $100,000 worth of jewelry from a
jewelry store, and kidnapping. Two of these arrests resulted in convictions. In the
third, Ross’ co-conspirators plead guilty to lesser charges while Ross evaded being
found guilty. Ross was sued civilly by the victim in the same kidnapping incident and
was punished by the jury for over $3 million in compensatory and punitive damages.
Although Ross claims in media interviews that his criminal activity ceased with
the 1975 jewelry heist, which he brushes off as an act of his youth for which he has
taken responsibility, Ross has continued his pattern and practice of criminal activity
against others. For example, in the above mentioned civil kidnapping case, the verdict
issued by the jury stated that Ross had “acted recklessly in a way that is so outrageous
in character and so extreme as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and to be
regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

rights of others, when Ross challenged the finding in the civil kidnapping case, the
Court upheld the punitive damages award and observed, “A large award of punitive
damages is also necessary under the recidivism and mitigation aspects of the factors
cited in Haslip. Specifically, the Court notes that Mr. Ross himself testified.

Although Ross claims in media interviews that his criminal activity ceased with
the 1975 jewelry heist, which he brushes off as an act of his youth for which he has
taken responsibility, Ross has continued his pattern and practice of criminal activity
against others. For example, in the above mentioned civil kidnapping case, the verdict
issued by the jury stated that Ross had “acted recklessly in a way that is so outrageous
in character and so extreme as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency and to be
regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community."

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There is no such thing.

Disciples in the past have created organizations. That was their relationship, that "we are Christians," that
"we are Mohammedans," that "we belong to one religion, to one faith and because we belong to one faith,
we are brothers and sisters. We will live for the faith and we will die for the faith."

All organizations have arisen out of the relationships between disciples.

In fact, two disciples are not connected with each other at all.

Each disciple is connected with the master in his individual capacity.

A master can be connected with millions of disciples, but the connection is personal, not organizational.

Disciples don't have any relationship. Yes, they have a certain friendliness, a certain lovingness.

I am avoiding the word `relationship' because that is binding. I am not calling it friendship even, but
`friendliness' -- because they are all fellow travelers walking on the same path, in love with the same master,
but they are related to each other through the master.

They are not related to each other directly.

That has been the most unfortunate thing in the past: that disciples became organized, related amongst
themselves, and they were all ignorant.

And ignorant people can only create more nuisance in the world than anything else. All the religions
have done exactly that.

My people are related to me individually. And because they are on the same path, certainly they become
acquainted with each other. A friendliness arises, a loving atmosphere, but I don't want to call it any kind of

We have suffered too much because of disciples getting directly related to each other, creating religions,
sects, cults, and then fighting. They cannot do anything else.

At least with me, remember it: you are not related to each other in any way at all.

Just a liquid friendliness, not a solid friendship, is enough -- and far more beautiful, and without any
possibility of harming humanity in the future.

Beyond enlightenment, Osho

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"Each man considers himself to be independent, and this is the biggest of falsehoods. As long as man believes he is a free soul, he will do nothing towards attaining freedom. Therefore it is very necessary to be aware first – that we are not free. And when I say ”we”, I do not refer to my neighbours alone. I include myself. I am a slave and it is absolutely necessary that I undergo the entire pain and anguish of this slavery. It is necessary to experience all its different dimensions as well as the various directions from which this holds us in thrall. In what shape and manner it rides over us; what the links are that holds us captive – all this must be known. It is impossible to break down this spiritual slavery without being fully acquainted with it. If a man wants to escape from prison, what would he do? First of all he has to understand and accept that he is a prisoner and that he is in prison. Then he has to know his prison, every nook and corner of it, for then only can he plan his escape. The more familiar he is with the prison house, the easier will be the escape. That is why care is taken that the prisoner does not know the lay-out of the jail. Once he knows, he is dangerous and can break through anytime; for knowledge always liberates."


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"Each man considers himself to be independent, and this is the biggest of falsehoods. As long as man believes he is a free soul, he will do nothing towards attaining freedom. Therefore it is very necessary to be aware first – that we are not free. And when I say ”we”, I do not refer to my neighbours alone. I include myself. I am a slave and it is absolutely necessary that I undergo the entire pain and anguish of this slavery. It is necessary to experience all its different dimensions as well as the various directions from which this holds us in thrall. In what shape and manner it rides over us; what the links are that holds us captive – all this must be known. It is impossible to break down this spiritual slavery without being fully acquainted with it. If a man wants to escape from prison, what would he do? First of all he has to understand and accept that he is a prisoner and that he is in prison. Then he has to know his prison, every nook and corner of it, for then only can he plan his escape. The more familiar he is with the prison house, the easier will be the escape. That is why care is taken that the prisoner does not know the lay-out of the jail. Once he knows, he is dangerous and can break through anytime; for knowledge always liberates."


Interesting. Here he is talking about all of us who live and believe in society thinking we are free. Thanks for the quote lonestar.

"Once he knows, he is dangerous and can break through anytime; for knowledge always liberates."

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Ancient Music in the Pines
Chapter #1
Chapter title: A Zen Story











Being is one, the world is many...and between the two is the divided mind, the dual mind. It is just like a
big tree, an ancient oak: the trunk is one, then the tree divides into two main branches, the main bifurcation,
from which a thousand and one bifurcations of branches grow. The being is just like the trunk of the tree --
one, non-dual -- and the mind is the first bifurcation where the tree divides into two, becomes dual, becomes
dialectical: thesis and antithesis, man and woman, yin and yang, day and night, God and Devil, yoga and
Zen. All the dualities of the world are basically in the duality of the mind -- and below the duality is oneness
of being. If you slip below, underneath the duality you will find one -- call it God, call it nirvana, or
whatsoever you like.

If you go higher through the duality, you come to the many million-fold world.
This is one of the most basic insights to be understood -- that mind is not one.

Hence, whatsoever you see through the mind becomes two. It is just like a white ray entering a prism; it
is immediately divided into seven colors and the rainbow is created. Before it entered the prism it was one,
through the prism it is divided. and the white color disappears into the seven colors of the rainbow.

The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray.
Modern research has come to a very significant fact, one of the most significant achieved in this century,
and that is that you don't have one mind, you have two minds. Your brain is divided into two hemispheres:
the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is joined with the left hand, and the left
hemisphere is joined with the right hand -- crosswise. The right hemisphere is intuitive, illogical, irrational,
poetic, platonic, imaginative, romantic, mythical, religious; and the left hemisphere is logical, rational,
mathematical, Aristotelian, scientific, calculative. These two hemispheres are constantly in conflict -- the
basic politics of the world is within you, the greatest politics of the world is within you. You may not be
aware of it, but once you become aware, the real thing to be done is somewhere between these two minds.

The left hand is concerned with the right hemisphere -- intuition, imagination, myth, poetry, religion --
and the left hand is very much condemned. The society is of those who are right-handed -- right-handed
means left hemisphere. Ten per cent of children are born left-handed but they are forced to be right-handed.

Children who are born left-handed are basically irrational, intuitive, non-mathematical, non-Euclidean...
they are dangerous for society so it forces them in every way to become right-handed. It is not just a
question of hands, it is a question of inner politics: the left-handed child functions through the right
hemisphere -- that society cannot allow, it is dangerous, so he has to be stopped before things go too far.

It is suspected that in the beginning the proportion must have been fifty-fifty -- left-handed children fifty
per cent and right-handed children fifty per cent -- but the right-handed party has ruled so long that by and
by the proportion has fallen to ten per cent and ninety per cent. Even amongst you here many will be
left-handed but you may not be aware of it. You may write with the right hand and do your work with the
right hand but in your childhood you may have been forced to be right-handed. This is a trick because once
you become right-handed your left hemisphere starts functioning. The left hemisphere is reason; the right
hemisphere is beyond reason, its functioning is not mathematical. It functions in flashes, it is intuitive, very
graceful -- but irrational.

The left-handed minority is the most oppressed minority in the world, even more than Negroes, even
more than the poor people. If you understand this division, you will understand many things. With the
bourgeoisie and the proletariat the proletariat is always functioning through the right hemisphere of the
brain: the poor people are more intuitive. Go to the primitive people, they are more intuitive. The poorer the
person, the less intellectual -- and that may be the cause of his being poor. Because he is less intellectual he
cannot compete in the world of reason. He is less articulate as far as language is concerned, reason is
concerned, calculation is concerned -- he is almost a fool. That may be the cause of his being poor.

The rich person is functioning through the left hemisphere; he is more calculative, arithmetical in
everything, cunning, clever, logical -- and he plans. That may be the reason why he is rich.

The bourgeoisie and the proletariat cannot disappear by communist revolutions, no, because the
communist revolution is by the same people. The Czar ruled Russia; he ruled it through the left hemisphere
of the mind. Then he was replaced by Lenin who was of the same type. Then Lenin was replaced by Stalin
who was even more of the same type. The revolution is false because deep down the same type of people
are ruling -- the ruler and the ruled mean the same, and the ruled are those of the right-sided hemisphere. So
whatsoever you do in the outside world makes no difference really, it is superficial.

The same applies to men and women. Women are right-hemisphere people, men are left-hemisphered.
Men have ruled women for centuries. Now a few women are revolting but the amazing thing is that these
are the same type of women. In fact they are just like men -- rational, argumentative, Aristotelian. It is
possible that one day, just as the communist revolution has succeeded in Russia and China, somewhere,
maybe in America, women can succeed and overthrow men. But by the time the women succeed, the
women will no more be women, they will have become left-hemisphered. Because to fight, one has to be
calculative, and to fight with men you have to be like men: aggressive. That very aggressiveness is shown
all over the world in women's liberation. Women who have become part of that liberation movement are
very aggressive, they are losing all grace, all that comes out of intuition. Because if you have to fight with
men you have to learn the same trick; if you have to fight with men, you have to fight with the same
techniques. Fighting with anybody is very dangerous because you become like your enemy. That is one of
the greatest problems of humanity. Once you fight with somebody, by and by you have to use the same
technique and the same way. Then the enemy may be defeated but by the time he is defeated you have
become your own enemy. Stalin is more Czar-like than any Czar, more violent than any Czar. Of course it
has to be so: to throw Czars, very violent people are needed, more violent than the Czar himself. Only they
will become the revolutionaries, will come out on top. By the time they reach there they have become Czars
themselves, and the society continues on the same way. Just superficial things change, deep down the same
conflict remains.

The conflict is in man. Unless it is resolved there, it cannot be resolved anywhere else. The politics is
within you; it is between the two parts of the mind.
A very small bridge exists. If that bridge is broken through some accident, through some physiological
defect or something else, the person becomes split, the person becomes two persons -- and the phenomenon
of schizophrenia or split personality happens. If the bridge is broken -- and the bridge is very fragile -- then
you become two, you behave like two persons. In the morning you are very loving, very beautiful; in the
evening you are very angry, absolutely different. You don't remember your morning... how can you
remember? Another mind was functioning -- and the person becomes two persons. If this bridge is
strengthened so much that the two minds disappear as two and become one, then integration, then
crystallization, arises. What George Gurdjieff used to call the crystallization of being is nothing but these
two minds becoming one, the meeting of the male and the female within, the meeting of yin and yang, the
meeting of the left and right, the meeting of logic and illogic, the meeting of Plato and Aristotle.

If you can understand this basic bifurcation in your tree of then you can understand all the conflict that
goes on around and inside you.
Let me tell you an anecdote.

Among the Germans, Berlin is considered to be the very epitome of Prussian brusqueness and
efficiency, while Vienna is the essence of Austrian charm and slipshoddery.
There is the tale of a Berliner visiting Vienna who was lost and in need of directions. What would such a
Berliner do? He grabbed at the lapel of the first passing Viennese and barked out, 'The Post Office. Where is

The startled Viennese carefully detached the other's fist, smoothed his lapel and said in a gentle manner,
'Sir, would it not have been more delicate of you to have approached me politely and to have said. "Sir, if
you have a moment and happen to know, could you direct me to the Post Office?"'
The Berliner stared in astonishment for a moment, then growled, 'I would rather be lost!' and stomped

That very same Viennese was visiting Berlin too that year and it turned out that now it was he who had
to search for the Post Office. Approaching a Berliner he said politely, 'Sir, if you have a moment and happen
to know, could you please direct me to the Post Office?'
With machine-like rapidity the Berliner replied,
'About face, two blocks forward, sharp turn right, one block forward, cross a street, half turn on the right,
walk left over railroad tracks, pass news-stand into Post Office lobby.'
The Viennese, more bewildered than enlightened, nevertheless murmured, 'A thousand thanks, kind sir,'
whereupon the Berliner snatched furiously at the other's lapel and shouted, 'Never mind the thanks, repeat
the instructions!'

The male mind, the Berliner; the female mind, the Viennese. The female mind has a grace, the male
mind has efficiency. and of course, in the long run, if there is a constant fight, the grace is bound to be
defeated -- the efficient mind will win. because the world understands the language of mathematics not of
love. But the moment your efficiency wins over your grace, you have lost something tremendously
valuable: you have lost contact with your own being. You may become very efficient, but you will be no
more a real person. You will become a machine, a robot-like thing.
Because of this here is constant conflict between man and woman. They cannot remain separate, they
have to get into relationship again and again -- but they cannot remain together either. The fight is not
outside, the fight is within you. And this is my understanding: unless you have resolved your inner fight
between the right and the left hemispheres, you will never be able to be peacefully in love -- never --
because the inner fight will be reflected outside. If you are fighting inside and you are identified with the
left hemisphere, the reason hemisphere, and you are continuously trying to overpower the right hemisphere,
you will try to do the same with the woman you fall in love with. If the woman is continuously fighting her
own reason inside, she will continuously fight the man she loves.
All relationships -- almost all, the exceptions are negligible, can be left out of account -- are ugly. In the
beginning they are beautiful; in the beginning you don't show the reality; in the beginning you pretend.

Once the relationship settles and you relax, your inner conflict bubbles up and starts being mirrored in your
relationship. Then come fights, then come a thousand and one ways of nagging each other, destroying each
other. Hence the attraction for homosexuality. Whenever a society becomes too divided between man and
woman, homosexuality erupts immediately. Because at least a man in love with a man is not that much in
conflict. The love relationship may not be very satisfying, may not lead to tremendous bliss and orgasmic
moments, but at least it is not so ugly as the relationship between a man and a woman. Women become
lesbians whenever the conflict becomes too much, because at least the love relationship between two
women is not so deep in conflict. The same meets the same; they can understand each other.
Yes, understanding is possible, but the attraction is lost, the polarity is lost -- it is at a very great cost.

Understanding is possible, but the whole tension, the challenge, is lost. If you choose challenge, then comes
conflict, because the real problem is somewhere within you. Unless you have settled, come to a deep
harmony between your female and male mind, you will not be able to love.
People come to me and they ask how to go deep in a relationship, I tell them, 'First you go deep in
meditation. Unless you are resolved within yourself you will create more problems than you already have. If
you move in relationship, all your problems will be multiplied. Just watch. The greatest and the most
beautiful thing in the world is love but can you find anything more ugly, more hell-creating?'
Mulla Nasruddin once told me, 'Well, I have been putting off the evil day for months but I have got to
go this time.'
'Dentist or doctor?' I inquired.

'Neither,' he said, 'I am getting married.'

People go on avoiding marriage, people go on putting it off. When some day they find it impossible to
get out of it only then they relax. Where is the problem? Why are people so afraid of getting deeply
involved? Involvement immediately creates fear; commitment immediately creates fear -- and the modern
man wants to have sex but no love.
A woman told me that she wants sex only with strangers. Traveling in a train, meeting with a stranger --
that's okay -- but not even with someone who is friendly or familiar. I asked, 'Why?' She said that once you
make love to someone who is known to you, some involvement starts. In a train, on a journey, you meet,
make love, you don't know even what the other person's name is, who he is, from where he comes. You get
down when your station comes and he moves away, forgotten forever; he leaves no scratch, you remain
completely clean. You come out of it completely clean and unscratched.
I can understand. This is the difficulty of the whole modern mind. All relationships are becoming by and
by casual. People are afraid of any sort of commitment,, because they have come to know at least one thing
out of bitter experience -- whenever you become related too much, the reality erupts, and your inner conflict
starts being reflected by the other and then life becomes ugly, horrible, intolerable.

It happened once that I was sitting with a few friends in a university campus ground. One of the
professors said, 'On the day my wedding occurred....'

But the other professor stopped him immediately and said 'Pardon the correction, but affairs such as
marriages, receptions, dinners, and things of that nature, take place. It is only calamities which occur. You
see the distinction? Please don't say, "The day my marriage occurred, or the day my wedding occurred."'

The other was a professor of language and of course he was right. But the first man said, 'Yes, many,
many things...' and again started, 'And as I was saying, the day my wedding occurred....It is a calamity.'
If you are outside of it, it may look like a beautiful oasis in the desert but as you come close the oasis
starts drying and disappearing. Once you are caught in it, it is an imprisonment, but remember, the
imprisonment doesn't come from the other, it comes from within you.

If the left-hemisphere brain goes on dominating you, you will live a very successful life -- so successful
that by the time you are forty you will have ulcers; by the time you are forty-five you will have had at least
one or two heart-attacks; by the time you are fifty you will be almost dead -- but successfully dead. You
may become a great scientist, but you will never become a great being. You may accumulate enough of
wealth, but you will lose all that is of worth. You may conquer the whole world like an Alexander, but your
own inner territory will remain unconquered.

There are many attractions to follow the left-hemisphere brain -- that is the worldly brain. It is more
concerned with things: cars, money, houses, power, prestige. That is the orientation of the man who in India
we call a GRUSTHA, a householder.
The right-hemisphere brain is the orientation of the SANNYASIN. one who is more interested in his
own inner being, his inner peace, his blissfulness, and is less concerned about things. If they come easily,
good; if they don't come that is also good. He is more concerned with the moment, less concerned with the
future; more concerned with the poetry of life, less concerned with the arithmetic of it.
I have heard an anecdote.

Finkelstein had made a huge killing at the races and Muscovitz, quite understandably, was envious.
'How did you do it, Finkelstein?' he demanded.
'Easy,' said Finkelstein, 'it was a dream.'
'A dream?'
'Yes; I had figured out a three-horse parley, but I was not sure about the third horse. Then the night before, I
dreamed that an angel was standing over the head of my bed and kept saying, 'Blessings on you, Finkelstein,
seven times seven blessings on you.' When I woke up I realized that seven times seven is forty-eight and
that horse number seventy-eight was Heavenly Dream. I made Heavenly Dream the third horse in my parley
and I just cleaned up, simply cleaned up.'
Muscovitz said, 'But Finkelstein, seven times seven is forty-nine!'
And Finkelstein said, 'So you be the mathematician.'

There is a way to follow life through arithmetic and there is another way to follow life through dream --
through dreams and visions. They are totally different.

Just the other day somebody asked, 'Are there ghosts, fairies, and things like that?' Yes, there are -- if
you move through the right-hemisphere brain, there are. If you move through the left-hemisphere brain,
there are not. All children are right-hemisphered, they see ghosts and fairies all around, but you go on
talking to them and putting them in their places and saying to them, 'Nonsense. You are stupid. Where is the
fairy? There is nothing, just a shadow.' By and by you convince the child, the helpless child; by and by you
convince him and he moves from the right-hemisphered orientation to the left-hemisphered orientation -- he
has to. He has to live in your world: he has to forget his dreams, he has to forget all myth, he has to forget
all poetry, he has to learn mathematics. Of course he becomes efficient in mathematics -- and becomes
almost crippled and paralyzed in life. Existence goes on getting farther and farther away and he becomes
just a commodity in the market, his whole life becomes just rubbish... although, of course, valuable in the
eyes of the world.

A SANNYASIN is one who lives through the imagination, who lives through the dreaming quality of
his mind, who lives through poetry, who poeticizes about life, who looks through visions. Then trees are
greener than they look to you, then birds are more beautiful, then everything takes a luminous quality.

Ordinary pebbles become diamonds; ordinary rocks are no longer ordinary -- nothing is ordinary. If you
look from the right hemisphere, everything becomes Divine, sacred. Religion is from the right hemisphere.

A man was sitting with his friend in a cafeteria drinking tea. He studied his cup and said with a sigh,
'Ah, my friend, life is like a cup of tea.'
The other considered that for a moment and then said, 'But why? Why is life like a cup of tea?'
The first man replied, 'How should I know? Am I a philosopher?'

The right-hemisphere brain only makes statements about facts, it cannot give you reasons. If you ask,
'Why?' it can only remain silent, there comes no response from it. If you are walking and you see a lotus
flower and you say, 'Beautiful!' -- and somebody says, 'Why?' what will you do? You will say, 'How am I to
know? Am I a philosopher?' It is a simple statement, a very simple statement, in itself total, complete.

is no reason behind it and no result beyond it, it is a simple statement of fact. Read the Upanishads -- they
are simple statements of facts. They say, 'God is. Don't ask why.' They will say, 'Are we philosophers? How
are we to know? God is.' They say God is beautiful, they say God is near, closer than your heart, but don't
ask why -- they are not philosophers.

Look at the gospels and the statements of Jesus -- they are simple. He says, 'My God is in heaven. I am
his son, he is my father. Don't ask why.' He will not be able to prove it in a court, he will simply say, 'I
know.' If you ask him by whom he has been told, by what authority he says these things, he will say, 'It is by
my own authority. I have no other authority.' That is the problem when a man like Jesus moves in the world.

The rational mind cannot understand, he was not crucified for any other reason. He was crucified by the left
hemisphere because he was a right-hemisphere man. He was crucified because of the inner conflict.

Lao Tzu says, 'The whole world seems to be clever, only I am muddle-headed; the whole world seems to
be certain, only I am confused and hesitant.' He is a right-hemisphered man.
The right hemisphere is the hemisphere of poetry and love. A great shift is needed; that shift is the inner
transformation. Yoga is an effort to reach the oneness of being through the left hemisphere, using logic,
mathematics, science and trying to go beyond. Zen is just the opposite: the aim is the same but Zen uses the
right hemisphere to go beyond. Both can be used, but to follow yoga is a very, very long path; it is almost
an unnecessary struggle because you are trying to reach from reason to super-reason which is more difficult.

Zen is easier because it is an effort to reach the super-reason from irreason. Irreason is almost like
super-reason -- there are no barriers. Yoga is like penetrating a wall and Zen is like opening a door. The
door may not be closed at all, you just push it a little and it opens.
Now the story. It is one of the most beautiful among Zen anecdotes. Zen people talk through stories.

They have to talk through stories because they cannot create theories and doctrines, they can only tell
stories. They are great story-tellers. Jesus goes on talking in parables, Buddha goes on talking in parables,
Sufi mystics go on talking in parables -- it is not coincidental. The story, the parable, the anecdote, is the
way of the right hemisphere; logic argument, proof, syllogism, is the way of the left hemisphere.

Listen to it.


This story really tells what Zen is like -- without defining, it indicates. A definition is not possible
because Zen in its basic quality is indefinable. You can taste it but you cannot define it; you can live it but
language is not sufficient to say it; you can show it but you cannot say it. But through a story a little bit can
be transferred. And this story really indicates, indicates perfectly the quality of what Zen is like. This is just
a gesture, don't make it a definition, don't philosophize around it, let it be like lightning, a flash of
understanding. It is not going to increase your knowledge but it can give you a shift, a jerk, a change of
gestalt. You can be thrown from one corner of the mind to another...and that is the whole point of the story.


The trade of a burglar is not a scientific thing: it is an art. Burglars are as much born as poets; you
cannot learn, learning won't help. If you learn, you will be caught because then the police know more than
you. They have accumulated centuries of learning. A burglar is a born burglar; he lives through intuition, it
is a knack; he lives through hunches. A burglar is feminine, he is not a businessman; he is a gambler, he
risks all for almost nothing; his whole trade is of danger and risk. It is just like a religious man. Zen people
say that religious people are also like burglars: in search of God they are also burglars. There is no way to
reach God through logic or reason or accepted society, culture, civilization.

They break the wall somewhere,
they enter from the back door If in the daylight it is not allowed, they enter in dark. If it is not possible to
follow the crowd on the super-highway, they make their own individual paths in the forest. Yes, there is a
certain similarity. You can reach God only if you are a burglar, an artist of how to steal the fire, how to steal
the treasure.

The father was going to retire and the son asked, 'Before you retire teach me your trade.'


A real master he must have been, no ordinary burglar...

of course, naturally, what type of teaching is this? He had been thrown in a dangerous situation.

But that is the only way to teach something of the unknown; that is the only way to teach something of
the right-hemisphere brain. The left hemisphere can be taught in schools: learning is possible, discipline is
possible, gradual courses are possible. Then by and by, moving from one class to another, you become
masters of art and science -- many things. But there cannot be any schools for the right hemisphere: it is
intuitive, it is not gradual, it is sudden. It is like a flash, a lightning in the dark night. If it happens, it
happens; if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen -- nothing can be done about it. You can only leave yourself
in a certain situation where there is more possibility for it to happen. That's why I say the old man must have
been a real master.


These are the three states your reason will pass through. In all my meditations the same is being done to
you. Locked in a chest, with the key thrown away, first you feel angry. Many SANNYASINS come to me
and they say they feel very angry with me. I can understand, it is natural -- I am forcing them into situations
where their old mind cannot function. That is the root cause of anger. They simply feel impotent, their old
mind cannot function, they cannot make anything out of it. What is happening? And when you feel a
situation where your mind is simply useless, you feel angry towards me -- angry and then terrified. Then
one understands the whole situation and all that you have learned seems absolutely useless...hence fear.
Now there was no logical way to get out of that chest: it was locked from the outside, the father had
made a noise, the whole house was awake, people were moving around, searching, and the father had
escaped. Now is there any logical way to get out of this chest? Logic simply fails, reason is of no use. What
can you think? Mind suddenly stops -- and that is what the father is doing, that is what it is all about. He is
trying to force the son into a situation where the logical mind stops, because a burglar does not need a
logical mind. If he follows a logical mind he will be caught sooner or later by the police because they also
follow the same logic.

It happened in the second world war. For three years Adolph Hitler continued to win, and the reason was
that he was illogical.. All the other countries that were fighting with him were fighting logically. Of course,
they had a great science of war, military training and this and that, and they had experts who would say,
'Now, Hitler is going to attack from this side.' And if Hitler was also in his senses he would have done that
because that was the weakest point in the enemy's defense. Of course the enemy has to be attacked where he
is the weakest -- it is logical. So they would be expecting Hitler at the weakest point, they would be
gathering around the weakest point and he would hit anywhere, unpredictably. He would not even follow
his own generals' advice.

He had an astrologer who would suggest where to attack. Now this is something never done before -- a
war is not run by astrologers. Once Churchill understood, once the spies came with the report that they were
not going to win with this man because he was absolutely illogical; that a foolish astrologer who didn't
know anything about war, who had never been on the front, was deciding things, deciding by the stars --
what have stars got to do with a war going on on the earth? -- then Churchill immediately appointed a royal
astrologer to the king and they started following the royal astrologer. Then things started falling in line
because now two fools were predicting.... Things became easier.
If a burglar is going to follow Aristotle he will be caught sooner or later because the same Aristotelian
logic is followed by the police. Just few days before, Vedanta did a beautiful thing: he escaped with the
ashram jeep. Of course the police had to be informed. Everybody was expecting that he would go towards
Chanda, because he had been saying that he wanted to go to Chanda and re-open an old ashram which used
to be there -- Kailash. Had he gone towards there the police may not have follow, but the police were
thinking logically and they said, 'If he had been saying that he was going towards Chanda he will not go to
Chanda now because he will be afraid he will be caught on that road. He is not going there.' So they were
not worried about that road and, of course, Vedanta was caught in Lonavalla. He was going towards
Bombay. But the police also followed the same logic.

If you go through logic, then anybody who follows the logical method can catch you anywhere.
A burglar has to be unpredictable, logic is not possible. He has to be illogical -- so much so that nobody
can predict him. But illogic is possible only if your whole energy moves through the right hemisphere.


'How?' is a logical question. Hence he was terrified because there was no way -- 'How?' was simply
impotent. Then an idea flashed to him. Now this is a shift: only in dangerous situations where the left
hemisphere cannot function, does it, as a last resort. allow the right hemisphere to have its say. When it
cannot function, when it feels that now there is no go, now it is defeated, then it says why not give a chance
to the oppressed, to the imprisoned part of the mind? Give that too a chance. Maybe...there can be no harm.

Now this is not logical. Making a noise like a cat? Simply an absurd idea. But it worked.

This too is not of the logical mind. Because the logical mind needs time -- the logical mind needs time to
proceed, to think, to argue this way and that, all the alternatives -- and there are a thousand and one
alternatives. When you are in a situation there is no time to think. If people are pursuing you -- how can you
think? Thinking is good when you are sitting in an armchair. With your closed eyes you can philosophize
and think and argue, for this and against that, pro and con; but when people are pursuing you and your life is
in danger you have no time to think -- one lives in the moment, one simply becomes spontaneous. It is not
that he decided to throw the stone, it simply happened. It was not a conclusion, he was not thinking about
doing it, he simply found himself doing it. He threw a stone in the well and hid himself in the darkness, and
the pursuers stopped, thinking the burglar had drowned himself in the well.


What is the point of telling the details? They are useless. Details are useless as far as intuition is
concerned because intuition is never a repetition. Details are meaningful as far as logic is concerned. So,
logical people go on into minute details so that if the same situation happens again they will be in control
and they will know what to do.

But in the life of a burglar the same situation never happens again. And in real life also the same
situation never happens again. If you have conclusions in your mind you will become almost dead, you will
not be responding. In life, response is needed, not reaction: you have to act out of nowhere, with no
conclusions inside. With no center you have to act -- you have to act into the unknown from the unknown.
And this is what Goso Hoyen used to say when people asked him what Zen is like. This story he would

Zen is exactly like burglary: it is an art, it is not a science; it is feminine, it is not male; it is not
aggressive, it is receptive; it is not a well-planned methodology; it is a spontaneity. It has nothing to do with
theories, hypotheses, doctrines, scriptures; it has something to do with only one thing -- that is, awareness.

What happened in that moment when the boy was inside the chest? In such a danger you cannot be
sleepy, in such a danger your consciousness becomes very sharp, has to. Life is at stake, you are totally
awake -- that's how one should be totally awake each moment. And when you are totally awake, this shift
happens: from the left hemisphere the energy moves to the right hemisphere. Whenever you are alert, you
become intuitive; flashes come to you, flashes from the unknown, out of the blue. You may not follow them
-- then you will miss much.

In fact all the great discoveries in science come from the right hemisphere also, not from the left. You
must have heard about Madam Curie, the only woman who got a Nobel Prize. She had been working hard
for three years on a certain mathematical problem but could not solve it. She worked hard. argued from this
way and that, but there was no way. One night. tired. exhausted. she fell asleep -- and while she was falling
asleep then too she was trying to solve the problem. In the night she awoke. walked, wrote the answer on
some paper. came back. and went to sleep. In the morning she found the answer there on the table but she
could not believe who had done it. Nobody could do it! The servant -- you could not expect him to do it; he
did not know anything about mathematics. She remembered well that last night she had tried her best and
could not do it. What had happened? Then she tried to remember -- because the handwriting was hers.

tried to remember...and then a faint remembrance came: as if in a dream she had walked to the table and

From where had this answer come? It could not be from the left hemisphere. the left had been working
hard for three years. And there was no process on the paper, just the conclusion. If it had come from the left
there would have been a process, it goes step by step. But this was like a flash -- the same kind of flash that
had happened to the boy in the chest. The left hemisphere, tired, exhausted, helpless, sought the help of the
right hemisphere.

Whenever you are in such a corner that your logic fails, don't be desperate, don't become hopeless.

Those moments may prove the greatest blessings in your life: those are the moments that the left allows the
right to have its way. Then the feminine part, the receptive part. gives you an idea. If you follow it. many
doors will be opened. But it is possible you may miss it; you may say. 'What nonsense!'

This boy could have missed. The idea is not very normal, regular, logical. Make a noise like a cat? For
what? He could have asked, 'Why? and then he would have missed. But he could not ask because the
situation was such that there was no other way. So he thought, 'Let us try. What is wrong in it?' He used the

The father was right. He said, 'Don't go into details. they are not important. You are back home, you
have learned the art.'

The whole art is how to function from the feminine part of the mind. because the feminine is joined with
the Whole and the male is not joined with the Whole. The male is aggressive, the male is constantly in
struggle -- the feminine is constantly in surrender, in deep trust. Hence the feminine body is so beautiful, so
round. There is a deep trust and a deep harmony with nature. A woman lives in deep surrender -- a man is
constantly fighting, angry, doing this and that, trying to prove something, trying to reach somewhere. A
woman is happy, not trying to reach anywhere. Ask women if they would like to go to the moon. They will
simply be amazed. For what? What is the point? Why take such trouble? The home is perfectly good. The
woman is not interested in what is happening in Vietnam and what is happening in Korea and what is
happening in Israel She is at the most interested in what is happening in the neighborhood, at the most
interested in who has fallen in love with whom, who has escaped with whom... in gossips not in politics.
She is more interested in the immediate, here now, and that gives her a harmony, a grace. Man is constantly
trying to prove something. and if you want to prove of course you have to fight and compete and

Once a woman tried to get Dr. Johnson to talk with her but he seemed to take very little notice of her.
'Why, Doctor,' she said archly, 'I believe you prefer the company of men to that of women.'

'Madam,' replied Johnson, 'I am very fond of the company of ladies. I like their beauty, I like their delicacy,
I like their vivacity, and I like their silence.'

Man has been forcing woman to be silent, not only outside, inside also -- forcing the feminine part to
keep quiet. Just watch within you. If the feminine part says something you immediately jump upon it and
you say, 'Logical? Absurd!' People come to me and they say. 'The heart says we would like to become
SANNYASINS but the head says no...' Dr. Johnson, trying to keep the woman silent. The heart is feminine.

You miss much in your life because the head goes on talking; it does not allow. And the only quality in
the head is that it is more articulate, cunning, dangerous, violent. Because of its violence it has become the
leader inside, and that inside leadership has become an outside leadership for man. Man has dominated
women in the outside world also; the grace is dominated by violence.
I was invited to a school for a certain function. There was a rally of school-children and in the rally the
procession had been arranged according to height -- from the shortest up to the tallest. But the pattern was
broken, I noticed, by the first boy heading the procession. He was a gangling youth who looked a head taller
than the rest. 'Why is he at the front?'

I asked a young girl, 'Is he the leader of the school, the captain, or something like that?'
'No,' she whispered, 'he pinches.'
The male mind goes on pinching, creating trouble. Trouble-makers become leaders. In the schools, all
wise teachers choose the greatest trouble-makers as captains of the classes and the schools -- the
trouble-makers. the criminals. Once they are in a powerful post their whole energy for trouble-making
becomes helpful for the teacher. They start creating discipline -- the same ones.

Just watch the politicians in the world: when one party is in power the opposite party goes on creating
trouble in the country. They are the law-breakers, the revolutionaries. And the party which is in power goes
on creating discipline. Once they are thrown out of power, they will create trouble. and once the opposite
party comes into power they become the guardians of discipline.
They are all trouble-makers.
The male mind is a trouble-making phenomenon -- hence it overpowers. it dominates. But deep down.

although you may attain power, you miss life -- and deep down, the feminine mind continues. Unless you
fall back to the feminine and you surrender. unless your resistance and struggle become surrender. you will
not know what real life, and the celebration of it, is.
I have heard one anecdote.

An American scientist once visited the offices of the great Nobel prize-winning physicist, Niels Bohr, in
Copenhagen, and was amazed to find that over his desk was a horseshoe, securely nailed to the wall with
the open end up in the approved manner so it would catch the good luck and not let it spill out.

The American said with a nervous laugh, 'Surely you don't believe the horseshoe will bring you good
luck, do you, Professor Bohr? After all, as a level-headed scientist....'
Bohr chuckled, 'I believe in no such thing, my good friend, not at all. I am scarcely likely to believe in
such foolish nonsense. However, I am told that a horseshoe will bring you good luck whether you believe in
it or not.'

Look a little deeper, and just underneath your logic you will find fresh waters of intuition, fresh waters
of trust, flowing.

Yoga is a way to use reason to reach God -- of course very difficult, and the longest path. If you follow
Patanjali you are trying to do that which can happen without doing; you are trying hard to do something.
You are trying to pull yourself by shoe-strings -- to pull yourself up.
Zen is the way of the spontaneous -- the effortless effort, the way of intuition.

A Zen Master, Ikkyu, a great poet, has said: I can see clouds a thousand miles away, hear ancient music
in the pines.

This is what Zen is all about. You cannot see clouds a thousand miles away with the logical mind. The
logical mind is like glass, too dirty, too covered with the dust of ideas, theories, doctrines. But you can see
clouds a thousand miles away with the pure glass of intuition, with no thoughts -- just pure awareness. The
mirror is clean and the clarity supreme.

You cannot hear ancient music in the pines with the ordinary logical mind. How can you hear the
ancient music? Music once gone is gone forever.
But I tell you, Ikkyu is right. You can hear ancient music in the pines -- I have heard it -- but a shift, a
total change, a change of gestalt, is needed. Then you can see Buddha preaching again and you can hear
Buddha speaking again. You can hear the ancient music in the pines because it is eternal music, it is never
lost. You have lost the capacity to hear it. The music is eternal; once you regain your capacity, suddenly it is
there again. It has always been there, only you were not there. Be here now and you can also see clouds a
thousand miles away, and hear ancient music in the pines.

Change more and more towards the right hemisphere, become more and more feminine, more and more
loving, surrendering, trusting, more and more closer to the Whole. Don't try to be an island -- become part
of the continent.

Ancient Music in the Pines, Osho

27-03-2012, 01:21 AM
"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray."

thats interesting.

27-03-2012, 03:37 AM
"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray."

thats interesting.

You're a selective poet lonestar.

"A Zen Master, Ikkyu, a great poet, has said: I can see clouds a thousand miles away, hear ancient music
in the pines." :)

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OSHO: ABC of Enlightenment - YouTube

my hero
27-03-2012, 02:41 PM

The Ross Institute Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Oh no, it's Osho: a villain speaks from beyond the grave
The Baltic Times/February 06, 2008
By Talis Saule Archdeacon
Riga - It is hard to walk into a bookstore in Riga without seeing Osho's name. Prominent displays featuring his books abound - offering customers a little bit of Far East spiritualism in hard cover or paperback.

A quick glance through the bookshelves in most Latvian's homes will reveal why the stores have him on display - the man sells. His works have become the most popular self-help books around.

When The Baltic Times got in touch with the major bookstores operating in Latvia, there was no hesitation. Everyone knew who he was and was quick to discuss his growing popularity.

"Last year he started to publish his books in Latvian, now there are quite many titles and they are some of the bestsellers. We now have six titles available in Latvian," said

Laura Briviba, head of the imported books division at Janis Roze, one of the biggest book stores in Riga.

Valters un Rapa, Riga's other major book store, is also seeing Osho fly off the shelves. The sales manager there said the store sold more than 67 copies of one of his books in just one month. The store currently sells five different titles by Osho.

What's more, many Latvians are starting to change their lives based on Osho's works. The Baltic Times spoke with one avid Osho fan who said the works are changing both the way he acts and the way he thinks about life. For the purposes of privacy, this article will refer to him simply as A.

A.'s face lit up when he spoke about Osho, pointing to how he sees aspects of the book's teachings in everyday life, and how the books are changing his view of the world.

"After reading the book, I quit smoking. I now see things differently; I try to be in harmony with myself, not with others. I must be honest with myself, and why should I care what other people think?" A. said.

Osho may have helped convince A. to give up smoking, but behind his name lies a long list of dark secrets.

The Dark Side

All is not as it appears with Osho. His real name - at least up until he changed it a year before his death - was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. He has been dead for more than 15 years.

In the 80s, Rajneesh was a cult leader living in Oregon in the north-western United States - a self-proclaimed "rich-mans guru." The new books which are released in his name are printed versions of recorded speeches he gave to his cult decades ago.

The cult bought a 65,000 acre commune near Antelope, Oregon, for about 6 million dollars. Cult supporters, who soon outnumbered Antelope's local inhabitants, renamed the town 'Rajneeshpuram' in honor of their leader. The borders of the plot were patrolled by AK-47 wielding guards.

At the time, media reports accused the cult of holding massive drug induced orgies. It was well-known that Rajneesh used drugs, particularly valium and nitrous oxide for chronic pain brought on by long-standing health problems, though he publicly denied that he was physically addicted to the substances. On numerous occations, Rajneesh would publicly brag about the hundreds of women he had slept with, earning him the title of "sex-guru" in the media.

Reports indicate that he had somewhere around 90 top quality Rolls Royce cars, all bought with money "donated" by his dedicated, and often quite rich, devotees. The cult members reportedly wanted to eventually buy him 365, one for every day of the year.

But Rajneesh's life wasn't all about fraud and unsafe sexual practices. He had far more nefarious things up his sleeve for the small Oregon town.

Things get much, much worse.

In 1984, a massive outbreak of salmonella poisoning swept through the county in which Rajneesh's cult was located. The Center for Disease Control traced the poisoning, which affected 751 people but thankfully killed none, to 10 different salad bars throughout the county, according to the U.S. News and World Report on Health.

Though they initially blamed the local restaurants of mishandling the food, overwhelming evidence soon convinced the authorities that the poisonings were deliberately carried out by Rajneesh's cult in a misguided effort to take control of the county.

It is suspected to be the first case of large-scale biological terrorism in the United States.

Rajneesh blamed the poisonings, along with a host of other crimes of which he was accused, on Ma Anand Sheela, his personal secretary. Sheela eventually confessed to the terror attacks, along with the attempted murder of Rajneesh's personal doctor and a prominent Oregon judge.

Authorities failed to pin any of the attempted murder charges on the cult leader, however, and he was eventually charged with violating immigration laws. Rajneesh was made to pay a $400,000 fine, given a 10-year suspended sentence, placed on probation for five years and forced to leave the country - only able to return after five years and with special permission from the Supreme Court.

He moved back to India, changed his name to Osho, and opened a "meditation" center where he could continue to operate his cult. He died soon after.

His followers then took recording of his lectures, many of which were taped during his time as a cult leader in America, and transcribed them to build the publishing empire which is now taking hold of the minds of so many Latvian soul-searchers.


Though it may seem that such a man is far from qualified to write self-help books, A. didn't care much about the prophets troubled past.

"I don't care. I read his ideas, and they make me happy. It is the ideas that are important, not the person. Everybody makes mistakes, even the best people," he said.

Osho held a similar disdain for his own public image.

"I have been misunderstood perhaps more than anyone else ever, but it has not affected me, for the simple reason that there is no desire to be understood. I am not going to waste my sleep because millions of people are misunderstanding me," Osho said in one of his many recorded speeches.

Those misunderstandings, however, have left a large number of his former disciples feeling disillutioned and abused. Some have even begun to publicly speak out against their former leader.

"The issue is very straightforward: What is more important - truth or feeling good? I am writing about Osho because his lies and his deceit caused an enormous amount of pain for a lot of beautiful people. Most of these beautiful people have no idea that a sophisticated fraud was carried out on them and blame themselves for their deteriorating mental and physical health. Many of my Hindu sannyasin friends have great trouble sustaining this illusory happy fog [which they gained from Osho] and are taking more and more desperate measures to continue feeling good," former disciple Christopher Schelle wrote in a 2006 posting on rebelliousspirit.com, a Web site devoted to Osho's teachings.

One of Osho's most outspoken critics today is Christopher Calder, formerly one of the cult leaders most enthusiastic followers.

"Ask yourself what did Rajneesh want and get? The answer is millions of dollars, absolute power, a harem of women, and a daily supply of drugs. Rajneesh used myths of the occult and his natural ability to influence people to achieve the same goals [as a Mafia boss]. He could look you directly in the eye and lie without flinching, and that helped him become a financially successful guru," he wrote in a 2004 article available on his Web site.

It is difficult to reconcile many of Osho's words with his actions. It is hard to imagine that the horrible life he led and the atrocious crimes that were committed in his name don't cast a shadow of doubt across the whole of his teachings.

"Pleasure is a sort of oblivion, a kind of forgetfulness. Pain is remembrance, you cannot forget pain," the cult leader told his followers. Odd words coming from a man who caused so many people so much pain.

27-03-2012, 03:29 PM
You're a selective poet lonestar.

of course the entire post from Osho was beautiful. most of them are!

"But I tell you, Ikkyu is right. You can hear ancient music in the pines -- I have heard it"

and i sincerely believe him.

but until i hear music in the trees myself im just a thief in the night trying to find a back door in using both the left and right sides of my the brain.

"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray."

my intuition selected that line and i dont even know why.:D

27-03-2012, 05:38 PM
Osho Rajneesh- the perfect teacher

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain was born in Kuchwada, a small village in the Narsinghpur District of Madhya Pradesh state in India, as the eldest of eleven children of a cloth merchant. He was an Indian spiritual teacher who lived in India and many other countries including United States. He still has many followers. Ganesha gives a deep analysis of his life in this article.

Osho Rajneesh was born on 11th December 1931 with Taurus Ascendant. Lord of the Ascendant i.e. Venus is placed in 8th house of occultism with lord of the 2nd house of speech with Mercury (significator of logic and intellect), which has given divine speech with great logic. He was very intelligent and sharp person.

Osho Rajneesh's Birth Chart


Ganesha notes that in his chart, lord of the 4th house of education i.e. Sun is in star of Mercury and depositor of Sun i.e. Mars is placed in 8th house with Mercury and Venus. Due to this planetary position, Osho Rajneesh has completed his B.A in philosophy from D.N. Jain college in Jabalpur. He cleared his M.A in Philosophy from the University of Sagar with First Class Honors. In his chart, lord of the 6th house of competition i.e. Venus is in star of Venus. This is why; he won Gold Medal in his graduation in All-India Debating Championship. He was a rebellious, but gifted student.

Ganesha notes that in Osho Rajneesh's chart, lord of the 10th house of career i.e. Saturn is placed in Sagittarius sign and is Vartottami. Depositor of Saturn i.e. Jupiter is placed in Cancer sign. Due to this planetary position, he got a job as a professor at Sanskrit College in Raipur in 1957. In 1958, Osho Rajneesh was appointed Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur. During this period, transiting Jupiter was passing through 6th house of employment and was in trine aspect with 10th house of career.

Ganesha notes that Osho Rajneesh has worked nine years in teaching at University but he left the University in 1966 and started ten-day meditation camps. His meditation technique has been used by psychotherapists, medical doctors, teachers and other professionals around the world. In 1960, Osho Rajneesh's Hindi talks become available in English translations. Again after 13 years of Jupiter's cycle, in 1970 he moved to Mumbai. During this period, transiting Jupiter was passing through 6th house, at this time called Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

Ganesha notes that in Osho Rajneesh's chart, lord of the 7th house of marriage i.e. Mars is placed in 8th house with Saturn and Venus (significator of marriage) is debilitated in Navamsha chart. Due to this planetary position, marriage never took place in his life. Osho Rajneesh was in Poona Ashram between 1974 and 1981, during these seven years he gave 90 minutes discourse nearly every morning, alternating every month between Hindi and English. His most significant meditation techniques are today known as "OSHO Dynamic Meditation", "OSHO Kundalini Meditation", "OSHO Nadabrahma Meditation" and "OSHO Nataraj Meditation".

Osho Rajneesh began to initiate seekers into Neo-Sannyas or discipleship, a path of commitment to self- exploration and meditation. As per Phaladeepika, when four or more planets are placed in one house, they make a person Sanyasi. Ganesha notes that in Osho Rajneesh's chart, Stellium of Mercury, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Moon, is placed in 8th house, which is forming Sanyas Yoga. Lord of the Ascendant i.e. Venus and lord of the 2nd house of finance are placed in same sign with Yogakaraka Planet i.e. Saturn, which is lord of the 9th house of luck and long distant travel. He had traveled in many countries. Ganesha notes that transiting Jupiter was passing through Capricorn sign and Aquarius sign during this period Osho Rajneesh went to Kathmandu, Nepal, Greece - on 30 days tourist visa, Uruguay, Jamaica and Portugal, he also visited 17 countries in Europe and America between 1985 and 1986, but as lord of the 4th house of motherland i.e. Sun is aspecting Ascendant, he returned to Rajneeshdham in Pune, India in 1987, which was renamed Osho Commune International in 1989.

Ganesha notes that transiting Sun was passing through 8th house over Natal Saturn, Mars, Venus, Moon and Mercury. Transiting Jupiter was passing through 2nd house i.e. Marak house. Moreover, transiting Saturn was passing through Sagittarius sign, during the second week in January. Osho Rajneesh's body became noticeably weaker and he was so physically weak that he was unable to go to Gautama the Buddha Auditorium. Osho Rajneesh left his body between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. on 19th January 1990.

A great mystic Nostradamus had predicted three hundred years ago describing the teacher, the person who brings this massive change that he will be born in Asia. His people will wear red clothes; He will travel far and wide in his drive to uplift the suffering humanity and to bring peace to the world. He will come from the East, he will be arrested, his commune will be destroyed, flying birds will be his symbol, which his name will mean moon and Osho's real name is Rajneesh Chandra Mohan - the Lord of the Moon, this fits perfectly with Osho Rajneesh.

Ganesha's Grace,
Hitendrra H. Thakor
The Ganeshaspeaks Team

27-03-2012, 05:59 PM
Meanwhile, we discovered a website called "The Ross Institute" which appears to be VERY serious and informative. Their disclaimer states:

The information within the Ross Institute archives has been collected to offer the public a resource concerning groups called "cults," controversial organizations and movements. However, the mention and/or inclusion of a group or leader within this archive does not define that group as a "cult" and/or an individual mentioned as either destructive and/or harmful. Instead, such inclusion simply reflects that archived articles and/or research is available about a group or person that has generated some interest and/or controversy.

All the information archived must be evaluated critically, through a process of independent and individual judgment. Please note that there are links often prominently posted at the top of each individual page to a group or movement's own official website, which reflect their views. It is important to see what they have to say.

Warning -- All META tags, page titles, keywords and others content descriptions used throughout this website are only intended to assist search engines for research and locating purposes. This in no way, shape or form is intended to mislead anyone by implying any official representation and/or relationship between this website and the owners of any trademarks, service marks and/or copyrights, which may contain the same keywords and/or titles.

The Ross Institute, its Advisory Board and/or Rick Ross do not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within the documents, articles, reports and testimonies archived within this website, with the exception of those specifically so attributed.

The Ross Institute, its Advisory Board and/or Rick Ross do not necessarily endorse or support any of the views expressed within linked websites listed at the Links page of this website. They are provided only for the convenience of researchers and those concerned.

Books listed on the Books page of this website and the views they express are not specifically endorsed by The Ross Institute, its Advisory Board and/or Rick Ross. Readers must exercise their own judgment in choosing and/or reviewing such material. And then critically evaluate any views or opinions the authors may express.

Again, some may find this material controversial. The Ross Institute has archived this information for the convenience of researchers and those concerned.

Any minor child should consult their custodial parent(s) before reading the information provided within this website.

The news items contained within this web site are provided without profit by The Ross Institute and are intended to be available to anyone interested in the topics included, for educational purposes only.

Any publisher, Webmaster or news service (i.e., official and legal holder of copyright) that objects to their material being included in this archive may request that it be removed and/or that future material be excluded. An official written request made by the copyright holder and/or their legal representative will be honored.

The Ross Institute
email: info@rickross.com URL: http://www.rickross.com

And lo and behold, what do we find on the Ross Institute list of Dangerous Cults?

Why, the Cassiopaea Experiment supported by a link to Vincent Bridges' "take" on Cassiopaea!

Now, this is going to get VERY juicy in just a minute, but before we get to the BEST part, let me just present a little exchange Ark had with Rick Ross of the Ross Institute List of "Dangerous Cults!":

From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: info@rickross.com
Subject: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 18:55:36 +0200


My name and name of my wife is mispelled in "The Cassiopeia's (Ark Jadcyzk and Laura Knight-Jadcyzk)"

It should read "Jadczyk"

And if you don't mind, would you be so kind and provide also a link to the original web-site of Laura and Ark Jadczyk? http://cassiopaea.org

Thank you,


From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Sun, 13 Jul 2003 17:02:59 -0400

The spelling will be corrected, but there seems to be problem. The link you point out on the Institute Links page seems to go to a commercial promotions page. Where is the information specifically warning about a destructive group? Have you deleted it?

Rick Ross

From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:48:33 +0200

Hi again,

First of all in The Truth about Cassiopeia: Ouiji Alien Alert you link to vincentbridges.com.

Maynerd Most is a liar: See: http://cassiopaea.com/archive/most.htm http://cassiopaea.com/archive/wiley.htm

It is true that we have a politically oriented http://www.sott.net/signs/signs.htm

and scientifically oriented http://quantumfuture.net/quantum_future/homepage.htm site.

But in no way our site fits the criteria of "destructive cults".

Therefore Vincent Bridges lied again when trying to discredit our site and us by suggesting to you that "Arkadiusz and Laura Jadczyk are a cult".

What I propose is: either delete the link completely, or, if you want to keep the link to the site full of lies about me and my wife, like vincenbridges.com, please be fair and add also the two links above which document the true destructive nature of Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner.

On our site "cassiopaea" we pursue similar goal as you do. See for instance http://cassiopaea.org/cass/schwaller1.htm

Listing us as a "cult", what Vincent Bridges suggests, is an error on your part. You probably did not check his facts.

The two pages: http://cassiopaea.com/archive/most.htm http://cassiopaea.com/archive/wiley.htm tell the truth about the man your link promotes.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk

From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:03:37 -0400

The spelling will be corrected.

To better understand the site and the Links page specifically, see the following:


Your request to add additional links is refused.

Rick Ross

In other words, Rick Ross wasn't being very truthful when he wrote in his disclaimer:

All the information archived must be evaluated critically, through a process of independent and individual judgment. Please note that there are links often prominently posted to a group or movement's own official website, which reflect their views. It is important to see what they have to say.

Either that, or he has a special relationship with Vincent Bridges and/or special instructions to handle us differently.

From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 13:23:48 +0200

OK. If so, if you rely on liars, and if you protect liars, we will expose this feature of "The Ross Institute" on our web site. It is apparent that you are a part of COINTELPRO operation and possibly even connected to MOSSAD as Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner are.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk

From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 07:38:18 -0400

The Ross Institute is not part of "COINTELPRO," whatever that is. And is certainly not associated with "MOSSAD" in any way.

The Institute is an educational nonprofit corp. registered with the IRS.

But you may indulge in whatever paranoid fantasies you wish, that do not violate libel or slander laws.

Rick Ross

Again, Rick Ross reveals his double standard. He was clearly and evidentially libeling US!

From: Arkadiusz Jadczyk
To: "Rick Ross"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 14:03:07 +0200

Relying on lies, propagating lies and protecting liars is not an educational activity. But that is what you do. And that is what we will expose.


From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 08:35:23 -0400

The links page simply offers links to other websites and states no opinion. I have sent you the disclaimer statement that explains this, which is posted throughout the website.

Again, it seems like paranoid fantasy is an activity that you indulge in.

Rick Ross

Coming now to the juicy parts, as this exchange was taking place, the researcher was finding all sorts of interesting things about Rick Ross of the Ross Institute - not the least of which were some strong connections to various Jewish Organizations - the same ones mentioned by Kevin MacDonald as being implicated in the destruction of Western Society and its Individualistic character. For example, we find this:

Rick Ross: Modern Jewish Pharisee Deprograms Christians

Rick Ross, a Jewish antichrist, has been attempting by several means to destroy certain Pastors, Church members, and Churches within the United Pentecostal Churches International (UPCI), through his antichrist methods of "deprogramming." His attacks and antics against Apostolics and attempts to destroy Churches and Pastors should not go unnoticed. We dare not ignore them because his participation at Waco with the ATFB and FBI shows he cares not for the lives of innocent people. [...]

He was with the government forces at Waco giving them his antichrist opinions and was instrumental in the "wipe-out attack and burn" strategy that ended in the tragic loss of so many innocent people.

The whole purpose of Ross' subtle attacks via his alleged "deprogramming" is to make cults out of religious groups who may not conform to the general social amoral attitude and acceptance of sins and especially his own Jewish beliefs. It is strange that while Ross considers Apostolics to be a cult, he says in his writings that Satanist and those in Wicca are not in a cult?

Well, of course we aren't going to defend the beliefs of the Fundies here. We are individualists, after all, and we have a right to our own beliefs. But we do defend the right of Fundamentalist Christians to HAVE those beliefs! Sure, we find them to be about as silly as Judaism. In fact, Christianity would not exist if it weren't for Judaism which ought to give us pause to think about ALL Monotheistic religions as we have already mentioned. But what was most intriguing above was a curious reference to Rick Ross being involved in the government attack on Waco.

Now, keep in mind, again, we are in no way defending David Koresh and his group or their beliefs - we are just defending their right to have them UNMOLESTED. Those who claim that Koresh was a psychopath or a pedophile may be right for all we know, but due process of law was not applied in the Koresh case. They were literally burned at the stake based on what seems to have been the word of Rick Ross. Men, women and children died because of it. And we certainly can draw a comparison to the present Bush Administration's approach to Iraq and their purported WMDs.

Some of you may recall that the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma was linked to the Waco incident. At the same time, there were other hints that the Oklahoma bombing was somehow linked to Islamic terrorism. Also of extreme interest is the fact that Rick Ross does not consider Satanists and Wiccans as "cultic," and we are well aware that Weidner, Bridges et al are heavily invested in promoting Black Magic and infiltrating the Earth Centered Wiccan groups and perverting them.

All in all, it smells like COINTELPRO to me.

Next we find:

A former member of The Cult Awareness Network (CAN) Rick Ross, a jewel thief turned kidnapper, who has appeared in the media positioning himself as an "expert" on cults.

First Criminal Conviction: 1974

Mr Ross, by his own admission, conspired to steal furniture and appliances at model homes - Those who comment on Mr Ross also alleged that he "bought and used stolen credit cards". As Mr Ross indicates: "The conviction in no way, shape or form involved "stolen credit cards." Obviously, buying and using stolen credit cards would not be "Conspiracy to commit Grand Theft," it would instead be simply "Grand Theft," which is more serious and a felony". With Mr Ross' liturgical nature I am surprised that this statement (1) has not been challanged, let alone that it remains on the internet, if indeed it is a "false statements with malicious intent." Is it then the fact that semantics are again involved here? Was there "bought and used stolen credit cards" without a conviction?

Gee! Rick Ross is beginning to sound like Vincent Bridges who hacks into people's computers, steals their passwords, and runs up bills in their name!!! Is this any way to run MOSSAD?

Second Criminal Conviction & Felony: 1975

Mr Ross was later approached by a friend who offered to make him a partner in a diamond robbery involving 306 items valued at $100,000. That led to Rick Ross' second arrest, for grand theft and conspiracy, a guilty plea, a conviction and 6 weeks in Maricopa County Jail, Arizona. A subsequent psychiatric evaluation reduced what might have or should have been a prison sentence to a probation sentence.

We begin to smell the scent of the psychopath. As we noted from our investigation into the background of Vincent Bridges, he claimed to have learned his psychiatric jargon while in therapy. One wonders if this is where he hooked up with Rick Ross?

Those of you who have read Cleckley's book Mask of Sanity, will be familiar with this problem of the psychopath: the conduct of their LIVES demonstrates their disorder because they are most efficient at "acting sane" and most generally accuse their victims of being crazy as we note that Rick Ross has done above by suggesting that Ark has a "paranoid fantasy!"

What a HOOT this guy is! But it gets even BETTER!

Freedom Magazine reports (keep in mind that we are in no way promoting Scientology, nor are we attacking it. What IS curious is that both Christians AND Scientologists - who are certainly entitled to their beliefs without being "assimilated" by the Jewish Collective - are pointing out that something really ugly is behind Mr. Rick Ross):

For Jason Scott, the nightmare is over. So is it for Laverne Collins Macchio. And for millions of Americans. Scott and Macchio are just two of many Christians who were subjected to brutal "deprogramming" attempts - physical and mental assaults aimed toward breaking their religious beliefs - by members of a hate group known as the "Cult Awareness Network" or "CAN."


The group is defunct, having been forced into liquidation on June 20, 1996, after unsuccessfully seeking refuge in bankruptcy in the face of a $4.8 million damages verdict handed down in September 1995 by a U.S. District Court in Seattle.

[It has obviously been reconstituted as the Ross Institute!]

From its former offices in Barrington, Illinois, CAN became notorious for waging a propaganda war against Mormons, Seventh-day Adventists, Catholics, Orthodox Jews and a host of other religious groups - with particular and peculiar emphasis on fundamentalist Christians. CAN was a clearinghouse for false and biased information concerning religious groups, with the purpose of inciting prejudice, hatred and fear.

But that may be the mildest possible description for this deceased group. CAN preyed on the gullible, violated the civil rights of the innocent and has even been linked to kidnappings, rapes and deaths nationwide. [...]

CAN also defrauded the U.S. government into believing that its activities were "educational" in nature - even swearing to this in documents filed in its application for tax exemption, filed in 1978. This lie was only part of a pattern of widespread deception, a smokescreen to hide CAN's vast involvement in the black market of hate and violence. Indeed, documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act... show that while CAN disavowed its involvement in deprogramming, its own leaders, such as former president John Sweeny, have testified at length that such conduct was CAN's stock in trade. [...]

Later events would find CAN "morally, if not criminally, responsible" for the April 19, 1993, tragedy at Waco, according to religious scholar J. Gordon Melton, director of the Institute for the Study of American Religion and professor of religion at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

It was CAN and one of its highest-ranking deprogrammers, convicted felon Rick Ross, who provided the information which spurred the deadly raid on the Branch Davidian compound at Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas. Ross and other CAN officials worked with apostate former Davidians to convince law enforcement that "lethal force" was justified at Mount Carmel. ... The 86 lives lost at Waco speak volumes of CAN's involvement. [...]

When it comes to examining an organization, the words of its top officials are often instructive. And the views of CAN's last executive director, Cynthia Kisser, shed much light on CAN's agenda and explain its fascination with Christians. "If [Jesus Christ] were alive now," she told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, "we'd take an interest in him because of the great controversy surrounding his fringe activities. ... We'd try to see if there was abuse, unethical behavior or deceptive practices. And I'd send whatever we could find to reporters." [...]

CAN's support of and involvement in lawless conduct led to the $4.875-million damages verdict against the group and Rick Ross... [...]

The jury in the Scott case found that the conduct of some of the defendants was "so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to go beyond all possible bounds of decency ... atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community." [...]

On the same day that the bankruptcy court shut CAN's doors, four more CAN-associated deprogrammers joined the ranks of the convicted [...] Kidnappers dragged the victim, Laverne Collins Macchio, from her home in Boise in 1991 as her three children looked on in horror. Macchio was hauled across the lawn, forced into a waiting vehicle, driven to a remote cabin and held against her will for seven days.

In an Idaho court, the deprogrammers, Joy and Carmine DeSanctis, Michael Howley and Charles Kelly, were forced to face the consequences of their actions. Based on an agreement with the trial judge, all four agreed to plead guilty to felony kidnapping charges if their defense was rejected on appeal. The June 22 ruling by the unanimous Idaho Supreme Court, written by Chief Justice Charles McDevitt, threw out the deprogrammers' defense and left the CAN hate group with four more nails in its coffin.

It is notable that the DeSanctises were relied upon as "informants" by Time, a magazine noted for its involvement in misinformation scandals. (See "Of the Media, By the Media, For the Media?".) Joy DeSanctis infiltrated a church, stole documents from it, then provided information to Time for the centerpiece of a thoroughly discredited article.

I hope you noticed the names of the media organs above that we have identified as part of the Jewish Network of Media Control via the research of Kevin MacDonald.

Of course, Rick Ross wanted to respond in the same way Vincent Bridges wanted to respond to our report on his faked bio. We should note that, to this day, Bridges will declare vociferously that he only made "two tiny errors" on his resume and for that, we here at sott.net - just for no reason - viciously attacked him. I think that the reader who has perused his systematic lying and covering lies with more lies, reported in the Bridges Dossier will come to a slightly different conclusion.

In any event, in the same style, Rick Ross defends himself against the report published by the Church of Scientology by writing:

The "new Cult Awareness Network" (CAN), which is apparently controlled by Scientology, published a "news bulletin" titled "Rick Ross - Modern Day Inquisitor" May 7, 1997. The bulletin attacked me personally and my work. This document has since become the primary basis for similar attacks made by other groups and their supporters. Most often these attacks are simply retaliation, motivated by critical information archived within my website about certain groups and/or their leaders. [...] Please understand that the Scientology bulletin and other more recent personal attacks often misrepresent, distort and/or ignore the facts and actual context of my personal history and work. This appears to be a deliberate effort to mislead and/or misinform the public.

Geez! Sounds just like Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner, eh? The interested reader may wish to peruse Rick Ross' apologia.

IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE: The Federal government chose Rick Ross to consult with them on the course to follow during the stand-off and fatal elimination of the Branch Davidians. Ross indentifies cults - as those groups which most closely follow the patterns of his own violent and destructive behaviors. Ross's work at Waco in "cult elimination" was cited by the Nation Magazine as highly effective....

Jewcy (Feb. 2007): "Brainwashing's Nemesis: How Rick Ross became a cult buster extraordinaire"

[...] As the media's go-to guy on Scientology and the Kabbalah Center, Ross has helped expose such these and other groups as creepy enterprises which prey on the psychologically vulnerable, rob them of their fortunes and get away with it all by packaging themselves as "new religions."

He entered the cult monitoring and deprogramming biz in the early 80's after witnessing a sinister Christian sect try to convert aged Jews in his grandmother's Arizona nursing home. Ross now heads up his eponymous New Jersey-based institute, whose website features one of the largest and most comprehensive databases on controversial social movements, anywhere.

Ross' quarry includes "everything from the power of miracles, mysticism to 'God Men' gurus and traveling prophets." Al Qaeda, Nation of Islam, Chabad, Mormonism, Burning Man, even AmWay - all receive their own dossier. [...]

But does it affect his work as a deprogrammer?

Since he was a child, deprogrammer Rick Ross has been evaluated by numerous psychiatrists and mental health experts who have unfairly labeled him with a host of social and mental deficiencies stemming from anti-social, manipulative behavior and sexual problems.

It started at the age of 6, when Ross was referred to Dr. Keith Perkins of Child Study and Consultation Service in Phoenix for assistance in understanding some of his "aggressive tendencies."

In 1965, at age 10, Ross was put on the psychiatric drugs "Deaner" and "Librium" which he took daily in an attempt to suppress his anti-social behavior.

A decade later, Dr. Thomas P. O'Brien of the St. Joseph's Hospital Mental Health Center described Ross as an "opportunist" and said "When he gets caught doing something he shouldn't ... his typical response is 'it's pretty disgusting the way they make such a big deal about things.' " Dr. O'Brien also reported that after being jailed for robbing a jewelry store, Ross showed signs of "serious psychological decompensation" and made a suicide attempt.

Do these types of mental problems and tendencies often just go away?

Ross who spent much of his life either institutionalized or under psychiatrist's care has employed many of the secrets of psychiatry to do his controversial "involuntary deprogramming". Involuntary deprogramming is where Ross holds a cult member as a prisoner until they agree to think for themselves and voluntarily leave the cult they are in. In one involuntary deprogramming, Jason Scott was held for five days until he promised to think for himself and leave the cult he was in. As soon as Ross released the "cured" Scott, he thought for himself and rejoined the cult, had Ross arrested and sued Ross into bankruptcy.

One site that posts actual court document images relating to Rick Ross asks a question about his homosexuality. Now, this may not seem to be relevant, but for some entertaining reading, do have a look at the site, browse around and check out the documents.

"Is Rick Ross a Homosexual?" His prison records make inferences about it, having deletions in one of the Psychiatric reports about his parent's disagreements with his "lifestyle". He has never been married or cohabitated with a member of the opposite sex.

He was asked about his Homosexuality in a deposition on October 28th 1994 (Jason Scott trial) and refused to answer, but was upset. It was clear enough to the lawyer that deposed Mr. Ross that he is a Homosexual; "...there is no question by his mannerisms, and actions that he is.."

There has been and is much discussion about Rick Ross' Homosexuality on the Internet by people who have claimed to have been in his company.

If Ross is a Homosexual he has been betraying those he claims to help by acting on his own hatred of women and bigotry to all the various Christian groups he has labeled as "cults".

In Mr. Ross' deposition he is asked about his homosexuality and if there is no mistake he refers to it as a past event in his life or something to that effect as he is cut off by his lawyer - Ross says "I have previously...." (It is in deposition pages 5 & 6 the reader will have to follow the conversation through to get the context).

It could be assumed that Mr. Ross' lawyer may have jumped in to stop him from saying whatever he was about to say. What is it that Rick Ross ......"has previously"......done and what was he about to confess or clarify?

Going in another direction, on the Lyndon LaRouche website we find some interesting comments. Again, we note that we are not promoting Mr. LaRouche, just pointing out that a whole lot of diverse peoples have been targeted by apparent COINTELPRO type operations and this should give us pause to think long and carefully about what is being propagated as "truth" nowadays. More of the "divide and conquer" routine of the attack on Western Civilization?

A recent spate of physical assaults, and one threatened kidnapping, of political associates of Democratic Party Presidential pre-candidate Lyndon LaRouche, has prompted counterintelligence investigators for Executive Intelligence Review to reopen the file on the American Family Foundation (AFF)-the organization linked to the pattern of attacks.

While promoting itself as a leading organization "combatting cults," the American Family Foundation is actually a privatized successor to the notorious 1950s-70s U.S. and British governments' secret experiments with mind control, employing a wide range of pharmacological and brainwashing methods. Some techniques employed by AFF "deprogrammers" were previously the subject of war crimes prosecutions during the Nuremberg Trials of the infamous "Nazi doctors."

The AFF's stable of "Reesian psychiatric shock troops" (after the British Tavistock Institute's Dr. John Rawlings Rees) operate in tandem with a number of known terrorist and mercenary-for-hire agencies, which at one time constituted perhaps the largest professional kidnapping ring in modern American history. Those kidnapping operations have often intersected the activities of criminalized segments of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence community, and this complication allowed some members of the criminal enterprise to escape prosecution.

Members of the Jewish Defense League (JDL), an organization whose Israeli affiliates are on the U.S. State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, constitute one hard-core terrorist capability that has been employed by AFF "deprogrammers" to kidnap their victims.

Although JDL head Irv Rubin is presently in jail, without bail, pending Federal prosecution on charges of plotting the murder of a California Congressman and other terrorist acts, other JDL members and associates have been implicated in recent physical assaults on LaRouche associates in California, and, possibly, in New York City.

The Lubavitcher sect, the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, and former U.S. Green Beret and British Special Air Services (SAS) commandos have also been employed in kidnapping operations by the American Family Foundation and its affiliates, like the Cult Awareness Network (CAN).

After a series of kidnapping prosecutions and convictions of top CAN operators (see Travesty-A True Crime Story, by an EIR investigative team, Washington, D.C.: 1995); and after one high-profile CAN kidnapper, Rick Ross, was implicated in setting up the 1993 massacre of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas, CAN was formally dissolved.

In a lawsuit, the group's name and assets were taken over by the Church of Scientology. The original CAN has now been reconstituted as the Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation, with more or less the same personnel, and the same close ties to the AFF. [...]

According to its "official" history, the American Family Foundation was launched in 1979, in response to the threat posed by violent cults, particularly in the aftermath of the purported mass suicide by the Peoples Temple of Rev. Jim Jones, in Guyana, in 1978. In contemporary lingo, this version of the AFF's founding is an "urban legend."

To understand the actual circumstances of the launching of AFF, two seminal events of the 1970s must be first summarized.

The first was the widespread exposure of criminal activities by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, through the mid-1970s efforts of the U.S. Senate Church Committee, chaired by Frank Church (D-Idaho), and other investigative bodies and news exposés.

Among the most damning revelations was the CIA's 25-year history of secret experimentation with mind-altering drugs, mass psychological manipulation, North Korean-style brainwashing and torture techniques, under the rubric of Operation MK-ULTRA, and other programs.

As for the FBI, it was revealed to have conducted an equally long-term illegal domestic program, targeting political and civil rights groups, churches, and labor unions under its Counterintelligence Program ("Cointelpro").

Among the Cointelpro documents ultimately made public was a 1973 memorandum to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, from the Special Agent in Charge of the New York City FBI Field Office, soliciting the Director's OK to orchestrate an assassination of Lyndon LaRouche, employing FBI assets infiltrated into the leadership of the Communist Party U.S.A.

The idea of the FBI colluding with the Communist Party to carry out an assassination of a domestic political figure, indicates both the depth of corruption of the FBI, and the extent to which Lyndon LaRouche had already, back as far as 1973, been labeled as a potential threat to the Wall Street Eastern Establishment, which often employed the FBI as its quasi-private political police agency.

In the aftermath of the Church Committee revelations, which received widespread media attention, the CIA formally shut down all work on mind control, psychedelic drugs, etc., and the FBI formally dismantled its Cointelpro operations in 1977.

What happened, in reality, is that all the operations were continued under private auspices. The FBI established a quasi-formal sub-contractual relationship with the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL), to spy on and disrupt the same domestic political activists and organizations that had been the targets of Cointelpro.

A mid-1980s directive from then-Director William Webster to all FBI field offices in the United States, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), ordered local Bureau civil rights unit chiefs to establish liaison with ADL offices-confirming the FBI/ADL collusion. [...]

This employment of private agencies and individuals as assets of U.S. Federal law enforcement and intelligence sevices, was codified with the Reagan Administration's Executive Order 12333, which was signed on Dec. 4, 1981, but had been drafted by an American Bar Association task force on law and national security in 1979. [...]

The launching of the American Family Foundation in 1979 unleashed the MK-ULTRA mind-benders, on an expanded scale, as part of the "Get LaRouche" operation.

And now, they are after Cassiopaea! We must be doing something right!

Although American Family Foundation promotional material describes it as "the leading professional organization concerned about cults and psychological manipulation," this boast hardly squares with the fact that, throughout its 20 years of operation, AFF's psychiatric "professionals" have been dominated by three of the most notorious mind-controllers ever associated with MK-ULTRA and related government secret projects in mass psychological manipulation. This may be the ultimate case of "the pot calling the kettle black."

The three leading AFF brainwashers are the late Dr. Louis Jolyon West (who died in 1999), Dr. Margaret Singer, and Dr. Robert J. Lifton. All three were associated with AFF from its inception, and Singer and Lifton remain active to the present day. In fact, the entire AFF approach to "deprogramming" centers on two documents authored by Singer and Lifton, modeled on CIA Korean War-era studies of "Chinese brainwashing." [...]

In 1967, Dr. West left Oklahoma and set up shop in San Francisco, during the famous "Summer of Love," during which time millions of LSD doses, produced by the government, were distributed to the hippies, in the largest secret-government test of mass drugging of a population in history. West and Singer again joined forces to assess the impact of the LSD flood. In this effort, they also came to work closely with Dr. Gregory Bateson, who ran secret LSD-25 experiments at the Palo Alto Veterans Administration Hospital, in parallel to West's earlier work in Oklahoma

West next became chairman of the department of psychiatry at the University of California at Los Angelees, and director of UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute, a major center for experimentation in mass social control, employing drugs, hypnosis, electro-shock, and other techniques.

Don't you think its interesting that the whole generation that "turned on, tuned in and dropped out" is now the generation that is totally unable to wake up to the machinations of George Bush????!

In 1970, Dr. West pushed to Gov. Ronald Reagan, the idea of a Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, to track criminals, "pre-delinquent hyperkinetic children," and others profiled as allegedly likely to engage in violence. Among the controversial techniques he proposed: chemical castration, and implanting electrodes into subjects' brains to control violent impulses and "political activity."

It makes you wonder just what they were looking for. After all, the above diagnosis of "pre-delinquent and hyperkinetic" was applied to Rick Ross. Perhaps they were just shopping for future agents? And what about today's "Indigo Children?" But no, that's just a "paranoid fantasy!"

West, Lifton, and Singer have, throughout their careers, been obsessed with early detection and prevention of the emergence of any independent political movement with a strong leader, in the Socratic-Platonic tradition of the "philosopher-king." [...]

If one piece of "smoking gun" evidence proves that the AFF is the continuation of MK-ULTRA under a new masthead, it is to be found in the New York City law offices of Morris and McVeigh, which also house the Bodman and Achellis Foundations. The two foundations are administered by senior partners in the firm, and they have overlapping directorates. In the first decade of AFF's existence, the Bodman and Achellis Foundations, combined, provided it more than a half-million dollars, by far its largest source of funding. (Since 1969, the Bodman Foundation has been a major donor to the Temple of Understanding at the UN, formerly known as the Lucis Trust-an outright Satanic sect, founded in London in 1922, under the more poetic and revealing name, Lucifer Trust. [...]

More to the point: The founding partner of Morris and McVeigh, Charles Senff McVeigh, was president of Bodman Foundation, an officer and trustee of the Achellis Foundation, and was a director of the Josiah Macy Foundation, during the entire period that Macy was housing the Cybernetics Group and the CIA's secret MK-ULTRA mind control and psychedelics project.

The AFF is also closely aligned with the organized crime- and espionage-tainted Anti-Defamation League. The founder and president of the American Family Foundation is attorney Herbert Rosedale, of the law firm Parker, Chapin, Flattau, and Klimpl. The firm's founder, Albert Parker, was the vice chairman of the New York ADL Appeal, the organization's fundraising arm. The law firm represents the ADL's Sterling National Bank, and has also represented Republic National Bank of the late Edmond Safra.

AFF is funded as well by the San Francisco-based Swig Foundation. Melvin Swig, a trustee of the foundation, has been ADL national commissioner and an executive board member of American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the official Israeli Lobby in America.

AFF's Advisory Board has included the director of the Task Force on Missionaries and Cults from the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) of New York. Established in 1981 under JCRC director Malcolm Hoenlein and with the assistance of the Office of the Interior Minister for the State of Israel, the task force established an intelligence-gathering war-room to track political adversaries. Hoenlein has been identified as a key operative for the Mega Group, the private club of Zionist billionaires, established in 1991 by brothers Edgar and Charles Bronfman, hedge-fund manager Michael Steinhardt, and Max Fisher.

Now, let's come back to Rick Ross and WACO. Cletus Nelson, a Los Angeles journalist, writes (published on The Lew Rockwell site):

To best understand why agents of the federal government massacred the members of a small Texas church, it behooves the conscientious WACO historian to closely examine the social forces lurking behind this unprecedented disaster.

If there is one sustaining thread which runs throughout this deadly exercise of state power, it is an endless pattern of deception.

From the very outset, the public was falsely led to believe a multiracial spiritual community was largely comprised of gun-running "rednecks" steeped in violent apocalypse theology and martial rhetoric.

As if to further darken the picture, thinly veiled allegations of child abuse and cultic phenomenon were widely circulated on television and in the mainstream press. This egregious use of what media analysts refer to as "negative framing" would seal the fate of the controversial 7th Day Adventist sect when it was deemed politically expendable by Washington officials.

Evidence suggests that these unsubstantiated claims which continue to shade our perception of the events at Mt. Carmel can be attributed to a small cadre of para-political "watchdog" groups.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with citizens banding together to expose government waste, combat police brutality, or warn the public of faulty or dangerous products.

However, in the lucrative realm of public policy activism lurk a number of pro-government advocacy groups whose very existence rests upon the notion that cult activities, political extremism or some other unnamed evil constitutes a dangerous threat to state power.

In order to identify the alleged thought criminals in our midst, operatives aligned with these private surveillance networks infiltrate unconventional spiritual or religious movements, maintain files on American citizens, and work closely with both media and law enforcement to target individuals and organizations whose beliefs run counter to establishmentarian beliefs.

In essence, these ersatz defenders of human rights act as de facto spokesmen for our emergent surveillance society. It's COINTELPRO redux, only this time with help from a network of dubious, yet-well compensated agents.

One such organization is the Cult Awareness Network (CAN). Although the legendary cult-busters have since disappeared from the public spotlight after suffering a ruinous civil judgement, the once prominent watchdog group still enjoy an infamous place among WACO researchers. Indeed, the first stirrings of the Koresh investigation began when a CAN affiliate named Rick Ross allegedly "deprogrammed" various former Davidians and contacted BATF officials with lurid tales of child abuse and illegal machine guns. [...]

Few bothered to question the credibility of an organization which has flung the "cult" smear at Catholic monasteries, yoga groups, and even Karate classes! Instead, the public recoiled at the stunning accusations leveled against the besieged religious group. Meanwhile, far below the media radar, longtime critics of CAN noticed a familiar modus operandi. Citing outspoken CAN opponent Dr. Gordon Melton, Carol Moore notes that the organization "has found two successful methods of disrupting groups: first, false anonymous charges of child abuse and second, kidnapping and 'deprogramming' members."

In the aftermath of the tragic conflagration, Ross would justify the fatal tank attack in a self-serving letter to former Attorney General Janet Reno. "One thing is sure, David Koresh was an absolute authoritarian cult leader who exercised total control over his followers/victims. In the final analysis, he decided to end the conflict." However, Ross would later be subjected to the withering cricism of Princeton University religious scholar Nancy T. Ammerman in a report prepared for the Department of Justice which challenged CAN's ersatz expertise:

"Although these people often call themselves 'cult experts,' they are certainly not recognized as such by the academic community. The activities of CAN are seen.as a danger to religious liberty, and deprogramming tactics have been increasingly found to fall outside the law. At the very least, Mr. Ross and any ex-members he associated with should have been seen as questionable sources of information." [...]

Thus it is imperative that we closely scrutinize the information disseminated by the watchdog element and its relationship with government agencies - lest we witness further atrocities (and the ensuing cover-ups) on American soil.

Hmmm... Well, well, well.

Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner DO keep INTERESTING company! No wonder they went bananas over the MOSSAD article!

Coming back to Mr. Rick Ross, implicated in the Waco affair and a host of other unsavory activities that exactly fit what Kevin MacDonald has described in his study of the destruction of Western Civilization, I suppose we should be honored that our status has been bumped up so as to require the special attention of so accomplished an agent! Aside from the fact that it proves our point that the agenda of Bridges and Weidner and gang, from the beginning, has been to run a COINTELPRO on us - it also leads us a bit closer to the center of the web - the Masterminds of Global Terrorism.

The final email from Mr. Rick Ross is a little reply to Ark's question:

"Did you really write the following:

I was not "fined $2,500,000.00." This was a civil judgment, not a "fine."

"I was never charged with "kidnapping," but instead "unlawful" or "false imprisonment."

