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  1. Merck lobbies to require cervical-cancer vaccines
  2. The Virus and the Vaccine!
  3. Young UK Girls should be 'Vaccinated'!!!
  4. pharmaceutical companies making our food/drink!
  5. Pharma tv
  6. Interview with Son of A Bio-warfare Scientist
  7. Vaccination Thread (articles/news)
  8. Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  9. The poison for your children
  10. The BCG vaccination
  11. Senators who protected Big Pharma received million
  12. Merck Scientist Admits Injecting Cancer Viruses
  13. HPV vaccine hoax exposed
  14. How to Decimate Big Pharma & Protect yourself
  15. Big Pharma Spends More On Ads than R&D
  16. Big Pharma: Drug Troops to Numb Them to killing
  17. Two die following cervical cancer vaccination
  18. Sweet Poison - Aspertame
  19. Codex Alimentarius (video)
  20. "Many parents block cancer jab"
  21. Vaccination Propaganda
  22. the evils of aspartime
  23. Gardasil vaccine propaganda
  24. All 12 yr old Irish girls to get guardasil jab
  25. Anti-vaccination for UK children petition
  26. The Cancer Industry/Genocide by Chemotherapy
  27. Zionists develop diseases to sell drugs
  28. Schools start cancer vaccinations
  29. Cancer Vaccine Linked to Pancreatitis
  30. Deny Education to Children Who Arenít Vaccinated
  31. Is our water being poisoned with pharma drugs
  32. Vaccination: The hidden truth
  33. Codex Alimentarius E-Petition
  34. UK forced vaccination
  35. Psychiatry Questioned
  36. Are any vaccines actually safe??
  37. Girl gets sex jab against her will
  38. Massive malaria vaccine trial to begin in Africa
  39. THE JAB DOCTOR! London!!!
  40. Boycot Big Pharma, Oil Corporations, Supermarkets
  41. mass measles vaccination under way
  42. High take up for anti-cancer jab in Norfolk
  43. Big Pharma holding out on cancerkiller
  44. Bob's Bio-Warfare Update
  45. Big Pharma Drugs Weaponized to Fight Mind wars
  46. chemotherapy
  47. Big Pharma "medicine" news articles.
  48. Ban "Side Effects" of all prescription drugs
  49. Vaccinations for baby at 2 months
  50. >>BIO Attack Coming Soon *FACT*<<
  51. Concerns over safety of cervical cancer vaccine
  52. I've been asked to get the Cervical Cancer Jab?
  53. More malfeasance by the FDA and drug companies...
  54. Big Pharma CEO Fakes Cancer while Pill-Pushing Do
  55. BBC Claims Vaccines are natural!!
  56. Codex Alimentarius Food Additives
  57. List of Aspartame Products
  58. Big Blow to Big Pharma
  59. NY Vaccination Sincerity Test ( A must see!!!)
  60. glaxo exec on ofsted board
  61. how safe is the cervical cancer jab
  62. hep b vacination
  63. New vaccination at eight weeks old. FFS!
  64. BirdFlu Being Transported by Dept of Homeland Secu
  65. Vaccination Alert for girls 12-16
  66. Preparation for chipping/vaccination?
  67. Harvard Med.Students Rebel Against Big Pharma Ties
  68. Asked to come in for vaccination - thoughts?
  69. Vaccines: Had them or not? - results?
  70. Codex Alimentarius: stunning details of Bill C-6
  71. Dr. Bill Deagle Swine Flu - Has The Pandemic Begu
  72. Do Not Take A Swine Flu Vaccine!
  73. bbc new says £500 million worth of flu drugs ready
  74. Swine flu Googlemap
  75. New swine flu strain gearing us up for vaccination
  76. Swine Flu- Ian Crane's Emergency Meeting!
  77. Swine Flu Vaccination Propaganda from 1976
  78. Rumsfeld - top of the list on Swine Flu "Mystery"
  79. Time Mag Preps Americans For Mandatory Vaccination
