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AD 503-562 - King Arthur II & the Comet

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The Ancestry of King Arthur II is as follows:
King Arthur II family tree
King Arthur II family tree.

King Tewdrig
Stained-glass window portraying King Tewdrig who was Grandfather to Arthur II.

Arthur I had a son Tathall (Theodore) whose son was Teithrin the Subtle (Theodorus), and he had a son King Teithfallt (Theodosius), and his son was King Tewdrig (Theoderic), and his son was King Meurig (Maurice), and his eldest son was Arthur II Arthmael meaning Iron Bear in Khumric "Welsh".

This Sixth century King Arthur II c AD 503-579 is hugely recorded and again unmissable. (More detailed info to be added ASAP)

In AD 562 Britain was struck by debris from a Comet and this great catastrophe that devastated and destroyed most of the great island. The majority of the large population of between 9 to 10 million were annihilated. The lands were contaminated and diseased and it was death to enter these great Wastelands for around seven to eleven years.

This gigantic disaster is one of the major events of British history. It is probably the cause of the Roman Church insisting that no stone could ever fall from heaven onto planet Earth, until even these bigots were compelled to admit the truth when a large shower of meteorites landed near a French village in AD 1803.

Two things then happened as Angle, Saxon, and Jute, people swarmed into the empty and largely depopulated lands, where the survivors were struggling to restore their devastated and destroyed country. This was to become ludicrously known as the Anglo-Saxon Conquest.

The second disaster was the arrival in coastal Eastern Britain of Austin in AD 597, sent from Rome to preach Catholicism to the immigrant pagan Angles and Saxons. Rome was seizing the opportunity to get into Apostolic Christian Britain. The religious wars that went on for centuries were about to commence.

In the confusions of destruction and widespread disease resulting from these comet impacts, the King Arthur II had evacuated the army to Brittany (both Brittany and Normandy were British territories until c AD 952). He returned to Britain as the diseases abated. His brother had sailed west in search of new lands.

In his History of the Franks, the then living Gregory of Tours, a contemporary writer, records that the two Islands in the sea - Britain and Ireland - were on fire from end to end at a date which is easily fixed at AD 562. This would be the disaster resulting from the Comet debris striking large areas of Britain and Ireland.

AD 562-579 - King Arthur II, his voyage to America & his burial

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Madoc Morfarn (the Cormorant), a brother of Arthur II, had sailed west in search of new lands, which might be a place where the people could live. In c AD 572 Madoc returned after ten years and detailed the discovery of America. In AD 573 Admiral Gwenon sailed to confirm Madoc's star reckonings, and in 575 Arthur II, Madoc, and Amwn Ddu sailed in a 700 ship fleet for America. All this is absolutely provable and again bad news for Rome.

The Gwarchan Maelderw and other records place the Prince Madoc being at sea for ten years, and so from 562 to 572. There is an array of physical evidence and inscriptions in the Coelbren Alphabet on the East Coast and Mid West of North America.

Bat Creek inscription
Bat Creek inscription shows a remarkable resemblance to the supposedly "forged" British Coelbren Alphabet.

In AD 574 Arthur is said by Taliesin to have been in Er-Yr ("towards that which is beyond" America) for four years. This brings us to 578, when he was assassinated. Then his body was kept under an overhang for the winter and brought back to Britain in the spring to summer of 579 for burial. This is clearly the best recorded funeral in British ancient history, which is why Arthur II is claimed to be "untraceable".

Maelgwn was then elected in AD 580. Everything fits into place from data in these records. So there were two powerful Kings named Arthur, and to avoid the enmity and wrath of London and Rome these were welded together into one great King.
Burial of Arthur II

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Great stuff,the devastating comets from history were something i wanted to look into more.I'll look forward to your findings,i always thought these stories were true.

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amazing info....bump.....:)

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There is a lot of evidence for some sort of dramatic climate change in the 6th century. It was originally thought to be a result of a volcanic eruption, but many scientists are suggesting some for of comet impact as a cause, eg:





Unfortunately the date given is around 535 AD, not 562, and the impact of that climate change was widespread - not just restricted to England. Dendrochronological records (cited as evidence for the 562 'event' show the same pattern globally in in the late 530s of tree ring narrowing, indicating much cooler summers, evidence backed up by ice core chronology.

The Bat Creek stone inscription's origins are a subject of debate, but there is no precise date for it, or a conclusive origin, eg:


It could be Welsh, Judean, Cherokee, and it has even been suggested as fraudulent:


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more info comes to light thru wilson's upcoming book


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Alan Wilson Historian - The Real History of Britain

Alan Wilson is a British historian specialising in the origins and ancient history of the British and the history of the ancient British kings including two real King Arthurs.