Just curious,


Rick Ross disingenuously replied:

From: "Rick Ross"
To: "Arkadiusz Jadczyk"
Subject: Re: correction to your lkinks.html
Date sent: Mon, 14 Jul 2003 09:28:18 -0400

See http://www.rickross.com/reference/scientology/Scien47.html

The site you are quoting has received recognition within the Hall of Flames section titled Flaming Websites. See


Note: See the listing/link for "Rick Ross: Guardian of the truth or garner of attention?"

This site received a maximum four flame award level, quite a stunning achievement.

Let me know when your website work is complete and I will review it for a possible award. Maybe you can earn four flames too.

Rick Ross

Frankly, we think we deserve FIVE FLAMES for spotting COINTELPRO in action, especially with so many apparent links to MOSSAD - "By Way of Deception Thou shalt do War".

As far as sott.net is concerned, the litmus test has been applied: we KNOW Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner are liars and Rick Ross supports their websites and refuses to post a prominent link to the report on Vincent Bridges - verified in every particular.

Remember Vincent Bridges? The guy doing the MOSSAD Happy Dance on 9-11 along with the moving guys on top of a truck who were watching the WTC burn? Remember Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner? The guys who have devoted their lives to flaming and libelling me, Cassiopaea and sott.net? And all we ever did was decline to be taken over by them.

That says it all.

"I am a jealous God and you will have no other before me..."

The world view of the psychopath.

Comment: See also:

Religious Freedom Watch: Rick Ross

Rick Ross - Problems with various cult experts




Who is Rick Ross? Who is Tim Ryan? What is SIST?


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27-03-2012, 06:07 PM
of course the entire post from Osho was beautiful. most of them are!

"But I tell you, Ikkyu is right. You can hear ancient music in the pines -- I have heard it"

and i sincerely believe him.

but until i hear music in the trees myself im just a thief in the night trying to find a back door in using both the left and right sides of my the brain.

"The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray."

my intuition selected that line and i dont even know why.:D

Always follow your intuition lonestar, you know that well.
Dissapear into beauty, and listen to the music.
Remember that society does not allow us to be wise. Or else we wouldn't continue to be slaves.

27-03-2012, 06:20 PM
Rick Ross is a Cult and here are the reasons why - YouTube

27-03-2012, 06:54 PM

That first idea of yours about psychologists was childish. There is no poetry in psychology.

Psychology is the latest instrument to keep people oppressed. Because the priests have failed,
new priests are needed. The psychologists are the new priests, and obviously they have come with
a new jargon, but the basis is the same.
The politician has been conspiring against you with the priest for centuries. But now it seems the
priest has lost hold of people. Churches are empty, so empty that my people have purchased a
church in Holland and are turning it into a disco. In fact, that is a good beginning. I would like all
beautiful cathedrals and churches to be turned into discos. Now nobody goes into them, they are
cold and dismal and dead.

The politician is very cunning. He can see the priests have lost their hold – at least on the younger
generation. He has to find a substitute. The psychologist has come in handy, because he speaks a
different language than the priest. He pretends that his psychology is a science. That is absolutely

It is not science; how can it be science when Freud, Jung, Adler, Assagioli, are not agreeing on a
single point? The four great psychologists – and not agreeing on a single point! Science always
comes to an agreement. When the truth is known about anything, the scientist is humble enough to
drop his prejudices and accept it. It does not matter who has discovered it, what matters is that it
has been discovered!
But the psychologists are divided into so many schools – the same way as religion was divided into
so many religions, so many subdivisions of religions, cults, creeds. The same is the situation now
of psychology. But the psychologist does not bring God in, does not bring heaven and hell in. He
has found different names for these entities. He does not talk about man in the old terms the priests
have always used; hence, you got caught in their jargon.

The psychologists don’t say that you have to become an ascetic, that you have to practice a certain
discipline for years together – or perhaps for lives together – and then you will be liberated, no. They
say psychoanalysis will do, just go on being psychoanalyzed.
I have never come across a single man whose psychoanalysis is complete. In fact, even Sigmund
Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, is an unpsychoanalyzed person. I have been trying to
psychoanalyze him, and I am finding treasures. I would not have believed it if somebody had told
me that Freud was so afraid of ghosts that even the word ”ghost” was enough, and he would freak

Once he was talking to Jung, his most intimate follower at that time, who was very much interested
in ghosts. Jung started talking about ghosts, and Sigmund Freud fainted. These are your founders
of psychoanalysis. That was the point where Sigmund Freud and Jung parted. Jung could see,
”This man, who cannot even listen to what I have to say about ghosts without fainting, is not going
to be my master. ” And Sigmund Freud also realized, ”This man is not going to be my successor.”
Sigmund Freud and Jung parted.

Listening to me, you may be thinking that Jung was very much more courageous than Sigmund
Freud, because he was so interested in ghosts, but that is not true. He was interested in ghosts
because he was very much afraid of death, and afraid of becoming a ghost!
Jung wanted to go to Egypt to see the ancient mummies of kings and queens preserved there.

Almost ten times he booked his trip, but at the last moment he would find some excuse and cancel
the trip. On the tenth time, he even went to the airport; and the moment the departure of the plane
was announced, he chickened out. After that, he never made any attempt to go to Egypt. He was
very much afraid of a dead body. These people are certainly in need of much psychological help.

You say you were very much impressed. It was not that you had come across something very
impressive, it was only because you were ignorant, impressionable – anything would have impressed
you, you were just soft clay. Otherwise, to see poetry in psychology is insanity.

There may be some psychology in poetry, but in psychology... In psychology you will find your
psychologists talking about masturbation, schizophrenia, nightmares, all kinds of madnesses. I
don’t think you can find any poetry in all this. Nobody has found poetry in a medical book, and the
psychologist is dealing with far worse sicknesses than any medical book can.
But the politicians found that a substitute was urgently needed, and psychoanalysis has become a
worldwide movement. It was bound to. Sigmund Freud was a Jew, and whenever a Jew starts a
business, it is going to become a worldwide chain.

What did Jesus do? He was a Jew. And Jews have not forgiven him yet, for the simple reason that
they are angry with themselves for losing the greatest business that Jesus had made available to
them. Now Christianity is the biggest business firm in the world. Sigmund Freud also made a great
business out of psychoanalysis. Jews know how to do business.
Seeing that psychoanalysis was spreading fast, and people were trying to find the meaning of
life, some hope, trying to get rid of despair – it was simple for the politicians to use psychology,
psychoanalysis, psychiatry, in the service of the vested interests. That’s what they have been doing.

Now you are a little more mature. Seeing what the psychologists are writing about cults, new
movements – they are all against new movements, new religious beginnings – it is very simple to
see that they are in the service of the past, not in the service of humanity’s future. They have been
purchased. They are the new priesthood! Beware of these people. Because they are new, they are
more dangerous.

Now psychoanalysts, psychiatrists, are providing deprogramming. If somebody moves out of
Christianity – bored with all its nonsense – and joins a new movement, the psychologists are offering
their services to the parents, to the society, ”Bring your boy or your girl and we will deprogram the
person.” And they do it. Of course, they charge enough money. And particularly in America they are
very successful, for the simple reason that the American mind is always ready to change. It has not
very deep roots in the past. Americans are the uprooted people.

It has been found that three years are enough for an American to be in a job. Three years is also
the limit for an American to remain married to a woman. Three years are also enough to have a
honeymoon with a new cult, a new creed. There is no need to deprogram them; within three years
they will move themselves.

And this is not just about small children or young people. One old man – perhaps seventy years old
– has been coming here throughout the whole year, almost every month. He is a billionaire – and
you know perfectly well I am not averse to money.
Money is a perfectly beautiful method of exchanging things, one of the greatest inventions of man. It
was so difficult before money came in. You had a camel to sell, but nobody was ready to purchase a
camel. You had to find someone who wanted a camel and was willing to give his two cows in barter.

It must have been a very difficult world. Money has made it easier. You need not bother to find the
purchaser, you can simply sell the camel and purchase the cows. It is one of the greatest inventions
of man to make exchange easier. I am not averse to money. I want the whole world to become rich
and luxurious.

I say to you, ”Blessed are the rich and the luxurious. Even a camel can pass through the eye of a
needle, but no poor man can enter the gates of heaven.” For a simple reason; what is the poor man
going to do there? He will simply feel silly with all that luxury in paradise. The poor man will lose
his mind, because all these things were condemned on the earth, they were sins, and here saints
are dancing with naked girls! And this is what the saints are doing – who knows what God is doing?

Perhaps having a sexual orgy.
The poor man will find hell perfectly suitable. He has always lived in hell, he is accustomed to
it, he has experience of it. And of course, the experiencer should be sent to the place where his
experience can be of some use.
Jesus’ whole theology is absurd, sending the poor to paradise – they have never enjoyed anything,
they have not rehearsed before they entered paradise. And whatever they have been practicing is
perfectly suitable in hell.

I would like poverty to disappear from the world. I am all for richness in all dimensions. The poor
cannot understand classical music. The poor cannot understand the beautiful poetries of great
poets. The poor cannot understand the paintings of Van Gogh or Picasso. The poor will be
absolutely at a loss to understand what is going on, if you play Mozart; he cannot figure out that
this is something celestial.

This old man was a billionaire, but I don’t believe in persuading anybody to become a sannyasin, and
I don’t allow my sannyasins to convert anybody. We are not missionaries. The word ”missionary” is
a four-letter word. The missionary is trying to interfere in your life against your will. We are here. If
somebody finds the place beautiful, rejuvenating, it is up to him to decide.
His family became disturbed because one time was okay – he had come out of curiosity – but now
he has been coming every month for one week at a time, and they are afraid that he may become
a sannyasin. He is the head of the family and of all their international corporations: he has the
authority over all the money the family has. Naturally, they are afraid.
But how to take a seventy-year-old man to a deprogrammer psychologist? They went alone, not
taking him, to ask advice. The psychologist said, ”It is really a difficult situation. Your people you
can bring forcibly, but this old man you cannot bring forcibly. If you do, it is certain he will become a
sannyasin. And I don’t think that I can deprogram him either.”
The simple reason is that no sannyasin can be deprogrammed, we have already deprogrammed him.

You don’t have any programs, so what can they do? You are not being given a certain program. They
can deprogram the Moonies, they can deprogram the Hare Krishna people. They can deprogram
any cult: Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jesus freaks....

I am surprised... Jesus himself was a freak. In fact, Jesus freaks are really doing the right thing;
to follow Jesus you have to be a Jesus freak. Jesus was not a gentleman, not dressed in a gray
business suit. You can think of him as a freak, as a hippie, or anything, but he was not part of the
old conditioned mind. That’s why he was rewarded by crucifixion.

At that time deprogrammer psychologists had not arrived; otherwise Jesus would have been saved
from crucifixion. Just deprogramming would have been enough. He had just to be constantly
hammered: ”You are not the only son of God. Drop this nonsense. If you are the messiah for
whom the whole Judaic tradition is waiting, let them recognize you. Why do you go o;n shouting that
you are the awaited messiah?” It would have been very easy to deprogram that poor carpenter, but
the psychologists were not around there.

In America they are doing great business, particularly in California. They are spreading in other
countries also.

You have found now the right attitude about these people. They don’t want any revolution in the
world. They don’t want any kind of religiousness in the world. They don’t want the new man in the
world. And they are against humanity, because only the new man can save it. Only the new man
can throw these politicians with their nuclear weapons into the Pacific – pacific, certainly, so they
can be at peace forever.

These deprogrammers are writing against cults, dogmas, and they don’t know anything about them.
They don’t come here. Not a single deprogrammer psychologist has appeared, because he knows
he will be deprogrammed.

We have our own deprogrammers, who are certainly far more efficient, for the simple reason that
they are not giving you any program. So their work is simple: they simply deprogram you and leave
you alone to yourself. They do not REprogram you. They give you freedom. Deprogrammed, you
are no longer a Christian, no longer a Hindu, no longer a Mohammedan. You are no longer an
American, a Russian, a German. Completely deprogrammed, you are simply an innocent, reborn

My sannyasins are again reclaiming their childhoodness, their innocence, which has been disturbed
by the priests, by the politicians, by the educationists. In every way you have been cut to a certain
size, according to the dress that they have prepared for you. This is strange! The dress should be
cut according to you, and for centuries they have been cutting you according to the dress. The dress
is already available – the Christian dress, the Hindu dress, the Buddhist dress – and you have to fit
into it. It is imprisonment.
It is good that you have understood that these psychologists are the new jailers. Beware of them.

If anybody needs deprogramming, these are the people who need it. So if you can catch hold of a
deprogrammer, bring him here. We have to start deprogramming the new priesthood, because we
want the whole humanity to be one. We don’t want any priests, we don’t want any religions and we
don’t want any nations. We want the world to be one, because only in one world is there no need
for nuclear weapons, is there no need for war.

Right now, seventy-five percent of human energy, income, resources, is going in to creating more
and more nuclear weapons. And these politicians who go on piling up nuclear weapons also go on
shedding crocodile tears for Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, with all its wounds, can be immediately healed. Half of the population of India need not be
existing below survival level. In America itself, thirty million people, are so poor that it is simply ugly
and insane for the American president to go on pouring money into nuclear weapons.

And the amazing thing is, you have enough nuclear weapons to destroy humanity seven hundred
times! Strange! I don’t see the arithmetic. Have these politicians forgotten even the basic three
r’s? Russia and America both can destroy this planet seven hundred times. There is no need, one
time is enough! You have already got weapons seven hundred times more than you need. Just an
average mind can see the foolishness of it.
Stop nuclear weapons, stop this whole idea of war. But the politician knows if the priest disappears
he will be in difficulty. He wants to substitute the priest with the psychologist – a more up-to-date
version of the same priesthood. There is no difference.
It has to be stopped. So whenever you see a deprogrammer, catch hold of him and bring him here.
The way they are catching hold of people... what a strange world! – Parents are hijacking their own
children and giving them into the hands of the psychologist, and he hammers them.
The method is very simple. He goes on hammering for two days, three days. The man had been a
Christian, now he has become a Hare Krishna. The Hare Krishna ideology is only on the surface,
very fragile, new; his Christianity is centuries old in his unconscious. It is very easy to deprogram
him; his unconscious will be supporting you. You have just to scratch a little and his unconscious
will start coming up.
You have to make him feel guilty: ”You betrayed Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God; you
betrayed your country, you betrayed your community.” You have just to make him feel guilty-that is
scratching – and soon his unconscious will come up.
But nobody can deprogram my sannyasins, because we already do it and we never give another
program to people. We leave them completely free, individual. We give them the dignity of being
and individual and not just a member of some religion. We give them the pride to be themselves
and not to be an American or a Russian.
Nobody can deprogram my sannyasins.
In fact, if you find yourself in a situation where you are forced to be deprogrammed, don’t be afraid.
Deprogram the deprogrammer! Don’t miss the chance. And I know you can do it!
From Death to Deathlessness , Osho

27-03-2012, 07:44 PM
Always follow your intuition lonestar, you know that well.
Dissapear into beauty, and listen to the music.
Remember that society does not allow us to be wise. Ort else we wouldn't continue to be slaves.


Otis Rush - I Got The Blues - YouTube

"If you don't dig the blues you got a hole in your soul"

Albert King....

27-03-2012, 10:47 PM
Originally posted by lonestar
The world is a rainbow, the mind is a prism, and the being is the white ray."

Somewhere over the rainbow - Eric clapton - YouTube

28-03-2012, 12:17 AM
Osho Nadabrahma Meditation - YouTube
Nadabrahma meditation

28-03-2012, 12:45 AM
Osho speaks about the Nadabrahma meditation.

It is a mantra meditation, and mantra is one of the most potential ways. It is very simple yet tremendously effective, because when you chant a mantra or you chant a sound your body starts vibrating; your brain cells particularly start vibrating.
If rightly done your whole brain becomes tremendously vibrant, and the whole body also. Once the body starts vibrating and your mind is already chanting, they both fall in a tune. A harmony - which is ordinarily never there - between the two. Your mind goes on its way, your body continues on its own. The body goes on eating, the mind goes on thinking.' the body goes on walking on the road the mind is moving far away in the stars. They never meet - they both go on separate pathways, and that creates a split.
The basic schizophrenia is created because the body goes in one direction, the mind goes in another direction. And you are the third element - you are neither the body nor the mind, so you are pulled apart by these two. Half of your being is pulled by the body and half of your being is pulled by your mind. So there is great anguish - one feels torn apart.
In a mantra meditation - nadabrahma or any chanting - this is how the mechanism works: when you start chanting a sound - and any sound will do; even abracadabra - if you start resounding inside, the body starts responding. Sooner or later a moment comes when the body and the mind are both together in one direction for the first time. When body and mind are both together, you are free from the body and the mind - you are not tom apart. Then the third element which you are in reality - call it soul, spirit,' atma', anything - that third element is at ease because it is not being pulled in different directions.
The body and the mind are so much engrossed in chanting that the soul can slip out of them very easily, unobserved, and can become a witness - can stand out and look at the whole game that is going on between the mind and the body. It is such a beautiful rhythm that the mind and body never become aware that the soul has slipped out... because they don't allow so easily, mm? they keep their possession. Nobody wants to lose his possession. The body wants to dominate the soul, the mind wants to dominate the soul.
This is a very sly way to get out of their hold. They become drunk with the chanting, and you slip out.
So in nadabrahma, remember this: let the body and mind be totally together, but remember that you have to become a witness. Get out of them, easily, slowly, from the back door, with no fight, with no struggle. Mm? they are drinking - you get out, and watch from the outside....
This is the meaning of the English word 'ecstasy' - to stand out. Stand out and watch from there... and it is tremendously peaceful. It is silence, it is bliss, it is benediction.
This is the whole secret of chanting - that's why chanting has prevailed down the centuries. There has never been a religion that has not used chanting and mantra. But there is a danger also! If you don't get out, if you don't become a witness, there is a danger - then you have missed the whole point. If you become drunk with the body and the mind and your soul also becomes drunk, then chanting is an intoxicant. Then it is like a tranquiliser - it will give you a good sleep, that's all. It is a lullaby. Good - nothing wrong in it - but not of any real value either.
So this is the pitfall to be remembered: chanting is so beautiful that one wants to get lost. If you are lost, then good, you enjoyed a rhythm, an inner rhythm, and it was beautiful and you liked it, but it was like a drug - it is an acid trip. By chanting, by the sound, you created certain drugs in your body.
Chanting creates chemical changes in the body, and those changes are no different than marijuana or LSD. Some day, when research goes deeper into meditation, they are going to find that chanting creates chemical changes - just as fasting also creates chemical changes.
After the seventh or eighth day of fasting, one feels tremendously jubilant, weightless, very glad for no reason, delighted - as if all burden has disappeared. Your body is creating a certain chemical change.
I am as much against LSD as I am against fasting. And if chanting is used as a drug, I am against it. So the point to be remembered is that you have to use the sound, the chanting, the mantra, not as an intoxicant for your being. Let it be an intoxicant for the body and the mind but you slip out of it before you become intoxicated; you stand out and you watch. You see the body swaying and you see the mind feeling very very peaceful and calm and quiet. Watch from the outside and be alert like a flame.
If this is not done you will have a good sleep but nothing more. Then it is a good thing for health but nothing for the ultimate growth.
Good - pay attention to nadabrahma, mm? And sometimes sitting silently, start chanting anything, 'aum', will do, or choose anything, any word, and get in tune with it. Meaning is not important: it can be meaningless - it can be meaningful. 'Aum' has no meaning. Or you can create your own mantra and chant it. But remember to slip out of it.
Let the body get drunk, let the mind get drunk, let them fall into a deep love-affair with each other, and you slip out of it. Don't stay there longer - otherwise you will fall asleep. And if one falls asleep, it is not meditation. Meditation means awareness. So remember it!

28-03-2012, 12:55 AM
Thank you lonestar. Nadabrahma meditation is one of my favorites, also it has a beautiful background meditation music to it. :)

28-03-2012, 01:07 AM
Osho Kundalini Meditation - YouTube
Osho Kundalini Meditation

28-03-2012, 03:02 AM




28-03-2012, 05:10 PM


I too am a farmer and I sowed some seeds. They sprouted and now flowers have come to them. My
whole life is filled with the fragrance of these flowers and because of this fragrance now I am in a
different world. This fragrance has given me a new birth, and now I am no longer that which is seen
by ordinary eyes.

The unseen and the unknown have flung open their closed doors, and I am seeing a world which
is not seen through the eyes, and I am hearing music which ears are not capable of hearing.
Whatsoever I have found and known is eager to flow just as the mountain waterfalls and springs
flow and rush towards the ocean.

Remember, when the clouds are full of water they have to shower. And when the flowers are filled
with fragrance they have to give off their fragrance freely to the winds. And when a lamp is lit, the
light is bound to radiate from it.

Something like this has happened and the winds are carrying away some seeds of revolution from
me. I have no idea in what fields they will land and who will tend them. I only know that it is from
seeds like these that I have attained the flowers of life, immortality, and the divine. And in whatever
field they land, the very soil there will turn into the flowers of immortality.

In death is hidden the immortal and in death is life – just as flowers are inherent in the soil. But the
potential of the soil can never become realized in the absence of seeds. The seeds make manifest
that which was unmanifest and give expression to that which was latent.

Whatever I have, whatever I am, I want to give away as seeds of divine consciousness. What is
attained in knowledge – knowing – love gives away in abundance. In knowing one knows God; in
love one BECOMES God. Knowledge is the spiritual discipline, love is the fulfillm

I had been to a village. I heard someone saying there: ”Religion lies in renunciation, and renunciation
is a hard and demanding discipline.”

As I heard this, I recollected an incident from my early childhood. I had accompanied a picnic party
to the bank of a river. The river was small but with a vast expanse of sand. On the sandy bank
there lay many pebbles in luminous colors. I felt I had stumbled on a treasure. By the evening I had
collected so many pebbles that it was not possible to bring them home with me. Tears came into my
eyes when I had to leave them behind as I left, and I was surprised to see my companions’ lack of
interest in those pebbles.

That day they seemed to me to be great renouncers. When I think of it today, I see that there is no
question of renunciation once you have known the stones as stones.
Ignorance is indulgence.
Knowing is renunciation.

Renunciation is not a doing; it is not something to be done, it just happens. It is a natural result of
knowing. Indulgence is mechanical: that too is not a doing – it is a natural result of ignorance.

Hence, the idea that renunciation is a hard and arduous task is meaningless. In the first place it is not
an act – activities alone can be difficult and strenuous – it is an outcome. Secondly, in renunciation
what apparently drops is worthless, and what is attained is priceless.

In fact, renunciation as such does not exist, because we gain immensely more than we drop. The
reality is that we drop only our bondage, but we gain liberation; we drop only shells but we receive
diamonds; we forsake only death but attain immortality; we leave only darkness but attain the light
– eternal and infinite.

Where then is the renunciation? Dropping nothing and receiving everything cannot be called

Seeds of Wisdom, Osho
(Previously called: Seeds of Revolution)

28-03-2012, 06:38 PM
RAPHAEL ALEXANDER LUSTCHEVSKY: Disapearing into you - YouTube

Inspired in: Music to Dissapear In.

my hero
28-03-2012, 06:44 PM

The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Sexual Abuse of MinorsApril 09, 2008 07:53PMSeekingTruth
Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestFound this interesting article on the web.



Religious Ecstasy

Ecstasy was first brought to Europe by the disciples of the Bhagwan. He had adopted the drug as his new spiritual elixir, and his army of orange people evangelically distributed it around the world. Some even set up laboratories to manufacture their own supply.

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Date Added: 03/17/2006
Posts: 4409Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the Westyou know, this is very interesting.
I just saw an old VCR tape about Mind Control the other night..and they had a bunch of Rajneesh footage as his Ashram in the 70's.
It was horrifying.
Hundreds of young women in orange, rubbing their bodies over eachother, chanting, moaning, singing, and Rajneesh, and lots of men in there too. They did look like they were on some very serious drugs. their faces were contorted, and Rajneesh was lording over them.
It did appear like they were on a very high dose of drugs, MDMA or Ecstacy could have been used on them?


MDMA Rajneesh
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Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestWOW - that link for 'MDMA Rajneesh' on Google certainly brought up a long list.

Here's but one reference:

"Critique of the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh cult who were involved in MDMA use, extreme promiscuity, and terrorism (and whose influence strongly endures in the problem called Tantric sex)."


Now why is 'Tantric Sex' a problem? I thought that this was thousands of years old and one of the good things to have come out of China?

Hundreds of young women in orange, rubbing their bodies over eachother, chanting, moaning, singing, and Rajneesh, and lots of men in there too.

What ages did they appear to be?

I wonder if drug use is still widespread in the Osho ashrams or communes?

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Options:Reply To This MessageQuote This MessageApril 09, 2008 10:16PMThe Anticult
Date Added: 03/17/2006
Posts: 4409Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestThe tape I saw the girls looked late teens? They did look like adults, probably 18-25 at most.
But of course, Rajneesh would pick the most attractive young caucasion girls to be near him, and ON-CAMERA, as that would be good for recruiting, and for himself.
It really was insane, people were going nuts on that tape.
But it did sorta look like a Rave, in that everyone was "touching" and hugging, rubbing, etc. Just like when people are on Ecstacy.
One assumes they would still use the drug, but maybe not as high a dose as in the 1970's.

MDMA can give people permanent brain damage. People never get that "first high" again.

Here is some of it on video.
Captive Minds Hypnosis and Beyond
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Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Sexual Abuse of MinorsRe: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Sexual Abuse of Minors

There is a disturbing video (unfortunately on pay to view) that details the sexual abuse that a young girl experienced at an Osho / Rajneesh ashram (probably Pune?).

See: [www.youtube.com]

From the 'LivingOsho' Group on Yahoo Groups:


Seems there have been a number of cases recently where sannyasin kids, now grown up, have said they were neglected or sexually abused in Osho communes (incl. Ko Hsuan school).

The programme the above trailer refers to is available on a pay-per-view TV site (link at the end of the clip), haven't seen it though yet.

My all-seeing eye hasn't passed over it. How could it? I had a link on my website to the full-length documentary until it went obsolete.

[There is] the Dutch documentary, "Communekind" (Commune Child) on Belgian TV. It's made by Maroesja Perizonius, and tells us about her experiences as
a young teenage girl (around 14 years of age) in an Osho commune in Amsterdam and England. These experiences - especially the sexual ones - weren't entirely positive, but there's more to the documentary than sex. The thread is on looking at herself, how she as a young girl was willing to do everything to be accepted and be part of the scene, and on her relationship with her mother, now and at the time (her mother was and still is a sannyasin). It's about the general liberal attitude with regard to sexuality in Osho communes in the late seventies and early eighties of the twentieth century, and on how the choices the mother made had consequences for her daughter; the mother didn't take her responsibility as a parent as much as she probably would have in ordinary society.

Maroesja says that she wanted her documentary to shed light on the responsibility of parents towards their children. She is glad that her mother was willing to cooperate in the making of this challenging and confrontational film. "I was on a search and because of it you are on a search yourself now", her mother says. It's a warm and intelligent documentary in which both mother and daughter do not condemn, but discover more of themselves and of each other, and come to understand each other better...

Very impressive. This kind of honest (re-)examination of such material is very rare.

There are many stories of sexual exploitation of very young women in sannyas contexts, Ko Hsuan School included. Unlike in the general population though, it seems that few if any involved pre-pubescent girls. This is actually an enormous difference, as is the absence of fathers preying on their daughters.

But little consideration was given at the time to the possible presence of pedophiles in sannyas, so they slipped under the radar somewhat. Parents trusted and some were somewhat neglectful of giving their daughters adequate supervision or guidance, so older men who were attracted to the youngest women had a fairly free rein.

Still, the culture of (relative) openness that prevailed must have ameliorated the worst possibilities of that, since:

1. The lack of sexual repression would have meant less of the worst kind of secrecy and shame that attends sexual abuse in the mainstream world.
2. Gossip (sharing in the teen peer group) would have weeded out some of the worst perps.
3. The general culture of the naturalness of sex would have given enough sexual opportunity to horny people that they wouldn't need so much to exploit powerless youngsters.
4. The culture of self-empowerment would again have weeded out the worst perps by giving kids sufficient dignity and autonomy to not be exploited,
or to be less so.
5. The culture of self-examination -- such as it is / was -- would have softened the harshest aspects in perps, both by their own self-examination
and by the feedback of peers.
6. Osho's guidance (samples below - deleted here) has helped us to go through this stuff via experience and understanding, rather than suppressing and hiding.

All that said, there were some casualties and suffering. It is great to know about Maroesja and her story, a rare kind of healing.

Love, Sxxx


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Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestOsho - An extract from The Joy Of Sects

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and the Sannyasins AKA Osho

Founded: 1971
Country of origin: India
Gods and guiding voices: The Hindu pantheon, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Basic beliefs: Bliss is a birthright. God is the universal consciousness and the enlightened Bhagwan himself is the beginning of a totally new religious consciousness. Man determines what conduct is permissible. Basically an amalgam of Western psychotherapeutic practices and Eastern religion.

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh had a simple commandment for his followers, the Sannyasins: ‘Enjoy!’ Unlike other more ascetic gurus to have emerged from India in the 1960s and 1970s, he demanded little from his followers in the way of renunciation – and lots in the way of carnal pleasure. ‘Wait not for Godot!’ he preached. ‘The more you risk, the more you grow.’ His was an intoxicating promise: enlightenment, bliss and lots and lots of sex.

The ashram he established in Poona in India in 1974 quickly became a New Age Mecca. It attracted thousands of young Western disciples sold on the charismatic teacher’s mercurial wit and unique brand of Eastern mysticism. Marked out by their happy expressions and orange clothes (dyed at the Bhagwan’s instigation, to reflect the colour of the sun) they quickly spread their guru’s teachings and popularised his unique forms of taboo-breaking therapies. In these sessions, known as dynamic meditation, pupils were encouraged to destroy their religious and social conditioning to find out who they really were. They wore blindfolds – or nothing at all – and explored their deepest selves by screaming, fighting and, inevitably, shagging. Broken limbs were common, as were broken relationships. The latter came thanks to the teachers’ propensity to encourage their students to watch their partners having sex with another person – so they could confront the emotions that this betrayal provoked.

In spite of, or maybe even because of, these extreme practices, the ‘Rajneeshees’ continued to expand in number. Soon they spread out across Europe, establishing themselves in stately homes like the one they named ‘Medina Rajneesh’ in Suffolk, where 400 of the Bhagwan’s followers established themselves in the early 1980s – seemingly in utopian contentment.

Sadly, there were a few signs that all was not well in paradise. One of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’s more chilling suggestions was that prominent female followers should become sterilised so that they could better practise his teachings. Ugly rumours of child abuse and the destruction of family life slowly began to surface. The guru’s ever increasing wealth also began to attract the unwanted attention of the Indian tax authorities.

To escape from a whopping bill, Rajneesh packed up his 150,000-volume library and, claiming medical problems, entered the United States (along with twelve tons of luggage). It was there that things really fell apart. Shortly after he’d settled his followers in a 60,000-acre $6million ranch on semi-desert scrubland near the small town of Antelope in Oregon, Bhagwan Rajneesh took a vow of silence (or as, he put it, he determined on a course of ‘speaking through silence’.) The day-to-day running of the huge community fell to his follower, Ma Anand Sheela.

Sheela took to wearing robes and calling herself ‘queen’. Fences, complete with guard towers, went up around the compound and disciples armed with Uzis patrolled the Bhagwan’s residence. Many of the commune’s 15,000 members were forced to do twelve hours work a day for no pay. While they succeeded in clearing and planting 3,000 acres of land, building a 350-million-gallon reservoir, a 10-megawatt power substation and a functioning dairy farm, only Sheela and her coterie seemed to live in any comfort. The others had to endure unbearable hardships.

The most bizarre incidents occurred outside the ranch in the local town of Antelope. The huge numbers of Rajneeshees enabled them to force the results of the 1984 local elections and take over Antelope’s local council. They decided to rename the hitherto upright Oregon backwater Rajneeshpuram. When attempts were also made to rig local county elections by shipping thousands of homeless people onto the ranch, resistance to the Sannyasins grew stronger. Sheela responded by having her followers dump salmonella into the salad bars of several local restaurants. Antelope therefore gained the dubious distinction of being the site of the first successful bio-terrorism attack in US history.

Eventually, Bhagwan Rajneesh emerged from his silence and attempted to distance himself from his disciples. He said that Sheela had been running the place like a ‘fascist concentration camp’ and went on the talk show Good Morning America to emphasise that those with him were ‘fellow travellers’ rather than followers. He also called on the FBI to conduct an independent investigation into the ranch. The FBI quickly found an extensive eavesdropping system that was wired throughout the commune residences, public buildings and offices. They also uncovered a secret laboratory where experiments had been run on the manufacture of HIV as well as salmonella.

Sheela confessed to having a rather ‘bad habit’ of poisoning people and was sent to jail. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh himself was charged with criminal conspiracy, 34 counts of making false statements to federal officials and two counts of immigration fraud. He paid a $400,000 fine and was given a ten-year sentence – suspended on the understanding that he would leave the United States. He returned to India in disgrace and died not long afterwards.

Many of the communes across Europe dispersed in disillusionment and surrounded by their own scandals. In spite of everything, however, many remain faithful to the Bhagwan’s teachings. His spiritual descendents (now calling themselves Osho) have maintained his ashram in India as a major tourist attraction and spiritual retreat. In England, meanwhile, they have a thriving community in a large house in Dorset, Osho Leela. There, they run ‘Singles Weekends’ offering parties, meditations, ‘bundles of fun and … who knows!’


The Bhagwan

Mohan Chandra Rajneesh was born in 1931. After working as a philosophy teacher for several years he accepted what he saw as God’s plan for his life – spiritually transforming humanity. In 1971 he assumed the modest title of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, meaning ‘The Blessed One Who Has Recognised Himself As God’. He established his first ashram shortly afterwards.

During his life the Bhagwan wrote more than 60 books and recorded upwards of 500 tapes. In addition to embracing the spirit of God, he also embraced the spirit of the 1980s, accumulating millions of pounds and no fewer than 93 Rolls-Royce cars. He said that he’d lived in poverty and lived in richness. ‘Believe me,’ he continued, ‘richness is far better than poverty.’ He claimed to be a man of very simple interests. He was ‘utterly satisfied’ with ‘the best of everything’.

Towards the end of his life, addicted to nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and haunted by the accusations of sex abuse, tax evasion and poisonings, the Bhagwan retreated back to his original ashram in Poona. In 1985 he declared that his religion was dead – and that it had, in fact, been invented by his followers. He said he was glad not to have to pretend to be enlightened anymore. Then, in December 1988, he told his followers that his body had become host to none other than Guatama Buddha. However, when the Buddha disapproved of his use of the Jacuzzi, Bhagwan banished him from his body and said that he was now Zorba the Buddha instead.

He died in 1990, instructing his doctor to dress him in his favourite socks and hat beforehand. When his disciples asked what they should do with him after he passed on he replied, ‘Stick me under the bed and forget about me.’

Words of Wisdom

‘The second problem I had (with my health) was my back … I cannot sit on [an ordinary] chair. It may be comfortable, but my back will not fit with it. Similarly I can use only one car. I have used all cars, and the best in the world; but the seat of just one car, one of the models of Rolls-Royce, the Silver Spur, fits with me perfectly. It is not their costliest car; their costliest is the Corniche, then the Carmargue. The third is the Silver Spur. So I tried a Corniche – it didn't work, my back trouble started. But with the Silver Spur it has settled completely.’

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh


Religious Ecstasy

Ecstasy was first brought to Europe by the disciples of the Bhagwan. He had adopted the drug as his new spiritual elixir, and his army of orange people evangelically distributed it around the world. Some even set up laboratories to manufacture their own supply.
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Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestThere's a disturbing parallel in the recent reports concerning the JC of Latter Day Saints sect and its sexual abuse by elders of underage young women (and potentially young men) with the ranch Rajneeshpura in Oregon set up by Bhagwan Rajneesh (Osho) and his followers.

A particularly good report can be found at:


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Date Added: 02/13/2007
Posts: 185Re: Osho / Rajneesh Cult Introduced Ecstacy to the WestA film about life on the Ranch can be found at:


28-03-2012, 07:28 PM
Hatred for Hire - YouTube
Rick Alan Ross Institute, Hatred for Hire.

28-03-2012, 07:35 PM

THAT’S MY TEACHING. It cannot be made more exact than that. Life is so mysterious that you cannot reduce it to exact formulas. That is not possible. That will be unjust and unfair to life. A mystery has to remain a mystery.

If you reduce the mystery to a formula, you are being violent to reality. No explanation can explain away life. No fact can contain its truth.

But don’t ask me to be exact – that I cannot do. I cannot do it because I respect life so much. And I cannot be untrue to life. How can I be exact about a roseflower? And how can I be exact about the innocent eyes of a child? And how can I be exact about the beautiful form of a woman? How can
I be exact about the clouds in the sky, and the rivers and the mountains and the stars? Life is so elusive, so mysterious, and life is such flux... everything continuously changing.

If you become too exact, you start losing contact with life. You have to be as inexact as life is. You have to be as volatile as life is. You have to be continuously on the move! Life is not a noun – -it is a verb. You have to be as much of a verb as life is... it is a process.

And when you don’t have a mind, then you have a heart. When you don’t have a mind, only then does your heart start pulsating, then you have love. No mind means love. Love is my message.


sorry i know im bogarting Osho.

but thats some good stuff!:D

28-03-2012, 07:47 PM

Start singing, dancing and rejoicing

Osho | Jan 11, 2009, 12.00AM IST

Start singing, dancing and rejoicing
One who can die blissfully never dies, because in death he comes to know immortality. (Getty Images)



Time is short. Dance, sing, be joyous! If there were no nuclear destruction possible, no threat, you could have postponed.

You could have said, "Tomorrow we will dance." But now there may be no tomorrow; you cannot postpone. This is for the first time that tomorrow is absolutely doubtful for all. Individually it is always doubtful: tomorrow may never come, even the next breath may not come in. Individually death is always imminent, but this time it is something global, universal. The whole earth may disappear, may explode.

You can cry and weep and you can beat your head against the wall; that will not stop nuclear destruction and its threat. In fact, it may bring it closer and faster because sad people, miserable people, are dangerous people. Misery creates destructiveness. Politicians have enough atomic energy piled up to destroy this earth not only once but several hundred times.

If the whole of humanity can start dancing, rejoicing, feasting ^ seeing that the threat is very close by... If the whole earth can become full of joy it will be less possible to destroy, because who is going to destroy it?

We are the people; it is up to us to decide that we want to live or that we want to commit suicide. If we start a new climate in the world ^ of rejoicing, of dancing, of singing, of meditation, of prayer ^ and if people become full of bliss, cheerfulness, laughter... there is every possibility we can avoid destruction, because joyous people don't want to destroy, they want to create.

If destruction has become global, we have to make laughter and dancing also global, in the same proportion, to counteract it. Why be sad? And what are you going to gain by sadness? Yes, i know the world is facing a danger, but each individual has always faced the danger of death. If universal death is really close by, don't postpone. I say rejoice ^ because if you can die rejoicing, you will transcend death, you will go beyond death.

One who can die blissfully never dies, because in death he comes to know immortality.

If the time is short, then you have to spread this orange laughter all over the world. Then it is time that we should make people more and more joyous. Tell them that death can take over this earth any moment, because... politicians have so much power now... Just push a button and the process can be triggered, the whole earth can explode. You don't have time to waste.

Remember, meditation will give you many joys, many blessings; many gifts will descend on you. The Buddha says: do not turn away what is given to you... because if you turn it away you will miss the opportunity, and it may not knock on your door again for a long time. One never knows when the moment will come again. So whenever something happens to you in meditation, open your heart. And go dancing, go joyously, because in meditation nothing wrong can ever happen to you.

The more alert you are, you find new ways of doing things, you find new styles of living your life. The more alert you are, the more creative you are, and only creative people know what happiness is. What you create is not the point ^ just be creative. It may be poetry, it may be music, it may be sculpture, it can be anything, but just the process of being creative brings you to the point where you meet the Divine.

(Excerpted from `Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha'. Courtesy: Osho International Foundation. www.osho.com. Today is Osho's birth anniversary.)

28-03-2012, 09:14 PM
And when you don’t have a mind, then you have a heart. When you don’t have a mind, only then does your heart start pulsating, then you have love. No mind means love. Love is my message.

Yeah, walk without feet, fly without wings and think without mind, is one of Osho's real neat ones. :D

28-03-2012, 10:58 PM





Have you ever found yourself in a place so bizarre and ridiculous that all you can do is laugh to yourself and think "Where the heck am I? Is this place for real?!?!?!?" Well, this is precisely what happened to me during my stay at the Osho Commune in Pune. Unfortunately, photography was not allowed so I don't have any photos to document just how strange the entire place is. Sometimes my curiosity lands me in the most absurd places and there is absolutely no embellishment in what follows…

I really dig a lot of what Osho has written (though Osho never really "wrote" anything and the 600 + books to his name are really just transcriptions of discourses he gave) and thought that while I'm living in India it would be interesting to visit the commune and a good opportunity to practice "openness" and "non-attachment to view."

I really didn't think much about what to expect when I decided to visit Osho Land but within seconds of my arrival when I was greeted by a man that looked like an Indian version of Kenny G I realized I was in for quite an interesting experience. I'm pretty open minded, have done enough weird stuff in my life so I figured I'd just roll with the whole "Osho experience" and make the most of my time there. Though I did bypass having a past life regression and opted for an extra plate of organic broccoli instead and I also managed to escape the commune to check out the Iyengar Yoga Studio in Pune which was really, really cool.

The Osho Commune is a cross between a space station and a Zen paradise and is really nothing more than a bizarre, new age spa where wealthy people go to have an "experience" (myself included). When I arrived I found out that the Commune is also called the "Osho International Meditation Resort" and upon discovering this I seriously thought I'd ditch the whole idea of staying at the "Resort." I felt ashamed of myself for wasting money in such a ridiculous manner because I am really trying to live more simply but I was already there and just so tired and at the very least figured it would make for a good story.

No matter how hard I tried it was impossible for me to take anything that went on there seriously. In fact, my stomach is sore from laughing so much at the ridiculousness of it all and I was actually reprimanded and almost kicked out of a few "meditation sessions" for laughing too much. But it was just so totally insane I couldn't help laughing! In order to get rid of our deep conditioning we were asked to speak in "gibberish" for an hour, act like animals (I had to bark like a dog and act like a cat) and my personal favorite—"connecting with our inner child" where we had to crawl around, scream, cry and act like babies/infants while screaming "mommy!" How could I not laugh hysterically? Ouch, my stomach is still hurting from laughing so much! On the third day I had to call my big brother and my friend Gina in the States to share how it was this insane new age spiritual supermarket!

Upon my arrival I had to take an AIDS test (some of you know about Osho's liberal views on sex) and after a lengthy registration process I was escorted by this Ewok looking man to get my "robe." In order to participate in any of the activities you have to wear a maroon robe (don't ask but the maroon color has to do with energetics or something). A middle aged Indian man who insisted on calling me "baby girl" picked out my "robe" which was really just a tight fitting, scandalous, backless maroon dress. I figured I'd never do anything like this again so I put on the "robe" but also managed to snag a maroon shawl too. Staying at the Osho Commune isn't cheap but there are tennis courts (they call it zenis), a pool, a sauna and access to all of the "meditation sessions." The food is pretty affordable and excellent but there is no money at the commune and you have to buy everything using "Osho Vouchers." When I was there I really felt like I was caught in an episode of the twilight zone and I had to wonder if anyone else took it seriously! I could literally hear Osho laughing at what his devotees had made of this place because in so many ways it goes against a lot of what he stood for.

Every evening the entire compound shuts down for the "Evening Meditation" in the Osho Auditorium which is a futuristic looking structure with a large marble hall inside. You have to wear a white "robe" for the evening meditation (again it has to do with energetics). As you enter live music is playing which is a cross between John Tesh and Yanni and you are expected to just totally let go and dance. There were probably more than 500 people in the hall dancing like crazy and I figured I'd just have fun with it and try and get in a good workout too so I just did the little capoeira I know and jumped up and down like a maniac. After dancing for some time all of a sudden the music stops and we had to throw our hands up in the air, jump and scream "OSHO!" Everyone got so into it and it totally weirded me out. After dancing and screaming "OSHO!" we then watched a discourse Osho had given on Zen and I actually really enjoyed this. Even though the entire commune is completely strange I still think a lot of what Osho has written is right on. But after the discourse you have to start screaming like crazy. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. On my right a man with a heavy South Indian accent was screaming in Telegu and to my left a middle-aged Californian woman screamed demonically "Mother F****r!" I just sat there in the middle laughing hysterically at how bizarre it all was. Then after the screaming we have to stop suddenly, maintain silence and lie down in savasana. After savasana the "Evening Meditation" is over and we leave. As I was leaving all these people were saying how great the meditation was and I just thought to myself, "When the hell did we meditate? I thought we just danced like fools and screamed like idiots with a pretty cool Osho talk sandwiched in between."

So, I'm all for being friendly and hugging people I know but getting down with strangers is just not my thing. My second day I was quietly reading Old Path, White Clouds while sipping chai at the "Zorba the Buddha" Café not too far from the "Osho Plaza" and "Buddha Grove" and all of a sudden Daddy Yankee starts blasting and this incredibly beautiful but of course bizarre Brazilian man just picks me up and grabs me (apparently he was excited because he thought I was Puerto Rican—I haven't been mistaken for being Puerto Rican since I was living in NYC 5 years ago!) and at that moment I decided that I had had enough. After two days I'd had my fill of amusing stories from sketchy encounters with strange men and I made a sign that said "practicing silence" pinned it to my "robe," wrapped myself in my maroon shawl and boycotted all activities except for the sitting silent meditation which was held three times a day at hour long intervals in a really nice marble meditation hall with of course a large Osho statue erected in it (but right before you enter the hall there is a dentist chair—I never really got why that was there). I really enjoyed these sitting sessions because I rarely get a chance to sit like this and focus on my breathe, posture and awareness. There was also an "Osho Vipassana Sitting" but it was pretty different from Goenka-ji and we weren't even told to scan. Aside from these silent sitting sessions, which were held in the morning, early afternoon and late afternoon I just read, swam and relaxed. But in order to swim in the pool or use the sauna you have to wear a maroon "Osho" bathing suit which was of course scandalous and the type of thing I would only bust out in Brazil but I figured "When in Rome…" There was this crazy Scandinavian woman that monopolized the sauna and every 15 minutes she would just start yodeling! It was totally insane! I think in addition to taking an AIDS test you should have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to visit the commune.

Even though I totally failed with practicing "openness" I think that even Thich Nhat Hanh would have found the whole "Osho experience" beyond absurd. And just how I thought a lot of what went on there was ridiculous and strange I'm sure if someone walked in on my sangha singing Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village songs they would think we were a bunch of weirdos too—it's all relative I guess. So, if you are into reading Osho I would suggest sticking to just reading his stuff and not visiting the commune in Pune unless you are only looking for a really good laugh—which you will definitely get. I'm glad I spent a few days there, I have no regrets. I've had enough laughter to last the next few years and it was such an amusing way to start my Winter Travels! I'll be laughing about this whole experience for years to come! I haven't even shared half of the insanity I encountered there. I could write a novel about the characters there. Still, I did meet some genuinely sweet people. I met a young man who was mentally handicapped who I really connected with and unlike me he was able to just not judge and truly roll with the "Osho Experience." When I was in Middle School I spent every study hall volunteering in my school's Special Education classroom and worked at a school for autistic children the summer before I went to college and always felt like I was being helped more than I was helping.

I just arrived in Aurangabad and am off to visit the Ellora Caves but just had to send out this email—I've been laughing so much and writing this has helped me let a lot out. I have to stop laughing to myself or else people will think I'm crazy! My stomach is really sore, ouch! I don't think it is possible to laugh this much. In fact, I was thinking about one of our interpretive dance sessions this morning and I walked into a glass door, ouch!

Pune itself is a really cool city. In fact, after Pondicherry it just might be the most chill place I've ever visited in India and I could totally come back here and spend a lot of time. Visiting the Iyengar studio was awesome. I got to observe BKS Iyengar's daughter, Geeta, teach an all women's intermediate two-hour Iyengar class. Wow, Geeta-ji is super strict and was yelling a lot throughout the class! The class was almost all Indian women and I was impressed with just how strong they all were. Unlike many female yoga practitioners in the US all of the women (even the few foreigners there) were anything but "traditionally slim and fit." In fact, each woman had a pretty enormous tooshie and so does Geeta-ji and they were all wearing these tiny shorts. It's funny how different yoga is in India and how us Westerners have such deep conditioning with respect to our bodies etc. The studio itself was gorgeous!

After Ajanta and Ellora I'm off to Bodh Gaya where I'm taking some courses with this amazing American Nun, Ven. Tenzin Chogkyi who was in retreat for 6 ½ years at the Root Institute. I am also hoping to get seeds from THE Bodhi tree to plant back in the states!

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Smiling and Giggling,

Meena :)


The word courage is very interesting. It comes from a Latin root cor, which means ‘heart’. So to be courageous means to live with the heart. And weaklings, only weaklings, live with the head; afraid, they create a security of logic around themselves. Fearful, they close every window and door - with theology, concepts, words, theories - and inside those closed doors and windows, they hide. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown. - Osho

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Smiling and Giggling,

Meena :)



"The word courage is very interesting. It comes from a Latin root cor, which means ‘heart’. So to be courageous means to live with the heart. And weaklings, only weaklings, live with the head; afraid, they create a security of logic around themselves. Fearful, they close every window and door - with theology, concepts, words, theories - and inside those closed doors and windows, they hide. The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in insecurity; it is to live in love, and trust; it is to move in the unknown. - Osho

INCREDIBLE QUOTE! ok thats it, im gettin me a robe!


29-03-2012, 05:23 AM
Yes, I liked her story showing her experieince. She seems to be quite spontaneus, which is great! I'll see if before you go I can find another cute specimen for you. LOL :D

29-03-2012, 05:30 AM
About Komala


Komala is born in Brazil and lived for twenty years in India, working as a therapist and facilitator at the Osho International Meditation Resort. Now she lives in Austria and travels around the world sharing her work.
Many years of meditation practice, self- inquiry and singing skills, combined with the explorations of the traditions of Tantra, Zen, Sufism, Healing Arts and the eastern psychological understanding of human mind and heart is the base of her work.
Komala is a graduated Art teacher, a Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapist and an accomplished singer.

She has training in trans-personal and meditative therapies, self-development techniques and body-work as: Die Before you Die; Hara Awareness Massage®; Awareness Intensive; Satori; Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung; Primal therapy and Sexual De-conditioning; Cranio Sacral Balancing®, Essence Work and Chakra Balancing.

Komala has developed the group for women: "Liberation and Love" and "Tantra For Women and, together with her Partner Khushru Gregor Steinmaurer, the course on "Sexuality, Love and Awareness", and the Three years Chakra training, the "Training for Life".

Her work has been influenced by teachings on Somatic Experiencing from Peter Levine; Sexuality and male-female polarity from David Deida; Voicing® with Pratibha de Stoppani; Conscious Living and Dying from Stephen Levine.


"Living in the Path of Love and Awareness is the best way I can define my spiritual journey and the flavor of my work.

The journey started very early, with a heart aching to find truth and understand about life and love. This longing brought me to India and to the spiritual master Osho.

Living at the Osho meditation resort has been a great opportunity to learn about myself, about life and to go deep into the teachings on awareness and meditation. For many years I've been part of the 'School for Centering and Zen Martial Arts', where I start learning therapeutic skills and about being a group leader. In that school I also found the fierce monk in me who simply loves to go inside and contemplate.

The deeper I went inside myself more interested I became in the mysteries of life; the magic of the body and the energy that is in constant movement inside, around and beyond my body. The path of awareness takes me again to the path of love, and I was giving the gift of the Sufi work "Die Before You Die", that carries the essence of these two paths. Exploring death has been my greatest teacher for understanding love and meditation.

The next life transforming learning has been the Hara Awareness Massage® process, that combines a magic feminine flow with presence and grounding. Through this work I have been diving deep into my belly, my emotions and my womanhood, and have been learning to communicate with someone's body and being through touch, bringing me in contact with the strength of my feminine nature.

Through working deeply with the "Who is in? - Awareness Intensive", a self inquiring method, and a key work in my path, I start experiencing the interesting polarized ways that life manifests, that everything in the universe is a swing between male and female, positive and negative, being alone and being together, night and day, life and death. This exploration fascinated me, for being such a juicy theme, so close to the reality of everyone in everyday life. From here the work with Tantra and Sexuality developed, through investigation on life issues to come in touch with our innermost being.

My own inner process and the learning of different techniques brought me the understanding that all the methods bring me to myself when the longing is deep and the search is sincere. This passion I have been sharing through the work in groups around the world and those meetings have been the most precious teachings. When human beings come together with the intention to expand their lives and to discover their inner reality, magic happens and everyone that is part of it grows.

I thank everyone that has been part of my journey and I invite you to join the dance and share the depth and joys of living in the path of Love and Awareness".


29-03-2012, 05:42 AM
Osho in China
News Articles — 04 October 2011

A glimpse of Osho in China despite the government’s attempts to ban him

Just thought I would share this little surprise I had this morning. Some of you might know I have spent many months in the past few years meditating on Song Mountain in Henan Province in China. This is where Bodhidharma sat in a cave for 9 years and then gave Zen – a fusion of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism – to the world.
Ibo, Veena and kung fu master at the Shaolin Temple in China

Ibo, Veena and the kung fu master at the Shaolin Temple in China, at sunrise

I have become friends with many Chinese and western people there, particularly a young guy called Ibo who now loves Osho and, being an internet whiz kid, has found many links to Osho in China although the government there is very against him so things have to be mostly ‘underground’. Ibo skyped me this morning and gave me the following link: user.qzone.qq.com


This as a quote from Osho about living and dying, translated into Chinese of course. The woman whose personal website this is, writes that she is interested in Osho and his words and says he is a great ‘teacher’. The irony is that the woman is the mother of one of Ibo’s English students (his English is so good that he teaches English to young kids) who has become a good friend but neither of them knew that the other was a fan of Osho!! Now he says he will contact her and they can talk about him and Ibo can tell her what his experience has been after meeting me and Panky and then reading about Osho in both English and Chinese. (I took some books for him and the other western kung fu students to read. They have all become interested.)

Interestingly, again, it is the intelligentsia involved. The woman’s husband is the director of one of the biggest banks in China. Because they are rich they are very cultured and educated people which Osho of course appeals to. This personal website goes to all the woman’s friends.

Veena for Osho News

29-03-2012, 06:00 AM

As written before I studied a lot of horoscopes of spiritual, talented and brilliant people. Rajneesh mention his birth data, so I made his horoscope too.

It is amazing how accurate this horoscope describes everything in the book, but confirms also everything I have written before. Let us have a look now to the main characteristics of Rajneesh horoscope.

More information about Rajneesh

Neptune influence

Rajneesh has an exceptional strong and beautiful spiritual (Neptune) influence, especially on his soul (Moon) level. This means he is very sensitive and receptive for this kind of spiritual energies. In such a case it is VERY important to be around a Master in a Buddha field or to be at sacred places in nature like he did in splendid nature of the Himalayas. It looks like his soul has also chosen for some difficult transformation lessons, because he has the most difficult Pluto-Moon aspect. As I have seen in many other cases this causes strong power struggles, situations with psychological or physical attacks, life threatening dangers and even murder are common. Rajneesh experienced some of it in and around the Poona ashram. But luckily he withdrew also a lot in nature in this period to find a precarious balance. In this way the strong regenerative power of Pluto-Moon could do its work.

One difficult Mercury-Neptune aspect indicates that there is a danger of being cheated, especially in business deals with Indians. This happened two times in his life.

Saturn aspects

With Rajneesh strong Neptune energy very good Saturn aspect are (in this case even literally) life saving. It helps the body to adjust to this enormous transformation and helps also to bring this energy to the earth. His beautiful Venus-Neptune aspect, combined with his great Venus-Saturn aspect gave him all the creative, artistic vision and the ability to put this out in the world, which he did with many creative, artistic projects. Combined with fine Jupiter aspects this has been destined to become huge successful, as he proved many times. Blessed One!

Jupiter aspects - Ninth harmonics

Rahneesh beautiful Jupiter aspects have put him under the protection of the Gods. This he really needed in the hostile power tripping environment of some leaders and therapists of the Poona ashram. Because Jupiter is also the planet of the Master, he has been protected also by his Master Osho and has also the potential to become a Master himself in his own right. This is emphasized by a strong ninth harmonics between his sun and moon.

Uranus aspects

His Uranus energy is fine balanced. Because a strong Uranus energy would have been too much in his case. Especially the seventh harmonics between Mars and Uranus is a ‘golden’ aspect for the creative projects as the watch design he did.

The pyramid aspect

Rajneesh has an unusual, but probably more powerful form of the pyramid aspect. Six ‘planets’ are working in a very good way together: sun, moon, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. This creates almost unlimited possibilities.

These are the main aspects, of course there is a lot more to say, but this is not relevant in this case.

As proven several times before, astrology done in a scientific way is a very accurate method to describe a person’s life.

29-03-2012, 01:26 PM
As proven several times before, astrology done in a scientific way is a very accurate method to describe a person’s life.[/B]

I'm afraid when I think about what it would say about me. :D

29-03-2012, 05:44 PM
I'm afraid when I think about what it would say about me. :D

There are lights and shadows in everyone's , so it should be interesting for all, including you lighthouse, nothing to be afraid of. :)

my hero
29-03-2012, 06:06 PM

The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

25 years after Rajneeshee commune collapsed, truth spills out
The Oregonian/April 14, 2011
By Les Zaitz
In a nearly unbelievable chapter of Oregon history, a guru from India gathered 2,000 followers to live on a remote eastern Oregon ranch. The dream collapsed 25 years ago amid attempted murders, criminal charges and deportations.

But the whole story was never made public. With first-ever access to government files, and some participants willing to talk for the first time, it's clear things were far worse than we realized.

What follows is an inside look - based on witness statements, grand jury transcripts, police reports, court records and fresh interviews -- at how Rajneesh leaders tried to skirt land-use and immigration laws only to have their schemes collapse to the point they decided killing Oregonians was the only way to save their religious utopia.

Ma Anand Puja stepped into St. Vincent Hospital on a summer night in 1985, hunting for James Comini.

The Filipino nurse was there to kill the rural Oregon politician, who was recuperating from ear surgery at the Portland hospital. She carried a syringe to inject a mixture into Comini's intravenous tube that would stop his heart.

But once inside Comini's seventh-floor isolation room, Puja discovered her target wasn't on an IV. Flustered, she hurried from the hospital to a getaway car, and her assassination team started the long drive home.

Their destination: Rancho Rajneesh, a spiritual encampment 200 miles away in eastern Oregon. It was base for Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a guru from India, and 2,000 of his worshippers.

The murder scheme was just one of many increasingly desperate attempts to save the guru's empire.

The Rajneeshees had been making headlines in Oregon for four years. Thousands dressed in red, worked without pay and idolized a wispy-haired man who sat silent before them. They had taken over a worn-out cattle ranch to build a religious utopia. They formed a city, and took over another. They bought one Rolls-Royce after another for the guru -- 93 in all.

Along the way, they made plenty of enemies, often deliberately. Rajneeshee leaders were less than gracious in demanding government and community favors. Usually tolerant Oregonians pushed back, sometimes in threatening ways. Both sides stewed, often publicly, before matters escalated far beyond verbal taunts and nasty press releases.

Three months after the aborted Comini plot, the commune collapsed and the Rajneeshees' darkest secrets tumbled out.

Hand-picked teams of Rajneeshees had executed the largest biological terrorism attack in U.S. history, poisoning at least 700 people. They ran the largest illegal wiretapping operation ever uncovered. And their immigration fraud to harbor foreigners remains unrivaled in scope. The revelations brought criminal charges, defections, global manhunts and prison time.

But there was much more.

Long-secret government files obtained by The Oregonian, and fresh interviews with ex-Rajneeshees and others now willing to talk, yield chilling insight into what went on inside Rancho Rajneesh a quarter-century ago.

It's long been known they had marked Oregon's chief federal prosecutor for murder, but now it's clear the Rajneeshees also stalked the state attorney general, lining him up for death.

They contaminated salad bars at numerous restaurants, but The Oregonian's examination reveals for the first time that they just as eagerly spread dangerous bacteria at a grocery store, a public building and a political rally.

To strike at government authority, Rajneeshee leaders considered flying a bomb-laden plane into the county courthouse in The Dalles -- 16 years before al-Qaida used planes as weapons.

And power struggles within Rajneeshee leadership spawned plans to murder even some of their own. The guru's caretaker was to be killed in her bed, spared only by a simple mistake.

Strangely, most of these stunning crimes were in rebellion against that most mundane of government regulations, land-use law. The Rajneeshees turned the yawner of comprehensive plans into a page-turning thriller of brazen crimes.

A new start

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh needed a new place to build his worldwide commune.

In India, he worked as a small-town philosophy professor until he found enlightenment paid better. He built a thriving enterprise attracting Westerners to his lectures and group therapies. They sought meaning in their lives, escaping the remains of the Vietnam War and a crashing world economy. And Rajneesh mixed in plenty of sexual freedom, ensuring publicity to build his brand.

Government authorities in India, weary of the Rajneesh's growing notoriety, cracked down on his group's unseemly and illegal behavior, including smuggling and tax fraud. The guru ran, ending up half a globe away at the Big Muddy Ranch, 100 square miles of rangeland an hour's drive north of Madras.

The first contingent of Rajneeshees quietly moved to Oregon in summer 1981, but they couldn't escape notice for long. Part of the guru's brand was clothing in reddish hues. Such dress was out of place in the blue denim reaches of Oregon. Followers, known as sannyasins, also displayed their devotion to the guru by wearing malas, wood bead necklaces holding a photo of Rajneesh.

Resettling in Oregon was the work of his chief of staff, Ma Anand Sheela, then 31 years old. She was a native of India, born to a privileged family as Sheela Patel. She wasn't after enlightenment. She was quick-witted and hungry for power, the perfect instrument for the guru's ambition.

Initially soft-spoken and engaging, Sheela charmed Oregon ranchers and politicians. Early on, she hosted a dance in Madras where cowboys partied until dawn. She curried favor, buying 50 head of cattle from a Wasco County commissioner, even though the commune was vegetarian.

She assured the guru that the commune of his dreams would soon rise on the Big Muddy. She expected to put up housing compounds, warehouses and support buildings. Business enterprises, once based in India, would move to the ranch.

In short, Sheela intended to do as she wished on their remote 64,000 acres.

Anxious to move ahead, she closed the property deal without understanding Oregon law -- a pivotal mistake. She didn't know the state severely limited how many people and buildings could be jammed onto ranch land.

Already it was too late. The money was paid, the guru packed and hundreds of sannyasins were expecting to be housed and fed. Sheela and the guru were undeterred. In India, trickery and bribery got results. Why would Oregon be any different?

The Rajneeshees found that the law did allow some new homes, but only for farmworkers and their families. Sheela homed in on that exemption when she met with Wasco County planners in summer 1981.

She was joined by her husband, a former New York banker named John Shelfer who was known on the ranch as Swami Jay, and David Knapp, a California therapist known as Swami Krishna Deva. For the meeting, they shed any sign of affiliation with the sect. They wore plain clothes, stowed their malas and introduced themselves by their given, not sannyasin, names.

They told the assembled officials they planned to operate a farm commune. Workers would be brought in to restore abused rangeland. They needed dwellings to house the workers.

Attending the meeting was Dan Durow, a young planner who had been with Wasco County less than a month. He had a trusting nature from his Midwestern upbringing and was intrigued by the idea of a farm commune. They discussed how the ranch could legally house perhaps 150 workers.

But the three visitors were vague about whom they represented.

"Are you a religious organization?" Durow finally asked.

"No," came Sheela's quick answer. "We celebrate life and laughter. We are simple farmers."

In the ensuing months, Durow repeatedly traveled to the ranch to monitor developments. He discovered that four-bedroom modular houses were in fact dorms with no kitchen, no living room. The Rajneeshees, on alert for his visits, routinely hid extra mattresses to disguise the true population at the ranch.

Making enemies

To legally stretch the limits, the Rajneeshees moved to form their own city.

Their private Portland lawyers advised they needed to befriend 1000 Friends of Oregon. The environmental group was a watchdog over land use, especially guarding farmland from development.

In late 1981, Sheela, Krishna Deva -- better known as KD -- and others from the commune met with two lawyers from 1000 Friends. They explained they needed to erect a city to tend to the thousands who would be moving there. They explained that remaking the ranch into a working farm was a bigger task than expected.

The environmental lawyers applauded the desire to restore the land, but they saw no need for a city. Plopping an urban area into the middle of an agricultural operation didn't make sense. As their resistance became apparent, Sheela asked whether their opposition would dissolve if the Rajneeshees joined 1000 Friends with a substantial contribution.

The bribe was brushed off. Sheela turned snide. Observing the modest furnishings in the Portland office, Sheela said she wasn't surprised by "shabby" work being done by people working in "shabby" surroundings. The crack was needless, but it was trademark Sheela.

From then on, 1000 Friends and the Rajneeshees battled. The organization launched an aggressive, but not always successful, legal campaign to blunt creation of the city. Its fundraising literature soon bore the picture of Sheela, and donations and membership soared.

In turn, the Rajneeshees portrayed 1000 Friends as a pawn of powerful political interests. They considered the environmental group an enemy, more interested in crushing a religion than protecting land. They named their sewage lagoon after the group's executive director.

Their fight would rage on for years.

Much of it played out in Oregon courtrooms and in the media. Coached by the Bhagwan, Sheela became adept at using the press to her advantage. She could be counted on for outrageous news conferences, where her sharp tongue cut into the enemy of the day. She seemed to spit insults with every breath.

But her conduct troubled other Rajneesh leaders.

KD complained in a letter to the guru that the insults were impairing efforts to build the commune. The guru's response was blunt: You're a coward. KD swallowed the insult and kept his place at the inner circle of the ranch. Later, he used his insider knowledge to get a lenient plea deal for himself -- and to help send Sheela to prison.

Another insider, Ma Yoga Vidya, a mathematician then also known as Ann McCarthy, tried her hand at reeling in Sheela. In a private meeting with the guru, she described Sheela's conduct as "outrageous" and harmful to the commune. The guru nodded as he listened, but otherwise made no reply.

Her end run enraged Sheela. The next day, Sheela dragged herself out of a sick bed and, with an intravenous drip line in tow, took Vidya back to see the guru. This time he had plenty to say. He unloaded on Vidya, who was the commune president. He said Sheela was his agent, and when she spoke, she was talking for him. He told Vidya to never challenge Sheela and to share that instruction with other commune members.

Most Rajneeshees would have been surprised to learn the guru provided such intimate oversight. They believed the guru was a spiritual master, a rare enlightened man untouched by daily events at the ranch. To this day, some former sannyasins hold the view that he knew next to nothing about what was happening at his commune.

Sannyasins well understood, though, that Sheela acted with the guru's authority. She wasn't to be questioned on any decision or directive. She wielded the authority without restraint, sharing it with an elite team of other women leaders, called "moms" by their underlings, who kept the Rajneeshees in line both with favors and punishment.

Cliques and cracks

Not everyone could be so readily controlled, such as the guru's personal doctor, dentist and caretaker.

They and a handful of other sannyasins served Rajneesh in his fenced compound called Lao Tzu. Their independence irritated commune leaders, but especially peeved Sheela.

A group of wealthy California donors also proved challenging to control once they moved to the Oregon ranch in 1984. The most notable were Francoise Ruddy, whose former husband produced "The Godfather," and John Wally, a physician who made a fortune in emergency room medicine. She became Ma Prem Hasya; he was Swami Dhyan John.

They had no zeal for the lifestyle of seven-day workweeks, shared meals or rudimentary sleeping quarters. Instead, the Californians set up a home for themselves apart from the usual housing. They brought in expensive furnishings, artwork and even their own car, a Jaguar. Almost daily, they drove to Madras for groceries to avoid the ranch's staid meals.

That was bad enough, but they also attracted the guru's attention. They obliged him with diamond-studded watches and Rolls-Royces. Before long, Hasya married the guru's doctor.

The Hollywood group and the guru's personal staff soon made Sheela's list of people on and off the ranch considered a threat to the commune and the guru. She split up the Hollywood group, scattering them to separate homes around the ranch. She tried to replace the guru's doctor.

To keep tabs on what was going on inside the guru's compound, she had the place laced with hidden microphones and recording equipment. One bug was placed on a table leg next to the guru's favorite chair. He was told it was a panic button. Trusted sannyasins monitored the eavesdropping equipment, reporting information to the commune's top four leaders.

Eventually the chasm between the commune's leaders and the guru's chosen insiders became too much even for him. On a spring evening in 1984, he summoned both sides to his house and, in front of them all, lectured Sheela. He told her his house, not hers, was the center of the commune.

He turned to the others with a warning.

"Anyone who is close to me inevitably becomes a target of Sheela," the guru said.

He proved prophetic.

Two of those sitting at the guru's feet that day were later marked for death.

29-03-2012, 06:08 PM


Between these two dreams...
7 May 1986 pm in Punta Del Este, Uruguay

Question 1

Bardo is a simple method but with great significance. Only people who have meditated a little bit in
their lives can be benefited by it, and Tibet was one of the countries where almost everybody was
devoting some time to meditation – just to be alone, silent, not doing anything, just witnessing. If
such a person does not achieve enlightenment in his life, and death intervenes, then bardo is used.

Such a man has achieved a certain opening of the door. He has not entered in, but he has at
least tried; he has knocked on the door. He has a certain receptivity, and at the time of death he is
absolutely willing to go into a state of meditation. Now there is nothing to be afraid of. Death has
already come; he can risk everything. And bardo is a certain soft method of hypnosis... just the way
I am using it. Listening to me you become quiet, silent.

The bardo is suggestions to the dying person: ”Now be silent. Leave this life consciously. Rather
than death taking it away from you, relax your hold; don’t be defeated by death, don’t struggle. Just
drop all your attachment. This world is finished for you, and this life is finished for you. There is no
point in holding on to it; in holding on to it you will be fighting with death. You cannot win, and a very
significant possibility will be missed.

”Simply let go of everything on your own accord. Relax, and accept death without any antagonism as
a culmination of life, as a natural phenomenon. It ends nothing. Remain conscious and watch what
is happening – how the body starts becoming more and more distant from you, how the mind starts
falling into pieces as if a mirror has fallen and broken into pieces, how your emotions, sentiments,
moods... everything that made your life starts disappearing.”

It is the end of a dream. That is the fundamental point in bardo, that you have lived a dream that you
call life, a seventy-year-long dream. It is coming to an end. You can weep for the spilled milk and
miss the opportunity... because within seconds you will be entering into another womb, into another

Between these two dreams just a few seconds are available for you to be alert and awake, and if
you can manage this alertness you have conquered death, you have conquered dreaming. You will
be entering into another womb consciously; you will be leaving this body consciously, entering into
another body consciously.

You will be able to remember the death, the dream you had lived, in the coming life, which will make
you alert not to get into the same rut – again chasing the same stupid desires, getting caught in the
same jealousies, fighting for the same meaningless respectabilities. It will keep you alert that you
have done it before. Everything ends in death and this too will end in death.
So bardo is reminding you that what is disappearing was a dream. It is very easy when death is
coming to see your life as a dream. What else can it be? It is just as if you are waking up in the

The whole night you have lived so much, so many dreams – you may have lived years in the night
– but bardo reminds you that it was a dream. It has to be done by a very evolved being – a lama,
a master – and he insists that it is time to realize that it was a dream: you are not dying, only the
dream is broken.

And while you are being shifted from one dream to another... the gap is of tremendous importance
because in that gap there is no dream, there is simple clarity, absolute clarity, awareness. So the
second point to be reminded of is: don’t miss the gap.
And the third thing: don’t miss the entry into the womb. Then you have accomplished something
which people need lives to work on.

The person is just falling into deep silence and death is descending. He is listening to these words
from someone he has loved, he has trusted, from someone he cannot imagine deceiving – only
then is it meaningful. It won’t work from just anybody. The bardo is available, all the instructions
are available, but it is possible only through someone whom you have respected, honored, trusted,

In this critical moment a small doubt about what the person is saying will destroy the whole thing –
then the bardo has been futile. But if you don’t miss and you follow the instructions, you are laying a
foundation for a new life which will be a totally different life. It will be your last life, because anybody
who is dying consciously, who uses the gap to have a taste of absolute purity, enters into the womb
alert, is born alert. His enlightenment is guaranteed by nature: he has the seed, the foundation.

So bardo is a simple process, but it can be helpful only to those who have meditated a little, who
have been with a master, who have once in a while tasted the silence, the presence, and the beauty
of being in the moment. They become capable.
Bardo is the greatest contribution Tibet has made to the world. Tibet has not contributed anything
else. It is a poor country, far away from the world – the roof of the world – unapproachable. Even
today it is very difficult to reach Tibet.

Tibet developed meditation through Buddhist influence and finally became the only country in history
where everybody was meditating, where meditation was a normal phenomenon. Every family had
to give at least one of its members – someone who was ready – to a monastery, to meditate totally.

So from every family at least one member went from each generation.
Almost the whole country of Tibet became a monastery. Just as Russia has become a concentration
camp, Tibet became a monastery. There were hundreds of monasteries in the mountains, in
beautiful places. Every family had contributed someone who was truly interested in seeking. It
was the only place where people were encouraged to go on the search; it had become part of the
style of the whole country.

And those who were not in the monasteries were also meditating as much as they could manage, so
by the time of death, bardo was possible for everybody. There were many masters available, many
evolved beings available who could repeat those instructions – and everybody had a master of his
own. It was a totally different world.
In this century many beautiful things have been destroyed but Tibet is at the top. Tibet has been
destroyed by a communist invasion from China. Monasteries have been changed into schools, into
hospitals, and monks have been forced to work in the fields. Even to mention the word ”meditation”
became a crime. And it was not hurting anybody: the country was so aloof, so cut off from the world.

But it has been destroyed, and I don’t think there is any possibility to recover its beauty, its grandeur.

That is impossible because now there are roads joining it to Pakistan, to China. Now buses are
moving, now airports are there and planes are coming and going. The army is there. It has become
a military base for China. It has lost its golden age.
Soon it will be difficult to find a person who is capable of listening to bardo instructions and almost
impossible to find a person who can give those instructions. They will be in the books; they are
available now in all the languages. They are simple instructions but they can be improved, and I
have the idea to improve them because they are very ancient and very crude. They can be polished.

Much can be added to them, more dimensions can be given to them. But the basic thing is that the
people should be meditative. My people are meditative, and it will be part of our basic work to revive
the bardo in a more refined form so we can use it for our people.

Tibet is no longer the same Tibet. But we can create the situation, the psychology, where bardo –
or something like bardo but even far more evolved – can help people. It is a beautiful process. Just
as Japan has brought Zen from Buddhist sources of meditation, Tibet has brought, from the same
Buddhist sources of meditation, bardo. These are their immortal contributions.
When nuclear weapons are forgotten, still these discoveries will have the same significance.

The Path of the Mystic, Osho

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14 June 1986 am in Punta Del Este, Uruguay.
Question 1








Richard Wilhelm certainly died in a very torturous way. He was a genius, and spending thirty years
in China, he became aware of the subtleties and the grace that Chinese culture had developed for
thousands of years.

The I CHING is a very strange book.

There are many books like that in the East, which give you a glimpse of your future and also a
glimpse of your past.

The crisis was that he was educated, brought up in the Western style, in the German culture, which
does not believe in any past lives, which does not believe that the future can be seen. But thirty
years is a long period, and to become a real scholar of Chinese language, that is the minimum time

He devoted himself totally. The result was a schizophrenic personality, he became two persons –
one that had gone to China, and one that came from China.

The one that had gone to China was absolutely Western, and the idea was only to translate the
book; but as he was translating the book, he got more and more involved in it. The whole Western
culture started looking pygmy in comparison to the Chinese insight of Tao. So a second personality
started growing, and in thirty years the second personality became perfectly mature. But the first
personality was not erased.

And Carl Gustav Jung, the great psychoanalyst and his friend, simply did a diagnosis – but a
diagnosis is not a cure.

What Wilhelm needed was meditation, which could have bridged the West and the East in him. He
was torn apart. His logic was saying one thing; but he has seen in thirty years that there is much
more to life than logic, and people have lived it, experienced it. But this was only an intellectual
understanding, it was not an insight.

If he had in those thirty years also meditated, the catastrophe would have been avoided, and a
genius mind would have been of tremendous help in bringing East and West closer.

But he was too much in learning the language and translating the I CHING. He forgot completely
that a book like the I CHING is not an ordinary book, it is a book out of deep meditative insights. It
is not intellectual, it is intuitional.

He managed to translate literally, but he missed the point that the book was also totally different from
all the other books he had known before. They were produced by the mind, by the intellect.

This book was not produced by the intellect. It created a chaos in his being.

It is unfortunate that he died in that chaos. It made Carl Gustav Jung very much afraid of the East,
and he started teaching a certain hypothesis – which is simply stupid – that Eastern methods are
suitable only to Eastern people, and Western methods are suitable to Western people, and they
should not be mixed.

This seems to be a very superficial analysis of the whole case.
This means that your intellect should remain unbridged with your intuition. This means that your
head should never come in contact with your heart. This means that the West will remain half, and
the East will remain half.

Richard Wilhelm’s case is very symbolic. It shows that things should be done under proper guidance.
He was learning language from the linguists – they were not masters of intuition. He was translating
a book which has nothing to do with intellect, which needed a master to help him, so that the
translation is not only literal but essential, that it carries the very fragrance of the original – not just
the verbal change of language.

He was never a disciple of a Tao master; otherwise, this catastrophe would have been avoided, and
things would have been totally different. Because since his death, nobody has tried that hard to
understand the East’s basic contribution.

Intuition cannot be translated into intellect. A certain bridge can certainly be made, but the more
intuition takes possession of you, the more intellect has to function as a servant.
And that was the problem. Although for thirty years he worked with an intuitive book, his intellect
remained the master.

And intuition can never be a servant. It is your innermost core. It opens up only in deep meditation.

And Richard Wilhelm never bothered about meditation. His whole concern was the translation of
the book, without thinking that books can be different. The books written by the mind – of which the
West is full – and the books arisen out of intuition are a totally different category.

The I CHING is perhaps five or seven thousand years old. Nobody knows who wrote it – because
in the East it is not important that the name of the person should be on the book, particularly
the intuitive ones whose egos have been lost, in fact they have become nameless. Some nameless
master, a visionary, wrote the book not because he wanted to write it, but because existence wanted
it to be written. He was simply a vehicle, a hollow bamboo.

Although Richard Wilhelm remained thirty years in China, he remained with wrong people. He had
to. First he had to learn the language, and for that he had to be in contact with linguistic experts.

And once he had learned the language, he started translating the book, thinking that every book
belongs to the same category – and there is the fallacy.
The UPANISHADS in India do not belong to the ordinary category of books.

Gautam Buddha does not belong to the ordinary category of books.

Even in modern times there have been a few intuitive books. The GITANJALI of Rabindranath
Tagore, THE PROPHET of Kahlil Gibran, THE BOOK OF MIRDAD by Mikhail Naimy – they do not
belong to the ordinary category of books, and if you think they are just as other books are, you are
going to have trouble. Your heart will accept them, and your intellect will reject them. So you will be
split in two parts, a constant conflict.

That’s what happened and it killed one of the great geniuses of the West, Richard Wilhelm.
And the man he consulted was not the right man – although they were friends. And again he
committed another mistake.

The problem could be solved only by an Eastern master of meditation, not by Carl Gustav Jung –
who had no idea of meditation.

After Wilhelm’s death, Jung had gone to India – because he was interested in the ancient
mythologies. And wherever he went, he was told, ”Why are you wasting your time in ancient
mythologies, when by chance there is a man alive who represents existentially all the best that
has happened in the East. Go to south India, to the hills of Arunachal and meet a simple man, Shri
Raman Maharshi.”

He was told so many times the same name everywhere he went, but he was afraid. His friend
had died, and he did not want to get into any trouble. He went up to Madras, from where Raman
Maharshi’s place was just two hours drive, but he did not go there. On the contrary, to explain his
behavior, he said, ”Eastern methods are developed only for Eastern people. They are not suitable
for Western people.”

This is utter nonsense.

”Western people should remain confined to their own tradition, to their own past; otherwise they will
create the same kind of trouble for themselves as Richard Wilhelm.”

It is nonsense, because man in his essential being is neither Eastern orWestern. It is only a question
of right approach under right guidance, so the split is not created. On the contrary, a bridge is made
– and a bridge between the intellect and intuition will give you a tremendous clarity, understanding,
a new kind of intelligence of which you are absolutely unaware.
Jung has prevented many people, because in the West he is thought to be an authority. And he
knows nothing about the Eastern methods. Just the fear of the death of his friend.... But that fear
does not mean what he makes of it, he has not understood the whole situation.

If I was to suggest, I would have told Richard Wilhelm, ”You learn language from a linguistic
expert. And while you are learning language, also learn meditation under some Taoist master –
because the I CHING is a Taoist book – so before you are capable of translating it, you are also
capable of understanding it; so it is not only word-to-word translation, but it is translation of a deep

”And it will not only produce the I CHING in Western languages, it will also produce in you a new

And the same things have been happening with other people. The reason is always a split.
In the case of Nietzsche, he is not a meditator but he has the capacity of flights towards the unknown.

Once in a while a window opens, and he sees things. But the window is not under his control, it is
circumstantial. If circumstances are right and suitable, if he is feeling a well-being, a certain kind of
joy, peace, the window opens, and he can see beyond the ordinary human mind. And he can write
about it.

If he was also a meditator, the window would not be accidental; it would be within his own power to
open it or to close it.

So he becomes dependent, and that also creates a deep trouble in his being – because ordinarily,
in twenty-four hours he lives just like everybody else, and then suddenly one evening looking at a
sunset the window opens, and he sees things which are self-evident, they don’t need any proof.

They are more real than your reality, they are so authoritatively real that you cannot even question
them. But it is only for moments, and then it is gone, and he is back again on the earth.

You can understand the difficulty of the person.

Now all kinds of doubts, all kinds of questions – whether he has been dreaming, whether it has been
a hallucination, illusion – and the intellect goes on. But again the window opens, and the scene is
the same. You cannot have the same hallucination again and again, and you cannot have the dream
either – and fully awake.