  80. Baxter and their scandals
  81. WHO alert level raised from 5 to 6
  82. Swine Flu man made?
  83. Email from well known pharmacetical company
  84. The Dangers of Vaccines...
  85. Vaccination debate on Aus TV
  86. Swine Flu Vaccination Propaganda from 1976
  87. Swine Flu--What's happening and what to do
  88. Rumsfeld and Swine Flu
  89. Vaccines killing the native people of the world
  90. WMR New swine flu feared to be weaponized strain
  91. Swine Flu - Level 6 ?
  92. tamiflu
  93. School Mass Vaccination Drill In Alaska!!!
  94. Vaccination Liberation - Exemption Information
  95. Cervical Cancer Vaccine linked to Nerve Disorder
  96. Is the CDC trying to poison us?
  97. Not a conspiracy -MERCK fakes an entire journal!
  98. swine flu video (funny, ironic)
  99. chicken pox and MMR rubella vaccine
  100. Science proves bird flu, swine flu, AIDS are hoaxe
  101. Film exposing Monsanto's agenda
  102. Pharmaceutical Genocide? Corporate Swine Project
  103. WHO Says Virus Will Return With "Vengeance"
  104. Senator proposes free flu shots for all Americans
  105. The Swine Flu Conspiracy - Aajonus Vonderplanitz
  106. 'Swine flu' vaccine exposed (interesting read)
  107. The Great HPV Vaccine Hoax Exposed
  108. Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found And Spreading
  109. Hepatitus Vaccinations -can someone please advise?
  110. merck paid for fake journals and articles
  111. computerised psych meds
  112. WHO: Swine flu virus may face deadly mutation
  113. Swine Flu May Be Human Error; WHO Invest
  114. Fremasonic Psychiatry
  115. get flu jab from corn :D
  116. they havn`t give up with the vaccination agenda
  117. Bluetongue Cow Virus (UK)
  118. Measles (UK) again
  119. Unknown Epidemic (USA)
  120. Random animal deaths (Chile)
  121. Simple hand in hand speculation
  122. H1N1 flu must be global before Phase 6 - WHO chief
  123. 10,000 cases of swine flu reported worldwide: WHO
  124. Swine flu epidemic has arrived in Australia
  125. Joke - Pandemic Warning
  126. Obama taking the medical influence in the USA
  127. MMR almost due......
  128. The Swine Flu Hoax
  129. Risperdal
  130. What rights do we have?
  131. adverse reaction to hep b vacin
  132. Translated article - HPV vaccine - Norway
  133. Baby Girl Vaccinated by FORCE is NOW Austistic
  134. Sign this petition......
  135. UK Compulsory Vaccination Imminent?
  136. Vaccination Month for pets in UK!!!!!
  137. Compulsory vaccination in autumn for you !
  138. Start organising anti-vaccine London protest ?
  139. Swine flu spreads fast in Canada
  140. New Infectious Disease in China!
  141. tetnus jab
  142. Sarkozyís Secret Plan 4 Mandatory Flu Vaccination
  143. DSM-IV used in war on innovators and dissenters
  144. Mary Tocco - Are Vaccines Safe?
  145. Vaccines will kill you, fact - Dr Carley
  146. Lorraine Day - Vaccines and anti-biotics
  147. Under Pressure - Help Required
  148. World 'very close' to swine flu pandemic: WHO
  149. My New Vaccine Video
  150. WHO consults on spread of swine flu
  151. Pasteur Institute announces "vaccinate everyone"
  152. Breaking News: Who 'declares swine flu pandemic.'
  153. Swine flu 'not stoppable'World Health Organization
  154. Interview with Leuren Moret on Population Control
  155. Advice on Tamiflu
  156. Obscene Drug Mark Ups
  157. Drugs found in drinking water
  158. Big Pharma + False Marketing = $$$$
  159. 31-12-2009 Big Pharma?