This made such an anguish in his being – what is real? The ordinary reality that he sees twenty-four
hours, or the reality that once in a while opens its door?
The same was the case with Nijinsky. He was the greatest dancer perhaps of the whole history of
man. But it is strange that a man like Nijinsky simply suffered in deep anguish. This is not a reward
of being a genius. The trouble was that while dancing, he will become sometimes so deeply one
with the dance that there was not the dancer and the dance, but only the dance. In those moments
almost a miraculous thing used to happen.

He will take such long jumps, high jumps – which are not possible, physically not possible – and
he himself was not capable of doing those high jumps or long jumps in other times. He could not
believe it, as if certainly when the dancer disappeared somehow gravitation lost its grip on him. And
he jumped so high that nobody could believe that this is possible. And more miraculous was his
coming down; anything falling down, gravitation pulls it with great force.

Just the other day Anando was telling me that when asteroids fall towards earth, they come into the
sphere of earth’s gravitation, which is two hundred miles around it. They start falling with a great
speed of fifty thousand miles per hour, and that’s why the friction burns them. But once in a while,
if it is a very big asteroid – miles long – then it may not be burned completely, it may reach to the
earth. Sometimes it has killed many people. It is a very strange kind of stone, because it has passed
through a strange experience; that fifty thousand miles per hour, and the heat and the friction give it
a new quality.

In the Kaaba, the Mohammedan’s holy place, is an asteroid that has reached the earth, and they
have been worshipping it, just because there is no other stone like it, it has come from heaven. And
certainly it has come from the sky.

But when Nijinsky used to come back, everybody in the audience forgot to breathe. It looked so
dangerous from that height – if gravitation works rightly, he is going to have multiple fractures. But
he will fall like a leaf, slowly descending towards the earth – with no hurry. And the movement of
coming back was so slow that even physicists had no explanation of it. The jump was unexplained,
and the coming back was even more mysterious. He himself had no idea.

Only one thing he said, ”Whenever I try it does not happen. I would like it to happen every time I am
on the stage dancing, but whenever I am consciously, deliberately trying, it simply does not happen.

It happens only when I am not trying, when I am not even thinking of it, when in fact I am not there.

In my absence, when there is only the dance, and the dancer has completely become one with the
dance, it happens. So I cannot give you any explanation, because I was not there.”

He also died badly. First he became mad – because such a thing has never happened to any other
man. He was trying hard, and it would not happen, and then when he was not thinking about it,
it happened and with no explanation coming from the experts. And he himself had no idea why it
was happening. It drove him mad. For one year he was in a madhouse, and he died in the greatest

The same person would have become a Gautam Buddha in the East – because he has found the
key – but he could not recognize it. And there was not a single master in the West to show him what
was happening.

And this is the whole teaching of the East, that if you forget the ego, if you forget yourself, if you are
just nobody, miracles start happening. That is the law of nature. There is nothing in it to be disturbed
about. In that moment when you are absent, it means you are so silent, so peaceful, so at ease,
that there is no disturbance at all.

The East has known a certain thing against gravitation. They call it levitation. The grip of gravitation
loosens; and it has happened even to people who have been meditating that suddenly they have
started moving upwards. If it was happening in the West, the man was certainly going to be
considered mad. He could not say to anybody that it is happening, because nobody is going to
believe, and they will think that he is cuckoo. How can you go on just sitting in a lotus posture? And
the man said, ”But what can I do? Just when I opened my eyes, I saw my head is touching the

The ego is very heavy. It is like an anchor that keeps you under the control of gravitation.
In meditation you may find, even if your meditation is not very deep, one thing: while you are sitting
with closed eyes, you will feel that you are rising up. You open your eyes, you are sitting in your place.

And what was happening? Because the moment you close your eyes – again you are attuned, and
the feeling arises that you are rising up. But opening the eyes, suddenly you find yourself sitting just
as you were sitting before. Your body remains still on the ground, but your soul, your consciousness,
starts rising up beyond the body. This is the beginning. Soon a day will come when meditation will
be so deep that with the consciousness rising, your body will also follow.

Body is a little slow, in everything.

Man learned to stand up in one million years. Between the monkeys and man, just learning to stand
up on two feet, there is a gap of one million years.

The body learns very slowly, very cautiously; but it learns.
If Nijinsky was in the East he would not have been mad, he would have been declared enlightened.

His dance was his meditation.

Just like Jalaluddin Rumi’s whirling was his meditation, and he became the most loved Sufi master.

No other Sufi has been called MEVLANA. Mevlana means ‘my beloved master’. Only Jalaluddin
Rumi has become known as Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi. People loved the man so much, because he
has given such a simple method, that thousands of people in these twelve hundred years since him
have become enlightened just by whirling.

It is unfortunate that Nijinsky had to go to a madhouse – because he could not understand what was
happening, nobody could explain what was happening. It disturbed him too much.

The thing was the very simple thing I have been telling you every day, that your effort is a barrier.

If you really want to go deep in meditation, then make it effortless – it sounds crazy, how to make
it effortless? – because that too will be effort. Just drop those words because they give you a
wrong connotation. It is better to say, ”Be in a let-go, just relaxed.” Sit silently, watching whatever
is happening inside you with closed eyes, just watching it – and a moment comes when only the
watcher is there, and there is nothing to watch. And for the first time you will be on the threshold of
the miraculous.
All these three people would have reached to a state of tremendous benediction.

Something was happening which was immensely valuable, but the West pressured them, ”You are
mad, you are a split personality” – all condemnatory terms – ”you are schizophrenic....”

In the East, the same people with the same talents would have been worshipped, loved, respected.

And I can understand a certain secret principle: when somebody is moving into a new world, into a
new realm, he needs an atmosphere where he is respected, loved, appreciated, encouraged. That’s
the purpose of a mystery school. Alone you may go mad, but in a mystery school you have people
who will support you; that you are on the right path, that you are blessed, that you should just go on.

There is no need of explanations, because they will only delay the process, disturb the process.
The West is too much interested in explanations, and the East is interested only in experience – not
in explanations.

And you cannot eat explanations, you cannot be nourished on them. It is experience that is going to
nourish you, and a supportive milieu.

And I don’t see that there is any problem of bringing Eastern methods to the West.

As far as human consciousness and its evolution is concerned, there is no problem in taking the
Western scientific technology to the East. So why there should be any problem in bringing the
spiritual technology to the West? Carl Gustav Jung is absolutely wrong, and if such wrong ideas are
being spread, then there will be cases like Nijinsky, Richard Wilhelm, Nietzsche and others.

And the time is ripe. The East is taking all objective scientific technologies from the West. The West
should try to pick up all methods of maturing consciousness from the East. This way we will be
creating a new man who will not be Eastern or Western, who will be simply man.


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"For more than 40,000 years, most of the methods of meditation as outlined by Shiva in the Vigyana Bhairava (Vijnana Bhairava) and in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras were natural and integral to the lives and culture of aboriginal australian people".(Osho)

Hypnosis and the Path of the Mystic

'Buddha himself has called enlightenment "the last nightmare". Enlightenment, the last nightmare, because it is again a dream... And not only is it a dream but a nightmare, because you suffer through it. Tilopa's standpoint is the ultimate standpoint. If you can understand it, then no effort is needed of any sort. You simply relax and be, and everything follows on its own accord. One has simply to be non-doing: sitting quietly, and the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.'

These talks are the most remarkable discourses on the esoteric ever delivered by Osho. Examining arcane subjects, including his own use of a form of Tibetan hypnosis called bardo, Osho shares his wisdom on such topics as hypnosis and dehypnosis, out of the body experiences, the seven layers of man's consciousness, and techniques to help to enter and to bring the unconscious mind to light. He lays the fundament of his Mystery School, and points to the role this school will have in the development of a new humanity.

The Flowering of Meditation

In this talk Osho explores how hypnosis can be used to easily bypass the struggle every meditator experiences with thoughts."moving from hetero-hypnosis to auto (or self) hypnosis, and finally to a state where meditation goes deeper on its own accord. "

'If you cooperate with the hypnotist, he can take you deeper, deeper, deeper . . . the mind has become silent . . . Your heart is dancing with harmony, no tensions, no thought. You have entered the innermost shrine of your being; now relax there. ' Osho

Therapy and Hypnosis

Osho explains how hypnosis can be a way to go beyond therapy. Invaluable for anyone interested in exploring self-hypnosis.'Therapy should dissolve into hypnosis, and hypnosis should dissolve into meditation. Then we have created one of the greatest forces for enlightenment, which has never been used in the past.' Osho

Beloved Osho,
While using hypnosis in the service of meditation, I have noticed that the line between therapy and meditation is dissolving. As witnessing can become easy and natural in hypnosis, it seems to provide the ground for a quantum leap into no-mind.

Beloved Master, would you speak on the transformation of hypnosis into meditation?

Prem Purna, it is one of those crimes that Christianity is responsible for. There was a day when hypnosis was a recognized door towards meditation, but Christianity in the Middle Ages condemned hypnosis alongside witchcraft. That condemnation still lingers on, even in the minds of those who are not Christians but who are influenced without their knowing by Christian ideas.

Why was Christianity against hypnosis? You will be surprised to know it was against hypnosis because it leads directly to meditation; neither the priest is needed nor the church is needed - not even God is needed. This was the trouble.
If meditation succeeds in the world there are not going to be any religions anymore, for the simple reason that you will be in direct contact with existence and yourself. Why should you go through brokers and all kinds of agents who know nothing, except that they are knowledgeable, except that they have been disciplined for years in how to influence people and win friends.

It is not something religious that they are doing. What they are doing is the politics of numbers: gather as many numbers as possible into your fold; that becomes your strength and your power.

Hypnosis was a danger to the priesthood, and Christianity is absolutely based from the very beginning on priesthood. Jesus does not declare himself to be enlightened, nor has any other Christian after him declared him to be enlightened. He declares something nonsensical - that he is the only begotten son of God. God is a hypothesis, and hypotheses are not Indians who go on producing children. Hypotheses are barren; they produce nothing.

Hypnosis can be used, should be used, without any fear. Either together, by people who trust each other and love each other, so there is no fear that they will exploit... you are with your very intimate friends; you know that they cannot harm you, you can open yourself, you can be vulnerable. Or just yourself... by yourself it will take a little longer, because you have to do two persons' work yourself. That is a little disturbance.

But now, because tape recorders are available you can dispose of the other person completely, and give the suggestion part to the tape recorder. And the tape recorder certainly cannot misuse it; it cannot tell you to kill your wife, unless you have put that on the tape. Then I cannot help; whatever you put in the tape recorder it will repeat!

You can put the whole process in the tape recorder, all the suggestions of falling into sleep, heaviness of the lids, going deeper. And then when you are deepest - a gap of four, five minutes, so you settle in your deepness, then from the tape recorder comes the voice saying that your meditation will become deeper from today, that you will not have to struggle with your thoughts. The moment you will close your eyes, the thoughts will start dispersing themselves.

The tape recorder can be immensely helpful because there is no question of anybody to trust. You can trust your tape recorder without any fear. And you can lock the door so that nobody plays with your tape recorder - otherwise somebody may trick you!

Self-hypnosis has to be in the service of meditation; that is its greatest use. But it can serve health, it can serve long life, it can serve love, it can serve friendliness, it can serve courage. All that you want, self-hypnosis can help you with. It can dispel your fears of the unknown, it can dispel your fear of death; it can make you ready for being alone, silent, peaceful. It can make you able to continue an undercurrent of meditation the whole twenty-four hours.

You can even suggest, "While I am asleep my small flame of awareness will continue all through, the night without disturbing my sleep."

Purna, you are saying, "I have noticed that the line between therapy and meditation is dissolving. That has been my deep desire for long. Therapy should dissolve into hypnosis, and hypnosis should dissolve into meditation. Then we have created one of the greatest forces for enlightenment, which has never been used in the past.

Therapy has never been used. Therapy will cleanse you of all garbage, it will take away all your conditionings; therapy will help you to cathart anything that has been there and you have been repressing inside. Therapy will throw it out.

Therapy is a beautiful cleansing process, and a mind cleansed will fall into hypnosis more easily, without any struggle. Perhaps even those who are not easily available to self-hypnosis or to hypnosis - the people who don't belong to the thirty-three percent - With therapy even they may start belonging to the group which is available for hypnosis. Therapy can change one hundred percent of people into authentic candidates for hypnosis.

So therapy has to be used in such a way that it slowly dissolves into hypnosis, and then hypnosis has to be used so that it can become steps going towards meditation.

These three things together I propose to be my trinity. God and the holy ghost and Jesus Christ... forget all that nonsense. That is not a trinity. But something scientific, something that you can do yourself, something that is possible to be practiced... Except for that, religion is so full of garbage, and people have become more interested in the garbage and forgotten the essential. In fact, the essential has become so small in comparison to the Himalayan garbage that has accumulated on top of it down the centuries that it is even difficult to find where it is.

What I am proposing is a simple thing: you don't need any priest, you don't need any church, you don't need any holy scripture. All that you need is a little understanding and a little courage. Cathart totally in therapy. You don't know how much crap there is inside you. When you start catharting, then you will know - "My God, is this me or somebody else? What am I doing? What am I saying?"

Sometimes what you say does not even make any sense. But it has been there, otherwise it cannot come to you. It has been a hindrance to your meditation, and it will be a hindrance to your going deep into hypnosis. It will become a barrier somewhere in-between.

So therapy has to be the first thing. The second thing is hypnosis, and the third thing will grow out of it - your meditation.
The ultimate in meditation is enlightenment.

When meditation comes to its completion, then your whole being becomes full of light, full of blissfulness, full of ecstasy.

excerpt from the Osho talk: Therapy, Hypnosis & Meditation

Exploring Past Lives

The scope of this discourse is extraordinary. Osho explains in detail the simple method of using hypnosis to explore past births, deaths and lives, the layers of collective and cosmic unconsciousness as well as the three peaks of superconsciousness.'You contain the whole evolution past, present, future. You have such an enormous being . . . ' Osho

Therapy, Hypnosis & Meditation, Osho

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Chapter 7: Of the three metamorphoses

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Zarathustra divides the evolution of consciousness into three symbols: the camel, the lion, and the


The camel is a beast of burden, ready to be enslaved, never rebellious. He cannot ever say no. He

is a believer, a follower, a faithful slave. That is the lowest in human consciousness.

The lion is a revolution. The beginning of the revolution is a sacred no.

In the consciousness of the camel there is always a need for someone to lead and someone to say

to him, ”Thou shalt do this.” He needs the Ten Commandments. He needs all the religions, all the

priests and all the holy scriptures because he cannot trust himself. He has no courage and no soul

and no longing for freedom. He’s obedient.

The lion is a longing for freedom, a desire to destroy all imprisonments. The lion is not in need of

any leader; he is enough unto himself. He will not allow anybody else to say to him, ”Thou shalt,”

– that is insulting to his pride. He can only say, ”I will.” The lion is responsibility and a tremendous

effort to get out of all chains.

But even the lion is not the highest peak of human growth. The highest peak is when the lion also

goes through a metamorphosis and becomes a child. The child is innocence. It is not obedience, it

is not disobedience; it is not belief, it is not disbelief – it is pure trust, it is a sacred yes to existence

and to life and to all that it contains.

The child is the very peak of purity, sincerity, authenticity, receptivity, and openness to existence.

These symbols are very beautiful.

We will go into the implications of these symbols as Zarathustra describes them, one by one.






Zarathustra is not in favor of the weak, in favor of the so-called humble. He is not in agreement with

Jesus that ”Blessed are the meek,” that ”Blessed are the poor,” that ”Blessed are the humble for they

shall inherit the kingdom of God.”

Zarathustra is absolutely in favor of a strong spirit. He is against the ego, but he is not against pride.

Pride is the dignity of man. Ego is a false entity and one should never think of them as synonymous.

The ego is something that deprives you of your dignity, that deprives you of your pride, because the

ego has to depend on others, on the opinion of others, on what people say. The ego is very fragile.

The opinion of people can change and the ego will disappear into the air.

I am reminded of a great thinker, Voltaire. In the days of Voltaire, in France, it was customary – a

long, long tradition – that if you can get anything from a genius, just a piece of cloth, it will help you

to find your own talents, if not to make you a genius yourself.

Voltaire was so much honored and respected as a great thinker and philosopher that he needed

police protection even for his morning walk. Or if he was going to the railway station police protection

was needed. The police protection was needed because people will crowd around and start tearing

his clothes. There were times he reached home almost naked, with scratches on his body, blood

oozing, and he was very much disturbed by the fame and the great name.

He wrote in his diary, ”I used to think to be famous is something great. Now, I know it is a curse. And

somehow I want again to be ordinary, anonymous; that nobody recognizes me, that I can pass by

and nobody will take any note of me. I am tired of being famous, of being a celebrity. I have become

a prisoner in my house. I cannot even go for a walk when the sky is so colorful and the sunset is so

beautiful. I am afraid of the crowd.”

The same crowd has made him a great man.

After ten years, in his diary he notes with great depression and sadness: ”I was not aware that my

prayers would be heard.” Fashions change, people’s opinions change. Somebody is famous today,

tomorrow nobody remembers him. Somebody is not known today and tomorrow, suddenly rises to

the heights of fame.

And it happened in the case of Voltaire. Slowly, slowly, new thinkers, new philosophers arrived on

the horizon; particularly, Rousseau took the place where Voltaire used to be once; and people forgot

about Voltaire. People’s memories are not very reliable.

Opinions change just like fashions. Once he was fashionable, now somebody else has become

fashionable. Rousseau was against every idea of Voltaire; his fame destroyed Voltaire completely.

Voltaire’s prayer was fulfilled: he became anonymous. Now, no police protection was needed. Now,

nobody even bothered to say, ”Hello” to him. People had completely forgotten. Only then he realized

that to be a prisoner was better. ”Now I am free to move anywhere but it hurts. The wound goes on

becoming bigger and bigger – I am alive and it seems people have thought that Voltaire is dead.”

When he died, only three and a half people followed him to the graveyard. You will be surprised,

why three and a half? Because three were people and his dog can be counted only as half. The

dog was leading the procession.

Ego is a by-product of public opinion. It is given by them to you; they can take it away. Pride is a

totally different phenomenon. The lion has pride. The deer in the forest – just look – has a pride, a

dignity, a grace. A peacock dancing or an eagle flying far away in the sky – they don’t have egos,

they don’t depend on your opinion – they are simply dignified as they are. Their dignity arises from

their own being. This has to be understood, because all the religions have been teaching people

not to be proud – be humble. They have created a misunderstanding all over the world, as if being

proud and being an egoist are synonymous.

Zarathustra is absolutely clear that he is in favor of the strong man, of the courageous man, of the

adventurer who goes into the unknown on the untrodden path without any fear; he is in favor of

fearlessness. And it is a miracle that a man of pride and only a man of pride – can become a child.

The so-called Christian humbleness is just ego standing on its head. The ego has gone upside

down, but it is there, and you can see in your saints that they are more egoist than ordinary people

are. They are egoists because of their piousness, of their austerities, of their spirituality, of their

holiness, even of their humbleness. Nobody is more humble than them. The ego has a very subtle

way of coming in from the back door. You may throw it out from the front door – it knows that there

is a back door, too.

I have heard that one night, in a pub, a man was drinking too much and making too much nuisance,

throwing things, hitting people, shouting, abusing them and asking for more and more drinks.

Finally, the pub owner told him, ”This is enough. For tonight, you will not get any more drinks.” And

he told his servants to throw him out of the front door.

Although he was completely drunk, even in his drunkenness he remembered there was a back door.

Groping in the dark, he came from the back door and ordered one drink.

The owner said, ”Again? I have told you that tonight you will not get any drink.”

The man said, ”This is strange. Do you own all the pubs of the city?”

The ego knows not only the back door – it can come even through the windows. It can come in even

by removing a small tile from the roof. You are so vulnerable as far as ego is concerned.

Zarathustra is not a teacher of humbleness, because all teachings of humbleness have failed. He

teaches the dignity of man. He teaches the pride of man and he teaches the strong man, not the

weak, the poor and the meek. Those teachings have helped to keep humanity at the stage of the

camel. Zarathustra wants you to go through a metamorphosis. The camel has to change into a lion,

and he has chosen beautiful symbols, very meaningful and significant.

The camel, perhaps, is the most ugly animal in the whole existence. You cannot improve upon its

ugliness. What else can you do? It is such a distortion. It seems as if it is coming directly from hell.

To choose the camel as the lowest consciousness is perfectly right. The lowest consciousness in

man is crippled; it wants to be enslaved. It is afraid of freedom because it is afraid of responsibility.

It is ready to be loaded with as much burden as possible. It rejoices in being loaded; so does the

lowest consciousness – being loaded with knowledge, which is borrowed. No man of dignity will

allow himself to be loaded with borrowed knowledge. It is loaded with morality which has been

handed over by the dead to the living; it is a domination of the dead over the living. No man of

dignity will allow the dead to rule him.

The lowest consciousness of man remains ignorant and unconscious, unaware, fast asleep –

because it is continuously being given the poison of believing, of faith, of never doubting, of never

saying no. And a man who cannot say no has lost his dignity. And a man who cannot say no... his

yes does not mean anything. Do you see the implication? The yes is meaningful only after you are

capable of saying no. If you are incapable of saying no, your yes is impotent, it means nothing.

Hence, the camel has to change into a beautiful lion, ready to die but not ready to be enslaved. You

cannot make a lion a beast of burden. A lion has a dignity that no other animal can claim; he has no

treasures, no kingdoms; his dignity is just in his style of being – fearless, unafraid of the unknown,

ready to say no even at the risk of death.

This readiness to say no, this rebelliousness, cleans him of all the dirt that the camel has left – all

the traces and the footprints that the camel has left. And only after the lion – after the great no – the

sacred yes of a child is possible.

The child says yes not because he is afraid. He says yes because he loves, because he trusts.

He says yes because he is innocent; he cannot conceive that he can be deceived. His yes is a

tremendous trust. It is not out of fear, it is out of deep innocence.Only this yes can lead him to the

ultimate peak of consciousness; what I call godliness.





LIKE THE CAMEL AND WANTS TO BE WELL LADEN. For the camel, for the lowest kind of

consciousness, there is an intrinsic desire to kneel down and to be laden with as much load as




lion in you, the heaviest takes on a different meaning and a different dimension – THAT I MAY TAKE

IT UPON ME AND REJOICE IN MY STRENGTH. Its only joy is its strength. The camel’s joy is only

to be obedient, to serve, to be a slave. IS IT NOT THIS: TO DEBASE YOURSELF IN ORDER TO








The lowest consciousness of man knows only a life of the desert. Where nothing grows, where

nothing is green, where no flower blossoms, where everything is dead and, as far as you can see, it

is vast graveyard.


HERE BECOMES A LION. There are moments, even in the life of those who are groping in darkness

and unconsciousness, when just like a lightning, some incident wakes them up and the camel is no

more a camel: a metamorphosis, a transformation happens.

Gautam Buddha left his kingdom when he was twenty-nine years old and the reason: a sudden

lightning, and the camel became a lion.

When he was born, all the great astrologers of the kingdom were called, because he was the only

son of the great emperor, and he was born when the emperor was getting old. It was his life-long

prayer, life-long desire to have a child; otherwise, who is going to succeed him? His whole life he

has been fighting, invading and creating a vast empire. For whom? There was great rejoicing when

Gautam Buddha was born and he wanted to know, in detail, the future of the child.All the great

astrologers assembled in the palace. They discussed for hours and the king was asking again and

again, ”What is your conclusion? Why is it taking so long?”

Finally, the youngest.... Because all the old ones were feeling very embarrassed. ”What to say?”

The situation was such... they were all in agreement. But the youngest stood up and he said, ”These

are old people and they don’t want to say anything that may hurt you. But somebody has to break

the ice.

”You have a very strange child. His future cannot be predicted definitely, because he has two futures.

For hours we have been discussing which one is heavier; they both are of equal weight. We have

never come across such a child.”

The king said, ”Don’t be worried. You tell me exactly but tell me the truth.” And the astrologer said,

with everybody’s agreement, ”Either your child will become the greatest emperor the world has ever

known, a chakravartin, or, he will renounce the kingdom and will become a beggar. That’s why we

were delaying, and we were not finding what words to say to you. Both possibilities have equal


The king was very much puzzled and he asked, ”Can you advise me? Is there some way that

he does not renounce the world and become a beggar?” They suggested all kinds of measures;

particularly, that he should not become aware of sickness, old age, death, sannyasins. He should

be kept in such a way... almost blind to these realities, because anything can trigger the idea of

renouncing the world. The king said, ”Don’t be worried. That much care I can take.”

Three great palaces were made for him for different seasons, so he never felt the heat or the cold

or too much rain. All kinds of comforts were arranged. The gardeners were ordered: ”He should

not be allowed to see a dead leaf, a flower that is withering away, so in the night, clean the garden

completely of all old flowers, old leaves. He should remain only aware of youth, of young flowers.”

He was surrounded by all the beautiful girls of the kingdom as he became of age. His whole time

was nothing but pleasure, entertainment, music, dancing, beautiful women – and he had not seen

anybody sick.

It was at the age of twenty-nine... there used to be an annual affair, a kind of youth festival, and the

prince had to inaugurate it; he had been inaugurating it for years; roads were closed, people had

to keep their old men and women behind doors. But this year.... The story is very beautiful: up to

now, it seems to be a historical thing. Beyond this point something of mythology enters into it, but

the mythology is more important than the historical facts.

The story is, that the gods in heaven.... You must be made aware that Jainism and Buddhism don’t

believe in one god, they believe that every being is going to be a god, finally. Zarathustra will agree

with them: to be a god is everybody’s potential. How long he takes depends on him, but that is his

destiny. And millions of people have reached to that point: they don’t have physical bodies, they live

in eternity, in immortality.

The gods in heaven became very much disturbed that almost twenty-nine years have passed; a

man who is supposed to be a great, enlightened being is being prevented by his father. To be a

great emperor is meaningless, in comparison to becoming the greatest awakened man in history,

because that will raise the consciousness of humanity and the whole universe.

I say this is non-historical but mythology is more significant, because it shows that the whole

existence is interested in your growth, that existence is not indifferent to you. And if you are very

close to blossoming, existence will be ready to bring your spring as soon as possible. Existence has

a vested interest in your becoming awakened because your awakening is going to awaken many


And as a general rule, the whole consciousness of humanity will be affected by it. It will leave its

imprint of grandeur on every intelligent human being. Perhaps it may create the longing for the same

in many, perhaps the seed may start sprouting. Perhaps that which is dormant will become active,


That’s why I say this mythological part is far more significant than the historical facts. It may be pure

story, but it is tremendously symbolic.

The roads were closed, so the gods decided that one god would appear first as a sick man,

coughing, by the side of the golden chariot in which Gautam Buddha was going to inaugurate the

annual youth festival. Buddha could not believe what had happened to this man. So much care had

been taken of him; the greatest physicians of the day had been taking care of him; he had not known

any disease and he had not known anyone around him to be sick.

Another god entered into the charioteer, because Buddha asked the charioteer, ”What has

happened to this man?” The god answered from the charioteer’s mouth: ”This happens to everybody.

Sooner or later, man starts becoming weak, sick, old.” When he was saying this they saw an old

man – another god – and the charioteer said, ”Look, that is what happens to everybody. Youth is not

eternal. It is ephemeral.”

Buddha was very shocked. Just then they saw a third party of gods, carrying a dead man, a

corpse, going to the funeral grounds, and Buddha said, ”What has happened to this man?” And

the charioteer said, ”After old age, this is the end. The curtain falls. This man is dead.”

Just behind that procession was coming a red-robed sannyasin and Buddha said, ”Why is this man

wearing red clothes, shaven head and looks very joyous, very healthy, has a shine in his eyes and a

certain magnetism? Who is he? What has happened to him?”

The charioteer said, ”This man, seeing sickness, disease, old age, death, renounced the world.

Before death comes, he wants to know the truth of life – whether life is going to survive after death

or death is all, and everything finishes. He is a seeker of truth. He is a sannyasin.”

This was like a lightning. Twenty-nine years of his father’s efforts simply disappeared. He told the

charioteer, ”I am not going to inaugurate the youth festival, because where disease happens and

death happens, what is the point of being young for few years? Somebody else can do it.

You turn back.” And that very night, he escaped from the palace in search of truth.

The camel has changed into a lion. The metamorphosis has happened. Anything can trigger it, but

one needs intelligence.






Now his search is for his ultimate godliness. Any other god will be an enemy to him. He is not going

to bow down to any other god, he is going to be a lord unto himself. That is the spirit of the lion

– absolute freedom certainly means freedom from god, freedom from so-called commandments,

freedom from scriptures, freedom from any kind of morality imposed by others.

Certainly, there will arise a virtue, but that will be something coming from your own still, small voice.

Your freedom will bring responsibility, but that responsibility will not be imposed on you by anyone




‘I WILL!’ Now there is no question of anybody else ordering him. Even God is no longer anybody he

has to obey.

Zarathustra, somewhere, has a great statement: ”God is dead and man is for the first time free.”

With God being there, man can never be free. He can be politically free, he can be economically

free, he can be socially free, but spiritually, he will remain a slave and he will remain just a puppet.

The very idea that God created man destroys all possibility of freedom. If he has created you, he

can uncreate you. He has put you together, he can take you apart. If he is the creator, he has every

possibility and potentiality to be a destroyer.

You cannot prevent him. You could not prevent him from creating you, how can you prevent him from

destroying you? It is because of this that Gautam Buddha, Mahavira and Zarathustra, three great

seers of the world, have denied the existence of God.

You will be surprised. Their argument for denying God is a very strange argument, but very

significant. They say, ”While God is there, man has no possibility of becoming totally free.”

Man’s freedom, his spiritual dignity, depends on there being no God. If God is there, then man

will remain a camel, worshiping dead statues, worshiping somebody he has not known, somebody

who has never been known by anybody – just a pure hypothesis. You are worshiping a hypothesis.

All your temples and churches and synagogues are nothing but monuments raised in honor of a

hypothesis which is absolutely unproved, without any evidence. There exists no argument for God’s

existence as a person who created the world.

Zarathustra uses very strong language. He is a man of strong language. All authentic men have

always been of strong language. He calls God, ”the great dragon.”


GOD? THE GREAT DRAGON IS CALLED ‘THOU SHALT’. All religious scriptures are included in

these two words: ”Thou shalt.” You should do this and you should not do this. You are not free to

choose what is right. It has been decided by people who have been dead for thousands of years for

all the coming future, what is right and what is wrong.

A man who has a rebellious spirit – and without a rebellious spirit, the metamorphosis cannot happen

– has to say: No, I will. I will do whatever my consciousness feels to be right, and I will not do

whatever my consciousness feels to be wrong. Except my own being, there is no other guide for

me. Except my own eyes, I am not going to believe in anyone else’s eyes. I am not blind, and I am

not an idiot.

I can see. I can think. I can meditate and I can find out for myself what is right and what is wrong.

My morality will be simply the shadow of my consciousness.







All the religions, all the religious heads are included in the dragon. They all say, that all values have

been created, there is no need for you to decide anymore. Everything has been decided for you by

wiser people than you. There is no need of ”I will.”

But without ”I will” there is no freedom. You remain a camel, and that’s what all the vested interests

– religious, political and social – want you to be; just camels; ugly, without any dignity, without any

grace, without any soul, just ready to serve, very willing to be slaves. The very idea of freedom has

not happened to them. And these are not philosophical statements. These are truths.

Has the idea of freedom ever happened to the Hindus, or the Christians, or the Buddhists, or the

Mohammedans? No. They all say with one voice: ”Everything has been decided already. We have

simply to follow. And those who follow are virtuous and those who don’t follow will fall into the hell-fire

for eternity.”



your so-called saints are nothing but perfect camels. They have said yes to the dead traditions,

dead conventions, dead scriptures, dead gods, and because they are perfect camels, imperfect

camels worship them.




The lion cannot create himself new values but he can create the freedom, the opportunity in which

new values can be created. And what are the new values?

For example, the new man cannot believe in any discrimination amongst human beings. That will be

a new value: All human beings are one, in spite of their color, in spite of their race, in spite of their

geographies, in spite of their histories. Just being human is enough.

The new value should be: There should be no nations at all because they have been the cause of

all wars.

There should be no organized religions, because they have been preventing individual search. They

go on handing over to people ready-made truths, and truth is not a toy, you cannot get it ready-made.

There is no factory that manufactures it and there is no market where it is available. You will have to

search for it in the deepest silences of your own heart. And except you, nobody else can go there.

Religion is individual – this is a new value.

Nations are ugly, religious organizations are irreligious, churches and temples and synagogues and

gurudwaras are just ridiculous. The whole existence is sacred. The whole existence is the temple.

And wherever you sit silently, meditatively, lovingly, you create a temple of consciousness around

you. You need not go anywhere to worship because there is nobody higher than your consciousness

to whom you owe any worship.



You have been told continuously that duty is a great value. In fact, it is a four-letter, a dirty word. If

you love your wife because it is your duty, then you don’t love. You love your duty, you don’t love

your wife. If you love your mother because it is your duty, you don’t love your mother. Duty destroys

all that is beautiful in man – love, compassion, joy. People even laugh because it is their duty.

I have heard that in one office the boss used to call all the people, just before the office day began,

into his room. He knew only three jokes, and every day he will tell one joke, and it was, of course,

absolutely necessary that everybody laughs. It was a duty. And they were bored with those jokes

because they have heard them thousands of times, but still they would laugh as if they were hearing

it for the first time. One day, when he told the joke, everybody laughed – only a girl who was a typist

did not laugh.

The boss said, ”What is the matter with you? Did you hear the joke or not?” She said, ”The joke?

I am resigning from this post. I have joined some other office. Now it is no longer a duty for me to

laugh at a joke that I have heard at least ten thousand times. Let all these idiots laugh, because

these poor fellows still have to remain in this office.”

Teachers want students to respect them because it is their duty. I was a professor and the education

commission of India invited a few professors from all over India to participate in a conference in New

Delhi on important issues which were becoming more and more troublesome in every educational


The first was: that students don’t pay any respect to the professors. Many professors spoke on it,

saying, ”Something has to be done urgently. Because unless there is respect, the whole educational

system will fall apart.”

I could not understand what kind of discussion this was because not a single person had objected

or argued on the point. I was the youngest person and I was called because the chairman of the

education committee, D. S. Kothari, had heard me while he was visiting a university. He was one of

the prominent scientists of India. I was very junior and it was a conference of old, senior people.

But I said, ”It seems I have to speak on this subject because all these professors are insisting on

one thing, that every student has a duty to be respectful towards the teacher, and none of them has

said that the teacher has to be deserving of respect. My own experience in the university is that not

a single professor is worthy of any respect. And if students are not being respectful, to impose it as

a duty will be absolutely ugly and fascist. I am against it. I would like the commission to decide that

teachers should be worthy and deserving, and respect will follow automatically.

”Whenever there is someone who is beautiful, people’s eyes immediately recognize the beauty.

Whenever there is someone who has some character, some dignity, people simply respect. It is not

a question of demanding or making it a rule, that every student should respect.

”The university is not part of your armies. The university should teach every student to be free, to be

alert, to be conscious. And the whole burden is on the professors to prove themselves worthy of it.”

They were all angry with me. D. S. Kothari told me after the conference, ”They were very angry with

you and they were asking me, why did you call him? knowing perfectly well that he cannot agree on

any point with anybody and anyway, he is so junior and this is a conference of senior professors.”

I told D.S. Kothari, ”They are senior professors but not a single one of them was able to answer

my question that I had raised, ‘Why you should hanker for respect?’ In fact, only people who don’t

deserve respect desire that they should be respected. People who deserve respect get it. It is simply

natural. But to make it a duty is ugly.”

Zarathustra is right:













its own WORLD.



The child is the highest peak of evolution as far as consciousness is concerned. But the child is only

a symbol; it does not mean that children are the highest state of being. A child is used symbolically

because it is not knowledgeable. It is innocent, and because it is innocent it is full of wonder, and

because its eyes are full of wonder, its soul longs for the mysterious. A child is a beginning, a

sport; and life should be always a beginning and always a playfulness; always a laughter and never


A FIRST MOTION, A SACRED YES. Yes, a sacred yes is needed, but the sacred yes, can come

only after a sacred no. The camel also says yes but it is the yes of a slave. He cannot say no. His

yes is meaningless.

The lion says no! But he cannot say yes. It is against his very nature. It reminds him of the camel.

Somehow he has freed himself from the camel and to say yes naturally reminds him again – the yes

of the camel and the slavery. No, the animal in the camel is incapable of saying no. In the lion, it is

capable of saying no but is incapable of saying yes.

The child knows nothing of the camel, knows nothing of the lion. That’s why Zarathustra says: ”A

child is innocence and forgetfulness...” His yes is pure and he has every potential to say no. If he

does not say it, it is because he trusts not because he is afraid; not out of fear, but out of trust. And

when yes comes out of trust, it is the greatest metamorphosis, the greatest transformation that one

can hope for.

These three symbols are beautiful to remember.

Remember that you are where the camel is, and remember that you have to move towards the

lion, and remember that you have not to stop at the lion. You have to move even further, to a new

beginning, to innocence and to a sacred yes; to a child.

The real sage again becomes a child.

The circle is complete – from the child back to the child. But the difference is great. The child, as

such, is ignorant. He will have to pass through the camel, through the lion, and come back again to

the child; and this child is not exactly the old child, because it is not ignorant. It has moved through

all the experiences of life: of slavery, of freedom, of an impotent yes, of a ferocious no, and yet it has

forgotten all that. It is not ignorance but innocence. The first child was the beginning of a journey.

The second childhood is the completion of the journey.

In India, in the days when Zarathustra was writing these statements in Iran, the UPANISHADS were

being written, which have the same understanding. In the UPANISHADS, the brahmin is one who

comes to know the ultimate reality. Not by birth is anybody a brahmin, but only by knowing the brahm,

the ultimate reality, one becomes a brahmin; and another name of brahmin in the UPANISHADS is,

dwij, twice born. The first birth is of the body and the second birth is of the consciousness.

The first birth makes you human, the second birth makes you a god.


Okay, Maneesha?
Yes, Osho.

The camel, Lion, The child (three metamorphoses) , Osho

30-03-2012, 05:52 PM


First, THE UPANISHADS are not religious scriptures. They are poetic expressions of those who
have known.

They are not Hindu, they are not Buddhist, they are not Jaina; they don’t belong to any religion.

They are the experiences of individuals sitting at the feet of their master – and when the experience
overwhelmed them they danced, they sang, they uttered strange statements. And these were not
made by their minds; it was almost as if they were just hollow bamboos. Existence has made them
flutes; it was existence itself singing a song.

That’s why no upanishad carries the name of its writer.

The KORAN belongs to Mohammed, the NEW TESTAMENT belongs to Jesus Christ, the GITA
belongs to Krishna, the DHAMMAPADA belongs to Gautam Buddha; ISAVASYA UPANISHAD
belongs to no one.

Tremendously courageous people... they have not even signed their names. In fact, it would have
been ugly to sign because they were not the writers, they were not the composers, they were not
the poets. The poetry was coming from above, from beyond. They were simply vehicles.

Because of this... you will be surprised also to know that the whole KORAN consists of Hazrat
Mohammed’s statements, the GITA consists totally of Krishna’s statements, but each upanishad
consists of many peoples’ expressions – anybody who had reached to that beyond and allowed the
beyond to descend through him.

THE UPANISHADS have not bothered to collect the words of one person. Each upanishad contains
the words of many enlightened people, and without any signatures. Words have never been so
golden. Words have never taken such high flights, and yet the people who allowed them to happen
have remained anonymous. This is so beautiful, immensely beautiful, because they knew that, ”We
have nothing to do. We have just been passages. Something has come through us.”

One upanishadic rishi, one upanishadic seer – the name, of course, is unknown – is reported to
have said, ”If there is any mistake in my statement, that is mine. And if there is any truth, I cannot
claim that it is mine. The truth belongs to the universe; the mistake belongs to me, I was not such a
good vehicle.” These were rare people, unique human beings, the very salt of the earth.

I would like my sannyasins to become this very salt of the earth again.
It is because these are not religious scriptures, that’s why there is no religion following THE
UPANISHADS. These are the very few books which contain the greatest quantity of truth and have
remained unorganized. There is no organization around them; there cannot be. Because of the very
methodology there cannot be a church, there cannot be a pope or a shankaracharya.

I love someone, but I cannot make an organization of it. And when I leave this body I will leave in
heritage my wealth, my house, my land, everything – but I cannot leave my love in heritage.

These UPANISHADS are pure love, so there have been no successors, no priests, no followers.

These books are the most pure in the whole world, absolutely without any pollution. They have
remained just the way they were expressed.

Nobody has fought because of THE UPANISHADS.

Mohammedans have fought because of the KORAN. Hindus have fought because of the GITA.

Christians have fought because of the NEW TESTAMENT. Everybody has been fighting for their
religious scripture.

Who cares about the poor UPANISHADS? But it has been fortunate that nobody has bothered about
them; they have remained as pure as when they were given birth to, as innocent as ever.

The statements in THE UPANISHADS – there are one hundred and twelve upanishads; the
statements in THE UPANISHADS cannot be made into dogmas for the simple reason that the
statements are not rational, logical. They are contradictory.

One upanishad says, ”I do not know who created the world.” You cannot make a religion on such a
statement: I do not know who created the world. Then what do you know? – because that is going
to be the basis of any religion: the belief in God, the belief in creation. But like an innocent child,
the upanishadic seer says, ”I do not know who created the world.” And this is closer to truth: nobody
knows who created the world. Nobody knows whether anybody ever created it – it may have been
always there. And it seems most scientific that it has always been there and it will remain always

The whole idea of creation is stupid. But if you drop the idea of creation you have to drop the idea
of a creator god. Then you have to drop the idea of the priest and the pope and the prophets and
the messiah and the saviors and the reincarnations of God. There is no God. Then from where are
reincarnations happening?

I have heard.... A crazy man had applied to be given a job on a ship. He was interviewed. The
captain and the high officials of the ship asked him, ”If the ocean is in a turmoil and there is danger
to the ship, what are you going to do?”
He said, ”Simple...”.

Whenever a situation like that happens, they drop heavy loads by the side of the ship, to keep the
ship anchored. Those heavy loads are called anchors.
So the man said, ”No problem. I will just drop a big anchor.”
The captain said, ”But if another great turmoil comes – because these things happen in a chain, a
great wave – what you are going to do?”

He said, ”The same – another anchor. And if the third one comes, another anchor, and the fourth
one comes, another anchor.”

The captain said, ”Stop! First tell me, from where are you getting these anchors?”
The man said, ”You are just as crazy as I am. From where are you getting all these turmoils? From
the same place, I go on getting the anchors.”

One fallacy, one false statement, one fictitious idea gives birth to another fictitious idea.

First you ask who created the world; immediately God comes in – one anchor. But somebody is
bound to ask, ”Who created God?” – another anchor; a bigger god created this smaller god. But the
questions cannot stop. You have started a fictitious thing; now there is no way to stop. You will have
to go on creating bigger gods, and the person will have to go on getting bigger anchors.

THE UPANISHADS are not religious scriptures. They don’t give you any belief system. They don’t
tell you to believe in anything. They don’t have any god, they don’t have any creation. All that
they have is a deep harmony between the master and the disciple. And that harmony brings such
peace, such serenity, such tranquility, that all questions disappear – not that you found an answer,
no. Just all questions disappear. The question of finding an answer does not arise; you don’t have
any question, how can you have an answer?

So THE UPANISHADS don’t have any answer for anybody.

That’s why people have not taken much note of them, because they don’t have any answer for you.

You have questions, you want answers.

THE UPANISHADS don’t have any answers. They are ready to take you into a different dimension of
existence, to transmute you. It is a change of consciousness. And suddenly all doubts, all questions,
everything disappears and what is left behind is just a beautiful peace.

Hence, every upanishad ends with om shanti, shanti, shanti. That word shanti means absolute
silence. Beyond that silence there is nothing, and there is no need. It brings total contentment,
absolute blissfulness, ultimate ecstasy.

THE UPANISHADS are the only free, absolutely free books as far as religious books are concerned.

All religious books are imprisoned – Hindus have their prisons, Mohammedans have theirs,
Christians have theirs. Nobody has dared to imprison THE UPANISHADS for the simple reason that
those UPANISHADS are of no use as far as the priesthood is concerned, creating organization is
concerned, exploiting people is concerned, giving false beliefs is concerned. Those UPANISHADS
are dangerous; it is better to keep them aside.

The moment a book becomes a holy scripture it becomes poisoned. Then it is nothing but a strategy
to make more and more slaves.

THE UPANISHADS cannot be condemned for doing any ugly thing to humanity. They have given
their fragrance, they have blossomed, they have shared their joy – and with such beauty, such clarity
– and without any loopholes, so that it is impossible to make them religious scriptures. They are
truly religious. They are not scriptures, they are truly spiritual.

In the whole of history there are only a very few books which have remained uncontaminated by the
cunningness of human mind. THE UPANISHADS are those few books.

OSHO Upanishads, Osho

30-03-2012, 06:07 PM

Osho goes to Russia, with love from Nepal

(abridged from a report in the Indo-Asian News Service, Kathmandu, Aug 8)

Fifteen years after his death, controversial spiritual leader Osho, is being resurrected - in Russia, by his disciples from Nepal. The charismatic teacher shot to fame in the 70s when he established his headquarters in Pune in western India.

A young architecture student from Janakpur in southern Nepal attended some of his lectures and was so impressed that he decided to become a disciple of the controversial guru and spread his teachings in the Himalayan kingdom.

Osho Tapoban, founded by the disciple Swami Anand Arun in the 1980s, today has 55 centres in Nepal and his disciples in Nepal are labouring on to keep Osho's memory alive worldwide.

According to Arun, currently there are Osho centres in over 50 countries in Europe and Asia, including Islamic kingdoms like Iran with little religious freedom.

Now, the Nepalese disciples are eyeing the former Soviet Union to spread the movement.

"Russians became interested in the teachings of Osho as early as the 70s, when they started coming to the Pune ashram to listen to his lectures," said Arun who will hold a series of lecture camps in some Russian cities during Sep 2-29.

"From 1979, Osho started initiating them into his philosophy." However, with the then communist government in the erstwhile Soviet Union virtually banning religious activities, the first Osho centre, set up in the basement of a Russian businessman's office in Moscow in 1980, operated clandestinely.

"Since the presses would not touch religious literature, the first Russian translations of Osho's lectures were cyclostyled and distributed secretly," Arun said.

After Osho left Pune in May, 1981 it became increasingly difficult for Russian followers to keep in touch with him.

"Not only were they abysmally poor, it was also virtually impossible for them to get a passport and visa to go to the US," Arun said. So as an option, they started coming to Kathmandu and today Osho's Nepalese disciples are spearheading the propagation of his teachings in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev and Tashkent.

"After Gorbachev's reforms and glasnost, Russians are now turning openly to religious philosophies," said Arun. "Because of the repression of the earlier decades, they are starved of religion and today Russia has the potential to become a religious hub."

He added: "Westerners are drawn to Osho's teachings because they are so rational. He doesn't promise miracles and instant cures. All he advocates is leading a natural life tuned to nature."

30-03-2012, 06:32 PM

Mind is simply a combination of all the thoughts, of all the clouds. Mind has no independent nature of its own. When all the thoughts are gone and the sky is clean and clear, you will see that everything that you have paid so much attention to is nothing but emptiness. Your thoughts were all empty. They contained nothing, they were void. Whatever you thought they contained was your own energy. You have withdrawn your energy -- just the empty shell of the thought falls down. You have withdrawn your identity and immediately the thought is no longer alive. It was your identity that was giving it life force. And strangely enough, you thought that your thoughts were very strong and it was difficult to get rid of them! You were making them strong, you were cultivating them. Just by forcing them, you were getting into a fix.---OSHO


30-03-2012, 06:38 PM
man that quote goes totally with my last post in the unity con thread. :D

30-03-2012, 06:43 PM
man that quote goes totally with my last post in the unity con thread. :D

The dots connect, good lonestar, it happens a lot with all of Osho's stuff. :D

30-03-2012, 07:00 PM
yes it does. we're very lucky that we're RICH and can learn from Osho.

maybe not rich in money but in time.:D

30-03-2012, 07:52 PM
yes it does. we're very lucky that we're RICH and can learn from Osho.

maybe not rich in money but in time.:D

We're on the Path of the Mystic Magician. Being rich and young at heart lonestar. :D



30-03-2012, 08:28 PM
Osho on Satori - Satori is a glimpse of Samadhi

Question: Beloved Osho, Over the years, I have heard various Sannyasins saying that they experienced a Satori. What exactly is a Satori, and how does it come about?

Osho : Satori is a glimpse of the ultimate... as if you are seeing the Himalayan peaks. But you are far away, you are not on the peaks, and you have not become the peaks. It is a beautiful experience, very enchanting, exciting, challenging. Perhaps it may lead you towards samadhi. Satori is a glimpse of samadhi.

Samadhi is the fulfillment of satori. What was a glimpse has become now an eternal reality to you. Satori is like opening a window -- a little breeze comes in, a little light. You can see a little sky, but it is framed. Your window becomes a frame to the sky, which has no frame. And if you always live in the room and you have never been out of it, the natural conclusion will be that the sky is framed.

It is only in this decade that a few modern painters have started painting without frames. It was a shock to all art lovers, who could not conceive it: what is the meaning of a painting without a frame? But these modern painters said, "In existence nothing is framed, so to make a beautiful, natural scenery with a frame is a lie. The frame is the lie -- it is added by you. It is not there outside, so we have dropped the frames."

Satori is just a glimpse, from the window, of the beautiful sky full of stars. If it can invite you to come out to see the unframed vastness of the whole sky full of millions of stars, it is samadhi. The word samadhi is very beautiful. Sam means equilibrium; adhi, the other part of samadhi, means all the tensions, all the turmoil, all disturbances have disappeared. There is only a silent equilibrium... as if time has stopped, all movement has frozen. Even to feel it for a single moment is enough: you cannot lose it again.

Satori can be lost because it was only a glimpse. Samadhi cannot be lost because it is a realization. Satori is on the way to samadhi, but it can become either a help or a hindrance -- a help if you understand this is just the beginning of something far greater, a hindrance if you think you have come to the end.

In meditation, first you will come to satori -- just here and there glimpses of light, blissfulness, ecstasy. They come and go. But remember, howsoever beautiful, because they come and go, you have not yet come home -- where you come and never go again.

Source: from book “The Path of the Mystic “ by Osho

30-03-2012, 08:44 PM
or how about?:D

We're on a path of personal peace.


30-03-2012, 08:51 PM
or how about?:D

We're on a path of personal peace.



30-03-2012, 10:58 PM

The purity that resides in the heart is incorruptible; what you do does not affect it at all.

Even the greatest sinner remains pure at the deepest core of being. So even the deepest sinner remains a saint; the sin can only touch the periphery, the circumference. It cannot go to your core, because doing remains on the surface; only being is at the core.
And when you start looking at people's being, then nobody is a sinner, nobody has ever been a sinner. It is impossible.
Purity is so absolute that all that we do is not more than dream; that is the Eastern approach. The Eastern doesn't bother much about your doing. It says that whatever you have done, you can simply go within and have a contact with the being, which remains crystal clear and always pure, unpolluted. On the periphery are just faces-saint and sinner, good and bad, the famous and the notorious. They are just acts, as if a drama were being enacted. Somebody has become a Jesus and somebody has become a Judas.
Both are needed: Jesus cannot be without Judas, and what will Judas do without Jesus?
They are both necessary for the whole Christ story to happen. But behind the stage they sit together and drink tea and smoke.
Thats the reality. This whole world is a vast stage, and a great drama is being enacted. So don't worry about it. Whatever part has been given to you, fulfill it as joyously as possible, and always remember that deep down you remain pure.

30-03-2012, 11:25 PM

Through my friend Deepak Chopra I came across Osho's books which gave me an other deeper shift in my life. I regret I did not meet him in person, and I feel sorry the US Government missed such an opportunity back in 86."

[Madonna, http://www.oshouk.com/images/Madonna.jpg

Singer and Performer,]

"I was inspired by Osho's wisdom when I wrote the song 'How fragile we all are'; Reading his books gave me hope for humanity. It is a must for everybody to have a look into his words ....."

[Sting, http://www.oshouk.com/images/Sting.jpg

Singer and Performer,]

These brilliant insights will benefit all those who yearn for experiential knowledge of the field of pure potentiality inherent in every human being. This book belongs on the shelf of every library and in the home of all those who seek knowledge of the higher self."

[Deepak Chopra, http://www.oshouk.com/images/Deepakchopra.jpg

Author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind; Quantum Healing and Unconditional Life]

"When we wrote and prepared for shooting Vanilla Sky, I constantly checked in with Osho's insides. It is not so easy to present the unconscious mind with images and a story. Osho is the only one who can perfectly explain it all, the inner and the outer and that helped me and my team immensely"

[Tom Cruise, actor] http://www.oshouk.com/images/tomcruise.jpg

Osho is an enlightened master who is working with all possibilities to help humanity overcome a difficult phase in developing consciousness."

[The Dalai Lama] http://www.oshouk.com/images/Dalailama.jpg

"Osho is a mystical giant, a flowering of a unique intelligence and one of those rare humans ex-pressing himself with joy."

[Paul Reps,

author of Zen Flesh, Zen Bones] http://www.oshouk.com/images/Paulreps.jpg

30-03-2012, 11:32 PM
This whole world is a vast stage, and a great drama is being enacted. So don't worry about it. Whatever part has been given to you, fulfill it as joyously as possible, and always remember that deep down you remain pure.

Good pick knowthyself1! :)

31-03-2012, 01:27 AM
Cannot we disagree with you? Cannot we
criticize you?

A significant question for everyone.

This is not a debating club. Neither your
agreement is needed, nor your
disagreement. What is needed is your right
hearing. If you hear rightly, it will be decisive.
Agreement is just a mind thing, and
disagreement is also the same. Neither of
them is going to help you. What is going to
help you is to experiment, to experience, but
that comes only when you have heard me.

The greatest difficulty is to hear rightly, to
hear silently. If you are thinking to agree or
disagree, then you cannot hear me. Your
prejudices are there functioning as a curtain,
they will distort everything.

I don’t ask you to agree with me, and I don’t
ask you to disagree with me. Our whole
approach is beyond the mind.

You have to learn how to listen, how to be
silent and let your silence decide. Let your
no-mind decide...

– Osho
Christianity, the Deadliest Poison,
and Zen the antidote to all Poisons.

31-03-2012, 04:00 AM

He is one, He is Omkar, the
supreme truth.
He is the creator, beyond fear,
beyond rancor.
His is the timeless form.
Never born, self-creating.
He is attained by the guru’s grace.
He was truth before the ages and
as time ran its course.
Nanak says, Now is He truth
eternal, and forever will He be...

...There is one reality, truth is only one:
Ek Omkar Satnam. And, says Nanak, the
name of this one, is Omkar. All other
names are given by man: Ram, Krishna,
Allah. These are all symbols, and all
created by man. There is only one name
that is not given by man and that is
Omkar, and Omkar means the sound of
Why Omkar? – because when words are
lost and the mind becomes void, when the
individual is immersed in the ocean, even
then the strain of Omkar remains audible
within him. It is not a man-made tune but
the melody of existence...

– Osho
The True Name, ch. 1


31-03-2012, 04:13 AM
:)Ordinarily what we call time is not real time. It is chronological time. So remember that time can be divided, classified, in three ways. One is "chronological," another is "psychological," and the third is "real." The chronological time is clock time. It is utilitarian; it is not real. It is just a belief agreed upon by the society. We have agreed to divide the day into twenty-four hours. It is very arbitrary that the earth moves in one complete circle on its axis in twenty-four hours; we have decided to divide it into twenty-four. Then we have decided to divide each hour into sixty minutes.---OSHO

31-03-2012, 06:42 AM

if you want to live, there is danger: Life means danger. There is only one way to live. Friedrich
nietzsche said, ”live dangerously.” that is the only way to live: You have to live in insecurity.
And the beauty of insecurity is that once you have become courageous enough to live in insecurity,
all insecurity disappears from life. Alan watts called it ”the security of insecurity.”---Osho , Unio Mystica

31-03-2012, 06:56 AM
Osho on Alan Watts


Question - In his book, `The Way of Zen,' Alan Watts writes, "One must not forget the social context of Zen. It is primarily a way of liberation for those who have mastered the discipline of social convention, of the conditioning of the individual by the group. Zen is a medicine for the ill effects of this conditioning, for the mental paralysis and anxiety which come from extensive self-consciousness." Beloved Master, First, I don't see any need to master social conventions to be ready for the way of Zen. On the contrary, trying to master dead, old rules shows stupidity. Why not drop them immediately? Second, do you see Zen as a medicine for the ill effect of conditioning?

Osho - Whenever you are reading a book, remember the man who is writing it, because those words are not coming from the sky, they are coming from an individual mind.

Alan Watts was a trained Christian missionary. That training continues to affect his effort to understand Zen. And finally, when he came a little closer to Zen, the Christian church expelled him. That brought a crisis in that man's life. He was not yet a man of Zen, and he had lost his credibility as a Christian. Under this stress he started drinking wine, became an alcoholic and died because of alcoholism. If you know this man you will understand why he is saying what he is saying.

His statement that "One must not forget the social context of Zen," is simply saying something about himself -- that if he had not forgotten the social context and remained a docile Christian, things would have been better. His interest in Zen, rather than bringing him freedom, brought him catastrophe. But Zen is not responsible for it; he could not go the whole way.

He tried somehow to make a Christian context for Zen. Neither did Christians like it, nor the men of Zen. They don't need any Christian context, they don't need any social context. It is an individual rebellion. Whether you are a Hindu or a Mohammedan or a Christian does not matter. Whatever load you are carrying, drop it. Whatever the name of the load, just drop it.

Osho on Alan Watts

Alan Watts

Zen is a deprogramming. You are all programmed -- as a Christian, as a Catholic, as a Hindu, as a Mohammedan... everybody is programmed. Zen is a deprogramming. So it does not matter what kind of program you bring; what kind of cage you have lived in does not matter. The cage has to be broken and the bird has to be released. There is no social context of Zen. Zen is the most intimate and the most individualistic rebellion against the collective mass and its pressure.

Alan Watts is not right. His understanding of Zen is absolutely intellectual. He says, "It is primarily a way of liberation for those who have mastered the discipline of social convention." All nonsense. It has nothing to do with social convention. There is no need to master something which you have to drop finally. There is no point in wasting time. In other words, he is saying, "First, get into a cage, become a slave of a certain conventionality, a certain religion, a certain belief system, and then try to be free of it."

He is simply showing his mind, unconsciously. He was encaged, and for years trained as a Christian priest. You can expel a Christian, but it is very difficult for the Christian to expel the Christianity that has gone deep into his bones, into his blood. He could not expel it, hence his advice for others who may follow: "It is primarily a way of liberation for those who have mastered the discipline of social convention, of the conditioning of the individual by the group." Absolutely no.

It does not matter whether you are conditioned this way or that way. Conditioned fifty percent, sixty percent, or one hundred percent -- it does not matter. From any point freedom is available. And you will have to drop it, so the less you are conditioned the better, because you will be dropping a small load. It is better if your cage is very small. But if you have a palace and an empire, then it is very difficult to drop it.

When Jesus asked the fishermen to drop their jobs and "come follow me," they really dropped. There was nothing much to be dropped -- just a fisherman's net, a rotten net. A good bargain: dropping this net and following this man, you will enter into the kingdom of God. But when he asked the rich young man to drop everything and "come and follow me," the rich man hesitated and disappeared into the crowd. The less you have, as far as conditioning is concerned, the easier it is to drop it.

And he is asking that first you should be conditioned by the group, and master the discipline of social convention. Strange... Do you have to become first a soldier just to get retired from the army? If you don't want to fight, you don't have to become a soldier. Why not be fresh? But he was not fresh.

He was contaminated by Christianity, and he hopes -- according to his programming -- that everybody first should be conditioned, chained, handcuffed, put into a jail, so that he can enjoy freedom one day. A strange way of experiencing freedom!

When you are free there is no need of being conditioned by any group, by any belief. There is no need. As you are, you are already too conditioned. Society does not allow their children to grow like the lilies in the field, pure, uncontaminated. They pollute them with all their conditionings, centuries old. The older the conditioning, the more precious it is thought to be.
And contradictorily... the second statement he makes: "Zen is a medicine for the ill effects of this conditioning."

Zen is not a medicine. Zen is the explosion of health. Medicine is needed only by sick people, but health is needed by everyone -- more health, a more juicy life. Zen is not a medicine, Zen is the inner explosion of your wholeness, your health, your ultimate immortality.

The questioner has said, "Beloved Master, first, I don't see any need to master social conventions to be ready for the way of Zen" -- you are right. "On the contrary, trying to master dead, old rules shows stupidity" -- you are again right. "Why not drop them immediately?" That's what Zen is asking you: "Why not drop it immediately? Why go part by part?"
I have told you a story in Ramakrishna's life....

A man had gathered ten thousand golden rupees. And at that time, the rupee was really gold; the word `rupee' simply means gold. And this was his desire -- that one day when they were ten thousand, he would offer them to Ramakrishna, of course, to gain virtue in the other life. When small donations are given and people are getting great virtues... for ten thousand gold pieces you can purchase even God's own house!

He went, dropped his bags of golden coins, and told Ramakrishna, "I want to offer them to you. Please accept them."
Ramakrishna was a strange man. Ordinarily, a traditional sannyasin would not have accepted. He would have said, "I have renounced the world, I cannot accept." But Ramakrishna was not a conventional type. He said, "Okay, I accept. Now do me a favor."
The man said, "I am at your feet. Whatever you want."
"Take all these coins to the Ganges" -- which was just behind the temple where Ramakrishna lived -- "and drop all the coins into
the Ganges."

The man could not believe it. "What kind of... ten thousand gold pieces?" But now he cannot say that this is not right, he has already lost possession of them. Now they belong to Ramakrishna, and Ramakrishna is saying, "Go and drop them. Just do me a favor."
Hesitantly, reluctantly, the man went. Hours passed. Ramakrishna said, "What happened to that man? He should have come back within five minutes."
So Ramakrishna sent a sannyasin to look for him....

The man had gathered a big crowd. He was first checking each golden coin on a stone, and then he would throw them one by one. And people were jumping into the Ganges and collecting, and it had become a great show, and the man was enjoying.
When informed, Ramakrishna said, "That man is an idiot. Just tell him: when you are collecting something you can count them, but when you are throwing, what is the point of wasting time? Just drop the whole load."
Ramakrishna was, in a simple way, indicating that when you are dropping your conditioning, your mental conceptions, your beliefs, don't drop by and by. They are all interconnected; drop them all. If you cannot drop them all in a single moment, you will not be able to drop them at all. Either now, or never.

Secondly, the questioner has asked, "Do you see Zen as a medicine for the ill effect of conditioning?"
I don't see Zen as a medicine, because a medicine sooner or later becomes useless. When your cold is over, you don't go carrying on with the Greek aspirin!

Mukta keeps them for everybody; she has taken the responsibility. By being Greek she has to carry Greek aspirins. And everybody knows, so whenever somebody needs one, they look for Mukta.

If Zen is a medicine, when you are cured, what will you do with Zen? You will have to throw it away, or give it to the Lions Club. But Zen cannot be thrown away, nor can it be given to the Lions Club. In the first place, there is not a single lion. Zen is your very nature; there is no way of throwing it away. All that you can do with Zen is two things: you can remember, or you can forget. This is the only possibility. If you forget your nature, your buddhahood... this is the only sin in the world of Zen: forgetfulness.

Gautam Buddha's last words on the earth have to be remembered: sammasati. Sammasati means right remembrance. His whole life is condensed into a single word, remembrance, as if on dying, he is condensing all his teachings, all his scriptures into a single word. Nobody has uttered a more significant word when dying. His last message, his whole message: sammasati, remember. And when you remember, there is no way to throw your consciousness away.

Zen is not a meditation. Zen is exactly sammasati -- remembrance of your ultimateness, remembrance of your immortality, remembrance of your divineness, of your sacredness. Remembering it, and rejoicing it, and dancing out of joy that you are rooted, so deeply rooted in existence that there is no way for you to be worried, to be concerned.
Existence is within you and without you -- it is one whole.

Source - Osho Book "The Zen Manifesto: Freedom From Oneself"

Osho on Alan Watts

Alan Watts

Osho on Alan Watts - I am going to include another man, Alan Watts, with all his books. I have loved this man immensely. I have loved Buddha for different reasons; I have loved Solomon for a different reason. They are enlightened, Alan Watts is not. He is an American... not a born American, that's his only hope; he just emigrated there. But he has written tremendously valuable books. THE WAY OF ZEN should be counted as one of the most important; THIS IS IT is a tremendous work of beauty and understanding -- and from a man who is yet unenlightened; hence it is more appreciable.

When you are enlightened, whatsoever you say is beautiful; it has to be. But when you are not enlightened and groping in the dark, and yet can find a small window of light, that's tremendous, fantastic. Alan Watts was a drunkard, but still he was very close.

He was once an ordained Christian priest -- what a misfortune! -- but he renounced it. Very few people have the guts to renounce the priesthood, because it provides so many things of the world. He renounced all that and became almost a hobo. But what a hobo! -- it reminds one of Bodhidharma, Basho, or Rinzai. Alan Watts cannot remain long without becoming a buddha. He died long ago; by this time he must be leaving school... must be ready to come to me! I am waiting for all these people. Alan Watts is one of them -- I am waiting for him.

Source - Osho Book "Books I have Loved"

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The Ross Institute Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Bringing Up Me
New York Times Magazine/September 26, 2004
By Tim Guest

Six months ago, my girlfriend and I decided to look for a house. As expeditions go, this was an arduous, some would say crazy, undertaking, since over the last 10 years London real estate, already among the world's most expensive, has tripled in value. Still, because we're both writers, dreamers by definition, we pooled our resources and entered the scrabbling mud fight. Two months ago, miraculously, we found a Victorian terraced house in the run-down borough of Hackney, with a garden and three bedrooms, looking out over a greensward the locals call a conservation area. We fought tooth and nail against another buyer, until our offer was accepted. Then, last week, two weeks before we would own it, there was a hitch. Over a cup of Earl Grey tea, my girlfriend sweetly told me that she wanted kids.

We've been together five years. My girlfriend, who comes from a large family, has wanted children the whole time. When she has raised the issue, my answer has always been the same. I carefully put my tea down and reminded her of my position. ''I'm not ready. I can't say when I will feel ready.'' This time, though, she pressed the point. She's five years older than me, approaching the age when childbearing might become difficult. In fact, she said, if we weren't going to have kids in the next year, she didn't want to buy the house at all.

''I can't have kids until I feel ready,'' I said. In my mind, it was simply a careful weighing of the commitment it takes.

''What is your worst fear?'' she asked.

''That they will feel unwanted,'' I said. Then, unexpectedly, I broke down in tears.

When I was 4, my mother became a disciple of the notorious Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. She took a Sanskrit name, dyed her clothes orange and began to do loud meditations in our living room. Soon she left me with my father -- they already lived apart -- and flew off to the guru's ashram in India. She replied to my shaky letters with variations on the same answer: ''I'll be home soon.'' When she claimed me back from my dad, she dyed my clothes orange too. For the next seven years, I bounced around the world behind her, living in Bhagwan's communes in India, England, Germany and Oregon. Bhagwan invented radically new ''dynamic'' meditations and therapies; he took nitrous oxide and spoke from a dentist's chair; he encouraged his disciples to surrender totally to him and to live their lives to the extreme. For my mother, on a rocket-ship rebellion from her strict Catholic girlhood, Bhagwan offered everything she had long hoped for: the path to enlightenment but with free love, drugs and rock 'n' roll thrown in.

For the children -- at least, for me -- Bhagwan's communes were a different proposition. As each adult struggled to prove himself or herself the most egoless, we competed to show who had the best break-dance moves. As they abandoned the consumerist dream, we fought over Legos and ''E.T.'' toys. Intent on building spiritual togetherness as a model for the world, my mother and her friends ignored some of the more practical needs of the children under their feet -- forgetting, for example, to take us to the dentist or to clip our fingernails.

While we lived in communes, my father went to live in California. Even our guru, Bhagwan, was present only in his absence: in six-foot-tall photos on the walls or in the lockets around our necks. At age 10, having had enough of feeling lonely in a house full of people, I asked to go back to my father. I left the English commune where I had ended up and boarded a plane alone; my mother was staying in a commune in Germany by then. Over time, my family's abandonments accrued into a sorrow that I struggled with for years after.

When I was born, my mother swore she would never let her child suffer the way she had: she felt that her Catholic childhood had crushed her.

She gave me what she had longed for. She let me run free. At some point, I made a similar vow to not inflict the particular agony I knew -- of abandonment and absence -- on my children. Even if that meant not having kids at all.

I wrote a book about the commune to claim my own inheritance of sorrow.

Now, having found some forgiveness for my parents, I thought I had moved on. But my calm refusal to have children was more than just a sensible reticence. It wasn't that I didn't want children; I just didn't want my children to suffer.

We're going ahead with the house. I've told my girlfriend that I'm still uncertain. But I'm beginning to feel that maybe it's time to leave my own childhood behind. The longing not to hurt my children now feels a bit like the longing to stay young myself, to remain a child until I can fix what went wrong. Maybe it's time to let go of my grievances, to grow up, to give some new little person a chance to be young. Plus, if I let a house like this slip through my fingers, my kids would never forgive me.

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Rick Ross false Expert, The Death OF Deborah L. Malone

The death of Deborah L. Malone
Jacobsen associate & Ross client commits suicide http://www.religiousfreedomwatch.org/images/extremists/rick-ross-lrg.jpg


“Debbie has progressed greatly over these past few years. She has become stronger and continued to be involved in a counseling program.”

- Rick Ross, Debbie’s “Counselor”

Coroner's Report on the Death of Deborah L. Malone
Coroner’s Report on
the Death of
Deborah L. Malone

The truth is Debbie is dead. On January 28, 2002, Deborah L. Malone (formerly Christensen) – a friend and associate of Jeff Jacobsen and a former client of Rick Ross – took a deliberate overdose of anti-depressants and narcotic painkillers, and died seated in her car at a lakeshore. She left a suicide note in her vehicle. The only explanation the medical examiner could find for her suicide was her complaint of depression. Debbie was 35 years-old.

Jeff Jacobsen was a member of a so-called anti-cult group that Christensen founded in Arizona in the late 1980’s, several years after she ended her involvement in her parent’s religion. During this period, Jacobsen hooked up with convicted jewel thief Rick Ross and became involved in Ross’s newest profiteering enterprise, “exit counseling” – a euphemism used by deprogrammers to legitimize the days and sometimes weeks of mental and physical abuse that they force on individuals in an effort to force them to give up their faith.

Michael G. Rokos
Michael G. Rokos

Michael G. Rokos

Jacobsen was anxious to turn his hatred of religious groups into a career and, while a member of Christensen’s group, wrote to the old Cult Awareness Network apparently looking to advance himself within the network of anti-religious hate groups. At that time, CAN President was Michael G. Rokos, who was convicted in 1982 of attempting to solicit sex from a young male police officer who was posing as a teenage prostitute. In his 1989 correspondence with Rokos, Jacobsen cited such stellar academic credentials as having completed “5 hours of independent study on brainwashing and conversion,” and field work comprised almost entirely of “having chased Moonies out of the K-Mart parking lot.”

Jacobsen and others attempted to expand Christensen’s group to include attacks on numerous religions but Christensen insisted on confining the group to its original purpose. Still Jacobsen and Ross remained closely involved with Christensen. In a 1992 affidavit, Ross claims that, shortly after they met in 1988, Debbie Christensen sought counseling from him and that Ross spent “many hours” counseling her and her husband, Carl. Debbie also received psychiatric counseling, and a newspaper article hailing her alleged “recovery” still appears on Ross’s website.

“My net impression,” Ross swore in his affidavit:



“is that she [Debbie] has confronted her pain and problems in an effort to face them and become better. She seems to have succeeded.”

By 2002, after years of such “counseling,” and whatever poor assistance “friends” like Ross and Jacobsen chose to offer, Debbie took her life, having used her psychiatric drugs and narcotic painkillers for the only thing they proved good for.

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Peace of mind, my foot!

13 January 1989 pm in Gautam the Buddha Auditorium







Friends, the other day, the hilarious drama of procession against me reached to the very peak.

I have heard that three hundred donkeys surrounding one bodhisattva reached to the policecommissioner’s office asking for me to be arrested, because I am destroying the culture of a selfstyled
city which dreams of being cultured.

The one bodhisattva was carrying my effigy. The one bodhisattva looked like a donkey, and the
three hundred donkeys looked like human beings. Even the donkey was laughing, because he was
the only authentic being in that crowd: ”What has happened to this cultured city and these so-called
cultured people?”

Donkeys by their very nature are very silent people, very philosophical, very cultured. And this
donkey was wondering, ”Except me... all the three hundred donkeys who are hiding behind human
masks, are doing my work, ‘cheepon, cheepon.’” (HINDI FOR ”HEE-HAW, HEE-HAW.”)
These so-called human beings, self-styled, cultured ones, thought that they were insulting me.

Nobody in the world can insult me, because it is in my hands: if I accept the insult, it is okay; if
I don’t accept it, you have to carry it to your home. Nobody can humiliate me. Humiliation needs my

On the contrary, these people were proving everything right that I have been saying to you. They
were thinking that they are destroying my arguments by such processions. No procession can be an
argument. No procession proves intelligence, it only proves retardedness. And carrying my effigy
on a poor donkey simply exposes their real face: they are donkey-worshippers.

All human beings are not human beings. There are so many categories: a few are still chimpanzees,
a few are still gorillas, a few are still monkeys, a few are still donkeys, a few are still yankees.

But in this so-called, self-styled cultured city, not a single person objected to these people, that ”You
are exposing yourselves, your vulgarity, your unculturedness.”

And why are you harassing a bodhisattva? I call that donkey a bodhisattva.
And not only I, but since the day twenty-five centuries ago when Gautam Buddha gave
Mahakashyapa a lotus flower, and told to the whole commune of ten thousand sannyasins, ”What
I could say to you I have said. What cannot be brought into language, I am transferring to
Mahakashyapa. This lotus is just a symbol of transferring something which does not come into

And why to Mahakashyapa? – because he was the only one who had remained for years utterly
silent. This day, when Buddha came for his morning discourse, everybody was puzzled. He had
never carried anything in his hands, and today for the first time he was carrying a beautiful lotus
flower. They were all waiting with excitement for what he was going to say, but he did not say
anything. On the contrary, he simply went on gazing at the lotus flower for one and a half hours.

Everybody was puzzled, disappointed: ”What is going on?” And at that moment, Mahakashyapa,
after twenty years of silence, laughed so loudly.

At his laughter, Buddha called him close to him and gave him the lotus flower, and told the commune,
”All that I could bring into words I have given to you. That which has remained beyond words, I am transferring to Mahakashyapa.” That was the beginning of Zen. Mahakashyapa was the first patriarch
of Zen.

Since that day, all these twenty-five centuries, hundreds of enlightened, awakened buddhas in the
very thin stream of Zen have been asked again and again a question: Is the dog also a buddha? It
can be changed to: Is the donkey also a buddha?

And all the masters in these twenty-five centuries have said, ”Yes,” without any hesitation. Every
living being has the seed of the buddha. To have the seed of the buddha is expressed by the word
‘bodhisattva’. Fundamentally, a buddha may have gone far away, may have become a donkey, may
have become a dog. It does not matter. At the very center of his being he is carrying the seed.

Someday, sometime, somewhere, the spring will come and the seed will start growing into a plant
with foliage, and the seed will become a lotus flower.

So I say that, amongst these three hundred and one donkeys who had made a procession against
me to the police commissioner, the three hundred were just phony human beings; only one was a
bodhisattva – the donkey.

It was not an insult to be carried by a bodhisattva. I take it with great respect.
But these people are trying to prove me wrong, and they don’t see that there is no connection:

carrying my effigy... you can burn it, but why torture the poor bodhisattva, the donkey? Even that
will not refute me.

I am going to take the issue of poverty.
All the religions are responsible for human poverty.

Jesus says, ”Blessed are the poor, for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.” Reading such
statements, Karl Marx said that all these religions are nothing but opium to the people.

Jesus was consoling the poor: Don’t be worried about your poverty, it is a test. Without complaint,
patiently, just wait a little while, and you will be the inheritors of the kingdom of God. Just one life’s
poverty, and then an eternity of being a king in the kingdom of God. It is a good bargain.

And Jesus also said – just to console the poor so that they don’t revolt against the rich, against the
vested interests, against the exploiters and oppressors – he also said, ”A camel can pass through
the eye of a needle, but a rich man cannot pass through the gates of paradise.”

It is not only Jesus, the same story is repeated in different forms, in different ways, to keep the poor

In India it takes a different framework, but the conclusion is the same. All the three religions born
in India don’t agree on anything except this one point. You can understand why. They have their
philosophies, mythologies, completely antagonistic to each other – Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism –
but they all agree on one point: that the poor man is suffering because of his evil acts in the past
life, and the rich man is rejoicing because of his good acts of his past life. They transfer the whole
issue and misguide people.

You are exploited right now, and they are talking about past lives. It is not a coincidence that all the
founders of these three religions had the patronage of the kings and the super-rich. Gautam Buddha
was surrounded by kings and princes and the super-rich.

Who was there to give food and clothes and shelter to his ten thousand disciples? He moved with
ten thousand disciples from one village to another village. The people were so poor, they could not
afford food for themselves; how could they manage for ten thousand people?
But kings, super-rich people, followed the traveling caravan of Gautam Buddha, and provided them
with shelter, provided them with food, provided them with clothes and every necessity that was
needed. Why were they so much interested in Gautam Buddha? – because he was also saying that
the poor are suffering from their evil acts in the past life.

It is very strange. The same is the logic of the Jainas, and the same is the logic of the Hindus:

transfer the poverty to evil acts in the past. Nobody knows about the past; all that we know are the
evil acts of the super-rich right now! They are exploiting in as many ways as possible.

You will not believe it, but even today in India there are five million human beings almost functioning
as slaves. They are called bonded laborers. Rich people give them money in advance, and then
they give them work, dangerous work in coal mines, in marble mines, and they are paid such a
small amount of money per day that they are not able to repay the advance – and until they repay
the advance they are bonded laborers. This is a very tricky phenomenon. Nobody sees it as slavery.

They have given one thousand rupees to a poor man so that he can make a hut, so he can get his
daughter married, and then he has to work in a coal mine. Six rupees per day! – and he has to look
after his whole family with six rupees. He will never be able to pay back that one-thousand-rupee
advance, and until he pays that he has to remain in the coal mine.
People have suffered their whole lives in a strange, tricky slavery. Now, nobody can directly call them
slaves, but the fact is they are bonded laborers; they will die, they will never get the money to pay
the advance. The advance is given just the same way as in the past human beings were auctioned.

You will not believe that neither Buddha nor Mahavira nor Krishna nor Rama... nobody has said a
single word against slavery. People, particularly women, were simply auctioned in the marketplace,
and all these great religious leaders had nothing to say about it. Perhaps they are suffering from
their evil acts of a past life.

And the most amazing fact is that not only did they not oppose it...
I am reminded of an Upanishadic Hindu seer – of course, self-styled and so-called – who was
known as Gadiwan Raikva, because he used to travel in a bullock cart. Raikva was his name,
gadiwan means a man who owns a bullock cart.

He was also in the marketplace bidding for a beautiful woman, but a king came – and of course
against the king he could not win. He went ahead as much as he could, because Hindu seers were
not poor people; they had many wives, they had plenty of land, and their disciples worked on the
land to pay for their discipleship. They gathered much money, and that money was used to purchase

Gadiwan Raikva was one of the most famous self-styled, so-called saints.

What kind of saint is
ready to purchase human beings as a commodity?

But because he was defeated and the king gave more money for the woman, he was very angry
– and all these people have been saying, ”Don’t be angry, don’t be greedy.” He was waiting for his
chance to take revenge – and these people have been talking about, ”Drop all revengefulness, be
kind, be compassionate, love your enemies.”

After many years the king who had purchased the woman became fed up with his kingdom and
riches and the whole crowd of women, and he wanted some peace of mind.
Forgetting the incident that had happened twenty years before, he went to Gadiwan Raikva to find
some peace of mind, taking lots of money, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, to offer to the saint. He had
taken with him his prime minister.

He touched the feet of Gadiwan Raikva and offered the whole lot of money. But Gadiwan Raikva
was still boiling with rage. Twenty years had not made any difference, the fire was still alive. He
pushed aside the king and said, ”Get lost, and take all your money!”
The king could not believe it. He asked his prime minister, ”What is the matter? Why is this man
behaving so angrily? I used to think he was a great saint.”
The prime minister said, ”He is a great saint, but you don’t remember....

Twenty years before you
were both bidding for a young woman, and you defeated him. Bring that woman, offer that woman
to the saint, and he will give you peace of mind.” Peace of mind, my foot!
And he brought the woman, and Gadiwan Raikva accepted the woman, and he agreed to initiate the
king into peace of mind.

A man who has been burning for twenty years with revenge, is he capable of offering peace of mind
to anybody? He does not know anything about mind or peace!

These are the founders of religions. He is still respected by the Hindus.
All these three religions console the poor; that’s why in India there has never been a revolution by
the poor against the oppressors, exploiters. They take it as a matter of course that their poverty is
because of their sins in the past, it has nothing to do with anybody else; there is no question of any

Mohammed said to his disciples – and they are still following his idea and being poor – he told his
disciples one of the most absurd ideas: ”You should not take interest on money, and you should not
give interest on money.”

Now the whole world of economics depends on interest. The more the money moves, the more
money you have. That’s why another name for money is currency: it has to be a current, continuously
moving. But why should it move if I am not going to gain any interest on it? Why should I give it to
anybody and take the risk? He may not return it.

So Mohammedans don’t give interest on money, they don’t take interest on money. Their whole
economics is basically false, goes against the whole science of economics. The game of money
depends on interest. Mohammedans have remained poor, utterly poor, and they are still following
an out-of-date idea, thinking it is something spiritual.

All the religions are against money.
All the religions are praising the poor.

When you praise the poor, you are destroying all his possibilities of becoming rich. When you talk
against money, you create a non-productive society. You can see it in India: five hundred million
people are living in starvation at this very moment. And those who understand how an increasing
population is going to create more poverty, they all predict unanimously that by the end of this century
half the country will die because of starvation: one man amongst two. You will be surrounded in this
country with corpses; you won’t have enough wood for their funeral pyres, you will not have enough
people to carry them to the graveyard. They will deteriorate, they will stink. The only people who will
be happy will be the animals, the birds, who eat human flesh.

Amongst five hundred million corpses, do you think you will be able to live? I don’t think any man of
any intelligence is going to tolerate it. He would rather commit suicide, the scene will be so ghastly,
so agonizing; such a tremendous anguish it will create.

But still the religious leaders are against birth control methods.
The pope comes to India and says to the poor people, ”Using any birth control methods is against
God.” And the shankaracharyas, the heads of Hindu religion, talk in the same way. And the Jaina
acharyas, who are the heads of the Jaina sects, are all against birth control methods. There is not
a single religious leader who is in favor of birth control methods. These religious leaders will be
responsible for the death of millions of people!

But why are they against birth control methods?

They say, ”It is God who is giving you a child. To refuse it is against God.” But to allow it to starve...?

God seems to be a monster. He rejoices in children dying on the streets. He rejoices in the poor
people who can’t afford a single meal.

I have come across poor people who eat nothing but water. I cannot say they are drinking water,
they eat water, and put on their stomach a brick to feel that their belly is full.
God loves these people.... God seems to be a greater devil than any other devil – and all these
preachers, religious leaders, represent God. And they are all against humanity living in comfort,
living an educated, cultured life, enjoying great paintings and literature and poetry and music and

A hungry man cannot enjoy Beethoven.
A hungry man cannot enjoy Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci.

I am reminded of a great poet, Heinrich Heine. He got lost in a deep forest in Germany, where he
had gone hunting. But he could not find his way out of the jungle for three days... and then came
the night. Three days hungry... and he was afraid all the time of the wild animals, so in the nights he
was sitting in the trees.

And then came the fullmoon night. He has written such beautiful poems about the full moon. No
poet can afford not to write about the full moon; it has such a hypnotic power. It is the purest poetry.

Heinrich Heine has written many beautiful poems about the moon, but that night, after three days of
hunger and tiredness and being afraid of death any moment, sitting in a tree he saw in the sky not
a moon, but a loaf of bread. He could not believe his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, he looked again: it
was a loaf of bread floating in the sky.

When he was found by a search party and brought back, he wrote in his diary, ”Now I know how a
poor man can enjoy the full moon, how a starving person can enjoy a lotus or a rose.”

A poor hungry man has no time or mind to think about the greater mysteries of life; he thinks only of
bread and butter. And God loves this drama... and the representatives of the gods are all in favor of

The world would have been finished with poverty long ago. It can still finish it! – but the religious
leaders will not like it, because the religious leaders have power over the poor, not over the rich.
Who will give Mother Teresa a Nobel Prize if there are not orphans to be found on the streets in
Calcutta? Just a one-day-old child, and the mother or the father has dropped it by the side of the
road because they cannot manage its upbringing. And Mother Teresa and her seven hundred nuns
are running around Calcutta, finding children who have been left by their mothers or fathers, and
collecting them with great joy. Everybody is counting how many you have got. The joy is to convert
them into Catholics.

Of course the pope is against birth control. If there were birth control, there would be no Mother
Teresa, and there would not be six hundred million Catholics. These are all the poorest of the poor.
In India I have been searching for thirty years for a single rich man who has been converted by
the Catholic missionaries. I have not found one yet – but I have found that the people they have
converted are the poorest of the poor. They don’t understand a word about religion. They don’t
understand – they are not in a situation to understand. Mind needs a certain nourishment; they
don’t have that nourishment. And if somebody offers food and clothes and shelter, they are very
willing to be called whatever you want: Catholics, Protestants, Christians – whatever you want.

Aboriginals, the primitive people who live in the forest almost naked – they don’t have clothes, they
eat the roots of the trees, they don’t have food, and Christian missionaries are very happy to move
into those parts and convert them to Christianity.

I was staying in the state of Bastar, which is inhabited by aboriginals, very primitive people but very
simple and innocent.

The king of Bastar was my friend. Just because he was my friend, he was killed by the politicians
– because he was supporting me in Bastar to help the poor people of his state to understand
something about meditation. He had fallen in love with me, because he had learned meditation, and
he wanted his poor people to learn meditation. So I used to go to Bastar... and to prevent me from
going to Bastar, the king of Bastar was shot dead by the politicians.

I was staying in a small village where a missionary was managing to demonstrate to the aboriginals
who is more powerful, Krishna or Jesus. I was sitting behind the crowd, so he would not recognize
anybody from the contemporary world – and it was a dark night. He had a bonfire, and he set down a
bucket of water and said to the people, who were very much excited to know who is more powerful...

He had made two statues, one of Krishna, made of wood.... No, the Jesus statue was made of
wood, and Krishna’s statue was made of steel! – but painted, they looked exactly the same. He took
both the statues and put them into the bucket of water. Of course, Jesus remained swimming on
top, Krishna drowned. People said, ”Certainly Jesus seems to be more powerful than Krishna.”

He said, ”I have been telling you again and again that Jesus will save you, and Krishna will drown
you, remember! Be converted to Catholics.”

At that point, I could not resist. I stood up, and I said to the crowd, ”It has been a very good
experiment, but I want to ask you, have you ever heard of any test like a water test?”

They said, ”We have never heard about it, but we have heard about the fire test.”

So I said, ”Now we should check both these fellows in the fire.” And I told the people, ”Catch hold of
the missionary so he cannot escape,” and I put both the statues in the bonfire, and Jesus burnt to
ashes and Krishna came out.

They said, ”My God! This man was deceiving us.”

But this is the way they have been converting utterly primitive, poor people. And they want these
people to be poor, otherwise they will not be able to convert them.

The Hindus have a difficulty: it is a non-converting religion just like the Jews. These are the
two ancientmost religions of the world, and both are non-converting. You are born a Jew, never
converted to be a Jew; you are born a Hindu, never converted to be a Hindu. Because these are
the ancientmost religions, there was no need to convert anybody. Everybody was Hindu.

And more particularly, the Hindus have a caste system: the brahmins at the head, then the warriors,
number two, then the business people, number three, and then the sudras – the poorest of the poor,
the oppressed of the oppressed.
If you convert somebody, where will you put them, in which class? The brahmins will not allow
anybody... Brahmins are born; it is their past lives together with austerities and purifications and
discipline and virtue that has caused them to be born as brahmins. You cannot convert anybody to
Brahmanism. Neither are the warriors, the kshatriyas, willing to accept anyone – they are high caste
– nor the business people; they are the richest people. They don’t want anybody to be converted,
unnecessarily sharing their money.

The only class that remains is the sudras. But nobody would like to be converted to be a sudra,
because they have a definite work to do: cleaning the Indian toilets, which are the worst toilets in the
whole world, so primitive and ugly. And these sudras are carrying all kinds of shit on their heads! It
is dropping on their faces!

Hindu society is immobile; nobody can move from his caste to another caste. The question of
converting somebody from another religion does not arise. So it has been a good place to convert
the sudras into Christianity.

I had a friend who was the principal of the greatest Christian theological college in the whole of Asia.

Once or twice I went to visit him. I asked him, ”Are you a born Christian?”
He said, ”No, I am a born sudra,” and he took me into his sitting room, and he brought an album
to show me a picture of his father, who was a beggar. He and his children were converted to
Christianity. The principal was educated, not only in India, but in Western countries. He showed me
his picture before conversion and after conversion, and then he called his daughter.

I have come across millions of women, but she was a rare beauty, unbelievable. The grandfather,
an ugly, starving beggar, and she was educated in America, had a doctorate, and was married to an
American psychiatrist. They both used to come to India six months a year to convert poor people
into Christianity, and six months they used to go to America to teach in the universities.

The old man, the principal, asked me, ”What do you think?”

I said, ”It is sheer exploitation of poverty. You are not converted on religious grounds; you are
converted on financial grounds, and financial grounds cannot make a man religious. You are the
head, the principal of the greatest theological college in Asia, and what is your work? – preparing
missionaries to go around Asia to convert more poor people. None of these people...”

He had five thousand students in his college. He took me around. I said, ”None of these people are
convinced of the truth of your religion. You yourself are not.”

He said, ”I don’t know anything about religion. All I know is about the scriptures, which I have been
taught.” And he took me to a class, which was so hilarious. This was the last postgraduate teaching
for the missionaries, where they were taught how to speak, how to be great orators.

I watched for a few minutes; I could not resist laughing. I said, ”This is such stupidity.” They were
being told when to speak loudly and when just to whisper, when to raise the hand, and when to
beat on the table. I asked him, ”Is this a college for actors? I thought you said to me it prepares
missionaries. These are missionaries?”

When a man has something to say, then that very truth finds its way, its expression, its gesture. It
has not to be taught.

But when you don’t have anything to say, obviously you have to learn every gesture, every word.
These actors are pretending to be missionaries; they will convert people to Christianity – and this
they think one of the most virtuous acts. But for it they need poor people.

In the West, in the East, the framework may be different, but the outcome is the same. Don’t allow
the poor to rise upwards, keep them repressed, because they are the people to work and labor and
do all kinds of things.
I have heard... A Rolls Royce stops before a hotel in Miami Beach. A woman comes out and shouts,
”I need four persons to carry my son inside the hotel.”
The son was not more than eight years old, but was really fat.

Four waiters came, and they said, ”The boy looks so beautiful, can’t he walk?”

The woman said, ”I can afford for him to be carried by people. He does not need to walk! He’s not
crippled, he’s rich.”

On one hand, millions and millions are dying of starvation, and on the other hand, a few people have
gathered all the money. Even their children have to be carried, because they can afford it. On one
hand people are dying in the streets....

In the cold winter, three million Americans are living on the streets; nobody is going to take any care
of them. And there are millions of people who do nothing; they simply sit before their television sets.

The average time given to television in America is seven and a half hours per day. They cannot even
move; they are so hypnotized by the television that now there are services from hotels available:

they just have to phone for them to bring anything they want. These people go on becoming fatter
and fatter... ice cream and Coca-Cola.

Now they have made a society – the society of the couch potatoes. They have become potatoes,
they are no longer human beings.
You will not believe me, but there are people who cannot leave the television for any reason – even
for making love. So they make love doggie-style, so both can watch the television!

This whole mess is created by your religions!

I blame everybody.

Moses destroyed the Jews by telling them a lie – that God has chosen them as his people. Because
of this lie, the Jews have been tortured for four thousand years around the world, everywhere.

Nobody can tolerate them, because they all think they are the chosen people.
Brahmins think they are the chosen people; God has written their scriptures himself. Mohammedans
think they are the chosen people; God has sent his own last messenger with his message in the
Koran. And, of course, Christians think God never sent to any other race in the whole world his only
begotten son, Jesus Christ.

Everybody thinks... And Moses was the first to bring the lie, without knowing the implications. If you
try to impose yourself as the chosen few of God, you will be destroyed, you will not be tolerated.

He went on Sinai mountain and after many days brought back ten commandments. Those ten
commandments can be written on a small postcard. What was he doing for that long?

And if God was preparing the ten commandments on tiles of stone, could he, who created the whole
world in six days, not create ten tiles in six days? Moses is lying; he was preparing those tiles, they
are nothing to do with God. He deceived his people, just as all founders of religion are deceiving
their people.

In the first place, God is a lie, the most fundamental lie. Out of the fundamental lie arise many
lies. Lies don’t believe in birth control either; they are very religious, they go on producing. One lie
produces thousands of lies.

When God is accepted, how can you deny his only begotten son?
How can you deny his reincarnations in Rama and Krishna?
How can you deny his messenger, Mohammed?

Once you have accepted the fundamental lie, then you have to accept all these people, who seem
to be a little bit insane. And these people have written your scriptures in the name of God – because
the holy Koran is so faulty linguistically that it shows who has written it.

And if there is only one God, what is the need of so many religions, and so many scriptures, and so
many prophets? Is it because God loves bloodshed, Mohammedans killing Hindus, Hindus killing
Mohammedans? Just after India became independent, one million people were killed by Hindus and
Mohammedans together, in the name of God.

An old Jew was dying. He had never gone to the synagogue. The rabbi came to tell him, ”Now at
least, make peace with God.”
The old man said, ”I have never quarreled with him in the first place. I have never gone to the
synagogue, you know it well!”
The rabbi said, ”You have always been strange. At this moment of death, pray to God!”
He said, ”I am praying. I am praying that ‘It is enough! We have been tortured enough because you
have chosen us! Now choose somebody else!’”

Religions don’t have any reason to exist in the world. Yes, religiousness is a totally different affair.

One can be religious without belonging to a religion. In fact, those who belong to any religion cannot
be religious. They can be Christian, they can be Jewish, they can be Hindu, they can be Buddhist,
but not religious.

If you want to be religious, you have to stand on your own feet and look withinwards. God is nowhere
outside. There is no person like God in existence. Inside you will find an eternity of consciousness.
That is the only divineness, that is the only godliness – but there is no God.

To experience the godliness in your being will bring a great transformation, a metamorphosis. You
will become a new man, with compassion, with love, with understanding, with intelligence, without
any fear of death, because you know your eternity, because you know your very center.


31-03-2012, 09:42 PM
One can be religious without belonging to a religion. In fact, those who belong to any religion cannot
be religious. They can be Christian, they can be Jewish, they can be Hindu, they can be Buddhist,
but not religious.

If you want to be religious, you have to stand on your own feet and look withinwards. God is nowhere
outside. There is no person like God in existence. Inside you will find an eternity of consciousness.
That is the only divineness, that is the only godliness – but there is no God.

To experience the godliness in your being will bring a great transformation, a metamorphosis. You
will become a new man, with compassion, with love, with understanding, with intelligence, without
any fear of death, because you know your eternity, because you know your very center.


No devil exists, nor does any God exist. These
are fictions created by the religions to torture
humanity, to exploit humanity, to create fear and
greed in mankind.

And the theology of Christians has not changed.
It is still the same.

Moses, the founder of Judaism, certainly lied to
the Jews when he said, "I have been told by God
that you are the chosen people of the world, and
he has told me to lead you to the holy land,

If he had been told exactly the address where
Israel was, then why did it take forty years to find
Israel? Forty long years of wandering in the
deserts of Saudi Arabia... And my feeling, without
any doubt, is that what he called Israel was
simply to hide the fact that he had lied. Israel is
just a poor place, mountainous, not rich; in no
way can it be called God's holy place.

Moses recognized it when he left the people he
had brought from Egypt. Almost three fourths of
them had died of hunger, of thirst...

– Osho
One Seed Makes
the Whole Earth Green, ch. 3

31-03-2012, 09:56 PM
Question - Beloved Master, L. Ron Hubbard's work focuses on clearing the mind, Whereas you often speak of dropping the Mind. What is the difference? Please comment.


Osho - Anand Salam, L. Ron Hubbard's work is psychological, it is not spiritual. To clear the mind is a psychological work: to drop the mind is a spiritual revolution. Clearing the mind you remain attached to the mind, and howsoever you clear it, it remains. Even if the glass wall is absolutely transparent and you can see outside as clearly as if you are outside, still you are not outside. The very clear, absolutely transparent glass wall still keeps you imprisoned. You can see the butterflies in the sun, you can see flowers, you can see birds flying in the sky, you can see clouds and the moon and the stars....

And if you don't try to get out you may remain in the deception that you are out in the open. But if you try to get out, you are in for a great surprise: there is a transparent wall that prevents you -- you are still a prisoner. The mind can be made very clear, but the mind remains. In fact the more clear it is, the more you will be deceived by it -- because it will become more and more transparent. You will not feel enclosed by it, you will become identified with it. And the clear mind will give you great insights, great visions -- of light, of love, of the beyond -- and you may start thinking that you are having spiritual experiences. NO experience is ever spiritual; ALL experiences are psychological. To go beyond your psychology is what I mean when I say drop the mind.

Hubbard's work is very ordinary; it should be part of the psychological literature. But in the West people have forgotten completely what spirituality is all about; hence it is very easy to deceive. And I am not saying that Hubbard is deceiving others -- he may be deceived himself. He has a clear mind and his processes are good as far as clearance of the mind is concerned, but it is not spiritual work. It cannot take you to the eternal and it cannot make you aware of your innermost core. It keeps you identified with the mind, and the more mind becomes clear and beautiful, the more you become attached to it because the more precious it looks. And when it starts giving you visions and spiritual experiences, then it becomes absolutely impossible to drop it. It is easier to drop an unclear, confused mind; it is difficult to drop a clear mind.

So I am not interested in making your mind clear. My whole effort is to make you aware of your confused mind, to make you aware of your ill mind, to make you aware of your insanities, to make you aware of your schizophrenia, to make you aware of your whole pathology, so that you are bound to drop it, you cannot cling to it anymore. And the moment mind is dropped, the moment you know you are not the mind, a mutation has taken place. You are transported into another world; you have entered into the world of consciousness.

The body is there. The physiologists work on it and they think the body is all -- they don't even believe in mind. Mind is an epiphenomenon, just a by-product; it is nothing but the functioning of the body. Then there are psychologists who think man is more than the body: he is psychology, he is mind, he is not just the body. But their mind also is going to die with the body; maybe it is separate but it cannot exist on its own.

The psychologist has not moved very far away from the physiologist. And in fact psychology and physiology are two aspects of the same coin. Man is neither body nor mind but both: man is bodymind, man is psychosomatic. The body affects the mind, the mind affects the body; hence they are not separate. You drink alcohol; the alcohol goes into the body but affects the mind. You can take LSD or marijuana; it goes in the body, it changes the chemistry of the body, but immediately your mind is totally different.

Even a man like Aldous Huxley was deceived by LSD. He thought that under the impact of LSD what he was experiencing was exactly what Kabir had experienced in his mystic experiences, in his mystic world. A man like Huxley, a man of far more clear mind than Hubbard, got deceived. He thought that, "We have found the shortcut to spiritual experience: LSD is enough. There is no need now to fast for years, no need to stand on your head for years, no need to torture your body, no need to do the old, ancient austerities. Those are bullock-cart methods, and we are in a jet age and we have found a spiritual shortcut -- LSD." He was deceived because he also thought that the mind is all. And LSD can give you great mental experiences because it can change your mind.

Change the body, the mind changes. Change the mind, the body changes. That's how hypnosis works. If you are hypnotized and told that tomorrow you are going to have a great fever, if it is insisted again and again and you are conditioned that tomorrow, early morning, as you wake up you will find yourself with a great fever.... Nothing has been done to the body, just your mind has been conditioned: tomorrow morning you are going to suffer from fever. One can even die.

In 1952, a few countries of the world made laws against hypnosis. They made it clear that only authorized hypnotists can be allowed to hypnotize people, because in one of the universities of America a great accident happened. Four students, all psychology students, were studying about hypnosis and the history of hypnotism, and they became intrigued and they wanted to try it. So they hypnotized one of their friends; he must have been really very vulnerable.

Thirty-three percent of people are very vulnerable; out of three one person is very ready to be hypnotized. These thirty-three percent are the problem in the world; up to now they have been the problem: anybody can hypnotize them. Adolf Hitler depended on these thirty-three percent, Mao Zedong depended on these thirty-three percent. All wars, all fanatic crusades, have depended on these thirty-three percent. One third of the people of the world are very prone, very ready, to be hypnotized.

By coincidence that boy must have been one of those people, and those three tried hard to hypnotize him. They hypnotized him and they were feeling great, because whatsoever they were saying, he was doing. They told him to dance, he danced. They told him that, "This is very hot water," and they gave him ice-cold water, and he could not drink it. He said, "It is too hot, my mouth will be burned." And they were surprised when they put a small pebble on the palm of the hypnotized person and told him that, "This is fire." He was already burned, immediately burned, actually burned -- by a cold pebble. They became more and more intrigued by the whole phenomenon.

They tried the last thing. They told the person to lie down and they told him, "You are dead!" -- and he died. Then they tried hard to wake him up, but it was too late. Because of that incident many countries have made laws against hypnosis. Only authorized professionals should be allowed to use it because it can be dangerous. It can affect your mind, and through the mind your body. Mind and body are not separate, but YOU are a third entity. You are in the body, in the mind, but you are not identified with them. You are a witnessing consciousness.

My work is totally different from Hubbard's work: his work is psychological, my work is spiritual. My effort here is not to give you a clear mind; my effort here is to give you a state of no-mind, because only through no-mind will you be able to know the reality -- the reality within and the reality without. But the no-mind is the door, the only door.

Source - Osho Book "Dhammapada, Vol 3"

31-03-2012, 10:44 PM
Alfred Nobel


This man Nobel was one of the greatest criminals
possible in the world. the First World War was fought
with his weapons; he was the greatest manufacturer
of weapons. He accumulated so much money out of
the First World War. Millions of people died; he was
the manufacturer of death. He earned so much money
that now the Nobel Prize is being distributed only from
the interest on Nobel's money. One Nobel Prize now
brings twenty lakh rupees with it, and each year
dozens of Nobel Prizes are being given. How much
money did this man leave? And from where did that
money come? You cannot find any money which is
more full of blood than the money that one gets from a
Nobel Prize...

Zen: Zest, Zip, Zap and Zing, ch. 13

31-03-2012, 10:50 PM
"You will become a new man, with compassion, with love, with understanding, with intelligence, without any fear of death, because you know your eternity, because you know your very center."

yes thanks i really enjoy his stuff because being a better man will always be my mission. :)

01-04-2012, 01:37 AM

(A therapy group member says: I laughed a
lot. I relaxed a lot. I felt some changes...)

Very good. Changes are easy if you allow.
Laughter is the most easy thing in the world if
you allow, but it has become hard.

People laugh very rarely, and even when they
laugh it is not true. People laugh as if they are
obliging somebody, as if they are fulfilling a
certain duty. Laughter is fun. You are not
obliging anybody! Just as with love... you are
not obliging anybody. Love is fun. Laughter is
fun. Life is fun. But somehow the idea has
gone very deeply into the mind that you are
fulfilling duties.

You see a person and you smile. You smile
for him. One should smile only for oneself. If
others share, good. If nobody shares, good.
But one should smile of one's own accord.
One should not laugh to make somebody else
happy, because if you are not happy, you
cannot make anybody happy.

Even if you are happy, it is very difficult to
make somebody else happy because it
depends on that somebody else as to whether
he will accept it or not. One should simply
laugh of one's own accord, and one should
not wait for reasons to laugh. That too is
absurd. Why wait for reasons? Life as it is
should be enough of a reason to laugh...

– Osho
A Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose, ch. 1

01-04-2012, 02:32 AM

Blessed Are the Ignorant
Darshan Diary
by Osho
individual talks with seekers Dec. 1976
Pune, India
oshobob The Living Workshop
Osho Books — Darshan Diaries

[Osho suggested to a sannyasin who is a
black-belt karate teacher and who has just
returned from japan, that he commence
teaching in the ashram.... ]

Help people as much as you can. And by
helping them, you will learn many things. The
best way to learn is to teach. So really a
teacher, a good teacher, remains a student his
whole life, and a good teacher always feels
very grateful to his students. The students
learn -- that's okay -- but the teacher learns
too. And each student brings something new --
a new door opens.

Particularly these arts -- like karate -- are not
sciences. They are arts. There is nowhere
really to learn them -- one has to imbibe the
spirit. They cannot be taught -- they can only
be caught. So you simply start working with
people, and forget... don't be self-conscious
about it. If a teacher is self-conscious, that
creates trouble. Forget about it. I am not
interested in any sort of performance.

Whatsoever you are doing, if you love, it is
perfect. Be devoted to it, be loving to it, and
then you will find new things are happening on
their own accord. You will be surprised every
day that things are coming up in you that you
were never aware could even exist in you...

– Osho
Blessed Are the Ignorant, ch. 1

01-04-2012, 02:43 AM

Just have a Taste of Ignorance and You will have a Taste of Me

15 December 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
Veet means beyond, and prateeka means symbol; beyond the symbol or beyond the symbolical.

And it has to be understood. Ordinarily people live through the symbol, they have forgotten the real.

They cling to the symbol, so much so that the symbol becomes the barrier to the real.

For example, rather than being religious, a person becomes a christian. Rather than being religious,
he becomes a hindu. Now he is clinging to the symbol. Rather than loving people, a person starts
thinking that he loves humanity. Now wherever you go, you will always find human beings – never
humanity! Humanity is a symbol.

One has to learn to love the real. The symbol is unreal. Humanity exists not – only human beings.

But the mind can play the game. The mind can say, ’I love humanity’... and this can become a trick
to avoid loving human beings. You can hate human beings in the name of humanity. You can hate
the real, and protect your-self in the symbol.

People can go to war for symbolic reasons. Somebody has insulted your flag: you can go to war,
you can kill people, and you can be killed! And the reason is simply absurd – a piece of cloth is your
flag; somebody has insulted it.

So the symbolic becomes so important to people that the real is completely lost contact with. This
is a sort of neurosis. A neurotic is a person for whom reality has completely disappeared and the
symbolic has become the real. The symbolic and the real have become synonymous. It happens
for certain reasons....

For example, a child is born and the mother cannot give as much love as the child needs because
the mother herself is neurotic. She has never loved anybody, and she has never been loved by
anybody really. She pretends that she loves the child, and to pretend she will start symbolically
loving the child. For example, she will force the child to eat more. Rather than feeding the child with
her warmth, rather than fulfilling the child by her love, food will become the substitute. Now food will
be symbolic.

The child has grown up – the father cannot love the child, because he has never loved. He does not
know in fact what love means at all... he does not know what love is. He cannot give love, but he
can give money. So he will go on giving the money to the child and he will say, ’Look how much I
love you!’

Money is symbolic, food is symbolic, and the reality is denied. When the child becomes a grown-up
person, he will be mad after money. Money is a symbol – it has nothing real in it – but he will be
mad after money, because he will think, ’The more money you have, the more love you get. The
more money you possess, the more you will be loved.’ So he will become greedy. He will forget all
about love, all about life. He will live a neurotic life of greed, and will accumulate money and will die
accumulating it. Now the symbolic drove him crazy.

I am giving you this name so that you can remember it. This is one of the basic problems of humanity.

The world ’god’ has become more important than god himself. The word god is not god. The statue
in the temple is not god, neither is the temple a real thing; it is all symbolic – but that has become
more important.

Christians can kill Mohammedans, Mohammedans can kill Christians – in the name of god! Now
can anything be more foolish? – in the name of god, killing god’s people.... But the word ’god’ is
more important.

The Bible is more important, not what is in it. The message is not important. It is as if the container
has become more important, and the content has lost all meaning. The Bible says, ’Love your
enemies.’ If somebody insults the Bible, you will kill him, because he has insulted it.

So I give you this name so it becomes a reminder to you to never be befogged too much by the
symbolical. Yes, it has to be used... it is utilitarian. You have to carry a passport, and on the
passport is your citizenship – that you belong to england. I’m not saying throw the passport, but it is
symbolical. England or india or christianity are all symbols. Useful – use them, but never forget the
real. Always remember the real.

This is the meaning of your name: veet prateeka. And the more and more you go beyond the
symbolical, the more and more you will become happy and blissful... more and more you will
become alive – because life is with the real! With the symbol, it is only dream, and that too not
very sweet – in fact, a nightmare.

Prem means love, and sumitra means friendship. And this is going to be your path – path of love
and friendship. So shower the whole world with love and friendship. Nothing else is needed. Once
you start feeling compassion and love and friendship, you will start flowering.

Ordinarily we have not been taught to be friendly – notwithstanding what the priests and the
politicians go on saying. We have been taught to struggle, to compete – and how can friendship
exist with a competitive mind? How can friendship exist when you are ambitious?

So the priests and the politicians go on talking about friendship – and only enmity exists in the
world. Only enmity can exist if you teach competition, ambition. So everybody goes on pretending
friendship, and deep down everybody is antagonistic to everybody else.

How can you feel friendly with a person who is a competitor with you in the world? If thirty boys are
in a class and all the boys are trying to come first in the class, how can they be friendly? They are
potential enemies; friendship will be a pretension.

So when I say, ’Be friendly,’ I mean drop all competition, drop all ambition... it is futile. And life is
not a struggle. Darwin is absolutely wrong to say that it is a violent struggle... that only the fittest

Even if you die loving people, even if you die loving existence, it is good. In your death there will be
immortality. Even if you survive, hating, fighting, struggling, your life will be worse than death.
God is revealed only through friendship. So let this become your climate. To drop ambition just
a little conscious effort is needed. And now is the time. For small children maybe it is difficult to
drop ambition, but you can drop it now. Now there is no need to carry the hang-up. You can drop
competition, you can drop enmity. You can simply be a friend – and not to anybody in parti-cular, but
to everybody is general.

Even when you are sitting alone and there is nobody, remain friendly. Mm? It is a state – what I am
talking about – not a relationship. If you sit on your chair, be friendly to the chair. Be friendly to your
own body. Be friendly to the food you are eating. Be friendly to the clothes you are wearing. Just be
friendly, and don’t lose any opportunity to be friendly. In the beginning it may even look a little crazy,
because whatsoever we call sanity is almost madness, so when you start becoming sane, it looks

And meditation will be very very easy if you can create this climate of friendship. Start from this very
moment – and it will be possible, because I can see it is there, mm? It just has to be allowed.

Deva means divine and rajendra means king; a divine king. And that’s how I see everybody – as a
divine king, as a divine queen. And if we are beggars, only we are responsible, nobody else. We are
meant to be divine queens and kings, and nothing less than that is ever going to satisfy you. But we
have been brought up in such a way, and conditioned in such a way, that we start life as a beggar.

My whole teaching is that you can start being a king from this very moment. If you start enjoying
life, you become a king. It has nothing to do with money or kingdom. It has nothing to do with power
over people. And if somebody waits to enjoy life only when he has so much money, and so much
power, and such a big kingdom, then he is never going to enjoy. He will die a beggar.

[Osho told the story of alexander the great, meeting the mystic, Diogenes. Alexander felt envious of
Diogenes’ obvious contentment with life, but said he first had to conquer the world before he could
enjoy life like diogenes. See ’dance your way to god’, wednesday august 19th where Osho recounts
the story in full.]

When I say that everybody is a divine king or a queen, I mean you can just declare it this
very moment, because no kingdom is needed for it. It is just a change... an inner change of

Rather than preparing, you start celebrating – that’s the only change there is.
Rather than preparing for tomorrow, you start living today.

Rather than sacrificing the present for the future, you forget all about future, and you dance the
dance that is possible this very moment, herenow – and immediately you are a king.

And the kingdom is such that it cannot be taken away from you – that’s why I call it a divine kingdom.

That’s what Jesus means when he says again and again, ’The kingdom of god is within you,’ He
was not talking about the political – he was misunderstood. The Roman Emperor became afraid
that he was talking about a kingdom... maybe he was after his kingdom! The priests became afraid
– maybe he was after political power. He was not talking about politics at all.

So when I call you a king, I’m not talking about politics... not the kingdom of this world, because
these kings are just beggars – rich beggars, maybe, but beggars all the same!

And by giving you sannyas I declare this. Now it is up to you to accept it and start living or not, but
you are responsible. I don’t say that you have to prepare for it. From this very moment start enjoying
the simple things of life... and they are fantastic! Simple food, simple sleep, simple love... the stars
and the moon and the trees... the wind passing through the trees, and the sound of the water...
children laughing, and a small girl giggling – all is tremendously beautiful. Just start enjoying....

Blessed are the ignorant ,OSHO

01-04-2012, 02:50 AM
"You will become a new man, with compassion, with love, with understanding, with intelligence, without any fear of death, because you know your eternity, because you know your very center."

yes thanks i really enjoy his stuff because being a better man will always be my mission. :)

Lonestar ,here Osho talks about the new man, interesting stuff.
But ,as you mean, love and meditation can make you a better man.


Osho - A new man is emerging. The image of the new man is not yet clear, but the horizon is becoming red and the sun will soon be there. The morning mist is there and the image of the new man is vague, but still a few things are very crystal clear about the new man.

And this is of tremendous importance because since the monkey became man, man has remained the same. A great revolution is on the way. It will be far more deep-going than the revolution that happened when monkeys started walking on the earth and became human beings. That change created mind, that change brought psychology in.

Now another far more significant change is going to happen that will bring the soul in, and man will not only be a psychological being but a spiritual being too. You are living in one of the most alive times ever. The new man has already arrived in fragments, but only in fragments. And the new man has been arriving for centuries, but only here and there.

That’s how things happen. When the spring comes it starts with one flower. But when the one flower is there, then one can be certain: that spring is not faraway – it has come. The first flower has heralded its coming: Zarathustra, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Jesus – these were the first flowers. Now the new man is going to be born on a greater scale.

According to me, this new consciousness is the most important thing that is happening today. I would like to tell you something about this new consciousness, its orientations, and its characteristics, because you are to help it come out of the womb – because you HAVE TO BE IT. The new man cannot come from nowhere, he has to come through you.

The new man can only be born through your womb. You have to become the womb. Sannyas is an experiment to clean the ground so that new seeds can fall in. If you understand the meaning of the new man, you will be able to understand the significance of sannyas too.

And it is because sannyas is concerned with the new man that the old orthodoxies of all kinds are going to be against me and against sannyas, because this will be their end. If sannyas succeeds, if the new man succeeds, the old will have to go. The old can live only if the new man is prevented from coming.

It cannot be prevented now, because it is not only a question of the new man’s coming into existence, it is a question of the survival of the whole earth, of consciousness itself, of life itself. It is a question of life and death. The old man has come to utter destructiveness. The old man has reached the end of his tether.

Now there is no life possible with the old concept of man but only death. The old man is preparing for a global suicide. The old man is piling up atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, in order to commit a collective suicide. This is a very unconscious desire. Rather than allowing the new man to be, the old man would like to destroy the whole thing.

You have to understand, you have to protect the new, because the new carries the whole future with it. And man has come to a stage where a great quantum leap is possible. The old man was other-worldly, the old man was against this world. The old man was always looking to the heavens. The old man was more concerned with life after death than life before death.

The new man’s concern will be life before death. The new man’s concern will be THIS life, because if this life is taken care of, the other will follow of its own accord. One need not worry about it, one need not think about it. The old man was too concerned with God. That concern was out of fear. The new man will not be concerned with God, but will live and love this world, and out of that love he will experience the existence of God.

The old man was speculative, the new man is going to be existential. The old man can be defined in the Upanishadic statement: NETI-NETI, not this, not this. The old man was negative – life-negative, life-denying. The new man will be life-affirming: ITI-ITI, this and this. The old man’s concern was THAT, the new man’s concern will be this, because out of this that is born, and if you become too concerned with that, you miss both.

Tomorrow is in the womb of today. Take care of today and you have taken care of tomorrow. There is no need to be in any way worried about tomorrow. If you become too worried about tomorrow you have missed today. And tomorrow will come as today – it always comes as today. If you have learned this suicidal habit of missing today, you will miss tomorrow also.

You will go on missing. The old man was continuously missing, was miserable, sad. And because he was sad he was against the world, he blamed the world, he blamed SAMSARA. He said, ’It is because of the world that I am in misery.’ It is not so. The world is immensely beautiful, it is all beauty, bliss and benediction.

There is nothing wrong with the world. Something was wrong with the old mind. The old mind was either past-oriented or future-oriented, which are not really different orientations. The old mind was concerned with that which is not. The new man will be utterly in tune with that which is, because it is God, it is reality: iti-iti, this is it.

This moment has to be lived in its totality. This moment has to be lived in its spontaneity, with no A PRIORI ideas. The old man was carrying ready-made answers. He was stuffed with philosophy, religion and all kinds of nonsense. The new man is going to live life without any A PRIORI conclusion about it. Without any conclusion one has to face existence, and then one knows what it is. If you have already concluded, your conclusion will become a barrier.

It will not allow you inquiry – your conclusion will become a blindfold. It will not allow you to see the truth – your investment will be in the conclusion. You will distort reality to fit your conclusion. That’s what has been done up to now. The new man will not be Hindu, will not be Mohammedan, will not be Christian, will not be communist.

The new man will not know all these ’isms’. The new man will simply be an opening, a window to reality. He will allow reality as it is. He will not project his own mind upon it. He will not use reality as a screen. His eyes will be available; they will not be full of ideas. The new man will not live out of belief, he will simply live. And remember, only those who can simply live, without belief, come to know what truth is.

The believer or the disbeliever never come to know what truth is. Their beliefs are too heavy on their minds. They are surrounded too much by their belief systems. The new man will not know any belief system. He will watch, he will observe, he will see, he will live, and he will allow all kinds of experiences. He will be available, he will be multi dimensional.

The old man lived out of fear – even his GoHe will not carry scriptures in his head, he will carry only alertness awareness. He will be meditative.d was nothing but a creation out of fear. His temples, mosques, GURUDWARAS, churches – they were all out of fear. He was trembling, he was afraid. The new man will live out of love, not out of fear, because fear serves death, love serves life.

And if you live out of fear you will never know what life is, you will only know death again and again. And remember, the person who lives out of fear creates all kinds of situations in which he has to feel more and more fear. Yom fear creates situations, just as your love creates situations. If you love, you will find so many occasions to be loving.

If you are afraid, you will find so many occasions to be afraid. Love is going to be the taste of the new consciousness. Because fear was the taste of the old consciousness it created wars. In three thousand years man has fought five thousand wars – as if we have not been doing nything else – continuous fighting somewhere or other. This is a very mad state of affairs. Humanity’s past is insane.

The new man will become discontinuous with this insane past. He will believe in love, not in war. He will believe in life, not in death. He will be creative, not destructive. His science, his art – all will serve creativity. He will not create bombs. He will not be political, because politics is out of hatred.

01-04-2012, 03:32 AM
Question -Where do Individuality and Ego separate?

Osho - Individuality means your uniqueness -- not compared with anybody else. Your incomparable uniqueness: that is individuality. Individuality is beautiful; that's how God has made you -- as an individual. Ego is comparison. Ego is your invention. God has not given you any ego; he has certainly given you an individuality.

Ego is comparison: you think yourself more intelligent than the other, you think yourself more superior than the other -- or inferior. You think yourself more beautiful than the other. Then you are bringing ego in: the moment you compare yourself with somebody, the conclusion that comes out of the comparison is ego. If you stop comparing then you are there -- tremendously beautiful and unique. All superiority or inferiority, all anxiety of where I am, where I stand, who is above me and who is below me, are ego problems. The superior person suffers, the inferior suffers; both suffer -- because even the superiormost cannot have a state where he can be satisfied.


Abraham Lincoln was not very beautiful, his face was ugly. And that was a torture. In fact, when he stood for the presidentship, he had no beard. In his campaign, a small girl suggested to him, "If you grow a beard, you will look a little better." Hence, he grew the beard. But he remained constantly aware of his ugliness. He became the president... but whenever he would see a beautiful face he would feel hurt.

Napoleon Bonaparte was not very tall, just five-five -- just exactly my size. He remained disturbed for his whole life. Now, nothing is wrong in being five-five. What is wrong in being five-five? -- I have never felt any problem in it! And what is going to happen if you are five-seven or five-eight? Nothing is going to happen, you will be the same -- five-five or five-seven or five-nine makes no difference. But he was tremendously troubled -- he was so conscious of it. One day he was trying to fix a picture on the wall and the picture was a little higher than him, and his bodyguard said, "Sir, I am higher than you, I will do it." He said, "Stop! Never utter such a word. You are taller, not higher."
He was very conscious about it -- "Higher? Say you are taller; don't say higher!" Now, if even Napoleon is not happy, who can be?

People who compare can never be happy. These trees are happy -- the smaller tree does not bother about the higher tree. They never bother about each other: the smaller is smaller and the higher is higher. In fact, the higher and the taller and the smaller and the lower are human terms -- they don't exist in the world of trees. A rosebush is as happy as a big oak tree; there is no problem about it. Not even a rosebush, but just a small leaf of grass is as happy as any lotus flower. It makes no difference.

God is showering on everybody -- on the rosebush, on the grassleaf, on the lotus flower... he is showering everywhere. And the whole existence is happy; only man has got into trouble. The ego arises with comparison. Individuality you have, unique individuality you have. With comparison how many problems arise!

Just a few days before, one woman was saying to me that she cannot accept her body. But why? -- because she is a little fatter. Now, why compare? How can you be fatter if you don't compare? Mm? -- you must have some idea of a thinner woman, and you must be comparing. I don't see any problem in the woman directly. I looked at her: she is a beautiful woman, a unique woman, an individual -- but unnecessarily in anxiety, in deep anguish, suffering. She cannot believe that anybody can love her, because she is a little fat.

And who has given the idea? How do you decide what is standard? Nobody has any idea what is standard; all averages are just false. Nobody knows how much fat is needed for a particular body -- only the body itself knows. Listen to your body, love your body, and don't compare. Now this comparison will create such trouble that she may miss her whole life. Because of comparison she cannot love. And she will create such trouble that she will not allow anybody to love her, because she cannot trust anybody who can love her. That man must be perverted: how can you love an ugly woman? -- your idea of beauty must be perverted, or your must be deceiving.

She cannot trust anybody -- if somebody comes and says to her, "I love you," she will distrust them. She cannot love herself -- how can YOU love her? Impossible. You must have some other design, you must have some other idea behind it: you may be interested only in sex, or you may be interested in something else -- in her money, or something else -- but you cannot love her. Because how can you love her? -- she cannot love her own face in the mirror. And even if you persist, she will try in every way to destroy your love, so she can prove that she was right and you were wrong. Now it is very difficult to find a lover who will take that much trouble to convince you. she will remain loveless. And when there will be no love coming, her idea will become more and more fixated: I am ugly. And she is not ugly at all.

In fact, I have never seen an ugly person in my life. How can a person be ugly? Have you ever seen any ugly crow? Impossible! Have you ever seen an ugly cow? Impossible. Have you ever seen an ugly tree? Impossible. All is beautiful as it is... but with human beings you bring comparison, and immediately trouble starts.

Don't compare, there is no need. Comparison is one of the greatest calamities that has fallen on humanity. You are perfect as you are. Love yourself, respect yourself. If you are not going to respect yourself, who is going to respect you/ If you are not going to love yourself, who is going to love you? People don't respect themselves, and expect everybody else to respect them. They don't love themselves, and want the whole world to fall in love with them. Now you are asking impossibles -- these things cannot happen. Love yourself, respect yourself -- and a person who respects himself never compares. Comparison is a disrespect.

Now, if you summarize all this, it means: to be an egoist is to be very disrespectful towards yourself. To be an individual is perfectly good, but to be egoistic is disrespectful.

Source - Osho Book "The Divine Melody"

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29 November 1984 pm in Lao Tzu Grove
Question 1



THE cause is very simple, perhaps too simple. It is very close, very obvious, and this is the reason
why most of the people go on missing seeing it. When something is very obvious you start taking it
for granted. When something is too close to your eyes you cannot see it. For seeing, some distance
is needed.

So the first thing I would like you to remember is that it is not only today that humanity is miserable.

It has always been miserable.

Misery has almost become our second nature. We have lived in it for thousands of years. That
closeness does not allow us to see it; otherwise it is so obvious.
But to see the obvious you need a child’s vision.

And we are all carrying thousands of years in our eyes. Our eyes are old; they cannot see afresh.

They have already accepted things, and forgotten that those things are the very cause of misery.

The religious prophets, the political leaders, the moral lawgivers – you have respected them, not
even suspecting that they are the cause of your misery. How can you suspect them? Those people
have served humanity, sacrificed themselves for humanity. You worship them; you cannot relate
them to your misery.

The causes of misery are camouflaged behind beautiful words, holy scriptures, spiritual sermons.

It happened when I was a student, the first prime minister of India came to visit the city. In Jabalpur,
just in the middle of the city flows all the dirt of the city. The city is very big – ten times bigger than
Portland – and just in the middle of the city, the whole dirt flows like a river. There is a bridge over it,
and to pass that bridge is to know something about hell. I have never seen any place so stinking.

The day Jawaharlal, the prime minister, came to visit the city the bridge was one of the greatest
problems. He had to cross it, that was the only way to get to the other part of the city. So they
covered the bridge with mogra flowers. It was summertime, and the mogra is so fragrant a flower....

The whole bridge on both sides had garlands of mogra hanging. You could pass across the bridge
and you would not be at all aware that just behind those mogras, the wall of flowers, was the most
dirty place possible.

I was just going to the university. Seeing people decorating the Naudra bridge – that was the name
of the bridge; it was called Naudra because it had nine pillars, nine doors through which the dirt
used to flow – seeing the people putting those flowers up, I stopped there. I started working with
those people who were decorating, and nobody made any objection because many people were
working, and it had to be done quickly – soon Jawaharlal was going to pass.

So I got mixed in with
the workers, the volunteers.

When Jawaharlal’s procession came and he was standing in an open jeep, I stood in front of the jeep
and stopped it. It would not have been possible in any other place because everywhere there were
military police, guards, security. On Naudra bridge these volunteers were on both sides, and there
was no crowd because nobody wanted to stand there. And the crowd was not aware of what had
happened – that those mogra flowers had completely covered the smell. The place was smelling of
paradise! The people were not aware of it because nobody was near there.
I told Jawaharlal, ”Please get down. You have to look behind these flowers – that is the reality of this
city. You are being befooled; these flowers are not decorations for your welcome, they are put here
to deceive you.”

He said, ”What do you mean?”
I said, ”Get down, and just come close to the flowers and look beyond them.” He was a very sensitive
and intelligent man. Others tried to prevent him – the local leaders.

I said, ”Don’t listen to these fools. These are the people who have arranged these flowers here.
Have you seen in the city, anywhere, thousands of flowers arranged for your decoration? And here
you don’t see any crowd. The arithmetic is simple. Just come down.”
He got down and went with me to look beyond the flowers: he could not believe it. He told the people,
the local leaders, the mayor, the members of the corporation and the president of the congress, ”If
this young man was not so stubborn, I would have missed seeing the reality of your city. Is this what
you have been doing here?”

He said to me, ”If you come to New Delhi sometime, come and visit me.”
I said, ”Not sometime – I will come simply to visit you. But tell the idiots surrounding you that I am
allowed in.”

He told his secretary, ”You have to take care that nobody prevents him.” That’s how that secretary
became one of my followers. And whenever I needed, he was immediately ready to arrange it: the
doors of Jawaharlal’s house were open for me.

I remembered this incident because that’s what has happened with the whole of humanity.
You see the misery, but you don’t see the cause. The cause is covered with flowers. You see the
flowers, and because flowers cannot cause the misery you turn back.
The second thing to remember is that it is not only now that humanity is miserable; it has always
been so.

Yes, one thing new has happened – it is a little difference, but a difference that really makes a
difference – and that is: a certain percentage of humanity has now become more aware than it has
ever been before.

Misery has always been there; but to be aware of the misery, that is a new factor. And that is the
beginning of transformation.
If you become aware of something, then there is a possibility that something can be done to change

People have lived in misery, accepting it as part of life, as their destiny. Nobody has questioned it.
Nobody has asked why.

And before anybody could ask why, the religious prophets, messiahs and priests were ready with
the answer.

Christianity is ready with the answer: because Adam and Eve committed the original sin; hence you
are suffering. Now, can you see any connection?

Even according to Christianity, the world was created four thousand and four years before Jesus’
birth – which is not at all accurate, which is absolutely stupid. The world is millions of years old. And
by world, I mean only our world, this earth; I don’t mean the sun, the solar system, because that is
far more ancient. And I don’t mean the world of the stars... because they are not as small as you
see them. They are bigger than your sun – they are all suns – and they all have their own solar
systems. And they are far more ancient than our solar system.

In fact, when you come to calculate about existence, years cannot be used as a measurement, they
are too small. A million years does not mean anything. When you start thinking about how old the
solar system is, you have to use a new measurement which is not used ordinarily because we never
come across such a big thing. And that new measurement is invented by physics: the light year.

You have to understand what a light year means, because our galaxy is millions of light years old.

Light travels with a tremendous speed, the greatest speed there is. Anything traveling at that speed
will turn into light. The heat of that speed is such that anything at that speed will become light. So
there can be no speed greater than the speed of light. We cannot invent any rocket which moves
faster than light, because then it will turn into light itself, immediately it reaches the speed of light.

The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second: per second, one hundred and eighty six thousand
miles. In one minute, sixty times more; in one hour, again sixty times more; in one day, again twentyfour
times more; in one month, again thirty times more; in one year, again twelve times more – that
is the meaning of one light year. And our sun is millions of light years old.

Even if the Christians are right – Adam still must have committed the original sin at least five
thousand years ago. Somebody committing a sin five thousand years ago – how many generations
have passed since then? – and you are still miserable for his sin? That seems to be absolutely
unjust! If he did commit the sin, God made him suffer. Why should you be suffering? You were
never a part of it. If anybody has to suffer, it should be God Himself, because in the first place what
was the need of creating those two trees? If man was not allowed to eat from them, it was so simple
– God should not have created those two trees. He was committing the original sin – if anybody

Then, even if He had created them, what was the need to tell Adam not to eat from those two
trees?because I don’t think that Adam, on his own, even by now would have found those two trees.

Among the millions of trees, it would have been just a coincidence if Adam had found them. But God
showed him the trees, saying, ”These are the two trees, and you are not to eat from them.”

And this God is Jewish. Sigmund Freud understands it more – he is also Jewish, born out of the
original sin – he understands far better than this Jewish God. To tell somebody not to do something
is to provoke them, is to give them a challenge, is to make the person fascinated. It is not the snake
who really persuades Adam and Eve, it is God’s ”don’t” that hits hard; and they become curious why.

And the trees are not poisonous. One tree is the tree of wisdom. There seems to be no logic in
why the tree of wisdom should be prohibited to man. And the other tree is of eternal life. Both trees
are the best in the whole garden of Eden. God should have told him, ”Don’t miss these two trees!
Anything else you can miss, but these two trees you should not miss.” On the contrary, He says to
Adam and Eve, ”Don’t do this.”

That ”don’t” is the real cause of their disobeying; the serpent is just an excuse.

But even if they did commit the sin, whether through God or through the serpent, it is absolutely
certain that you are not part of it – in no way. You were not there to support them.

The Christians have been befooling the whole world, the Jews have been befooling the whole world,
saying that it is because of the original sin that man is suffering, he is in misery. He has to turn
back, he has to undo what Adam and Eve did. They disobeyed; you have to obey God. Just as
they disobeyed and were thrown out of heaven, if you obey totally, without any doubt, without any
questioning, you will be allowed back into the world of bliss, paradise.

Misery exists because of the original sin, according to these Judaic religions: Judaism, Christianity,
Mohammedanism. These three religions have come from the same source; they all believe in the
same original sin, and that we are suffering because we are the progeny of those same people who
committed it. Even human justice cannot punish a criminal’s son because he is a criminal’s son. His
father may have murdered somebody, a major crime, but then you cannot punish the son too. The
son has nothing to do with it.

Adam and Eve did not commit any major crime – they just had a little curiosity. And I think anybody
who had any sense would have done the same. It was absolutely certain to happen – because there
is a deep need in man to know. It is intrinsic, it is not sin.

It is in the very nature of man to know. And God is prohibiting him. He is saying, ”Remain ignorant.”

There is, in the same way, an intrinsic, intense desire for eternal life. Nobody wants to die.

Even the person who commits suicide is not against life. Perhaps he is hoping the next life will be
better. He is so tired of all this suffering and anguish that he thinks, ”In this life there is no chance,
so why not take a chance? This life is not giving you anything and is not going to give you anything –
take the chance. If you survive and enter into another life, perhaps....” That ”perhaps”, that lingering
desire, is still in the man who is committing suicide. He may be committing suicide against anything,
but he is not committing suicide against life itself.

These two are the basic and the deepest – rooted desires in man – and yet he is prohibited from
fulfilling his own nature and his nature is condemned as criminal, as a nature which is rooted in sin.

If he fulfills it he feels guilty; if he does not fulfill it he will remain miserable.
These people have created the background of your misery.

Let me summarize it: if you are natural you will feel guilty. Then that will be your misery, your anxiety,
your anguish – what punishment there is going to be for you! You are disobeying God, because all
your scriptures and their commandments are against your nature. So if you fulfill your nature there
is misery.

If you don’t fulfill your nature, there is bound to be misery because then you will be empty, unfulfilled,
discontented; you will feel futile, utterly meaningless.
So there are two types of miserable people in the world: one who follows the religious prophets and
one who does not follow them.

And it is very difficult to find a third category, a man like me, who does not care a bit. I neither follow
them nor am I against them. I do not even hate them – there is no question of loving them. To me
they are absolutely absurd and meaningless, irrelevant to our existence. Take either side and you
will be in trouble. Don’t take sides, either for or against; just tell those guys, ”Go to hell! And take all
your scriptures with you.” Only then can you be free of misery.

In the East they have a different explanation. Explanations can be different, but the purpose is the
same. In the East, the three religions – Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism – all teach that your misery is
because of bad actions in past lives. And you have lived millions of past lives, in different shapes,
different bodies, animals, birds.... In that way Hindus have a vast perspective. Eight hundred and
forty million species of life exist. At least their perspective is vast, not small like the Christian... only
six thousand years.

Their perspective is certainly great: eight hundred and forty million species, and you have passed
through them all; then you have become man. In all these long – you will have to use the word ”light
years” with Hindus and Jainas and Buddhists – you have committed so many things, good and bad,
and everything is recorded with you. If you are suffering, that simply means your bad actions are
heavy on you. You have to suffer, that is the only way to get rid of them. You have to pay for your
actions. Who else is going to pay? You murdered somebody in your last life, now who is going to

Their explanation seems more mathematical, more logical, than Adam committing sin and you
suffering six thousand years afterwards. So many generations have passed, and still the sin is
fresh. So many generations have suffered and been punished for it, and you are still being punished
for it. Can you punish so many people for one man’s sin? And this is going to go on forever
and forever. At least the eastern vision seems to be more logical: that in your past life you have
committed some bad actions and of course you have to suffer for them. I say it looks more logical,
but it is not existentially true.

What do I mean when I say it is not existentially true? I mean that whenever you act, the result of
the act is intrinsic in the act itself, it does not wait for the next life. Why should it wait? If you drink
poison now, will you die in the next life? I have been arguing with Hindu shankaracharyas, Jaina
monks, Buddhist bhikkus, saying ”Tell me, if somebody hits his hand with a hammer, will he suffer in
the next life or here, right now?” Action brings its reaction immediately. It does not wait. Why should
it wait, and why for the next life particularly?

They have been befooling people, of course more logically than Christians and Jews and
Mohammedans. Hence no sophisticated Hindu can be converted to Mohammedanism, Judaism,
Christianity – impossible, because all your ideas look very childish. He has far more logical
explanations. But those logical explanations are only significant on the surface; deep down there is
nothing much in them.

I have argued with all these people. Not a single one has been able to answer my question. If you
put your arm in the fire, will you be burned in the next life? The action is here, the reaction has to
be here. They are joined together, they cannot be separated. The moment you love, you are happy.

It is not that in this moment you love and you are in deep misery now, and in the next life whether
there you love or not, suddenly one day you will feel happy – the good karma of your last life!

You are disconnecting things which are not, in the nature of things, in any way possible to disconnect.
You hate somebody and in that very hatred you are burning in fire. You are angry and in that very
anger, not out of it, you suffer. My approach is, that each moment, whatsoever you are doing you
are getting the immediate reaction.

These people are befooling you because they cannot say many things which go against the vested
interest. They cannot say that you are poor because the rich are exploiting you – because they are
hired by the rich people. Now, for example, a Jaina monk, Acharya Tulsi.... Jaina monks don’t travel
in the rainy season. And in India, it is not like here, the seasons are well cut: the rainy season is
four months, the summer season is four months, the winter is four months. Lately they have been
disturbed because of atomic experiments going on everywhere; otherwise, exactly on the expected
date and day, the rains will begin, and exactly on the expected date and day the rains will stop.

The Jaina monk does not travel for the four months of the rainy season. He travels for eight months,
and for four months he does not travel because the earth is wet, the grass has grown and many
small insects, ants, are there in the grass. He cannot walk on the grass because the grass is alive.

And he cannot walk on the wet ground because there may be some insects which the wetness
encourages. He has to walk only on dry ground where he is absolutely certain that no life can be
killed by his walking. So the rainy season is out of the question. He cannot even carry an umbrella:

that will be a possession. So in the rainy season it will be most difficult. He does not have more than
three clothes – and all three clothes will be wet, so he will not have even clothes to change into.

Acharya Tulsi stays in one place. He has seven hundred monks, and for eight months those monks
move around the country and for four months they come to live with the master in one place. But it
is a very difficult problem: only very rich people can invite Acharya Tulsi to spend the rainy season
in their city, because those seven hundred monks will come. That is nothing. When the seven
hundred monks are there and the head of the monks – who is like a pope in that sect – is there, then
thousands of followers will come to listen. Because in the rainy season in India, everything is closed,
you cannot do anything – the shops are empty – so people start playing cards and chess. All kinds
of festivals happen in the rainy season because everybody is free. People visit their relatives, there
is nothing at risk in their business.

People visit their religious leaders. And it is a tradition that whosoever comes to see the head is a
guest of the city, just as the head is a guest of the city. So to invite Acharya Tulsi means spending
millions of rupees, and only very rich people can afford it. And if they can afford it, they must be
businessmen. A businessman is never a loser. He is not a gambler. He counts everything, with
interest. If he is going to invest – that’s the right word – millions of rupees in Acharya Tulsi, then
he is going to take as much juice out of Acharya Tulsi as possible, with interest, and he will not
leave. And both the parties understand it. It is understood, not said. Acharya Tulsi has to protect the
rich person because it is the rich person who protects Acharya Tulsi and his monks. It is a simple

The same is true about other religions in India. It is a very costly phenomenon. For example another
Jaina sect whose monks live naked cannot stay in any household or family, because to be so close
to a family may create attachment. Some trouble may arise, they may be distracted. They can only
stay in a temple. And Jaina temples are the costliest and the best temples in India. It is difficult
now to make that kind of temple. In Mount Abu – a few of you may have seen them, because I
used to have my camps there – they are such masterpieces of art. And so much money has been
poured into those temples: they are all marble. And a single temple may take hundreds of years to
be made. The grandfather may start, and the third or fourth or fifth generation may inaugurate the
temple when it is complete. And thousands of workers will be working on it, artists, craftsmen.
To invite a naked Jaina monk.... Because the naked Jaina monk is thought to be of the highest order
of monks. Acharya Tulsi is not a naked Jaina monk. He is thought to be of a lower degree. Yes, he is
a jaina, but if you ask the followers of the naked monks, they will say, ”There is not much difference
between us and Acharya Tulsi. Perhaps he keeps three clothes, we keep six clothes, that is all the
difference there is. The real difference is between our monks.” And certainly the naked Jaina monk
tortures himself more than any in the whole world. Nobody can compete with him, he is the best
masochist possible.

To invite a naked Jaina monk means you need a temple which can do justice to his prestige,
otherwise you are insulting him. So every big town, big city, goes on wasting money in raising
temples because the naked monk can stay only in a temple. You will be surprised that Jainas are
not many but they have so many temples all over the country. Even in places where not a single
Jaina family lives, you will find Jaina temples, because the Jaina monks pass by there and, they
need some place to stay.

You will be surprised – it looks very funny to see the whole thing – a Jaina monk is not supposed
to beg from anybody other than a Jaina. Now, Jainas are very few, only three hundred thousand all
over India – just like a teaspoon full of salt in the ocean. There are thousands of towns and villages
where there is not a single Jaina. But the Jaina monk has to move for eight months continually; he
has to pass through villages where no Jaina lives.

So what do Jainas do? A procession of twenty families – twenty buses, fifty buses – will follow the
monk. The reason is.... You will be surprised, why fifty buses? Just one bus or one car would
be enough if one Jaina family were needed. No, the Jaina monk has to go begging and he is not
allowed to beg from just one family. That is against his scripture. And when the scripture was made
it was perfectly right, because there were so many monks, they were becoming a burden on society.

So if a monk comes to one family, finds good food and starts coming there every day, he will become
a torture to the family. And if other monks come to know, they will also start coming to the same

So the law was made that no monk begs from just one family – not even a single whole meal. Even
for a single whole meal, he has to beg from a few families: little pieces from here, little pieces from
there. And he is not supposed to beg from the same people again tomorrow. No other monk is
supposed to beg from the same place where some monk has already begged. Now this creates
trouble: the monk has to beg from many families.
So fifty families, sixty families, with all kinds of foods... and for themselves also everything is needed
– tents and everything.

In fact there are only twenty-two naked Jaina monks left because the whole thing is so arduous that
when one naked monk dies, he is not replaced. It is very difficult. So fifty, sixty buses, a whole
procession.... Then the tents, and a whole city will be put together in the night because in the
morning the monk will come. And they have to make temples in places where, strange to know, they
cannot even find a Jaina worshipper. They have to hire a brahmin to worship in the temple.

Now, brahmins and Jainas are enemies – Jainism is a revolt against brahminism – but brahmins
are the only people who know how to worship, so they will be paid to do it. They are not really
worshipping; you can see, how can they worship the enemy? This man Mahavira, whose statue is
there, has been continually criticizing brahmins. Now, a brahmin worships for a salary. Perhaps deep
inside he is cursing, but on the surface he is praising and showering flowers and doing whatsoever
Jainism prescribes for use in worship.

Then the whole city will be ready by the morning. The monk comes, and the monk knows about
all these buses and that this whole city of tents has been raised in the night. When he came the
previous day there was not a single tent. And all these people he knows, because they have been
following him for four months continuously. Now, these people have to be rich to drop all their
businesses, to take their whole family around. And the season is really difficult. In some places
there are two hundred inches of rain, and in some places, perhaps the worst, five hundred inches of
rain – and they have to follow even on the mountains, because Jainas make their sacred places on
the mountains.

Hindus make their sacred places by the side of rivers. Because Hindus have already monopolized
the rivers, Jainas had to do something to defeat them – the same competitive mind is everywhere.

So they thought that the best thing would be to choose the highest peaks of the mountains and to
show these fools that the rivers are dirty. And people in India even throw dead bodies, half – burned
bodies, dead animals into the rivers. These are your sacred places! So the Jainas made their sacred
places on high mountains.

These buses follow them on those mountains and tent cities will arise there just in the night when
the monk is sleeping, but not before his eyes. I have asked these naked monks, ”Do you really not
know that these people are following you – the same faces, the same tents, the same buses – for
four months? They are befooling themselves, but whom are you befooling? And what is the purpose
of all this circus?”

In private they would say to me, ”You are right, but what can we say about it? You always hit wherever
it hurts most. You have a knack,” they would say to me, ”of hitting people at their weakest point. Now
this is clear, four months.... I know, but I cannot say it in public, because how am I to survive?” He
depends on these people. These people are businessmen, they are investing money. They want
him to say to the poor, ”You are suffering from your past bad karmas, and these rich people are
enjoying their good karmas of a past life. If you want to enjoy yourself, then do good karmas, obey
the scriptures, follow the principles handed over by the great masters, and in your next life you will
be rich.”

I was trying to explain why the priests have to bring in the next life: because about this life they
cannot do anything. And about the next life, one thing is good: that nobody knows what will happen
– whether anything will happen or not, whether anybody will survive or not. This strategy was
invented so that the explanation would remain rational. Otherwise, there are people who are doing
all that the scriptures say, and yet they are suffering, they are poor, they are sick. They ask, ”We are
doing everything that you say – then why are we suffering?” Leaving them aside, even these Jaina
monks – one dies with cancer, now what is he suffering for? In his whole life he never did a single
thing which can be said to be wrong. You have to find the explanation somewhere in his past lives.

Man is in misery because religions have not helped him to destroy the causes of misery.
On the contrary, they have consoled him so that he remains as he is.

Revolt, revolution, they are of the same order as disobedience, disorder, creating chaos: you will
suffer tremendously in the coming life. You are suffering now, and you are preparing the ground for
more suffering. So they created this gap between this life and the coming life, the past life and this
life. And it is a beautiful strategy, because neither have you any evidence of your past life – that you
committed any bad actions or good actions – nor have you any way to know what is going to happen
to you in the next life, the coming life.

They have given beautiful explanations and camouflaged the whole stinking reality behind beautiful
flowers. So you smell the flower and you forget the stinking river just flowing underneath, an
undercurrent. Throw away these flowers and immediately you will be able to see why humanity
is in so much suffering.

The new thing that has happened is, as I said before, that one percent of humanity has come to a
point where it can become a little alert, awake. And that one percent of humanity, becoming aware
of the misery, seeing the whole of humanity already in hell, is asking, ”What other hell are you talking
about? There cannot be anything worse than what is happening on the earth.” This one percent of
humanity has created such questions. Those questions have also reached those people who are
not alert – but the questions have reached them anyway. They have also heard and started feeling
some little stirring of consciousness: ”Yes, there is misery, and immense misery.”

Politicians have been deceiving you. They say, ”If there is democracy, there will be no suffering. If
there is independence, there will be no suffering. If there is socialism, there will be no suffering. If
there is communism, suffering disappears.” But there is democracy, and suffering goes on growing,
accumulating. Countries are independent – all countries are not in slavery – but even in the countries
that are independent, the misery is not less. Perhaps it is even more, because they cannot dump
their misery on anybody else – they are independent. A slave country at least has a consolation.

That is my experience.
Before India became independent there was such a feeling all over India. My house was a place of
conspiracy. My two uncles had been in jail many times, and every week they had to go to the police
station to report that they were not doing anything against the government, and that they were still
there. They were not allowed to move out of the town but people were coming to them – and they
all had so much hope.

I was a small child but I always wondered, ”These people are saying that just by becoming
independent, all misery will disappear. How can it happen? I don’t see any connection.” But there
was hope. There was the promised land, very close by; just a little struggle and you would reach
it. There was suffering but you were not responsible for it: the Britishers were responsible. It was a
great consolation to dump everything on the Britishers.

In fact, I used to ask these revolutionaries who used to visit my house secretly, or sometimes stay in
my house for months.... One of them, a very famous revolutionary, Bhavani Prasad Tiwari, was the
national leader of the socialist party. Whenever he had to go underground he used to come to my
village and just live in my house, hidden. For the whole day he would not come out – and nobody
knew him in the village anyway. But I was after him. He told me again and again, ”You bring such
inconvenient questions that sometimes I think it would be better to be in a British jail than in your
house! At least there I would get first class treatment.”

He was a famous leader so he would have got first class treatment – political prisoners’ special class
– with all the facilities, good food, good library. And at least he would get freedom, because first class
prisoners were not forced to do any labor. They would write their autobiographies and other books:
all the great books these great Indian leaders have written were written in jails. And they would go
for walks – they were put in beautiful places that were not even jails; they were created especially
for them.

For example in Poona there was a palace just opposite us, on the other side of the river: the Aga
Khan palace. It was a palace. Gandhi was kept prisoner there and his wife too. His wife died there,
her grave is still there in the Aga Khan’s palace. You must have seen it in Poona – when you pass
the bridge, just on top of the hill above there is a beautiful house.
I had asked the owner, because the owner lived in Bombay and used to come to me, ”Whatsoever
you want you can take, but give that house to me before I move to Poona. I want that house,”
because in the whole of Poona, that was the highest point from where you could see the whole city,
and it was really a beautiful palace.

He said, ”It is difficult because it belongs to my mother. She is the owner of the house and she will
not sell it because Gandhi was kept prisoner there, and she is a follower of Gandhi. So she wants
to make it a national museum in the memory of Gandhi. It is impossible to persuade her – and
particularly for you. Even your name is unmentionable in my family. When I come here I have to say
I am going somewhere else. Your name is unmentionable.” Gandhians will not mention my name
because I have been speaking against Gandhi continually.

So these special palaces were turned into prisons. They had acres of greenery, beautiful views. So
Bhavani Prasad Tiwari used to say to me, ”It would be better if I stop going underground – because
you ask inconvenient questions.”

I said, ”If you cannot answer them, what is going to happen to the country when the country becomes
independent? These will be the questions which you will have to solve. You cannot even answer
them verbally, and then you will have to actually solve them. I asked him, ”Just by the Britishers
leaving the country” – and there were not many Britishers – how is poverty going to disappear? And
do you want me to believe that before the Britishers came to India, India was not poor?

”It was as poor as it is now, perhaps even poorer, because the Britishers brought industry,
technology, and that helped the country to become a little better. They brought education, schools,
colleges, universities. Before that, there was no way to be educated: the only educated people
were the brahmins, because the father would teach the son. They kept everybody else uneducated
because that was the best way to keep them enslaved. Education can become dangerous.

”How are you going to destroy poverty? How are you going to destroy the hundreds of kinds of
anxieties and miseries which have nothing to do with the British? Now, a husband is suffering
because of his wife – how is it going to help? The Britishers have gone, okay; but the wife will still
be there, the husband will still be there – how is it going to change anything?”
He said, ”I know it is very difficult, but let us first get independence.”
I said, ”I know after independence the problems will be the same, perhaps worse.”

They are worse. In three hundred years not a single British governor general was assassinated.

Now you can assassinate the prime minister. Your independence has given you great intelligence!
In three hundred years the Punjabi Sikhas have never said that they want a separate nation. Now
they want a separate nation. This is what independence has given to people.
And I would be perfectly willing to give them a separate nation, but the question is about the Hindu
minority who live in the Punjab. They will all be killed. Either they will have to become Sikhas, or
they will have to be slaughtered. So it is not only a question of giving independence to a particular
state. That is perfectly okay: if they want to become independent, let them be independent. But the
problem is about the Hindu minority. Where to take them? They will all be killed.

That’s what happened in Pakistan. When Pakistan was created, all the Hindus in Pakistan were
slaughtered. And Pakistan was not enriched by that. These are not the ways to become rich.
Pakistan is far poorer than India. The poverty has become greater because the population has
grown. Now, the Britishers are not responsible for the growing population. You go on producing

Political leaders have kept humanity hoping – always somewhere far away, the great hope....
For the classless society Russia has suffered everything for sixty years: ”The classless society is
going to happen soon!” When will those days of waiting be finished? This is an old strategy. Jesus
used to say to his followers, ”Very soon you will be with me in the kingdom of God. Very soon you
will see that those who follow me are saved, and those who don’t follow me fall into eternal hell.” It
has not happened yet, and we don’t even know whether Jesus is with God or not.

He even promised that he would be coming back. I think he must have lost courage – once crucified
is enough! Now again he will be crucified, this time in the Vatican, because this time he will be
coming as a Christian. And the pope will be the person who will decide: ”This man has to be
crucified – he is a pretender, an anti-Christ. He is not our lord, because when our lord comes he will
come with glory, sitting on a cloud. That’s how the lord has to come. And this man is born out of a
woman, and not even out of a virgin.”

They are looking for the cloud the lord will be coming on, and the lord has escaped!

But the hope.... Politicians go on giving hope and nothing materializes.
One thing has to be understood clearly: no hope is going to help, no false explanation is going to

You have to put aside all this crap and see into reality as it is.
The reality is that this earth cannot tolerate so great a population; the population has to become
almost half the size that it is now. But the way it is moving, it will be doubled by the end of this
century. Misery will also be doubled.

I would like the population to be half of what it is – but for that you need intelligence, understanding.

You have to understand that children are not sent by God. There is no God who is sending children.

In fact, a single man has enough seeds, in his forty or fifty years’ lifetime while he is capable of
producing children, to produce the whole population of the earth – a single man! In each sexual
orgasm, millions of potential human beings are lost. This is not something that God is doing,
otherwise He is a very stupid God. What is the point of giving so many seeds to a man when
the woman normally can only have one egg fertilized in one year? This is what created the trouble:
man started having many wives. But a woman cannot start having many husbands, because a man
can make many women pregnant, but if a woman has many husbands, what will they be doing?

One woman, one man makes her pregnant, so the remaining ones go to Oregon – where else?
This has nothing to do with God, this is simple biology. People have to be told to understand biology
and to use all the methods which are available to reduce the population completely to half of what it

Stop bothering to go to the synagogue, to the temple, to the church, because they have befooled
you enough.

Stop asking these people – the rabbis, the monks, the priests – because all that they know they have
been giving as consolations for thousands of years and all their consolations have proved impotent.

You have to turn from politicians, from religious people, to the scientist.
The whole humanity has to focus on science if it wants to get rid of misery.
And my religion I call the science of the inner soul. It is not religion; it is exactly a science.
Just as science functions in the objective world, this science functions in the subjective world.

Remember, the outer science can help immensely to reduce your suffering and misery by almost
ninety percent. And once you remove ninety percent of your suffering and miseries – which are
physical, biological, science can very easily remove them – then the remaining ten percent of misery
will be for the first time clear to you. Right now it is lost in the mess of this ninety percent of misery.

Then you will be able to see that all that misery was nothing compared to this ten percent; this ten
percent is the real anguish.

And that can be transformed only through inward movement: call it meditation, awareness,
But that ten percent misery is of tremendous weight. The ninety percent is nothing, it is just hunger...
food you need, shelter you need, employment you need and all these things can be tackled by

Remove the priest completely. He has no function for the future. He has already done enough
Focus on science, and then immediately you will see a new dimension arising in you, of which you
were not aware.

It was there – but a hungry man, how can he think whether life has meaning or not? A hungry man
cannot think whether the flower is beautiful or not: he is hungry. You cannot talk about music and
poetry and painting to him. That will be humiliating him; it will be just an insult, an outright insult.

But once these problems disappear then he will start, for the first time, to enquire about real
existential questions which can be answered only by a subjective science.
So there is no future for religion.
There is a future for an objective science to deal with objective matters, and a subjective science to
deal with your inward matters.

One will take care of your physiology, biology. The other will take care of your psychology and your
ultimate center: the soul.
From Ignorance To Innocence, Osho

01-04-2012, 06:25 AM

Peace be to this man

When somebody comes to see you or meet you just settle within yourself, become silent. When the man enters, deep down feel peace for him. Feel: "Peace be to this man". don′t just say it, feel it. Suddenly you will see a change in the man as if something unknown has entered into his being. He will be totally different. Try it.

Not two

THIS is one of the oldest mantras. Whenever you feel divided, whenever you see that a duality is coming into being, simply say inside: "Not two". But say it with awareness; don′t repeat it in a mechanical way. Whenever you feel love arising, say "Not two", otherwise the hate is waiting there - they are one. When you feel hate arising say "Not two". Whenever you feel a clinging towards life say "Not two", whenever you feel a fear of death, say "Not two". Only one is.
And this saying should be your understanding. It should be filled with intelligence, penetrating clarity, and suddenly you will feel a relaxation within. The moment you say "Not two" - if you are saying it understandingly, not repeating it in a mechanical way - you will suddenly feel the illumination.

Dance with your hands

Just sit silently and allow your fingers to have their own
movement. Feel the movement from the inside. Don’t try to see it
from the outside, so keep your eyes closed. Let the energy flow more
and more into the hands.

The hands are deeply connected with the brain, the right hand
with the left side of the brain, the left hand with the right side of the
brain. If your fingers can be allowed total freedom of expression
many many tensions accumulated in the brain are released. That is the
easiest way to release the brain mechanism, its repressions, its unused
energy. Your hands are perfectly capable of doing it.

Sometimes you will find the left hand up, sometimes the right
hand up. Don’t force any pattern, whatsoever is the need of the
energy it will take that form. When the left side of the brain wants to
release energy, it will take one form. When the right side of the brain
is too burdened with energy then there will be a different gesture.

You can become a great meditator through hand gestures. So just
sitting silently, play, allow the hands and you will be surprised; it is
magical. You need not jump and jog and do much chaotic meditation.
Just your hands will do.

The Orange Book, Osho

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OSHO Born Again

Osho has this to say about the first part of the process:
Remember this: regain your childhood. Everyone longs for it but no
one is doing anything to regain it. Everyone longs for it! People go
on saying that childhood is paradise and poets go on writing
poems about the beauty of childhood. Who is preventing you? Regain it!
Take this opportunity to regain it.

Poetry will not help, and just remembering that it was paradise is not of
much use. Why not move into it again? Why not be a child again? I say to
you that if you can be a child again you will start growing in a new way.

For the first time you will be really alive again. And the moment you have
the eyes of a child, the senses of a child - young, vibrating with life - the
whole of life vibrates with you. Remember, it is your vibration that needs

The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only you are not
tuned. The problem is not with the world, it is with you: you are not tuned
to it. The world is dancing, always celebrating, every moment it is in a
festivity. The festival goes on from eternity to eternity, only you are not
tuned to it. You have fallen apart from it, and you are very serious, very
knowing, very mature. You are closed. Throw this enclosure! Move again
into the current of life. When the storm comes, the trees will be dancing;
you also dance! When the night comes and everything is dark, you also be
dark. And in the morning when the sun rises, let it rise in you also. Be
childlike and enjoying, not thinking of the past.

A child never thinks of the past. Really, he has no past to think about. A
child is not worried about the future; he has no time-consciousness. He
lives totally unworried. He moves in the moment, he never carries any
hangover. If he is angry then he is angry and in his anger he will say to his
mother, "I hate you." And this is not just words, this is a reality. Really, in
that moment he is in total hate. The next moment he will come out of it and
he will be laughing and he will give a kiss to his mother and he will say, "I
love you." There is no contradiction. These are two different moments. He
was total hate and now he is total love. He moves just like a river goes on
moving, zigzag. But wherever he is - wherever the river is - he is total,

For these days be like a child - total. If you hate, hate; if you love, love;
if you are angry, then be angry; and if you are festive, then be festive and
dance. Do not carry anything over
from the past. Remain true to the
moment, do not hanker for the
future. For these days, drop out of
time. Drop out of time! That is why
I say do not be serious: because the
more serious you are, the more time
conscious you are. A child lives in
eternity; for him, there is no time.

He is not even aware of it. These
days will be real meditation if you
drop out of time. Live the moment
and be true to it.

Be playful. It will be difficult,
because you are so structured. You
have an armor around you and it is
so difficult to loosen it, to relax it.

You cannot dance, you cannot sing,
you cannot just jump, you cannot
just scream and laugh and smile.

Even if you want to laugh you first
want something there to be laughed
at. You cannot simply laugh. There
must be some cause, only then can
you laugh. There must be some
cause, only then can you cry and

Put aside knowledge, put aside
seriousness; be absolutely playful
for these days. You have nothing to
lose. If you do not gain anything,
you will not lose anything either.
What can you lose in being playful?
But I say to you: you will never be
the same again.

My insistence on being playful
is because of this: I want you to go
back to the very point from where
you stopped growing. There has
been a point in your childhood
when you stopped growing and
when you started being false. You
may have been angry, a small child
in a tantrum, angry, and your father
or your mother said, "Don't be
angry! This is not good!" You were
natural but a division was created
and a choice was there for you. If
you were to remain natural then
you would not have the love of
your parents. In these days I want
to throw you back to the point
where you started being 'good' as
against being natural. Be playful so
your childhood is regained. It will
be difficult because you will have to
put aside your masks, your faces;
you will have to put aside your
personality. But remember, the
essence can assert itself only when
your personality is not there,
because your personality has
become an imprisonment. Put it
aside. It will be painful, but it is
worth it because you are going to
be reborn out of it. And no rebirth
is possible without pain. If you are
really determined to be reborn, then
take the risk.
Meditation: The First and Last

R Born Again is a
process that
takes place for
two hours a
day, over seven
days. For the
first hour,
take the space
and freedom to
behave as
children. For
the second
hour, they sit
silently, doing
OSHO Born Again

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http://photos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs472.ash1/25881_1376295377609_1538591726_30938530_7253072_n. jpg

You are not accidental. Existence needs you. Without you something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. That's what gives you dignity, that the whole existence will miss you. The stars and sun and moon, the trees and birds and earth - everything in the universe will feel a small place is vacant which cannot be filled by anybody except you.


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Osho in the media.


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by Osho


Don't expect anything in the future. Don't corrupt it. Because if all your expectations are fulfilled then too you will be miserable... because it is your expectation and it is fulfilled. You will not be happy about it. Happiness is possible only through surprise; happiness is possible only when something happens which you had never expected, when something takes you completely unawares. If your expectations are fulfilled a hundred per cent, you will be living as if you are in the past, not in the future. You come home and you expected your wife to say something and she does. And you expected your child to behave in a certain way and the child does. Just think-you will be constantly in boredom. Nothing will happen. Everything will be just a repetition, as if you are seeing something which you have seen before, hearing something which you have heard before.
Continuously you will see that it is a repetition of something. and repetition can never be satisfying. The new, the novel, the original, is needed.

So if your expectations are fulfilled you will remain completely unfulfilled. And if your expectations are not fulfilled. then you feel frustrated. Then you feel constantly as if you propose and God goes on disposing; you feel that God is the enemy; you feel as if everybody is against you and everybody is working against you. If your expectations are never fulfilled you will feel frustrated.

Just meditate upon your expectations: if they are fulfilled you will feel bored, if they are not fulfilled you will feel cheated. You will feel as if a conspiracy is going on against you. as if the whole existence is conspiring against you. You will feel exploited, you will feel rejected, you will not be able to feel at home. And the whole problem arises because you expect.
Don't go ahead into the future. Drop expectations.

Once you drop expectations you have learned how to live. Then everything that happens fulfills you, whatsoever it is. For one thing, you never feel frustrated because in the first place you never expected. So frustration is impossible. Frustration is a shadow of expectation. With the expectation dropped, frustration drops on its own accord.

You cannot frustrate me, because I never expect anything. Whatsoever you do, I will say, "Good." I always say, "Good," except for only a few times when I say, "Very good."

Once expectations are not there you are free to move into the unknown and to accept the unknown-whatsoever it brings. And to accept it with deep gratitude. Complaints disappear; grumbling disappears; whatsoever the situation, you always feel accepted, at home. Nobody is against you, existence is not a conspiracy against you-it is your home.

The second thing: when everything happens unexpectedly, everything becomes new. It brings a freshness to your life; a fresh breeze is continuously blowing and it does not allow dust to gather on you. Your doors and your windows are open: in comes sunshine, in comes the breeze, in comes the fragrance of flowers-everything unexpected. You never asked for it, and existence goes on showering it on you. One feels God Is.

The proposition that God exists, is not a proposition; it is a statement of someone who has lived unexpectedly, without any expectations, who has lived in wonder. God is not a logical hypothesis; it is an exclamation of joy. It is just like, "Aha!"-It doesn't mean anything more. It simply means, "Aha!" so beautiful, so wonderful, so new, so novel, and beyond anything that you could have dreamed. Yes, life is more adventurous than any adventure that you can imagine. And life is pregnant, always pregnant, with the unknown.

Once you expect, everything is destroyed. Drop the past; that is the way to die each moment. Never plan for the future; that is the way to allow life to flow through you. And then you remain in an unfrozen state, flowing. This is what I call a sannyasin-no past, no future, just at this moment alive, intensely alive, a flame burning from both the ends, a torch burning from both the ends. This is what let-go is.

Osho, Ancient Music in the Pines Talk #8

Life, Love, Laughter is also available as a book.