  160. H1N1 Virus
  161. DENNIS KUCINICH tells the truth about healthcare!
  162. Britain pledges $485 million to globalvaccine proj
  163. Lilly Sold Drug for Dementia Knowing .....
  164. Abilify
  165. SEND MESSAGES TO National Vaccination Month IF U..
  166. My partner's psychiatric medication
  167. Big Pharma shills are getting more pathetic every
  168. MMR / Autism - Federal Court Win
  169. Swine-flu / Ebola updates
  170. Ethylmercury (MMR)
  171. Lab Rats Again
  172. vaccination
  173. Shaken baby syndrome, vaccine induced encephalitis
  174. IMPORTANT : Swine flu vaccination video
  175. Meningitis shot QUESTION
  176. NYC 32 swine flu deaths- scientist: its mutating
  177. Dr. Ayoub, M.D., on Mercury in Vaccines & Autism
  178. Silver Solutions for Comming Pandemic?
  179. 1 million in U.S. now infected with swine flu
  180. Flu numbers rising in UK
  181. Immunosuppressant boosts vaccine potency
  182. dis-info? No Sign of H1N1 Virus Mixing
  183. Obama Administration to Implement Flu Shot Program
  184. Prescribe statins to those at risk at 40....
  185. Holland prepares for mass vaccination program
  186. swine flu how many here know someone that has it
  187. WHO says, Swine flu spread unstoppable
  188. Was Bechamp right?
  189. Pet vaccinations
  190. White House to hold swine flu summit
  191. WHO warns swine flu 'unstoppable'
  192. Three die with swine flu in NZ
  193. Japanese Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism
  194. Lead vaccinations (not lead in vaccinations)
  195. New African fungus cd wipe out 80% world's wheat
  196. Journalist Files Charges against WHO & UN
  197. Got shocking info on Swine flu !
  198. Swine Flu-Vaccination & You .
  199. H1N1 Vaccination a Eugenics Weapon Mass Exterminat
  200. Dr John Rengen Virapen Blows Whistle on Eli Lilly
  201. People die after bird flu vaccine trial
  202. 130m doses swine flu Vaccine: Rushed' thru checks
  203. UK whole population to be vaccinated
  204. Mass Vaccination Campaign (swine flu!!)
  205. Asthma Sufferers & swine flu
  206. Reaction 2-months After HPV Vaccine
  207. "Baby due vaccinations soon, help needed pls"
  208. Bottled water fluoride battle. NWO wins again
  209. Swine Flu- "Not as Bad as you Think"
  210. disease prevention is BS based on fear
  211. confirmed cases of swine flu.ideas?
  212. Flu cases in pigs put Argentina on alert
  213. Immunity set for flu vaccine makers
  214. Emergency departments pushed to breaking point
  215. Flu puts pregnant women in intensive care
  216. calm in lull before the swine flu storm
  217. David Icke warns against swine flu jab hub
  218. 'In minutes I became a modern-day leper'
  219. Workforce hit as doctors predict swine flu peak
  220. Conflicting advice masks the message
  221. Looking for a bargain, not a dose of ill health
  222. Swine flu: someone filed charges
  223. free DEATH shots for pregnant, Aborigines, diseasd
  224. BBC under fire for 'stockpiling' Tamiflu
  225. Toxic Sodium Laurel Sulfate In Your Shampoo
  226. Baxter patents H1N1 vaccine in 2008!
  227. Discov Channel to Run Viral Pandemic Survival Show
  228. Swine flu: pregnant women told to stay home
  229. Swine flu being diagnosed over the phone
  230. opinion needed on letter to dr saul faust
  231. Drug groups to reap swine-flu billions
  232. EU666 Biodefense Stockpile and US666 Biodefense St
  233. Taiwan scientists unveil new weapon in swine flu
  234. Flu - Millions Britons face quarantine this summer
  235. European Court Ruling Ends Water Fluoridation
  236. everyone has breathed it into their lungs
  237. Line up for your swine flu/AIDS injection
  238. vaccine might contain nanotech chip dna signal.
  239. Burgermeister: Injunction coming up soon
  240. Swine flu propaganda = double conspiracy?
  241. Flu-hit staff slam hospital
  242. DR.FAUST SAYS 'ULTIMATE VACCINE' (opion pls guys)
  243. A Vaccine Form You Can Give to Your Paediatrician
  244. Mandatory vaccination / WHO / must watch
  245. Is TORCHWOOD TV series a warning ?
  246. will the vaccine have a microchip?
  247. Mercury energy-saver bulbs forced on us
  248. Inside the swine flu hotline call-centre:
  249. Town halls / libraries 2 hand out swine flu pills
  250. Obama has shares in swine flu vaccine