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Jealousy Is Born out of Comparison – An OSHO Quote
Posted on February 6, 2012 by Osho Times

Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable.

“Jealousy is Born out of comparison” Osho. And we have been taught to compare, we have been conditioned to compare, always compare. Somebody else has a better house, somebody else has a more beautiful body, somebody else has more money, somebody else has a more charismatic personality. Compare, go on comparing yourself with everybody else you pass by, and great jealousy will be the outcome; it is the by-product of the conditioning for comparison.

Otherwise, if you drop comparing, jealousy disappears. Then you simply know you are you, and you are nobody else, and there is no need. It is good that you don’t compare yourself with trees, otherwise you will start feeling very jealous: why are you not green? It is better that you don’t compare with birds, with rivers, with mountains; otherwise you will suffer. You only compare with human beings, because you have been conditioned to compare only with human beings; you don’t compare with peacocks and with parrots. Otherwise, your jealousy would be more and more: you would be so burdened by jealousy that you would not be able to live at all.

Comparison is a very foolish attitude, because each person is unique and incomparable. Once this understanding settles in you, jealousy disappears. Each is unique and incomparable. You are just yourself: nobody has ever been like you, and nobody will ever be like you. And you need not be like anybody else, either.

Everybody seems to be so happy — except yourself. You are continuously comparing. And the same is the case with the others, they are comparing too. Maybe they think the grass in your lawn is greener — it always looks greener from the distance — that you have a more beautiful wife…. and you may be jealous of him….

Everybody is jealous of everybody else. And out of jealousy we create such hell, and out of jealousy we become very mean.

An elderly farmer was moodily regarding the ravages of the flood. “Hiram!” yelled a neighbor, “your pigs were all washed down the creek.”

“How about Thompson’s pigs?” asked the farmer.

“They’re gone too.”

“And Larsen’s?”


“Hum!” ejaculated the farmer, cheering up. “It ain’t as bad as I thought.”

If everybody is in misery, it feels good; if everybody is losing, it feels good. If everybody is happy and succeeding, it tastes very bitter.

But why does the idea of the other enter in your head in the first place? Again let me remind you: because you have not allowed your own juices to flow; you have not allowed your own blissfulness to grow, you have not allowed your own being to bloom. Hence you feel empty inside, and you look at everybody’s outside because only the outside can be seen.

Excerpted from The Book of Wisdom/courtesy Osho International Foundation/www.osho.com

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Chapter 11

…Osho,Today the threat of terrorism haunts the whole world. What are the origins of this sickness and insanity in man? What is the diagnosis and what is the remedy for it?Can it be hoped that one day mankind can be free of terrorism?

If mankind was only just beginning to be haunted by terrorism, things would be very easy. But mankind has always been haunted by terrorism, hence the matter is verycomplex. The forms of terrorism have changed - this insanity has been taking onnewer and newer colors, newer and newer forms - but in the whole history of mankind, except for a few people who can be counted on the fingers of two hands, allthe remaining people have been sick in one way or another.

These sicknesses are asold as man himself. and that is why whenever someone has tried to eliminate thesesicknesses, these insanities, insane humanity has eliminated the very man himself.The people who poisoned Socrates and who put Jesus on the cross are proof of it.What Socrates was saying was providing the right diagnosis in order to make manhealthy again, but the crowd does not want to accept that it is insane. And any manwho wants to become healthy has first to accept this much: that he is not healthy.

This is where the difficulty comes in.There are thousands of madhouses in the world, but there is not a single madmanready to accept that he is mad.

Every madman tries to prove that the whole world may be mad, but he is not. The people in whose lives an inner revolution has takenplace, who have become transformed, are that very handful of people who haveaccepted that they were insane, that they were sick, that they were restless.

The first step toward a healthy life is to accept one's state of unhealthiness.

But if someone says to you that you are beautiful, it feels very good, and if someonesays that you are not beautiful, it feels very bad.

If someone says to you that you are right, it feels good, it reassures, it consoles. And if someone exposes your wounds toyou, that man seems like the enemy.The causes of man's unhealthiness are very clear-cut. First of all, man has madeunnaturalness the goal of life instead of the natural.

Our eyes are focused on the unnatural instead of on the natural. The more unnatural a man becomes, the more werespect him: he is a sadhu, a saint, a great soul, a siddha. Our respect inspires him tobecome even more unnatural, and our respect becomes a thirst within us to followhim also, to follow in his footsteps, because we see that the whole world is giving thisman respect: "I may be wrong, but the whole world cannot be wrong."

Everybody thinks like this and in this way that which is wrong goes on beingworshipped. Fallacies go on being respected, unnaturalnesses are revered, and we getcaught in the net. If somebody practices fasting, he receives our respect - as if dyingfrom hunger has anything to do with spirituality. If that were so, all the starvingpeople of the world would be spiritual. But someone becomes spiritual neither bystarving himself nor through excessive eating. A balance, an equilibrium, is needed inlife. Life is like walking on a razor's edge - even the slightest movement this way orthat, and you are in trouble!The key for becoming healthy is right balance - an awareness that nothing in life getstaken to extremes.

Extremity is sickness. But go and look at the writings of all thereligions, try to understand the history of all the religions, and you will find thatextremity is revered everywhere. A person who is ordinary, simple - nobody bothersabout him. There is no respect for ordinariness.

In this world, there is worship for theextraordinary, respect for the extraordinary. And in order to be extraordinary, it isnecessary to go to extremes.This humanity that you are seeing as insane, and this terrorism that is overshadowingthe whole world, is the result of centuries of extremity.

A man stands naked under thehot sun or in the cold, and you give respect to him. In the deserts of Arabia where thesun blazes like fire and the sand burns like fire, there, in that terrifying heat, the Sufis keep themselves covered in woolen blankets.

They get respect. You may be surprised to know that the very word Sufi has come out of the root suf, wool. Suf means wool;he who keeps himself covered in woolen blanket is a Sufi.And this is very interesting: when you worship madness, you are giving an indicationthat you yourself would like to live that madness too. It is another matter that todayyou yourself are helpless, it is another matter that today you do not have so muchcourage, it is another matter that today the circumstances are not in your favor. Sonever mind - tomorrow, in your next life! But your reverence indicates the direction of your life and your inner desire.A simple man, an ordinary man in whose life there are no extremes will not even benoticed by you. Your eyes will miss him - and he is the healthy one.

He will be in bliss,in peace, carefree - but not respected.I will say it another way: we have to change our values around giving respect. Wehave given too much respect to egoists. And the ways of the ego are very subtle, andthere is no bigger disease than the ego.

But we feed our own children with this poisonfrom their very childhood - although what we do is out of love, there is nothing wrongin our intentions. I do not suspect your intentions, but we feed them poisonunknowingly.Every father wants his son to be top of the class, top of the university, becomefamous all over the country; receive national honors such as Padmabhooshan, BharatRatna; become a Nobel Prize winner. But nobody thinks that in the family, in school,in the neighborhood, all around, respect is given to the egoist - someone who is infront.

Then this race, this fever to be in front catches hold of a person so badly thatthe man goes on racing his whole life: "I have to be ahead of everyone."

Everybody thinks like this and in this way that which is wrong goes on beingworshipped. Fallacies go on being respected, unnaturalnesses are revered, and we getcaught in the net. If somebody practices fasting, he receives our respect - as if dyingfrom hunger has anything to do with spirituality. If that were so, all the starvingpeople of the world would be spiritual. But someone becomes spiritual neither bystarving himself nor through excessive eating. A balance, an equilibrium, is needed inlife. Life is like walking on a razor's edge - even the slightest movement this way orthat, and you are in trouble!The key for becoming healthy is right balance - an awareness that nothing in life getstaken to extremes.

Extremity is sickness. But go and look at the writings of all thereligions, try to understand the history of all the religions, and you will find thatextremity is revered everywhere.

A person who is ordinary, simple - nobody bothersabout him. There is no respect for ordinariness. In this world, there is worship for the extraordinary, respect for the extraordinary. And in order to be extraordinary, it isnecessary to go to extremes.This humanity that you are seeing as insane, and this terrorism that is overshadowing the whole world, is the result of centuries of extremity. A man stands naked under the hot sun or in the cold, and you give respect to him. In the deserts of Arabia where thesun blazes like fire and the sand burns like fire, there, in that terrifying heat, the Sufis keep themselves covered in woolen blankets. They get respect. You may be surprisedto know that the very word Sufi has come out of the root suf, wool. Suf means wool;he who keeps himself covered in woolen blanket is a Sufi.And this is very interesting: when you worship madness, you are giving an indication that you yourself would like to live that madness too.

It is another matter that today you yourself are helpless, it is another matter that today you do not have so much courage, it is another matter that today the circumstances are not in your favor. So never mind - tomorrow, in your next life!

But your reverence indicates the direction of your life and your inner desire.A simple man, an ordinary man in whose life there are no extremes will not even be noticed by you. Your eyes will miss him - and he is the healthy one. He will be in bliss,in peace, carefree - but not respected.I will say it another way: we have to change our values around giving respect. We have given too much respect to egoists. And the ways of the ego are very subtle, andthere is no bigger disease than the ego. But we feed our own children with this poisonfrom their very childhood - although what we do is out of love, there is nothing wrongin our intentions. I do not suspect your intentions, but we feed them poison unknowingly.Every father wants his son to be top of the class, top of the university, becomefamous all over the country; receive national honors such as Padmabhooshan, BharatRatna; become a Nobel Prize winner. But nobody thinks that in the family, in school,in the neighborhood, all around, respect is given to the egoist - someone who is infront. Then this race, this fever to be in front catches hold of a person so badly thatthe man goes on racing his whole life: "I have to be ahead of everyone."

Everybody thinks like this and in this way that which is wrong goes on beingworshipped.

Fallacies go on being respected, unnaturalnesses are revered, and we getcaught in the net. If somebody practices fasting, he receives our respect - as if dyingfrom hunger has anything to do with spirituality. If that were so, all the starving people of the world would be spiritual. But someone becomes spiritual neither bystarving himself nor through excessive eating. A balance, an equilibrium, is needed inlife. Life is like walking on a razor's edge - even the slightest movement this way or that, and you are in trouble!The key for becoming healthy is right balance - an awareness that nothing in life getstaken to extremes. Extremity is sickness. But go and look at the writings of all thereligions, try to understand the history of all the religions, and you will find that extremity is revered everywhere. A person who is ordinary, simple - nobody bothers about him. There is no respect for ordinariness. In this world, there is worship for theextraordinary, respect for the extraordinary. And in order to be extraordinary, it isnecessary to go to extremes.This humanity that you are seeing as insane, and this terrorism that is overshadowingthe whole world, is the result of centuries of extremity. A man stands naked under thehot sun or in the cold, and you give respect to him. In the deserts of Arabia where thesun blazes like fire and the sand burns like fire, there, in that terrifying heat, the Sufiskeep themselves covered in woolen blankets. They get respect. You may be surprisedto know that the very word Sufi has come out of the root suf, wool. Suf means wool;he who keeps himself covered in woolen blanket is a Sufi.And this is very interesting: when you worship madness, you are giving an indicationthat you yourself would like to live that madness too. It is another matter that today you yourself are helpless, it is another matter that today you do not have so muchcourage, it is another matter that today the circumstances are not in your favor. Sonever mind - tomorrow, in your next life! But your reverence indicates the direction of your life and your inner desire.A simple man, an ordinary man in whose life there are no extremes will not even benoticed by you. Your eyes will miss him - and he is the healthy one. He will be in bliss,in peace, carefree - but not respected.I will say it another way: we have to change our values around giving respect.

We have given too much respect to egoists. And the ways of the ego are very subtle, and there is no bigger disease than the ego. But we feed our own children with this poison from their very childhood - although what we do is out of love, there is nothing wrongin our intentions. I do not suspect your intentions, but we feed them poison unknowingly.Every father wants his son to be top of the class, top of the university, becomefamous all over the country; receive national honors such as Padma bhooshan, BharatRatna; become a Nobel Prize winner.

But nobody thinks that in the family, in school,in the neighborhood, all around, respect is given to the egoist - someone who is infront. Then this race, this fever to be in front catches hold of a person so badly thatthe man goes on racing his whole life: "I have to be ahead of everyone."

And the crowd is so tremendous, that no matter where you may be, someone isalways ahead of you. It hurts you and it saddens your heart.I used to be the guest of a family in Kolkata. The man owned the most beautifulbuilding in Kolkata, with a beautiful garden. When Kolkata was the capital of India,this house was the Governor General's residence, so this man was very proud of hishouse. Except for the house, he hardly talked about anything else. I stayed in hishouse several times. I would say, "I have seen your whole house, I am familiar withevery inch of your house by now. Have mercy on me! How long can I listen to thiseulogy again and again?"But when I stayed at his house for the last time, I was very surprised. He wascompletely quiet - not a word about the house. I said, "Say something about the house! It feels a little odd. You, and sitting so quietly!"He said, "There will be no talk of the house anymore. Can't you see out at the front?Somebody has built a palace. And until I have built a better, bigger and taller palacethan his, there will be no talk of this house. Now, the subject is no longer about thehouse."I said, "It is still the same beautiful house.

These are still the same beautiful,historical things!" And I said, "He has built a house, but he has not even touched yourhouse. Your house is exactly the same as it was before. Why do you feel so troubled?"Coincidentally, the person who had built that other house was also familiar with me,and knowing that I was there, he came to see me. He invited me for dinner at hisplace and of course, along with me, he invited my host too. After inviting us the man left and my host said, "I cannot step inside that house. I would rather that palacecaught fire. Even at the cost of my life I will make sure it is destroyed."I said, "That fellow is a good man. He came to see us. He has invited you.

"My host said, "This has nothing to do with being a good man or anything else. He hasnasty ways. He wants to find a way to show me the inside of his palace and hisbelongings. I don't even look at his house! I have put curtains on my car windows. I have raised the boundary walls of my garden. I just want to forget, somehow, thatthat house even exists. You will have to go there alone. Please forgive me. I will notbe able to come with you."What madness! But every child is being fed the poison of ambition from the time he is still on his mother's breast: "Don't die without achieving something.

Prove yourself!Leave your name in history. Make the world remember that you existed."And you may reach the highest of positions, accumulate all the money in the world,live in great palaces - and then begins the real trouble: "Is this what I have been running after my whole life?

"Those who couldn't manage are wri thing; those who have managed are wri thing.Those who couldn't attain are writhing because life has turned out to be a defeat; the ego shattered even before it could form. And those who have managed are writhingbecause it was such a waste of effort and life to attain what they have attained. Thereis not a single peaceful moment. There is not a single drop of love to be found, not asingle note of music. All is emptiness within, a meaninglessness.

The whole of humanity is suffering from one disease and that disease is ambition: "Go on fighting." Don't even worry whether the whys and wherefores of your fight are right or wrong. Who has the time? Time is short and there is no certainty to life. So the means may be right or wrong, but you have to prove that you are something. Andthe interesting thing is that it is a defeat on both sides.

Defeated, you are defeated.Victorious, you are badly defeated.Naturally everybody appears to be sick, appears to be restless. Inside everybody there are only flames - flames of envy, jealousy and no peace, no bliss.

No poetry is ever born within us, no dance ever arises within us, and then death knocks on thedoor, and we have got nothing to offer to death except our tears and a defeated life.The long journey of ambition has come to its final moments. Now it is no longer just as low burning fire - lukewarm. Now it is burning with roaring flames and the wholeworld is feeling utterly restless. And there is only one way out: that we free man fromambition.Ambition only makes one run on the periphery and leads man nowhere.

These pathson the periphery, that seem to be moving so fast, go nowhere. Keep walking, keepwalking.. .and they never come to an end.

Your end comes but these paths remain, just lying there.These paths don't end; you do.In the place of ambition, create self-longing: a desire to know yourself, to recognizeyourself, to dive within yourself.

This alone is the remedy. And the disease is only one- although its names may be many, its forms may be many. The remedy, too, is onlyone.All education is futile, all preaching is futile if you are not taught the art of divingwithin yourself - because that is where the stream of life's juices flows. You arewandering around on the periphery like a beggar and within you is hidden thepotential to be an emperor. In this world only those rare people who have lookedwithin themselves have become healthy. All the rest are unhealthy, sick and insane.I give value to only one thing - call it religion, philosophy, philosophy of life, orwhatever name you want to give it - and that is knowing oneself.

And that knowing of oneself is not through books, is not through someone else. That knowing of oneself is through oneself. If you cannot go within yourself, where else will you go? If you cannot dive within yourself for a while, what other oceans do you seek to fathom, andwhere?If we want mankind to become healthy; if we want the terrorism that is increasingeverywhere and becoming more and more explosive and violent to end; if we wantthe flames of fire to turn into flowers, then there is only one way. That way is called samadhi, enlightenment.

Become natural, become ordinary; live in equanimity, and do not remain unacquainted with the secret that is hidden within you. The moment you become acquainted with it, a great revolution will take place, the revolution which turns diry into gold, which turns an ordinary man into a buddha, which picks you up from the ground and takes you to the heights of the stars in the sky.

I have moved around the world saying only this one thing, and have been amazed
and astonished that people are not ready to hear it. People close their doors,countries close their doors, because what will happen then to their religions, to theirreligious scriptures?

I know only one scripture. That is you.Kabir used to say: "He who learns the few letters of prem, love, becomes a wise one."I say forget about even a few letters. If you can know just one akshar, one letter, one eternal secret that is hidden within you, all intelligence is at your feet.

But then the middlemen of the scriptures, of the churches, of the temples - theHindus, the Mohammedans, the Christians - have become my enemies. There is anetwork of priests living on your sicknesses, who become angry.
Teachers,universities, the pundits of education become angry because their whole educationalsystem is based on nothing but the race of ambition. Politicians become angry because if ambition is sickness, then the politician is the sickest of all people.What does the desire to be a politician prove? It proves that someone wants to be apresident, someone wants to be a prime minister, someone wants to rise above thecrowd and become the master of the crowd. Those who are not even their ownmasters want to be the masters of the whole world. And in the hands of these sickpeople lies great power - all the power.Hence, it has been very easy: poison Socrates, hang Jesus on the cross, stop mefrom entering your countries, try to stop me from speaking, and if necessary, murderme. But as long as I am alive, I will go on saying this to you: that it is necessary todisrupt those vested interests who are exploiting your sickness and who are makingbusiness out of your sickness if you want a world that is healthy, peaceful and blissful.If you want this world to be like a flower garden in bloom, fragrant, colorful,beautiful- then you will have to listen to what I am saying to you. And if youunderstand it, the matter will be very easy because you won't have to go to anybody,you will only have to go within.

You won't have to beg from anybody; you won't haveto climb the ladders of any ambition. Rather, you will have to descend into yoursilences, into your depths - of which you are the master, which are your birthright -quietly, effortlessly, without making any noise.And if we can succeed even a tiny bit in imparting a taste of peace, in showing even asmall glimpse of the eternal nectar to thousands of people on this earth; if even aslight acquaintance with one's own inner hostelry can take place, man can becomehealthy. It has not been possible up until now, because up until now we have not supported the Socrateses, we have not supported the Mansoors, we have not supported the Sarmads.

Until now we have allowed ourselves to remain as toys in the hands of a few wrong people.
Just a little awakening and paradise is yours.…


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Osho,The role of physical contact has played a significant part in your techniques for thespiritual search. At least, that is the way you used to conduct things in India - I have no idea how it was in America. If these same methods are to continue, then in view of the new danger of AIDS, are you thinking of bringing any change to these techniques?

AIDS is a religious disease. It was born in the monasteries and at those places where religious leaders were teaching celibacy to people.Celibacy is absolutely unnatural. The only way to be a celibate is to have surgery.Only an impotent person can be celibate, nobody else can. And even today the teaching of celibacy continues. People like Mahatma Gandhi teach: "Celibacy is life,"and toward the end of his life, at the age of seventy, he came to realize that no,celibacy is not life, and started sleeping with a naked woman.

Physical relationship is natural. If it is kept natural, there is no danger of AIDS. So far,no AIDS has been discovered in forest animals. But in the zoos, AIDS is rampant,because if only male monkeys are there. If there is no female, then even monkeys have as much intelligence as your monks and sannyasins have - some way will have to be found.

You eat food, and if someone were to say to you that urinating isprohibited, you will be in difficulty. You will drink water - what will you do with theurine?

In secret you will find some way and will deceive yourself and deceive thewhole society.If AIDS spreads in India, it will be through your religious leaders. In the West it is also spreading through them and it is spreading rapidly. You can separate man and woman, but what will you do with the sperm energy that is being created in you? Your sac of the sperm has a certain limit, after that... after that it will take any unnatural,perverted form, or you will have wet dreams.Even at the age of seventy, Mahatma Gandhi used to have wet dreams, but we are so blind that we can't even imagine this. Mahatma Gandhi was an honest man. I have no doubts about his honesty. But if one is having wet dreams at the age of seventy, thisonly means one thing - that it is beyond your control. Hunger comes; it is not in yourhands.All that is essential in nature has not been left in your hands, otherwise you would have died long ago.

You breathe, but it is not in your hands, otherwise in the night you might forget to breathe. In the big crowds on the roads you would forget to breathe.

The sexual energy that is created within you, within all men and women, is created from your blood. If you don't want it to be created, then blood has not to be created.You will have to go to the very roots. And for blood not to be created, you will have to stop eating.

So if you are determined to be a celibate then go and hang yourself froma tree; and hang a placard around your neck: "I am a celibate"!

The only way for AIDS to be prevented is for the enmity, the antagonism that we have created between man and woman over thousands of years to be dropped. If we can drop it, then there will be no question of AIDS. AIDS is not born out of heterosexual intercourse.

AIDS is born out of homosexual intercourse, and such a man, if he makes love to a woman, will give AIDS to that woman also. And the disease of AIDS is the ultimate disease.So far, no disease like it has been known. There is no cure for it. Scientists say that for at least ten years we cannot even expect a cure to be found. And it is spreading so rapidly, and neither can you tell someone that you have AIDS nor can you go to a doctor - nor does the doctor want you to come to him:

"Be kind to me; you can take a fee from me, but go back home!" Nor is any hospital happy to admit AIDS patients,because AIDS spreads not only through physical sexual contact, but through sweat,through saliva, through tears.There is only one race in the world, the Eskimos, who from the very beginning have never kissed. When the Christian missionaries arrived for the first time to convert the Eskimos, the Eskimos had to laugh so much. They could not imagine what kind of dirt thet were doing.

It is a dirty act; putting your tongue in each other's mouths, mixing the other's saliva in your mouth. And you do all this so tastily! But the AIDS virus can be in the saliva. Every substance that comes out of the body can carry the AIDS virus.There is only one way: to declare celibacy illegal. Catch hold of every single monk and get them all married. Otherwise it is possible that even before a nuclear war happens,AIDS may finish humanity. If the AIDS patient is kept in complete safety, still he cannot live more than a few years. This is the longest period. And how will you keep him in complete safety? After all he will have to do some work, he will have to meet people.The ability of an AIDS patient's immune system to fight against any disease becomes zero.

If he catches cold, even the cold doesn't get better. If he has a fever, the fever doesn't get cured. No medicine works on such a person. Medicine has a way of working: when we give someone some medicine, his body supports the medicine.With their combined efforts the disease is removed.

The body of an AIDS patient does not provide any support at all. It is hollow. You go on pouring medicine into it, but it is meaningless. If you had poured that medicine into a gutter it would have had the same effect on him as it had when you injected it into his body.But the religions of the world still go on preaching that without celibacy no one can ever reach to the ultimate truth; that celibacy is essential. These are the enemies of the country and the enemies of society. It is necessary to stop them and bring menand women closer so that men and men do not start indulging in sex, so that womenand women do not start indulging in sex.When I was in America, the Texan government passed a law in their legislative assembly saying that homosexual sex is illegal, and that ten years' imprisonment is the minimum punishment. You won't believe it: a procession of one million peopleprotested saying, "This is an attack on our freedom."Instead of declaring celibacy illegal, they declared homosexuality illegal. Its outcomewill be very dangerous. What it means is that homosexuality will go underground andyou will not know about it.You will not even know if wiping away the tears from a small child who was crying was an act of compassion or of murder - because it is possible that the contact of your hands with his tears is giving birth to yet another case of AIDS.And the latest news is that many newly born babies are born with AIDS. Three children were found AIDS positive at the time of their birth.This is the deadliest disease that man has ever seen in the whole history of mankind.My thoughts have matured even more about man living a spontaneous, easy, and natural life. Otherwise perversion will be the simple outcome.I have heard that a grand female elephant was passing through the forest and amunda, a monk, came running after her. The elephant asked, "Oh Munde, why are you following me?"

The monk said, "Mother - you are so big that I have to call you what else but 'mother'- there is only one desire left in my life and it is because of it that I am still wanderingin the world. If you can help me a little, I can soon be living in moksha, the realm of liberation."The elephant said, "I am willing to help.

What is it that you want?"The monk said, "I am ashamed of saying this, but nobody is around here and no one will ever come to know of it. I don't know why this idea comes to my mind again andagain, but what would it be like to make love to a female elephant?"The elephant said, "Love? You will make love to me? Alright, have you brought the ladder, etcetera?"
The monk said, "Yes, I have brought the municipality's ladder. That is what I am running with, huffing and puffing. If you could fulfill this small desire of mine, I can befreed from this cycle of lives upon lives. This will not leave my mind: I have seen everything, but I have never made love to a female elephant."Now I understand why male and female elephants are kept in the monasteries.She said, "Hurry up! Be finished! I also have a date. My boyfriend must be waiting for me. Oh Munde, climb your ladder."The munda got busy lovemaking.And what lovemaking - it was a kind of physical exercise! Making push-ups, and he was drenched in sweat. And then a coconut fell from the tree right above the head of the elephant. She said, "Ahh!!!

"The munda said, "Excuse me, my beloved. Am I hurting you?"The female elephant said, "I can't feel you at all. Have you started yet or not?"The munda said, "I finished long ago.
This is my guru named 'Gunda,' the hooligan,who is sitting at the top of the tree. In my cult the guru is called 'gunda.' Although heis in absolute support of celibacy, seeing this amazing scene that could not even beseen in Hindi movies, he got so excited, forgot all about celibacy and when nothing else came to his mind he started shaking the tree vigorously. This coconut has fallen on your head because of his grace."This society of gundas and mundas has given you a thousand and one types of diseases. What I envision is a spontaneous, natural, non-artificial life. The morenatural you are, the more peace there will be in your life; the more the possibility of attaining to that nectar which we have been waiting for centuries for, for life after life. So except me - and I repeat, except me - neither your pope nor the AyatollahKhomeni nor your shankaracharyas, nor your Acharya Tulsi - no one can save you from AIDS. There is only one way to be protected from AIDS. Become simple,straightforward; do not unnecessarily try to stand on your head. Nature has given you feet.

The monk said, "Mother - you are so big that I have to call you what else but 'mother'- there is only one desire left in my life and it is because of it that I am still wandering in the world. If you can help me a little, I can soon be living in moksha, the realm of liberation."The elephant said, "I am willing to help. What is it that you want?"The monk said, "I am ashamed of saying this, but nobody is around here and no one will ever come to know of it. I don't know why this idea comes to my mind again and again, but what would it be like to make love to a female elephant?"The elephant said, "Love? You will make love to me? Alright, have you brought the ladder, etcetera?"The monk said, "Yes, I have brought the municipality's ladder.

That is what I am running with, huffing and puffing. If you could fulfill this small desire of mine, I can befreed from this cycle of lives upon lives. This will not leave my mind: I have seen everything, but I have never made love to a female elephant."Now I understand why male and female elephants are kept in the monasteries.She said, "Hurry up! Be finished! I also have a date. My boyfriend must be waiting forme. Oh Munde, climb your ladder."The munda got busy lovemaking.And what lovemaking - it was a kind of physical exercise! Making push-ups, and he was drenched in sweat. And then a coconut fell from the tree right above the head of the elephant. She said, "Ahh!!!"The munda said, "Excuse me, my beloved. Am I hurting you?"The female elephant said, "I can't feel you at all. Have you started yet or not?"The munda said, "I finished long ago. This is my guru named 'Gunda,' the hooligan,who is sitting at the top of the tree. In my cult the guru is called 'gunda.' Although heis in absolute support of celibacy, seeing this amazing scene that could not even be seen in Hindi movies, he got so excited, forgot all about celibacy and when nothing else came to his mind he started shaking the tree vigorously. This coconut has fallenon your head because of his grace."

This society of gundas and mundas has given you a thousand and one types of diseases. What I envision is a spontaneous, natural, non-artificial life. The morenatural you are, the more peace there will be in your life; the more the possibility of attaining to that nectar which we have been waiting for centuries for, for life after life. So except me - and I repeat, except me - neither your pope nor the AyatollahKhomeni nor your shankaracharyas, nor your Acharya Tulsi - no one can save youfrom AIDS. There is only one way to be protected from AIDS. Become simple,straightforward; do not unnecessarily try to stand on your head. Nature has given you
feet, simply walk with them.

In India AIDS is spreading amongst the soldiers, in the colleges where the girls andthe boys are being forced to live in separate hostels, and in the monasteries where awall is created between the men and women.

It is very strange that you oppose whatnature has given you. And then you are afraid to suffer the consequences of the opposition. And hundreds of thousands of people are falling victim to the disease of AIDS everyday.

That is a gift of Christianity. India can still be saved and the path can still be changed.But my difficulty is that when I say things exactly as they are in their nakedness, Ihave made arrangements for my own stoning. You do not want to hear truth. Youwant to go on chanting "Rama, Rama, Rama," and for celibacy to happen. It did nothappen to Ramachandra himself, how can it happen to you? Just think, the person you worship, Krishna, held sixteen thousand women captive in his house.Yes, it is immoral behavior, but at least it did not cause AIDS.


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It is a long time since I received your letter.
I am happy that you long for peace –
but drop this idea that you are way behind.

Nobody is lagging behind.
It is just a matter of turning in –
and the drop becomes the ocean.

Actually the drop IS the ocean
but it does not know it –
that is the only separation.

In the emptiness of meditation even this separation

Meditation is the centre of life’s sadhana.

The thought process will slow down
and in its place will come peace and emptiness.
When thoughts vanish
the seer, the witness, becomes visible
and the complex of the unconscious disappears.
This complex is the cause of bondage.
In the beginning it appears as hard as stone
but the seeker who practises patiently
finds one day that it was just a dream,
a puff of air.

May the seed of your meditation
blossom into the flower of SAMADHI!
My kind regards to all.
The rest when we meet.

A Cup Of Tea, Osho
(Osho's letters to his disciples)

01-04-2012, 10:06 PM

I have received your very affectionate letter.

You write that my words ring in your ears;
what I want is for their echo to carry you
into that space where everything is silent, empty.
This is the way from words to emptiness.

There one meets oneself.

I am in bliss.

Take my love
I have nothing else to offer, it is my only wealth.

The marvel of it is that the more of it you give the
more it becomes.
Real wealth is like that –
it grows as you give it away; and if it
diminishes – it is not wealth at all.

Write again,
for not only do you wait for my letters,
I too wait for yours.

A Cup Of Tea, Osho

01-04-2012, 10:15 PM

It is good that you are forgetting the past
it will open up an altogether new dimension of

To live completely in the present is freedom.

The past does not exist apart from memory and nor
does the future apart from castles in the air.

What is, is always present, and if you start living
unreservedly in the present
you live in God.

once you are free of past and future the mind turns
empty and peaceful,
its waves die down
and what is left is limitless, endless.

This is the ocean of truth –
and may your river reach it!

P.S. I shall probably go to Ahmedabad in January,
can you come with me?
It would be good if we travelled together for a few

A Cup Of Tea, Osho

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You are at the peak of consciousness, you can celebrate, you are celebrating. But how can the ordinary person share with you in celebration?

Nobody is ordinary. Who told you that you are ordinary.? From where have you got the notion that you are ordinary? Everybody is extraordinary! This is how it should be. God never created ordinary persons. How can God create ordinary persons? Everybody is special, extraordinary. But remember not to feed your ego with it. K It is not on your part that you are extraordinary, it is on the part of God. You come out of the total, you remain rooted in the total, you dissolve back into the total– -- and the total is extraordinary, incomparable. You are also incomparable, but all the religions, the so-called religions, have tried to make you feel ordinary. This is a trick to provoke your ego. Try to understand this: the moment somebody says that you are ordinary, he creates a desire in you to become extraordinary, because you start feeling inferior.

Just the other day a man was here and he asked me, 'What is the purpose of life? Unless there is a special purpose for me, how can I live? If there is a special purpose, then life is significant. If there is no special purpose, then life is meaningless.' He was asking, 'For what special purpose has God created me? What have I been sent into the world to do?' This is the ego asking. He feels ordinary; nothing special. 'Then how can one live?'

You have to be peaks of egos, only then does life seem significant. Life is significant, and there is no purpose in it! It is a purposeless significance, like a song, or a dance– -- like a flower; for no purpose at all it is flowering, for nobody special it is flowering. Even if nobody passes by, the road, the flower will flower, the fragrance will be spread into the winds. Even if nobody ever comes to smell it, it is irrelevant. The very flowering is the significance, not any purpose.

But you have been taught that you are ordinary:. 'Become great poets, become great painters, become great leaders of men, great politicians, become great saints.' As you are, all the religions condemn you, 'You are nothing, a worm on the earth. Become something! Prove that you are something before God'– -- as if to prove your mettle. But I tell you that this is absolutely absurd. These religions have been talking irreligion. There is no need for you to prove anything. The very phenomenon that God has produced you is enough; you are accepted. God has mothered you, it is enough. What more can you prove? You need not be great painters, you need not be great leaders, you need not be great saints. There is no need to be great, because you are already great. This is my emphasis: you are already that which you ought to be. You may not have realized it, that I know. You may not have encountered your own reality, that I know. You may not have looked within yourself and seen the emperor within, that I know. You may be thinking that you are a beggar and trying to be an emperor. But as I see you, you are already the emperor.

There is no need to postpone celebration. Immediately, right this moment you can celebrate. Nothing else is needed. To celebrate, life is needed and life you have. To celebrate, being is needed and being you have. To celebrate, trees and birds and stars are needed, and they are there. What else do you need? If you are crowned and caged in a golden pa1ace, then will you celebrate? In fact, then it will become more impossible. Have you ever seen an emperor laughing and dancing and singing in the street? No, he is caged, imprisoned: manners, etiquette....

Somewhere, Bertrand Russell has written that when for the first time he visited a primitive community of aboriginals living deep in some hills, he felt jealous, very, very jealous. He felt that the way they danced... it was as if everybody were an emperor. They had no crowns, but they had made crowns with leaves and with flowers. Every woman was a queen. They didn't have Kohinoors, but whatsoever they had was too much, was enough. They danced the whole night and then they fell asleep, there on the dancing-ground. By the morning they were again back to work. They worked the whole day, and again by the evening they were ready to celebrate, to dance. Russell says, 'That day, I felt really jealous. I cannot do this.'

Something has gone wrong. Something frustrates within you; you cannot dance, you cannot sing, something withholds. You live a crippled life. It has never been meant for you to be crippled, but you live a crippled life, you live a paralyzed life. And you go on thinking that being ordinary, how can you celebrate? There is nothing special in you. But who told you that to celebrate something special is needed? In fact, the more you are after the special, the more and more it will become difficult for you to dance.

Be ordinary. Nothing is wrong with ordinariness, because in your very ordinariness you are extraordinary. Don't bother about the conditions to decide when you will celebrate. If you bother about fulfilling certain conditions, do you think that then you will celebrate? You will never celebrate, you will die a beggar. Why not right now? What are you lacking? This is my observation: if you can start right now, suddenly the energy is flowing. And the more you dance, the more it is flowing, the more capable you become. The ego needs conditions to be fulfilled, not life. Birds can sing and dance, ordinary birds. Have you ever seen any extraordinary birds singing and dancing? Do they ask that they first have to be a Ravi Shankar or a Yehudi Menuhin? Do they ask that first they have to be great singers and go to colleges of music to learn, and then they will sing? They simply dance and simply sing; no training is needed.

Man is born with the capacity to celebrate. When even birds can celebrate, why not you? But you create unnecessary barriers, you create a hurdle race. There are no barriers. You put them there and then you say, 'Unless we cross them and jump them, how can we dance?' You stand against yourself, you stand divided against yourself, you are an enemy to yourself. All the preachers in the world go on saying that you are ordinary, so how can you dare to celebrate? You have to wait. First be a Buddha, first be a Jesus, a Mohammed, and then you can.

But just the opposite is the case: if you can dance, you are already the Buddha; if you can celebrate, you are already the Mohammed; if you can be blissful, you are Jesus. The contrary is not true; the contrary is a false logic. It says: first be a Buddha, then you can celebrate. But how will you be a Buddha without celebrating? I say to you, 'Celebrate, forget all Buddhas!' In your very celebration you will find that you have yourself become a Buddha. Zen mystics go on saying, 'Buddha is a barrier; forget about him.' Bodhidharma used to say to his disciples, 'Whenever you say the name of Buddha, immediately wash your mouth. It is dirty, the very word is dirty.' And Bodhidharma was a disciple of Buddha. He was right because he knew that you can create idols, ideals, out of the very word 'buddha'. And you will then wait for lives and lives to become a Buddha first, and then you will celebrate. That is not ever going to happen.

One Zen monk, Lin Chi, used to say to his disciples, 'When you move into meditation, always remember that if you meet Buddha on the way, immediately cut him in two! Don't allow him a single moment, otherwise he will take hold of you and he will become the barrier.' A disciple asked, 'But when I am meditating and Buddha comes'– -- and Buddha comes to Buddhists, as Jesus comes to Christians; not the real Buddha, he is nowhere to be found– -- 'how am I to cut him? From where will I get the sword?' The M master said, 'From where you got your Buddha– -- imagination. – g Get the sword from the same place, cut the Buddha in two and move ahead.'

Remember this, that the teachings of the awakened ones, all the awakened ones and all of their teachings, can be summarized into a simple sentence, and that sentence is: you are already that which you can be. You may take many lives to realize it; that is for you to determine. But if you are alert, not even a single moment is to be lost. 'Thou art that,'– tattwarnasi swetketu, Tat twam asi, Swetketu–you are already that, there is no need to become. Becoming, the very effort to become something, is illusory.

You are, you are not to become. But preachers tell you that you are ordinary and they create a desire in you to become extraordinary. They make you feel inferior and create a desire to become superior. They create an inferiority complex and then you are in their grip. Then they teach you how to become superior. First they condemn you, create a guilt within you, and then they show you the path to be virtuous.

You will really be in difficulty with me because your mind would like the same, because that gives you time. And I don't give you time. I say that you are already that. Everything is ready. Start the feast, celebrate it! Your mind says, 'But I have to get ready, a little time is needed.' That's why, in this postponement, preachers come in. Through this gap they enter into your being and destroy you. They say, 'Yes, time is needed. How can you celebrate right now? Prepare, train yourself. Many things have to be discarded, many things have to be improved. You need a long training and discipline. It may take many lives with much long training and discipline. K It may take many lives, and only then will you be able to celebrate. How can you celebrate right now?'

They appeal to you because then you can relax and you can say, 'Okay, so if it is a question of a long time, right now is not the problem. We can go on doing whatsoever we are doing.' Some day in the future, a golden tomorrow, a rainbow-like thing.... When it is achieved, you will dance.

Meanwhile you can be miserable; meanwhile you can allow yourself to be miserable; meanwhile you can enjoy self-torture– -- it is up to you. If you decide for misery, no need to create so much philosophy around it. You can simply say, 'I enjoy misery.' It is really surprising that nobody ever asks, 'How can I be miserable right now? A discipline is needed, training is needed. I will go to Patanjalis, and ask great M masters, and then I will learn how to be miserable.' It seems that to be miserable needs no training; you are born to be miserable. But then why does bliss need training? Both are two aspects of the same coin. If you can be miserable without training, you can be blissful without training. Be natural, loose, and just feel things. And don't wait– -- start! Even if you feel that you don't know the right steps, start dancing.

I am not saying that dancing is going to be your art. For art, training may be needed. I am simply saying that dancing is just an attitude. Even not knowing the right steps, you can dance. And if you can dance, who bothers about the right steps!– -- dancing in itself is enough. It is an overflowing of your energy. If it becomes an art by itself, it's okay; if it doesn't become, it's okay. In itself it is enough, more than enough. Nothing else is needed.

So don't say to me, 'You are at the peak of consciousness.' Where are you? Where do you think you are.? Your valley is in your dreams. Your darkness is because you remain with closed eyes; otherwise you are there where I am. It is not that you are in the valley and I am at the peak. I am at the peak, and you are also at the peak, but you dream about the valley. I live in Poona, you also live in Poona. But when you fall asleep, you start dreaming about London and New York and Calcutta, and you visit thousands of places. I don't go anywhere; in my sleep also, I am in Poona. But you go wandering. You are at the same peak where I am, it is just that you remain with closed eyes.

You say, t ‘It is too dark.' tI talk about light and you say, 'You must be somewhere else on a high peak. We are ordinary people living in darkness.' But I can see that you are sitting on the same peak with closed eyes. You have to be beaten out of your sleep, shocked. And then you will see that the valley never existed. Darkness was not there; only your eyes were closed.

Zen Masters do well. They carry a staff and they beat their disciples. And it has happened many times that when a staff is descending on the head of a disciple, suddenly he opens his eyes and starts laughing. He had never known that he was on the same peak. It was a dream that he was seeing.

Be alert. And if you want to be alert, celebration will be very, very helpful. When I say celebrate, what do I mean? I mean that whatsoever you do, don't do it as a duty, do it from your love; don't do it as a burden, do it as a celebration. You can eat as if it is a duty: long-faced, dull, dead, insensitive. You can throw food inside yourself without ever tasting, without ever feeling for it. It is life; you live through it. Don't be so insensitive to it. Indians have said, 'anam brahman,' Annam Brahman– food is Brahman. This is celebration: you are eating b Brahman, you are eating God through food, because only God exists. When you are taking a shower, it is God showering because only God exists. When you go for a morning walk, it is God on a morning walk. And the breeze is also God, and the trees are also God– -- everything is so D divine. How can you be a long-face, dead and dull, moving in life as if you are carrying a burden?

When I say celebrate, I mean become more and more sensitive to everything. In life, dance should not be apart. The whole life should become a dance; it should be a dance. You can go for a walk and dance.

Allow life to enter into you, become more open and vulnerable, feel more, sense more. Small things filled with such wonders are lying all around. Watch a small child. Leave him in the garden and just watch. That should be your way also– ; so wonderful, wonder-filled: running to catch this butterfly, running to catch that flower, playing with mud, rolling in the sand. From everywhere the D divine is touching the child.

If you can live in wonder you will be capable of celebration. Don't live in knowledge, live in wonder. You don't know anything. Life is surprising; everywhere, it is a continuous surprise. Live it as a surprise, an unpredictable phenomenon: every moment is new. Just try, give it a try! You will not lose anything if you give it a try, and you may gain everything. But you have become addicted to misery. You cling to your misery as if it is something very precious. Look at your own clinging.

As I told you, there are two types of persons: sadists and masochists. Sadists go on torturing others, masochists go on torturing themselves. There is a question that somebody has asked:, 'Why, why are people like that, either torturing others or torturing themselves? Why is there so much aggression and violence in life?'

It is a negative state. You torture because you cannot enjoy. You torture, become violent, because you cannot love. You become cruel because you don't know how to become compassionate. It is a negative state. The same energy that is cruelty will become compassion. With an unalert mind the same energy becomes violence; with an alert mind the same energy becomes compassion. In sleep the same energy becomes torture, either of yourself or of somebody else. When you are awake, the same energy becomes love, for yourself and for others also. Life gives you an opportunity, but there are thousands of causes for something to go wrong.

Have you ever observed that if somebody is in misery, you show sympathy, you feel much love? It is not the right kind of love, but you show sympathy. If somebody is happy, celebrating, blissful, you feel jealous, you feel bad. It is very difficult to sympathize with a happy man. It is very difficult to feel good for a happy man; you feel good when somebody is unhappy. At least you can think that you are not so unhappy and you have an upper hand; you show sympathy.

A child is born and the child starts learning things. Sooner or later he discovers that whenever he is unhappy, he attracts the attention of the whole family. He becomes the center and everybody feels sympathy for him, everybody feels love for him. Whenever he is happy and healthy and everything is good, nobody bothers about him. On the contrary, everybody seems to be cross. A child may be jumping and dancing, and the whole family is cross; the child may be lying in bed ill with fever, and the whole family is sympathetic. The child starts learning that somehow to be ill, to be miserable, is good; to be happy and dancing and jumping and to be alive is bad. He is learning and this is how you have learned.

To me, when a child is happy, jumping, the whole family should be happy and jumping with the child. And when a child is ill, care should be taken of the child but no sympathy should be shown. Care is okay; sympathy, no. No-love, indifference, will look very hard on the surface: the child is m ill and you are indifferent. Take care, give medicine, but be indifferent, because a very subtle phenomenon is going on. If you feel sympathy and compassion and love, and you show it to the child, you are destroying the child forever. Now he will cling to misery, misery becomes valuable. And whenever he jumps and dances and screams all around in happiness and runs all over the house, everybody is cross. At that moment, celebrate, be with him, and the whole world will be different.

But up until now society has existed on the wrong lines, and those lines go on persisting. That's why you cling to misery. You ask me, 'How is it possible for ordinary beings like us to celebrate right now, here and now?' No, it is not possible. Nobody has ever allowed you to celebrate. Your parents persist in your mind. Up u Until the very moment of your death your father and mother follow you. Continuously they are after you, even though they are be dead. Parents can be very, very destructive; up until now they have been. I am not saying that your parents are responsible, because that is not the question: their parents did the same to them. The whole structure is wrong, psychologically wrong; there are reasons for them also. That's why such a wrong thing goes on and on and cannot be stopped. It seems to be impossible.

Of course, there are reasons for it. A father has his own reasons: he may be reading his newspaper and the chi1d jumps and screams and laughs, but a father should be more under standing understanding. A newspaper is worthless. Even if you can read it silently, what are you going to get out of it? Throw the news paper newspaper! But the father is in politics, in business, and he has to know about what is going on. He is ambitious and the newspaper is part of his ambition. If one has to achieve some ambitions, seek some goals, one has to know the world. The child seems to be a disturbance.

The mother is cooking food and the child goes on asking questions and goes on jumping, and she becomes cross. I know that there are problems; the mother has to cook food. But the child should be the first preference, because a child is going to be the whole world, a child is going to be the to morrow tomorrow, a child is going to be the coming humanity. He should be the first, the priority should be his. Newspapers can be read later on, and even if not read, you are not going to miss much. It is the same nonsense every day: places change, names change, but the same nonsense continues. Your newspapers are just mad. The food can be delayed a little, but the curiosity of the child should not be delayed, should not be postponed, because right now he was in a mood and the mood may not come again. Right now he is hot and something is possible. But do you see mothers dancing with their children, jumping, enjoying rolling on the floor? – no No. Mothers are serious beings, fathers are very serious; they carry the whole world on their shoulders. And the child lives in a totally different world. You are forcing him to enter into your sad, miserable attitude to life. He could have grown as a child, he could have kept the quality, the quality of wonder, surprise, and the quality to be here and now, in the moment.

This I call the real revolution. No other revolution is going to help man: French, Russian or Chinese, no revolution is going to help man; they have not helped. Basically the same pattern between the parent and the child continues, and there is the cause. You can create a communist world, but it will not be much different from the capitalist world. The labels will be different only on the surface. You can create a socialist world, you can create a Gandhian world, but it will not be different because the basic revolution is between the mother, the father, and the child. Somewhere within the parents and the child is the link; and if that link is not changed, the world will go on moving in the same rut.

When I say this I don't mean that I am giving you an excuse to be miserable. I am simply giving you the explanation so that you can become aware. So don't try to say in your mind, 'Now what can be done? I am already forty or fifty or sixty, my parents are dead and even if they were alive, I cannot undo the past. It has happened, so I have to live as I am.' No, if you understand the thing, you can simply drop out of it. There is no need to cling to it.

You can become a child again. Jesus is right when he says, 'Only those who are like small children will be able to enter the Kingdom of my God'– -- absolutely right! Only those who are like small children....

This is the revolution: to make everybody like a small child. The body may grow but the quality of consciousness should remain innocent, virgin, like a child.

You are already where you need to be, you are already in that space which you are seeking. Just make a little effort to come out of your clinging to misery. Don't invest in misery; invest in celebration. You take one step towards life and life takes one thousand towards you. Just take one step out of your clinging to misery. The mind will go on pulling you backwards. Just be indifferent to the mind and tell the mind, 'Wait, I have lived enough with you, now let me live without mind.' That's what a child is: living without mind, or, living with no-mind.

–From Yoga: The alpha and the Omega, Vol. 4, Discourse 2.

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The skeptical mind is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

It has been condemned by the religions because they were not capable of answering skeptical
questions; they wanted only believers.

And the skeptical mind is just the opposite of the believer.

I am all in favor of the skeptical mind. Do not believe anything unless you have experienced it.
Do not believe anything -- go on questioning, however long it takes.

Truth is not cheap. It is not available to the believer; it is available only to the skeptical.
Just remember one thing: don't be skeptical halfheartedly. Be a total skeptic. When I say be a
total skeptic, I mean that your skeptical ideas should also be put to the same
test as anybody else's beliefs. Skepticism, when it is total, burns itself out because you have to
question and doubt your skepticism too. You cannot leave your skepticism without doubt;
otherwise that is the standpoint of the believer.

If you can doubt the skeptic in you, then the mystic is not far away.

What is a mystic? -- one who knows no answer, one who has asked every possible question and
found that no question is answerable. Finding this, he has dropped questioning. Not that he has
found the answer -- he has simply found one thing, that there is no answer anywhere.

Life is a mystery, not a question. Not a puzzle to be solved, not a question to be answered but a
mystery to be lived, a mystery to be loved, a mystery to be danced.

A totally skeptical mind is bound to finally become a mystic; hence, my doors are open for all. I
accept the skeptic because I know how to turn him into a mystic. I invite the theist because I
know how to destroy his theism. I invite the atheist because I know know how to turn him into a
mystic. I invite the theist because I know how to destroy his theism. I invite the atheist because I
know how to take away his atheism. My doors prevent nobody, because I am not giving you any
belief. I am giving you only a methodology, a meditation to discover for yourself what in reality
is the case.

I have found that there is no answer. All questions are futile, and all answers are more futile.
Questions have been asked by foolish people, and great philosophies have arisen because of
their questions. These philosophies are created by the cunning and the shrewd.

But if you want to have a rapport with reality, you have to be neither a fool nor shrewd. You
have to be innocent.
So whatever you bring -- skepticism, atheism, theism, communism, fascism, any type of
nonsense you can bring here -- my medicine is the same.

It does not matter what kind of nonsense is filled in your head when you come here. I will chop
your head without any distinction. Who is sitting on your head does not matter -- my concern is
I am just a woodcutter.

The God Conspiracy, Osho

01-04-2012, 11:53 PM

Look within and see if you are whole. Scissors are like
the mind. The ycut they divide. The needle is like love , it
brings things together; it heals what isi torn apart. Open
your heart to love, and love will make you whole.

It is repoted in the life of the great Sufi mystic, Farid,
that a king came to see him. He had brought a present
for him; a beautiful pair of scissors, golden, studded
with diamonds---very valuable, very rare ,something
unique. He brought those scissors to present to Farid.
He touched Farid's feet and gave him the scissors.

Farid took them, looked at them, gave them back to the King.
and said, "Sir, many many thanks for the present
that you have brought. It is a beautiful thing, but
utterlely useless for me. It will be better if you can give
me a needle. Scissors I don't need; a needle will do."

The king said. " I don't understand. If you need a
needle, you will need scisors too."
Farid said, "Scissors I don't need because scissors cut
things apart. A needle I need because a needle puts
together. I teach love. My whole teaching is based
on love---putting things together, teaching people
communion. I need a needle so that I can put people
together. The scissors are useless; they cut, they disconnect.
Next time when you come, just an ordinary needle
will be enough."


02-04-2012, 12:45 AM

OSHO HEART TO HEART TAROT is a tool to enrich one′s inner understanding intuitively and playfully. Osho words are merely a finger pointing to the moon, it may provoke us, it may hurt us also, but surely it′s purity and power may awaken us from our age long sleep and endless dreams. And it may help alight our path and prepare us for our journey within.

We have suggested here certain layouts for reading, but one should always listen to one′s own intuition and may formulate layout as per need of the individual, for every person is unique unto oneself.

For deeper understanding and guidance on meditation techniques, one can always visit the nearest Osho Centers. One can also takes help from innumerable Osho books and discourses which are available in all leading book stores and Osho Centers.
Discover the Buddha
Discover the Buddha 53 Meditations to Meet the Buddha Within

Osho describes Gautama Buddha as the greatest breakthrough in the evolution of human consciousness because his discovery of meditation shifted the focus away from praying to a god toward meditation; toward becoming alert to the potential of each human being for godliness.




Deck of 79 cards

02-04-2012, 01:10 AM

Osho tries to explain why Advaita defines Brahman as not two or why they did say it is one.

Advaita means literally non-duality, not two. They could have said one, but the Upanishads never use the word ‘one.’ They say non-duality not two. And this is very significant, because if you say one, the two is implied, it becomes a positive statement. If you say there is only one, You are asserting something positive.

The moment you say one, the two is implied, because one can exist only by the side of two. So Upanishads, never say that the Brahman is one, the truth is one. Rather they use a negative term; they say he is not two. So one is implied, but not directly asserted.

Secondly, about the total we cannot assert anything positive, we cannot say what it is. At the most we can say what it is not, we can negate. We cannot say directly, because once we say something directly, it becomes defining, it becomes a limitation. When you simply say it is not two there is no boundary – the implication is infinite.

You cannot point to the Brahman with a finger, because your finger will become a limitation. Then Brahman will be where your finger is pointing and nowhere else.


02-04-2012, 01:40 AM
Osho – Meditation is not Concentration

Osho – Meditation is not concentration. In concentration there is a self concentrating and there is an object being concentrated upon. There is duality. In meditation there is nobody inside and nothing outside. It is not concentration. There is no division between the in and the out. The in goes on flowing into the out, the out goes on flowing into the in. The demarcation, the boundary, the border, no
longer exists. The in is out, the out is in; it is a non-dual consciousness.

Concentration is a dual consciousness: that’s why concentration creates tiredness; that’s why when you concentrate you feel exhausted. And you cannot concentrate for twenty-four hours, you will have to take holidays to rest. Concentration can never become your nature. Meditation does not tire, meditation does not exhaust you. Meditation can become a twenty-four hour thing – day in, day out, year in, year out. It can become eternity. It is relaxation itself.

Concentration is an act, a willed act. Meditation is a state of no will, a state of inaction. It is relaxation. One has simply dropped into one’s own being, and that being is the same as the being of All. In concentration the mind functions out of a conclusion: you are doing something. Concentration comes out of the past. In meditation there is no conclusion behind it. You are not doing anything in particular, you are simply being. It has no past to it, it is uncontaminated by the past. It has no future to it, it is pure of all future.

It is what Lao Tzu has called wei-wu-wei, action through inaction. It is what Zen masters have been saying: Sitting silently doing nothing, the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. Remember, ‘by itself’ – nothing is being done. You are not pulling the grass upwards; the spring comes and the grass grows by itself. That state – when you allow life to go on its own way, when you don’t want to direct it, when you don’t want to
give any control to it, when you are not manipulating, when you are not enforcing any discipline on it – that state of pure undisciplined spontaneity, is what meditation is.

Meditation is in the present, pure present. Meditation is immediacy. You cannot meditate, you can be in meditation. You cannot be in concentration, but you can concentrate. Concentration is human, meditation is divine.

source – Osho Orange Book of Meditation

02-04-2012, 02:36 AM

MAN IS A QUEST, an eternal inquiry, a perennial question.

The quest is for the energy that holds existence together -- call it God, call it truth, or whatsoever you like to call it. Who holds this infinite existence together?

What is the center of it all, the core of it all?

from "Osho Heart to Heart Tarot"

There is no greater enjoyment than that of sharing something. Have you given something to somebody? That's why people enjoy giving gifts so much. It is a sheer delight. When you give something to somebody -- maybe valueless, may not be of much value -- but just the way, just the gesture that you give, satisfies tremendously. Just think of a person whose whole life is a gift! whose every moment is a sharing -- he lives in heaven. There is no other heaven than that. from "Osho Heart to Heart Tarot"


02-04-2012, 04:50 PM

AN ANCIENT STORY: A young devil comes running to his boss. He is trembling, and he says to
the old devil, ”Something has to be done immediately, because on the earth one man has found the
truth! And once people know the truth, what will happen to our profession?”

The old man laughed, and he said, ”Sit down and rest and don’t be worried. Everything is taken
care of. Our people have reached there.”

”But,” he said, ”I am coming from there. I have not seen a single devil there.”

The old man said, ”The priests are my people. They have already surrounded the man who has
found the truth. Now they will become the mediators between the man of truth and the masses.

They will raise temples, they will write scriptures, they will interpret and distort everything. They will
ask people to worship, to pray. And in all this hubbub, the truth will be lost. This is my old method,
which has always succeeded.”

The priests who represent religion are not its friends. They are the greatest enemies of it, because
religion needs no mediators: between you and existence there is an immediate relatedness. All that
you have to learn is how to understand the language of existence. You know the languages of man,
but they are not the languages of existence.

Existence knows only one language:
And that is of silence.

If you can also be silent you will be able to understand the truth, the meaning of life, the significance
of all that exists. And there is no one who can interpret it for you. Everyone has to find it for himself.

Nobody can do the job on your behalf – but that’s what the priests have been doing for centuries.

They are standing like a China Wall between you and existence.
Just a few days ago, the Vatican pope informed all the Catholics, ”It is being told again and again to
me that many Catholics are confessing to God directly. They are not going to the confession booth,
to the priest. I declare it a sin to confess directly to God. You have to confess to the priest; you
cannot relate to God directly.”

He has not given any reason, because there is no reason at all, except that the priest has to be kept
in his profession – and he himself is a high priest.

If people start approaching reality without anybody leading them, without anybody telling them what
is good and what is evil, without anybody giving them a map that they have to follow, millions of
people will be able to understand existence – because our heartbeat is also the heartbeat of the
universe, our life is part of the life of the total.

We are not strangers, we are not coming from somewhere else; we are growing within existence.

We are part of it, an essential part of it. We just have to be silent enough, so that we can hear that
which cannot be said in words: the music of existence, the immense joy of existence, the constant
celebration of existence. Once it starts penetrating our heart, transformation comes.

That is the only way somebody becomes religious – not by going to the churches which are made
by man, not by reading the scriptures which are made by man. But the priests have been pretending
that their holy scriptures are written by God. The very idea is simply idiotic. Just look into those
scriptures: You will not find any signature of God in them. You will find things which there is no
reason for God to write.

Hindus believe in the VEDAS and believe that they are written by God himself, and they are the
most ancient books in existence; but no Hindu bothers to look into them. If God wrote them, there is
going to be something immensely valuable... but ninety-eight percent of the VEDAS are just rubbish
– such rubbish that it proves that they are not written by God.

For example a prayer by a priest... why should God write it? And the prayer is that his cows are not
giving enough milk, ”Have mercy on me, increase the milk of my cows.” Not only that, ”Decrease the
milk of everybody else’s!” – God is going to write this? ”Kill my enemies and help my friends” and
even such stupid things as ”Rains are coming; take care that all the water reaches my fields and
avoids the neighboring field, because it belongs to my enemy. Just shower your water on my field.”

Why should God write these things? Every scripture gives intrinsic evidence that they are written by
men, and very stupid men, primitive men. The so-called holy scriptures are not even to be counted
as good literature – they are childish, crude, ugly. But because they are written in languages which
are dead... and some are in languages which have never been in use by common people, for
example, the VEDAS. That language has never been used by the common people. It was the
language of the learned brahmins, the language of the priests.

And they were very reluctant that it should be translated, because they knew: once it is translated,
it will lose all sanctity. People will see that this nonsense is not even unholy – what to say about its
being holy!

So much obscenity, so much pornography is in the holy scriptures of all your religions. But they are
written in Sanskrit, which is not used by common people; in Arabic, which is not used by common
people; in Hebrew, which is not used by common people; in Pali, in Prakrit. Those languages are
dead. And all the religions are reluctant that their holy scriptures should be brought in to the modern
languages which people understand – although, in spite of their reluctance, their holy scriptures
have been translated.

First they were against their being printed; second they were against their being translated. The only
reason was, they knew that once they were printed they would be sold all over the world, anybody
could purchase them. And if they are translated into living languages, then how long can you hide
the truth?, and how are you going to prove that they are written by God?
The scriptures are man-made, the statues of God are man-made, the temples and churches are
man-made, but thousands of years of conditioning has given them a certain sacredness, holiness.

And there is nothing sacred in them, nothing holy in them.
The priests have been deceiving man more than anybody else. This is the worst profession in the
world, even worse than the profession of the prostitutes. At least the prostitute gives you something
in return; the priest gives you simply hot air – he has nothing to give to you.
And this is not all: Whenever somebody has realized the truth, these priests are against him.

Obviously they have to be, because if his truth is recognized by people, millions of priests in the world
will be out of employment. And their employment is absolutely unproductive. They are parasites,
they go on sucking the blood of man. From the moment the child is born, until he enters his grave,
the priest goes on finding ways to exploit him.

Unless religion is freed from the hands of the priests, the world will remain only with pseudo-religion;
it will never become religious. And a religious world can not be so miserable: the religious world
should be a constant celebration.

A religious man is nothing but pure ecstasy. His heart is full of songs.

His whole being is ready to dance any moment.

But the priest has taken away the search for truth: He says there is no need for searching, it has
already been found, you just have to have faith.

The priest has made people miserable, because he condemns all the pleasures of the world. He
condemns the pleasures of the world so that he can praise the pleasures of the other world.

The other world is his fiction. And he wants humanity to sacrifice its reality for a fictitious idea – and
people have sacrificed.

Zarathustra is not alone in condemning the priests. Gautam Buddha is with him, Mahavira is with
him, Lao Tzu is with him. Gautam Buddha, Mahavira, and Lao Tzu condemn the priests, but very
mildly. Zarathustra calls a spade a spade. He is absolutely realistic. He does not care about
etiquette, manners, culture. He says whatsoever he experiences as the truth.
AND WITH SLEEPING SWORDS! Zarathustra is very simple, innocent; speaks like a child. Gautam
Buddha will not call them ”my enemies,” he will go round about.

Zarathustra hates directly.

The priests are not only enemies of Zarathustra, they are enemies of everyone who loves truth, who
is in search of truth or who has found the truth. The closer you are to the truth, the more the priest
is your enemy. You are disturbing his customers, you are disturbing his business.


02-04-2012, 05:05 PM

Zarathustra had gone to the mountains in
search of aloneness. In the crowd you can find
yourself lonely, but never alone.

Loneliness is a kind of hunger for the other.
You are missing the other. You are not enough
unto yourself – you are empty. Hence
everybody wants to be in the crowd, and
weaves around himself many kinds of
relationships just to deceive himself, to forget
that he is lonely.

But that loneliness erupts again and again. No
relationship can hide it. All relationships are so
thin and so fragile. Deep inside you know
perfectly well that even though you are in the
crowd, you are amongst strangers. You are a
stranger to yourself too.

Zarathustra and all the mystics have gone to
the mountains in search of aloneness.
Aloneness is a positive feeling, the feeling of
your own being and the feeling that you are
enough unto yourself – that you don't need

Loneliness is a sickness of the heart.

Aloneness is a healing...

– Osho
Zarathustra: A God That Can Dance, ch. 2

02-04-2012, 05:48 PM
We have gathered in this lonely place so that I
can say something to you and you can listen to
me. This saying and this listening is not possible
without an undercurrent of love. The doors of the
heart open only to love. And remember it is only
when one hears with the heart and not with the
head that listening happens.

You may ask, “Does the heart hear as well?” I
would say that whenever listening happens it is
always through the heart. So far the head has
never heard anything. The head is stone deaf.
And this is also true of speaking. Only when
words come from the heart are they meaningful.
Only when words come from the heart do they
have the fragrance of fresh flowers; otherwise
they are not only stale and faded, they are
artificial – plastic flowers....

– Osho
The Perfect Way, ch. 1

02-04-2012, 06:04 PM
Osho Five Fingers - YouTube

02-04-2012, 06:26 PM
i was a few pages behind.

"Remember, it is your vibration that needs transformation The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only you are not tuned. The problem is not with the world, it is with you: you are not tuned to it. The world is dancing, always celebrating, every moment it is in a festivity. The festival goes on from eternity to eternity, only you are not tuned to it."

love it!

my intuition tells me this vibration is the truth and that my ego hides the vibration. we just have to learn how find it again like using an old radio and adjusting the knob to find the right frequency.:)

02-04-2012, 09:13 PM
i was a few pages behind.

"Remember, it is your vibration that needs transformation The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only you are not tuned. The problem is not with the world, it is with you: you are not tuned to it. The world is dancing, always celebrating, every moment it is in a festivity. The festival goes on from eternity to eternity, only you are not tuned to it."

love it!

my intuition tells me this vibration is the truth and that my ego hides the vibration. we just have to learn how find it again like using an old radio and adjusting the knob to find the right frequency.:)

Meaningful quote. Maybe by rationalizing things ,feelings specially, they are lost. The mind/ego rationalizes, so you are right that it hides the vibration in that "rationalizing".

The Festival goes from eternity to eternity. We definetly have to get tuned in lonestar.
We don't want to miss the festival!. :D

02-04-2012, 09:28 PM

ABSTRACTIONS It is always simple to love abstract things.
It is more simple to love humanity than human beings,
because loving humanity you are not risking anything. A
single human being is far more dangerous than the whole
of humanity. Humanity is a word, there is no corresponding
reality to it. The human being is a reality, and when you
come across a reality there are going to be good times, bad
times, pain, pleasure, ups and downs, highs and lows,
agonies and ecstasies. Loving humanity, there will he no
ecstasy and no agony. In fact, loving humanity is a way of
avoiding human beings; because you can't love human
beings you start loving humanity just to deceive your self.
Avoid abstractions.

02-04-2012, 09:41 PM

Absurd. The absurd is nothing but another name of god—
and a far more beautiful name than "god" itself, because
over the centuries the theologians, the philosophers have
destroyed the beauty of the word "god". They have painted
it and polished it with such rational garbage that it has no
more life left in it. The god of the philosophers is not the
true god because it is nothing but a rational concept.

The god of the lovers is a totally different phenomenon.

It has nothing to do with reason, with mind; it is the heart
pulsating in tune with the whole. It is a song, a symphony.
It is a dance, a celebration. It is more poetry than prose.
It is more intuitive than intellectual. It is something felt not
thought. Hence i say "the absurd" is a far better name for
god . .

Tertullian is always worth remembering—a great christian
mystic. He says: "i believe in god because god is
absurd—credo pia absurdum." the reason that he gives for
his belief is that there is no reason to believe.

Unless you have something in your life which cannot be
supported by reason at all, your life will not have any significance.
Unless you have something for which you can live
and for which you can die without any rational grounds,
you will go on missing the very meaning of life and exist -
ence. You will remain superficial.

Hence the absurd can release something tremendous in
you; it can become an explosion. It can make you see the
whole world anew, because it is a rebirth. You slip out of
the mind. You are no more covered by the dust of the mind.
Everything is fresh and new then ..

If you can have a contact with the absurdity of it all, with
the irrationality of existence, then you are moving into a
totally different dimension—moving from mind to no-mind,
moving from mind to meditation. That's what meditation
is all about: Taking you out of the prison of the mind, out
of the prison of the past. And there is no other prison; the
past is the only prison .. .

It is very difficult to drop reason because one feels frightened.

Reason gives you a sense of order. Reason gone, there
is only chaos. But remember: Reason is barren, chaos is a
womb. Out of that chaos something of tremendous importance
is born: You are reborn.

Yes, if the absurd can overwhelm you, you will have an
insight into the gestalt of everything: An insight which is
untransferable, an insight which is inexpressible .. .

Now the time is ripe. Now the west has the possibility
of opening up a new door—the absurd—and of entering
through that door. That is the only door to the temple
of god.

So always remember, the woman has to be allowed. There
are moments when you are more of a woman than of a man.

It goes on continuously changing around the clock. So there
is no need to have a fixed attitude about yourself. Sometimes
you are a he, sometimes you are a she; there is no point
in having any fixation. So one day you are male, another
day you are female. It goes on changing like the climate.
In the morning it was raining. In the evening it is not raining.
In the afternoon it was cloudy; now it is no more cloudy.

That is the beauty of nature because it is in a flux and flexible
and has no consistency to follow—no ideas, no rules,
nothing like Ten Commandments: do this, don't do that. It
simply goes on moving in a very haphazard and absurd way.
That is its beauty. It goes on moving into the other; there
is not even a little hitch. When the day becomes night, there
is not even a slight hesitation. It simply slips into the night.
Then the night slips into the day.

That is the meaning of the yin-yang symbol—each slipping
into each other. Then man becomes holy. Whole is
holy, and there is not other holiness. And holiness is not
against sin. Holiness is against split, fragmentation.

So to be a man is a sinner; to be a woman is a sinner.
To be both is holy. Let your hair grow again. And I am not
only talking about hair. I am just giving you an indication
that you have to absorb the woman more and more. Talking
about hair is just a parable.

The book of the books, vol. VIII, Osho

02-04-2012, 11:02 PM

HAIR, LONG For thousands of years there have been two
types of sannyasins in India: one with beard, long hair; one
without beard, without hair. Those who have beards and
long hair have a certain deep reason for it—they may not
be aware of it. Long hair has always been anti-social. The
beard, and long hair particularly, have always belonged to
the bohemians: artists, painters, asocial elements, rebellious
people, crazy, eccentric. This is one extreme. The other
extreme is the shaven-headed monk. Between the two is the
straight person, the common man, who is not eccentric this
way or that. On one hand are the rebellious people—
rebellious in the sense that their religion will be nontraditional.

The shaven-headed people are those who have
a certain affinity with the tradition. They will be religious
but they will not be anti-traditional. They may be as asocial
as the long-haired ones, but they will not be anti-tradition.
They will feel a continuity with the past, they will have a
certain heritage, they will have a feeling of belonging .. .

Long hair gives individuality. If you shave one thousand
people and have them standing naked, you will not be able
to find out who is who—the shaven-heads look almost the
same. Much individuality comes about through hair. That's
why women are so interested in hair: it gives them individuality,
personality. With shaven-headed women you will
not see much difference between the homely and the
beautiful, In fact, in the African tribes, to find out the real
beauty they shave the women, because then only rarely does
one woman stand out as beautiful; the other ninety-nine
percent will simply disappear in the mob ..

And religion happens in two ways: either it is traditional
or it is rebellious. The rebellious person will like a beard,
long hair. The rebellious person does not want to belong—
he wants to be separate, he wants to an island. Both are good;
whatsoever suits you is the question.

It is not just accidental that the new generation has moved
towards long hair. It is indicative of a very deep change in
the world mind.

Man has always lived denying the woman within
himself—and man is both man-woman, as woman is both
woman-man. The whole old culture, the old tradition, has
been an effort to demark the lines very clearly, to make it
very distinct that man is different from woman and woman
is different from man.

Long hairs are symbolic of the feminine, of the yin element.
When a man has long hair he is more total, more whole,
more holy, because somehow he is no more denying the
feminine element. He accepts it as part of himself: "I am
man-woman, both; yin-yang both." So he is not in any conflict.

He is no more schizoid; he is more split. It is not only
the long hairs, but the very approach that man should allow
his inner woman expression also. There is no need for man
to be just male; there is no need for any woman to be just
female. If you try to be just male you will never become
a whole person, and you will never be healthy. The denied,
the rejected, will take its revenge on you. It will go on
asserting itself. Accept it, absorb it.

A man is born out of a mother and a father. Half comes
from the father, half from the mother. You are both. I love
long hairs. They give you grace, they give you more roundness.
They help you to be less cruel, less pointed.

So always remember, the woman has to be allowed. There
are moments when you are more of a woman than of a man.
It goes on continuously changing around the clock. So there
is no need to have a fixed attitude about yourself. Sometimes
you are a he, sometimes you are a she; there is no point
in having any fixation. So one day you are male, another
day you are female. It goes on changing like the climate.
In the morning it was raining. In the evening it is not raining.
In the afternoon it was cloudy; now it is no more cloudy.
That is the beauty of nature because it is in a flux and flexible
and has no consistency to follow—no ideas, no rules,
nothing like Ten Commandments: do this, don't do that. It
simply goes on moving in a very haphazard and absurd way.
That is its beauty. It goes on moving into the other; there
is not even a little hitch. When the day becomes night, there
is not even a slight hesitation. It simply slips into the night.
Then the night slips into the day.
That is the meaning of the yin-yang symbol—each slipping
into each other. Then man becomes holy. Whole is
holy, and there is not other holiness. And holiness is not
against sin. Holiness is against split, fragmentation.
So to be a man is a sinner; to be a woman is a sinner.
To be both is holy. Let your hair grow again. And I am not
only talking about hair. I am just giving you an indication
that you have to absorb the woman more and more. Talking
about hair is just a parable.


02-04-2012, 11:40 PM
Thanks for the name of the movie, I'll look into it.-

Yeah, truth is a hot potato, very few wanna get burned. It is a hot potato of the mind. :D

I saw parts of the movie shown on TV some days ago, seems interesting to me.
Where jung has intimacy with his neurotical patient ,seems interesting ,it probably could go deeper, but there aren't many movies with Jung thee days,I wish there were.

03-04-2012, 12:17 AM

In this first meeting of the meditation camp, I
would like to talk about the first step for a
meditator, a seeker. What is the first step?

A thinker or a lover follow certain paths but a
seeker has to travel on a totally different
journey. For a seeker, what is the first step on
the journey?

The body is the first step for a seeker -- but
no attention or thought has been given to it.

Not only at certain times, but for thousands of
years, the body has been neglected. The
neglect is of two kinds. Firstly, there are the
indulgent people who have neglected the
body. They have no experience of life other
than eating, drinking and wearing clothes.

They have neglected the body, misused it,
foolishly wasted it -- they have ruined their
instrument, their veena.

If a musical instrument -- for example, a veena
-- is ruined, music cannot arise out of it. Music
is an altogether different thing from the veena
-- music is one thing, the veena is another,
but without the veena music cannot arise...

– Osho
The Inner Journey, ch. 1


03-04-2012, 02:32 AM
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti - YouTube

03-04-2012, 02:40 AM
"Things can be
copyrighted, thoughts
cannot be copyrighted, and
certainly meditations
cannot be copyrighted.

They are not things of the
marketplace. Nobody can
monopolise anything. But
perhaps the West cannot
understand the difference
between an objective
commodity and an inner
experience. For ten
thousand years the East has
been meditating and
nobody has put trademarks
upon meditations.
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti


03-04-2012, 03:41 AM
Question 1

Both are true. When I say there is no other truth greater than death, I am drawing your attention to the
fact that the phenomenon of death is an enormous reality in this life -- in what we call 'life' and
understand as 'life'; in terms of one's personality, which consists of what I describe as 'I'. This personality
will die; what we call 'life' will die too. Death is inevitable. Certainly, you will die and I will die, and this
life will also be destroyed, turned into dust, erased.

When I say there is no other greater truth than death, I want to remind you of the fact that we are all
going to die. And when I say that death is totally false, I want to remind you that within this 'I', within
'you', there is someone else who will never die. And there is also a life that is different from what you
believe to be life, a life without death. Both these things are true; they are simultaneously true. If you
take only one of them to be true, you will not be able to comprehend the whole truth.

If someone says that the shadow is a reality, that darkness is a reality, he is right. Darkness exists and so
does the shadow. And if someone else says there is no darkness, he is right too. What he is saying is that
darkness does not have a positive existence. If I ask you to bring me a couple of bags of darkness, you
won't be able to. A room is filled with darkness, and if you are asked to throw the darkness out, you
won't be able to. Or, if I say, "If darkness is in there, then please bring it out," you will be unable to.

Why? It is because darkness has a negative existence; darkness is merely the absence of light.
Although darkness exists, nevertheless it is only the absence of light. And so if someone were to say
there is no darkness, he is right. There is the presence of light and there is the absence of light, but there
is nothing like darkness as such. That's why we can do whatsoever we want with light, but with darkness
we can do nothing. If you want to remove darkness, you will have to bring in light; if you want to bring in
darkness, you will have to put out the light. With darkness, nothing can be done directly.

You are jogging along the road. Your shadow appears behind you; it also runs with you. Everyone can
see the shadow; no one can deny it. And yet it can be said that there is no shadow because it has no
entity of its own. The shadow exists because your body obstructs the sunlight. When the light is covered
by your body, a shadow is formed; when the sun comes above your head, no shadow is formed because
the sunrays are not obstructed. If we were to make a human figure of glass, no shadow would ever
appear because the rays would pass through the glass.

When light is hindered, a shadow is formed; a shadow is merely an absence of light. So if a person says
the shadow exists, he is not wrong. But this is a half-truth. He should further add that the shadow does
not exist. Then the truth becomes complete. This means a shadow is something which exists and yet
does not exist. But with our way of thinking, we cannot see anything unless it is divided into two
independent parts.

Once a man was tried for murder. He had killed a man, and those who had seen the crime being
committed had come forward as witnesses. One witness said, "The crime was committed in the open
and there were stars shining in the sky. I saw the stars as well as the murder." He was followed by
another eyewitness who said, "The crime was committed inside the house, near the door, close to a
wall. There are bloodstains on the wall, and since I was standing beside the wall, my clothes were also
stained with blood. This murder took place inside the house."

The judge was puzzled. How could both be telling the truth? Obviously, one of them was lying. The
murderer began to laugh. The judge asked what was so funny. The man said, "Let me tell you that both
of them are right. The house was incomplete; the roof had not yet been laid -- the stars could be seen
above. The murder took place under the open sky, but close to the door, close to the wall which bears
the bloodstains. The house was almost ready; the walls had been raised, only the roofing was not yet
done. So both are right."

Life is so complicated that even the things we find contradictory in it turn out to be right. Life is highly
complex. Life is not the way we think it is -- it contains many contradictions; it is very vast.

In one sense, death is the greatest truth -- because the way we are living will come to an end; we will die
the way we are, and the framework we have created will also be destroyed. Those we see as
constituting our whole world -- wife, husband, son, father, friend -- they will all die. And yet death is a
falsehood, because there is someone who dwells inside the son who is not the son and who will never
die. There is someone who dwells inside the father who is not the father and who will never die. The
father, of course, will die, but there is someone within him besides -- different from the father, separate,
more than any relative -- who will never die. The body will die but there is someone within the body
who never dies. Both these things are simultaneously true. So both these things need to be kept in mind
to understand the nature of death.

And Now, And Here OSHO

03-04-2012, 04:38 PM

Question - A friend has asked: what is the relation between meditation and jati-smaran, past life remembering?

Osho - Jati-smaran means: a method of recalling past lives. It is a way to remember our previous existences. It is a form of meditation. It is a specific application of meditation. For example, one might ask, "What is a river, and what is a canal? Our answer would be that the canal is a specific application of the river itself -- well planned, but controlled and systematic. The river is chaotic, unrestrained; it too will reach somewhere, but its destination is not certain. The destination of the canal is assured.

Meditation is like a big river -- it will reach to the ocean; it is sure to reach. Meditation will surely bring you to God. There are, however, other intermediary applications of meditation also. Like small tributaries these can be directed into canals of meditation. Jati-smaran is one such auxiliary method of meditation. We can channelize the power of meditation towards our past lives also; meditation simply means the focusing of attention. There can be applications where one's attention is focused on a given object, and one such application is jati-smaran -- focusing on the dormant memories of past lives.

Remember, memories are never erased; a memory either remains latent or it arises. But the latent memory appears to be erased. If I ask you what you did on January 1, 1950, you will not be able to answer -- which does not mean that you might not have done anything on that day. But suddenly the day of January 1, 1950 feels like a total blank. It could not have been blank; as it passed, it was filled with activity. But today it feels like a blank. Similarly, today will become blank tomorrow as well. Ten years from now there will be no trace left of today.

So it is not that January 1, 1950 did not exist, or that you did not exist on that day -- what is implied is that since you are unable to recall that day, how can you believe it ever existed? But it did exist and there is a way to know about it. Meditation can be focused in that direction as well. As soon as the light of meditation falls on that day, to your surprise you will see that it looks more alive than it ever was before.

For example, a person enters a dark room and moves around with a flashlight. When he turns the light to the left, the right side becomes dark -- but nothing disappears on the right side. When he moves the light to the right, the right side becomes alive again, but the left side remains hidden in the dark.

Meditation has a focus, and if one wants to channel it in a particular direction then it has to be used like a flashlight. If, however, one wants to turn it towards the divine, then meditation has to be applied like a lamp. Please understand this carefully. The lamp has no focus of its own; it is unfocused. A lamp merely burns and its light spreads all around. A lamp has no interest in lighting up one direction or the other; whatsoever falls within the radius of light is lit up. But the form of a flashlight is like a focused lamp.

In a flashlight we keep all the light and shine it in one direction. So it is possible that under a burning lamp things may become visible, but hazy, and in order to see them clearly we concentrate the light on one place -- it becomes a flashlight; then the thing becomes clearly visible. However, the remaining objects are lost to view. In fact, if a man wants to see an object clearly he will have to focus his total meditation in one direction only and turn the rest of the area into darkness.

One who wants to know the truth of life directly will develop his meditation like a lamp -- that will be his sole purpose. And, in fact, the lamp's only objective is to see itself; if it can shine this much it is enough -- that's the end of it. But if some special application of the lamp has to be made -- such as remembering past lives -- then meditation will have to be channeled in one direction.

I will share with you two or three clues as to how meditation can be channelized in that direction. I won't give you all the clues because, most likely, hardly any of you have any intention of using them, and those who have can see me personally. So I will mention two or three clues which, of course, won't really enable you to experiment with remembering past lives, but will give you just an idea. I won't discuss the whole thing because it's not advisable for everyone to experiment with this idea. Also, this experiment can often put you in danger.

Osho on Jati Samaran

Let me tell you of an incident so that what I am saying becomes clear to you. For about two or three years, in respect to meditation, a lady professor stayed in touch with me. She was very insistent on experimenting with jati-smaran, on learning about her past life. I helped her with the experiment; however, I also advised her that it would be better if she didn't do the experiment until her meditation was fully developed, otherwise it could be dangerous.

As it is, a single life's memories are difficult to bear -- should the memories of the past three or four lives break the barrier and flood in, a person can go mad. That's why nature has planned it so we go on forgetting the past. Nature has given us a greater ability to forget more than you can remember, so that your mind does not have a greater burden than it can carry. A heavy burden can be borne only after the capacity of your mind has increased, and trouble begins when the weight of these memories falls on you before this capacity has been raised. But she remained persistent. She paid no heed to my advice and went into the experiment.

When the flood of her past life's memory finally burst upon her, she came running to me around two o'clock in the morning. She was a real mess; she was in great distress. She said, "Somehow this has got to stop. I don't ever want to look at that side of things." But it is not so easy to stop the tide of memory once it has broken loose. It is very difficult to shut the door once it crashes down -- the door does not simply open, it breaks open. It took about fifteen days -- only then did the wave of memories stop. What was the problem?

This lady used to claim that she was very pious, a woman of impeccable character. When she encountered the memory of her past life, when she was a prostitute, and the scenes of her prostitution began to emerge, her whole being was shaken. Her whole morality of this life was disturbed.

In this sort of revelation, it is not as if the visions belong to someone else -- the same woman who claimed to be chaste now saw herself as a prostitute. It often happens that someone who was a prostitute in a past life becomes deeply virtuous in the next; it is a reaction to the suffering of the past life. It is the memory of the pain and the hurt of the previous life that turns her into a chaste woman.

It often happens that people who were sinners in past lives become saints in this life. Hence there is quite a deep relationship between sinners and saints. Such a reaction often takes place, and the reason is, what we come to know hurts us and so we swing to the opposite extreme.

The pendulum of our minds keeps moving in the opposite direction. No sooner does the pendulum reach the left than it moves back to the right. It barely touches the right when it swings back to the left. When you see the pendulum of a clock moving towards the left, be assured it is gathering energy to move back to the right -- it will go as far to the right as it has gone to the left. Hence, in life it often happens that a virtuous person becomes a sinner, and a sinner becomes virtuous.

This is very common; this sort of oscillation occurs in everyone's life. Do not think, therefore, that it is a general rule that one who has become a holy man in this life must have been a holy man in his past life also. It is not necessarily so. What is necessarily so is the exact reverse of it -- he is laden with the pain of what he went through in his past life and has turned to the opposite.

I have heard.... A holy man and a prostitute once lived opposite each other. Both died on the same day. The soul of the prostitute was to be taken to heaven, and that of the holy man, however, to hell. The envoys who had come to take them away were very puzzled. They kept asking each other, "What went wrong? Is this a mistake? Why are we to take the holy man to hell? Wasn't he a holy man?"

The wisest among them said, "He was a holy man all right, but he envied the prostitute. He always brooded over the parties at her place and the pleasures that went on there. The notes of music which came drifting to his house would jolt him to his very core. No admirer of the prostitute, sitting in front of her, was ever moved as much as he -- listening to the sounds coming from her residence, the sounds of the small dancing bells she wore on her ankles. His whole attention always remained focused on her place. Even while worshipping God, his ears were tuned to the sounds which came from her house.

"And the prostitute? While she languished in the pit of misery, she always wondered what unknown bliss the holy man was in. Whenever she saw him carrying flowers for morning worship, she wondered, 'When will I be worthy to take flowers of worship to the temple? I am so impure that I can hardly even gather enough courage to enter the temple.' The holy man was never as lost in the incense smoke, in the shining lamps, in the sounds of worship as the prostitute was. The prostitute always longed for the life of the holy man, and the holy man always craved for the pleasures of the prostitute."

Their interests and attitudes, so totally opposite each other's, so totally different from each other's, had completely changed. This often happens -- and there are laws at work behind these happenings. So when the memory of her past life came back to this lady professor, she was very hurt. She felt hurt because her ego was shattered. What she learned about her past life shook her, and now she wanted to forget it. I had warned her in the first place not to recall her past life without sufficient preparation.

Since you have asked, I shall tell you a few basic things so that you can understand the meaning of jati-smaran. But they won't help you to experiment with it. Those who wish to experiment will have to look into it separately.

The first thing is that if the purpose of jati-smaran is simply to know one's past life, then one needs to turn one's mind away from the future. Our mind is future-oriented, not past-oriented. Ordinarily, our mind is centered in the future; it moves toward the future. The stream of our thoughts is future-oriented, and it is in life's interests that the mind be future-oriented, not past-oriented. Why be concerned with the past? It is gone, it is finished -- so we are interested in that which is about to come. That's why we keep asking astrologers what is in store for us in the future. We are interested in finding out what is going to happen in the future. One who wants to remember the past has to give up, absolutely, any interest in the future. Because once the flashlight of the mind is focused on the future; once the stream of thoughts has begun to move towards the future, then it cannot be turned back towards the past.

So the first thing one needs to do is to break oneself completely away from the future for a few months, for a certain specific period of time. One should decide that he will not think of the future for the next six months. If a thought of the future does occur, he will simply salute it and let it go; he will not become identified with and carried away by any feeling of future. So the first thing is that, for six months, he will allow that there is no future and will flow towards the past. And so, as soon as future is dropped, the current of thoughts turns towards the past.

First you will have to go back in this life; it is not possible to return to a past life all at once. And there are techniques for going back in this life. For example, as I said earlier, you don't remember now what you did on January 1, 1950.

There is a technique to find out. If you go into the meditation which I have suggested, after ten minutes -- when the meditation has gone deeper, the body is relaxed, the breathing is relaxed, the mind has become quiet -- then let only one thing remain in your mind: "What took place on January 1, 1950?" Let your entire mind focus on it. If that remains the only note echoing in your mind, in a few days you will all of a sudden find a curtain is raised: the first of January appears and you begin to relive each and every event of that day from dawn to dusk. And you will see the first of January in far more detail than you may have seen it, in actuality, on that very day -- because on that day, you may not have been this aware. So, first, you will need to experiment by regressing in this life.

It is very easy to regress to the age of five; it becomes very difficult to go beyond that age. And so, ordinarily, we cannot recall what happened before the age of five; that is the farthest back we can go. A few people might remember up to the third year, but beyond that it becomes extremely difficult -- as if a barrier comes across the entrance and everything becomes blocked. A person who becomes capable of recalling will be able to fully awaken the memory of any day up to the age of five. The memory starts to be completely revived.

Then one should test it. For example, note down the events of today on a piece of paper and lock it away. Two years later recall this day: open the note and compare your memory with it. You will be amazed to find that you have been able to recall more than what was noted on the paper. The events are certain to return to your memory.

Osho on past life remembering

Buddha has called this alaya-vigyan. There exists a corner in our minds which Buddha has named alaya-vigyan. Alaya-vigyan means the storehouse of consciousness. As we store all our junk in the basement of a house, similarly, there is a storehouse of consciousness that collects memories. Birth after birth, everything is stored in it. Nothing is ever removed from there, because a man never knows when he might need those things. The physical body changes, but, in our ongoing existence, that storehouse continues, remains with us. One never knows when it might be needed. And whatsoever we have done in our lives, whatsoever we have experienced, known, lived -- everything is stored there.

One who can remember to the age of five can go beyond that age -- it is not very difficult. The nature of the experiment will be the same. Beyond the age of five there is yet another door which will lead you to the point of your birth, to when you appeared on earth. Then one comes across another difficulty, because the memories of one's stay in the mother's womb never disappear either. One can penetrate these memories too, reaching to the point of conception, to the moment when the genes of the mother and father unite and the soul enters. A man can enter into his past lives only after having reached this point; he cannot move into them directly. One has to undertake this much of the return journey, only then is it possible to move into one's past life as well.

After having entered the past life, the first memory to come up will be of the last event that took place in that life. Remember, however, that this will cause some difficulty and will make little sense. It is as if we run a film from the end or read a novel backwards -- we feel lost. And so, entering into one's past life for the first time will be quite confusing because the sequence of events will be in the reverse order.

As you go back into your past life, you will come across death first, then old age, youth, childhood, and then birth. It will be in reverse order, and in that order it will be very difficult to figure out what is what. So when the memory surfaces for the first time, you feel tremendously restless and troubled, because it is difficult to make sense; it is as if you are looking at a film or reading a novel from the end. Perhaps you will only make heads or tails of an event after rearranging the order several times. So the greatest effort involved in going back to the memories of one's past life is seeing, in reverse order, events which ordinarily take place in the right order. But, after all, what is the right or reverse order? It is just a question of how we entered the world and how we departed from it.

We sow a seed in the beginning, and the flower appears in the end. However, if one were to take a reverse look at this phenomenon, the flower would come first, followed in sequence by the bud, the plant, the leaves, the saplings and in the end the seed. Since we have no previous knowledge of this reverse order, it takes a lot of time to rearrange memories coherently and to figure out the nature of events clearly. The strangest thing is that death will come first, followed by old age, illness, and then youth; things will occur in the reverse order. Or, if you were married and then divorced, while going down memory lane the divorce will come first, followed by the love and then the marriage.

It will be extremely difficult to follow events in this regressive fashion, because normally we understand things in a one-dimensional way. Our minds are one-dimensional. To look at things in opposite order is very difficult -- we are not used to such an experience; we are accustomed to moving in a linear direction. With effort, however, one can understand the events of a past life by following, in sequence, the reverse order. Surely, it will be an incredible experience.

Going through memories in this reverse order will be a very amazing experience, because seeing the divorce first and then the love and then the marriage, will make it instantly clear that the divorce was inevitable -- the divorce was inherent in the kind of love that happened; the divorce was the only ultimate possible outcome of the kind of marriage that took place. But at the time of that past life marriage we hadn't the faintest idea it would eventually end in divorce. And indeed, the divorce was the result of that marriage. If we could see this whole thing in its entirety, then falling in love today would become a totally different thing -- because now we could see the divorce in it beforehand, now we could see the enmity around the corner even before making the friendship.

The memory of the past life will completely turn this life upside-down, because now you won't be able to live the way you lived in your past life. In your previous life you felt -- and the same feeling exists even now -- that success and great happiness were to be found by making a fortune. What you will see first in your previous life is your state of unhappiness before seeing how you made the fortune. This will clearly show that instead of being a source of happiness, making the fortune led, in fact, to unhappiness -- and friendship led to enmity, what was thought to be love turned into hatred, and what was considered a union resulted in separation. Then, for the first time, you will see things in their right perspective, with their total import. And this implication will change your life, will change the way you are living now completely -- it will be an entirely different situation.

I have heard that a man went to a monk and said, "I would be much obliged if you would accept me as your disciple." The monk refused. The man asked why he would not make him his disciple.

The monk replied, "In my previous birth I had disciples who later turned into enemies. I have seen the whole thing and now I know that to make disciples means to make enemies, to make friends means to sow the seeds of enmity. Now I don't want to make any enemies, so I don't make any friends. I have known that to be alone is enough. Drawing someone close to you is, in a way, pushing the person away from you."

Buddha has said that the meeting with the beloved brings joy and the parting of the unbeloved also brings joy, that the parting of the beloved brings sorrow and the meeting with the unbeloved brings sorrow as well. This is how it was perceived; this is how it was understood. However, later we come to understand that the one we feel is our beloved can become the unbeloved, and the one we considered the unbeloved can become a beloved. And so, with the recollection of past memories, the existing situations will change radically; they will be seen in an entirely different perspective.

Such recollections are possible, though neither necessary nor inevitable, and sometimes, in meditation, these memories may strike unexpectedly as well. If the memories of past lives ever do come all of a sudden -- without being involved in any experiment, but simply keeping on with one's meditation -- don't take much interest in them. Just look at them; be a witness to them -- because ordinarily the mind is incapable of bearing such vast turbulence all at once. Attempting to cope with it, there is a distinct possibility of going mad.

Once a girl was brought to me. She was about eleven years old. Unexpectedly, she had remembered three of her past lives. She had not experimented with anything; but often, for some reason mistakes do happen all of a sudden. This was an error on the part of nature, not its grace upon her; in some way nature had erred in her case. It is the same as if someone had three eyes, or four arms -- this is an error. Four arms would be much weaker than two arms; four arms couldn't work as effectively as two arms could -- four arms would make the body weaker, not stronger.

So the girl, eleven years old, remembered three past lives, and many inquiries were made into this case. In her previous life she had lived about eighty miles from my present residence, and in that life she died at the age of sixty. The people she lived with then are now the residents of my hometown, and she could recognize all of them. Even in a crowd of thousands, she could recognize her past relatives -- her own brother, her daughters, and her grandchildren -- from the daughters, from the sons-in-law. She could recognize her distant relatives and tell many things about them even they had forgotten.

Her elder brother is still alive. On his head there is a scar from a small injury. I asked the girl if she knew anything about that scar. The girl laughed and said, "Even my brother doesn't know about it. Let him tell you how and when he got that injury." The brother could not recall when the injury occurred; he had no idea at all, he said.

The girl said, "On the day of his wedding, my brother fell while he was mounting the marriage horse. He was ten years old then." The elderly people in the town supported her story, admitting that the brother had, indeed, fallen from the horse. And the man himself had no recollection of this event. Then, as well, the girl displayed a treasure she had buried in the house she had lived in during her previous life.

In her last birth she died at the age of sixty, and previous to that birth she had been born in a village somewhere in Assam. Then she had died at the age of seven. She could not give the village name, nor her address, but she could speak as much of the Assamese language as a seven-year-old child could. Also, she could dance and sing like a seven-year-old girl could. Many inquiries were made, but her family from that life could not be traced.

The girl has a past-life experience of sixty-seven years plus eleven years of this life. You can see in her eyes the resemblance to a seventy-five to seventy-eight-year-old woman, although she is actually eleven years old. She cannot play with children of her own age because she feels too old. Within her she carries the memory of seventy-eight years; she sees herself as a seventy-eight-year-old woman. She cannot go to school because, although she is eleven, she can easily look upon her teacher as her son. So even though her body is eleven years old, her mind and personality are those of a seventy-eight-year-old woman. She cannot play and frolic like a child; she is only interested in the kinds of serious things old women talk about. She is in agony; she is filled with tension. Her body and mind are not in harmony. She is in a very sad and painful state.

I advised her parents to bring the girl to me, and to let me help her forget the memories of her past lives. Just as there is a method to revive memories, there is also a way to forget them. But her parents were enjoying the whole affair! Crowds of people came to see the girl; they began to worship her. The parents were not interested in having her forget the past. I warned them the girl would go mad, but they turned a deaf ear. Today she is on the verge of insanity, because she cannot bear the weight of so many memories. Another problem is, how to get her married? She finds it difficult to conceive of marriage when, in fact, she feels like an old woman of seventy-eight. There is no harmony of any kind within her; her body is young but the mind is old. It is a very difficult situation.

But this was an accident. You can also break open the passage with an experiment. But it is not necessary to go in that direction; however, those who still wish to pursue it, can experiment. But before moving into the experiment it is essential they go through deep meditation so their minds can become so silent and strong that when the flood of memories breaks upon them, they can accept it as a witnessing. When a man grows into being a witness, past lives appear to be no more than dreams to him. Then he is not tormented by the memories; now they mean nothing more than dreams.

When one succeeds in recalling past lives and they begin to appear like dreams, immediately one's present life begins to look like a dream too. Those who have called this world maya have not done so just to propound a doctrine of philosophy. Jati-smaran -- recalling past lives -- is at the base of it. Whosoever has remembered his past lives, for him the whole affair has suddenly turned into a dream, an illusion. Where are his friends of past lives? Where are his relatives, his wife and children, the houses he lived in? Where is that world? Where is everything he took to be so real? Where are those worries that gave him sleepless nights? Where are those pains and sufferings that seemed so insurmountable, that he carried like a dead weight on his back? And what became of the happiness he longed for? What happened to everything he so toiled and suffered for? If you ever remember your past life, and if you lived for seventy years, then whatever you might have seen in those seventy years, would that look like a dream or a reality? Indeed, it would look like a dream which had come and withered away.
I have heard....

Once a king's only son lay on his deathbed. For eight days he was in a coma -- he couldn't be saved nor would death claim him. On the one hand the king prayed for his life, while on the other hand, aware of so much pain and suffering all around, he felt the futility of life at the same time. The king could not sleep for eight nights, but then, around four o'clock one morning, sleep overtook him and he began to dream.

We generally dream of those things which we have not fulfilled in life, and so the king, sitting by his only son, his dying son, dreamed that he had twelve strong and handsome sons. He saw himself as the emperor of a large kingdom, as the ruler of the whole earth, with large and beautiful palaces. And he saw himself as extremely happy. As he was dreaming all this....

Time runs faster in a dream; in a dream timing is totally different from our day-to-day time. In a moment a dream can cover a span of many years, and after waking up you will find it difficult to figure out how so many years were covered in a dream that lasted just a few moments! Time actually moves very fast in a dream; many years can be spanned in one moment.

So, just as the king was dreaming about his twelve sons and their beautiful wives, about his palaces and the great kingdom, the ill, twelve-year-old prince died. The queen screamed, and the king's sleep came to an abrupt end. He awoke with a shock. Worriedly, the queen asked, "Why do you look so frightened? Why are there no tears in your eyes? Why don't you say something?

The king said, "No, I am not frightened, I am confused. I am in a great quandary. I am wondering who I should cry for? Should I cry for the twelve sons I had a moment ago, or should I cry for this son I have just lost? The thing that's bothering me is, who has died? And the strange thing is that when I was with those twelve sons, I had no knowledge of this son. He was nowhere at all; there was no trace of him, or of you. Now that I am out of the dream, this palace is here, you are here, my son is here -- but those palaces and those sons have disappeared. Which is true? Is this true, or was that true? I cannot figure it out."

Once you remember your past lives, you will find it difficult to figure out whether what you are seeing in this life is true or not. You will realize you have seen the same stuff many times before and none of it has endured forever -- everything is lost. Then the question will arise: "Is what I am seeing now just as true as what I saw before? ... Because this will run its course too and fade away like all other previous dreams.

When we watch a movie it appears to be real. After the film has ended, it takes us a few moments to come back to our reality, to acknowledge that what we saw in the theater was merely an illusion. In fact, many people who ordinarily are incapable of giving vent to their feelings are moved to tears in a movie. They feel greatly relieved, because otherwise they would have had to find some other pretext for releasing their feelings. They let themselves cry or laugh in the theater. When we come out of the movie, the first thing that occurs to us is how deeply we let ourselves become identified with the happenings on the screen. If the same movie is seen every day the illusion gradually begins to clear. But then we also forget what happened to us during the last movie, and once again, when we go to a new film, we start believing in its events.

If we could regain the memories of our past lives, our present birth would also begin to look like a dream. How many times before have these winds blown! How many times before have these clouds moved in the sky! They all appeared and then they vanished, and so will the ones here now -- they are already in the process of disappearing! If we can come to realize this, we will experience what is known as maya. Along with this we will also experience that a**l happenings, all events are quite unreal -- they are never identical, but they are transient. One dream comes, is followed by another dream, and is followed by yet another dream. The pilgrim starts from one moment and enters into the next one. Moment after moment, the moments keep disappearing, but the pilgrim continues moving on.

So two experiences occur simultaneously: one, the objective world is an illusion, maya -- only the observer is real; second, what appears is false -- only the seer, only the witness of it is true. Appearances change every day -- they have always changed -- only the witness, the observer is the same as before, changeless. And remember, as long as appearances seem real, your attention will not focus on the onlooker, on the witness. Only when appearances turn out to be unreal does one become aware of the witness.

Hence, I say, remembering past lives is useful, but only after you have gone deeper into meditation. Go deep into meditation so you may attain the ability to see life as a dream. Becoming a mahatma, a holy man, is as much of a dream as becoming a thief -- you can have good dreams and you can have bad dreams. And the interesting thing is that the dream of being a thief is likely to dissolve soon, whereas the dream of being a mahatma takes a little longer to disappear because it seems so very enjoyable. And so the dream of being a mahatma is more dangerous than the dream of being a thief. We want to prolong our enjoyable dreams, while the painful ones dissolve by themselves. That's why it so often happens that a sinner succeeds in attaining to God while a holy man does not.

I have told you a few things about remembering your past lives, but you will have to go into meditation for this. Let us start to move within from this very day onward; only then can we be prepared for what follows next. Without this preparation, it is difficult to enter into past lives.

For example, there is a big house with underground cellars. If a man, standing outside the house, wants to enter the cellars, he will first have to step inside the house, because the way to the cellar is from inside the house. Our past lives are like cellars. Once upon a time we lived there, and then we abandoned them -- now we are living somewhere else. Nevertheless, we are standing outside the house at this point. In order to uncover the memories of past lives, we shall have to enter the house. There is nothing difficult, bothersome or dangerous about it.

Source - Osho Book "And Now, And Here"

03-04-2012, 05:08 PM


Osho on State of Souls in Bodiless State

Question - Osho, you have told us what happens to the Soul during that timeless interval between two Births. But some points remain unresolved, regarding the Bodiless Soul: in that bodiless state, does the Soul remain stationary or can it move about? And how does it recognize other Souls? In that state, is there any possibility of a dialogue between Souls?

Osho - In this connection, two or three things may be remembered. Firstly, neither is there any stationary condition nor any movement in that state. That is why it becomes even more difficult to understand. It is easy for us to understand that if there is no movement there must be a state of rest or vice versa. In our thinking, these are the only two possibilities for everything. We think that in the absence of one the other must prevail.

We are also under the impression that these two states are opposite to each other. So firstly, we should understand that movement and non-movement are not opposites, but different aspects of the same thing. When the movement is such that we are not able to see or grasp it, we call it non-movement.

Movement is, likewise, a state of non-movement which we are not able to comprehend. If something moves at a great speed, you will find that it appears stationary. If a fan is moved at a high speed, you will not be able to see the blades. At that speed, you will not be able even to tell how many blades the fan has, because the empty space between the three blades becomes filled before we can see it.

A fan can move so quickly that you cannot put anything through the spaces between the blades. Things can be moved in such a way that even if you touch them with your hand you will feel that they are not moving. That is why science says that all things that appear stationary to us are also moving, but the movement is very fast and at levels that are beyond the grasp of our senses. Therefore, movement and non-movement are not two things. They are different states of the same thing differing only in degree.

In the realm where there is no body, both these conditions will not be there because where there is no body there is neither time nor space. From what we have known thus far, it is not possible for us to conceive of a realm beyond time and space because we have not known anything that is beyond. What then shall we call that condition? We do not even have any word to express a condition where there is no time and space.

When, during a religious experience, messages of such a state were received for the first time, difficulties arose regarding how to describe it. What is the name of that state? An embarrassment similar to this is also experienced by science when it has difficulty in naming a newly discovered phenomenon; when something happens which is different from and beyond all our pertinent knowledge, this becomes very difficult.

For example, some years ago, when the electron was first discovered, the question arose whether to call it a particle or a wave. We cannot call it a particle because matter is always static; nor can we call it a wave because a wave is always moving and is weightless. The electron is both simultaneously. Then difficulty arises – because in our understanding a thing can be only one of the two, but not both.

But the electron is both a particle as well as a wave. Sometimes we comprehend it as a particle, sometimes as a wave. There is no word in any language of the world to express this phenomenon. For the scientists who observed this, it seemed inconceivable. It became a mystery. When people asked Einstein why he was describing the electron as both a particle and a wave, they felt that his thinking was becoming illogical and mysterious.

Einstein, in reply, then asked them whether he should believe fact or logic. The fact is that the electron is both at the same time, but logic tells us that a thing can be only one at a time. A man is either standing or walking. Logic tells us that he can be one thing at a time; he cannot be both standing and walking simultaneously. Logic, therefore, will not agree. But the experience of the electron required that scientists should put aside logic and hold fast to facts. The electron is an example.

The experience of religious individuals tells us that during that interval between the leaving of one body and the taking of another, the bodiless soul is neither stationary nor in movement. This is beyond our understanding. That is why some religions say the bodiless soul is stationary and others say that it is in movement. But this is only due to the difficulty of explaining – because the boundaries of space and time within which movement or non-movement is observed do not exist during that interval.

For both movement or non-movement, a body is necessary. Without body, there can be neither movement nor non-movement. The body is the only medium through which these conditions can be observed. For example, this is my hand. I can either move it or keep it steady. Someone may ask, when I do not have this physical hand, whether or not my soul will be moving. The question itself is meaningless because without this hand the soul can neither move nor remain stationary.

Movement and nonmovement are both qualities of the body. Beyond body, the words movement and non-movement have no meaning. This is applicable to all dualities. Take, for example, the condition of speaking and the condition of remaining silent. Without the body, it is neither possible to speak nor to remain silent. Ordinarily, we can understand that it is not possible to speak without body, but it is difficult to understand that it is not possible even to be silent without body.

Through the medium which enables one to speak, one can express silence as well. Becoming silent is only a way of speaking, a state of speaking. Silence is not only a state of not speaking, but of speaking as well. For example, a man is blind. One may feel that perhaps he is only able to see darkness. This is illusion. Even to see darkness, eyes are necessary. Without eyes, it is not possible even to see darkness.

You may close your eyes and think that because you are seeing darkness it is possible, but you are making a mistake. While you close your eyes, your eyes do not cease to be there; you do not become blind. If you become blind after once having had eyes, then you will know what darkness is. But for the one who is blind since birth it is not possible to know what darkness is, because darkness is also an experience of eyes. You experience darkness with the same medium used to experience light. One who is blind since birth cannot know what darkness is.

You hear through your ears. In language, we may say that one who has no ears is not hearing. But that state of not hearing is also not known to those who are deaf. Ears are necessary even to know that you did not hear. It is just like eyes being necessary to know what darkness is. Non-movement is possible only through that sense in which there is movement. If there is no sense, there is no experience of non-movement.

In the bodiless state, the soul can neither speak nor remain silent. There is no instrument for speaking or for remaining silent. All experiences are dependent on the instrument – on the body, on the senses. But this does not mean that such a bodiless soul has reached liberation. The descriptions of a soul in liberation and one that is in the interval between life and rebirth may appear similar. What then is the difference between the liberated soul and the one that is in this interval? The difference is of potentiality, of seed existence.

During the bodiless existence, the interval between two bodies, the experiences and impressions of all previous births remain with the soul in seed form. As soon as the soul acquires a body, they will become active. For example, if we cut the feet of a person, his experiences of running will not disappear. Without feet he can neither run nor stop, because if he cannot run how can he stop? But if he acquires feet, all of his experiences and impressions will become active again and he will be able to run if he wants to.

It is like taking away a car from a person who has always been driving. Now he cannot drive a car or press an accelerator – because he has no car. Neither can he apply brakes to slow down. But his experiences of car driving remain with him. He is out of the car, but his experiences of driving remain with him in seed form. If he acquires a car after some years, he will be able to drive it as soon as he puts his foot on the accelerator.

The liberated soul becomes free of these impressions, whereas in the interval between two bodies the soul only becomes free of the senses, the instruments. In liberation, all experiences, impressions and desires are destroyed. In both conditions of the soul, there is one similarity – that there is no body. But there is one dissimilarity. In liberation there is neither body nor the chain of bodily experiences. In the interval between births, though there is no body, there is a great chain of body related experiences existing in seed form which can become active at any time upon acquisition of a body.

So whatever experiences one may have in this interval will be such as can be had without body. As I have said, these will be experiences of meditation. But the experiences of meditation are had only by very few persons. Out of millions of people, only one has that experience of meditation. What experiences can the remaining people have? Their experiences will be of a dream life. In a dream, no sense participates.

It is possible that if a person is in a dream, and if you can keep him in the dream and cut off his limbs, his dream may not be disturbed. But the chances are that his sleep will break. If it were possible to cut off his limbs one after the other without breaking his sleep, then his dream would continue undisturbed because none of the limbs of the body are necessary for the dream. The body is not at all active in a dream; there is no use of the body in it. Without the body the dream experience will remain. In fact, all experiences will remain in dream form.

If someone were to ask you whether you are stationary or in movement during a dream, you would find it difficult to reply. When you awake from the dream, you find that all along you were lying in the same place, but you were in a dream. Upon waking, you find that there have been long, deep happenings in the dream, but, remember, there was no movement at all in it. If you understand properly, you will find that you are not even a participant in a dream.

In a deep sense, you can only be a witness. That is why one can see oneself dying in a dream; one can see one’s own body lying dead. In a dream, if you see yourself walking, then the one whom you see walking is a dream phenomenon and you are but a witness. That is why religion has put forth the idea that if a person can view this world like a dream he will have the highest religious experience. From this only, the theological concept of calling this world
maya – an illusion or a dream – has been put forth.

The deeper meaning of this is that if one can view the world as if in a dream, then one becomes a witness. In a dream, one is always a witness and no one is a participant. In no circumstances are you ever an actor. Though you may see yourself as an actor, you are always the spectator, the seer, the one who is seeing.

Therefore, all bodiless experiences will be like dreams – seed-like. Those whose experiences have created misery for them will see nightmares and dreams of hell. Those whose experiences have brought them happiness will dream of heaven and will be happy in their dreams. But these are all dreamlike experiences. Sometimes different types of events may also happen, but these kinds of experiences will differ.

Occasionally, it may so happen that souls which are neither stationary nor in movement will enter other bodies. But to say that the souls will enter is a linguistic fallacy. It would be better to say that some body may behave in such a way that it will cause a soul to enter into it. The world of such souls is not different from ours. That world exists also beside us, close by. We are all residing in the same world. Every inch of space that is here is filled with souls. The space right here which appears empty to us is also full.

There are two types of bodies which are in a state of deep receptivity. One is of those that are in great fear. Those who are in great fear cause their souls to contract within their bodies – so much so that they vacate some parts of the body completely. Some nearby souls drift into these empty parts like water entering a ditch. At such times, these souls experience things that only a soul with a body can experience.

Secondly, a soul can enter a body when it is in a deep prayerful moment. In such prayerful moments also, the soul contracts. But during fearful moments, only such souls drift in which are in great misery and agony, that see only nightmares. Those are the ones whom we call evil spirits. Because a frightened person happens to be in an ugly and dirty state, no higher soul can enter him. A fearful person is like a ditch: only downward moving souls can enter.

A prayerful person is like a peak: only upward moving souls can enter. A prayerful person becomes filled with so much inner fragrance and so much inner beauty that only the highest souls take interest in him. And such higher souls will enter only by what we call invocation, invitation or prayer. Both these types of experiences by souls are such as could be had only with body. Thus, there is a complete science for invoking devatas – gods. These devatas do not descend from some heaven, nor do those whom we call evil spirits come from hell or some devil’s world. They are all present right here, coexisting with us.

Actually, in the same space, there is a multidimensional existence. For example, this room where we are sitting is full of air. If someone burns some incense, some aromatic substance, the room will become filled with fragrance. If someone sings a melodious song, sound waves will also fill the room. But the smoke of the incense will not clash with the waves of the song.

This room can be filled with music as well as with light, but no light wave will clash with any sound wave. Nor will the light waves have to leave to make room for the entry of sound waves. In fact, this very space is filled in one dimension by sound waves, in another by light waves and in a third dimension by the air waves. Likewise, hundreds of things fill this room in hundreds of different dimensions. They do not in any way hinder one another, nor does any one thing have to move out of the way for something else. Therefore, all this space is multidimensional.

For example, in this place we have a table, but we cannot keep another table in the same place because tables are of the same dimension. But an existence of another dimension will not find the table to be a barrier. All these souls are very much near us; any time there can be an entry. When the souls enter, then they will have a bodily type of experience, and these experiences are such as can be had only through body.

Another factor concerns the way in which these souls that enter living bodies communicate. Communication is possible only between the soul entering and the soul existing in the body. That is why, so far on this earth, no spirit, evil or godly, has been able to communicate directly with us, right before our very eyes. But it is not true there has not been any communication. Communication takes place.

Information that we have about heaven and hell is not something out of people’s imaginations, but it has been communicated by such souls through mediums. Thus, in olden times, there was a system. For example, with the Vedas of the Hindus, none of the rishis of the Vedas would ever say that he was the writer of such and such a Veda; in fact, he was not a writer at all. It is not out of humility or modesty that the rishis did not claim to be the writers.

It is a fact that what they had written down was, in a sense, heard by them. This is a very clear experience: when some soul enters into you and speaks, the experience is so clear that you know full well you are sitting aside while someone else and not you is speaking. You too are the listener and not the speaker. This is not easy to know from outside, but if observed with proper attention it is possible.

For example, the manner and style of speech will be different, the tone will differ, the diction and the language will also differ. To the original owner of the body, everything will be crystal clear from inside. If some evil spirit has entered, then the person will perhaps be so much afraid that he will become unconscious. But if a celestial soul has entered, then he will be aware and awakened such as he never was before.

Then the situation will be crystal clear to him. So those in whom the evil spirits enter will be very clear about the fact that someone had entered into them only after such evil spirits leave the body – because they become so fearful that they faint and fall unconscious. But those in whom celestial souls enter will be able to say at the very moment that ”what is being spoken is by someone else, not by me.”

Just as two persons may use only one microphone, both these voices will use the same instrument. One will stop speaking while the other will start. When the senses of the body can be so used, it is possible for bodiless souls to communicate. That is how whatever is known to this world about devas and evil spirits becomes communicated. There is no other way to know about these things. For all this, complete sciences have been evolved.

Once a science is evolved, things become easier to understand. Then these things can be made use of with full understanding. When these kinds of events happened in the past, scientific principles were derived from them. For example, if accidentally and suddenly some celestial soul had entered into someone, then from the study of that happening certain principles regarding the conditions conducive for such a phenomenon would be evolved. Then it could be said that if such conditions can be created again, then again such souls will enter.

For example, Mohammedans will burn lobhan and benzoin. This is a method of inviting good spirits by creating a specific fragrant atmosphere. Hindus also burn incense, and they light a flame made from ghee. These things appear to be ritualistic formalities today, but at one time they had a deep meaning. Hindus will chant a specific mantra which becomes an invocation. It is not necessary that there should be a meaning to the mantra.

Ordinarily there is none, because mantras with meaning become distorted with the passage of time. But meaningless mantras do not become distorted. With a meaningless mantra nothing extraneous can enter with the passage of time. That is why all mantras of depth are meaningless. They have no meaning, so they remain changeless.

They are only sounds. There are methods for the chanting of these sounds. If there is a specified beat, intensity and rhythm, the soul that is invoked will enter instantly. And if the soul for whom the mantra was devised is dissolved into nirvana, another soul of similar purity will enter. All the religions of the world have certain mantras. The Jainas have Namokar.

Source : from Osho Book "Dimensions Beyond the Known"

03-04-2012, 05:48 PM

ADMIRATION. One wants to be admired because one has
no respect for oneself. We are brought up with guilt feelings
deeply rooted in us. From the very beginning we are condemned
by the parents, by the teachers, by the priests, by
the politicians, by the whole establishment.

A single note is continuously repeated to every child: that
"Whatsoever you are doing is not right. You are doing what
should not be done and you are not doing what should be
done." Every child is given di rectly and indirectly the
impression that he is not really wanted, that his parents are
tired, that he is being somehow tolerated, that he is a

This creates a deep wound in every person, and a rejection
of oneself arises. To cover up that wound we expect admiration;
admiration is a compensation. If you respect yourself
that is more than enough; if you love yourself there is no
need for any admiration, there is no desire at all, because
once you start expecting admiration from others you start
compromising with them. You have to fulfill their expectations,
only then will they admire you. You have to be
according to their dictates. you cannot live a life of freedom.

You become crippled and paralyzed. you become retarded.

You don't grow up. You become so afraid of your own self
that you are constantly on guard, because you know if you
allow yourself you are bound to do something wrong—
because all that you have ever done was labeled violating and
now there is a trembling inside. You cannot depend on
yourself, you have to depend on others.


my hero
03-04-2012, 06:45 PM

The Ross Internet Archives for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements.

Seeing a cult through a child's eyes
National Post (Canada)/February 12, 2005
By Robert Fulford
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, a bearded, twinkling-eyed advocate of spontaneous giggling as a path to enlightenment, told jokes he cribbed from Playboy and rewarded faithful followers by sending them his toenail clippings in nice little boxes. He was a charismatic charlatan from India and a huge success in the West. Thousands of North American and European devotees provided him with so much money that at his height, in the 1980s, he owned 93 Rolls-Royce limousines.

Rajneesh beat his competitors in the spirituality business by providing a unique one-stop cult, ready to service all needs. Long before university presidents and politicians made a fetish of inclusiveness, he concocted a mishmash theology that encompassed Buddhism, astrology, meditation, free sex, Tarot cards, primal scream, the I-Ching and encounter therapy. He taught that getting pickled on champagne enhanced wisdom. His ashrams even had Christmas trees.

When the subject of quasi-religious con men comes up, parents shudder at the thought of their children falling under the influence of a corrupt Pied Piper. But parents can retain some of their own dignity even while pretending to "understand" a teenager's foolishness. Small children, on the other hand, become helpless victims when their parents abandon reason and donate themselves to a cult.

Tim Guest, now a London journalist, was four years old when his mother fell into Rajneesh's web. In his new memoir, My Life in Orange: Growing Up With The Guru (Granta), he sees the cult's workings through a child's eyes. His mother unthinkingly drafted him into her madness, first marking him in public by dyeing both his clothes and hers a bright orange. With a new name, Prem Yogesh, he spent the next six years living wherever Rajneesh sent his mother -- India, Oregon, Cologne and Suffolk. He studied in Rajneesh schools, ate Rajneesh-approved food, and slept in dormitories with other conscripted children. He went long periods without seeing his mother; in communal life he had 200 "mothers" but not the one he wanted.

Those who followed Rajneesh, working to enrich him while wearing his picture on a chain around their necks, tended to be well educated but gullible. Typically, they yearned to believe in something but were too cool to settle for square Father Phil, stodgy Rev. Tom, or pious Rabbi Saul. Tim's mother grew up as a poor Catholic who dreamt of becoming a saint. Instead, she was a Marxist feminist and a psychology Ph.D. in her late twenties when she heard a tape of Rajneesh preaching: "Surrender to me, and I will transform you. That is my promise."

Like many others, she yearned to escape materialism. Once in Rajneesh's clutches, however, she found herself, renamed Ma Prem Vismaya, enacting a parody of capitalism. This irony dominated the lives of everyone devoted to Rajneesh. His global corporation had financial planners, real-estate specialists and expansion targets. Senior disciples fussed over the corporate logo, indulged in bitter office politics, and competed to determine who was "the most ego-less," therefore the most enlightened.

03-04-2012, 07:53 PM

ANIMA In each being there is anima. "Anima" means the
feminine principle, the passive principle, the inactive principle,
the woman, yin ... it is the substance of consciousness.
It is not consciousness itself but the substance. Without it
consciousness cannot exist. It is the very matter, it is the
house in which consciousness lives .. .

It is very simple. The woman is immensely tethered to
the body, to the substance, to the house. If man had been
left alone, at the most there would have been tents but not
houses . . . Man would have remained a vagabond, a
wanderer, a traveler, a hunter. He would have continued
to rush from one place to another. You can see it in many
ways. There are many manifestaions of it .

The woman remains attached to property: the house, the
car, the land, her ornaments, her clothes. This is because
of the principle inside. She is the substance of consciousness
. .
Meditate over the words "substance of consciousness": the
very foundation of consciousness. It is not consciousness
itself but the house where consciousness lives .
Animus is the male principle, yang ..

The feminine principle lives in the body, it is very material.
That's why women are always materialistic. Their considerations
are very practical, they are very pragmatic ..
Man is a dreamer. The male principle is the principle of
dreaming. No woman can understand why people are so
interested in going to the moon. It looks so foolish. For what?
What are you going to do there—some shopping? .. .

The woman is practical, down-to-earth. She is earthly. The
male principle is like the sky, and the female principle is
like the earth. Man dreams, plans, desires, longs for
unknown things. Man is an adventurer, ready to risk his
life for any dream that takes possession of him ..

The anima in everybody, whether man or woman, has to
be subjugated. Why?—because it is the form, it is the body,
it is matter. The spirit has to be the master, the spirit has
to rise above the body. The spirit has to make the body
follow it, not vice versa. So whether one is a man or a woman
doesn't matter. The anima inside has to be made a follower
of the animus because only the animus can search and
seek .. .

In the search for God, or truth, the man has to lead and
the woman has to follow. Inside you the animus has to
become the master, and the anima has to become the
disciple—and, remember again, irrespective of whether you
are man or woman .. .

Woman is stagnant. Man is dynamic. That's why you see
women looking so restful and men looking so restless .. .
The principle of rest is woman and the principle of
restlessness is man, hence the roundness and the beauty
of woman and the constant feverish state of man.

But to grow you will need the restless principle in you,
because growth means change. The woman is basically
orthodox, the man is basically unconventional. The woman
always supports the status quo, and the man is already ready
to go for any stupid revolution. Anything changing, and he
is for it .

Growth needs the principle of stasis in you to melt. The
woman in you is frozen; it has to be melted so you can
become a river. But the river also needs the support of the
banks—which are static, remember. If the river has no banks
it will never reach the ocean. So the river has to melt,
become water, and still has to take the support of the banks,
which are static. The perfect man is one who has used his
dynamism as the river and who has used his stasis as the
banks. This is the perfect balance. Then you have used your
animus to grow, and you have used your anima to make
your growth an established fact, not just a momentary
phenomenon .. .

But ordinarily, men, women—everybody has become
static. Even men are so orthodox. Christians, Hindus,
Mohammedans, Jainas—even men are so orthodox. They
have fallen victim to their anima, their animus has been subjugated.
It has to be released.

That's my whole effort here: to release your animus from
the grip of the anima. Once the animus is released from the
grip of your anima, then we can use the anima too; but not
before. Hence my insistence on dynamic methods of meditation
. . .

Vipassana, Zazen are anima methods, feminine methods.
Sufi dancing, Dynamic Meditation, Nataraj, they are animus
methods. First you have to become a river, only then can
your banks be used as supports .. .

If your anima can help your animus that is real marriage,
the inner marriage. Then you start becoming integrated .. .
Then anima and animus melt into each other. And when
they melt utterly, the world has disappeared, you are again
one. And to be one is know God. To remain two is to remain
in the world. And the secret, the experiment, has to happen
within you, it has nothing to do with the outside world.

Inside you these two principles are constantly in fight. Call
them l i fe/death, darkness / light , man/woman, x/z -
whatsover you will—but these two principles are there, continuously
in fight. And that is your anguish, your misery,
your hell. Let them become friends. Let your energy circulate
in them, not against each other, let them come closer to each
other. Let there be an inner orgasm, an inner intercourse
between the woman and the man. That's what in Tantra is
called yuganaddlia, the meeting of the man and woman
within you. That is real Tantra. The meeting of the man and
woman on the outside is just an introduction.


03-04-2012, 08:06 PM
Prem Jan. Prem means love. Jan is a form of
Hebrew, John. John the most beloved disciple of
Jesus, hence his name has become a symbol of

Love is the most essential quality, the
fundamental quality, without which nobody can be
a disciple It is easy to be a student -- it needs no
love, it needs only logic -- because the
communication between the teacher and the
student is from head to head. It is verbal,
intellectual, logical.

The teacher simply imparts information and the
student accumulates it in his memory. There is no
question of love. Love does not arise between
the teacher and the student, hence the
relationship is impersonal; it is not a relationship
at all. It is very formal.

But to be a disciple is totally different. It is not
something formal. It is a commitment, it is
involvement. It is becoming part of the master. It
needs not communication from head to head but
a communion from heart to heart. The verbal part
is not that important.

The nonverbal part is far more essential,
because the master is not a teacher, just as the
disciple is not a student. The master has no
information to impart to you...

– Osho
I Am Not As Thunk As You Drink I Am, ch. 1

03-04-2012, 10:30 PM
(Mechthild's way, and that of all his sannyasins, lies beyond battle, beyond conflict, Osho begins.)

Life is not a battle although we have been told for centuries that it is. Not only have religious people
been poisoning us but even the scientists have co-operated. Religious people have always been saying that
life is a struggle, a battle, a constant fight And then Charles Darwin started the idea of the survival of the
fittest only those who are capable of fighting are going to survive and the fittest -- and by fittest he means
the most cunning, the most clever, the most deceptive.

But the truth is that life is not a battle at all. To take it as a battle is to miss it The true religion will say
life is a love affair. And only when we take life as a love affair is there a possibility of knowing its
mysteries. We have not to conquer it, we are part of it -- how can the part conquer the whole? There is no
need at all, the whole idea is stupid. We have to enjoy it, we have to dance with it, sing with it.

Hence my whole philosophy of sannyas can be put in two simple words, 'let-go'. And that is the meaning
of your name: go beyond the idea of fighting, learn to love and relax and surrender and trust and you will
come to know all that is worth knowing, all that makes life a tremendously beautiful phenomenon.

(Bliss isn't a pot of gold at the end of the road, it's the flowers alone the wayside, Osho reminds us.)
Truth is not a goal but a pilgrimage from nowhere to nowhere. It is an eternal enquiry because the
mysteries are infinite; you cannot come to an end. In existence there is no full stop. Existence is not like a
movie film which begins at a point and then 'The End' comes. It is an ongoing celebration, it has been going
on since eternity and it is going to continue. There is no beginning and no end.

So the real seeker of truth enjoys every moment of the journey. He is not goal-oriented. The
goal-oriented person is always miserable because his joy is not here but there at the end of the journey, and
the journey is such that it never ends, so he is always miserable. Wherever he is, he is miserable because his
joy, his bliss, is somewhere there on the horizon where the earth meets the sky. But they only appear to
meet, they never meet anywhere. You can go round and round the earth and the horizon, where the earth
meets the sky, is always ahead of you. But it is an illusion; they are not meeting anywhere.

Truth is never achieved; you cannot possess it, it is not a thing to possess. Truth is the realisation that
each moment belongs to it, that wherever you are you are in it or to be more precise, you are it. The seeker
and the sought are not two, the journey and the goal are not two, the first step is also the last step.
The moment one drops all goals life becomes a sheer ecstasy. Then there is no need to be anxious,
worried, about whether you are going to make it or not. There is no tension because there is no future.
present is enough unto itself.

Jesus says to his disciples 'Look at the lilies in the field. And the poor lilies,' he says 'are far more
beautiful than even the great emperor Solomon attired in his precious garments.'

Why are they more beautiful than the emperor Solomon? Jesus answer is tremendously beautiful. He
himself has raised the question and answered it.

He says 'Because they think not of the morrow.' They are not worried about the future -- that is their
beauty. They are just herenow.

My sannyasins have to be just like lilies in the field.


03-04-2012, 10:51 PM
Osho on Faith and Belief

Osho : Faith to a Christian or to a Mohammedan or to a Hindu is nothing but another word for belief, and a belief is never anything but a repressed doubt.

Every belief has behind it a doubt. To repress the doubt you believe more and more ... but the doubt goes deeper and deeper into your unconscious. Faith in the world of Gautam Buddha's experience is not belief. It has nothing to do with doctrines and philosophies, theologies, ideologies. It has something to do with trust, something to do with love, something to do with being at ease with the world, however it is.

There is an ancient story of a Zen monk ... Every night the king used to go on a round of his capital in disguise, to see whether things were alright or there was some trouble which he was not allowed to know. Is somebody miserable? -- if he could do something, he wanted to know it directly, not through so many mediators and bureaucracies. He was always puzzled by a very beautiful, very silent man, always standing under a tree. Whatever time of the night he went, the man was always standing there silently, just like a marble statue.

Naturally, curiosity arose, and finally he could not resist the temptation to ask this man what he was guarding. He could not see that he had anything ... in fact he was standing naked. The young man laughed and said, "I am guarding myself; I don't have anything else. But guarding itself -- being alert and aware and awake -- is the greatest treasure. You have much, but you don't have the guard."

The king was puzzled, but intrigued by the beauty of the man and by the authority of his words. Every night they used to talk a little bit, and slowly, slowly a great friendship arose. The naked monk never asked, "Who are you?"

The king asked him, "I have been asking so many questions of you -- who you are, from where you have come, what you are doing, what is your discipline -- but you have never asked me, 'Who are you?'"

The young man said, "If you knew who you were, you would not have been asking all these questions. I don't want to humiliate you -- I simply accept whoever you are. I never asked the trees, I never asked the animals, the birds, I never asked the stars -- why should I ask you? It is perfectly good that you are, and I am perfectly at ease with you and with everything."

The question is an uneasiness, it is a tension; it arises deep down from fear. One wants to know the other, because the other may turn out to be an enemy, may turn out to be mad. The other has to be made predictable, then one feels at ease. But can you make anybody predictable?

The young man said, "Nothing can be predicted. Everything goes on moving into more and more mysteries, and I am perfectly at ease; whatever is happening is a joy. Each moment is so sweet and so fragrant, I cannot ask for more. Whoever you are, you are good. I love you, I love everybody ... I simply love. I don't know any other way to relate with existence."

This is faith: not knowing another way to relate with existence except love, except a total acceptance -- the one suchness. The king was so impressed. He knew well that a man who has renounced the world, even renounced his clothes, and in cold winter nights goes on standing alone in his silence, is bound to refuse his invitation -- a simple expectation of any human being.

But he said, "I have fallen in so much love with you that the whole day I wait for when the night comes and I go

on my round. I am always afraid that some day you may not be here. I want you to be closer to me. Can I invite you to my palace? I will arrange everything as you want."

There was not even a single moment's hesitation and the man said, "This is a good idea." The king was shocked. One expects from a saint that he has renounced the world, he cannot come back to the world -- and the saint would have risen in honor and respect in his eyes.

But the man said, "This is a perfect idea! I can just go with you right now. I don't have anything to carry with me, no arrangements have to be made."

The king was in doubt -- perhaps he has been befooled. Perhaps this man is not a saint; he has only been pretending and must have been waiting for this moment. But now it was very difficult to take the invitation back. So sadly, reluctantly, he had to take the man whom he had desired so much, loved so much, his company, his presence, his eyes, his every gesture ... He gave him the best palace where his guests, other kings and emperors, used to stay.

He was hoping that the saint would say, "No, I don't need these golden beds and marble palaces. I am a naked monk, more in tune with the trees, with the wind, with the cold, with the heat." But instead of this, the man became very interested. He said, "Great! This is the right place!"

The king could not sleep the whole night, although the monk slept the whole night perfectly well in those luxurious surroundings. From that morning the monk's respectability in the mind of the king went down every day, because he was eating luxurious food, he was no longer naked, he was using the costliest robes. He was not worried about women -- the most beautiful women were serving him and he was quite at ease, as if nothing had happened. He looked just the same as he did naked under the tree.

But it was too much; it was becoming a wound in the king's heart that he had really been befooled, cheated. Now, how to get rid of this man? He is not a saint ... One day he asked him, "I have been carrying a question in my mind for many, many days, but have not been courageous enough to ask."

The man said, "I know -- not many, many days, but from the very moment when I accepted your invitation."

The king was again shocked. He said, "What do you mean?" He said, "I could see that very moment the change in your face, in your eyes. If I had rejected your offer, you would have respected me, touched my feet. But I don't reject anything. My acceptance is total. If you are inviting me, it is perfectly good. When I said the palace is
right, it is not the palace that is right, I am right wherever I am. I was right under the tree naked; I am right under these royal robes, surrounded by beautiful women, all the luxuries.

Naturally I know you must be very puzzled. You look tired, you look sad, you don't look your old self. You can ask me the question, although I know the question." The king said, "If you know the question, then the question now is that I want to know what is the difference between me and you?"

The young man laughed and he said, "I will answer, but not here because you will not understand it. We will go for a morning walk, and at the right place, at the right moment, I will answer."

So they both went on the horses for a good morning ride, and the king was waiting and waiting. It was a beautiful morning, but he was not there to enjoy the morning; only the young man was enjoying. Finally the king said, "Now this river is the boundary of my empire. Beyond the river I cannot go; that belongs to someone with whom we have been enemies for centuries. We have ridden miles, and now it is time enough. It is getting hot, the middle of the day."

The man said, "Yes, my answer is -- this is your robe, this is your horse" -- and getting off his horse, he took off the robe. He said, "I am going to the other side of the river, because I don't have any enemies. This robe was never mine, and this horse was never mine. Just one small question: Are you coming with me or not?"

The king said, "How can I come with you? I have to look after the kingdom. My whole life's work, struggle, fight, ambition is behind me in the kingdom. How can I go with you?" The man said, "That is the difference. I can go -- I don't have anything in the palace, I don't have anything to lose, nothing belongs to me. As long as it was available, I enjoyed the suchness of it. Now I will enjoy the wild trees, the river, the sun."

The king, as if awakened from a nightmare, could see again that he had been mistaken. That man had not been deceiving him; he was authentically a man of realization. He said, "I beg your pardon. I touch your feet. Don't go, otherwise I will never be able to forgive myself."

The young man said, "To me there is no problem. I can come back, but you will still start doubting, so it is better that you let me go. I will be just standing by the other side of the bank under that beautiful tree. Whenever you want to come you can come -- at least to the other shore -- and see me. I have no problem in coming back, but I am not coming back because I don't want to disturb your nights and days, and create tensions and worries."

The more he became reluctant, the more the king started feeling sorry and sad, guilty about what he had done. But the young monk said, "You could not understand me because you don't understand the experience of suchness: wherever you are, you are in a deep love relationship with everything that is. You don't have to change anybody, you don't have to change anything, you don't have to change yourself. Everything is as it should be; it is the most perfect world.

"This is my faith, this is not my belief. It is not that I believe it is so, it is that I experience it is so." So 'faith' in the world of Gautam Buddha and his disciples has a totally different dimension, a different significance. It is not belief. Belief is always in a concept -- a God, a heaven, a hell, a certain theology, a certain system of ideas. Belief is of the mind and faith is of your whole being. Belief is borrowed, faith is your own immediate experience. You can believe in God, but you cannot have faith in God. You can have faith in the trees, but you cannot believe in the trees. Faith is existential, experiential.

Source: " The Great Zen Master Ta Hui " - Osho

03-04-2012, 11:48 PM
SUBHIRA - Laguna Escondida - YouTube
Hidden Lagoon, Subhira

11.- Zilfus

04-04-2012, 12:43 AM
14 October 1980 am in Buddha Hall
The first question:
Question 1

Prem Hamid,

MAN certainly is a biocomputer, but something more too. About ninety-nine point nine percent of
people it can be said that they are only biocomputers and nothing more. Ordinarily one is only the
body and the mind, and both are composites. Unless one moves into meditation one cannot find
that which is something more, something transcendental to body and mind.

The psychologists, particularly the behaviorists, have been studying man for half a century, but they
study the ordinary man, and of course their thesis is proved by all their studies. The ordinary man,
the unconscious man, has nothing more in him than the bodymind composite. The body is the outer
side of the mind and the mind the inner side of the body. Both are born and both will die one day.

But there is something more. That something more makes a man awakened, enlightened, a Buddha,
a Christ. But a Buddha or a Christ is not available to be studied by Pavlov, Skinner, Delgado and
others. Their study is about the unconscious man, and of course when you study the unconscious
man you will not find anything transcendental in him. The transcendental exists in the unconscious
man only as a potential, as a possibility; it is not yet realized, it is not yet a reality. Hence you cannot
study it.

You can study it only in a Buddha, but even then studying is obviously very difficult, just very close
to the impossible, because what you will study in a Buddha will again be his behavior. And if you
are determined that there is nothing more, if you have already concluded, then even in his behavior
you will see only mechanical reactions, you will not see his spontaneity. To see that spontaneity you
have also to become a participant in meditation.

Psychology can become only a real psychology when meditation becomes its foundation. The word
”psychology” means the science of the soul. Modern psychology is not yet a science of the soul.

Buddha certainly has denied the self, the ego, the ”I”, but he has not denied the soul and the self
and the soul are not synonymous. He denies the self because the self exists only in the unconscious
man. The unconscious man needs a certain idea of ”I”, otherwise he will be without a center. He
does not know his real center. He has to invent a false center so that he can at least function in the
world, otherwise his functioning will become impossible. He needs a certain idea of ”I”.

You must have heard about Descartes’ famous statement: ”COGITO ERGO SUM – I think, therefore
I am.”

A professor, teaching the philosophy of Descartes, was asked by a student, ”Sir, I think, but how do
I know that I am?”
The professor pretended to peer around the classroom. ”Who is asking the question?” he said.
”I am,” replied the student.

One needs a certain idea of ”I”, otherwise functioning will become impossible. So because we don’t
know the real ”I” we substitute it by a false ”I” – something invented, composite.

Buddha denies the self because to him ”self” simply is another name for the ego, with a little color
of spirituality, otherwise there is no difference. His word is anatta. Atta means ”self’, anatta means
”no-self”. But he is not denying the soul. In fact he says when the self is completely dropped, then
only you will come to know the soul. But he does not say anything about it because nothing can be
said about it.

His approach is via negativa. He says: You are not the body, you are not the mind, you are not
the self He goes on denying, eliminating. He eliminates everything that you can conceive of, and
then he does not say anything what is left. That which is left is your reality: that utterly pure sky
without clouds, no thought, no identity, no emotion, no desire, no ego – nothing is left. All clouds
have disappeared... just the pure sky.

It is inexpressible, unnameable, indefinable. That’s why he keeps absolutely silent about it. He
knows it that if anything is said about it you will immediately jump back to your old idea of the self If
he says, ”There is a soul in you,” what you are going to understand? You will think that, ”He calls it
soul and we call it self – it is the same. The supreme self maybe, the spiritual self; it is not ordinary
ego.” But spiritual or unspiritual, the idea of my being a separate entity is the point.

Buddha denies that you are a separate entity from the whole. You are one with the organic unity of
existence, so there is no need to say anything about your separateness. Even the word ”soul” will
give you a certain idea Of separateness; you are bound to understand it in your own unconscious


Can a biochemical computer say that? Can a biochemical computer deny the self, the soul? No
biocomputer or any other kind of computer has any idea of self or no-self. Your friend is doing
it – certainly HE is not a biochemical computer. No biochemical computer can write a thesis on
artificial intelligence! Do you think artificial intelligence can write a thesis about artificial intelligence?
Something more is needed.

And he is absolutely wrong in thinking that Buddha says also the same thing:

He is wrong to think that Buddha agrees with his viewpoint – not at all. Buddha’s experience is
of meditation. Without meditation nobody can have any idea what Buddha is saying about. Your
friend’s observation is from the standpoint of a scientific onlooker. It is not his experience, it is his
observation. He is studying biochemical computers, artificial intelligence, from the outside. Who is
studying outside?

Can you conceive two computers studying each other? The computer can have only that which has
been fed into it; it cannot have more than that. The information has to be given to it, then it keeps
it in its memory – it is a memory system. It can do miracles as far as mathematics is concerned. A
computer can be far more efficient than any Albert Einstein as far as mathematics is concerned, but
a computer cannot be a meditator. Can you imagine a computer just sitting silently doing nothing,
the spring comes and the grass grows by itself...?

There are many qualities which are impossible for the computer. A computer cannot be in love.
You can keep many computers together – they will not fall in love! A computer cannot have any
experience of beauty. A computer cannot know any bliss. A computer cannot have any awareness.
A computer is incapable of feeling silence. And these are the qualities which prove that man has
something more than artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can do scientific work, mathematical work, calculation – great calculation and
very quick and very efficiently, because it is a machine. But a machine cannot be aware of what it
is doing. A computer cannot feel boredom, a computer cannot feel meaninglessness, a computer
cannot experience anguish. A computer cannot start an enquiry about truth, it cannot renounce
the world and become a sannyasin, it cannot go to the mountains or to the monasteries. It cannot
conceive of anything beyond the mechanical – and all that is significant is beyond the mechanical.

A policeman starts chasing a car after noticing that the driver is a computer, a robot – wearing a hat,
smoking a cigar and driving with one hand hanging out of the window.

He finally succeeds in stopping the car. He approaches it and sees to his surprise that there is a
man sitting next to the computer.

”Are you mad?” exclaims the officer, ”letting your computer drive?”
”Excuse me, officer,” replies the man, ”I asked him for a lift!”
Yes, in stories it is possible, but not in reality.

Mr. Polanski enjoys playing with cuckoo clocks. One rainy Sunday morning he takes his cuckoo
clock apart and puts it back together again.

At twelve o’clock the family gathers, waiting for the pretty little bird to sing its song... nothing happens.
They wait till one o’clock – no cuckoo. At two o’clock they are still waiting for the bird to appear.
Finally, at three o’clock, the little door opens and the cuckoo comes out.

”Dammit!” it squeaks. ”Do any of you guys know the time?”

I am That, Osho

04-04-2012, 06:26 AM
Osho on Tirthankara desires to be Born again

Question - If a Tirthankara desires to be born, can he take a Physical Body?
Osho - Now this is a different matter altogether. If a tirthankara wishes to be reborn a very interesting happening takes place:that is, before death he does not discard his fourth body. There is a way and a method of doing this, and that is by having the desire to be a tirthankara. So when the fourth body is falling away one desire has to be kept alive so that the fourth body does not drop. If the fourth drops birth in the physical form is impossible.

Then the bridge, the connection through which you came, is no more. So the desire to be a tirthankara has to be kept alive through the fourth body. Not all who are worthy become tirthankaras; they go straight along their way without this. There are only a few who become such masters, and their number is fixed beforehand.

There is a reason why their number is predetermined. It is predetermined that for a particular age so many tirthankaras would be enough for so many people. So the desire of becoming a tirthankara has to be very strong. It is the last desire, and if it slips the matter is over. So the seed of desire that ”I want to teach others” must be very strong. One must feel, ”I will show others the way; I will explain to others, I must come back for others.”

Then the tirthankara can descend into a physical body. But this means that the fourth body has not been left yet. He steps onto the fifth but he fastens a peg in the fourth body. This peg can be quickly uprooted; hence, it is a very difficult task to maintain it there. There is a process of making tirthankaras: they are made in mystery schools, it is not an individual happening. In the same manner that a school functions, a group of seekers meditate.

Then from among them they find one who shows full promise of becoming a tirthankara; he can express what he knows, he can impart what he knows, and he can communicate it to others. So the whole school begins to work on his fourth body. He is told to concentrate on his fourth body so that it should not disintegrate because it will be useful in the future. Thus, he will be taught ways and means of saving his fourth body.

And more labor and hard work goes into saving this body than in discarding it. It is so easy to let go and allow the fourth body to dissolve. When all the anchors are pulled up, when the sails are all drawn and filled with the wind, when the vast ocean calls and there is bliss and bliss everywhere, you can imagine how difficult it must be to guard one small peg. It is for this reason that when we address a tirthankara we say: ”You are most compassionate.”

This was the only reason why a tirthankara was so called. The greatest part of his compassion was that when everything was ready for his departure he stayed back for those who were still at the shore and whose boats were not yet ready to sail. His boat is absolutely ready; yet he bears the sufferings of this shore, he endures the stones and the abuses. He could have left anytime; his boat was ready to set sail.

Yet for no reason of his own he preferred to be amidst those who are capable of harassing and even killing him. So his compassion knows no limits. But the desire for this compassion is taught in mystery schools. Therefore, meditators working individually cannot become tirthankaras, because when the peg is lost they will not know about it. Only when the boat has sailed do they realize that the shore is left far behind.

Even persons who have attained the sixth plane – those whom we call Ishwara – sometimes help in the advent of a tirthankara. When they find one worthy enough not to be let off from the shore they try in a thousand ways to keep him back. Even devas who, as I said, are helpful in doing good, take part in this. They go on influencing such a one to save one peg. They tell him, ”We can see the peg; you cannot. But you have to save it.”

So the world is not anarchic, disorderly. There are profound arrangements; there is order within order. Efforts of all kinds are often made – but at times the plans go amiss, as in the case of Krishnamurti. Great efforts were made with him to fix a peg, but they failed. The whole school of seekers made a tremendous effort to preserve a peg in his fourth body, but all efforts failed. Other persons had a hand in this effort.

There were also the hands of higher souls behind this – of persons of the sixth and the fifth planes, and awakened ones of the fourth plane. Thousands took part in it. Krishnamurti was chosen as well as a few other children who showed promise of becoming tirthankaras, but the opportunity passed away without bearing fruit. The peg could not be fixed, and so the world lost the benefit of a tirthankara which could have been possible through Krishnamurti. But that is a different story....

Source: from Osho Book "In Search of the Miraculous Vol 2"

04-04-2012, 08:32 AM
In the search for God, or truth, the man has to lead and
the woman has to follow. Inside you the animus has to
become the master, and the anima has to become the
disciple—and, remember again, irrespective of whether you
are man or woman .. .

Growth needs the principle of stasis in you to melt. The
woman in you is frozen; it has to be melted so you can
become a river. But the river also needs the support of the
banks—which are static, remember. If the river has no banks
it will never reach the ocean. So the river has to melt,
become water, and still has to take the support of the banks,
which are static. The perfect man is one who has used his
dynamism as the river and who has used his stasis as the
banks. This is the perfect balance. Then you have used your
animus to grow, and you have used your anima to make
your growth an established fact, not just a momentary
phenomenon .. .

So true.
And this is coming from a woman. :o :)

05-04-2012, 05:10 AM
January 1976 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

[A sannyasin asked about a friend who was paralysed, and wondered if anything could be done to
help. Osho suggested the friend should become a sannyasin, and then continued.... ]

If you are lying in bed all day and you can’t move, you will continuously want to, because movement
is life. Nothing else is so important as movement. Rocks are dead because they cannot move. The
trees are a little more alive because a little movement is possible, but they are rooted in the earth.

Animals are not rooted in the earth so they are more alive, they can be free.
Man is even more alive, because not only is he not rooted in the earth, he is not rooted in matter. His
consciousness is a freedom, a sky with no boundaries. So movement is very essential and basic to

When you are paralysed, the very paralysis, twenty-four hours a day, becomes an auto-suggestion.

Again and again you remember that you cannot move. Again and again you repeat to yourself that
you cannot move – and this repetition cooperates with the paralysis. So just the opposite has to be

Whenever he feels that he cannot move, he should close his eyes, and in fantasy go for a long walk,
or a run.

While going for a walk, it may be raining – the raindrops are falling on you making you completely
wet. The whole thing is that all the senses should participate – smell, touch, vision – everything.
This becomes a miraculous cure.

If he loves dancing then it is perfect, because dancing is exactly the opposite pole to paralysis.

People who don’t know how to dance are already half-paralysed. Paralysis is no movement and
dance is pure movement. To be really alive one needs to be a dancer. That is the beauty of watching
a dancer. Suddenly you feel the ecstasy of the movement, so alive, so delicate, so tremendously
moving – as if gravitation doesn’t exist. If he is a real dancer you feel that he can fly.

One of the greatest dancers, Nijinsky, would take great jumps that were thought physically
impossible. Scientists observed him and said that such a big jump was not possible with gravitation.
They asked him how it happened. He said he didn’t know except that a moment came when he was
not; when he felt he could fly.

When he jumped – and the height of the jump was a miracle – the greater miracle was his coming
back to earth. He would come so slowly as if... a dry leaf is falling from the tree and comes slowly...
not like a stone. It is as if he defies the whole law of gravitation.

So tell him that if he can imagine dancing, that will be the cure.

Many times it has happened that a person has been paralysed for ten years, and the doctors have
told him that he will not be able to move for the rest of his life. Suddenly one day the house catches
fire and everybody is running out. The paralysed person forgets, and out of fear he also runs from
the house.

People see him running and can’t believe it. They say, ’But this is impossible, you can’t run!’ Then
he becomes aware of what he is doing and falls down. How can he run? – one can never go against
the experts! But he has run!

Every paralysed person can be hypnotized, and in hypnosis he starts walking. That means that the
body is functioning perfectly, it is just that the belief somewhere is not cooperating.

So tell him, mm? And I will be working on him....


05-04-2012, 05:11 AM
So true.
And this is coming from a woman. :o :)

Yeah quite an interesting stuff about the Anima there, I loved it too! :)

05-04-2012, 05:19 AM
ACCEPTANCE.- Tathagata is one of the names given to
Gautam the Buddha. It means one who lives in the suchness
of life—who accepts whatsoever is the case, who accepts
everything totally. Even death is absolutely accepted because
his trust in existence is infinite. It knows no bounds, it
is unconditional. To accept all is the highest peak of
meditation—all the sweetness of life and all the bitterness
of life, with equanimity, choicelessly, with no likes, no

Once this starts happening you become a rejoicing, you
become a serenity, you become utter silence—and a silence
which is not dead, a silence which sings, a silence which
dances, a silence which is not empty, a silence which is

This is going to be your method: Learn to accept life as
it comes. When something happens, accept it; when it disappears,
accept it. When pleasure comes, accept it; when
it evaporates, accept it. And the same with pain.

Remain non-judgmental, just a silent witness to all. This
is the most profound secret of all the Buddhas, of all the
awakened ones.

05-04-2012, 05:38 AM
Question 6


CHAITANYA SATTVA, METAPHORS ARE METAPHORS – don’t take them literally. When I say:

Melt, let your ice become water, and evaporate, let your water become vapour – I am talking in
metaphors. All that I am saying to you is metaphorical, because that is the only way to say it. But
don’t become too much attached to metaphors, otherwise you will miss the point.

Water is beautiful! and a love for swimming is beautiful. But if you take the metaphor too seriously
and if you stretch it too far away, you will create trouble for yourself. That’s what has happened to you,
that’s what has happened to many people here. They listen to me, they jump upon one metaphor
that appeals to them, they take hold of it, and they start thinking; that they have got something; of
the truth.

A metaphor has to be understood and dropped! and forgotten! A metaphor is dangerous. If you
take it too seriously, you miss the point. A metaphor is only an indicator, it is a way of saying.

It is good if you understand what I mean by ’melting’. You are not ice, certainly not. Had you been
ice it would have been so easy – you would have melted in the Poona heat automatically! You are
not ice, certainly not. Things are more difficult.

Metaphors are simple. They have to be simple, because they want to relate something which cannot
be related in any other way. Melting has to be understood. By ’melting’ I mean become loving –
because love melts. The warmth of love – not the Poona heat – the warmth of love melts you.

’Become water’ – what do I mean by saying that? I mean become a flow, riverlike, but not that you
have to become a river. You have been a river somewhere millions of lives before. You have lost
that, you have gone far away from it, and there is no need to go back to it. You have evolved much.

Hence, the desire remains there. When you go to the sea and you feel a great attraction towards
the sea, a gravi-tation almost, a pull, do you know from where it comes? Millions of lives before, you
have been in the sea, you have been a fish, life started there. And our bodies have not forgotten it
yet; they never forget anything, their memory is absolute.

The body knows the thrill, the freedom, the flow of the ocean. So when you see ocean waves, you
cannot resist. Something pulls you: ”Come into the ocean? It is your fish inside.

Do you know that in the mother’s womb for nine months you swim in almost the same kind of water
as in the sea – with thE same chemicals, in the same proportion? Do you know? Inside your body,
eighty percent is sea-water. Just don’t take salt for a few days and you will feel so tired, because
that sea-water is not getting as much salt as it needs, and the fish is feeling thirsty, tired, worried.

Eighty percent you are still water! And the water is exactly of the same kind as sea-water. That’s
why, why it is full moon you feel great upsurges of energy in you!. Exactly like the ocean – when it is
full moon the ocean is affected. Eighty percent you are also ocean! You are bound to be affected.

In your small ocean, in your tea-cup, storms arise. Many more people go mad on the full-moon night
than on any other night. That is only one side of the story: many more people become enlightened
too on the same night! Buddha became enlightened on a full-moon night. He was born on a fullmoon
night, he became enlightened on a full-moon night, he died on a full-moon night. He must
have. been a great fish.

So when you are attracted to the ocean... something deep in your memories is ingrained. That’s
what happens When you go to the lake and to the river, to a swimming pool – or if you cannot go
anywhere, then just sitting under your shower. The falling water on you stirs the memories in the
body. The body feels relaxed, happy. The body. feels nourished, rooted, centered.

But that is not what I mean. Enjoy all these things, these are beautiful things – I am not against
them, I am all for them. But my metaphor has some other meaning. When I say ’melt’ I mean love.

Create as much love heat in you as possible. Only that can melt you. When I say ’become water’ I
mean become a flow – don’t remain stagnant. Move, and move like water.
Lao Tzu says: The way of the Tao is a watercourse way . It moves like water. What is the movement
of water? or of a river? The movement has a few beautiful things about it. One, it always moves
towards the depth, it always searches for the lowest ground. It is non-ambitious; it never hankers to
be the first, it wants to be the last.

Remember, Jesus says: Those who are the last here will be the first in my kingdom of God. He is
talking about the watercourse way of Tao – not mentioning it, but talking about it. Be the last, be
non-ambitious. Ambition means go uphill. Water goes down t searches for the lowest ground, it
wants to be a nonentity. It does not want to declare itself unique, exceptional, extraordinary. It has
no ego idea.

That is what I mean when I say become water: drop the ego. Drop ambition. Don’t struggle for
the top of the hill and don’t start moving upstream. Go with the stream, down the stream, seek and
search the lowest – because only in the lowest will you find peace and tranquillity and silence. And
only in the lowest will you find the inner emptiness I have been talking about all these days. When
you start striving to be somebody, you will not be empty. You will become full of bullshit, you will
become garbage.

Go downward. Search the lowest depths and disappear there... one thing.
Second thing: the water is soft, feminine. The water is non-aggressive, it never fights – it makes its
way without fighting. It is from water that the Chinese and Japanese learnt the secret art of judo or
jujitsu. Winning without fighting, conquering through surrendering – WEI-WU-WEI.

Learn from the water one thing: that it comes across great stone walls, granite walls. It does not
fight, it goes on flowing silently. If the stone is too big it finds another way, it bypasses it. But slowly
slowly the granite is dissolved into water, becomes sand. Ask the sands of the oceans from where
they have come. They have come from the mountains. They will tell you a great secret: ”Water
wins finally. And we were hard, and we knew... how can water will ’ So we were very very settled.

We could not believe that this poor water, so soft, unharming, unhurting, non-violent... how can it
destroy us? But it destroyed us.”
That is the beauty of the feminine energy. Don’t be like a rock! Be like water – soft, feminine. And
victory IS yours.

Remember Jesus again: Blessed are the meek, for theirs is the kingdom of God.

The meek? – the watercourse way – they will. It takes time, but they have patience. They have no
idea of winning, that’s why they win. The people who want to win are defeated by their very idea,
because they start struggling, and in struggling they dissipate their energy.
That’s what I mean when I say ’become water’ – melt, become water.
And what do I mean when I say ’evaporate’? That is the ultimate – that is learning how not to be,
that is learning the art of absence. The vapour simply disappears, you cannot catch hold of it, you
cannot even see it. You can see it only when it is turning into vapour – al-d Soon it is gone, and soon
it is invisible.
A Buddha is seen only when he is in the body. Once the body is dropped, you will not be able to
catch hold of him. He is simply gone, he has become part of the ultimate sky. That is the ultimate
– to disappear. Buddha calls it ANATTA, no-self. Shunyata – emptiness, nothingness. Nirvana –

So when I use these metaphors, always remember they are metaphors. Poetic ways of saying,
things which cannot be said in any other way.

You ask:


GET ATTRACTED TO WATER, feel affinity with water. Feeling? affinity with any element of nature
– water, fire, sky, earth, air – is immensely helpful. But that’s not what I meant.

Sattva, you are a good man. That’s how one should think of paradise. Do you know about Jain
monks? They don’t take a shower, they don’t take a bath. Never go to a Jain paradise, otherwise
you will be in difficulty. There will be no showers. And plumbers, of course, will not be needed. They
are so much against the body that even a simple joy like a shower seems to be too much of a luxury.

See the pathological mind, how it works. Afraid that if they take a shower they will be enjoying the
body – the joy that will come, and the gladness that will spread all over the body. They are so against
the body, how can they take a shower? They stink. They don’t brush their teeth because that is a
kind of beautifying of the body. And for what? The body has to be dropped, the sooner the better.

The body has to be felt as horrible, so make it as horrible as possible. Make it horrible for yourself
and for others too!
It used to happen in the past: Jain monks and nuns used to come to me to see me. Now they have
become too afraid, they don’t come. And even if they want to come, their followers won’t allow them.

They used to come; it was such a difficult thing to talk to them, because their breath smells so badly
that one really feels that the body is horrible. Their bodies smell so badly.

What have people been doing on this earth? Negating life.
My approach is that of affirmation. I am in love With life. t is fleeting, it is momentary – but who
says that it is not momentary and it is not fleeting? Still you can love it – even more so because it is
fleeting. You can pour all your love. Tomorrow it may not be there.
Go on loving, go on being as much in celebration as possible, in all the ways possible.


That is taking, the metaphor too tar. Good! – when swimming in a river feel one with the river. Feel
the river pass through you. But please don’t become water itself, otherwise how will you come back?
And who is going to do the plumbing in the ashram? Please don’t do that; you have to come back

And that will not be a real thing, either. If somebody thinks he has become water, he has simply
gone mad. If somebody thinks that he has become the tree, he has gone mad. It is the same –
somebody thinks he has become Napoleon and somebody has become Alexander the Great... it is
the same! Now you are doing the same trick with water, but it is madness.
Enjoy the unity, the affinity, the synchronicity with water, the harmony! But there is no need to
become water – there is no need.


Naturally. If you want to merge with it and then you have to get out of it, the frustration comes. It is
your idea of getting merged with the water that is creating the frustration. You have to get out of it as
you got in it! Enjoy being with it but don’t become obsessed, and then the frustration will disappear.

There is no need.
It is bound to be so. You are trying to live a metaphor. A metaphor has to be understood, not lived!

Live LIFE! understand metaphors.
The word ’God’ is not God. Don’t start living the word ’God’ – that’s what people are doing. The
word ’love’ is not love – don’t start living the word ’love’ – that’s what people are doing. ’Love’ is just
a symbol to indicate towards something which is far more complex, far simpler, far bigger and more
infinite, than the word can contain. Only silence can contain it.

Certainly. It tells one thing – that you take words too seriously. That you don’t understand that which
is hidden behind the words, that you don’t understand that which is between two words – in the
intervals and the gaps. You jump upon the words and you try to carry them in your life. Your life will
become false, phony, pseudo. Avoid it.

By the way, I am also a plumber. I plumb into the depths of your being. And when somebody starts
leaking, I have to fix them. And when somebody’s nut-bolts become loose, I have to make them tight
again. Or when somebody’s nut-bolts are TOO tight I have to make them loose


05-04-2012, 05:49 AM
CIRCLE People who you find fulfilled are a circle, not a
line. A line is always incomplete. All desires move in a
line, that's why no desire can ever be complete, because
no desire moves in a circle .. .

Have you watched how the whole existence moves in a
circle? The seasons move in a circle, the stars move in a
circle, suns and planets move in a circle, the whole moves
circularly, as a wheel. In life, in existence, nothing is linear.
Everything is circular. And if you want to live a life of the
whole you have to follow the ways of the whole: move like
seasons, move like stars. Become a circle. When I say
become a circle I mean come back to the original source.

Sufis say: As the absolute maximum, God contains all
things. In fact that is the definition of God: one who contains
all. He is their enfolding and their unfolding. God is
in the seed, God is in the flower—in the seed hidden, in
the flower manifest. God is in the sinner and is in the saint
—in the sinner asleep, in the saint awake. But all is God:
God is equivalent to existence.

Christian mystics use two words: one is complicatio, it
means enfolding. God is complicatio, enfolding, and explicatio,
unfolding. Each seed becomes the flower, and then in its
own turn the flower becomes the seed, and the circle is

05-04-2012, 06:34 AM


CELEBRATION.- Celebration is the foundation of my
sannyas, not renunciation but rejoicing—rejoicing in all the
beauties, all the joys, all that life offers, because this whole
life is a gift of God .. .

To me life and God are synonymous. In fact, "life" is a
far better word than "God" itself, because "God" is only a
philosophical term while life is real, existential. The word
"God" exists only in scriptures; it is a word, a mere word.
Life is within you and without you, in the trees, in the clouds,
in the stars. This whole existence is a dance of life.

I teach love for life. I teach the art of living your life totally,
of being drunk with the divine through life . .

I am in tremendous love with life, hence I teach celebration.
Everything has to be celebrated, everything has to
be lived, loved. To me nothing is mundane and nothing is
sacred. To me all is sacred, from the lowest rung of the ladder
to the highest rung. It is the same ladder: from the body
to the soul, from the physical to the spiritual, from sex to
samadi. Everything is divine!

The poets are closer to life than the philosophers, the
musicians are closer to life than the mathematicians. The
dancers are even closer because in a real dance the dancer
disappears. He himself becomes part of the mystery. He loses
his ego, and with the ego all seriousness is lost.

I teach dance, 1 teach music, I teach poetry, because these
are the pillars of the temple of celebration.

That's my whole teaching, celebration; not worship but
celebration. When you worship, you start making a hier -
archy; the lower and the higher. When you worship you
put something on top of other things. When you worship,
something becomes sacred and something becomes profane
. . . A part of you becomes evil and a part of you
becomes holy. and then there is constant conflict, repression
and all joy is lost. A worshipper is basically ill -at-ease; he
is dis-eased.

Celebration is a totally different dimension. When you
celebrate, you celebrate all, you don't divide. For a celebrator,
prayer is as beautiful as drinking tea. The tea is not profane
and prayer is not separate; all is one. The church, the temple,
the mosque and the pub are all one. Making love to a woman
or a man or praying to a god is the same.

Celebration does not divide. It unites, it brings things
together; it creates a togetherness in the world. The duality
disappears and there is unity, and with unity there is joy
because there cannot be any conflict. There is no struggle,
nothing has to be overcome. All is overcome in the celebration
itself. The worshipper has a goal; he has to attain
it. The celebrator has no goal; he has attained it already.

Worship is always future-oriented; celebration is presentoriented.
You celebrate this moment, you worship some
other moment . .

That's what sannyas is all about: it is a celebration of God,
not a worship. And celebrate in your own way, because
celebration cannot have any form. Worship becomes petrified
into forms; celebration remains alive. And all is divine;
there is nothing profane.

James Asher - Send in the drums - YouTube

Just to end up this beautiful moment...I always like to leave you laughing, singing,
dancing. This is just an indication that the day when I ultimately leave you, I would
like you to sing, dance and celebrate.

I fact, no man in the whole of history would have received such celebration
when he dies as I am going to receive. A few received only from enemies,
because when one dies, enemies celebrate. The friends mourn.

I am the only person...in my death my friends will celebrate, my enemies will celebrate.
In my death they will come together in celebration. There has never been such a
man before.

05-04-2012, 05:32 PM

Question – Why do I feel hesitation in enjoying anything?

Osho – Joy is not allowed; you are preconditioned against joy. From the very childhood you have been taught that if you are happy then something is wrong — unhappy, everything is good. If you are miserable nobody is worried about it, but if you are too happy, everybody is worried about you. You must have done something wrong.

Whenever a child is happy the parents start looking for the cause: he must have done some mischief or something. Why is he so happy? — the parents are not happy. They have a deep jealousy towards the child because he is happy. They may not be aware of it, but they are jealous. It is easy to tolerate somebody else’s misery, but it is almost impossible to tolerate anybody else’s happiness.

I was reading an anecdote. A very religious father was bringing up his son as perfectly as possible. One day when they were going to church he gave the boy two coins: one, a one rupee coin; another, a one paise coin. He also gave him the choice that whatsoever he thought was right he could put in the donation plate in the church. He could choose the rupee or the paise.

Of course the father believed and hoped that he would put the rupee in the church plate. He had been brought up in such a way — he could be expected to, relied upon. The father waited. After church he was very curious to know what happened. He asked the boy, “What did you do?” The boy admitted that he had donated the one paise coin and kept the rupee for himself.

The father couldn’t believe it. He said, “Why? Why did you do this? — we have always been inculcating great principles in you.”
The boy said, “You ask why. I will tell you the reason. The priest in church talked right before. In his sermon he said, ‘God loveth a cheerful donator.’ I could donate the one paise coin cheerfully — not the one rupee!” God loveth the cheerful giver. I am absolutely in agreement with the boy: what you do is not the question; you are religious if you can do it cheerfully. It may be a one paise coin — it doesn’t matter. It is immaterial because the real coin that you are giving is your cheerfulness.

But from the very beginning every child is taught not to be so cheerful. To be cheerful is to be childish. To be cheerful is to be natural, but not civilized; to be cheerful is somehow primitive, not cultured. So you have been brought up not to be cheerful and whatsoever you have ever enjoyed was condemned again and again. If you enjoyed just running and shouting around the house, somebody was bound to be there saying,”Stop that nonsense! I am reading the newspaper!”-as if the newspaper is something very valuable.

A child shouting and running is a more beautiful sight than any newspaper. And the child cannot understand: “Why do I have to stop? Why can’t you stop your newspaper reading?” The child cannot understand: “What is wrong in my being happy and running?”

“Stop!” — the whole cheerfulness is suppressed, the child becomes serious. Now he sits in a corner unhappy. The energy needs movement: the child is energy, he delights in energy. He wants to move shout and scream. He is full of energy he wants to overflow, but whatsoever he does is wrong. Either the mother is saying, “Keep quiet,” or the father, or the servant, or the brother, or the neighbors. Everybody seems to be against his flowing energy.

One day it happened: Mulla Nasrudin’s wife was very angry. Her small boy was making too much of a nuisance, creating too much nuisance. Finally she was exhausted and she ran after him — she wanted to thrash him well — but he escaped, escaped upstairs, and hid himself under a bed. She tried hard, but she couldn’t get him out. And she was a very fat woman, she couldn’t get underneath, so she said, “Wait, let your father come.”

When Mulla Nasrudin came, she told the whole story. He said, “Don’t be worried; leave to me. I will go and put him right.” So he went upstairs, walked very quietly, looked under the bed and he was surprised — surprised the way the boy greeted him. The boy said, “Hello, Dad — is she after you also?!”

Everybody is after him. The overflowing energy is looked at as a nuisance. And that is DELIGHT for the child. He doesn’t ask much; he simply asks a little freedom to be happy and to be himself. But that is not allowed.

“It is time to go to sleep!” When he doesn’t feel like going to sleep, it is time. He has to force himself. And how can you force sleep — have you ever thought about it? Sleep is nothing voluntary, how can you force it? He turns in his bed — unhappy, miserable — and cannot think how to bring on sleep. But it is time; it has to be brought or it is against the rules.

And then in the morning when he wants to sleep a little longer — then he has to get up. When he wants to eat something, it is not allowed; when he doesn’t want to eat something, it is forced. This goes on and on. By and by the child comes to understand one thing: that whatsoever is cheerful for him has something wrong about it. Whatsoever makes him happy is wrong, and whatsoever makes him sad and serious is right and good and accepted.

That’s the problem. You ask, “Why do I feel hesitation in enjoying anything? ” Because your parents, your society, are still after you. If you are really with me, drop all that nonsense that has been forced on you. There is only one religion in the world and that religion is to be happy. Everything else is immaterial and irrelevant. If you are happy, you are right; if you are unhappy, you are wrong.

Every day it happens, people come to me — the wife comes or the husband comes and the wife says she is very unhappy because the husband is doing something wrong. I always tell such people that if the husband is doing something wrong, let him be unhappy. “Why are you unhappy? The wrong itself will lead him towards unhappiness — why are you worried?”
But the wife says, “But he is not unhappy. He goes to the pub and he enjoys. He is not unhappy at all.”

Then I say, “Something is wrong with you, not with him. Unhappiness is the indicator. You change yourself; forget about him. If he is happy, he is right.”

I tell you, if you can go happily to a pub, that is better than going unhappily to a temple — because finally one comes to discover that happiness is the temple. So what you do is not the question — -what quality do you bring to it while doing it? Be happy and you are virtuous; be unhappy and you are committing what religious people have called sin. You must have heard them say that the sinner will suffer some day in the future, in some future life, and the saint will be happy somewhere in the future, in a future life. I say that is absolutely wrong. The saint is happy here and now, and the sinner is unhappy. Life does not wait for so long; it is immediate.

So if you feel yourself unhappy, you have been doing something wrong with yourself. If you cannot enjoy — if some hesitation comes in, if you feel afraid, guilty — it means somewhere by the corner the shadows of your parents are still lurking. You may be enjoying, or trying to enjoy, ice cream, but deep in the unconscious the shadow of the mother or the father is lurking. “This is wrong. Don’t eat too much, this is going to harm you.” So you are eating, but the hesitation is there. The hesitation means that the contradiction is there.

Try to understand your hesitation and drop it. And this is one of the most unbelievable phenomena: that if you drop the hesitation it may come to pass that you stop eating too much ice cream automatically (because eating too much may be part of it). Because they have denied it, they have created a certain attraction in it. Every denial brings attraction. They have said, “Don’t eat it,” and that has created a hypnotic, a magnetic, attraction to eat it.

If you stop having any hesitations, you drop all the parental voices, all the upbringing that you have been forced to go through. You may suddenly see the ice cream as just an ordinary thing. Sometimes one can enjoy it, but it is not a food. It has no nutritious value — it may even be harmful. But then you understand. If it is harmful you understand it, you don’t eat it. And you can always eat it sometimes, sometimes even harmful things are not so harmful. Once in a while you can enjoy it, but there is no obsession to eat it too much. That obsession is part of the repression.

Drop hesitations. People come to me and they say they want to love, they hesitate; they want to meditate, but they hesitate; they would like to dance, but they hesitate. If this hesitation is there and you go on feeding it, you will miss your whole life. It is time: drop it! And nothing else is to be done: just become aware that this is just the way you have been brought up, that’s all.

Consciously it can be dropped; it is not your being. It is just in your brain, it is just an idea which has been forced upon you. It has become a long habit — and a very dangerous habit at that because if you can’t enjoy, then what is this life for?

And these people who cannot enjoy anything (love, life, food, a beautiful scene, a sunset, a morning, beautiful clothes, a good bath — small things, ordinary things), if you cannot enjoy this things, and there are people who cannot enjoy anything: they become interested in God. They are the most impossible people; they can never reach to God.

God enjoys these trees, otherwise why does He go on creating them? He is not fed up at all, not at all. For millennia He has been working on trees and flowers and birds, and He goes on listening.He goes on replacing: new beings, new earths, new planets. He is really very, very colorful! Look at life, watch it, and you will see the heart of God — how it is.

People who are very up-tight, unable to enjoy anything, unable to relax, incapable even of enjoying a good sleep, they are the very few people who become interested in God. And they become interested for the wrong reasons. They think that because life is useless, futile, they have to seek and search God. Their God is against life remember.

Gurdjieff used to say, :I have searched into every religion, into every church, mosque and temple, and I have found that the God of the religious people is against life.” And how can God be against life? If He is against, then there is no reason why life should exist or should be allowed to exist. So if your God is against life, in fact, deep down, you are against the real God. You are following a Godot, not a God.

God is the very fulfillment of life, God is the very fragrance of life, God is the total organic unity of life. God is not some thing that exists like a dead rock, God is not static. God is a dynamic phenomenon. God does not exist, It happens When you are ready, It happens. Don’t think that God exists somewhere and you will find a way to reach Him. No, there is nowhere, and there is no God existing somewhere waiting for you.

God is something that happens to you when you are ready. When you are ready, when the sadness has disappeared and you can dance, when the heaviness has disappeared and you can sing, when the heavy weight of conditioning is no more on your heart and you can flow — God happens. God is not a thing that exists; It is something that happens. It is a dynamic, organic unity.

And when God happens, everything happens: the trees, the stars, the rivers. And to me, to be capable of enjoying is the door. Serious people have never been known to have reached Him. Seriousness is the barrier — the wrong attitude. Anything that makes you serious is irreligious. Don’t go to a church that makes you serious.

It happened once: A woman purchased a parrot, but by the time she reached home she was very much puzzled, worried. She had paid a good price for it; the parrot was beautiful. Everything was good, only one thing was very dangerous — once in a while the parrot would say loudly, “I am a very wicked woman.” This was something!

The woman lived alone. And she was a very religious woman — otherwise why live alone? She was a very serious woman, and this parrot would say again and again — and even passers-by would hear and listen — and the parrot would say, “I am a very, very wicked woman.”

She went to the vicar because he was the only source of her wisdom and knowledge and information. She said, “This is very bad, and I am puzzled about what to do. The parrot is beautiful and everything is good except this.”

The vicar said, “Don`t be worried. I have two very religious parrots. Look!” — one was in his cage tolling the bell and another was praying in his cage. Very religious people — “You bring your parrot. Good company always helps. Leave your parrot for a few days here with these religious people, and later on you can take your parrot back.”

The woman liked the idea. She agreed brought the parrot, and the vicar introduced the parrot to his parrots. But before he could say anything, the parrot said, “I am a very, very wicked woman.”

The vicar was also nonplussed — what to do? In that moment the parrot who was praying stopped praying and said to the other parrot, “You fool! Stop tolling the bell, our prayers are fulfilled.” They were praying for a woman! “Stop tolling the bell; the prayer is answered!”.

In fact whenever you see somebody praying, suspect something has gone wrong. They are praying for a woman, praying for money; praying for something, praying for happiness. A really happy person does not pray. Happiness is his prayer, and there cannot be a higher or a greater prayer than just to be happy.

A happy person does not know anything about god, does not know anything about prayer. His happiness is his God, his happiness is his prayer-he is fulfilled. Be happy and you will be religious: happiness is the goal. I am a hedonist, and as far as I see it, all those who have known have always been hedonists, whatsoever they say. A Buddha, a Jesus, a Krishna — all hedonists. God is the ultimate in hedonism, He is the peakest peak of being happy.

Drop all the conditioning that you carry with you. And don’t try to condemn your parents because that won’t help. You are a victim of there conditioning, but what could they have done? They where victims of there on conditionings of their parents, so it is a long succession. Nobody is responsible, so don’t feel angry that your parents destroyed you. They couldn’t help it. If you understand, you will feel pity for them. They were destroyed by their parents, and their parents were destroyed by somebody else, and it has always been going on. It is a succession, a chain.

You simply get out of it. There is no point in condemning anybody and there is no point in being angry — an angry young man and this and that. There is no point. That is again a foolishness. Once you are sad, then you become angry. That is as bad as sadness. Just look at the whole thing and get out of it. Simply slip out of it without making any noise. That’s what I call rebellion.

The revolutionary gets angry. He says the education has to be changed, he says the society has to be changed, he says a new type of parent is needed in the world. Then only will everybody be happy. But who will do this? The doers are always in the same mess, so who will be the help? “Create a new education” — but who will create it? The teachers have to be taught first. And the revolutionaries are just as much a part of this nonsense as the reactionaries, so who will bring the revolution? The hope is futile.

There is only one hope: you can bring light to your being. And it is available immediately, there is nothing to it. Have you ever seen a snake slipping out of his old skin? — it is just like that. You simply slip out of it: forgive and forget. Don’t be angry against your parents; they themselves were victims. Feel pity for them.

Don’t be angry against the society, it could not have been otherwise. But one thing is possible: you can slip out right now. Start being happy from this very moment. Everything is available — only a deep attitudinal change is needed: that from now on you will look at happiness as the good and misery as the sin.

Source – Osho Book “Come Follow To You, Vol 1

05-04-2012, 05:54 PM

Every child would be angry if he understood what the poor parents have been doing to him
unknowingly, unconsciously. All their efforts are for the good of the child. Their intentions are
good but their consciousness is nil. And good intentions in the hands of unconscious people are
dangerous; they cannot bring about the result they are intending. They may create just the opposite.
Every parent is trying to bring a beautiful child into the world, but looking at the world it seems it is
an orphanage. There has been no parent at all. In fact if it were an orphanage, it would have been
far better, because you would at least have been yourself – no parents to interfere with you.

So the anger is natural, but useless. To be angry does not help your parents and it harms you.
Gautam Buddha is reported to have made a very strange statement: In your anger you punish
yourself for somebody else’s fault. It looks very strange the first time you come across the statement
that in anger you punish yourself for somebody else’s fault.

Your parents have done something twenty years back, thirty years back, and you are angry now.
Your anger is not going to help anyone; it is simply going to create more wounds in you. And being
near me, close to me... I am trying to explain to you the whole mechanism of how children are being
brought up, you should become more understanding that whatever has happened had to happen.
Your parents were conditioned by their parents. You cannot find out who was really responsible to
begin with. It has been passed from generation to generation.

Your parents are doing exactly what has been done to them. They have been victims. You will feel
compassion for them and you will feel joyous that you are not going to repeat the same thing in your
life. If you decide to have children you will feel joyous that you are going to break the vicious circle,
that you are going to jump out of the line that goes back to the very beginning and continues up to
you, that you can become the dead end. You will not do it to your children or to any other person’s

You should feel fortunate that you have a master with you to explain what has been happening
between parents and children – the complex upbringing, good intentions, bad results, where
everybody is trying to do the best and the world goes on becoming worse and worse.

Your parents were not so fortunate to have a master – and you are being angry at them. You should
feel kind, compassionate, loving. Whatever they did was unconscious. They could not have done
otherwise. All that they knew they have tried on you. They were miserable, and they have created
another miserable human being in the world.

They had no clarity about why they were miserable. You have the clarity to understand why one
becomes miserable. And once you understand how misery is created, you can avoid causing the
same in somebody else.

But feel for your parents. They worked hard; they did everything that they could, but they had no
idea how psychology functions. Instead of being taught how to become a mother or how to become
a father, they were being taught how to become a Christian, how to become a Marxist, how to
become a tailor, how to become a plumber, how to become a philosopher – all these things are
good and needed, but the basic thing is missing. If they are going to produce children, then their
most significant teaching should be how to become a mother, how to become a father.

It has been taken for granted that by giving birth you know how to become a mother and how to
become a father. Yes, as far as giving birth to a child... it is a biological act, you don’t have to be
psychologically trained for it. Animals are doing perfectly well, birds are doing perfectly well, trees
are doing perfectly well. But giving birth to a child biologically is one thing and to be a mother or to
be a father is totally different. It needs great education because you are creating a human being.

Animals are not creating anything, they are simply producing carbon copies. And now science has
come to a point where they have discovered that carbon copies can really be produced! It is a very
dangerous idea. If we make banks – and sooner or later we are going to make them; once an idea
is there it is going to become a reality. And scientifically it is proved that it is one hundred percent
possible... there is no problem.

We can have banks in the hospitals for both the male sperms and female eggs. And we can create
exactly the same two sperms and exactly the same two eggs, so two children are born which
are exactly the same. One child will be released into the world; the other will grow in a fridge,
unconscious, but all his parts will be exactly the same as the other person. And if the first person
is in an accident and loses a leg or loses a kidney, or has to be operated on, there is no problem:
his carbon copy is waiting in the hospital. From the carbon copy a kidney can be taken out – he
is growing exactly at the same rate, he is just unconscious – and it will be exactly the same as the
kidney that has been lost. It can be replaced.

That carbon copy will always be available for replacing any parts – even the brain. You can fall into
a coma or you can even have a heart attack... Your brain can remain alive even after a heart attack
for at least four minutes – but not more than that. If during these four minutes an identical brain is
inserted, an identical heart is inserted, you will never feel that anything has changed or anything has
happened to you. Perhaps you fell asleep and now you are awake. You will never know that your
brain has been changed, that your heart has been changed.

This idea of having carbon copies seems to be a great advancement in medical science in a way,
but it is dangerous – dangerous in the sense that man becomes a machine with replaceable parts,
just like any machine. When something goes wrong you replace the part. And if every part can be
replaced then man will be falling farther and farther away from spiritual growth, because he will start
thinking of himself as just a machine. That’s what half of the world, the communist world, thinks –
that man is a machine.

You are fortunate that you can understand the situation your parents were in. They have not done
anything specifically to you; they would have done the same to any child that was born to them.
They were programmed for that. They were helpless. And to be angry against helpless people is
simply not right. It is unjust, unfair, and moreover it is harmful to you.

If your parents cannot understand me, you should not be worried about it. The whole world cannot
understand me. Your parents are normal people; they just follow the crowd, which is safer. You have
fallen out of the crowd. You have chosen a risky and dangerous path. If they don’t want to go into a
dangerous lifestyle, it is their choice; that should not be a cause for your anger.

In fact you can help them by really becoming the individual that I am talking about: more conscious,
more alert, more loving. Seeing you can only change them. Seeing you so radically changed
can only make them think twice, that perhaps they are wrong. There is no other way. You cannot
intellectually convince them. Intellectually they can argue, and argument never changes anybody.
The only thing that changes people is the charisma, the magnetism, the magic, of your individuality.
Then whatever you touch becomes golden.

So rather than wasting your time and energy in being angry and fighting against the past which
no longer exists, put your whole energy into becoming the magic of your individuality. So when
your parents see you they cannot remain untouched by the new qualities that you have grown,
qualities which are automatically impressive: your freshness, your understanding, your unconditional
lovingness, your kindness even in a situation where anger would have been more appropriate.

Only these things can be the real arguments. You need not say a word. Your eyes, your face, your
actions, your behavior, your response, will make the change in them. They will start enquiring about
what has happened to you, how it has happened to you – because everybody wants these qualities.
These are the real riches. Nobody is so rich that he can afford not to have the things that I am telling

So put your energy into transforming yourself. That will help you, that will help your parents. Perhaps
it may create a chain reaction. Your parents may have other children, they may have friends, and it
will go on and on.

It is just like you are sitting on the bank of a silent lake and you throw a small pebble into the lake.
The pebble is so small that it creates a small circle at first, but circle after circle... and they go on
spreading to the far ends, as far as the lake can take them. And it was only a small pebble.

We are living in a certain kind of new sphere, a new psychological lake, in which whatever you do
creates certain vibrations around you. It touches people, reaches to unknown sources.

Just create a small ripple of right individuality and it will reach to many people – and certainly to
those who are most closely related to you. They will see it first, and they will understand with great
awe. They will not believe their eyes because all that they know of religion is the Sunday church,
where nothing happens. They have been going every Sunday their whole lives, and they come back
home just the same.

In the name of religion they know only the BIBLE or the KORAN or the GITA and they have been
reading it and nothing happens, because they don’t know one thing – that you are a living being and
a book is dead. And the man in the church who is delivering a sermon is just a professional. He has
prepared the sermon from the books, and he goes on repeating the same sermons. Nobody listens,
so nobody catches him. He is repeating the same sermon that he delivered two months before.

Nobody listened that time, and nobody is listening this time. And you know that that sermon cannot
change you because that sermon has not changed the preacher himself. He is just as mundane as
you are – perhaps more.

I used to know a Jaina monk who was a very simple man, almost a simpleton. He asked me, ”How
many lectures do you have?”

I said, ”This is a very difficult question. Until I am finished with my life, I will not know.”
He said, ”I have only three: one is for ten minutes, one is for twenty minutes, one is for thirty minutes,
depending on the occasion. Sometimes in a conference you have only ten minutes. I have a readymade,
ten minute lecture. If they give me twenty minutes, I have a twenty minute lecture. If they
give me thirty minutes, I have a thirty minute one. More than that is not possible, because nobody
is interested in listening too much. People want a short cut.”

I said, ”That’s great. You have found a really great idea.”
And he said, ”It works.”
And I asked, ”People have not found it out?”
He said, ”Nobody has said anything about it to me, and I have been using these three lectures my
whole life. Wherever I go – to the temples, colleges, and universities where I talk – I ask, ‘How many
minutes? Ten, twenty, thirty?’ Whatever they want, my lecture is ready. And I have repeated the
same lecture so many times that now I don’t feel nervous. I can repeat the lecture without thinking
at all!”

Now do you think listening to such a man is going to transform you? – or anybody? But every
Christian missionary is doing that.

One of the most famous, world-renowned Christian missionaries was Stanley Jones. He was very
friendly with me but he became very angry and then the friendship was broken. He was an old man,
a friend of Mahatma Gandhi, and Mahatma Gandhi respected him very much. He used to come to
the city where I was living and he stayed in the house of one of my friends. He had printed cards –
ten cards or twenty cards for his whole lecture – and he would put the cards on the table. He would
start lecturing, and he would go on changing the cards.

He became very angry with me because I mixed up his cards! So he was saying something and it
was not on the card. He almost had a nervous breakdown. He looked at all the cards and it was not
there. That card I had taken out. And he said, ”Today I am not feeling well. I am feeling sick, so I will
not be speaking.”

And he asked the host, ”Who has done this?”
The host said, ”Your friend.”
Stanley Jones was very angry. He said, ”Are you my friend or my enemy? You destroyed my whole

I said, ”Once in a while you should speak from your heart, not from these cards. I have looked in your
suitcase, and you have almost fifty sets of these cards, so you can go on repeating these speeches.
And do you think this is going to help anybody? – these dead cards that you have repeated your
whole life? And today just because one card was missing and the numbers were mixed up, you lost
your temper, you lost your integrity. You were almost in a state of madness. And what do you think
people thought who had come to listen to you?”

He had written many books. I have gone through those books: he writes well, beautifully, but it is all
stolen. Nothing is his own. Nothing is his own experience. Unless something is your own experience
it is not going to impress anybody.

So feel blissful. Here you have a chance to get totally transformed. And help your poor parents,
because they did not have such a chance; feel sorry for them.


05-04-2012, 06:39 PM
Gurdjieff used to say, :I have searched into every religion, into every church, mosque and temple, and I have found that the God of the religious people is against life.” And how can God be against life? If He is against, then there is no reason why life should exist or should be allowed to exist. So if your God is against life, in fact, deep down, you are against the real God.

And the part with the parents...
:eek: I could really use that text 10 years ago. :(

05-04-2012, 11:07 PM
Yes, lighthouse, all religions teach about a very destructive god,outside of us,
which is just a reflection of man himself. With the parents is always forgive, forget ,and love unconditionally. :)

05-04-2012, 11:39 PM
22 February 1979 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium
[Anand Yuri – farmer of bliss.]

Gautam the Buddha used to say again and again: I am the farmer, I sow the seeds of bliss. There
is a way of inner farming, of creating a garden of the inner. Many never become aware of it; they are
the unfortunate ones. Otherwise it is just so close – just a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn and
it is in front of you. But we go on keeping our backs to it. The desiring mind goes on running after
outer things. Only when one is finished with desiring, is totally frustrated with desiring, has come to
know that desiring leads nowhere, that the whole effort is futile, then one turns inwards – and a new
beginning, a new birth. Then one can sow seeds of bliss and one can reap the crop of God.

Miriam has many meanings, but one meaning that I would like to emphasise is a desire to become
a mother. It is intrinsic in every human being to mother something, to create something. Don’t take
it literally, because a man can also become a mother, just as a woman can become a mother.

Picasso is a mother; he mothered so many paintings. Anyone who creates is a mother; motherhood
is a by- product of creativity. Certainly Miriam was the incarnation of all motherhood: Jesus was
born to her. Each person has to become such a mother, so that the quality of Christconsciousness
becomes possible in their lives. It is our potential; we have only to develop it. And unless a person
becomes the mother of Christ-consciousness, he has not lived at all.
This story is also beautiful, that Christ had only a mother, not a father; it is of very psychological
significance. I am not concerned at all with Christian theology and all their nonsensical
interpretations. I am not concerned with its historicity either; those are irrelevant things. My concern
is psychological.

The father is an unnatural phenomenon. It is artificial, arbitrary, it is social; the mother is natural.
Fathers have not always been in existence. At the most fathers have existed for five thousand years;
before that the institution was non-existential. There was a matriarchy, the mother was all; and all the
children were known not by the name of their father but by the name of their mother. Nobody used
to ask anybody ’Who is your father?’ or ’Whose son are you? – that would have been absolutely
meaningless. The question was asked ’Who is your mother?’

You will be surprised to know that the word ’uncle’ is older than ’father’, because people used to live
in groups, communes, so all the people who were of the age of the father – who was not known, who
was anonymous – were called uncles. Out of all the uncles somebody was the father, but nobody
knew exactly who the father was. So uncle is a more ancient word than father. Father came only
with private property. And there is every possibility that the day private property disappears, private
ownership disappears, the father may disappear again. In fact he is on the way out.

It is beautiful that Jesus is born only out of a mother; the father is not taken into account at all.
Whenever somebody creates something he does not become the father, he becomes the mother –
because all creativity is feminine. Destructiveness is male, creativity is female. It is not a coincidence
that Germans call their land the fatherland. No other country calls its land the fatherland; all other
countries are motherlands. There is something in it – some fighting quality, some inclination to war,
some tendency to destroy.

So create a great desire to give birth to Christ-consciousness.

Anand means bliss. Eli is Hebrew; it means the highest, the god. Your full name will mean: bliss,
the highest, the god. Bliss is another name for god. God is not a person, but the experience of
bliss. You cannot see god, you cannot encounter him, because he is not the other. He is not there
to be confronted. He is your innermost core, he is your hidden treasure. You are the bud, he is the
flowering, he is your highest expression. You are a song unsung; he is the same song sung.

The difference between you and god is only that of manifestation and non-manifestation. There is
no other difference, no qualitative difference. You are on the way to becoming god, or we can say
that god is on the way to discovering himself.

This has to be allowed to sink as deeply into the heart as possible. We have been taught for so
long that god is there far away, a thou, that it has become almost natural for us to think of him as
the other. Even a man like Martin Buber used to think that the highest form of prayer is a dialogue
between I and thou.

The highest form of prayer is not a dialogue at all. That is the lowest form of prayer, because at
the highest peak there is no I, no thou. How can there be a dialogue ? There is just silence, utter
absolute silence – communion of course but not communication.
Deva means divine; adora is Greek, it means a gift. The full name will mean a divine gift.

Meditate on the fact that God has been very gracious. There was no reason at all for us to exist.

The existence could have been perfectly well without us, still, we are. We have not earned it, we
have not earned the right to be alive. We have not earned the right to see the beautiful sunset and
the night sky full of stars and the colours of a rainbow. We are unworthy of this beautiful existence
– yet we are, yet we have been given all for which we had not even asked. It is a gift. And the giver
is so shy that he does not come in front of us; he hides. We only see the gifts, we never see the
giver. Once you start feeling the hand behind the gifts, prayer arises. And that’s what sannyas is:
the search for the invisible in the visible, the search for the beyond in the herenow, the groping for
the ultimate in the immediate.

Deva means divine; cosmo is Greek, it means the universe – divine universe. Existence is not just
that which appears to the eyes, It is much more. Existence is not only the surface of it; it has a
hidden centre of life in it. Existence is meaningful: that is the literal meaning of cosmo. It is not
a chaos, it a cosmos. It is not accidental, there is a hidden current of purpose running in it which
keeps it together. It is very orderly, hence science is possible.
If it were a chaos, there would have been no science; and because it is a cosmos, religion is also
possible. If it were a chaos, then no Buddha would have been of any help to anybody. If there were
no order in existence – if one day two plus two are four, and another day two plus two are five, and
one day love leads you to god, and another day love leads you to hell – there would be no possibility
to help anybody, there would be no possibility of guidance.

Science is possible because existence is very orderly; it follows a few laws very consistently. And
religion is possible because in the interior world of consciousness it is also very orderly. Meditations
can be developed, yoga can be found, tao, tantra – an these things become possible because we
have been able to find out a few fundamental laws. Maybe they have to fit with each individual a little
bit this way and that, but the foundation remains the same, the essential core remains the same.

Prem means love; alva is Latin, it means white. White is a symbol of purity, innocence. Love is
white because love is innocent. Love is always innocent. The moment that love becomes clever,
calculating, it is no more love; nothing destroys love more than calculation. Love can live only in deep
trust. It needs intelligence but not cleverness, and intelligence is a totally different phenomenon.

Cleverness is part of the mediocre mind. The stupid mind is trying to be clever – he has to, because
he has no intelligence and he has to substitute for intelligence. And sometimes we over-substitute.

The really intelligent mind is unassuming, anonymous, a nobody. He trusts his intelligence; he
knows that whenever need arises he will be able to respond to the situation in the correct way, so
there is no need to think about it, to plan it, to calculate about it.
Love and intelligence are two aspects of the same energy. Become love, become innocent, become
intelligent: these are my teachings. And once you are loving, innocent, intelligent, then there is no
need of any other character to be imposed on you. You will be able to find your path towards God.

I don’t give you a map and I don’t give you a direction; I simply give you a lamp of light so that you
can find your direction, your way. And it is tremendously beautiful when one finds one’s own way; its
ecstasy is different.

Sat means true, bodhi means enlightenment – true enlightenment. There is a possibility of an untrue
enlightenment. The ego can play the last trick: the ego can start pretending ’I am enlightened.’ And
it is so subtle that it is almost impossible for others to detect it, because you can talk like enlightened
people very easily. Scriptures are available, you can cram them; you can repeat the Upanishads,
the Bible, the Koran. You can analyse in such a subtle way, with such philosophical acumen, that
it can be easily proved to others that you have attained. You can live a life according to people’s
expectations of how an enlightened person should live. If they expect that you should live naked,
you can live naked. If they expect that you should kiss lepers, you can kiss lepers. If they expect
that you should serve the poor and the ill, you can serve the poor and the ill. It is easy to manage.

That is the last trick that the ego can play upon oneself. One has to be very very aware at that
moment, otherwise one slips back to the original place, one again falls to the same ground from
where one was trying and trying hard to rise.

How to decide whether it is true enlightenment or untrue? The only decisive factor is: the absence
of I. In true enlightenment, the idea of I simply disappears, it is not found. There is nobody to claim
’I am enlightened’, there is simply nobody to claim anything. It is a pure nothingness, full of light, full
of joy – very spacious, it can contain the whole sky, but the ’I’ is found nowhere, not even a trace of
it. Then it is satbodhi, then it is true enlightenment.

Makes one wise, and wisdom makes one
blissful. They go together, they are two wings; neither can exist without the other. Either become
blissful and you will become wise, or become wise and you will become blissful. The path of wisdom
is the path of meditation, and the path of blissfulness is the path of love: these are the only two
paths in the world.

Either follow love and go madly into it – you will be blissful, and sooner or later, suddenly one day,
wisdom arrives without even informing you; suddenly it knocks on your door. Or follow the path of
meditation: become more and more aware, alert, watchful, and wisdom starts happening – because
awareness is another name for wisdom. Then one day the same miracle happens: love knocks on
the door, suddenly, from nowhere, from out of the blue. But whenever one reaches the peak, the
other arrives automatically; they are inseparable.
[Osho gives a sannyasin an ’energy darshan’ with two mediums helping.]
All three of you start feeling the energy moving upwards – feel pulled upwards.

All feel together as if one energy. Just take it up. Don’t be afraid. Feel pulled up. If sounds start
arising, allow it.

Now feel the energy going back down, just as if the whole energy is going down, as if you are
disappearing into the earth.

Perfectly good.

Things are perfectly good. Keep it (a box) with you and whenever you need me, just do the same
experiment: sit silently, first start feeling energy going up. Raise your hands and feel pulled, and
keep a tension being pulled, for at least five to seven minutes. Then relax, and then feel you are
disappearing into the earth; even if you fall onto the earth, fall, and then rest for four or five minutes.

This will give you tremendous transformation.
[Osho gives another energy darshan with the following instructions.]

Completely forget yourselves; just become energies, all together, all four of you. Let it become a
dance together.
Just stop all movement. Be perfectly still. Be utterly like statues.
[With another energy darshan Osho says:]

Just do one thing: the energy is at the sex centre, so all of you pull the sex centre up and then relax
it, pull it up and relax it, seven times, not more than that.

If any sounds start coming, feel orgasmic, feel sex energy moving upwards.
Feel ecstatic. Let the energy become pure bliss. Be in a dance.

Won't you join The Dance?, Osho

05-04-2012, 11:48 PM
Osho About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is utterly Eastern. So when you approach any Eastern science with the Western mind, you miss many things. Your whole approach is different; it is methodical, it is logical, analytical. And the Eastern sciences are not really sciences, but arts. The whole thing depends on whether you can shift your energies from the intellect to the intuitive, whether you can shift from male to female, from Yang to Yin. Can you become passive/receptive? Only then do these things work. Otherwise you can learn all about acupuncture and it will not be acupuncture at all. You will know all about it, but not it. And sometimes it happens that a person may not know much about it and knows it; but then it is a knack - just an insight in to it.

When you come to an acupuncturist, the disease is not important. The “patient” is important, because it is the patient who has created the disease. The cause is in the patient; the disease is only a symptom. You can change the symptom and another symptom will come up. You can force this disease by drugs, you can stop its expression; but then the disease will assert itself somewhere else and with more danger, more force - with a vengeance. The next disease will be more difficult to tackle than the first. You drug it, but then the third disease will be even more difficult. Acupuncture deals with the cause. And how can you get to the cause? Reason cannot go to the cause; it can only tackle the effect. Only meditation can get to the cause. So acupuncture will feel the “patient.” He will forget his knowledge; he will just try to get in tune with the “patient.” He will feel en rapport; he will start feeling a bridge with the “patient.”

When you touch anyone’s body, or you work with needles, you are working on God. One has to be very respectful, very hesitant. One has to work not out of knowledge, but out of Love. Knowledge is never adequate; it is not enough. So feel for the person. And always feel inadequate, because knowledge is limited and the other person is an entire world, almost infinite . . .

It is a mystery and is going to remain a mystery forever. It is not something accidental - that man is a mystery. Mystery is his very being. (From Medication to Meditation, Great Britain, 1996)

06-04-2012, 01:08 AM
974 pm in Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India
Question 1


If you make it a goal – egolessness – then you will always remain with the ego. Don’t make it a goal,
because all goals belong to the ego. If you think that you should remain egoless, who is this ”you”
who should remain egoless? This is the ego. So the first thing, don’t make it a goal. Any goal will
feed the ego – even the goal of egolessness.

When you are egoless enjoy it; when you feel the ego again, be alert – but don’t expect the contrary.

If you start expecting you will be more entangled with the same thing. Whenever egolessness is
there enjoy it, feel grateful, thank God, and when the ego comes again, be alert. Soon more and
more egolessness will happen to you, less and less ego will return. And the moment will come when
ego will disappear, but don’t make it a goal. All goals belong to the ego.
Secondly, don’t expect anything, because when you start expecting you have moved from the here
and now into the future. When you start expecting something you have started to bring your memory,
your past, into the present. This very moment you feel egoless – it is okay. Then it goes, then it
comes. You want to repeat the past again – you must be egoless. You project the past in the future
and you miss the present.

And remember, egolessness is possible only if you are here and now. If you move into the past, if
you move into the future, the ego will persist. So don’t ask for any constancy because constancy
means you want to continue the past into the future. Remain with the moment and don’t expect
anything. The ego will drop by itself, no other effort is needed. If the ego has moved it means you
are not in the present. So don’t fight with the ego, simply move into the present and ego will drop.

And this is what is happening.

You say: ”Many times I feel so merged in you that it is as if I have died and only you are.”
I am here and I am now. I have no past and no future. If you really relate with me you relate with
my nowness and hereness, because there is no other thing with which to relate. If you feel a love,
a trust, flowing towards me, that love and trust can flow only in the present. That’s why you feel you
have died. It is not because of me that your ego is dying, it is because you have moved with me in
the present. Then your past is forgotten, your future is no more. You are here, totally here.

So don’t think that it is something that I am doing to you, it is something that you are doing to yourself
– I am just the excuse. Try to understand this because otherwise it will become a clinging. The same
can happen anywhere. Remember the secret. If you love me, if you listen to me deeply, if you are
here present with me, receptive, open, you are in the present. That’s why for a few seconds the ego
will disappear. Then you are not. If you can be in the present anywhere, you will not be.

You can be only either in the past or in the future – you cannot be in the present. Just think about
it, how can you be in the present? There is no need. The past accumulates, becomes crystallized,
and you feel ’I’. Then the past projects in the future and says, ”This should be, this should not be. I
desire this, I don’t desire that.” This is your past desiring – all the bad experiences you don’t want to
repeat and all the good trips you want to repeat in the future. This is past asking for something in
the future – and you are missing the present, which is the only existence.
Past is no more, it is already dead; future is not yet, it is yet unborn. Both are not. And ego can
exist only in nonexistence, it is the most false thing possible. The present moment is, it is the only
is-ness; nothing else exists. If you relate with the present you cannot exist as an ego, because the
present is the real and the real never creates anything false. Out of the real nothing false is created;
only out of the false, false comes.

So it can happen... it may be happening to you that for a few moments you disappear. While listening
to me, while just sitting with me, you disappear. But I am not doing anything to you. If you think I am
doing something then you will cling to me, you will become attached to me; a new attachment will
be formed. And then through that attachment you will ask again and again for the same.

Just try to understand the basic law. Then move into the forest, sit under a tree, and be in the hereand-
now. Then be with your friends, remain silent, and remain in the here-and-now. Listen to music,
forget the past, forget the future, and be here and now. And if you can be in the present anywhere,
suddenly the ego will not be found. And if you ask that this should happen again, ego has come
again, because now you are asking for the future, planning for the future. This is the mechanism.

”But this feeling does not remain constant, and always the ego returns.” It will remain constant only
when you don’t ask that it should remain constant. It will happen again and again every moment,
it will be continued, but don’t ask for its constancy. Rather, enjoy it moment to moment and don’t
project it. It will arise again and again every moment, but remember, it is never the old, it is always
the new arising, every moment being born again and again. It is not the past continuing, it is the
new being born every moment.

”This happens whenever I again have to communicate with others or return to activity.” Why does
it happen when you communicate with others? Really you don’t communicate, that’s why. If you
communicate it will not happen. While you are here with me, this is a communication. You relate
with me, you become silent, you drop your past. You listen so attentively that thinking stops. This is

When you communicate with somebody else you are not communicating, you are just throwing
out your inner talk. You are thinking of many things. You may be saying something and
thinking something else, meaning something else, doing something else. You are many while you
communicate with others – then the ego enters.
In activity also the ego can enter because you become the doer. While I am speaking you are not
doing anything at all, you are simply here listening. Listening is not a doing, listening is passive, it
is a non-act. You need not do anything; you simply be there and it will happen. If you do something
you won’t be able to listen, if you go on doing something you will only appear to be listening but you
won’t be listening. When you don’t do anything, listening happens. It is a passive thing. You need
not do anything to create this capacity, it is always there.

But when you return to activity the ego can return, because again the doer has come. So what is to
be done? When you return to activity remain the witness and don’t become the doer. Go on doing
things but remain the witness. Or if it is difficult then just leave everything to the divine and say that
the divine is doing everything, you are just a vehicle, a passage, an agent. That’s what Krishna says
to Arjuna in the Gita: ”You leave everything to me, surrender everything to me. You become just a
medium and let things happen. Don’t you be the doer, God is the doer.”

Or if you cannot think of any God then there is another technique, and that is destiny or fate, that
everything that is happening is destined. You are not doing it, it was bound to be so, it was going to
happen, it was predestined. These are simple things, but you feel these simple things are difficult
because they have become difficult in this age.

In the past these simple techniques helped millions to attain silence, peace, egolessness, because
they could trust. Fate, or what Sufis call kismet, helped millions... because then simply you say, ”I
am not the doer. The whole existence has predetermined everything in me and I am just following.”

This is the whole secret of astrology. Astrology is not a science but a technique of religion. If a
person can believe that things are settled already and one cannot change anything, then the doer
cannot arise. But simple faith is needed for that.

If you feel this is difficult – and this is difficult for the modern mind – then only one thing remains,
and that is, be alert and move again and again to the present. No faith, no God is needed. But then
the path is very arduous because every moment you will have to pull yourself back to the present.

It is such an old habit to move ahead, it has become such a fixation that you will have to constantly

Remember not to move in the past and not to move in the future. Then every moment egolessness
will arise, it will become a continuous flow. And the more egoless you are the more moments of
egolessness, the more glimpses in the divine. The more you are the less the divine is for you, the
less you are the more the divine.

Vedanta, Seven Steps To Samadhi, Osho

06-04-2012, 04:14 AM

Fear Of Earthquakes – A Zen Approach

How a Zen Master Transforms His Fear - By Osho

“It happened that a Zen master was invited as a guest. A few friends had gathered and they were eating and talking when suddenly there was an earthquake. The building that they were sitting in was a seven story building, and they were on the seventh story so life was in danger. Everybody tried to escape. The host, running by, looked to see what had happened to the master. He was there with not even a ripple of anxiety on his face.
With closed eyes he was sitting on his chair as he had been sitting before.

The host felt a little guilty, he felt a little cowardly; it does not look good that a guest is sitting there and the host is running away. The others, the other twenty guests, had already gone down the stairs but he stopped himself although he was trembling with fear, and he sat down by the side of the master.
The earthquake came and went, the master opened the eyes and started his conversation which because of the earthquake he had had to stop. He continued again at exactly the same sentence – as if the earthquake had not happened at all.

The host was now in no mood to listen, he was in no mood to understand because his whole being was so troubled and he was so afraid. Even though the earthquake had gone, the fear was still there. He said: Now don’t say anything because I will not be able to grasp it, I’m not myself anymore. The earthquake has disturbed me too much. But there is one question I would like to ask. All other guests had escaped, I was also on the stairs, almost running, when suddenly I remembered you. Seeing you sitting here with closed eyes, sitting so undisturbed, so unperturbed, I felt a little cowardly – I am the host, I should not run. So I came back and I have been sitting by your side. I would like to ask one question. We all tried to escape. What happened to you? What do you say about the earthquake?

The master said:
I also escaped, but you escaped outwardly, I escaped inwardly.

Your escape is useless because wherever you are going there too is an earthquake, so it is meaningless, it makes no sense. You may reach the sixth story or the fifth or the fourth, but there too is an earthquake. I escaped to a point within me where no earthquake ever reaches, cannot reach. I entered my center.

This is what Lao Tzu says, hold firm to the basis of quietude. If you are passive by and by you will become aware of the center within you. You have carried it all along, it has always been there, only you don’t know it, you are not alert. Once you become alert about it the whole of life becomes different.
You can remain in the world and out of it because you are always in touch with your center.

You can move in an earthquake and be unperturbed because nothing touches you.

In Zen they have a saying that a Zen master who has attained to his inner center can pass through a stream, but the water never touches his feet. It is beautiful. It is not to say that the water never touches his feet – the water will touch them – it is to say something about the world within, the beyond within. Nothing touches it, everything remains outside on the periphery, and the center remains untouched, pure, innocent, virgin.”

Osho – Living Tao #1

06-04-2012, 04:34 AM


Chapter 31

The meditation camp at Mount Abu ended with the full moon night. In the afternoon, I talk to friends about going boating in the night. We come up with the idea to tell Osho about it. When we ask Him, He says, "We should reserve all the boats and after the night meditation everyone can go boating."

People attending the meditation camp are just thrilled with the message about boating. All the boats are reserved and after the night meditation everyone rushes to the lake like little kids going for a picnic. When Osho arrives at the lake there are already about five hundred people waiting there in the garden. It looks very chaotic but surprisingly in a couple of minutes people fall in line on both sides making a path for Him. Osho never gives any discipline to His people but His mere presence creates the harmony. His people love and respect Him out of their understanding.

He walks towards the lake with folded hands, namasteing everyone. A few friends join Him in the same boat and the rest of us take other boats. It feels like a great celebration on the lake. All the boats are filled with sannyasins dancing and singing. I look at the full moon and imagine that moon god must be desiring to come down and join in our celebration.

Chapter 40

Osho is conducting a meditation camp at Matheran hill station. Near about five hundred people are participating in the camp. He is staying at Rugby Hotel which has a big open ground in the middle where the camp is arranged.

One dog comes regularly and sits silently near the podium while Osho is speaking. I watch him. He comes a little early and has reserved his seat near the podium on the floor. He sits at the same place every day like a great meditator and looks very attentive with his ears raised while Osho is speaking.

When Osho comes and namastes everyone, he raises his neck and looks at Osho and Osho greets him with a great smile. It is the fourth morning today and Osho is standing at arrived at the station to see Him off. I am surprised to see this dog standing near Osho. Osho looks at the dog with such love that he starts wagging his tail.

After a few minutes, this mini train running between Matheran and Neral station is about to leave. Osho namastes everyone and enters the train. The train starts slowly, everyone has left except the dog who is walking with the train. The train picks up speed and the dog starts running with the train. Osho is watching him running and with the gesture of his hand blesses him and tells him to stop running.

The dog stops and looks up at Osho. I can't resist waving my hand towards him saying good-bye. Osho remarks, "He is a very evolved soul."


06-04-2012, 05:00 AM
The Greatest Synthesis

SCIENCE WILL BE for making life more comfortable, more luxurious, more beautiful; and meditation will become an absolute part of education all over the world. And the balance between the two will create the whole man.

Without meditation you cannot have the clarity, and a grounding within yourself, and a vision which is simple and innocent.

I want our place slowly to develop into a world academy of sciences for creativity. This will be perhaps the greatest synthesis ever.

The search for religious truth in no way hinders the search for the objective reality, because both areas are absolutely separate. They don't overlap: you can be a scientist and a meditator. In fact, the deeper you go into meditation, the more clarity, the more intelligence, the more genius you will find flowering in you. This can create a totally new science.

According to me, the new science will be only one science which has two dimensions: one dimension working in the outside world, the other dimension working in the inside world -- and just one word is enough.

The word "science" is a beautiful word; it means knowing.

Science uses observation as its method. Religiousness also uses observation as its method, but calls it meditation. It is observation of your own subjectivity.

Science calls its work "experiment" and religiousness calls its work "experience." They both start from the same point but they move in the opposite directions: Science goes outwards and religiousness goes inwards.

I am utterly uninterested in anything that is not rooted in reason, in logic, in experiment, in experience.

The old science was created as a reaction against religion.

The new science I am talking about is not a reaction against anything, but an overflowing energy, intelligence, creativity. Politics corrupted science because its own interest was only in war. Religions could not accept science because they were all superstitious, and science was going to demolish all their gods and all their superstitions. Science has passed these three hundred years in a very difficult situation – on the one hand fighting with religion, and on the other hand unconsciously becoming a slave to the politicians.

I want this place to grow and I am making arrangements for a world academy of sciences and arts, totally devoted to life-affirmative goals.

The science that can create Hiroshima and Nagasaki and destroy thousands of people, birds, trees without any reason -- just because the politicians wanted to see whether atomic energy works or not -- that same science can create more food, more life, better health, more intelligence in all fields of life. But it has to be taken out of the hands of politicians. And it should not bother about religions.

Scientists bothered about religions in the past because they themselves were conditioned by the same religions.

I have been in contact with scientists, Nobel Prize winners, who have been fighting for my rights in other countries. These Nobel Prize winners, eminent scientists, artists of different dimensions, will constitute the academy, and they will make efforts to change science's whole trend of being destructive.

Our sannyasins -- and there are many who are scientists, artists, physicians -- will help the academy. We will arrange scholarships, and people from all over the world can come and study a new way of science, a new way of art that affirms life, that creates more love in humanity and that prepares for the ultimate revolution of a single world government.

And the World Academy of Creative Science, Arts and Consciousness will be the first step, because if the scientists from all over the world slowly get out of the grip of the politicians, all the politician's power will be finished. They are not powerful; the scientist is the power behind them. And the scientist is in a difficulty, because there is no institute in the world which will give the scientist enough of the materials, instruments, machines that he needs to work with.

The academy will have support from all over the world, from all the scientists without exception, because now everybody is seeing that they are serving death, not life.

We can have the greatest library for scientific research and we can have sannyasins working, studying. The synthesis will be that everybody who is working in the institute will also be meditating, because unless meditation goes deep in you, your love sources remain dormant. Your blissfulness, your joy remain unblossomed.

Man is not for science, science is for man.

But science can be of tremendous help if all the scientists of the world who are creating destructive power are removed from their positions. They want to move, but they have no place to move to. We have to create a place for them. They are all feeling guilty....

Albert Einstein died feeling utterly guilty because he had helped to create atomic bombs and those bombs were surrendered to President Roosevelt of America. Once those bombs were in the hands of the politicians, Albert Einstein went on writing letters saying: "These should not be used; they should be reserved as a last resort." But nobody bothered about those letters – who cares? And the bombs were used without rhyme or reason.

Scientists are in a difficulty. They cannot work individually; they have to work under a government. The government's interest is war. And no religion is going to support the scientists because their findings go on destroying religious superstitions. There is an immense vacuum which I want to fill by creating a World Academy of Creative Science, Arts and Consciousness, absolutely devoted to life, love, laughter – absolutely devoted to creating a better humanity, a better and more pure, healthy atmosphere, to restoring the disturbed ecology.

The most important thing for the academy will be to create pure science, just the way I am making every effort to create pure religiousness.

Man can have inside him a pure religiousness -- that means love, that means silence, that means meditation -- and also a sense of pure science, so that no branches of science go on doing work unnecessarily which is destructive to other parts.

The second great thing the academy has to do.... Up to now science has developed accidentally. There has been no sense of direction; people just went on discovering anything without any idea for what. Even moving accidentally, they have created much, but it is in the service of destruction. Pure science will give a sense of direction and a unity to all the sciences, so that science works as a whole, not as different branches.

As it exists now, every science has become so specialized that no science knows anything about another science. This is a dangerous situation, but this can be avoided. It has not been possible to avoid it just by using human intelligence. Even to know all the information about one branch of science is an impossible task, but to know about all the sciences and their details -- mind is certainly not capable of it. But the computer opens a new door.

Through the computer all the sciences can be accumulated into one science as such.

And the computer can even sort out what is contradictory in different branches of science. It can help to make the whole of science organic, so that some branches do not go against other branches.

There are so many things that the world academy has to do. It has to spread around the world the idea that misery is unnatural, that sadness is sickness, that the lust for power needs psychiatric treatment, that a man who goes on gathering money is mad.

And once we make the whole of humanity aware of the dangers of our past ways of life and where the whole past is leading us -- to a global suicide -- it will not be difficult to convince the intelligent, the young, to drop the past and to accept the greatest challenge of creating a golden future. The world academy, devoted in every sphere to creativity, is going to happen.

This world is not going to be finished by idiotic politicians.

All over the world that's all they are doing -- preparing the funeral pyre for the whole of humanity. We are going to stop it. And if they insist, we will tell them: "Jump into the funeral pyre yourself!"

Once we can get rid of the priests and the politicians, the whole earth will become so full of peace, silence, love...so many flowers and so many rainbows. We have been in the wrong hands; the world academy has to create an atmosphere so that these wrong hands are no longer powerful.

The world academy is a conscious effort to do everything perfectly aware of what the consequences will be. Small experiments can be done which will give us the idea of the consequences. Right now there are thousands of inventions of scientists which have been purchased by the vested interests and are lying down in their basements; they have never been brought into the market for the people to use.

Because we are behaving so insanely -- exploiting, polluting the earth -- any invention is bound to change many things. Perhaps many industries will be closed because a better product, more life-affirmative, is available. Now those industrialists will try to purchase the rights and keep those scientific discoveries hidden from humanity.

I want our place to be the first synthesis between religiousness and a scientific approach to life.

This will fulfill my dream that the inner and the outer of man are not separate. And it is absolutely possible, there is no difficulty in it. I have found the right sources, so you can rejoice in the fact that soon this place is going to become the world capital of science and religion. And once governments see their scientists disappearing, the world government will become a possibility.

Science should not be the monopoly of any one nation, any country. The whole idea is stupid. How can science be monopolized? And every country is trying to monopolize the scientists, keep their inventions secret. This is against humanity, against nature, against existence.

Whatsoever a genius discovers should be in the service of the whole.

It will be a great revolution in the history of man. The whole power will be in the hands of the scientists, who have never done any harm to anybody. And once all the power is in the hands of the scientists, politicians will fade away of their own accord. They have been exploiting scientists for their own purposes, and to be exploited by anybody is not an act of dignity.

The scientists should recognize their dignity, they should recognize their individuality. They should recognize that they have been exploited down the ages by the priests and the politicians.

Now it is time to declare that science is going to stand on its own feet. Scientists have to be courageous enough and declare that they don't belong to any nation, to any religion, and that whatsoever they will be doing will be for the whole humanity. This will be a great freedom -- and I don't see that there is anything impossible in it


06-04-2012, 05:19 AM
6 April 1973 pm in Bikaner Palace Hotel
Three sutras that are basic for life transformation, that are ultimate in a way. The first: Be


UNLESS AMBITION IS KILLED, you will remain in misery. Ambition is the source of all miseries.

What is ambition? ’A’ wants to be ’B’, the poor wants to be rich, the ugly wants to be beautiful.

Everyone longs to be someone else, something other than what he is. No one is content with
himself. That’s what ambition is.

Whatsoever you are, you are not content with it. This is ambition. Then you are bound to be in
misery, because you cannot be anything else. You can only be yourself; nothing else is possible. All
else is just futile, harmful, dangerous. You can waste your whole life, your whole existence.

Whatsoever you are, you are. Accept it; don’t desire it to be otherwise. This is what nonambition
means. Nonambitiousness is basic to all spiritual transformation, because once you accept yourself,
many things start happening. But the first thing.... If you accept yourself totally, the first thing that
happens to you is a nontense life. There is no tension. You don’t want to be anything else; there
is nowhere else to go. Then you can be here and now. There is no comparison. You yourself are
unique. You no longer think in terms of others.

Then there is no future. Ambition needs future, it needs space to grow. It cannot grow here and
now; there is no space. This moment is so small, so atomic. Ambition needs the future; and the
greater the ambition, the greater the future that is needed.

If your ambition is so great that it cannot be fulfilled in this life, then you will create an afterlife. You
will create heaven, you will create moksha, you will create the concept of rebirth. I am not saying that
there is no rebirth. I am saying that you believe in rebirth not because it is there but because your
ambitions are so great that they cannot be fulfilled in one lifetime. Your belief in rebirth, reincarnation,
is not because it is a fact. It is because of ambition and desire. Reincarnation may be a fact, but for
you it is just a fiction. For you it is just a matter of the future, of more space to move in.

Remember, you cannot be ambitious in the present moment. It is impossible. There is no space.
The present moment is so atomic, so small, that you cannot move in it. You can be in it, but you
cannot desire in it. It is long enough to be, but it is not long enough for desiring. To desire you need
future, time. Really, time exists because of desire. For the trees here, there is no time. For the birds
singing here, there is no time. For the stars and for the sun and for the earth, there is no time. Time
exists because of human desire. If humanity was not on this earth, there would be no time; there
would be no past and no future.

Your desire creates the future. Your memory creates the past. They are both parts of your mind.
Don’t desire, and the future disappears. And when there is no future, how can you be tense? How?

There is no possibility of being tense if there is no future And if there is no past – if you know that
it is simply memory, the dust collected on the way – how can there be any anxiety? With the past,
anxiety enters. And with the future – plans, imaginations, projections – tension exists. When the
past drops and the future is not open, you are here, now. No anxiety, no tension, no anguish.
Nonambition means to accept yourself as you are. But that doesn’t mean that there is no possibility
of growth. On the contrary, when you accept yourself as you are the transformation sets in. You
start growing, but the dimension differs. Then the dimension is not in the future but in the eternal.

Know this distinction well. You can move in two ways. If you move in the future, you are moving
in the mind: a fiction, a dream world. If you don’t move in the future, then a different dimension
becomes open for you from this very moment You are moving in the eternal. The eternal is hidden
in the moment. If you can be here right now, in the moment, you have entered the eternal. If you go
on thinking of the future and the past, you are living in the temporal. The temporal is the world, and
the eternal is nirvana.

Buddha is reported to have said again and again that if you can be in the now, there is no need of
any technique to meditate. It is enough. It will do all that is needed. But how can you be in the now
if you are ambitious?
The ambitious mind cannot be in the now. It can be anywhere else but it cannot be in the now.

The ambitious mind always moves away from the present. It is thinking of that which is .o come; it
is thinking of tomorrow. It is thinking of an afterlife; it is not interested in the life that is here. It is
interested in something that should be. It is not interested in the ’is’; it is always interested in the
’ought’, in the ’should’. That interest is nonreligious. A religious mind, a religious consciousness, is
interested in existence as it is. The first sutra is KILL OUT ambition totally so that you can be here
and now, so that you can enter the eternal.

KILL OUT DESIRE OF LIFE – the second sutra.

KILL OUT DESIRE OF LIFE. Life’s laws are very paradoxical. If you desire life, you will miss it. That
is the surest way to miss it. If you desire life, you will miss it; but if you don’t desire it, abundant life
will happen to you.
Through desire, you move against life. It looks paradoxical. It is. This paradoxical law has to be
understood deeply.

Why is it that when you desire life you miss it? Why? It should not be so. Logically, mathematically,
it should not be so. If someone desires life, why should he miss it? The mechanism is such that
when you desire, you have again moved into the future. And life is here! Life is already the case –
how can you desire it? Only that which is not can be desired. And life is. How can you desire it? It
already is; it is already happening. You are life.

If you desire life, you will miss it. Through desire, you are moving away from life. Every desire leads
you further and further away. That’s why there is so much insistence on desirelessness. It is not that
Buddha or all those who talk about desirelessness are against life. Really, on the contrary, they are
for life. But they say, ”Don’t desire,” and to us U looks as though they are against life, life-negative.

They are not.
We are missing life through desire. That is why Buddha says, ”Don’t desire.” What happens if you
don’t desire? Life will happen to you. It is already happening, but you cannot look at it because your
eyes are fixed on the future. You are somewhere else; your mind is not here. Life is here and you
are not here, so the meeting has become impossible. Then you will hanker for life, you will desire
life, but you will go on missing it.

Allow life to happen to you. How can that be done? By being attentive here. By not being desirous
of being somewhere else.

The moment you start desiring life, you become afraid of death. It is bound to be so, because the
desire for life creates the fear of death. There is no death. In reality, nothing dies; nothing can. It is
impossible. Death never happens; death is not. Then why do we feel death so much, and why are
we so afraid of it? Why are we afraid of something that is not?
We are afraid of death because of our desire for life. The desire for life creates a counter fear: the
fear of death. We don’t know life, but we desire life. Then the fear comes in that life is going to be

We see death happening... someone dies. Have you ever observed the fact that it is always
someone else who dies, never you? It is always someone else. You see death from the outside;
you have not seen it from the inside. You see someone dying but you don’t know what is happening
to him in his innermost core. You just know what is happening on the periphery. The periphery has
gone dead; it is no longer alive, the man cannot breathe. But what has happened in the core, in the
very being, in the center? You don’t know.

No one has witnessed death. And no one can, because there is only one way to witness it: if you
move to your own innermost core and witness it there. But death never happens there. That is why
a Buddha laughs at death, a Krishna laughs.

Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita, ”Don’t be afraid. Don’t think that anyone is going to die.” No one
dies; you cannot kill anyone. It is impossible. In this world, nothing can be destroyed, not even a
micro-organism can be destroyed. Destruction is not possible. Only change is possible.

Life goes on moving. One wave dies (appears to die) and then arises as another wave. Only forms
disappear and new forms appear, but nothing dies and nothing is born.
If nothing dies then nothing is born, because death is possible only if something is born. Birth and
death are two fallacies. You existed before your birth – otherwise birth would not have been possible
– and you will exist after your death – otherwise it would not be possible for you to be here and now.

But the desire to cling to life creates the fear of death.
If you stop desiring life, the fear of death immediately disappears. And when the fear of death
disappears, you can know what life is. A mind that is trembling with fear and anguish cannot know.

Knowing needs a very calm, unafraid, fearless consciousness.
Desire for life means fear of death. The sutra says KILL OUT DESIRE OF LIFE so that the fear of
death disappears. And when there is no death, and no clinging to life, you will know what life is,
because it has already happened to you. You are it! It is not something extrinsic; it is something
intrinsic. It is happening already. You are breathing in it. You are just like a fish in the ocean of
life, but you are not aware of it because your attention is obsessed with the future. Desire means
obsession with the future. No desire means living here and now.
And the third sutra:

desire for happiness.
Kill it out.
It appears very gloomy, sad, life-negating. It is not. The more you desire comfort, the more
discomfort will be felt. The more you desire comfort, the more discomfort you are creating for
yourself, because discomfort is relative to the desire for comfort.
The more you ask for happiness, the more you will be in suffering. The suffering is a shadow. The
greater the desire for happiness, the greater will be the shadow. Ask for happiness and you will
never get it. You will only suffer frustration. Why? Because there is only one way to be happy, and
that is to be happy here, now. Happiness is not a result. It is a way of life.
Happiness is not the end result of desire. It is an attitude, not a desire. You can be happy here and
now if you know how to be, but you will never be happy if you don’t know how to be and you go on
desiring it. Happiness is an art. It is a way of life.

This very moment, if you can be silent and aware of the life that is around you and within you, you
will be happy. The birds are singing, the wind is blowing. The trees are happy, the sky is happy,
everything in existence is happy except you. Existence is happiness, it is an eternal celebration, a
festivity. Look at existence! Every tree is in a festive mood, every bird is in a festive mood. Except
man, everything is in a festive mood. The whole existence is a festival, a constant, continuous
festival. No sadness, no death, no misery exists anywhere except in the human mind. Something is
wrong with the human mind, not with existence. Something is wrong with you, not with the situation.

Why is man unhappy? No animal is so unhappy, no bird is so unhappy, no fish is so unhappy as
man. Why is man so unhappy? Because man desires happiness, and the birds are happy right now;
the trees are happy right now. Man desires happiness; he is never happy here and now. He always
desires happiness and goes on missing it. Happiness is here. It is happening all around you. Allow
it to enter within.

Be part of existence. Don’t move into the future. Existence never moves into the future; only mind

This is what I call meditation: to be here, to not move into the future. Be nonambitious, kill all desire
for life, don’t desire happiness and then you will be happy and no one can destroy your happiness.

Then it will be impossible for you to be unhappy. And then you will be deathless and eternal life will
have happened to you. In fact, it has already happened but you are not aware of it. Then you will be
fulfilled. Nonambitious, you will be fulfilled.

You are unique. Everything, every peak experience that is possible to anyone, is possible to you
also; but it will happen in a unique way. It has happened to a Buddha, to a Jesus, to a Zarathustra
and it will happen to you also. But it never happens in the same way. It is not going to happen to you
like it happened to Buddha. It is not going to happen to you like it happened to Jesus. It will happen
to you in a unique, individual way. When it happens to you it will be absolutely new. The innermost
core of the experience will be the same – the same bliss, the same silence, the same enlightenment
– but on the periphery everything will be different.

So don’t imitate anyone. That is part of ambition. Don’t imitate Buddha, don’t imitate Jesus. Try to
be yourself. Rather, even trying is futile. Just be yourself. When you are yourself, you are open to
all possibilities. When you are yourself, the whole existence starts helping you. You are not fighting

When you are not fighting.... This is what trust means. When you are not fighting, existence
happens to you. If you are fighting with existence you are simply destroying yourself, destroying
your possibilities, your energy, your life, your existence. Don’t fight! Surrender to existence. Accept
yourself as the whole wishes you to be, don’t try to be anything else, and enlightenment can happen
any moment. This very moment it can happen; there is no need to wait.

The New Alchemy: To Turn You On , Osho

06-04-2012, 05:54 AM


I have heard one Sufi tale. Once it happened that one king had a dream. In the night when he
was fast asleep he dreamed he saw a shadow, a very dark, dangerous looking, ferocious shadow,
standing just behind him. He asked, ”Who are you?”

The shadow said, ”I am your death, and before the sun sets tomorrow, I am coming to meet you. I
have come just to inform you.”

The king wanted to ask, ”Is there any way to escape from you?” but he became so afraid that he was
awakened. He couldn’t ask, and the dream disappeared. So in the middle of the night he gathered
all his wise men and he said, ”There is no time, so you decide immediately what this dream means.
What does this symbol mean? Interpret it.”

All the Freuds and Jungs and Adlers of his day were called immediately to interpret the dream. They
came with their big scriptures, books and charts, and the king became afraid. He said, ”Don’t waste
time! You have to decide immediately!”

They said, ”It is a very intricate thing, very complex, and it has never happened before so there is
no precedent. We cannot decide immediately, it has to be analyzed and it will take time.”

But the king prayed to them, ”Do it as soon as possible, because I have to decide and do something.
The sun is just going to rise, and once the sun has risen it has already set – then there is no time.
The sun will move and set, and within twelve hours everything will be finished!”

They started discussing, and there was much discussion – as it always happens with persons whose
minds are filled with knowledge. Everyone was of a different opinion and the king was still more

The king had one old servant. The old servant came near to him and whispered in the king’s ear,
”Don’t wait. I know these people. Even if you have one hundred years to live, they will not come to
any conclusion – they have never come to a conclusion. For centuries they have been discussing;
conclusion is not their goal at all, discussion is their interest. These are philosophers. For thousands
of years they have been discussing and have reached no conclusion – philosophy has no conclusion.

And every answer that has been given by these fellows creates one hundred questions, so simply
don’t wait for them.”

The king said, ”Then what am I supposed to do?”

The old man said, ”I am a common man, not a learned man, and as far as I can see you should
do a commonsense thing: you take your fastest horse and escape from this palace, this palace is
dangerous. At least this much is certain – that you should not be here at that moment when death
comes. Go as far away as possible.”

It was worth considering. The king said, ”Okay. There is no other possibility, because these fellows
are confusing me even more. So let them discuss and let them decide, and I will escape.”

When you have fear, escape seems to be the only door. So he took his fastest horse, a wonderful
horse, and he escaped from the palace. When the sun was rising he was out of the town, when the
sun was setting he was hundreds of miles away. And when the sun was just going to set he reached
a big tree. He thought, ”This will be a good place for the night.” He came down from his horse and
he thanked the horse, saying, ”You are just wonderful. You are the only friend who helped me in
such a great difficulty. When scholars were of no use, you helped me. At least you have brought me
so far away.”

While he was saying this and patting the horse, suddenly he saw the same shadow behind him. He
trembled and he said, ”What! You have come?”

The shadow said, ”Yes, I was waiting under this tree for you the whole day. And I was afraid whether
your horse would come or not – the place is so far away from your palace. Let me thank your horse,
he is really wonderful.”

Whatsoever you do, and wherever you escape, you cannot escape death; wherever you reach, death
will be waiting for you there. If you are rich you can have a fast horse; if you are poor you will have
to walk, but you will reach – you will reach anyway.


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1981 am in Buddha Hall
The first question:
Question 1




KAHLIL GIBRAN IS A POET, but not a mystic. A poet is a dreamer, a mystic is a visionary, and the
difference is vast. The difference is not only of quantity but of quality. The poet looks not at the moon
but at the reflection of the moon in the troubled waters of the lake. He gets few glimpses here and
there, but they are only glimpses and very vague. His perception is not clear, cannot be, because
he has not passed through the alchemical process of meditation.

The mind is there between him and the reality, and the mind always interprets; it is a constant
commentator. It never allows the reality to reach to you as it is. It distorts it, it polishes it, it changes
it. It makes it according to its own gestalt, its own pattern. It gives it the shape of its own ideas, it
colors it. Of course something of the reality still lingers on, but it is only something fragmentary, as
if the poet has seen a beautiful dream.

But the mystic knows it directly, immediately; there is no interpretation. Existence and the mystic
are in deep communion. The poet is only once in a while in a sort of communication, but never of
communion. In communication you remain separate, bridged for the moment but still separate. In
communion you are no more, not only bridged for the moment – you are simply not there. It is not a
question of creating a bridge; you are immersed, you are attuned. You are in a state of at-onement
with reality.

Remember this before we start meditating on these beautiful words of Kahlil Gibran – they are
beautiful. He is one of the most perceptive poets of this age, but he is a poet, not a mystic; he is not
a Buddha, not a Christ. He has not seen reality, he has dreamed about it. His dreams are beautiful,
psychedelic, but dreams are dreams; even if sometimes they reflect the reality, they only reflect it.

They are faraway echoes, or maybe echoes of the echoes of the echoes.
Kahlil Gibran says:

It is implied in the statement that as if love is some thing outside you and you have to follow it. In fact,
when love is there you are not there; there is nobody to follow it. Love is overwhelming! Love is a
dissolution of the ego. Who is there to follow? Who is there not to follow? If there is somebody still to
follow or not to follow then it is not love, then it must be something else – maybe biology, chemistry,
psychology, but not love. It must be instinctive; it must be lust parading as love, camouflaged as
love. It must be something animal.

When love is there the lover is not; they can’t exist together. That is impossible, that is not in the
nature of things – they cannot coexist. If the lover is there, love is not; if love is there, you will not
find the lover anywhere. Then who is to follow? Who is to hear the call of love and who has to go
with love? If somebody is there to follow then something is missing – something very basic and
fundamental is missing.

The statement is beautiful, but it has not come out of meditativeness. It is a faraway echo; he has
dreamed about it.
If you ask the Buddha he will say: When love is there, you are not. And there is no way not to follow it,
there is no way to go against it. You ARE IT! But then you have to understand the multidimensionality
of the phenomenon of love.

The lowest dimension is animal; ninety-nine percent people never go beyond it. So when they hear
words like this,”When love beckons to you, follow him,” they interpret it according to themselves.
In all the languages of the world we have this expression ”falling in love”; it is significant. Why ”falling
in love”? – because for ninety-nine percent people it is really a fall. They are going downwards to the
world of instincts, biology, physiology. They are being dominated by the hormones, by the glands,
by their body chemistry. It is happening in animals, it is happening in the trees – it is nothing special,
it is nothing human.

I will not say, ”When your biology beckons to you, follow it.” I will say, ”Watch, be aware, be alert,”
because if you are not aware you are bound to be taken over, dominated by the lowest element in
you, by the most peripheral in you. You will be dominated and guided by unconscious natural forces.

That’s what is happening: in the name of love people are simply behaving like animals. It is a fall!
But there are higher dimensions of love too...

The first kind of love appears as if it is coming from the outside. It really comes from the
outside because it comes from the circumference and the center has to follow the circumference.

The circumference is the outermost thing in you; it is outside you. You are far away from the
circumference at the deepest shrine of your being. When love calls you forth that means it is coming
from the periphery, somewhere from the outside.

A man falls in love with a woman or a woman falls in love with a man, but it is nothing special to
man, it is not part of the dignity of man. It is a fall and it will bring misery to you. And remember, it
will be possessive. And also, if you carefully watch, you will see it will not only be possessive; deep
down there will be a desire to be possessed too. You are already possessed by nature, now it will
have other implications. The man will be possessed by the woman, the woman will be possessed
by the man... and the whole conflict of the so-called love.

Whenever you are possessed by somebody there is a dichotomy in you: you want to be possessed
and yet you want to be free. There is a conflict within you: you want to be possessed because that
makes you feel valuable, possessible. Somebody is paying respect to you, somebody is thinking of
you as a treasure, so you feel good that you are possessed. But on the other hand, simultaneously
you feel that you are being reduced into a commodity. It may be a treasure, but a treasure has no
consciousness. You are becoming a thing, you are being reduced into the world of objects, you
are becoming an object of possession. You are losing your subjectivity and the freedom of your
subjectivity, hence the conflict.

And you will be in misery because whatsoever you do will only fulfill half the desire and the other
half will remain frustrated. If you allow yourself to be possessed, your desire to be free remains
unfulfilled, it fights; if you don’t allow yourself to be possessed you are free, but something in you
goes on insisting that nobody possesses you. Does it mean nobody values you? Does it mean
nobody is bothered by you, nobody takes any note, that you are worthless?
At this level of love, misery is a natural consequence. Watch it, because through watchfulness you
can rise above it. You can start rising in love rather than falling in love. Watchfulness becomes like
a ladder from the lowest to the highest.

The second dimension is closer to what Kahlil Gibran says in his second statement:


But again he gives a wrong reasoning why love is not going to possess and is not going to be
possessed. He says: because love is sufficient unto itself – that’s not so. Love is not sufficient
unto itself: love needs to be shared. There is an immense, overflowing energy which needs to be
shared. The flower is not sufficient unto itself; it needs the winds and the sun so that it can release
its hidden splendor, its fragrance, its perfume. If it is not allowed to release its perfume it will be in
deep suffering.

Love suffers most when there is nobody to share it. The greatest suffering comes when you have to
give and there is nobody to receive it. LOVE POSSESSES NOT – that is true – NOR WOULD IT BE
POSSESSED – that is true. But the reason given for it by Kahlil Gibran is not right. It is poetic, but
it has no insight into the reality of love.

Love is non-possessive because love’s very essence is freedom. If you love a person you would
like the person to be absolutely free. And if you love somebody you can love only if you have loved
yourself before it; that is a precondition. You cannot love others if you are not in deep love with
yourself. The first, the foremost love is love for oneself. When this flame starts burning in you – love
for oneself...

It has not been told to you for centuries, in fact just the opposite has been taught: ”Don’t love yourself,
it is selfish,” they say. ”Love others!” Even Christians who think they are following Christ have
misinterpreted his tremendously significant statement. He says: ”Love your enemies like yourself.”

They have taken only half part of it; they say, ”Love your enemies,” but they have forgotten the basic
condition. Jesus says, ”Love your enemies like yourself ’ but if you don’t love yourself, in what way
you are going to love your enemies? What will be the criterion? First you have to love yourself, then
you can even love your enemies – what to say about friends? what to say about lovers?

The first love has to happen within yourself; it is something inner. It happens only when you become
silent, aware, meditative, when you get out of the mind. Mind is possessive, mind is dictatorial, mind
is a despot. It wants to dominate, because the center of the mind is the ego and the ego can ride
on anything – any horse will do. Money will do, power will do, knowledge will do, asceticism will do,
virtue will do, love will do – even love! Even the love will be converted into a horse and the ego can
ride on it.

Love is non-possessive only when it is not of the mind, but Kahlil Gibran knows nothing of the nomind.

Meditation means the state of no-mind. Love should arise in a state of no-mind; you have to
prepare the state of no-mind for love to happen. It does not come from the outside, it does not come
from somewhere else. When you are silent it springs within yourself, it blooms within yourself.

Meditation functions like spring, and the flowers that have been waiting for the spring suddenly
open up. Your inner being becomes so full of perfume, it is so fragrant, you are so overflowing with
fragrance, you have to share it. And it is so much that you cannot be miserly about it.

An ancient Tibetan story is:

A Master denied his whole life to accept any disciple. The more he denied, the more he became
famous. More and more people were coming and asking to be initiated, but he will refuse. His
conditions were such that nobody was able to fulfill them.
He had only a young man to look after him; he was also not a disciple, because he never initiated
anybody. The Master was getting old so he had allowed this young man... The young man wanted
to serve the Master. He said, ”If you are not going to initiate me, okay, don’t initiate me, but let me be
here to serve you, to look after your physical needs. You are getting old.” And he allowed the young

The day he was dying he called the young man and told him, ”Run to the village and tell to people,
whosoever wants to be initiated can come immediately.”

The young man could not believe. He said, ”But what about your conditions? Your conditions are so
impossible that nobody has been able up to now to fulfill them.”
The Master laughed and he said, ”Now I can tell you the truth! The real thing is, all those conditions
were just a strategy not to say to people that ’I have not yet reached; that I don’t have it, so how I
can give it to you?’ I never wanted to say that I have not yet become the awakened one, the blessed
one, so I had found this strategy: that ’You are not yet worthy to be initiated.’ But now I have attained
– this morning it has happened! – and I am so burdened that I want to be relieved.

”So there is no condition at all. You simply go, and whosoever wants to be initiated, gather them and
tell them that this is my last day. As the sun will be setting I will also disappear from this world, so
only few hours are there. Gather as many people as you can!”

The young man could not believe, but the Master was saying so he rushed. The villagers could not
believe; they thought that it must be some kind of joke. The man has been so stubborn about his
conditions and conditions were so impossible – only Superman can fulfill his conditions!

Those poor villagers said, ”But we are not worthy!”

The young man said, ”Now he is not asking for any readiness on your part. Anybody who wants to
be initiated, who wants to share the truth, he is ready to give.”
Few people were curious: ”What is the matter?” – so just out of curiosity, knowing perfectly that old
man for many years, without believing but just out of curiosity followed. Somebody’s wife had died
and he was feeling a little miserable so he said, ”Okay, it will be good just to go to the old man for
some consolation, and if he wants to give some advice or some wisdom, why not take it?” A young
man was unemployed, he was thrown out from his job, and he was just sitting idle so he said, ”Okay,

I am also coming.” Even a small child seeing a crowd going towards the hermitage followed. He had
not gone to the school that day and it was good excuse that he had gone to the saint, so he also
went there.

The young man looked at the crowd. He could not believe his eyes, because he has seen very wise
people coming, the purest, the most innocent, the virtuous, the puritans, the ascetics, and they were
all refused. And this motley crowd! He laughed himself: ”What is going to happen? The whole
thing seems to be simply crazy! And what this small child is going to get? And the reasons they are
coming are absurd: somebody’s wife has died, somebody is unemployed, somebody’s off day, the
child has not gone to the school.”

He went with this crowd. The Master did not even ask, ”Why you want to be initiated?” He simply
started calling single individuals, initiating them. The young man said, ”I cannot believe my eyes! I
had never imagined that this will ever happen!”

The Master said, ”It is very simple. Now I have it and I have to give it; then I didn’t, there was nothing
to give. And what was the point to show one’s emptiness to people? So I pretended that ’I have it,
but you are not ready.’ Now, whether you are ready or not, who cares? I am unburdening myself.”

That has always been the way of the Masters. When the raincloud is full of rainwater it does not
bother whether it is showering on the rocks or on a good soil, whether the soil is fertile or not. It
simply showers! It showers without any conditions.

So is the truth about love: when you love yourself, when your love has exploded, when it has become
a reality within you, you share it! It is not sufficient unto itself, it needs sharing. Even truth needs
sharing, Buddhahood needs sharing, Christ-consciousness needs sharing. It is irresistible, it has to
be shared; there is no way to avoid it.

Otherwise, why in his old age, when Buddha was eighty-two, he was still traveling and talking to
people and saying to people? He was ill, he was old, he was getting every day weaker, but he was
still traveling. His disciples were saying that, ”Now you please stop!” And he will say, ”I cannot, I
have to give. To the last of my breath I have to give.” And actually that’s what happened.

When he was dying, the last day has come, he has declared that now he is going to leave his body:
”Has anybody something to ask?”

Ten thousand sannyasins had gathered, his disciples they were crying. They said, ”You have
answered everything! You have been answering for forty-two years continuously, morning,
afternoon, evening. You have said everything that we would have ever thought or asked or enquired
– in fact thousand times more you have said. There is nothing to ask.”
It was Buddha’s way to ask everything thrice. He again asked, ”Have you got any questions?” They
refused. He again asked. ”Maybe somebody has a question and is not asking just not to bother me
in this last moment of my life. Don’t be worried, ask it! Till my last breath I want to share, I have to

But they refused. They said, ”We don’t have any question.”
Then he said, ”Goodbye. I can close my eyes, I can start disappearing.” He said. ”First I will
disappear from the body, then from the mind, then from the heart, and then from my soul. As if
a candle is extinguished... the flame disappears... you cannot find it anywhere because now it is

Just when he had closed his eyes and was disappearing from the body and the mind and reaching
to the third stage, a man came running. For thirty years he had been waiting to ask something, but
always something or other came and he could not ask. In fact, he had not seen Buddha for thirty
years. He had always wanted to visit him, but sometimes the customers were there, sometimes
some guests had arrived, sometimes the wife was ill, sometimes some other problem, and he
always postponed. The ordinary way of humanity: postponement, tomorrow... ”Next time when
Buddha comes by I will ask.”

Suddenly he heard in the village the rumor that ”This is the last day, Buddha will not be there
tomorrow.” So he closed his shop. Even the customers were still there and they said, ”What are you

He said, ”Enough is enough! – now I cannot wait!”

The wife said, ”I am feeling very ill” – they are always feeling ill – ”I have a headache!” And when
you are going to a Buddha, the wife will always have a headache! ”Where are you going?”
He said, ”You get lost! I have no time even to answer!”

He rushed. The wife followed, the customers followed. ”What is the matter? He has gone suddenly
mad...? Such a calculating man, a businessman!”

He reached and he asked the disciples that, ”I want to ask a question!”
They said, ”It is too late. He had asked thrice, we had refused. And where you have been? For thirty
years he has been passing from your village, almost every year he has passed. Where you have

He said, ”I am sorry, but I always postponed, believing that there will be a tomorrow. Now I cannot
postpone. And I don’t know whether in my future life I will ever come across a man like Gautam
Buddha. Who knows? I cannot miss this opportunity!”

A quarrel started. He was saying that, ” I will ask him!” And they were saying, ”Now it is not possible!”
And Buddha opened his eyes. He said, ”This is not right. I am still alive – let him ask! To the last of
my breath, if I am alive I would not like it to be told about me that ’Buddha was alive and a man has
come to enquire, and he was refused.’ Let him ask.”

And he was ready to answer. He answered...

Love, truth, bliss – there is an intrinsic core in them: they need to be shared; they are not sufficient
unto themselves. Sharing is part, but they are not possessive. The reason is totally different. The
reason is that love basically gives freedom: it gives freedom to oneself, it gives freedom to others. A
love that becomes a bondage is not love; it is lust, it is animal, it is not human. Love gives freedom,
then it becomes human. But still it is a kind of relatedness.

There is one more dimension to love. In the first, love is a biological need; in the second it is a
psychological sharing; in the third you are love. In the first it is a relationship, a possessiveness;
in the second it is a relatedness, a friendship, a friendliness; in the third you are love itself. Your
very being is love, you radiate love! Only then love has come to its crescendo – it has achieved the
ultimate, the last – you can call it God.

Jesus exactly says, ”God is love.” I would like to change the statement just a little bit, the same words
but a different arrangement. I would like to say: Love is God – because when you say God is love it
simply means love is one of the attributes of God; there may be many others. I say to you: Love is
God – God itself is nothing but an attribute of love – it is godliness.
And the third statement of Kahlil Gibran is:

A beautiful statement, but only apparently. Deep down something is missing – it is bound to be
missing. It is not a fault of Kahlil Gibran: he is only a poet, he can be forgiven. He says:
No, even that desire is not there, because love itself is a fulfillment. There is no question of any
future fulfillment – there is no future in love. Love knows only one time and that is this moment, now.

Love is the means and the end. It is fulfillment, it is contentment, and out of this fulfillment is the

So to a certain extent he is right when he says: LOVE HAS NO DESIRE... But the second part of
the statement, BUT TO FULFILL ITSELF, he commits a mistake. That too is a desire: TO FULFILL
ITSELF Even that desire is not there. Love has no desire, in fact love happens only when you have
reached to the point of desirelessness.

That’s what I call going beyond the mind. Mind has desires; when you slip out of the mind you are a
no-mind. There are no desires, no memories, no imagination, no fantasies, no future, no past. You
exist now and here.
This very body the Buddha. This very space the lotus paradise.


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It is January, 1989, and Osho has been elected President of the United States.

Swami Deva Coconut has just moved back to the States and he goes into his favorite bar, The Hilarious Horse Pub, and says to the bartender, "Give me a glass of beer. And put on the six o'clock news -- I want to see President Reagan's latest speech to the nation."

"I am sorry," says the bartender, "but Reagan is no more in office; Osho is president."

The next evening Coconut goes into the same bar and says, "Give me a beer, and put on the six o'clock news. I want to see Reagan's latest speech to the nation."

"But I told you yesterday," says the bartender, "Osho is president now."

But the same thing happens every day that week. Finally, on Saturday, the bartender loses his temper. So when Coconut asks to see Reagan on TV, the poor guy freaks out. "Look here, you dodo!" he shouts. "Every night you ask to see Reagan on TV, and every night I tell you that Osho is president. Don't you understand?"

"Of course I do," says Coconut. "But I just like to hear you say it!"

Paddy has been getting very fat from drinking so much beer. One day his wife, Maureen, complains about it. "Why don't you go to the new health clinic?" she asks. "I hear you can lose as much weight as you want there."

So Paddy goes to the clinic and pays ten dollars for a ten-pound weight reduction course.

He is shown into a small room and there is a pretty redhead. "If you can catch me," she tells Paddy, "you can screw me."

Half an hour later Paddy comes out ten pounds lighter and with a happy grin on his face.

Maureen is so pleased with her new, more streamlined husband, that she sends Paddy back the next day for the fifty dollar, fifty-pound weight reduction course. When he has paid the money, Paddy is shown into a room and the door slams shut and locks behind him.

Paddy looks round expectantly then he notices a huge gorilla standing in the corner. Paddy feels a bit confused, but then as the gorilla starts to walk towards him, he notices a sign around the creature's neck, it reads:

"If I catch you, I will screw you!" :eek :D

Paddy and Seamus are walking home from the pub through the park one day, in deep, philosophical discussion. For over an hour, they have been talking abut whether God-Almighty rules over their lives or not, when Paddy gets fed up and says, "Ah, God can't tell me what to do -- I am going to the beach for a holiday!"

"You mean," replies Seamus, "that you are going to the beach -- God willing?"
"No!" snaps Paddy, stubbornly. "I am going to the beach, God willing or not!" But just at that moment, there is a loud crash of thunder in the sky. Seamus covers his head in fear, and falls to the ground.

When he opens his eyes again, he looks around, and finds that Paddy has been changed into a slimy, green frog. For seven weeks, Paddy, the frog, is forced to live in the park pond, and every day Seamus brings a handful of dead flies for him to eat.

Finally, after his penance is completed, Paddy is changed back into his old self. He immediately walks home and begins packing his bags.
"Hey, Paddy!" cries Seamus, with surprise. "My God, you are back! But where are you going now?"

"Like I said," shouts Paddy, "I am going to the beach!"
"You mean," replies Seamus, "that you are going to the beach -- God willing?"

"No!" shouts Paddy, furiously. "I am going to the beach or I am going back to that goddam frog pond!"


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Osho on Madame Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky

Osho on Madame Blavatsky - With me there is no possibility of any belief. I will destroy all your beliefs so that you can be a freedom, a bird on the wing in the open sky. But very few are the people who are in search of freedom. Those who are not in search of freedom are bound to leave me; it is natural. And I don't prevent anyone, because even to interfere is against my approach and my respect for individual dignity.

Secondly there are many who are not interested in understanding existence, their own being, but are very much interested like small children in puzzles, esoteric ideologies, occult phenomena. Just because something is irrational, illogical does not mean that it is truth, does not mean that it is going to give you your innermost being and its treasure. There are thousands of esoteric schools, theologies, theosophies and they are very interesting in a way -- but they are interesting because you are retarded! They look very magical and there are people who exploit your retardedness.

The founder of the Theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky, was found guilty of strange kinds of things; you cannot call them crimes, you can simply call them fraud. She had a servant named Damodar. While she was traveling by train she would be in first class and Damodar would be in third class. Suddenly Damodar would fall flat on the floor of the compartment, unconscious, foaming.

Naturally, the train was stopped, people gathered and then Madame Blavatsky would come and do some abracadabra. Damodar would immediately open his eyes and everybody would see "what a tremendously spiritual powerful woman..." And nobody knew that he was her servant and that was his only job. Finally in a court case Damodar was forced to admit that he had played a part in many kinds of frauds.

Beautiful letters still exist, that were written by Blavatsky herself. She made a special ceiling... Her followers would sit in Adyar, Madras, with closed eyes in the dark night -- no light because divine masters don't want to be seen. Damodar was hiding and would slip a letter from the ceiling. A light would be brought in... the letter was coming from Master K.H. Those are beautiful letters; they are collected and published. There was no need... the letters themselves are significant, but this way they became very mystical.

Now the followers were not just reading letters written by human hands, but by a great master who is the guide of all those who are in search of the ultimate truth.

I have been in the place in Adyar from where those letters have been dropped, and strange is the gullibility of human beings.... The writing is clearly human, the paper is material, the ink is material, and looked at closely, anybody could have figured that it is the writing of Blavatsky herself and nobody else. But when you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don't listen to any rationality, your own reason ... it feels good to believe.

Blavatsky created one of the greatest esoteric schools in the world, the Theosophical movement. And the reasons people believed in that movement were all neither rational nor mystical, nor based on spiritual experience. In a certain way they were cunning, fraudulent, but very sufficing, very satisfying, very gratifying.

Source - Osho Book "Om Shantih Shantih Shantih"

Osho on Madame Blavatsky - Love is not a quantity; it is a quality, and a quality of a certain category that grows by giving and dies if you hold it. If you are miserly about it, it dies. So be really spendthrift. Don't bother to whom -- that is really the idea of a miserly mind: I will give love to certain persons with certain qualities.

You don't understand that you have so much... you are a raincloud. The raincloud does not bother where it rains -- on the rocks, in the gardens, in the ocean -- it doesn't matter. It wants to unburden itself. And that unburdening is a tremendous relief.
So the first secret is: Don't ask for it, and don't wait, thinking that you will give if somebody asks you. Give it!

The founder of the theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky had a strange habit her whole life -- and she lived long, and traveled all over the world and created a world movement... In fact no other woman has been so powerful in the whole history of man, has had influence worldwide. She used to carry many bags with her, full of seeds of flowers. Her whole luggage was nothing but seeds of flowers. Sitting in the train by the side of the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the window, and people would ask, "What are you doing? You carry so much unnecessary luggage, and then you go on throwing those seeds out of the window for thousands of miles."

She said, "These are seeds of flowers, beautiful flowers. When the summer goes and the rains come, these seeds will become plants. Soon there will be millions of flowers. I will not be coming back on the route and I will never see them, but thousands of people will see them, thousands of people will enjoy their fragrance."
She actually made almost all the railroads in India full of flowers, and people said, "When you will not see them again, what is your joy?"

She said, "My joy is that so many people will be joyful. I am not a miser. Whatever I can do to make people joyful, happy, I will do; it is part of my love." She really loved humanity, and did everything that she felt was right.

Just give your love to anybody -- a stranger. It is not a question that you have to give something very valuable, just a helping hand and that will be enough. In twenty-four hours, whatever you do should be done with love, and the pain in your heart will disappear. And because you will be loving so much, people will love you. It is a natural law. You get what you give. In fact you get more than you give. Learn giving, and you will find so many people being loving towards you who had never looked at you, who had never bothered about you.

Source - Osho Book "Beyond Psychology"

Osho on Madame Blavatsky

Madame Blavatsky

Osho on Madame Blavatsky - I am reminded of one very important woman... because there have been a very small number of women who can be called important, but this woman was certainly important -- Madame Blavatsky. She founded a great movement, Theosophy. She used to travel all over the world, except Russia -- and Russia was her native land.

It happens again and again; it seems to be almost a rule, a law. Blavatsky wandered all over the earth but could not enter Russia, her own birthplace, her own land. But wherever she went, she always used to carry two bags, on both shoulders, filled with seeds of beautiful flowers. Sitting in a train, from the window she would go on throwing seeds outside the train. People thought that she was mad. People asked, "What is the purpose? You may never come again on this route."

She said, "That is not the point. I may not come but the spring will come. I may not come, but whoever passes by here will see the beautiful flowers."

Source - Osho Book "The Messiah, Vol 1"

Osho on Madame Blavatsky - There is a question about Alice Bailey, who claims that some Master K. has been sending messages to her from Tibetan mountains. This is quite possible, and Alice Bailey may be right. In fact, there are bodiless souls in the universe who are very compassionate and loving to us and who try to help us even from their ethereal existence. And they do send messages if they come across some suitable medium.

Alice Bailey is not the first person on this earth to have received such messages. Many people like Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, Colonel Olcott and Leadbeater have worked as mediums for such bodiless souls in the past. And by contacting such souls who have attained higher states of spiritual growth many things can be known and communicated.

Source - Osho Book "Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy"

Osho on Madame Blavatsky- Nobody, I think, can compete with Blavatsky as far as esotericism is concerned -- except me of course; I can write seven hundred volumes. That's why I have avoided speaking on THE SECRET DOCTRINE: because if I speak on the seven volumes of THE SECRET DOCTRINE, then, Inshallah, God willing, I will produce seven hundred volumes, not less than that.

It has been reported to me that I have already spoken three hundred and thirty-six books. My God! God is merciful -- merciful because I don't have to read them. I have not read any of them. But Blavatsky would have immediately made something out of it. That's what I call esotericism. Three hundred and thirty-six: three-three-six, that means three plus three is six... sixty-six; six plus six is twelve... one plus two... again three! The moment you come to three then you cannot stop the esoteric; he has got the key. The esoteric will open doors you have never imagined. Three is enough to open all doors, locked or unlocked.

Blavatsky, poor woman -- I pity her and love her too, in spite of her face, which is not lovable, not even likable, what to say of love! Her face could only be used to frighten children when they are doing something nasty. Blavatsky had a very ugly face -- but I pity the woman: in the world of men, made by men, dominated by men, she is the only woman who asserted, dominated, and started the first religion ever by any woman... Theosophy. She competed with Buddha, Zarathustra, Mohammed, and I thank her for that. Somebody needed to do it. The man has to be put in his place. I thank her for that.

THE SECRET DOCTRINE, although so full of esoteric bullshit, has many beautiful diamonds too and many lotuses. There is much rubbish in it because she was a collector. She went on collecting all kinds of rubbish from everywhere possible, without bothering whether it was useful or not. She was great at putting all that useless nonsense in a systematic way. A very systematic woman. But there are a few -- sad to say only a few -- diamonds here and there. On the whole the book is not worth much. I am including it just so that a few women are included in my list and I am not thought to be a male chauvinist. I am not. I may be a female chauvinist, but not a male chauvinist at all.

Source - Osho Book "Books I have Loved"

06-04-2012, 06:33 PM

Osho on Edgar Cayce

Osho - I will tell you about another event in connection with the vermillion mark, so that you will be able to understand its relationship to the third eye. Edgar Cayce died in 1945. Forty years before that, in 1905, he fell sick, became unconscious and remained in a coma for three days. The doctors had lost all hope and said that they could not find any way to bring him back to consciousness.

They thought that his unconsciousness was so deep that perhaps he would never come out of it. All medicines were tried, but there were no signs of his regaining consciousness. On the evening of the third day, the doctors said that they could not do anything more and that
within four to six hours he would die, or if he lived, he would be mad – which would be worse than death – because as time passed the delicate veins and cells of his brain were disintegrating. But Cayce suddenly started speaking even though he was in a coma.

The doctors couldn’t believe it: Cayce’s body was unconscious, but he was speaking. He said that he had fallen from a tree, that his backbone was injured, and that was why he was unconscious. He also said that if he was not treated within six hours, his brain would be affected and he would die. He suggested some herbal medicine which he should be given to drink and said that he then should recover within twelve hours.

The names of the herbs which he requested were not likely to have been known to Edgar Cayce, and at first the doctors thought what he was saying was just part of his madness because the substances he had suggested were not known to cure a condition such as his. but because Cayce had specifically mentioned them they thought they should try them.

Those substances were searched for, and given to Cayce: he fully recovered within twelve hours. After he became conscious and when the incident was related to him, Cayce could not remember suggesting any such medicine; he neither knew the names of the medicines nor recognized them. But this event in Edgar Cayce’s life was the beginning of a rare happening.

Edgar Cayce became an expert in suggesting medicines for incurable diseases; he cured about thirty thousand people during his life. Whatever prescription he gave was always right; without exception, every patient who tried his medicine was cured. But Cayce himself was not able to explain it. He could only say that whenever he closed his eyes to look for some treatment, both his eyes turned upwards as if pulled towards the middle of his two eyebrows.

His eyes became fixed there and he forgot everything; he only remembered that after a certain point he forgot everything about this life, and until that point, the treatment would not come to him. He suggested some wonderful remedies, two of which are worth understanding. The Rothschilds were a very rich family in America. A woman from that family had been sick for
a long time and no treatment had helped.

Then she was brought to Edgar Cayce, and in his unconscious state he suggested a medicine. We have to call his state unconscious, but those who know about this mysterious happening would say he was fully conscious at that time. In fact, unconsciousness continues until our knowledge reaches the third eye. Rothschild was a millionaire, so he could afford to search the whole of America for that medicine, but he couldn’t find it.

No one could even say whether such a medicine existed. Advertisements were placed in international newspapers requesting information about the medicine. After almost three weeks a man from Sweden wrote, saying that there was no medicine of that name in existence, although twenty years earlier his father had patented a medicine of that name but never had it
manufactured. He wrote that his father had died but he could send the formula.

The medicine was then made up and given to the woman, who then recovered. How could Cayce have known of a drug that had not even been available on the market? In another incident, he again suggested a particular medicine to someone; a search was made for it but it could not be found. A year later an advertisement appeared in a newspaper announcing the
availability of that medicine. For that previous year it had been being tested in the laboratories; it had not even been given a name but Cayce knew of it.

The medicine was given to the patient who soon recovered. Cayce had suggested medicines which could not be found, and so the patients died. When he was told about this, he said that he was helpless, there was nothing he could do. He said, ”I do not know who is seeing the patient and is speaking when I am unconscious – I have no relationship with that person.”

But one thing was certain, whenever he was speaking in that state his eyes were drawn
upwards. When we are in deep sleep, then our eyes are drawn upwards in proportion to the depth of sleep. Now, psychologists are doing much experimentation on sleep. The deeper you are in sleep, the higher are your eyes; the lower the eyes, the greater is their movement. If your eyes are moving very rapidly under their eyelids you are having a very eventful dream.

Now this has been scientifically proved by through experiments – that ”rapid eye movement, REM,” indicates a fast-moving dream. The lower the eyes, the greater the REM; as the eyes go higher, the REM is reduced. When the REM is zero, sleep is at its deepest. Then the eyes remain steady between the two eyebrows. Yoga says that in deep sleep we reach the same state that we reach in samadhi. The place where the eyes become fixed is the same in deep sleep and in samadhi.

I have told you about these two historical events only to indicate that between your two eyebrows there is a point where this worldly life ceases, and the life of the other world begins. That point is a door. On this side of the door this world flourishes, and inside it there is an unknown world, supernatural.

The tilak – the vermillion mark – was first devised as an indication and symbol of that unknown world. It cannot be applied just anywhere, and only a person who can place his hand on the forehead and find the spot can tell you where to apply the tilak. There is no use in putting the tilak just anywhere, because the spot is not in exactly the same place on everyone. The third eye is not found in the same place on everyone; it is somewhere above the middle of the two eyebrows on most people.

If someone has meditated for a long time in his past lives and has had a small experience of samadhi, his third eye will be lower down. If no meditation has been done that place is higher up on the forehead. From the position of that spot, it can be determined what the state of your meditation was in your past life; it will indicate whether any state of samadhi happened to you in your past life.

If it happened often, the spot would have come down lower; it would be at the same level as your eyes – it can’t go lower than that. If that spot has come in line with your eyes, then with just a small push one can enter samadhi. In fact the push can be irrelevant; so, many times when someone goes into samadhi without any apparent cause we are surprised.

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Question - Is there any relationship between Understanding and Energy?

Osho - SANTOSH, YES. THERE IS great relationship. In fact, to call it relationship is not right -- because energy IS understanding. They are not two things. What kind of energy is understanding? When the energy is unoccupied, it becomes understanding. When energy is occupied, it remains ignorance, it remains: unconsciousness.

For example, your sex energy is occupied with a woman or with a man. It will remain ignorance -- because the energy is focussed on the object, it is going outward, it is extrovert. If the energy is freed from the object, where will it go? It will start falling into the subject, into your inner source. And energy falling back into the source becomes understanding, becomes awareness. And I am not saying be against sex. No. But let sex be more a subjective phenomenon than an objective phenomenon. And that is the difference between sex and love. Love is subjective, sex is objective.

You become interested in a woman or in a man as an object. And sooner or later the interest will be finished, because once you have explored the object, then nothing is left. Then you are ready to move to somebody else. Yes, the woman looks beautiful but how long can she look beautiful?

An object is an object. She is not yet a person to you. She is just a beautiful object. It is insulting. You are reducing a soul into an object, a subjectivity into an object. You are trying to exploit, .you are turning her into a means. Your energy will remain ignorant. And you will go on moving from one woman to another, and your energy will go on remaining in a circle. It will never come back home.

Love means you are not interested in the woman or the man as an object. In fact, you are not there to exploit her. You are not there to get something from her. On the contrary, you are so full of energy, you would like to give some energy to her. Love gives. Sex only wants to get.

And when love gives, it remains subjective, it remains rooted into oneself. Lovers help each other to be more and more themselves. Lovers help each other not to disappear, but to become authentically individual. Lovers help each other to be centered. Love is respect, reverence, worship. It is not exploitation. Love is understanding. Because energy is unoccupied with the object, it remains free, untethered to anything. And that brings the transformation. It accumulates inside you.

Osho on Understanding and Energy

And remember: just as it happens in the world of physics, so it happens in the world of metaphysics. After a certain quantity of energy... the qualitative change happens. The qualitative change is nothing but quantitative change. For example, if you heat water up to a hundred degrees it evaporates. Up to ninety-nine it has not evaporated; it is still water -- hot, but still water. But beyond a hundred, it evaporates -- it is no more water. It has changed its form. The transformation has happened.

Just like that, when your energy accumulates and you don't go on wasting it on objects.... And people ARE wasting it on objects. Somebody is interested in money -- he puts his whole energy on the money. Of course, he accumulates much money, but in accumulating it he dies, dissipates, becomes empty, becomes a beggar. Money goes on accumulating and he goes on becoming more and more beggarly. Somebody puts his energy into politics, into power. He becomes a prime minister, but deep down he is a beggar. He may be the greatest beggar in the country....

If you put your energy into objects, you will live a life of non-understanding, unawareness. Don't put your energy into objects. Let energy fall into your being. Let it accumulate. Let your life become a great reservoir. Let your energy just be there without any occupation. And at a certain point... the jump, the quantum leap, the transformation. And energy becomes luminous, turns into awareness, becomes understanding.


Yes, there is. It is energy that becomes understanding. So when you are depleted of energy, you start losing your understanding. When you are tired, your intelligence is less. You have observed it. In the mowing your intelligence is more fresh than in the evening. In the morning you are more understanding, more compassionate, more loving, than in the evening.

Have you observed? -- beggars come in the morning to beg. They understand the psychology. In the evening, who is going to give to them? People are so angry by that time, so frustrated with life. In the mowing, they have rested the whole night, a deep sleep, the energy is fresh -- eight hours accumulation of energy. They have more understanding, more compassion, more love, more sympathy. It is possible to persuade them to give something to you. They have, so they can give. By the evening, they don't have; they have lost all they had. They are dead tired.

Children are more understanding -- have you observed. it or not? -- than the old people. Old people become very very hard, cruel, cunning. Their whole life they have remained occupied with objects. ALL old people become Machiavellian. Young children are innocent, trusting, closer to Buddhas. Why? -- the energy is overflowing.

Young children learn things so fast. Why? The energy is there, hence the intelligence. The older you become, the more difficult it becomes to learn a thing. They say it is difficult to teach an old dog new tricks. Why? It should not be so, because the dog knows so many tricks, he can learn a few more. It should be easier for him because he has learnt so much. He has practiced learning so much that he can learn a few more easily. But that is not so.

Children learn fast. If a child is born in a town where five languages are spoken, he starts learning all five; he becomes efficient in all five languages. They all become his mother languages. A child has infinite capacity to learn. And the reason is only one: his energy is still overflowing. Soon it will be dissipated in life.

The man of meditation becomes the man of understanding because his energy accumulates. He is not wasting it. He is not interested in trivia; he does not put any energy at all into petty things. So whenever the time arises to give, he has to give.
Energy is understanding. Be conscious of it and use your energy very consciously, and use your energy in such a way that you don't simply go on wasting it.

Source - Osho Book "The Perfect Master, Vol 2"

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Osho on Attraction for teachings of Channels or Psychics

Question - Beloved Master, Many of your Sannyasins, some of whom have been with you for many years, have left you to follow the teachings of Channels or Psychic Clairvoyants. I have visited some of these people, partly out of curiosity and partly through the recommendation of friends, and have found nothing that comes even close to the love and benediction in being with you. Beloved master, what is the attraction to these dead masters or so-called entities when you are here, a living enlightened master?

Osho - Satyam Samved, the question you have raised has many layers and a simple answer won't be justified. But I would like to go into it as deeply as possible, because it is something of much concern to each of you.

I am not in any way a bondage. I do not create a program in you, a belief system. I don't ask you to surrender; in fact, I don't ask anything from you. All I want is to help you to be yourself. This is one of the reasons a few are bound to leave me, because they are in search of someone who can take their responsibility. But they are not aware that the moment you lose your responsibility you also lose your freedom.

The moment you surrender to anyone, dead or alive, you destroy yourself -- you commit a suicide as far as your individuality is concerned. But there are people who will feel much relief, relief in being free of responsibilities. Somebody has taken the burden on himself; he is your savior. Now it is easier for you just to believe in him. There is nothing easier in the world than belief, because you don't have to do anything at all.

With me there is no possibility of any belief. I will destroy all your beliefs so that you can be a freedom, a bird on the wing in the open sky. But very few are the people who are in search of freedom. Those who are not in search of freedom are bound to leave me; it is natural. And I don't prevent anyone, because even to interfere is against my approach and my respect for individual dignity.

Secondly there are many who are not interested in understanding existence, their own being, but are very much interested like small children in puzzles, esoteric ideologies, occult phenomena. Just because something is irrational, illogical does not mean that it is truth, does not mean that it is going to give you your innermost being and its treasure. There are thousands of esoteric schools, theologies, theosophies and they are very interesting in a way -- but they are interesting because you are retarded! They look very magical and there are people who exploit your retardedness.

The founder of the Theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky, was found guilty of strange kinds of things; you cannot call them crimes, you can simply call them fraud. She had a servant named Damodar. While she was traveling by train she would be in first class and Damodar would be in third class. Suddenly Damodar would fall flat on the floor of the compartment, unconscious, foaming.

Naturally, the train was stopped, people gathered and then Madame Blavatsky would come and do some abracadabra. Damodar would immediately open his eyes and everybody would see "what a tremendously spiritual powerful woman..." And nobody knew that he was her servant and that was his only job. Finally in a court case Damodar was forced to admit that he had played a part in many kinds of frauds.

Beautiful letters still exist, that were written by Blavatsky herself. She made a special ceiling... Her followers would sit in Adyar, Madras, with closed eyes in the dark night -- no light because divine masters don't want to be seen. Damodar was hiding and would slip a letter from the ceiling. A light would be brought in... the letter was coming from Master K.H.

Those are beautiful letters; they are collected and published. There was no need... the letters themselves are significant, but this way they became very mystical. Now the followers were not just reading letters written by human hands, but by a great master who is the guide of all those who are in search of the ultimate truth.

I have been in the place in Adyar from where those letters have been dropped, and strange is the gullibility of human beings.... The writing is clearly human, the paper is material, the ink is material, and looked at closely, anybody could have figured that it is the writing of Blavatsky herself and nobody else. But when you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don't listen to any rationality, your own reason ... it feels good to believe.

Blavatsky created one of the greatest esoteric schools in the world, the Theosophical movement. And the reasons people believed in that movement were all neither rational nor mystical, nor based on spiritual experience. In a certain way they were cunning, fraudulent, but very sufficing, very satisfying, very gratifying.

Just today one of my secretaries, Anando, informed me that a nice French gentleman is here. Nothing is wrong with the person, he just believes that he can heal spiritually -- and there are thousands of "spiritual healers" in the world. If they are really true there should be no need of any hospitals. Naturally, because he does not understand much English -- he is French -- all the French sannyasins immediately gathered around him and he talked about me.

These are the ways people are tricked. First he said, "Your master has the biggest spiritual aura that I have seen in my lifetime." Naturally you feel very gratified: your master has the biggest aura. He has to have, because he is your master, he is no ordinary master!

And he must have heard -- it is all over the world in every newspaper, in every language -- that I have been poisoned in America, and the poison has affected my body badly. So he said, "Your master's aura is the biggest, but on his left hand, just on the top of the left hand there is a black hole."

Now there he missed! The problem is with my right hand, not with my left hand! And the poison cannot create black holes. But just this mistake reveals what he was trying to do....

Everybody knows that I walk like a drunkard. Now nothing can be done about it; I have been walking that way my whole life. I am a man who is utterly drunk. So he said, "His aura is great, but the energy of the aura is not flowing into his legs. I can heal him and I have come here to heal him."

Naturally my people would think that this is good if somebody has come from France, from far away to heal me. But I receive dozens of letters from this corner or that corner of the world that their desire is to heal me.

Why this desire...? They don't want to learn something here; they don't want to heal themselves here. The simple arithmetic is that if I allow anybody to heal me then all of you will naturally think that the greatest healer has come. These people are not necessarily cunning, are not necessarily deceptive, they may authentically believe that they are capable of healing.

Just a few days ago Doctor Shyam Singha came from London. He was once my disciple, but because he was doing things which are absolutely against humanity, sincerity, truth -- he was exploiting people in my name -- I had to expel him from the sannyas movement. He was moving around the world, telling sannyasins that he can do this, he can do that and all that he can do is to manage to take as much money from people as possible. He was exploiting on every excuse in the name of healing, in the name of opening your chakras, in the name of raising your kundalini, in the name of cleansing your past life and its evil effects...!

When so many people reported that he was exploiting simple people I had to debar him and announce in the papers that he does not belong to the sannyas movement. And I had to inform him that he cannot enter into the campus. He has been here two times, but was turned away from the gate; he was not allowed in. He must have seen this as a great opportunity -- that I have been poisoned.

Nobody knows who has made him a doctor! He does not have any qualifications for it -- but there are many doctors in the world and they go on healing people, homeopathically, naturopathically, spiritually... Many are the names but the business is the same.

So he wrote a letter asking if he can come and heal me; if I would simply send my signature on my letterhead so that nobody prevents him at the gate and he is allowed in the campus.

I am not sick, and I don't need any healing. The poison was given to me two years ago. Because it has not been able to kill me, the man who was responsible for prosecuting me has been fired from his job as Attorney General of Oregon in America. He has been fired because he could neither manage thirty to forty years of jail punishment for me, nor a good dose of poison to kill me, nor to put a bomb in my room and destroy me.

One of my attorneys was here just a few days ago. He said, "That poor government attorney tried hard; he did his best." But I have not committed any crime -- all is fiction. He had a list of thirty-four crimes that I was supposed to have committed. It would have needed at least one thousand years of jail.

"That long," I said, "I would not be able to live! You should consider the fact: one thousand years of jail? It is hilarious; just think of something practical. The whole list is an absolute lie."

They could not give me the poison in such a dose that I would have died in the jail. It became clear from the statement of the United States Attorney, Charles Turner, that they did not want to make me a martyr. They were afraid that if I were to die then again another Christianity will be born; then again another religion, another fanatic fundamentalist group of people will gather in sympathy with me.

The court ordered that I leave the court, that I go to the airport immediately. My airplane was waiting; I had to leave immediately. Perhaps they were afraid that if I died before leaving then the sympathy of the whole world would be with me, and against Ronald Reagan and his company. Out of fear they could not give the whole dose; otherwise one dies within twelve hours.

That's what the experts from England have informed me, who have presumed that the poison given to me was thallium. It kills within twelve hours, but if given in small doses it takes time. It may kill within six months, but now even that time has passed. The poison is out of my system.

Existence cannot be so cruel! And there is no black hole on the left hand.... So please, next time when you talk, remember: my right hand has some pain, but that too is not something that needs spiritual healing. It is a physical thing and it needs physical healing; no spiritual healing is needed. And as far as the spirit is concerned, it is never sick; it is intrinsically healthy and whole. It is the body which is bound to become sick and some day old and some day it dies.

But there have been spiritualists of all kinds who don't understand that there is an immense difference between spirituality and physical existence. I have heard about a young man whose father was a member of a Christian Science group.

In England there has been a very influential group and in America also: Christian Science. The young man was asked, "What is the problem, your father has not been seen for three weeks?" They were meeting every Sunday.

The young man said, "It is difficult; he is very sick."
The old man said, "Nonsense, sickness is only a belief, imagination! And he is an old member of our group. We don't believe in sickness, just remind him, `You are not sick!'"
He said, "I will remind him."

After two weeks they met again. The old man said, "What happened, he has not come?" The young man said, "What can I do? Now he believes he is dead."

The body has to become sick, the body has to become dead also. One should think of experiencing the spiritual, the eternal, the immortal. One should not waste time on such stupid ideologies, which have been prevalent all over the world.

There are people, simple people, who immediately think that miracles can happen. And the greatest problem is that if you are very trusting something can happen. Seventy percent of sicknesses are illusory; they are only because you believe you are sick. That's why seventy percent of people are helped by any kind of medical approach other than allopathy -- even simple sugar pills work, the scientific name of which is homeopathy.

I used to live next to a Bengali fellow.... He was a great homeopath, but he himself used to go to the hospital when he was sick. I asked him, "What is the matter? You are such a great homeopath, you have treated so many people." And it is true, he had treated...

He said, "I have treated, but I cannot treat myself; I know they are sugar pills. Somebody who does not know and believes in me, may be helped."

And it has been found that seventy percent of people are helped by any kind of medical approach, except a very few stubborn people who are determined not to be healed whatever happens. They torture doctors, they torture allopaths, they torture homeopaths, they torture spiritual healers, they torture everybody. They are very inventive; they go on finding new diseases, even diseases for which the doctors don't know the name.

Because of this homeopath doctor -- I used to sit in his dispensary... A woman used to come almost every day, and the moment the woman would come, he would say, "My God, this woman is not going to die. She has no disease, she is perfectly healthy, but she goes on reading medical periodicals and finds out new diseases. Even I don't know," he said. "When she tells me that this kind of disease is happening to her, then I know. But it makes no difference, because I have only one medicine whatever the disease."

There was a doctor who was tired of a young man, because every day he was standing there. He was poor, he could not pay, and the doctor had tried in every way to convince him, "You are perfectly healthy."

But every day something new. One day it is stomachache, one day it is a headache.... He told me, "What should I do? It seems cruel because he is poor, an orphan, uneducated, unemployed..."

I said, "Do one thing: send him to me and just tell him, `He is a very difficult person; he knows, but he does not want to waste his time, so he is very secretive -- but he has the power ... if he touches water, the water can heal anything -- but he will not touch it. But you remember, remain insistent. Sit in front of his door.'"

He came near about nine o'clock in the evening and he said, "I am suffering badly from stomachache."

I said, "I am not a doctor and if you are suffering, suffer. Why should you bother me? When I have stomachache have I ever gone to you and tortured you?"

He said, "No, you have never come."
I said, "That makes it simple; just go home."

He said, "It is strange, I have been told by Doctor Barat, the famous doctor, that you have a power, a spiritual power. If you can give me a glass of water and touch the water I will be healed."
I said, "I cannot do that."

He said, "Why can't you do that? It is not much I am asking. I can bring my own water, I can bring my own glass; you simply touch...!"

I said, "I cannot touch at all! Why should I lose my spiritual power?"
He said, "Now, you have accepted that you have spiritual power."
He ran home and brought a big bottle full of water.

I said, "I am not going to do it because a stomachache is not something immortal, it will disappear sometime. It will teach you patience, suffering, acceptability and it will give you great qualities. I cannot disturb your life."

He said, "You seem to be a very hard person. You cannot just touch my bottle?"
I said, "I cannot touch it."

Twelve o'clock in the night... I used to live with my aunt; she was listening from her room. Finally, she came out and said, "You are also almost insane! If he wants to be touched, just touch the water and get rid of him. Wasting time for three hours. I have been listening -- there is a limit!"

I said, "Nobody can convince me, you simply go and sleep!"
She said, "I cannot sleep because this man is sitting there."

And the man said, "This is a good opportunity." He touched the feet of my aunt and said, "Just help me, he seems to have no heart at all... three hours and I am suffering so much from stomachache."

I said, "Listen, I can touch, but you have to promise me not to tell anybody, because I don't want a queue the whole day, I have to do something else too."

He said, "I promise, absolutely promise: in the name of God I will never tell anybody."

I touched his bottle. He immediately drank the whole bottle and he said, "My God, I have never felt so high, not only is the stomach completely cured, other small diseases, they are gone and I feel so much power."

I said, "Remember the promise."

He said, "Just one thing, my mother is very sick."

I said, "You have started."

He said, "No, I will not tell anybody, I will just fill the same bottle."

I said, "That you can do, but don't bring anybody here and don't bring your bottle again! Once I have touched, that's all!"

And you will be surprised to know that he became a healer instead of being a crackpot hypochondriac. He would fill the same bottle with new water. But because I had touched the bottle, even though the water went on changing, he was curing everybody. People started coming to his home from faraway villages, and he enjoyed it very much. He came to thank me.

I said, "You should not come here."

He said, "No, I have not come to ask anything, but just to tell you that the bottle is working."

I said, "You cure as many people as possible."

After many years I passed from that village again. By that time he had become a very famous healer.

Doctor Barat, a very famous doctor, said to me, "What have you done? Because I used to have migraine once in a while and I had to ask that stupid boy, `Will you give me some water from your bottle?' And it is a miracle -- the migraine disappeared."

I said, "It is spiritual healing, but never tell anybody about it."

He said, "But I had never thought that you really have that power. I was just joking and just wanted to get rid of that fellow. And now whenever I have any trouble, instead of my own medicines, I send my car to find that boy. He comes in the car with the bottle -- just a cup of water and it works!"

I said, "It has to work... spiritual power."

The question is if you trust, then anything...

Only thirty percent of diseases cannot be cured by your trust. They are really diseases; they need right diagnosis and right treatment.

I don't want any kind of stupidity here. I have heard of a few people who have already started feeling great well-being, experiencing "spaces that they have never known." My librarian, Kavisho -- because she is French she has almost become the leader of other sick people.

I warn you: just forget all about this "great space"; don't corrupt my simple people. And you don't think that you are a cunning person; you believe that you have spiritual powers, but you don't even know what meditation is. You have not encountered your own being. So you are simply wasting your time in spiritually curing people.

First find yourself.

That's exactly what Socrates said, "Healer, first heal thyself."

First know thyself.

Unless you know yourself all is fiction -- your sickness, your health, both are meaningless because the reality is the grave. Perhaps somebody will die from disease and somebody will die with spiritual healing. It makes no difference. The only difference that makes a difference is that when death comes, in your innermost being you are absolutely alert and aware of your immortality. That is the only real healing: real being.

These are just childish games, and because people want something great to happen to them, anybody can convince them: "Look, great things have started happening."

Great things happen, but not through anybody else.

You have to follow the path absolutely alone.

The people, Satyam Samved, who may have come and left must have found that I am not a man in any way to nourish your stupidity. I am not the man to help you believe in great things: in God...

I am not the man to make you believe that your heaven is certain. On the contrary, I start destroying your beliefs and people become afraid and escape. Those who have left will repent, because they will have fallen into somebody's hands who will satisfy and gratify whatever the desire, but that is all imagination.

An authentic experience that makes you free from mind and from body -- I am interested only in that experience, not in anything else; anything else does not matter.

Police Officer O'Leary is cruising around in his patrol car one night. He is on the lookout for trouble. He sees two little old ladies in the front seat of a Chevrolet convertible, parked in a used car lot. The car lot is closed so O'Leary drives up alongside the Chevy and asks, "Are you two ladies trying to steal this car?"

"Certainly not," says one of the ladies, "we purchased the car this afternoon."

"Well," says the cop, "why don't you start it up and drive out of here?"

"We don't drive," replies the other little old lady. "And besides we are waiting. We were told that if we bought a car here we would get screwed."

People are just waiting in used car lots.

This is not that kind of place...!

Arriving home from school one day Herschel Goldberg asked his father, Hymie, if he can take their dog Petunia for a walk.

"No," says Hymie, "you can't because she is in heat."

"What? What does `in heat' mean?" asks Herschel.

"Don't be worried about what it is," replies Hymie. "Anyway I have just thought of a way to fix the situation."

So Hymie goes into the garage and gets a rag, pours some gasoline over it and then wipes Petunia's tail with it.

"Okay," says Hymie, "now you can take her for a walk."

Herschel is delighted and disappears down the street. But an hour later he returns without Petunia.

"What happened?" asks Hymie. "Where is Petunia?"

"Well," replies Herschel, "everything was fine for a while. She was playing with me and my friend Irving when all of a sudden she ran out of gas. So now Irving's dog is pushing her home."

Okay, Maneesha?

Yes, Beloved Master.

Source: from Osho Book “Om Shantih Shantih Shantih”

06-04-2012, 07:08 PM

ESTABLISHMENT.- I have invited you all, I have called you
all to be with me, to share the joy that I have found, to share
the truth. But there is no establishment.

Establishment happens only when the Master is dead.
Establishment is when the community no longer has any
center, only a circumference. A dead community is what
an establishment is. I know that whenever a community is
born, sooner or later there will be an establishment, but that
does not mean that the community has to be prevented from
being born. That will be like killing a child because if the
child survives then sooner or later he will have to die—so
better to kill him now. Why let him live just to die?

Everybody knows that everybody is going to die; that does
not mean that every child has to be killed. When death
comes it is perfectly okay.

The only thing to be remembered is that when the Master
is dead, the community should start dispersing; it should
start seeking and searching for new Masters. Either the
Master will leave many Masters behind him, alive, enlightened
. then the community can still remain a communi -
ty, it will not become an establishment. If one enlightened
person is there then the community is still a community;
it does not matter who the enlightened person is.

And I can assure you that I am going to leave many more
enlightened people in my commune than has ever been
done before.

06-04-2012, 08:35 PM

11 January 1972 am at Matheran Meditation Camp, India



Now, we have to go into an enquiry about the bodies. Man is not one body, man has many bodies –
layers of bodies. The body we know is only the outermost; inside it there is another, and inside that,
another. Rishis have divided these layers into five.

The first is known as the food body, the physical body. Ordinarily, we remain attached to this body.

We are in a deep illusion and are identified with the physical one. This attachment to the physical
body will not allow you to move inside. But why this attachment? – because we don’t know that
there is another; we have never become aware that inside this body there is another. This body is
so solid, so non-transparent, you cannot have any glimpse within. This solidity of the body means
that we have been using foods which make it solid. This body can be made transparent also – just
like a glass body in which you can have a glimpse inside.

The change of food is bound to change the qualities of your physical body. Food is not just energy,
it is also a qualitative thing. Food is not just a fuel, it contributes more than fuel – it gives you either
transparency, or non-transparency. The insight into this phenomenon can mutate, and you can have
altogether a different type of body. And it is not so difficult to change this body, because the body is
a flux, every moment changing itself; it is a process, it is not a static thing. The moment you came
here, you had another body; now the body has changed. It is changing constantly, every moment; it
is riverlike, moving and changing – it is not a static thing.

If you change direction, the body takes a jump; only the direction has to be changed. One should
become aware, that whatsoever one is eating must be such that it doesn’t make one’s body heavy.
This heaviness is not concerned with weight: sometimes you feel that you are weightless, as if you
can fly. So the food that can give you the feeling of weightlessness is the right food. The food that
gives you the feeling of being burdened is not the right food. All non-vegetarian foods make you
more rooted in the earth; you cannot fly. Vegetarian foods give you wings; you have an inner feeling
that you can just levitate, you can just go out of gravitation.

Food is right if it is non-gravitational. If you can feel non-physical in it, it is good. Really, the body
is felt only when it is heavy; when you have the feeling of heaviness inside, only then you feel the
body. When the body is not heavy with wrong foods, you are bodiless. That’s why when the body is
diseased, when the body is ill, you feel it; when it is healthy, you don’t feel it. You feel your head only
when there is a headache; when there is no headache, there is no head.

So to define health positively, there is only one way: A person who is not feeling his body, is healthy.
The more you feel your body, the more ill you are, because when the body is really healthy, there is
no need to feel it. Only pain is felt. And if you even feel pleasure, it must be a sort of pain. Pleasure
is never felt, because only a disturbance is felt. Silence is never felt really, only noise is felt. And if
you begin to feel silence....

Real, authentic silence is not felt. Really, when you are not feeling any noise, it is silence. When
you are not feeling your body, it means you are not feeling any disturbances; you are healthy. So
the feeling of bodilessness is healthy. Any food that gives you a feeling of bodilessness is good, is
right food. So be discriminative; be consciously discriminative. Don’t eat anything which makes you
more embodied, which makes you more of a body. Go on eliminating all that gives you a bodiness,
and then you will begin to transform your body towards a transparency.

This may look paradoxical, but this is true. When you are really healthy, you are desireless – illness
and unhealthiness create desires. This is one of the basic distinctions between Eastern andWestern
thinking. They say, in the West, that to be filled with desire means you are healthy. But their
understanding is very superficial, because desire is a disturbance. Something is still incomplete,
that’s why the desire. Something is incomplete, so there is the urge to fulfill it. But when you are
really healthy you are so fulfilled, you are so complete – the circle is so complete – that there is no

Desire means you are incomplete. Somewhere, something is still lacking; somewhere, something is
absent; somewhere, you are feeling a vacuum.
This is what illness means: a vacuum. Health means: so much fulfilled, so much filled there is
no more space. When there is no inner space, there is no desire; so a really healthy person is
desireless, and a really healthy person is bodiless. These both are associated: To be a body is to
be in desire; to be in desire is to be heavy with the body.

Make the body as if it is not. The more absent, the better; the more present, the more you are falling
downwards. You can just become a stone, and many are that – just stones. They only feel awake
when the body demands something; otherwise, they are asleep. When the body demands, they feel
awake; then the demand is fulfilled – they again fall deep into sleep.

One should create a body which has needs but not demands. Needs are natural; demands
become crazy and obsessions. Demands mean you are addicted; the body is the master. All
the austerities were not meant as suicidal methods, they were not masochist – they were really an
inner transformation, they were really a change of power.

When a buddha is fasting, it is not to destroy the body; it is to destroy the demands. Understand it
very clearly: when a buddha is fasting, he is not destroying his body, but he is changing the seat of
power, who the master is. The body must not be the master; otherwise, you cannot go inwards. The
master is outside. How can you go inwards? You are just a slave, and you have to be around the
master. The power seat must be transformed; the body must become a slave. A slave has needs,
but no demands; a slave has needs, but no commandments. The commanding must remain with
the master, and the master must be inside, not outside. The deeper the master, the more is your

So when a buddha is on a fast, it is to change the seat of power. He is saying to his body, ”Now I will
fulfill your needs, but not your demands.” The body will struggle – no one can lose the power, the
master, the sovereignty, so easily. And you have lived with the body as the master for millennia. The
body was never challenged, so the mastery has become natural; it has become such an old habit
that the body even cannot conceive it, ”What nonsense are you talking? You are the master? You
have always been the slave. Always! Have you gone crazy? The orders have already been issued
by ME! – you have always followed.”

Austerity means, TAPASCHARYA means, TAPAS means, that now you are not ready to continue this
status quo, this state of affairs. The body will struggle: the fight is really not from the inside, the fight
is from the outside. But the body is a very subtle and miraculous mechanism; it adjusts to anything if
you have the will – the greater the will, the sooner the body is adjusted again. it begins to feel, ”Now
the mastery is lost.” And really, when the mastery is lost, the body becomes more healthy, because
now it is natural.

The mastery of the body is really unnatural; it is not healthful – even to the body – because the
body has no consciousness, and goes on demanding; the body has no discrimination and goes on
demanding.It goes on doing things which are not even good for it. Consciousness becomes the
slave; and the material desires, the mechanical ones, becomes the master

This is the deepest accident, the deepest misery that has happened to humankind. But in a way,
it had to, because we have developed from an animal existence. We have developed from animal
existence. There is no need for a Darwin to prove this – we have know it always. Because an animal
has no consciousness, the body has to be the master. There is no one other to claim the mastery
– the body has to be the master. But when consciousness grows inside, the body goes on, mm? –
Just as a old habit.

You have to change it. Now you are not in the animal world; now you are not animals. Austerity
means that now we declare we have passed the state of animalhood. The suffering that one goes
through in austerity is just a birth pain – nothing else. And that suffering is good and healthy, because
out of that suffering is transformation.

But it should not be done as a masochist – that’s altogether a different matter, a very diseased thing.
You can make your body suffer and enjoy it. If you are enjoying it, then you are suicidal: then it is
not austerity. Then it is not austerity; then you are really a very impotent, violent mind. You cannot
do violence to others, so you are doing violence to yourself. So you can fast as a masochist, as a
person who enjoys suffering. This is not austerity; this is very abnormal, this is really a mental case.
Out of one hundred, ninety-nine percent of the people who go on austerities are masochists, but
they can deceive; they can deceive others and themselves also. To deceive others is irrelevant, but
to deceive oneself is very dangerous. You can deceive yourself. The point to understand is that one
must not enjoy suffering; one must take it as a necessary measure – that’s another thing. One must
go through it as a cleansing; one must go through it as a purity, as a catharsis, as a change, as a
mutation. One must accept it, but not ENJOY it! That is the thing: If you are enjoying it, then this is
not austerity at all; this is madness.

This is the point to be remembered: never enjoy suffering because that is abnormal. To suffer
suffering is normal, but to accept it as a necessity, as an inevitability, is another thing. Accept it, go
through it; don’t enjoy it. You have to do it, because as you have an animal heritage, one day you
have to assert your humanity. Against the animal heritage you have to assert yourself. You have
to make your body know exactly, NOW, that the body is not the master. And once the body has
know it, the body is adjusted. And really the body is freed from a responsibility it cannot carry. It
CANNOT be the master because it has no consciousness; it has no awareness. It is an automata,
it is a mechanical device.

The body is an automatic device, so it goes on working. If you make it the master it goes on
demanding without any consciousness, without any discrimination, without any intelligence. It has a
mechanical intelligence just like a computer: it goes on demanding... it goes on demanding. It has a
built-in process of how to demand, but without any consciousness: without any consciousness it tells
you when you are hungry, it tells you what to eat, it tells you what to do. But this whole arrangement
is just mechanical – it goes on repeating.

That’s why a person who lives with the body feels life as a boredom, because the body can only
repeat; it can only repeat continuously. So we are just repeating every day the same thing. It is a
circle, a closed circle: the same things, the same demands, the same desires, the same lusts – the
body goes on repeating and repeating, and in the end one feels just bored, but still one cannot do
anything. Even if you feel bored, again the second day, the body will demand the same thing; and
you will have to supply, because you have never been in command.

This physical layer is the first, is the primary layer – the outermost. If you can be aware that you
are unnecessarily the slave and need not be, then change your body habits consciously. By and by,
change. Change the seat of power; be more in control. And give to the body all that is needed by
it, but never fulfill any addictions. It will be painful in the beginning, but it is a bliss when you have
reached beyond the body and have become the master. And when you are on the throne, it is one
of the deepest blisses possible.

Matter and energy are not two things.
Matter is just energy, energy is just matter –

Two states of one thing.
The second body is the vital. The vital body is the energy body, the electricity body, or whatsoever
name we like to use for it – the bio-energy body. One thing is certain, it is not material, it is energy.
But energy can be transformed into matter, and matter can be transformed into energy.
Energy means not static, moving.
Energy means vibrant, waves.
Energy means alive.

Instead of just a physical body, a tree has two bodies, the physical and the vital. Some energy current
is running, and sometimes a tree is more alive and sometimes less alive. Now, even scientists are
ready to agree that when someone is near a tree who loves the tree, the tree is more alive. And
when someone is near the tree who doesn’t love it, the tree is sad and less alive.

When the gardener comes in, the whole garden is happy. And it is not just a poetry; now, it is a
scientific fact. It has been a poetry always, but not it is not a poetry at all; it is a scientific fact. When
a person who loves a tree is nearby, the tree is different; and now that difference can be detected by
machines. It is more alive; it feels something more – love is flowing. it is vice versa also. If you can
love trees when you are under them, you are more, because it is reciprocal. When you are near a
flower, you are not just the same. If you have love, then you have an opening, and the flower and
you become deeply related in a communion.

This vital body can be purified, and when it is purified it becomes transparent, and then you can
look beyond. How is it purified? it is purified by PRANAYAMA. It is purified if you can have a deep
breathing system. Less carbon dioxide inside your lungs, and more oxygen inside you – the more
vitality you will create. The vital body can also be purified by pure vibrations. In a crowd you are
creating many impurities for your vital body. That’s why, whenever one comes back from a crowd,
one feels a bit less, less than oneself. Going out of the crowd, far away from man into the nature,
one becomes more alive, because up to now there ae no sinner trees, no sinner oceans, no sinner

But man has divisions, so in a crowd you are sucked! Your energy has been sucked. You fall down
to a lower level. But there are some people – a few, very few – with whom you can feel that you have
been refilled; you have been filled, you have been vitalized. To be in the company, in communion,
and communication with someone with whom your vital body is charged, recharged, is what is meant
by SATSANG – is what is meant to be near a master. There need not be any verbal communication;
there need not be any communication at all outwardly. Just to be near and intimate... just to be open
and near, and your vital body increases; it begins to be more – it begins to be richer and purified.
So seek company where your vital body becomes transparent. And sometimes it happens that even
a dead master can help; even the place, the bodhi tree, can help. Buddhists have tried to save
this tree continually for twenty-five centuries – that same tree. It is not just infatuation; it is not just
superstition; it is not just a memorial, mm? There are subtle reasons, more significant reasons to
save this tree; Buddha has been near it once, and the tree has absorbed something of the buddha.

The tree has been in a very deep relation with the buddha; the tree has a subtle buddhahood itself.
Now, it vibrates with a different vibration. No other tree on this earth vibrates like that, cannot.
It is a rare tree; it had a rare opportunity: Buddha has walked around it for days and for nights.
Buddha has been lying, sleeping, sitting.... And Buddha could not help loving; and Buddha could
not help being compassionate. And the tree was a constant companion; and the tree has imbibed
the very spirit. And still today THIS tree is totally different! When you are around it, and if you are
receptive, in a subtle way you are again in the intimacy of Buddha himself.

So shrines can help, temples can help, mosques can help, SAMADHIS can help. It is better not to
be in the company where you are sucked vitally, even the person is alive. It is better to be in the
company of a dead one, if you can feel vitally recharged.

So remember this, remember this continuously: avoid all that which destroys your vital body. And
much IS destructive. In a cinema hall it is not only the film which destroys you; rather, deeply, the
film is relevant, but the whole crowd destroys you more. And it is a particular crowd – it is not just
a crowd, it is a particular crowd – with a particular type of mind, with particular stone bodies. They
destroy you more. it is not the film really, the film cannot destroy you so much, but the crowd around
you.... And continually for three hours, they are in a very rapt attentive mood – it is very dangerous
because you become vulnerable. For three hours continually, without blinking the eyes you are
vulnerable! Anything can penetrate you, and all around, just bad vibrations – they go inside.

When you are out of a cinema hall, you have a very much lessened vital body, coming out from a
temple, you have something plus. So be aware, not only of the physical body and its purification, be
aware of the second, vital body also.
About the third body, we will discuss in the night.

That Art Thou, Ch.6 ,Sarvasar Upanishads,Osho

06-04-2012, 08:52 PM

11 January 1972 pm at Matheran Meditation Camp, India



In the morning we discussed two bodies: the physical, and the vital. The third is known as the
mental body, as the mind-body. This third is constituted of thoughts. But the science of yoga believes
that thoughts are not only thoughts, they are things, they are substantial; they ARE. They have an
existence of their own – a very subtle existence, but there is existence. So whenever a thought goes
into you, you are changing your mind-body; you are giving food to it. And we are so unaware about
this phenomenon, that the mind is being fed every moment, and we are giving it anything, without
any choice – it is just a confusion.

Whatsoever we go on giving to the mind, we are only concerned that it must remain occupied;
that’s all. Occupation in itself becomes an aim. One should not be unoccupied, so go on reading
anything, go on listening to anything, go on seeing anything, go on... do something with the mind!

So whatsoever is around, we are vulnerable to it. This is fatal, because then you create a very
confused mind-body, very confused – with contradictions, with infinite contradictions. And that’s the
reason there is so much anguish, so much tension, and so much misery inside. That’s the reason
the mind is just mad.

Now psychologists say that really no one is normal, and there are only two types of abnormalities:
one, normal abnormality – another, abnormal abnormality. So there are two types of insane people:
one, who are insane in a socially accepted way – another, who are insane in their individual whims.
But everyone seems to be insane. And it is because we have never thought that our mind-body
requires an inner harmony, an inner music. Thoughts should not be in contradiction; thoughts must
be in a certain harmony, in a certain inner balance; otherwise, you become just a crowd – you are
a crowd! C.J. Jung came to realize that no one has a mind: everyone is many minds; everyone is
polypsychic. We go on talking about ”my mind” – never talk about it again! You are just a crowd, not
even a group, but a crowd; and not even a crowd, but a warring crowd – each thought fighting with
someone else.

Gurdjieff used to say that man is just like a palace where there are so many slaves, but the master
has gone out. And he has been out for such a long time that the slaves have now completely
forgotten that there was a master. Now, whenever someone passes by the palace... and it is such
a beautiful palace that everyone wants to enquire to whom it belongs. So any slave who happens
to be on the door says, ”It belongs to me. I am the master.” But another time, the same person
passes by; someone else is on the door, and he asks, ”To whom does this palace belong?” He says,
”It belongs to me, I am the master.” So the whole city is confused, ”Who is the master?” Everyone
says, ”I am the master” – every slave.

Gurdjieff used to say, ”Such is the condition of man. Every thought that passes, even on your surface
mind, becomes the master; and the master is either asleep or has gone for a long journey and has
not come back. And it has been so long....”

That’s why we have no will. We cannot have a will if we are just a crowd. You decide to do something,
and the second moment you decide not to do it. And the third moment, neither you are decisive to
do it, nor even not to do it – you are simply indecisive. You decide that you are going to be awake
in the morning at four o’clock; and then at four o’clock you yourself say, ”There is no need.” Another
slave is on the surface of your mind, not you – the same one is not here who decided. In the morning
when you are awake at eight o’clock, you begin to repent, ”Why, when I had decided... why couldn’t
I get up? Why? This is the third. And these three will never meet; they have no dialogue – they are
just atomic thoughts. And any atomic thought on the surface becomes the master. You cannot have
the will; really, you cannot have any soul. You are not an individual.

You must know the meaning of the word ”individual.” It means indivisible, that which cannot be
divided. But we exist in division, so we cannot be said to be individuals. We are just a divided
crowd. Yoga is the science of individuation. It is how to create the individual, how to crystallize this
crowd into one, how to create a center which can be the master always, and how to put every slave
in its place.

Then you will need a purification of your mind; you will need a catharsis – a deep catharsis is
needed then. You have to throw out all that is just contradictory; you have to create a harmony in
your thoughts. And don’t allow any thought to come in, because to allow it to be in is easy, but then
to displace it from there is very difficult.

So the first thing is don’t allow inside, thoughts which are not going to help create a harmony, and
then go on searching for, and observing what contradictory thoughts you have. Be the chosen.
Emphasize the thoughts which can create an inner peace and inner silence – then you have a
purified mental body. And with this body-transparent you can look beyond, and you can go to
another body.

Beyond the mind-body is the fourth, the fourth body. The fourth body is known as the consciousnessbody
– VIGYAN MAYKOS. It will be difficult, a bit difficult, to distinguish between the mental body
and the conscious body, because we don’t know any consciousness except the mind. But if the
mind is purified, then you become simply aware that something else is still behind the mind, and the
mind becomes a door. But we can understand....

You have thoughts – that’s one thing – but you can be aware of your thoughts; and this awareness
is not a thought at all. You have anger – this is a thought, a thought process. You can be aware of
it: ”Now in me is running a thought process, a combination of thoughts which is known as anger,
or jealousy, or love.” You can be aware. You can stand out of it and be aware that this is anger.
You can be aware, ”This is a thought.” This awareness that, ”this is a thought,” this observation, this
possibility to observe the thought process, creates the fourth body. So everyone doesn’t have the
fourth body really developed, but only as a potentiality, only as a possibility.

When you become aware of your mind, only then you have the fourth body, and then there is a
growth. Sometimes we have glimpses, sometimes we become aware. In moments of sudden
danger, in accidents, in encountering a situation we have not faced before – we become aware,
because for the first time, the mind in the shock of the accident or of a dangerous situation – in that
shock the mind stops.

For example: If someone suddenly throws a dagger into you, the mind will stop, because there is
nothing to do now or to think. Thought will stop. And when thought stops, you become aware. You
become aware that thought has stopped, but still there is consciousness: ”I am conscious.”

This is the fourth body, the consciousness body, our conscious body. We have it but in a very
undeveloped form. To develop it is arduous, because it needs much effort to remain conscious of
every thought that passes through your mind, of every thought that has become an accumulation
in your mind – a part of your mind, all the conditionings of the mind – to become aware of them
is arduous. It is difficult, but not impossible; and only when this becomes possible, you have the
dignity of being called a human being; otherwise, not. Because an unconscious human being means
nothing. Then you are just being thrown from here and there by impressions and influences from the
outside. When you become conscious then you cannot be influenced! For the first time you become
the chooser.

Buddha was passing a village and many people came to him with great abuse; they were
condemning him, abusing him, throwing stones at him, and he was just standing there. Then
someone asked, ”Now what are you going to do?”

Buddha said, ”Nothing, because now I have become the chooser. You cannot manipulate me; you
can abuse me – that is up to you – but you cannot create the reaction. You cannot manipulate me. If
you abuse me and I react – and the reaction can be predicted by you – then it is just a manipulation.
I am nowhere in it. You push the button and the anger is there.”

Reaction means that you have no conscious body developed, so you go on reacting. Really, when
you go on reacting, those reactions cannot be said to be actions, because actions come only with
a conscious body, developed and mature. Then you ACT; otherwise, you go on reacting. Someone
says this, so you say that; someone does this, so you react in that way, and everything is predictable.
We know when the husband comes back home in the evening, he knows what is going to happen.

The whole scene is predictable: what the wife is going to ask... he knows the question already, and
now he is preparing answers. And the wife knows already what answers he is going to give. The
whole game is predictable, and daily it is repeated. What are we doing? The husband knows very
well that whatsoever he says, whatsoever he may say, it is not going to be believed; and still, he will
answer in the same way. And the wife knows that whatsoever and howsoever she may ask, he is
going to give the deceptive answer, but still she goes on asking.

Is there a dialogue? Impossible. There is just a deceptive game that both are playing. And this
continues for their whole lives. People go on reacting in the same old routine way. Why? If I know
that if I ask THIS question, THAT answer is to be given; and if I am conscious, there is no need to
ask. The whole thing is just absurd; there is no need to ask. And I have asked many times, and
many times I have been frustrated – and – and again the same thing. Really, we are not conscious.
The moment the husband enters the house, the question comes out – it is not the wife who is asking
it – it is just mechanical. The question comes out, and the moment there is a question, the answer
is manipulated.

Have you ever done anything as a conscious agent, as a conscious action? No. If you have done,
then you must have become aware of a different thing than the mind. The awareness of mind, the
consciousness of the thought process, this standing outside the mind – beyond, just as an onlooker,
an observer – is the fourth body. The third body is constituted of thoughts; the fourth body is
constituted of consciousness.

The fifth body is known as the bliss body. This is the last, the innermost body – but still the body.
When the fourth body is purified, when the fourth body becomes just a transparency, the fifth is
realized, because the fourth becomes so transparent then the fifth is felt directly. That’s why, when
you are in deep meditation you don’t feel meditation, you feel bliss. When you are deep in meditation,
when you are deep in awareness, you don’t feel awareness, you feel bliss.

When you begin to feel bliss, that means now you have begun to be aware.

Awareness creates the situation in which bliss is felt.

Awareness creates the transparency of the fourth body, and the fifth is seen. The fourth becomes so
transparent, that not only you can SEE through it, you can PASS through it without any resistance –
it is just a door, it is just an opening. This fifth body is the bliss-body. This bliss is already there. It is
not to be found somewhere else, it is not to be achieved; it is there only to be discovered. And you
discover it by purifying the fourth body.

But this, too, is just a body and has to be transcended; bliss also has to be transcended. One has
to go beyond, because if your cannot go beyond bliss, you are still off the center. Because bliss is
still an experience, and the experiencer is still beyond.

So whatsoever you can feel will belong to some body, this or that. All experiences belong to these
five bodies.

And when there is no experience, only the experiencer remains. When there is no known object,
only the knower remains.

When there is nothing to be witnessed, but only the witness is, then you are centered in yourself –
then you ARE; otherwise, you belong to this body or that.

This is not a body.

This is the original nature.

This is the existential source of all being.

Two or three things more. When you transcend the bliss-body, you transcend individuality also.

When you transcend the bliss-body, you transcend life and death also, because life and death are
phenomena which exist only in the bodies, and in relation to the bodies. Where there is no body,
you cannot die and you cannot be reborn. So once one becomes aware of the no-body existence
of the center, then there is no death and no life – then you are existence itself. Then there is no
individuality, then you are not, simply the being is. All form and all name is lost.

Meditation is the method to purify the fourth.

Then what to do with the fifth... how to transcend it? How to transcend bliss itself? It is difficult to
understand because we don’t know bliss at all, so how to transcend it is irrelevant. First one has to
know, and the moment you know you will know the key to transcend it.

The key is known very easily because this is the last body. With every body it is difficult, because
again you face another body. So you transcend one body, but again you are rooted in another. When
you reach the bliss body, the next behind, then behind the bliss body – for the first time – there is no
body now. Now you are near the very center of existence. And it has a gravitation of its own: that
gravitation is known as grace.

You throw something, and gravitation pulls it down, mm? – the earth pulls it down. But beyond two
hundred miles above the earth, around earth, gravitation cannot work. So the moment a spaceship
passes the two-hundred-miles’ barrier, the earth cannot pull it down. This is the boundary of earth’s
pull – two hundred miles.

The bliss body is just the boundary of the no-body existence. And when you are in the bliss body, you
are in the pull. Now a new gravitation begins to work; that gravitation is known as grace. That’s why
those who achieve the state beyond all bodies say, ”This is not by our effort that we have reached it;
it is by God and His grace.”

Really, with the fifth, nothing is to be done anyway. You have only to reach to the fifth – that reaching
itself is the doing.

Reach the fifth, and you will be pulled.

The reaching itself is anyway transcendence.

That Art Thou,Sarvasar Upanishads, Osho

06-04-2012, 08:59 PM

To know and to be are one and the same.

To be is the only way to know. And there
are two dimensions of growth: one of
knowledge and one of being.

You can know more and more and more,
and still remain the same. BE more. The
being must grow; not knowledge, not
accumulation, not information – but being.
Not knowledge, but consciousness, must
grow. And only that growth which is of
consciousness is spiritual. All else that just
adds to your knowledge is nothing but a

It is always dangerous to play with truths,
because they will destroy you as you are.
They will give you a rebirth. We are just
pregnant for centuries and centuries, and
lives and lives, and the birth has not
happened. We are just pregnant, just a
seed, because no one is ready to pay the
price. And before one comes to that bliss
which is our seeking, one has to pass
through a deep suffering. That deep
suffering is a must. That is the birth pain –
you cannot escape it...

– Osho
That Art Thou, ch. 1

06-04-2012, 09:19 PM
May the divine protect us both;
may it care for us both.
Together may we strive.
Brilliant be our knowing.
May we hold no envy.
Aum, peace, peace, peace.

To extract the essence from the ordinary, the
insignificant, is already difficult enough, but
then to extract the quintessential essence of
all the essences is much more difficult.

To discover the significant from the
insignificant is already not easy, but then to
extract the ultimate significance from all that is
significant is almost impossible. To search for
gold in the dust presents its own trials and
difficulties, but to find the quintessence of gold
from the gold is almost impossible.

The meaning of Sarvasar, of the Sarvasar
Upanishad, is: the quintessential essence, the
most foundational of all the esoteric
knowledge that has ever been discovered. An
essence where not even a word can be
removed, where nothing remains to be
discarded, an essence from where the gross
has been eliminated and only the pure self
remains, from which the gross that is the gold
has been separated out and only the absolute
‘goldness’ has been saved – such is this

In understanding this one Upanishad, doors
will open to the most profound understanding
known by the genius of man. Hence its name,
Sarvasar: the secret of secrets, the mystery
within all the mysteries, the essence of

– Osho
The Way beyond Any Way, ch. 1

06-04-2012, 09:22 PM

.... Absorbed in the brahman, may I realize
the dharma, the natural and eternal law of
the universe described in the Upanishads.
Om. shantih, shantih, shantih.

Kaivalya Upanishad….

The Kaivalya Upanishad is a longing for the
ultimate freedom. Kaivalya means the
moment in your consciousness when you are
utterly alone, but you do not feel lonely. You
are totally solitary, and yet you do not feel
the absence of the other. You are alone, but
so whole that there is no trace of the need for
another to fulfill you. Kaivalya means you
remain utterly alone, but in such a state that
the whole is contained in your being. Your
very being becomes the whole. This is the
longing of man that is hidden in his deepest,
innermost core....

– Osho
Flight of the Alone to the Alone, ch. 1

06-04-2012, 09:32 PM

06-04-2012, 10:51 PM

18 April 1975 am in Buddha Hall




THIS IS a great story. Great, because it has been used for centuries by Sufis. And this story has
helped many people towards enlightenment. It is no ordinary story. It is what I call the objective art.

It is a device. It is not just for reading and entertainment. It is something which should become your
very style of life, only then do you come to know the meaning of it.

On the surface it is so simple. Anybody can understand it; nothing of special intelligence is needed.

But if you contemplate over it, deeply, then deeper and deeper layers are revealed to you. And the
story becomes a weapon in your hand. You can cut by it the very knot of ignorance. It is a powerful
device. Once understood, it becomes a master-key – to open the innermost door of your being. It
is very potential, pregnant with deep meaning. But one has to contemplate over it, meditate over
it, intensely. With consciousness, one has to make every effort to find the innermost meaning of it.

And only that won’t help much; that will help in the beginning. But if you really want to understand
the story, you will have to live it. You will have to live it – only then will you come to understand what
it means.

A few things before we enter into the story.

Religion is not ritual. It is not something that you do. It is something that you become. So there is
always a possibility of a false religion existing somewhere in the society. False religion is when the
inner transformation has been substituted by outer ritual. Then you go on doing things and those
things will become a deep-rooted habit with you, but nothing is achieved. People go to the church
and the temple, and they repeat the same prayers again and again. Nothing is happening to them.

Somewhere on the way they have missed; somewhere on the way they have lost the real coin – and
they have substituted it by a false coin.

Remember this, that the real, authentic religion is concerned with the being, not with the doing. It
has nothing to do with your outer way of life. It has something to do with your center. Of course,
when the center changes, the periphery follows; your outer life also changes. But the reverse is
not true: you can change the periphery – the center will not change. And you win live the life of a
hypocrite, a life of hypocrisy. You will have a different periphery from the center, not only different
but just the opposite, the very contrary. And you will be split in two.

Religion is not ritual. Remember that. Religion is an inner consciousness, an inner awakening.
Many things on the surface will change, but the change must occur within you first.
Think of yourself as a circle with a center. The circle is concerned with others. The circle touches
others’ boundaries, other circles. The circle lives, the periphery lives, in the society of other
peripheries. A certain morality is needed. To live with the others, a certain regulation, rule, a
system, is needed. That’s okay. But that is not religion.

Morality is how to live with others, and religion is how to live with oneself. Morality is how not to go
wrong with others, and religion is the method of how not to go wrong with yourself. Religion is that
which you do in your total loneliness, in your innermost shrine.

Obviously, the periphery will be changed, because the light from the center will come, by and by, and
infiltrate the whole periphery. You will become luminous. Even others will start feeling the luminosity,
the light that comes from you. But that light will not be the light of your actions, good actions. The
light will be something that is not concerned with good and bad.
The light will be just like when a flower opens, and the fragrance spreads – neither good nor bad.

The sun rises, and the light spreads – neither good nor bad. And the clouds come and rain. They
don’t bother who is good and who is bad.

When the light comes from the center, it is beyond morality; good and bad, everything is dissolved.

Simple light, superb in its own self, in its intrinsic value.

The word ‘religion’ is very beautiful.It comes from a root which means ‘religere’. Religere means
to rejoin, to reunite. With whom? With yourself, with the source of your being. And why reunite?

Because with the source you are already united – it is a reunion. It is not that you are reaching to
the source for the first time; otherwise, from where will you come? You have come from the source.

Deep down you are still in the source. Just on the periphery, as if the branches have forgotten
about the roots... not that they are broken from the roots, because then they cannot live. They have
simply forgotten. In their ego, in their height in the sky, with the moon, in their romance, they have
completely forgotten that they have roots underground – which nourish them, which sustain them,
without which they cannot exist for a single moment. And all this greenery, and all these flowers,
and all these fruits, will simply disappear like dreams once they are cut from the root. That’s how it
happens to man. You move in the branches, farther away from the roots. You come to many flowers.
You are enchanted. The world is beautiful all around you. You completely forget about the roots. But
it is not that you are uprooted. Forgetfulness is just forgetfulness.
That is the meaning of religion: to reunite, to remember again. This word ‘remember’ is also
beautiful. It means to become the member again, re-member – to become part of the source again,
to go to the source and become the member again of it.

Religion is reuniting with your own source. Religion is remembering, becoming again a part of the
organic unity that you are. It is nothing to do with the others. The ego is always concerned with the
others, this way or that. When you become totally concerned with yourself, ego simply drops. There
is no point for it to exist.

Alone you have no ego. Try it! When you are sitting, totally alone, not even thinking of others, is
there any ego left? There is no possibility. The ego needs two to exist. Just like a bridge cannot
exist if there are not two banks to the river; the bridge needs two to be supported. The ego exists
as a bridge between you and the other. So, in fact, the ego is not in you – it is just between you and
the other.

This is something to be remembered always: the ego is not in you. It cannot be there. It is always
between you and the other – the husband and wife, the friend, the enemy – always the other. So
when you go deep inside, there is no ego. In your total loneliness, ego simply drops. That’s why ego
goes on playing tricks. Even if you start searching and seeking for truth, the ego says, ‘Help others’;
the ego says, ‘Transform others.’ And religion is again missed. It becomes a mission.

Religion is not a mission. Missionaries are again on the wrong track. They have again become
concerned with the other – now, in the name of religion, in the name of service – but whenever you
are concerned with the other, you have left the source. A religious man also helps others, but he is
not concerned. It is natural; it is not a mission. It is not something on the mind. He is not seeking
and searching to help somebody. It is just by the way. Out of his inner treasures, he simply shares.

And he is not to change anybody! He is not after you to mould you in a certain pattern. Because that
is the subtlest violence possible in the world – to try to change the other, to mould the other. That
means you are cutting and being aggressive. And you don’t accept the other as God has created
him. You have better proposals and you have better ideas than the Divine himself. You want to
improve on the Whole. You are simply stupid.

This is how ego comes in.
I have heard about a small Sunday school. The priest, the missionary, was teaching the boys who
had been forced to go to the Sunday school to learn about the Bible, Christ and God. It is just
inhuman to force children, but you can force them. That’s why so many people later on become
irreligious, anti-religious. They are taking revenge. In the beginning you forced religion on them;
then they take revenge, they throw it, they move to the other extreme. Christmas was coming near
so the priest, the missionary, said to the boys, ‘Now, this is your duty: you should bring more boys
to the class; and each of you should try to bring at least two boys. This is how you will help the work
of Jesus on this earth.’

The boys were not very enthusiastic. They themselves had been forced and they wanted somehow
to escape. They looked at each other – nobody was showing any interest. Then suddenly one boy, a
new recruit – and new recruits are always dangerous, because they can go too much to the extreme
in their enthusiasm – a new boy raised his hand. The missionary was very happy. He said, ‘So you
are ready to bring two boys to the class.’

The boy said, ‘Not exactly. Two are too much, and two are too difficult. I can try only one. I have a
young feller in my neighbourhood whom I can lick. And I promise you, sir, that I will do my damndest
to bring him.’

This is what missionaries of all religions have been doing all over the world: doing their damndest to
force people towards religion.

Religion is not a mission. You need not force anybody towards it. When the urge arises, it arises.
It cannot be artificially created. Nobody can create an artificial religious urge. That is impossible.

It is just like artificially creating a sexual urge in a small child. Even if a child asks questions about
sex, he is not interested in sex. Even if he asks from where babies are coming, you misunderstand
him if you think that he is interested in sex. He is simply curious about babies, from where they are
coming. He is not interested in sex at all. And don’t start teaching him about sex, because he will
be simply bored. It will be nonsense to him, because when the urge is not there, when he is not
sexually mature, anything you say about sex just goes above his head.
And the same happens with the spiritual urge. It is very similar to the sexual urge. One comes to a
maturity, a spiritual maturity, something has ripened within you, and then the search starts. Nobody
can enforce it. But all the religions have tried to enforce it, and they have killed the very possibility
of the urge.

The world is so irreligious because of the missionaries, the priests. The world is so irreligious
because you have taught too much religion, without ever thinking whether the urge exists there
or not. People are fed up with your teachings. Churches simply bore. And beautiful words like
‘God’, ‘prayer’, ‘love’, ‘meditation’, have become ugly. The greatest words have become the dirtiest
– because of the missionaries. They have been forcing these beautiful words on you. And when
something beautiful is forced, it becomes ugly. You can participate in beauty, but you cannot be
forced towards it – then it becomes violence.

Religion is not concerned with others. It is concerned with you, absolutely with you. Religion is
personal. It is not a social phenomenon. In fact, there cannot be any sociology of religion; there
can only be a psychology. Society is a totally different matter; the crowd is a totally different matter
– where peripheries meet. Religion is when you are so alone that there is nobody left to be met. In
that total, virgin aloneness, the suprememost ecstasy is born. But you have to come to a ripeness.

Remember, ripeness is all. Before it nothing can be done. And you may be thinking that you are
ready, or somebody else may be thinking that he is ready; your curiosity may give you a wrong
feeling, a notion that you are ready – but readiness only means that you are ready to stake your life;
otherwise it is not a readiness.

Religion is higher than life because life is life with others, life is a relationship, and religion is a nonrelationship.
It is higher than life. It is the capacity to be alone. It is total independence from the
other. Unless you are ready to sacrifice life to it, unless you are ready to die completely as you have
been up to now, you are not ready. In that readiness, a small message can become so powerful that
it can transform you.
Religion is not concerned with others. And, finally, religion is not concerned with scriptures, words.

Wise words are there, but for those words you are not the target; they were never addressed to you.
Krishna talked to Arjuna; it was a personal dialogue. Jesus talks to his disciples – a small group
of disciples, a personal dialogue – he knows everybody; he knows what he is saying; he knows to
whom he is saying it. But the Bible becomes dead, the Gita becomes dead.
Religion is not like a broadcast on the radio. You don’t know to whom you are talking. In the air you
talk. The face of the listener is not there. The center of the listener is not there. There is nobody.

It may be, it is possible, that nobody is listening to the broadcast and you are talking in a vacuum.
Religion is like a personal letter. You write it to somebody and only to somebody; it is meant for
somebody. That’s why I have never tried to write anything – except letters. Unless you are here,
alive centers, receptive, listening, I cannot say anything. It is impossible. To whom to say it? It is not
a dead word. When there is a listener, the dialogue becomes alive; then it has a significance which
no scripture can ever have.

So everybody has to seek alive masters. You can read the Gita – it is beautiful; you can read the
Bible – it is wonderful; but they are pieces of literature – beautiful as literature, poetry, prose, but not
as religion. Religion happens only between two persons: one who knows, and one who does not
know but is ready to know. Suddenly religion is born. This is the third thing.
These three things you remember, then we can move into this story.


That’s possible; you can hire wise men. If you have enough money wise men can be mere
employees to you – but you will not learn that way. He had many wise men. But I have never
heard that any emperor ever learned anything from those wise men.
It is said of the great emperor, Akbar, that he had nine wise men in his court. He could afford them.

They were called the nine jewels, but I don’t see that he ever learned anything from them. Because
learning needs a different relationship: learning needs that the learner should bow down, surrender.

How can you surrender to your own servants? It is almost impossible! You can order them, but you
cannot surrender.
It is reported, it happened in the life of Akbar, that he called his nine wise men and he was very
angry and he said, ‘You are here, and people say you are the greatest wise men in the world today,
but I have not been able to learn anything from you. What is the matter? You are here, and I remain
the same; then what are you doing here?’

A child had come with a wise man; he wanted to see the court. He laughed. The wise men were
silent and the child laughed. Akbar said, ‘Why are you laughing? It is insulting to the court! Has not
your father told you about manners?’

The child said, ‘I am laughing because these nine wise men are silent, and I know why they are
silent. And I know why you have not been able to be benefited by them.’
Akbar looked at the child’s face – very innocent, but very ancient also. Whenever a child is very
innocent, you can see the deep ancientness in his eyes – because no child is a child. He has lived,
experienced much; he carries all the knowledge from all his experiences in the past. Akbar said,
‘Then can you teach me something?’
The child said, ‘Yes!’
Akbar said, ‘Then teach!’

The child said, ‘Then you have to follow me. You come down here where I am sitting, and I will sit
on the throne. And then you ask like a disciple, not like a master.’
And it is said that Akbar understood. Those nine wise men had been absolutely useless. He could
not learn, not because they couldn’t teach – they could teach – but he was not ready, and he was
not receptive, and he was not humble enough.

It is said that he sat down, and the child sat on the throne and he said, ‘Now you ask like a disciple,
not like an emperor.’
Akbar never asked anything. And it is said that he thanked the child, touched his feet and said,
‘There is no need to ask. Just by sitting in a humble attitude near your feet, I have learned much.’

Humbleness is the basic thing. Even without a wise man, if you are humble, you will learn much.
You can learn from the trees and the springs and the clouds and the winds. If you are humble, the
whole existence becomes a teacher to you. But if you are not humble, and a Buddha is there, no
intimacy happens. A Buddha is around you, but no intimacy happens – you are not humble. You
would like to learn, but without bending, without bringing down your ego.


It is easy! You can collect wise men around you – but that is not the point. The real point is not to
bring a wise man to your house; the real point is how to go to a wise man, because in the very going
you learn. And these wise men could not have been real wise men either, because a wise man will
not waste his life in the courts. They may be intellectual, very knowledgeable, great scholars, but
not wise. Knowledge and wisdom are totally different.

Just the other day we were talking about the fact that the question of knowledge is very dangerous.

If the doctor had told the woman, ‘You go on a fast for forty days,’ it would have been knowledge.
But he told the woman, ‘Now there is no possibility of any cure. You drop any idea about fertility and
this and that. You are going to die in forty days.’ This is wisdom, the difference between knowledge
and wisdom.

Knowledge is a dead response. You have learned something and you go on applying it to everything.

Wisdom is an alive response. You look at the situation, and you respond. It is not a reaction; it is
a response. When you react, you react out of the past. When you respond, you respond here and
now. He looked at the woman, her body – too much fat. He felt the heart of the woman, the pulse.

He was a wise man; he created a device. He lied to the woman: ‘You are going to die.’ And the
woman was transformed.
People who go to the courts and to the capitals, and can be purchased, cannot be much of the wise.

It happened in Japan: An emperor became very anxious to know about death and life beyond death.
He had all the wise men in his court. He asked them; they said, ‘If we knew, we would not have
been here. We are just as ignorant as you. You are rich, we are poor – that’s the only difference.

We don’t know. If you really want to know, you will have to move out of the court. You will have to
seek and search for the master. The master cannot come to you. You will have to go to the master.’

The emperor tried. He went to all the well-known persons – of course! that’s the way one seeks –
he went to all the well-known saints, but was not satisfied. Again he came to the court and told his
wise men, ‘I have been searching all over the country.’

Those people said, ‘You are again searching wrongly. You go to the well-known persons – it is
difficult to find a master there. Because in the first place, it is very difficult for a real master to
become well-known, very difficult. It rarely happens. Secondly, a real master tries to hide himself in
many, many ways, so that only real seekers can reach him, and not curious people who just by the
way would like to ask something. You have been searching in the wrong places.’ And those wise
people said, ‘We know a man here, in this town, in your capital, but you will have to come to the

He was a beggar and he lived under a bridge with other beggars. The emperor could not believe it,
but something was coming out of him, some emanation, something from the beyond, that touched
his heart, that changed the beat of his heart – a magnetic force. Without knowing why, without ever
knowing what he was doing, for the first time he touched the feet of a man. And then suddenly he
himself was shocked at what he had done. He had touched the feet of a beggar! But the begg